Another Step Towards Gog And Magog

Up to this moment in time, there has been an uneasy truce between Israel and Russia in Syria. Israel promised not to hit Russian targets. Russia promised not to shoot down Israeli warplanes. That truce is over. The reasons are complex, but the conclusion should be easy to see for everyone:

Gog and Magog is coming

Unfortunately, our brothers and sisters don’t understand the implications of that. When Gog Comes, it will bring Ezekiel’s Fire, and our civilization will be shattered. And you will be there to see it.

If you are prepared, you might even survive.


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Another Step Towards Gog And Magog

I was going to write about something else, but that was before I saw this:

How Putin understands the Lapid-Bennett government

That article by Caroline Glick is all about a huge decision by Russia to start actively defending Iranian assets in Syria from Israeli air strikes. There’s a lot that she gets right in that article, and she’s a great writer with lots of insight that is always worth paying attention to. But, she gets an important point wrong. And, the reasons why I say that are complicated.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is probably the smartest, most dangerous expert on geopolitics since Napoleon. When he was handed control of Russia in 1999, Moscow was on the brink of complete disintegration. The threats against her were enormous, and powerful elites were doing their very best to carve up that vast country. The persons of uncertain parentage running the US State Dept. thought that they had won, and were already celebrating Moscow’ fall.

Putin put a stop to their plans by killing anyone and everyone who stood in his way. But, his ruthlessness was carefully calculated to kill and destroy only as much as he absolutely needed to. No more. No less. And, this minimalist approach extended to his mastery of geopolitics.

Putin understands that Russia spans a huge land mass with horribly weak borders and a tiny population, and he knows that the only way that his country can survive is if his military can control the choke points leading from Europe and southern Asia. He also needs a way to quickly and cheaply counter moves against him.

Since he cannot afford to engage in Peace Through Superior Firepower, he must act carefully with a handful of troops and aircraft at strategic locations. He sent the Wagner Group into Libya and special forces into Crimea. He expanded the Khmeimim Air Base in Syria and strengthened ties with China. And, all of it on a shoestring budget. This brings us to his engagement in Syria and Caroline Glick’s tiny mistake:

Putin has NEVER been enthusiastic in his involvement in Syria. Not once. Not ever. It took a lot of persuasion from Iran and Syria to convince him to support Assad. The fact that his involvement in the Syrian conflict was wildly successful means nothing.

Until now.

What changed?

It’s hard to say which factor was the most decisive in this strategic shift, so let’s look at a few of them. The outbreak of conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in late 2020, had to have been something of a wake up call about weakness along Russia’s southern border. Then, there are those strengthening ties between Sunni Arab states and Israel. Oh, and the OPEC-Russia oil price war that kicked off in March of last year was… um …painful.

Russia did not want to increase oil production and lower prices.

Saudi Arabia did, and Russia lost and lost big.

Then, we had the rise of weak governments in the US and Israel. Joe Biden is no Donald Trump, and Naphtali Bennett and Yair Lapid will never be as canny as Binyamin Netanyahu. Also, the ongoing disintegration of Lebanon and the rise of a more hard line government in Tehran might have encouraged some change. A more desperate Iran might have offered incentives that were too good to refuse.

Then, America fled Afghanistan, which has started an implosion which could ripple through the ‘stans’ of central Asia, and up through the soft underbelly of the Russian heartland. Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are all corrupt and therefore vulnerable to the Sunni Muslim fanatics that are about to overthrow the Kabul government. And, even though the Sunnis are in the majority in the ‘stans, the Taliban would consider them to be heretics, should they decide to foment rebellion among their neighbors to the north.

Furthermore, Shiite Iran is also concerned about this implosion of Afghanistan. A wave of Sunni Afghan refugees flooding across their borders could seriously destabilize Iranian cities that are already reeling from protests over water and electricity distribution.

At the same time, China has become more friendly as Beijing focuses on it territorial demands in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian border. Russia can worry less about Chinese plans for invading Siberia, so it can concentrate more on Central Asia, the Middle East and even Europe. And, it looks like there isn’t all that much happening in Europe.

Then there are American forces in the oil-rich Kurdish areas of northeast Syria. There is no way that Syria could ever get enough money to rebuild without that oil, so you can bet that Russia would like American forces to leave – to free up some of that money which would also flow into Russian pockets. And this brings us to an ancient Chinese saying that I learned from my darling dearest:


Kill the chicken to scare the monkey

An aggressive stance towards Israel will make it clear to America that they need to give back the oil fields of Syria. And, Russia knows that the current US administration will do nothing if Israeli aircraft are shot down.

