Twenty Years of Death, Destruction and Madness

The insanity that has gripped our lives since 9/11 still hasn’t let go. In fact, it’s actually worse.

We destroyed four countries, killed hundreds of thousands of people, displace millions, threw open the gates of Europe to barbarians, and now we are allowing the government to force experimental drugs on us.

What happened to us?

We have gone from one hysteria to another without considering the damage we’ve done to ourselves, and to those around us. We’ve gone mad, and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for our madness.

But, if you have a moment, I can tell you why.


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Twenty Years of Death, Destruction and Madness

Like you, I remember where I was, when I saw the second plane hit the World Trade Center. I was working for a company in Jerusalem that specialized in artificial intelligence applications, and I was pounding out another version of their API guide. My mind was on programming functions, when my coworker exclaimed in shock that an airplane had hit the world trade center.

Sam always listened to talk radio out of New York, while he worked. So, he was at the right place and time to hear the breaking news about that first plane. My initial reaction to his exclamation was to assume that some joy-riding pilot made a stupid mistake, before going back to API functions.

Then, Sam said, “The building is on fire!” That was serious enough to jolt me back to reality. And, when he said that there was a TV in the meeting room that was hooked up to cable news… we rushed over to see what was going on. And, as we stood there, gaping at the video of a burning skycscraper…

…we saw the second plane hit.

I still remember my first thought:

Terrorism had finally come to America.

That was a shattering thought for Israelis, because they always looked to the US as a place that Israel could one day become. America was the ‘shining city on a hill’ that beckoned all of them. So, when terrorism struck New York City, it was a real blow to their feelings about the future.

By contrast, the Palestinians celebrated with joy.

Little did I know that a decade later, I would start to realize that there was something wrong with the official narrative. Saudi hijackers were responsible for this terrorist attack, yet it was Afghanistan and Iraq that were invaded. World Trade Center Building 7 wasn’t hit by any plane and only suffered very little damage, yet it collapsed at free fall speed. There was very little debris recovered from the two other planes that were hijacked.

The official story didn’t make sense, and still doesn’t. And, the hysterical conspiracy theories running around didn’t make it any better. Lizard people, ‘scalar waves’ and nuclear weapons were all tossed around by morons who wanted to sell gold coins.

Yet, no one seemed interested in talking about the Saudis.

How convenient.

The Saudi Mukhabarat is the most sophisticated and well-funded intelligence agency in the Middle East, but no one seemed interested in talking about them, until now. Nor does anyone talk about how closely connected the CIA is to that Saudi intelligence service.

How interesting that the Saudi connection is beginning to be talked about.

Unfortunately, the madness that gripped America, led to an invasion of Afghanistan, followed by another one in Iraq. When Obama took office, he expanded George Bush’s wars by assassinating Muamar Gaddafi, overthrowing the Hosni Mubarak and destroying Syria. Egypt was able to recover, but not before the Ethiopians had almost completed their Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Libya and Syria became failed states, opening the gates of Europe to waves of economic migrants.

We could blame Bush and Obama for the death and destruction wreaked upon the Middle East, but they really aren’t the ones to blame. They’re just the figure-heads of a government that decided that money and power was more important than justice and morality.

The Heroin Trade

I once asked a high ranked, retired army officer who served in Afghanistan, why US Air Force didn’t spray the Afghan opium fields with herbicide. His immediate, matter-of-fact response was illusion-shattering:

“The State Department wouldn’t let us.”

With 93% of all the world’s heroin coming from those fields, it was clear what the American government was doing. The US government was in the heroin business, and they were making too much money to stop it. And, before Afghanistan, there was another infamous place.

Do any of you remember the Golden Triangle?

Until America’s War On Terror, most of the world’s heroin came from northern Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. And, the CIA was running that heroin operation since the 1950s, via a little know transport company called Civil Air Transport (CAT).

Not long ago, I ran into a retired CIA officer who helped run that operation. He talked about the work that he did with CAT, not realizing that I knew who was behind it, and what it was doing – running arms into the Golden Triangle and bringing heroin out.

And, the result of what that CIA officer and his comrades were doing has resulted in this:

Seattle is Dying | A KOMO News Documentary

And this:

Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Avenue, What happened today, Aug, 2021.

