Winter Is Coming

While we have been in a panic over a virus, something has crept up on us. I’ve been screaming about it for years, and it seems that the leading edges of this catastrophe may have arrived:

Peak Energy

We hit Peak Oil years ago, and we thought that things could be fixed by shifting the goalposts. You and I know that this never works, but we tried it anyway. And now that Fall has begun, we have a problem.

Winter is coming, and people will die.

If I was the only one saying this, I’d feel better about what’s coming.


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Winter Is Coming

As I work my way through this major rewrite of Ezekiel’s Fire, I’ve been keeping track of the two big factors that are leading us to a terrible rendezvous with prophecy:

A growing alliance in central Asia.

The collapse in energy production.

Both of these events are occurring simultaneously. Russia and the ‘stans of central Asia are working more closely than ever before. At the same time, Iran has been admitted as an official member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). And, just as winter approaches, we’ve suddenly discovered that natural gas, oil and coal are in short supply.

We are blaming foolish lockdowns on the energy supply crunch, and there’s some truth to that. But, that’s only a tiny part of the problem. It’s far more accurate to say that switching away from coal, oil and nuclear, to natural gas was a very bad idea. It gave Russia power over Europe – which they are now using to drive up the cost of natural gas. And, Putin is laughing all the way to the bank. But, even that ignores the most important fact of all:

Energy is in decline

Oil started its fall in 2005, while coal has quietly been losing energy density. Most of the ‘good coal’ has been mined out. What we have left either has too much sulfur or a lot less energy. And China just realized that it has too little coal to meet the coming winter.

The result of China’s panic was the shutdown of factories across the country. When you have to close factories because you don’t have enough electrical power to meet demand, you have a problem.

China’s problem is big, and getting bigger.

So we need to ask ourselves about what happens over the next few months. The US and Canada still have access to natural gas and coal, so however bad the winter is, they’ll get through it – this time. Europe is not so lucky, with the Russian supply of natural gas to Europe collapsing by 77%. Gazprom says that they aren’t doing it on purpose, but no one actually believes them. But, it’s worse than that.

Can you make fertilizer without natural gas?

No. No, you can’t.

Fertilizer manufacturers have had to shut down factories because they have not gotten the natural gas that they need to make a key fertilizer component – ammonia. Furthermore, the byproduct of ammonia production is CO2, which is used for temporary refrigeration and the slaughter of chickens. Think about that, when the cost of your chicken sandwich goes up.

But, what happens when the spring planting season starts, and there’s not enough fertilizer?

What happens when the winter winds blow, and people can’t afford to heat their homes?

Lord willing, this winter won’t be as bad as the last one, but if we’re having this much trouble getting the energy we need, right now… what will happen to us, next year?

Or, the year after that?

But, we’re still ignoring the bigger picture.

Currently, there are almost eight billion people on planet Earth. Two hundred years ago, at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, there were just a billion. Coal, oil and natural gas fueled the seven billion increase in world population.

How many of those people will die, as energy supply collapses?

When we don’t have the fertilizer when the planting season begins… when we don’t have the fuel to plant or harvest… when we can’t transport the food we grow to the cities that need it… when we can’t warm our homes in the midst of winter…

…people die.

Art Berman tried to answer this question, here:

The Power Hungry Podcast: Art Berman

A barrel of oil is worth four and a half years of human manual labor. The world consumes about 100 million barrels of oil a day. That’s the equivalent of 500 billion people working hard, every day.

That point begins here:

But, the most chilling point, begins here:

Getting off of fossil fuels means the death of at least half the planet. He goes on to say that one way or another, when fossil fuels run out, the world is going to reduce its population to three billion people.

How are five billion people going to die?


Over the coming decades, more people will die of violence and starvation than we have ever seen in the history of mankind. The only question is the speed with which this will happen – and when we see the beginning.

Will we see the beginning this winter?

Will it be the next one?

Will something else touch off this cataclysm of death and destruction?

And, while you are thinking about these questions, watch the growing alliance of Asian nations. Most of all, watch Iran. Gog and Magog will play a central role in what is coming, and Iran will be the key to identifying Gog.

