The Tragic Fall Of Jacob Prasch & Moriel (feat. John Haller)

I just saw something that makes me sick to think about. Please pray for the repentance of all involved.

The Tragic Fall Of Jacob Prasch & Moriel (feat. John Haller)

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  1. I’m sorry John believing the words of an immoral man (please see the letter written by his ex)if true then Joshua is the guilty party.I would not believe Joshua Chavez are far as I could throw him as he is unqualified for the ministry and to attack John Haller and Marco only accusations no proof.Please John stick to Omega Shock writing as I remember the last man you defended his wife Donna left him shortly thereafter so sometimes we get behind the wrong people in hindsight we need to be careful. As Servus Cristi is a business not a ministry.

  2. Should read the Fall of Joshua Chavez and please read Jacob’s word for the weekend on y/t for his side of the story.

  3. John,
    What do you think of all of this?
    You gave direction with Rick Wiles and Steve Quayle.. 1983 My husband was a pilot, I was attending a church and the women’s Bible study. Soon the Pastor took over the womens Bible study. A few of us women talked about it being uncomfortable, the pastor taking over our Bible study. My husband went on a 3 week trip to the Middle East. I asked for prayer for his safety. A few days after my husband was out of the Country, the Pastor called me. When I answered the phone, he said, “Is this the widow Martin”. I never went back to that church or the Bible study. My husband went to be with with The Lord last October 2020. I am now the widow Martin. And Thanks be To God, He gave me discernment back then.
    May the Lord give us discernment.
    Praying for the Lord to add years to your life. God Bless you and Mrs Little


    • I’m so sorry. There are so many pastors that have done this, and the code of silence practiced by our churches protects them. And, these men don’t seem to see that they will pay for their crimes against God and the Body of Christ. I’m glad that God protected you, Dotty. – JL

  4. This is very sad news John as I thought Jacob Prasch was truly a man of God. I listened to him for years and he truly helped me answer some questions I always had about scripture. I too listened to John Haller every Sunday and this is tragic to me. I attended a church back in the 80’s when I was young that finally succumbed to the faith movement and then had to witness the Jim and Tammy Faye filth. I’ve seen many men of God get tempted and fall, but listening to Josh Chavez for over two and half hours of proof of their shenanigans, I was quite distraught.

    Even in my sinful days, I could not have done anything like what they have done and this had left me without words. The interesting part is that last week I listened to this man here in the USA describe a story about a housewife who became “free” from housework and being a mom and joined a daytime, how shall I say it “love” commune. This was a woman who for months deceived her husband and daughters to have the “time of her life” with strangers in a scene reminiscent of Nero and his parties. This woman said she had no regrets and just loves her new clandestine lifestyle. What pure evil. Just listening to this man describe this story to warn men of modern women and their sins made me sick enough, but to see this go one with Jacob Prasch and John Haller had really floored me.

    I do my best to live for my wonderful Lord every day and pray that I don’t fall into sin. However, it seems many people are enjoying their sin and it seems that Jacob and others don’t even know what they are doing – and that is the sad part.

    I’m very sorry for my long comment, but had to get this off of my chest. I truly am amazed at the world around me but it’s coming into place just like our Lord said it would. I pray that the pre-trib camp is correct as I can’t imagine my young sons having to live in a world that’s even worse than the one now. I cannot even imagine having to live in a world that could be worse than the one now.

    Also, thank you for opening up my eyes about Quayle as that too had me upset as I had purchased a few of his books in the past.

    Thank you John for staying the course.

    Please come Lord Jesus!

    • I too wish that the Pre-trib camp was right. The thought of what we are about to go through is horrifying. There is a deceitfulness to sin. It’s starts with a little, then more and then becomes a lot. I think that this is what happened to Jacob. God bless you, Ron. – JL

  5. hello brother i
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    now i found in settings location and safety to deactivate this app but i cannot find the app itself yo delete
    so its embedded in the software android and in future it can lock other things than i didnt use those settings sometimes i feel hacked with my phone
    i dont even shout on youtube and i feel so controlled just for haye i am a christian my gather had also a day in it woth his freemason friends i cannot yrust my own fayher he send pzople tonspy on me so in 2017 he destroyed a trip to switserland i payed so much for it znd there were really want to do evil things they showrd rhe devilsign on some public photos of
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    my neighbours some are so evil they are acting very nasty i can see the demons in the mans eyes or now those are also judgements from God for a society who does not want a society with our God
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    sister nadine

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