All of this points to a realignment of the Middle East that has brought us a big step closer to the coming of Gog and Magog. That invasion is a lot closer than almost anyone understands, which is why I wrote this:

When Gog Comes

And When Gog Comes, a massive cataclysm will be unleashed that will kill a billion people and destroy our current way of life. I call this catastrophe Ezekiel’s Fire, and I am working hard to finish the fifth edition of that book, here:

Ezekiel’s Fire

I want you to survive and thrive when that moment comes…

…because sharing the gospel is really hard to do…

…when you’re dead.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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39 thoughts on “Another Step Towards Gog And Magog”

  1. CANCER UPDATE: My white blood cell count increased only a little bit, which is good. But, that count is still above 40k and is 88% leukemia cells. That’s really bad, and it looks like chemotherapy is somewhere in the too near future. Thank you for all of your prayers, since I know that God hears them. – JL

    • I was in your position recently, I didnt take Chemo, which is Mustard Gas, . I am taking Gumby Gumby, a tree that grows here in Queensland,

      • There are two other common chemos for CLL that aren’t the mustard gas kind (Chlorambucil), but they seem to have even worse side effects. What is this ‘gumby gumy’ thing? And, how has that been working? Thanks for that input, Doug. I really appreciate that. – JL

    • I dont know if you are up on Fenbendazole and its use as a treatment for cancer. Its worth looking into. Ive seen several people respond very positively to it.

  2. I know of a proven all natural way to be healed from your cancer; even 4th stage. It’s very simple and only cost pennies and could save your life even if you decide to do chemotherapy. You can use this as a supplemental way to self heal or not use chemotherapy at all. Most people just want to use the traditional medical methods which could end up killing you anyway. I can send you a valid testimonial of a personal friend who used this method and has helped hundreds of others also become completely healed. It’s up to you.

  3. John, I enjoy your messages a lot the insight it Gives as far as the Holy Bible goes is invaluable. Thank you for the up dates. You will be in my prayers and I know God is using you at this point in time. God Bless.

  4. Praying for you as always. God bless.

    Everyone, if it were possible to make red flashing lights erupt from this comment window, I would. This is terribly important.

    On the C vax. This is solid, real, scientific info from solid, real, scientific (not to be confused with pseudoscientific) sources. THEY HAVE FIGURED OUT HOW THE VX BRINGS ABOUT CLOTTING, STROKES, HEART ATTACKS, MYOCARDITIS, ENDOCARDITIS, ETC.

    I am indebted to Ann Barnhardt for posting this in her blog yesterday (today is 7/31/21) and here is a link to it, a 9-minute video and a written summary of the important points:

    A copy/paste of her 6-point bullet summary:
    -40 trillion mRNA spike protein particles per injection, which spread throughout the entire body

    -Each particle bonds to interior wall of capillaries causing the interior surface of the entire vascular system to become rough like sandpaper instead of the natural smooth blood vessel lining, on the capillary level

    -Body reacts by forming clots and blocking the injured vessels and capillaries. This process is permanent and irreversible

    -Micro-clotting of capillaries is invisible to scans, only the D-Dimer test shows that clotting is happening in the body on a micro level, but not where it is happening

    -Micro-clotting in the lungs causes increased pressure on the right side of the heart which must pump against the blocked capillaries in the lungs. Right side heart failure generally occurs within three years when this pulmonary micro-clotting occurs (and for the lay reader, this is fatal.)

    -65% of injected people are returning positive D-Dimer tests (article actually says 62%)

    Here is an article on the same content, without the video, which also states how this doctor was censored and banned from his hospital and forbidden to say anything negative about the vaccine because it might produce “vaccine hesitancy” :

    After reading the above, consider the criminal insanity of forcing this vx upon the public while denying them any way to understand how dangerous it is; how the PTB are willing to just deny, ignore, put aside these absolutely real and “terrifying”, to use the words of this doctor, FACTS – he is not hallucinating these things he is SEEING them in his practice. It reminds me of the Nazis telling the Jews newly arrived in the concentration camps to go take a group “shower”. It is that blatant. Can hardly get my brain around it. I saw another video of a discussion panel including the inventor of mRNA technology, who said in the early days he called the FDA several times imploring them not to release this mRNA for public use because it had never been adequately tested on people; and their response – take note of the incredible arrogance here, that they think they know better than the inventor himself – was to say there is not enough evidence that it is dangerous. What preposterous illogic – that was the whole point of what the inventor was saying – there hasn’t been enough testing; we don’t know WHAT will happen, safe or unsafe. They completely disregard all the rules of logic to arrive at the conclusion they wanted in the first place.