I wish that we didn’t have to go through this, but prophecy will be fulfilled. And, most of us will be around to see it. God help us all.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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31 thoughts on “Winter Is Coming”

  1. Thanks John for another informative look into the near future , bleak as it is.. Here in Canada the blind put Trudeau back in power again , he is Klaus Schwab’s poodle , parroting everything coming from the W.E.F.
    Very disturbing also are the pockets of Police who are acting more like those thugs with a badge in AU.. The situation we are facing with Vaccine passports being more and more required to venture out in public is making my world smaller and smaller.. Will I become a “non-person” like those in China who score badly on the social scale?.. Time will tell , and I don’t think I’ll have to hold my breath very long..The Western Gov’ts are frantic to get the jab into every single person , and yet many citizens never question why all the rush.
    The unvaccinated are being blamed as “super-spreaders” by The Powers That Be who are turning people against people..The penalties keep growing as well , at the same rate our rights & freedoms are being taken away.. Citizen’s are becoming more restless , but a storm the Bastille moment doesn’t seem to be on the horizon here anytime soon.. This is not going to end well unless God intervenes dramatically – perhaps with Ezekial’s Fire!
    Looking forward to the release of the re-write ,and still praying for your full recovery.. We need you John , truth-tellers are in short supply.. Sincerely , Bob

    • Thank you Bob! The word that we will be using more often is ‘Technocracy’. Governments, by nature, believe that technocracy is the best way to manage a society. You hire ‘experts’ and have them tell the world how to live. It never works, but they keep trying it – and killing millions in the process. Eventually, the body count will be in the billions. – JL

  2. I was wondering where you were. Busy rewriting, it looks like. I continue to rejoice in your answered prayer / improved health, keep us posted.

    I think we can add the ^v*&x#x to the cluster of train-wreck components that inspired you to create this blog. I continue to shake my head at the number of sheeple who still can’t see the pattern emerging, but this just showed up in Barnhardt’s blog yesterday and it’s a must-read:

    —– it’s a brief post and explains the main points, but in it is a 21-minute video of a doctor explaining it even more, along with the absolute insanity of the FACT that this is absolutely solid research, it is known and published in reputable peer-reviewed medical journals, and not only is it being ignored but the CDC and WHO are advising doing the OPPOSITE of what is the only sane way to go about it, if you are going to do it at all. DELIBERATELY CAUSING THIS HORRENDOUS MEDICAL ERROR. And near the end of the video, the doctor shows a letter response he got when attempting to do something about it, where a POLITICIAN, not a medical professional, was in charge of the program and justifying the practice with a statement so ignorant that it reminds me of that senator from (Georgia?) who in a public hearing, stated his concern that the island of Guam might capsize if they did what was being discussed. I kid you not. It’s on video and I saved it somewhere.

    But I digress. I think I already posted some links on how even properly administered, it is likely to cause right-sided heart failure within 3 years to – so far – 62% of recipients. And this is only one of a host of problems associated with it. And the spike protein is manufactured in large quantities, endlessly, by recipients and it sheds to those around them. I am 99% certain that in the next few years we are going to see an increasing wave of mass die-off due to these things, independent of the problems caused by energy scarcity, economic collapse, supply-chain collapse, and inevitably governmental collapse.

    46% of the military is trying to refuse. Biden wants to dishonorably discharge them. Biden is hopelessly senile but what I don’t get is, the actual PTB that use him as a puppet, how can they be so stupid – but maybe they aren’t. They WANT to take the US down so they can force us to submit to a one-world government. So let’s just disband half the military. Hospitals and first-responder systems have been mandating and are losing staff to the point that they can hardly function, one hospital in upstate NY had to close its maternity unit because they lost 165 nurses over that and now cannot deliver babies safely. But they will still be born. At home, in police cars, at times with the help of what few first responders are left.

    When I contemplate the future and the confluence of all these trends, I see a boiling cauldron of ungovernable chaos. It’s the buffalo herd going over the cliff. The few sane people here and there can do nothing to stop it, all we can do is watch the disaster unfold!!!! But then, all I have to do is reread Revelation and know that whether or not we truly understand what the symbolism means, the situation is going to be BAD no matter what. It was predicted. It will get worse. And it is an object lesson from the Lord to show humanity what happens when societies reject Godly values wholesale – when you combine greed, corruption, stupidity, arrogance, and evil – and kick God out of everything – this is what you get. I always marveled at the many places in Revelation where plague after plague happens, judgement after judgement, and people STILL do not repent.

