The Next End of the World – Book Review

The When Gog Comes Website is up and running:

A big thank you to those who are doing their best to best to find holes in my analysis. Your feedback is vital.

This also means that I finally get to read and review this book:

The Next End of the World by Ben Davidson

Ben has been doing exceptional work in pointing out the evidence for a future cataclysm from our Sun. And, since that evidence confirms the prophecies in the Bible, I wanted to read Ben’s book before producing a fifth edition of Ezekiel’s Fire.

So I did.


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The Next End of the World – Book Review

My latest book finally has a home:

It’s on a faster server. It’s light and easy to read. It reads well on your cell phone. The only question is:

Does my analysis hold together?

A few of you have offered some cogent observations, and one of you did so in detail. (Thanks, Kris!) But, I know that there are more of you that have clear eyes and sharp minds, that can spot where I went off track in my reasoning. Even if you think that the book is total garbage, please says so, but also with a detailed analysis explaining why.

It is vital that this book is right, and won’t add to the already horrendous pile of error that surrounds us. The foolishness and lies need to stop. And, the first step in making it stop is by proclaiming the truth and offering up sound proof for what we are saying.

If enough of us do that, our precious brothers and sisters will wake up and start preparing for an unimaginable future. And, if we don’t… the blood of all who suffer and die will be on our heads. That’s what God told Ezekiel, and it’s what He is telling us. (Ezekiel 3)

Those who know what is coming, are required by God to warn those who are ignorant.

That’s what When Gog Comes is all about, so help me get it right – so that the warning is clear, recognizable and obvious. It needs to make sense. If it doesn’t, then please make sure that I know that. My deepest gratitude goes out to all who have already contributed to making this book a useful tool for understanding the dark days ahead.

(By the way, grammar and usage errors
should only be analyzed
once I finish the next draft.)

And, while you are chewing over When Gog Comes, I will be doing a fifth edition of Ezekiel’s Fire. There are new scientific observations to add. There are a few errors that need to be corrected. And, the chapters that I stole for When Gog Comes, need to be taken out. And, some cringe-worthy grammar and usage mistakes need to fixed. (OUCH) But, before sitting down to do that, I wanted some input from Ben Davidson, via his latest book.

The Next End of the World – Book Review

You can find Ben’s book, here:

The Next End of the World by Ben Davidson

That’s the PDF version. A printed version is available, here:

Don’t worry about the ‘pre-order’ in that link. It has been published and ready to ship.

The Book Itself

It’s a little over 100 pages and about 25,000 words. So, it should only take a few hours to finish it. It’s a pretty easy read and offers a nice general overview of the danger that our civilization faces from our star. And, he covers a number of topics that demand books of their own:

  • The Polar Shift acceleration
  • The boundary layer between the Earth’s crust and mantle
  • Electricity disruption that will happen BEFORE the micronova
  • The weakening of the magnetic field that protects Earth
  • Evidence that planets in the Solar System are experiencing profound changes
  • What causes a solar flare and micronova
  • Geologic and chemical evidence for prior micronovas and polar shifts
  • What we can expect to see in months leading up to a micronova
  • What we can expect after this micronova occurs
  • And, lots more

That’s a lot to cover in a hundred pages, so none of them are covered in great detail. But, what Ben says does provide a launching point for your own investigation. And, in a situation like this, doing your own research is important.


Now, there are some things that I disagree with. Some of that lies under the category ‘I would have done it differently’, but some are a little more substantial.

First – Ben writes from the perspective of authority. He’s been doing this for a long time, so it’s understandable that he would trust his own research. Those of us who are less certain might not feel the same way.

Second – Some speculations are presented as fact. I do the same thing, even though I try hard not to. And, I’ve made my biggest mistakes by assuming something is fact, when it is just bad theory. The CIA probably classified their research into this for much the same reasons that they classify their lunch menu. The Earth is not millions of years old. Our interaction with the galactic electromagnetic field might not be as strong as indicated.

(Just sayin’)

Third – The claims of other religions aren’t convincing. Ben isn’t a Christian, so it’s not a surprise that he is interested in the body of historical mythology that describes a past event that sounds a lot like what he is saying. Buddhism, Islam, Manicheaism and other gnostic morons leave me cold. There’s a lot of foolishness bandied about by the followers of these faiths, that make no sense at all – even if they DO talk about an ancient catastrophe. And unfortunately, he gets a bit mixed up when he refers to the Bible. But, as I said, he isn’t a Christian, so I think that he should get a ‘pass’ here.