    Perhaps some day, but I’m not holding my breath, some of the sheeple will connect these dots: a Danish soccer player collapses on the field from a heart attack, not long after vx; 4 British Airways pilots die of strokes within days of each other, all having had 2nd vx shot a few days prior (and of course BA is adamantly and aggressively publishing that there is “no connection whatsoever between these events”); the CDC called a meeting very quietly to discuss findings that there was an unexpected spike of heart problems in vxd teenagers; doctors finding the same in their patients tried to publish a study on this & could find no one willing to publish it; and this guy – Jordan Hayes – the following copied/pasted from another Barnhardt post:

    “If you don’t believe in vaccinations, I genuinely think you are an idiot. Like, legitimately dense. A moron. I hope that every soda you order is flat. I hope that one of your boot-heels has a click and you can’t figure out why. I hope that you hit every red light. I hope that when you wake up in the morning and head outside to snag the paper from the lawn, you walk through your front door and into a spider web. But primarily, I hope none of your family or friends suffer from your complete failings as a functional member of society.

    Jordan Hayes, February 23, 2021

    from his obituary:

    Yesterday afternoon, on July 6th, 2021, the world lost one of the brightest, most talented and deeply loved humans that has ever existed. Jordan Dale Hayes, age 33, died at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. Less than a week before his death, Jordan went to the ER with chest pains. What was found to be a small heart attack quickly led to two open heart surgeries. Complications arose and Jordan suffered multiple catastrophic strokes that ultimately proved to be too much for his body to overcome. He passed quickly and painlessly surrounded by those who loved him the most.”

    Does anyone see a pattern here? Are any among the sheeple CAPABLE of seeing a pattern?

    Now for the next inevitable step in the logical sequence:

    Probably before the 3-year mark, and surely by then, we will be seeing massive debilitation and death, hundreds of millions of people, from this. A huge health care conglomerate in the midwestern US, SSM Health- dozens of hospitals and hundreds of clinics and smaller facilities – recently announced that it will require all its staff to get vxd by 9/15. Many other organizations are doing the same – Biden is pushing for federal employees to be required, many restaurants and stores, etc. Now. Think. The mechanism described above is darn near sure to occur in every single vxd person, sooner in some than others, but the distributions of the spike proteins and the roughening of the vascular system are both a natural result of what was injected and the micro-clotting is the natural response. The cells, having been programmed by the mRNA, will continue to crank out more and more of these spike proteins and release them into circulation, where they will add to this effect. It is cumulative. THINK ABOUT WHAT THIS MEANS, down the road. Three years and all the staff of a massive healthcare system, plus others that mandated vx, dead or dying. Entire departments of fed employees dead or dying. Young people who took this vx had better face reality and come up with a plan for who will take care of their children, if they didn’t vx the poor kids as well, in 3 years. I still can’t get my brain around the ramifications here. This is going to be like Europe during the Black Death, or a smallpox epidemic. There won’t be enough healthy to deal with the dead, let alone nurse the dying. I wonder what kind of excuse the PTB will come up with …. I wonder if the populace will be too sick to drag them out and hang them, or worse, which they thoroughly deserve. I wonder if the police in Australia will ever “get it”, that they brutally forced this on their own people ….. and for what, the ego rush of having complete power over other human beings? The idiocy is just too much for words – this was pushed by politicians, to gain profit and control, yet in so doing they are killing off their tax base and will be left with almost no one to control.

    I have been pondering this since I first read it yesterday and my head is still spinning. 3 years from when these vxs came out. That is how long we have before this wave of death begins to peak. And only God knows if something else cataclysmic will happen first – but this one looks pretty certain to me. The fact that elderly demoniacs like Pelosi and Schumer continue to rage unabated tells me pretty clearly that they didn’t get vxd. It will be interesting to see if this continues.

    Another statement by the doctor in the video is that most of the common side effects of the shot – dizziness, headache, nausea, fatigue – are all consistent with micro-clotting in the brain.

    This is huge. I get the same feeling about this as when I read about Fukushima, thinking then that this is a fatal, irreversible blow to the environment. Some of those radioactive compounds have a half-life of 32,000 years, there will be no cleaning up in any time frame relevant to us. Pouring out into the ocean still, being slowly but surely distributed through rain and evaporation, wind and water currents over the entire earth. And this will continue, for tens of thousands of years or until God creates the new heaven and new earth, whichever comes first.