And this:

The CIA Criminal Empire that Started with Operation Gladio – The Weekend ShockCast

Oh, and before moving on…

What war did America get dragged into that was connected to the CIA heroin trade in Southeast Asia?

The Vietnam War

I don’t know that the CIA was the cause of the American wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Discovering the cause of some things is often impossible. But, we know who is responsible for the heroin epidemic in the US. We even know who is responsible for the Fentanyl flooding the streets.

The CIA and her intelligence agency allies have made trillions upon trillions of dollars running drugs into the slums of cities around the world. Not everyone in the CIA, only some of them. I have friends who have been or still are, in the CIA, and they don’t have a clue that this was happening – although, they might have known and just didn’t tell me.

The Madness Of The Elites

The point is that it was madness to invade Iraq and hand the Middle East over to Iran. It was madness to stay in Afghanistan for 20 years. It was madness for the Saudis and the CIA to attack the Twin Towers on 9/11. It was madness for the CIA and her allies to inflict heroin on our inner cities. It was madness to kill Gaddafi, destroy Syria and topple Mubarak. It was madness for the US State Department to bungle the withdrawal from Afghanistan so badly. It was madness to allow China to flood America with Fentanyl. It was madness for western leaders to use gestapo tactics to fight a virus pandemic. It was madness to believe that there are 57 genders. It was madness for the world to murder millions of unborn babies every year. It was madness to believe that Islam is a religion of peace.

I could go on, but you get the point.

We have gone absolutely mad. And, here’s the reason why:

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting;

 – Romans 1:28 (NKJV)

Feel free to replace ‘a debased mind’ with the word ‘madness’. That’s what a ‘debased mind’ is – mad. And, that’s exactly who and what our elites are.

I know that many want to believe that there’s a super intelligent cabal that knows exactly what it’s doing. It makes us feel better that we have been taken over by people that are smarter than we are. But, having dealt with a few folks who qualify as ‘elite’ and even in the ‘cabal’, they are NOT as smart as you want them to be.

In fact, it’s actually a little embarrassing that we have been overcome by people with a room temperature IQ, the morals of a rodent, and the sanity of Charles Manson. It’s actually more than a little nauseating. But, Satan’s minions are always like that.

So, as you think over the past 20 years of death, destruction and madness, just remember the real cause of all of it. And, you can’t fight a spiritual problem with a physical response.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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9 thoughts on “Twenty Years of Death, Destruction and Madness”

    • Interesting video. It got me thinking. Thank you for that, Bondo! The one mistake that it makes is the same that 99% of all conspiracy videos make. We all suffer from the ‘Authoritarian Impulse’. The only way to avoid authoritarian government, is obedience to God and a very small government. – JL

  1. John,
    Totally agree with your analysis. The banality of evil–reminds me of the character Weston in C.S. Lewis’ Perelandra. He was a brilliant scientist until he gave himself over to evil, and was transformed into the equivalent of a very nasty second-grader.

    I watched the “Seattle is Dying” video in amazement. My wife’s family is from Seattle. What an amazingly horrible development. Something in the worldview of the city council members made them unable to admit that the problem in Seattle is DRUGS, not “homelessness”. But of course, what the producer of the video didn’t address was the real problem–not drugs, but the reason people take drugs to begin with: to fill the void in themselves of a lack of Jesus, in whom we were created to find fulfillment.
    I didn’t see a production date, but I assume it was before the “summer of love”, because that seems to be what defines the city of Seattle now, and it surely would have been mentioned if it had been in the past year. Interesting to note that police morale was in the toilet even before that.

    I remember 9/11 vividly also. My wife and I were in Lahore, Pakistan. Just shortly after 6pm (9am in New York) we got a phone call from a Pakistani Christian friend. He asked us if we had heard what happened in New York, and told us not to go outside, but to stay in our apartment.

    Question: Why would we be in danger on the streets of Lahore because some airplanes crashed into skyscrapers in New York?? Seems unconnected, doesn’t it?