Fourth – Some sources are sketchy. It is so easy to claim that someone is authoritative, just because they believe the same way that you do. Also, an expert in one field doesn’t mean that their observations are worth listening to for another – such as asking a biologist about astrophysics. Also, I’m sure that Douglas Vogt is a fine person with lots of great ideas and observations. But, he is not a reliable source. And, the same goes for references to books and papers published in the 18th and 19th centuries. They might be right, but I’m not sure about how much we can trust that.

But, I think that you shouldn’t worry all that much about these criticisms.

This Is A Great Book

This is a great book – especially for those who want a good introduction to the subject. More importantly, Ben Davidson is one of the few who has been sounding the alarm over what is coming. And, the fact that he provides a scientific basis for his arguments makes him the most credible voice out there.

His daily video posts on YouTube should be required viewing for everyone, and you can find his channel, here:


Here are a couple recent examples that you can find on his channel:

A Disaster is Coming


Betelgeuse Micronova, Mega-Flare Effects, Plasma Tunnel | S0 News Jun.17.2021


His Disaster Cycle Playlist is here:



I Recommend This Book

So, do I recommend this book?


You WILL learn something new in this book, and many will have their world turned upside down. And, the fact that your purchase will help Ben and his family keep doing what they are doing is important.

I know how expensive Ben’s efforts have to be. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of my personal savings on Omega Shock, Ezekiel’s Fire and When Gog Comes. It was worth the time and money, and I would do it again. But, the cost has been tremendous.

So, buy the book and support a family that is doing valuable work:

PRINT VERSION – The Next End of the World

PDF VERSION – The Next End of the World

And, as you read that book, I will be updating Ezekiel’s Fire.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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20 thoughts on “The Next End of the World – Book Review”

  1. Thank you brother

    Just finished reading chapter Ezekiel 38 in When Gog Returns. Certainly food for thought and you have done a great job of preempting my questions regarding this period of time.

    Especially in regards to the US… Because what happens to the US affects the entire world. When empires fall there is always chaos until new powers rise to seize the opportunity. Russia and China are well positioned to take advantage of that chaos… or are they?

    You also made some pertinent points regarding America’s nuclear weapons and its allies.

    Speculation based on observations of the current global position.

    I feel the collapse of the US is inevitable now, the question however is how they will collapse. Will they go quietly into the night? Or will it be external or civil war? We’ve seen the war card twice before, and it was terrible.

    The US is going down the same road as the USSR. Infrastructure is collapsing, its ability to feed its population is looking very shaky from both supply system disruption and a changing climate. Its military is over stretched, tired, suffering low morale and recruitment problems; and much of its equipment is old and is need of replacement. The US is trying to remedy this by printing money…. At the moment that seems to be sustaining its position, but that position looks ever increasingly shaky day by day.

    Now when the USSR collapsed it saw chaos across a large part of Eurasia, but by and large the world remained a stable place. The USSR was limited in its power and scope. The US is the dominant global power… at least financially and militarily… It effectively controls the global banking system and the worlds energy markets. Its power in those 2 environs is however increasingly slipping. Despite its efforts it cannot get Europe to stop using Russian natural gas, which you reflect upon in this chapter vis a vis Russia v’s Israel.

    The latter part of the 20th Century saw the West and the Soviets competing against each other to see who could financially exhaust the other in their technological and ideological race. The West won… at least superficially. In 2001 the economy collapsed under its debt burden. We overcame that by printing money… In 2008 the banks collapsed under their debt. We overcame that by printing money… In the last 20 years the world has been on a debt binge, Japan, Europe, China and America have all been supporting their economies by printing increasing amounts of money. 2019 and the screams of impending economic collapse are reaching a crescendo as warnings over the banking sector are cried, the banking sector is in danger of another credit freeze! 2020 and the unthinkable happens… Supply disruptions, artificial economic shutdowns, populations forced into their homes. The perfect excuse to vastly print more money….. It’s amazing how incredibly well timed this pandemic was financially…. nothing to see here sir, move along please.

    But this has only been a temporary solution, the systemic issues within the banking crisis remain and they are getting worse. Meanwhile the rhetoric on the geopolitical front is increasingly aggressive from the US, Canada, UK and Australia. Europe is very much trying to maintain the peace (not surprising when you consider history and the worlds favourite battle ground for centuries). As Gerald Celente says, “When all else fails, they take you to war”. But there is nothing we see Biblically that suggests anything like a major global conflict at this time.