    • So, it is becoming clearer and clearer that the mRNA vaccines are a serious problem. So, should I need a vax, I’ll be looking at the traditional kind, that talks to the immune system instead of going around it with RNA – which makes a lot more sense to me. Thanks for sounding the alarm, DRG. – JL

      • Ivermectin is far better than even a traditional vax for anything viral. Consider also that a traditional vax depends on a normally functioning immune system, and if you are undergoing chemo that will not be the case.

        Even a ‘traditional’ vax can do more harm than good, as in the weakened-virus polio vaccines. The government pushed them without telling the people about the risk, because a weakened virus creates a stronger immunity than a dead virus, and the government does not care about ruining a few lives. Both will protect the person receiving it, but someone with a dead-virus vax can still be a carrier. Those with genetically weaker immune systems came down with polio from the vax itself instead of developing a resistance to it, and even vaxed kids with strong immune systems passed it to other members of the family with weak immune systems and they caught it and became paralyzed. One of the early weakened-virus polio vaccines was finally taken off the market (and I believe it was the one sent to India with which Bill Gates paralyzed 475,000 kids) because over a period of 10 years, every single case of polio in the US was caused by the vaccine.

        Also be aware that any “traditional” vax for cvd that comes out will be very new and there will be no long-term safety data available. And that this is an engineered virus, and no one knows yet what it is capable of or how it will mutate. Note also that coronaviruses CONSTANTLY mutate, making the prior vax obsolete, which is why no one was able to come up with a cure for the common cold – except that ivermectin works very well against this also. And no one (of the non-elites) knows what they may release in the future, already they are warning about a worse one this fall. I think ivermectin is the best solution at this time.

        The more I watch what’s going on, the more I begin to suspect that Gate’s population reduction strategy is far more ruthless than to just covertly sterilize. I think he wants to just get on with it and kill them off, that way we don’t have to feed the useless eaters for another generation.

      • John,

        Blessings to you, brother.

        We have a family friend who fought colon cancer courageously for eight years. Then suddenly, his blood platelet counts were low and his liver was “injured.” BOTH OF THESE ARE OUTCOMES OF THE m-RNA TREATMENT. I obviously can’t say anything (to anyone, really), but it grieves me that this incredibly brave, heroic, and loving warrior fell this way. He, his body, and his medical support team were managing his cancer. But the m-RNA treatment was more than he could handle.

        So please, do utilitize other ways to protect yourself.

      • Are you referring to the mRNA or to ivermectin? If mRNA, the second link in my comment above is a standalone article. It talks about what the doctor in the 9-minute video is saying, which may be the only way to get the info straight from the source. I expect the video will be taken down as soon as the PTB discover it, so download if you can.

    • DRG,

      Well said. I’ve been sick to my stomach depressed for over a month now thinking about this.

      It’s really depressing going about your daily life, looking around at people thinking, “You’re already dead”. I know it’s all under God’s control in the end, but the depths of evil get so so tiresome to endure for such a long period of time.

      And with regards to Fukushima, I think about it a lot. Especially when I swim in the Gulf of Mexico, reminded of the Corexit that was dumped in there. That’s why Ezekiel’s Fire is necessary and why God judges the Earth a second time by fire instead of water.

      It all has to be burned up, otherwise it would just be a big toxic soup. It turns out this American Culture along with Normalcy Bias is very very hard to overcome and compete with for people’s attention. No matter what’s happening around them. God bless you all.

  5. Thanks for the update brother. I trust the Lord will keep you in the palm of His hand and deliver you from this affliction quickly.

    I must confess I have never heard of Caroline B.Glick, and found her article of great interest. Thank you for bringing it to the fore.

    Your praise of her is high, and I trust your judgement. However I have a number of issues with her article, and the premise you have drawn from it.

    First of all is the lack of sources for the claims she makes there in. I have found nothing online which supports her assertion that Russia assisted Syria in shooting down the missiles, or that the 2015 agreement has ended.

    This article suggests the Russians supplied more advanced equipment to Syria which helped their response to Israels missile strikes, and said statements by Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit ‘seemingly suggest a potential change in Russia’s policy on Israeli airstrikes, or at the very least an expression of its growing disapproval of them.’

    Further it cites ‘The London-based Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper cited a “well-informed Russian source” who claims that this is “directly related to talks” between Russia and the United States. The U.S., according to the source, has confided to Russia that it “does not welcome the continuous Israeli raids” on Syria.’

    This article also cites Asharq Al-Awsat in its claims using the same unnamed “Russian source” But notes ‘There was no outside confirmation of the Arab newspaper’s report.’

    So while these 2 media support the idea Russia is supplying more advanced equipment, there is nothing to support Caroline’s statement that Russia ‘assisted the Syrians’ in their interceptions. I don’t see her statement being suggestive of merely supplying new equipment given Russia has been supplying such to Syria for years. Neither media confirm her statement of Russia’s abrogation of the 2015 agreement, nor can I find any such announcement by the Russian Govt in my search.

