Afghanistan Part Two – The Coming War

The way the US handled the fall of Kabul to the Taliban demonstrated a shocking level of weakness, incompetence and cowardice that has sent shock waves through the halls of power throughout the world. America’s enemies now see an opportunity to tear at the carcass of a fallen empire. America’s allies no longer view the US as dependable.

This means war.

Over the coming months and years, America’s power will be challenged more and more as she demonstrates fearful weakness in the face of aggression. Then, one day, ‘aggression’ will turn into world war.

The Bible calls it Gog and Magog


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Afghanistan Part Two – The Coming War

I have long said that Gog and Magog cannot come as long as America is able and willing to defend the Middle East. As long as foreign powers such as Russia, Turkey and Iran understood US willingness to destroy any invasion, they weren’t willing to contemplate one. The problem is that they now see America not being either able or willing.

No, it’s worse than that. America’s enemies see the US as having become weak and full of cowardice. And, that leaves American allies fearful.

It’s Personal – Taiwan

As many of you know, I live in Taiwan. As the catastrophe in Kabul played itself out in the KIA airport, China chose to seize an opportunity to reinforce the perception of American weakness:

China to require foreign vessels to report in ‘territorial waters’

This means that all ships moving through the most important East Asian trade route, will be required to acknowledge Chinese sovereignty over the South China Sea, the Taiwan Strait and the East China Sea. If America does not push back hard against this declaration, the US will show itself to be even more weak. And, everyone is worried that the United States will not live up to its commitments.

At the same time, China has dramatically increased its threats towards Taiwan. Threatening editorials in Chinese Communist (CCP) newspapers have been crowing about how America will not defend Taiwan. Chinese media have been reporting on ‘impressive’ military exercises on Hainan Island, demonstrating how China will invade Taiwan. And, there has been a marked increase in the number and ferocity of Chinese air force incursions into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

There’s also a growing awareness that a CCP invasion of Taiwan could succeed. For the first time ever, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense acknowledged that a Chinese invasion could be successful:

Taiwan admits China could ‘paralyse’ its defences

This is an exceptionally serious admission from Taiwan’s military. Up to this point, they’ve always demonstrated confidence in their ability to repel a Chinese invasion. Now, they’re not so sure. This means that the two main windows for the invasion of Taiwan – March/April and September/October – will become tense times here on this island.

A very astute ex-CIA station chief agrees with this depressing outlook for Taiwan:

Has Biden given the Chinese a massive windfall?

This is the same guy who accurately described the speed with which the Taliban would take over Afghanistan and Kabul – while Biden was lying about it:

Afghanistan will fall to Taliban

American Allies Flee

So, Taiwan will fall to China, at some time in fairly near future, unless a miracle happens. And, when that happens, the blow to America’s reputation will be destroyed even more. Of course, I won’t care that much, ‘cuz I’ll be dead, but YOU will be in trouble. In fact, the trouble has already started:

Trust is Destroyed: Nigel Farage Predicts UK Won’t Join Biden’s America in War After Afghanistan

Britain and other countries feel betrayed by how the US handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The unraveling of American influence is so bad, Saudi Arabia has made a defense pact with Russia. If Saudi pulls out of the ‘technical understanding’ forged in the late 1940s and ’70s, the entire petrodollar foundation for the American financial system will collapse.

The question is…

…how much farther will this unraveling go?

Can America pull back from the brink and recover some of her tarnished reputation?

I doubt it. You can expect Joe Biden to follow the Jimmy Carter playbook, allocating money away from defense spending, towards more and more social programs. This means fewer planes, tanks and ships will be functional due to an extreme lack of spare parts. Morale among military personnel will fall past already depressed levels. Officers will spend more time covering their anatomy than prosecuting war with the enemy.

Gog And Magog

Broken Joe will do his very best to finish what Obama started. It will be a disaster. And, it will be a disaster that will lay the foundation for the coming of Gog and Magog, Ezekiel’s Fire and the death of a billion people.

As America’s military power collapses, Russia, Turkey, Iran, China and their allies will rush in to fill the gap. Israel and Taiwan will be their first targets. Destroying Taiwan will make it easy for China to dominate South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Destroying Israel will allow Gog to dominate the whole Middle East and the Persian Gulf – whoever Gog turns out to be.