    So what else might take the US out of the picture? I agree with you regards the US sociopolitical problems, and its divisions becoming increasingly apparent. But any attack on the US, EMP or otherwise, would elicit a like response and quickly escalate. I don’t think that likely based on the Biblical prophecy.

    But economic collapse…. now that fits into Biblical prophecy. What we see now is another looming credit crisis that is threatening a banking collapse. The Federal reserve is reportedly stuck trying to keep interest rates low, but at the same time having to raise them to protect inter bank lending. At a time when personal, corporate and national debt levels have skyrocketed. At a time when housing prices and inflation have skyrocketed. At a time when mortgage and rent forbearance in the US is reportedly coming to an end and people owe Billions of dollars in back rent and on their mortgages. At a time of an energy crisis, mega drought, food shortages. At a time of major societal division.

    What could possibly go wrong!

    Speculation :

    Something you haven’t considered in your book – a cyber attack or a systemic weather event on the power grid. Same effect as an EMP, but hard to prove. We saw what the weather did to Texas and a cyber attack on an oil pipeline in a matter of days. The US falls into socio-political chaos and the Federal Govt loses its grip as individual States seek to stabilise their own situation. The East and West coasts in particular are hit hard as the cities descend into anarchy. Energy disruptions sees food distribution collapse, as central states seek to preserve food supplies for their own populations and try to defend their borders against refugees from coastal States. Similar to the USSR the Federal Govt can’t pay its military and the vaunted US war machine collapses, the Federal Govt tries to retain its control over its nuclear deterrent but with no obvious enemy it has no-one to attack. It also has to focus on trying to regain control over its own territory as individual states may seize those nuclear weapons within their borders using State National Guard (scary thought!). States slowly join together to form alliances along political grounds, ignoring the Federal Govt’s demands.

    In weeks the US is no longer a geo-political entity…. and regardless of the mechanism that is the key issue here. The major economic and political stabilisation of the world is suddenly gone. What does this mean for the UK, EU And NATO?

    The global ramifications…. I wrote a lot regarding this…. so much so when I looked it over it made for a seriously long post, a bit too long. Needless to say the entire world will fall into economic chaos with the collapse of the banks, and with America’s stabilising influence gone war is inevitable. War across the globe. World war 1 and 2 were between empires over energy resources. World war 3 will be more localised, rather than mass alliances. A true conflict over resources, energy security and regional influence. Asia and the Pacific I suspect will be the most stable of regions due to Chinese regional dominance.

    It is from this Chaos I believe we will see Gog arise, I feel it is pointless to speculate Gog’s identity based on current geopolitical and geographical borders. If I am correct on the coming chaos then we will see major changes in the current geopolitical and geographical landscape.

    Given that, you note 2 players that might fit Gog : Turkey and Russia.

    Turkey is the strongest military and economic power in the region, but they themselves have other concerns that I imagine will be their priority. Greece to the West, and Armenia to the East. Turkey desperately wants control of the Aegean sea and around Cyprus, they cannot engage in outright conflict with Greece while the US And NATO are in control. If they were gone…. a major conflict between Greece and Turkey could well arise. Then there is Armenia to the East and Turkeys recent support of Azerbaijan. They may take advantage to erase Armenia from the map. Potentially creating an Islamic corridor from the Caspian sea through Turkey to the Adriatic sea if those ex Yugoslav nations join in to plunder isolated Greece. That would raise issues regarding Serbia and Bulgaria… oh how quickly things could escalate. IF Turkey is successful and creates a pseudo Islamic caliphate of such a size and variable demographics it might fulfil Ezekiel’s prophecies.

    Russia will be too busy trying to secure the chaos on its Western border dealing with the Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic’s.. Possibly including its southern border with Georgia and or the Moldova region in Romania. Russia has neither the industry, nor the military might, nor the economic power to secure its borders and launch an attack on Israel far from its borders. At least, not for a number of decades post US collapse. Regardless a large part of Russia’s Jewish population left after the Soviet collapse and now makes up a full fifth of Israel. I believe Russia retains a strong affiliation with those people, why would it attack those it still considers its own?

    Can’t wait to get into Ezekial 39.
    Thank you for your dilligence and hard work.