    If you have or know of any sources to back up her claims I would love to see them.

    However she starts to discuss the chemical attacks in Syria which she lays at Assad’s feet. Here her analysis is questionable. First it has been conclusively proven (albeit disputed by the West) that it is impossible for Assad’s forces to have used chemical weapons against Ghouta. The various engineers and whistleblowers from the OPCW, in tandem with the excellent investigation by Aaron Mate has shown it was Turkey that supplied said chemical weapons to the anti Assad forces. The idea behind this was clearly to generate world opinion for a military intervention against Syria on the same lines as Iraq. Indeed to date, despite all the claims of chemical weapon use since Russia’s intervention, there is no evidence of Assad’s forces using chemical weapons.

    Now I can understand her mainstream viewpoint, but the lack of sources to back up her assertions as well as what I see as pushing the Syrian propaganda narrative gives me pause as to how reliable her assertions are.

    That said, onto your thoughts, and it’s always good to hear your opinion my friend.

    Your own analysis is sound, albeit based in part on the information Caroline has put forward. However, while I agree Putin was never enthusiastic about involvement in Syria – it would have been politically disastrous if it had gone wrong – it was absolutely necessary to support the Russian economy and its energy supply to Europe. The Wests plans to put a gas pipeline to Europe via Syria had the potential to spell disaster for both Russia’s economic and political leverage over Europe, further isolating it geopolitically.

    I have to disagree with you re the Opec Russia oil war, it was not Russia v the Saudi’s. It was them v the USA. It certainly was painful for Russia, in the short term, but you cannot ignore the effect the plunge in oil price had on US Shale, at a time when the global pandemic was starting to affect the global economy. In late 2019 and early 2020 Trump declared the US energy independent, that plus the US retaliation over the murder of its asset Khashoggi against the Saudi’s presented a threat to the Saudi royal family and OPEC. The Saudi’s couldn’t directly retaliate against the US, however they could affect the price of oil, but they needed Russia’s help. Russia needed the Saudi’s to stop supporting the Syrian antiAssad forces. The speculation has long been they did a deal and entered into a phony war – crashing the oil price. Did they know about the locking down of the global economy? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless their ‘war’ saw the price of oil plunge, and US Shale was already struggling and uneconomic without a high oil price. As I understand it, the result was many Shale oil producers were forced to borrow heavily to support their industry…

    And just as their ‘war’ is resolved the global economy locked down. Due to massive speculation and an oil glut on the market the price of oil goes negative. If you think Russia lost big with the war with the Saudi’s, it was nothing compared to that shock. But we have to look at the longer term picture, a year later and the price has not only recovered but exceed the pre war levels, and is projected to be almost double the pre war price by years end. But where as the Wests oil industry was devastated by the oil war and lockdowns, seeing wells capped, rigs shut down, tankers scrapped and workers laid off; if I understand correctly Russia and the Saudi’s production capacity was largely unaffected. It is true that Russia and the Saudi’s paid a short term price, but they are well placed to reap the rewards now.

    With respect, the US has not fled Afghanistan… far from it. It’s very public withdrawal hides the fact that it is replacing with and financing ‘contractors’ in place of its military. Its promised to continue to support Afghan forces with its air force contrary with its agreement with the Taliban and it is retaining special forces in the country.

    It is politically unsustainable for the US to remain in Afghanistan, but they cannot simply surrender control of the nation. China needs stability in the region for its belt and road initiative, and the US has attempted to drag China into the war. China has instead chosen to negotiate with the Taliban, tacit political and economic support if they help suppress the push for islamic independence in Xinjiang – how that turns out remains to be seen. The same goes for Biden’s claims it’s withdrawing ‘combat troops’ from Iraq, they have made it clear the troops in Syria are staying. I wonder where some of those combat troops in Iraq are going to go… hmmmm

    “An aggressive stance towards Israel will make it clear to America that they need to give back the oil fields of Syria. And, Russia knows that the current US administration will do nothing if Israeli aircraft are shot down.”

    … No. An aggressive stance towards Israel gains Russia nothing. Russia has neither the forces in the field, nor the economy, nor the political influence to force the US to withdraw. Further intervention in Syria would be immensely costly and burdensome on the Russian economy. Syria is a stalemate, neither side has an advantage and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon. I agree the US will do nothing if an Israeli aircraft is shot down. But they don’t need too, Israel can take care of itself. Russia made it clear it will not retaliate when Israel used a Russian Air Force plane as cover to attack Syria that resulted in its destruction costing 20 Russian lives. Russia had every excuse to strike back then, its military had clearly demonstrated in Syria its firepower and strike ability. Russia is content for Israel to waste missiles periodically in Syria, and as Syria’s air defences improve its great PR for the Russian defence industry.