    So ends yet another of my rants. I should be used to this by now, but I keep seeing one new outrage after another.

    • Hi DRG,

      Your comment makes my fingers itch. You are touching on all the things that I wanted to say on Saturday, but was forced to pick just one. I look forward to the end of these book projects so that I can go back to yelling from the housetops. And yes, I have plans to do exactly that. But, the books must come first.

      You also touched on a vital part of all of this, social madness. And, there’s a book that everyone needs to read called:

      Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Mackay

      That book is free, and there is even a free audio version:

      The important thing to remember is that we are all vulnerable to ‘popular delusions’ and ‘the madness of crowds’. It’s how we joined the pretribulation rapture theory and preterism and all the other heresies. It’s how we embraced the Spanish-American war. It’s how we burned witches at the stake and invested in tulips.

      Our safety and sanity relies on our willingness to submit to EVERYTHING that God says in the Bible. Only through submission to God, can we hope to have a sound mind.

      Oh, and think about what the ‘deadly wound’ in Revelation is. One aspect of that – I believe – will be this ‘inability to govern’ that you mention.

      Unfortunately, by the time that the Antichrist rises, billions will have already died, killed in part by these foolish technocrats.

      Well done, as always, DRG. That video sounds interesting. It is now bookmarked and ready to be listened to.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • hello Drg

      dr Vernon Coleman a christian doctor and frontfighter in UK
      against the shot and mask and has written more than hundred books given presentation for doctors now bullied 100 % by social media has written an article about it
      you can download pdf about masks and the shot on his website vernoncoleman org and com other websites not from him
      he has many articles and videos

      blessing from sister Nadine

      P.S. i asked for prayer for insomnia sleep better i changed the direction of my bed to north south and put my gsm in the bathroom far away of my head during night please pray further. thank you all there are real prayer warriors here !

    • Better be careful there DRG, you keep researching adverse reactions and enclosed ingredients in those so called vaxeems you gonna start sounding like Manglz.

  3. Brother John,
    Thank you again cor bringing to light what is hidden in darkness.
    God bless you today.

  4. Hi John,
    exactly, that’s the moment our glorious civilization starts to fall apart. From my local perspective – coal is forbidden, our government just declared to shut down coal power plants before 2030. Good luck. It is not only that energy gets depleted, they want to speed up the process to remain in power (so funny). Did you now that:
    That’s about production. But did you know, that 40% of coal underground in Europe is located in Poland? And, “Europe” is not only EU, but entire continent. So, Poland has potential ability to produce enough power for decades after I’m dead (that’s theory, 5% of us will survive the next 20 years, as we all know). But, any government in its right mind would use such an opportunity, to secure the energy for its coutry. But no. “I bought myself a politician”. This scheme has one more note, printed in small letters, that no one pays attention to, for now. It is WAR.
    May almighty Lord have mercy on us all.
    Yours in Christ

    • It makes me sick that Poland will be attacked and invaded AGAIN. Good Anthracite coal is rare, and with so much of it in Poland, the Polish military had better be ready for some foreign power to claim casus belli and roll their tanks into Bialystok. I did not know about Polish coal. Yes, may God have mercy on us, and especially Poland. Great comment, Chris. I learned something! – JL

  5. Ahhhh another blog post and another insightful round up of the global situation.

    Good morning from New Zealand brother, it’s always good to hear from you. I trust the Lord keeps you in good health.

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly the world changes, and how the media suppress information. Anyone could be forgiven for thinking this was all ‘contained’, rather like the financial crisis of 2001 and 2008. Especially the UK fuel situation.

    But worse is the insane mentality of Western Govt’s in the Pacific making themselves subservient to the Chinese Govt. “What do you mean? Aussie just signed an agreement with the UK and US against China for nuclear powered submarines!” I hear people cry. Sure, they did…. for subs expected to arrive around 2040. But in terms of energy security NZ has closed its one refinery; and Australia shut 2 of its 4, with a 3rd expected to close.
    All the subs in the world are useless if your reliant on fuel from refineries in China.

    But the situation globally is getting worse for sure. Even if by some miracle they get control of the energy shortage, inflation is making it so expensive as to be unaffordable. So what will governments do? I understand French and UK governments are moving to introduce price controls or subsidies to prevent shocks on their societies. I expect it is only a matter of time before other European nations do the same.