    • Excellent points, Peter. Well done. And, you point out a need to elaborate further on this, and I intend to. (If the Lord wills.) It also looks like you might be able to write your own book. I would love to see that. May your efforts eclipse my own. – JL

      • You too kind brother. Writing isn’t my forte though, I have neither the patience nor the aptitude. I serve our Lord and Saviour in a different capacity in caring for the sick and injured at my local public hospital as a glorified doctors butler. I have lots of patients for that 😉

  2. Hi John,

    started reading your new book, but, my detailed comments will come later, the harvest season in our orchard has started and we are extremely busy (not to mention the end of semester at university)… Great review of “The next end of the world”. I’ll add one thing. Just as you, as Ben, as everyone else, I cannot give a precise timeline. But I have some understanding of the models and math involved, and there is one thing. That process will NOT be linear. No way. Once the fun starts it will accelerate, fast (or: slow down, which is extremely unlikely). So, the prudent approach is to watch, and imagine that what we see on our planet now should be multiplied 5-10x, and this is tomorrow. Well, now we are starting implementation of XIX century midget civilization on our 4 acres of land, 250m above current sea level. Have no idea if it’s ok, but hey, our Lord decides:)
    -Not funny in fact, but gave me a smile – maybe assorted communists should take notice:
    (the Bible mentions 50kg hail – years ago my reaction was “what?!” Well, now it is different…)
    Yours in Christ

    • Some of the scariest words are ‘That process will NOT be linear.’ Very few people understand that, and even the best minds struggle to understand logarithmic functions. Non-linear processes are going to destroy us, and we won’t seem them until it is too late. But, have a happy harvest! I look forward to when you have the time to offer thoughts on When Gog Comes, Chris! – JL

  3. Brother John,
    I read the book and couldn’t put it down- it is an excellent read, well done! I cannot find any fault in your reasoning.
    I personally didn’t know that confusion between Gog and the Anti-Christ was so widespread- it should be fairly obvious that these are two separate entities and two separate events.
    Joel speaks of the sun being darkened and the moon turning to blood, and Malachi talks about the day that will burn like an oven.
    I’m wondering where the return of Elijah the prophet fits into all this?
    Excellent job brother. It is an impressive book and I know you worked very hard on it.

    • Hey Bondo!

      Thank you, brother. I really appreciate that. You get it.

      It took me a while to realize this whole Gog = the Antichrist thing that is at the heart of the pre-trib idea. Once you break that equation, their whole argument falls apart. You just cannot be pretrib if you believe that Gog is not the Antichrist.

      Unfortunately, there are post-trib people who believe that Gog is the Antichrist, which is bizarre – and part of the reason why I had to switch this book around. (Changing the core of a book is HARD.) Eventually, we’ll get people to open their eyes and start to actually think rationally about the Last Days.

      The coming of the Antichrist is NOT around the corner. Unfortunately, not even Gog and Magog, which is where my third book will come in – if the Lord allows me to write it.

      I can hear the hoof-beat of the Black Horse. And, it is not a pleasant sound.

      God bless you, Bondo. Keep up the good work.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. “But any attack on the US, EMP or otherwise, would elicit a like response and quickly escalate.” — reexamine your premise, namely that an attack like this would be from an outsider. I think it is quite possible, even probable, that our own government would do this to us for any number of nefarious reasons: to terrify us into complete obedience, grasping at anything that presents itself as authority; to achieve their desired population reduction, losing first all the useless eaters – the old, the sick, those dependent on medical equipment to stay alive; they would of course harden all their own technology first, but this would make it impossible for the “great unwashed”, as Armstrong likes to say, to maintain communication and organization among themselves and therefore be easy to corral and control; etc etc. Also, as Armstrong says the one-world government people want – a one-world government, and they have to get the US out of the way for this. And the extreme left that has pretty much taken over the US is on board with that. They will serve us up to them on a silver platter, too stupid as always to realize they are cutting their own throats as well. My own speculation is that our stupid and incompetent politicians and the Deep State thinking to orchestrate all this will fail to account for many obvious flaws in this plan, just like going to negative interest rates without realizing they were trapping themselves in an impossible situation. So while The Plan may seem deliciously evil and ingenious to them, it will backfire and fail in a most spectacular manner. Which would probably be funny to watch if we weren’t living in the middle of it.