    Could Russia be Magog, sure. Time will tell, but for now I don’t see how anything has substantially changed in the Middle East. Nor do I see how it will until America falls into economic chaos, but that won’t just change the Middle East. It will change the world.

    I must confess to being somewhat disheartened however. I try and spread the message of the coming disaster and promote your work on Ezekiel’s fire as much as I can, especially on conservative channels. It is falling on deaf ears…. ears that don’t want to hear. Everyone is focused on the lockdown’s, the pandemic and the vaccines…. how its ‘the beast system’ and the ‘elites are depopulating the world!’. Despite the fact there is zero biblical evidence to back up any of their claims, so many Christian’s seem to have fallen into this politically divisive ideology that they don’t want to hear anything else.

    Keep the faith brother, and bless you in these difficult times.

    • Hi Peter Makin,

      Excellent comment. It’s a great idea to back up claims with sources, and I often get sloppy and don’t. The only question is whether my sources are as good as I think they are. And, Caroline Glick’s sources are often Israeli government and military insiders that she can’t quote. Her viewpoint is Israel-centric, which is completely understandable, but in this case it misses the bigger point.

      The OPEC/Russia kerfuffle did hit the oil news headlines, but I would have to go back and check which ones. And, it was the Saudi Oil minister who was directly responsible for giving Russia that bloody nose. The Saudis have always run OPEC almost as if it were their private club. If you didn’t agree with Riyadh, you always paid a heavy price.

      We’ll see what happens regarding Israeli air strikes on Iranian positions – and the Russian response. This ‘Russian Source’ could have been one of those ‘trial balloons’ to see how Israel and the US would react. Or not. If either side miscalculates, a bigger conflict could result.

      The point is that Russia doesn’t have a ‘natural’ interest in Syria, but it seems to be inexorably drawn southwards by a number of events. But as always, we’ll see what happens. This wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve made a mountain out of a molehill.

      My current theory is that Russia is the Land of Magog, but I’m not married to that thought. There are a few other contenders that might rise and eclipse Russian influence. As always, Iran is the key identifier. Whoever Gog is, he must have a good relationship with Iran – although, such ‘relationships’ can happen very quickly.

      Again, well done, Peter. I really appreciate your input and your willingness to lay out your reasons. And especially, thank you for trying to share this warning over Ezekiel’s Fire. All that we can do is our very best, and trust that God will make sure that the faithful will understand when the time is right.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. I just ran across something very interesting in light of the convergence of a contrived pandemic and a worldwide move towards tyranny:

    That’s a Jordan Peterson video from 2017, just under 6 minutes, which doesn’t seem relevant at first because it’s entitled Why Hitler Bathed Even More Than You Think. I thought it sounded crazy and I was curious so I watched it, and what do you know, a paranoia of disgust-inducing things – including epidemics and disease transmission – is closely related and conducive to totalitarian attitudes. This is summarized at the 1:18 – 1:45 segment; he says the higher the prevalence of infectious diseases, the higher the probability of totalitarian political attitudes at the local level. The LOCAL LEVEL. Not the elites. Not a germphobic paranoid Hitler at the top forcing his paranoia throughout a society. Peterson says this was a brilliant study that should have got much more attention, and I think it must have got the attention of someone in the elites. If you can get everybody afraid of disease transmission, significant numbers of the masses themselves will begin to think in totalitarian terms and support efforts to crush any dissent, (and rat out your friends, family and neighbors) which we see going on everywhere. Blaming the unvaxed for (manipulated) numbers of cases, completely bypassing all critical thinking and real numbers that the vaxed are actually more likely to die from the disease than the unvaxed. Celebrities ranting about restaurants that do not require staff to be vaxed. This has been as irrational as a witch hunt and is becoming more so. It never ceases to amaze me how medicine has committed such terrible blunders, yet no one seems to apply this to the present as reason for caution. Even in recent memory like thalidomide and the Tuskeegee experiments, which were conducted by our own US Public Health Service from 1932 to 1972. I looked it up just now and had no idea it persisted that long. 40 years of deliberately infecting black people with syphilis without telling them just to see what happens long term if it isn’t treated. Our own “public health” service, doing this to our own citizens. What is disturbing is that it could have gone on this long without multiple whistleblowers coming forward; meaning, it was not just a couple madmen doing this, it was systemic, with broad professional support . Mind boggling, and widely known, yet still so many people blindly trust government agencies, and doctors as a whole, as if they could not possibly be mistaken as in thalidomide – (which was inadequately researched, the problem was that one of two chemical formulations produced the birth defects, the other is safe and still used) – or downright sociopathic evil. I really wonder what kind of bias or blind spot causes some people to assume that doctors and government are some other species than the rest, not subject to error, carelessness, ignorance or total corruption. How can they forget thalidomide, and not be leery of a new and untested “vaccine” technology rushed through the approval process?