All of that is vital and important, but it pales in comparison to the direct threat to your safety. When Gog Comes, a solar nova event will knock down our civilization. Water and food will become unavailable. Electricity will not work. Every city of any size will be destroyed in the global earthquakes that follow. Life will quickly become impossible for those who survive.

That’s why I wrote When Gog Comes.

It’s why I’m rewriting Ezekiel’s Fire.

I don’t know how much time we have left before Gog and Magog and Ezekiel’s Fire come. Lord willing, we will have years of time left. But, even if we have that long, it’s not a lot of time to prepare.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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15 thoughts on “Afghanistan Part Two – The Coming War”


    Amir Tsarfati giving an 8-minute update on Afghanistan as of 8/30. He agrees and gives a few more details.

    How strange, that for so long many assumed that in order for the US to become a non-issue in bible prophecy, we surely had to be taken out by a nuclear attack or something. All it took was a brain-dead puppet president with dementia. I read somewhere that he is saying we need to “move on” from Afghanistan, as if it’s nothing more than a minor traffic snarl in a parking lot. While so many are still stuck there, including 29 American students, and having already lost American soldiers in an attack at the airport. No biggie. Just move on. I wonder if the brainwashed left are beginning to see a few cracks in the narrative. I wonder if they will begin to suspect a crack or two in other narratives we’ve had shoved down our throats ….

    • Hi DRG,

      I’ll watch that clip. I like Amir, even though he’s maddeningly wrong about eschatology.

      However, the core problem was not Joe Biden – at least, not ultimately. There is something in every government, of any size, called ‘The Deep State’. It has its own personality and a specific kind of corruption. No one person controls this group. It has a mind of its own. It owes allegiance only to itself. It is amoral, and by definition… evil. Think of it as a kind of ‘hive mind’.

      Ultimately, Satan controls each ‘Deep State’ as it grows, and it always grows. And, like the parasite that it is, it always sucks too much out of its host before killing it.

      The fall of empire almost always has a ‘Deep State’ cause somewhere. Rome, Britain, France, Persia and on and on…

      The Deep State isn’t the only player in this mess. But, I see its fingerprints all over the KIA debacle.

      Thanks, DRG!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • I know about the Deep State. I was being sarcastic. But I have wondered ….. they all know Biden is incompetent and he was put in place for that reason; so the mystery is, why would the DS orchestrate this in such a way? Someone pointed out Afghanistan has something like 3 trillion $ worth of mineral resources, that China wants, and Biden has had something going on with China, at least when he was with it enough to remember his name. I am also puzzled at how the enemy manipulates self-interest against itself to cause destruction. I know he likes destruction for its own sake, it’s an end in itself. But surely there is someone in the DS who does not want their own property destroyed, i.e. inviting the entire continental US to become a smoking, radioactive ruin. Diane Feinstein has a 45 million $ house on Lake Tahoe she just put up for sale, presumably because her other homes are nicer and she doesn’t want this one anymore. But, the wildfires in California are around Lake Tahoe now too. Stupidity has a lot to do with it too, there was a clip on Fox News where someone was saying we live in a world run by idiots. I also am puzzled that the DS wants such ruthless control over the masses yet according to Armstrong are terrified of mass uprising, yet when they provoke and provoke and provoke, with slaps in the face like leaving so many Americans stranded in Afghanistan and letting our soldiers get killed there for nothing – I heard they were not allowed to fire on the suicide bomber when they noticed him before he detonated – parents of these soldiers are refusing to meet with Biden – what do they THINK is going to happen??? I am hearing people say there is bound to be a civil war and this is coming from those not influenced by prophecy or politics. As I say this, I am reminded of part of Duduman’s prophecy from the 80s that the American people will start fighting against the government, and our enemies seize the opportunity and attack. Seemed impossible, then, but not now. Unnervingly, another visionary preacher of the Word that I recently discovered – and he is absolutely scriptural (you would like that he raves against pretrib theory and maintains that he has no idea when a rapture will happen, we need to hope and pray for the best while preparing for the worst, and steeling ourselves to endure to the end no matter how bad it gets) has had a prophetic dream and this is very interesting. I say that because it contains an unmistakable element that, when it happens (I say when because I think this was a true vision from God) will serve to alert us to the rest about to take place. It went like this:

        All the store shelves were empty.
        People were standing in line for what food there was, and only the vaccinated were allowed to get it.
        Lawlessness took over and there was NO police presence.
        Civil war broke out over the no-vax-no-food situation. One third of the military backed the government, 2/3 supported the people.
        Vaccinated people start dropping dead everywhere, with no explanation. (which begs the question, then who gets the food?)
        The government collapses.
        Russia and China attack. Nuclear weapons used in major cities.
        Invaders attempt to take over small towns and rural areas.
        Mammoth Cave collapses. (*** this was the element that struck me as a possible here-it-comes-brace-yourself flag – if it happens before the rest)
        People are literally starving to death (yes, here in America the abundant, who abandoned her God) and resort to cannibalism. (lest those who have always lived in America find this unbelievable, let me tell you I once spoke to an elderly Polish woman who had lived out WW2 in Europe, and she said there is cannibalism in every war. We just haven’t had one here. Yet.)
        Those with cattle and gardens have to fight and kill people to keep what they have.

        Duduman’s grandson, Michael Boldea, gave a sermon in May at a conference and while he has not posted a dream or vision for years, he still has prophetic insight and is saying very emphatically that there will be severe famine SHORTLY, and that America is about to pay a devastating price for her arrogance, her prosperity gospel heresy, and her wholesale turning away from Godly morals. He said her false gods, in particular mammon and her formerly strong economy, are about to be ripped from her hands.

        here it is: — just under 50 minutes. Starts with a recap of Duduman.

        • Hi DRG,

          When you live in a bubble, your decisions become completely irrational. The Kaiser invaded France because he was threatened by Russia. Roman aristocrats played games of power while handing the Mediterranean over to Viking pirates. George Bush destroys Iraq and then wonders why Iran is taking over the Middle East.

          And, the most dangerously insane person in Washington – that I know of – is Victoria Nuland. She thinks that she knows how to play ‘The Great Game’, and she (and those like her) will destroy everything.

          I’ve been using this verse a lot lately:

          And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting;

          – Romans 1:28 (NKJV)

          That pretty much describes our whole society.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  2. Good morning brother.

    Yes it has been an interesting time hasn’t it. Forgive my curiosity, but do you still believe the Saudi’s and Russians went to ‘war’ over oil?

    However, the situation is somewhat more dire than you put forth. The Russians also signed military co-operation agreements with Nigeria and Egypt. I do wonder how long it will be now before the Saudi’s give up on their Yemeni disaster, and isn’t it interesting that Biden decides to tell the FBI to release documents regarding 9/11…. oooh the intrigue. Did the Saudi’s sign with Russia knowing Biden was going to release the documents, or was Biden’s decision in response the perceived Saudi betrayal?

    Meanwhile the world has to be watching in shock and horror. More than that, what does the Saudi/Russian agreement mean for US control of the Persian Gulf? Just a couple of years ago the US had de facto over the region. Turkey – Nato. Iraq, Saudi, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait…. all under America’s influence. Yemen and Syria have been bombed virtually into the stone age. Iran was barely surviving under US sanctions.

    How the situation has changed today. Iraq wants America gone. The US position in Syria is looking increasingly tentative. Turkey is defying the US to buy more Russian weapons. If indeed the Saudi’s are turning away from the US towards Russia… We could indeed see more significant changes in the Middle East – and Israel surely is wondering what is going on, and what this means for its future.

    Indeed, Europe… Especially the Baltic nations and the Ukraine must be thinking exactly the same thing as Russia’s power seems to keep growing as America declines. Consider, Afghanistan was trained and equipped by the US and lauded as a major fighting force… only to collapse in days. The Saudi’s, trained and equipped, haven’t defeated Yemen despite 6 years of conflict. Nigeria – 10 years against Boko Haram. Yet Russia wen’t into Syria and in weeks stabilised and turned around the nations position, and equipped and trained it to even withstand Israels attacks. It was rather ironic to see the US hype its ‘star wars anti missile system’ in Afghanistan as shooting down 5 rockets…. only to have it come out the next day that it hit one… 3 falling short of Kabul airport and 1 hitting it. A 1 in 5 hit rate against unguided rockets. Where as the Russian system in Syria knocks down 21 of 24 of Israels missiles.