    Answer: Even a couple minutes after the occurrence, with no news reportage of the suspects or their motives, my Pakistani friend knew what it was about (Islamic terror) and that it would likely incite people in Pakistan to violence. Interesting, eh?

    This also explains why the taliban took over so quickly and completely the last several months. They get absolutely NO pushback from the population. On the contrary, the taliban is everyone’s brother, uncle, cousin, son. The taliban has taken the Quranic high ground, and to oppose them is tantamount to heresy. Muslims take heresy very seriously.
    Even more seriously than the left takes opposition to the vaccine or masking. (only half joking, you know) That’s why the Afghan army folded so fast. They were getting paychecks 10-20 times what they could make otherwise, and were just riding that horse as far as it would take them. But it was all a scam for most, scamming the Americans, who were naive enough to think the locals have any commitment to Afghanistan as a national state. Can you believe how incredibly clueless our elites are?
    BTW, that friend of ours, then a 21 year-old kid, is now a pastor in the UK and makes trips into Pakistan to evangelize and minister to the Christian population.

    We’re watching the Taiwan situation daily and remembering you and Mrs. Little.

    • You get it, david. The video was from March, 2019, so you called it right. It is interesting how evil ‘rewires’ our brains – and how Jesus changes that wiring when we choose Him. The only answer is the gospel of Jesus Christ, no other answer works – no matter how hard we try. – JL

  2. Thank you brother.

    It is rather sad that such a great nation can set itself on such a self destructive path.
    But such is the fate of all empires.

    Makes you wonder just how much the CIA and the other intelligence agencies are responsible for. I find it ironic that conservative wing of the US will quickly condemn the intelligence agencies for leading the US into fake wars with fake intelligence…. but then are so quick to believe them when those same agencies claim nations like Iran and Venezuela rigged the US election to put Biden into office.

    Are these people schizophrenic? One minute were told how incompetent the likes of Russia, China, Iran etc are and what a joke these nations are…. the next were told what devious and deadly threats they are.

    Ultimately though, these agencies serve the elite for one purpose. Keep the people divided and set against each other while those who think of themselves as our rulers profit and entrench their power from the chaos. Even now the conservatives in America see Trump as some sort of saviour who is going to return America to a golden age!
    Can they not see the similarities within both the Republicans and Democrats?

    When Trump was elected the Democrats cried election fraud…. nothing changed.
    Trump campaigned on locking up Hillary Clinton…. didn’t happen.

    Biden gets elected the Republicans cry election fraud… a year in and nothing has changed.
    Biden campaigned on locking up Trump…. thus far nothing has happened.
    Nor do I expect anything will change on either front.

    Stay safe my friend.

    • The most horrifying thought is about how natural all of this is. Humanity is fertile ground for every kind of evil. And if you feed it with money and power, it flourishes even more. We allowed this to happen, and even cheered it on. How foolish of us. Excellent comment, Peter. – JL

  3. Hi John. You truly have insight into the overall picture of our mad, mad world and it’s not getting better. My son could be in the video of the streets of Kensington. He is 37 years old and his father and I have tried to send him one message over the last 25 years, don’t do drugs. I almost want to say to no avail but with God there is always hope. My marriage didn’t survive the stress of his addiction yet despite our divorce our family (we also have 2 adult daughters and 3 grandkids) by Gods mercy and grace still love and care for each other.
    These people on the streets, along with those in our prisons often have a mental illness and you are so right you can’t fight a spiritual problem with a physical response. Please note I’m not saying psychiatric drugs aren’t appropriate, but from what I’ve seen part of mental illness is denial of it and therefore taking the appropriate drugs.
    My heart breaks for these individuals and their families so does Gods heart. They are in bondage yet not beyond the power of God to set them free. It is a spiritual problem as so many things in our world are. Jesus is the answer. May God in his mercy grant them repentance (along with many who don’t know Him) unto salvation. I know your heart and Mrs Little is for the lost My sons name is Charlie. I’d appreciate it if you would pray for his salvation. Thank you

    • God bless you, Carol. I’m so sorry. There is hope for Charlie through our Lord and savior. I’ve seen miracles happen, so I know that there is real hope for your son. I pray that this day would come soon. May our Lord grant you peace. – JL

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