    Enough ranting for one day.

    ps to my post of a few minutes ago: I just read some more about the Tuskeegee experiments, and guess what the CDC was cooperating with that also, along with the Public Health Service. And I must correct myself: the study subjects were not deliberately infected with syphilis, here’s what happened: 600 subjects were chosen, all black males, 399 of which had latent syphilis but didn’t know it and were never told of their diagnosis nor treated for it. 201 were an uninfected control group. These were all impoverished sharecroppers, recruited for this study by flat out lying to them that they were receiving free health care. So then they just followed these guys for 40 YEARS watching and studying the progression of the syphilis. Wives were infected, children were born with congenital syphilis. And none of these impoverished people could pay for a second opinion or seek treatment elsewhere, nor hire a lawyer. This is our CDC and US Public Health Service, folks, why would anyone trust them as far as they could throw them?

    • We love your rants, DRG. Keep those up. That YouTube video is brilliant and explains a LOT. And, that Barnhardt link is important. We have a lot of vaccine injury ahead for those who took the MRNA vaccines. And, the ‘science experiments’ by the US government. Wow. When evil and arrogance and stupidity get together, disaster is as sure as tomorrow’s sunrise. Well done, sister! – JL

  7. John,

    You summarized Putin like nothing I’ve ever seen. That’s exactly who he is and his situation. And you’re a great writer, so it is super clear, too! Well done!

    I studied physics at a Catholic university in Indiana at about the same time, (graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1987), so I’ll humor us and say, “brilliant minds think alike.” Ha.

    I am new here and look forward to learning more and being a part of your community.

    Your brother in Christ,


    • Thank you, Jeff. I can’t claim that this is unique analysis, so I’m betting that you’ll find experts on Russia and Putin that would tell you the same thing. But, I feel blessed that what I wrote resonated with you. It made my day. – JL

    • Hi John,

      As Christians we are required to be able to prove what we believe via chapter and verse. And, what the Bible does not say definitively, we cannot say definitively. That’s a part of what it means to love the truth.

      Apply this idea to Psalm 83.

      What words in that chapter indicate that this is prophecy?

      If you can prove that it is prophecy, then what words in Psalm 83 indicate that it has not yet been fulfilled?

      Unfortunately, there isn’t a single word or phrase in Psalm 83 that indicates that this is a prophetic Psalm. Therefore, I do not know how we can justifiably claim that it is prophetic.

      And, even if it was prophetic, it would appear to have been fulfilled in 1948.

      No one has yet to provide me ANY explanation for how I am wrong in this, and I don’t know why that is. But, if you can provide a Biblical explanation, then I will be happy to look at it.

      I look forward to your input, John.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. Hi John
    So glad to hear of possible alternative treatments for your cancer, and the prayers on your behalf; I want to add my prayers as well. Also this verse, psalm 66:8-12

    8 Praise our God, all peoples,
    let the sound of his praise be heard;
    9 he has preserved our lives
    and kept our feet from slipping.
    10 For you, God, tested us;
    you refined us like silver.
    11 You brought us into prison
    and laid burdens on our backs.
    12 You let people ride over our heads;
    we went through fire and water,
    but you brought us to a place of abundance.

    Just really grasping what feels like for the 1st time that the abundant life God promises is found in Jesus and His marvelous grace. Probably Nothing more annoying than a born again Christian grabbing hold of Gods promises and sharing them with others. God has a good purpose for what you and Mrs Little are going through, it’s not for nothing 🙏

  9. I just read the Chapter on Ezekiel 38 in “When Gog Comes.” You are a great writer and thinker. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

    I found a trivial typo. You write, “, plural ” when talking about something that is plural. I think it should be, “, plural, ” with a second comment. I bring this up not to nit-pick but because I believe that you are looking for these things.

    More importantly, I want to share questions that I have on Russia as Magog. Yes, it is the far north. But to my eye, it is both the stablest country on earth and also the one best endowed with oil, natural gas, the ability to grow food, as well as other natural resources. I don’t understand why they would want to go all the way to Israel (with all of the headaches of passing through Chechnya, Georgia, Armenia, and Turkey) when they’ve got what they need in the motherland. Not to say God couldn’t drive them to it, but it seems less plausible than alot of things that you posit.