    But how are those governments going to pay for those price controls? Increased taxes…. or print more money and fuel the inflation. But as you said Russia is having issues with supplying gas. I assume you saw Dr Chris Martinsons podcast on Sep 29th on the energy crisis, where he noted that Russia is having trouble supplying because it needs to build its own reserves for winter.

    The world is rapidly changing, and at a faster pace. Governments appear to be losing control, even as they seek to tighten that control more and more. In Australia we see protests, dismissed as ‘extremists’ only to see the govt tighten the rules even more and engender more protests. Here in NZ we have just had a major protest, allowed by the police (arrests may come later we’re assured) in the middle of our major city during covid lockdown. How the Govt will respond remains to be seen, but it is clear they are losing control – at a time when days ago they were saying we were never going back to pre-covid freedoms…. We shall see. The US seems to be on a self destructive streak with New York state getting ready to fire 10’s of thousands of healthcare workers, teachers, emergency services and other essential workers…. In the middle of a pandemic! Are they trying to crash the economy? Or is this a calculated effort to fight inflation by reducing the workforce and making people more reliant on debt (I believe many of those fired can’t claim unemployment benefits). Meanwhile did a story on a poll in the US that showed people increasingly want to split America…

    Yet what do I see from the Christian community…. protests over Covid restrictions and lost freedoms to the cries “Its the beast system! The beast system is here!”. Do people even read their bibles today? Kind of reminds me of the ol ‘The soviets are Gog!’ because it fits our narrative….

    Interesting times indeed brother, Biblical times.
    The Lord keep you and Mrs Little safe.

    • Peter, excellent comments like that, make me want to drag you into writing articles. Don’t make me get out the thumb screws. The main crisis is ‘failure of leadership’. As people continue to wake up to this, governments will push even harder to preserve their power. This will end terribly. Great comment, brother! – JL

  6. Australia still has plenty of high quality coal but China who was our main buyer stopped buying our coal & so we have had to find other countries. Now China is in trouble because they boycotted our coal, so their people are not happy with the government & as winter approaches there will be many die in China as they have had a lot of damage done over the past months due to storms, etc. So I would imagine that many have lost their homes & so have no where to live. We need to keep our Christian brothers & sisters in prayer that the Lord will provide for them over the coming months. We had a long cold winter here in the south so I don’t know what it is going to be like in the north over the coming months but already there have been early snowstorms in Russia & Canada & the US so not looking good!! So I will be keeping you in my prayers. One thought though, is that China might delay its tactics against Taiwan due to the the winter & the problems they will have at home. Praying for you all in Taiwan. In fact, I have been praying that they might now set their sights on going south & not east now that Afghanistan has been overrun by the Taliban & get their Belt road completed to Iran. Also saw photos of the dried up Euphrates river this week with people walking across.

    • I had forgotten about that, Louise! When they banned the import of Australian coal, they forgot to source their coal from elsewhere. Even better, you have touched on the most important element of all – the suffering of our brothers and sisters in China. That shows a proper Christian perspective, and I thank you for that reminder. We MUST spend time praying for our brethren. Well done, sister! – JL

  7. John, have you ever heard about Biderman’s chart of coercion. If you type it into google it will come up & you can read about it. However, I first heard about thanks to Dana Ashley & I suggest you watch the show as she really brings home the reason behind all the battering that we have had to put up with being locked inside. Truly a must listen, also I suggest you type her name into youtube & watch a couple of the other recent videos she has done. A very astute young woman so thank God for her & all the work she does.
    you may have heard about Gladys standing down as Premier of NSW last Friday, well we have our new Premier who is 39 years old & father of six children, a Catholic & a christian according to Rev Fred Niles. So now we will wait & see if he stops the euthanasia bill going through, also whether he changes a few other unholy laws that the Libs have passed since Gladys came into power. His name is Dominic Perrottet.

    • Hi Louise Brislane,

      I heard about that good news from NSW. I was surprised that the premier was so careless in her corruption. Hopefully, this will strike some fear into the bags of dirt running Australia, so that they’ll be a little more careful in their corruption. I truly wish that we could elect honest politicians that have integrity, but that doesn’t seem to be possible.