    What all this means for the future remains uncertain. But you are right in regards to the ultimate conclusion… War, famine, death and disease. From which Gog comes, Israel suffers and pop goes the Sun.

    It matters not if China invades Taiwan or not, and honestly I don’t think they want too. The destruction of Taiwan and its industry would be a disaster for China. They want control, not destruction. The reality is they just have to play the waiting game; when the US dollar collapses what is that going to do to Taiwan’s economy. Assuming you don’t suffer major economic effects from America’s collapse, China will be able to isolate you economically. . Taiwan’s security is heavily reliant on America’s nuclear deterrent. China doesn’t need to invade, it can easily isolate you and force you into capitulation. Sure your military would put up a fight, but in the end your navy is the only thing that could seriously contend with China – and much of that is US built, and old. In the end the reality of the situation left by America’s collapse will force your government to concede to China’s demands. Isolated, and with limited resources your industrial capacity will decline and attrition alone will defeat you. Australia and New Zealand too will be forced to yield to Chinese power due to our energy demands. Our reliance on oil from overseas, and Chinese refineries, will see us recognise Chinese regional dominance. You are not alone. The entire Pacific region will yield to China’s power.

    While we stand in awe and horror at what is to come, we must remember the Father has this all planned out and His will cannot be averted. We may not understand it, but then I am sure the Jews in Europe cried out to the Father as they were exterminated. Yet out of that horror, Israel became established as a nation once more and its peoples were restored to their homeland. It seems the church in the West, with all our comforts and indulgence, wants to treat our Heavenly Father more like Santa. Presenting our wish list of pressies to be fulfilled and grumbling in frustration when we do not get what we want. Rather than bowing the knee and our head and praying as Jesus did. “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.”

    I have heard many brothers and sisters fervently pray for things, from personal to the nations, and then wail in disappointment when they didn’t happen – especially when the ‘wrong’ political party was voted in. But rare is the prayer I have heard ended, ‘yet not my will, but your’s be done.’

    Bless you brother, may the Lord keep you both safe.

    • Hi Peter Makin,

      As always, the situation is… complicated. The kerfuffle between Saudi Arabia and Russia was real. But, such things are usually temporary. (Business is business) And, that new agreement between Riyadh and Moscow might be temporary as well.

      If Russia can’t patrol the Persian Gulf with enough ships, they will not be able to replace the US. BUT, it should be clear that Saudi Arabia has put the US on notice that what has been, shall not always be.

      The problem with Yemen is that it’s a religious war that threatens the very foundations of the House of Saud’s power. The Saud dynasty cannot allow the Shiites to have ANY freedom, liberty or power in the Arabian peninsula. Religions created by illiterate 7th century caravan robbers were always going to be a problem.

      What a horrifying mess. The shocking thing to me is the utter stupidity of it all. But, when Paul said…

      And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting;

      – Romans 1:28 (NKJV)

      …he wasn’t kidding. These people are insane.

      Keep up the good work, Peter. You always leave great comments.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Hi John!

    Praise God your CLL has rolled back in just a month!!! 🙌🙌🙌 Amen and amen!!! 😄😄😄

    I tried leaving this comment on the last article and it wouldn’t let me.

    Let’s sing these songs in celebration of the LORD’s miracle He has done in John’s body in the midst of all this crazy!

    (Woke up with this one blasting in my head this morning).

    “House of the LORD”:

  4. Thanks John for all your incredibly informative analysis and especially your dedication to the Lord and the faithful. I hope you’re health is improving. May the Lord protect you and your wife.

  5. Hi John,
    -from M.Armstrong, maybe you’ve seen it.
    Sometimes it’s good to smile. Or, maybe not. But this is how the world operates.
    And, how it dies.
    To be more serious – here in Poland, the Catholic Church goes hand in hand with the project, and does not care about the truth. However, there are still people inside this corporation, who see what is coming. Here is one example (I would have some comments, but… It’s worth reading).
    Yours in Christ

    • The Mona Lisa twins! (One name Mona and the other Lisa) I have that video bookmarked. And, I like that article you are sharing. They’ve been talking about Technocracy for a long time, and I believe that will be a big, big role in the Antichrist regime. Excellent comment Chris! – JL

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