    On the other hand, China has hooks in countries all the way to Israel and beyond. They also have no oil and gas of their own. . . and have burgeoning relations, including military ones, with Iran. Is there any connection between the Dragon and Gog?

    What you are doing is fantastic. Thanks again for sharing.

    Your brother in Christ,


    • Hi Jeff,

      I do not hold strongly to ‘Russia as Magog’. Yes, I believe Russia to be the most logical contender for that label, but I also know that some other large country could also be Magog. That’s why I always mention Iran as the core identifier of who Gog is, and where the Land of Magog is located.

      Now, notice Gog’s reluctance to invade Israel in Ezekiel. It takes hooks to draw him down. And, I think that we see one of those hooks in Russia’s involvement in Syria.

      As for China, I’m always wary about what they’re up to. Before living in Taiwan, I was not nearly so concerned. Having said that, China is nowhere near being able to project power into the Middle East yet. Yes, they are building bases to help manage the sea lanes between them and the Persian Gulf, but their current efforts aren’t nearly enough to support a land invasion. At least, not yet.

      Is there a connection between the Dragon and Gog?

      A number of Chinese Christians are saying that China is the Dragon of Revelation. And, there is something to what they say – especially if you look carefully at just how evil the Chinese Communist Party is, and their love for the color red, and what Chinese dragons look like, and where communism came from, and…

      I have a hard time disagreeing with our Chinese brethren, especially when I see how diabolical the CCP is. BUT, the world after Gog and Magog will be a radically changed place. Very little of what we see today will still be standing after Ezekiel’s Fire.

      This makes it difficult to predict who this dragon is.

      However, just to be clear, Gog is killed during his invasion of Israel. He and all his army will be buried in a place that will be called Hamon Gog. There’s a back way up to the Golan Heights that I’ve driven a few times, with a valley to the east that seems like it would be a perfect burial site.

      But, I see that you have a couple other comments, so I’ll stop here and get to those.

      Well done, Jeff. Thank you for that input.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • And from what I’ve seen, the number 666 is a lucky number that is posted above shop doors in China.

        In addition, as of right now, either China or India are the only countries capable of filling a 250,000,000 man army to march on Jerusalem. And via the Silk Road too.

        • It was shocking to see so many 6666s and 666s in phone numbers in Taipei, when I arrived in 2010. However, that’s due to 66 being a Chinese homophone for ‘smooth life’. Homophones are also why you often don’t see a 4th floor in traditional buildings, since 4 sounds like death in Chinese. But, since 8 sounds like joy… Thanks, Dan! – JL

  10. I stand confirmed, at least in the camp of Martin Armstrong. I sent his website a comment/inquiry about this vx-induced capillary clotting stuff, with the same link I posted here, a couple days ago. Today he has a blog post —
    — that mentions it, and evidently some of his people researched it and he posted a link to the same doctor, Dr. Charles Hoffe, giving an update on his facebook page:

    It’s about 8 minutes, and no surprise, has been flagged by facebook as “false information” by their “fact checkers”. This is so preposterous it would be laughable if lives were not at stake. Who are these ridiculous “fact checkers” and what kind of medical and surveillance expertise do they have to determine this doctor is lying, or grievously mistaken, about what he sees with his own eyes in his own practice???? I just can’t believe it. Life has become surreal.

    But more importantly, Armstrong has seen enough to say this:

    “According to American Frontline Doctors, 62% of those vaccinated develop blood clots, and they claim that life expectancy is maybe 3 years. Moderna’s groundbreaking coronavirus vaccine was designed in just 2 days. They also acknowledge that was POSSIBLE only because they were working with Bill Gates previously.”

    I am STILL trying to get my brain around the wave of death we will be seeing increase over the next 3 years, and they are trying to push boosters every 6 months; and no surprise, Fauci is now saying he ‘fears’ a variant even worse than the delta. This is like living in a science fiction movie scripted for the 3 Stooges. But the sheeple are swallowing every bit of it!!!

    • What a perfect storm of bureaucratic-induced hysteria, greedy pharmaceutical companies, billionaire megalomania, political tyranny and diabolical censorship. If I wasn’t so disgusted, I’d be amazed. You’ve made excellent points, and that Armstrong link is a must-read. As for the video with Dr. Hoffe… it would be so easy to verify what he’s saying, but they would rather censor his message than investigate it. Another excellent comment, DRG. – JL

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