      Now for the Biderman Chart of Coercion. Dana Ashlie makes the claim that this is premeditated conspiracy – and that governments are following a path selected for them by someone else. In one very real sense, I wish that this were true. Because, people this methodical can actually be reasoned with. You can offer them incentives to NOT be quite so evil.

      However, Dana actually destroys the case that she is making because she shows that the Biderman Chart of Coercion is ‘followed’ by everyone who abuses someone in an abusive, coercive relationship. This means that the process is not methodical but INSTINCTIVE.

      All abusers act in this way because this process is at the core of our sinful nature. Because humanity is universally evil, it should not be a surprise when the patterns of our evil are so common.

      Then there’s John Mackay. This book is vital reading for anyone and everyone in our dark and insane age:

      Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Mackay

      It’s free, so give it a go. We are living in an age of Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. And, remember that government is just another deluded and insane ‘crowd’.

      Thank you, Louise! I’m so glad that Perrottet is the new premier. Lord willing things will improve in NSW!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. Normalcy Bias and Cognitive Dissonance are the thinking of today’s society. Christian or not. Actually, especially Christian in the US.

    On another note, I just can’t shake this feeling that something drastic this way comes soon. Very soon. God bless everyone here and may God continue to work in you at the cellular level John!


    Dan B.

    • Thank you, Dan! May those wayward cells straighten up and fly right. But, I hear you on the ominous feel. The storm clouds are gathering. Hopefully, they will dissipate, but we should remain watchful. Scarcity and war are coming. – JL

    • Hi Jeff C-C,

      Careful with anyone calling themselves ‘Sorcha Faal’. His real name is David Booth, and he’s worse than Steve Quayle – which is quite an accomplishment. Just take a look at what he’s done in the past:

      Remember that the Devil will mix truth with his lies. And, none of us are smart enough to avoid being ensnared, if we listen to him. So, avoid the whatdoesitmean website. Satan lives there.

      I hope that helps, Jeff.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. Sorcha Faal??? I hadn’t heard that one in a long time. I thought there were a couple reads there for a bit. Then when Q picked up and the white hats were showboating Syrian gas attacks sorcha Faal was right in there. Ain’t been back since.

  10. We keep you in our prayers and glad to hear you still keep. We could use a few our way these days. Mrs. is just out surgery as we speak. Bout 5 hours worth. Aortic-Femoral bypass. (Fun fun) took two hrs. to drive to Indy, be here bout a week. Thanx.

    Now you’re back on peak energy again. We live in such an age of deception, we have no clue how long THEY plan on getting by on old fuel before the patents on new energy come out of mothballs. There will be turf wars over heat sources. They keep draining and polluting groundwater we can fight over that too. Wars don’t last long after running out of fuel. Whoever still has the fuel makes the rule. Horseback and bazookas? I been wonderin every winter since Obammy is gonna be the one??? Somebody did mention dark winter too. Still hearing UN is here practicing while Chicago is boo hoping for their help again. AU is out front on jabn by force and it is not looking good for the gestapo. Here they are saying 60% vaxd and we have way too many people refusing for them numbers to fly. Remember how many ppl wanted abortion in 72?? Me either but media did their part, just like now. New York is going to lose thousands of essential workers over mandatory vax and c ickets from media.

    • It’s good to see you back in the comment section MM! Long time, no see. Yes, the world has gone insane, and not just a little. This will not end well. And, thank you for your prayers. I deeply appreciate each and every one, brother. – JL

  11. Out of surgery everything went well. Mrs. Manglz seems to b recovering well. Maybe dealing with incompetence will b over awhile. A little medical know how makes spotting it easy. We been fighting this for years. Finally got too bad to ignore. Blessings still keep rolling in. I got a big archive at of deaths injuries and corona research and findings. Most not good but it is a good sized archive for reasons not to get jabbed. St. Vincent Indianapolis has serious issues. Unbusy is crazy and only two entrances and they don’t like to use emergency. Takes 12 minutes to get in and 3 to get out during business hrs. They will drive me cause hey they are sooo busy. ROFL!!! GODSPEED. STEEL SHARP POWDER DRY.

  12. Factory warranty?? Made miraculous recovery in 79, it was the steroid shots for head trauma and spine injury that did ongoing damage. Mrs. is getting much better.

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