    I was watching one of those futuristic propaganda videos about how our future will be. With not the slightest mention that we’d have any choice about it. We will just not own any kind of vehicle, just call for a ride and an automated vehicle will come and provide the transportation, then go back where it came from. This was just presented as if there is no question and no problem, it will of course work perfectly. Are they freaking out of their minds? Don’t answer that question. I recently read about a guy riding in an autopiloted car who was killed when it smashed into the large truck in front of it. The truck was white and the autopilot could not tell the difference between bright sunlight and the presence of a large white object. When they put the Obamacare software into production – without testing it of course – it was an unbelievable mess, double and triple deducting people’s premiums and then making it impossible to refund. What on earth makes them think they can implement such a complex, worldwide plan dependent on interconnecting software of even more complexity? Yes, they can already do frighteningly detailed surveillance and they have really horrible advanced weapons. But the more complex, the more interrelated, the more moving parts, the more easily the whole thing will screw up. And it will. They are just too stupid to pull this off, smoothly and efficiently.

    John, how are you doing? Still praying for you. Keep us posted.

    • Hi DRG,

      Your comment would be less horrifying, if we didn’t know that this is how these people think. The amount of pure psychopathy at the top, wrapped in stupidity and fueled by arrogance is a wonder to behold.

      One of my favorite responses to someone advocating centralized control is:

      “Socialism would be great, if it worked.”

      Centralized systems ALWAYS fall apart. ALWAYS.

      How am I doing?

      Not good. My leukemia has increased again. Total white blood cell count is now 42,000 and 83% of that is cancer. This has been emotionally difficult, but God is strong in the midst of our trials.

      I appreciate your prayers a lot.

      Thanks for that excellent comment, DRG.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Sorry to hear about the increase. I continue to pray, as do others of your followers I am sure.

        I am casting about for something comforting to say, but all I can come up with is this: Some day. Some day. All of us will be together in joyous celebration, and,

        —– When we’ve been there ten thousand years,
        bright shining as the sun –
        We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise
        than when we first begun.

        That’s always been my favorite lyric from that song. And this guy does a particularly good job of belting it out:

  5. I loved the book. I have been getting family to download and read it also as they are all pre-tribers. Thank you for all you do.

  6. I’ve been reading your blog off and on for the last couple of months. I haven’t read your book, but I just wanted to suggest that you research baking soda and diatomaceous earth. Both can help cure different types of cancer. Who, knows, maybe it might help yours.

  7. John and Mrs. Little, I know what kind of time you are going through. Praying for God’s Grace and Mercies and healing…you have to finish your work, right?

    • Thank you, DarL. I know that God won’t let me go home until the job is done, so I know that I have at least a few months left. And, if there is even more to be done, our Lord knows how to make that happen. God knows what He is doing. It’s good to see your comment, brother. – JL

  8. please dont take ANY vaccine they are not. they ate just posoin injections.
    dt baktari or whatever doest now all the pieces he os not in contact with american docots christians rje hroup od mikovits martin madey and tenpenney. see brabe conference on brans new rube in mei was the second

    the animals injected with coronavaccins showed antigens but died after a while the antigens doesnt protect against the virus who is common coronavirus with gain of function the protection comes from the t cell and macrophages and a goog not compromised imunnitysystem but yours is compromised !!!!!
    antibody-dependent enhancement or orher reasons i read so much its difficult tontake it in all !
    you have aal the conditions to never take this jab tou can die from it infection due to injection
    you have possibly xmrv virus in you due to jabs in your childhood
    i cannot understand wjy you ate thinking lik e that tou think.ypunare most of the time discussing with me when dr judy mikovits admits 5G can interact with body and vaccine because bodyband cell have electromagnetic energy
    this is my last warning the blood is of my hands now its up to you
    you are still my brother in Jesus buts its up to you now
    and the team of this doctors all believi g christians suoting all the time bible versions during this
    conference and praying all agree this is prefase of mark beast when they in France decided from august on without healthpass you cannot enter hospitalls !!!!!!! and shopcenters or malls what think this is ??????? also now in Italy. and you dont warn people but instead say dont worry you can take it im sorry you are dead wrong and dead fits here very well

    sister nadine

      • oh my …… i didnt know all these typing mistakes were there its the Holy Spirit fault 🤐🤭
        i was typing so fast and thaught i have reviewed it but you got the message thank God for it 🤗
        wish you all the blessings you need 🎆✨⚡💫
        sister nadine

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