A Switch To The NKJV And More Evidence That Our Civilization Is Toast

That’s it.

I can’t take it anymore.

I had been trying to read through the Bible this year, using the ESV. And, I got halfway through before giving up. There are too many errors, and some of them are deliberate. And then, there’s the issue of the ESV basing their New Testament translation on corrupt manuscripts.

It’s just too much, so I’ve finally switched to the New King James Version (NKJV). It also makes translation mistakes, but there seem to be fewer of those, and they used better manuscripts.

Why did Crossway need to be so corrupt?

Oh, and we have more evidence that our civilization is toast.


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A Switch To The NKJV And More Evidence That Our Civilization Is Toast

I am almost done with the final rough draft for my book, When Gog Comes. (The working draft is here.) There are a few more editing passes to make, and I’m sure that I will run across more grammar mistakes and usage errors. But, it’s almost done. What an ordeal.

(By the way, I also make ‘grammar mistakes’ intentionally. For fun and for effect.)

And, as I was looking over the various quotes from the Bible in my book, I realized that I was choosing the New King James Version (NKJV) more often than not. It had become the default. And, at the same time, I had been running into problem after problem with the English Standard Version (ESV). And, I reached the point a few days ago when I’d had enough.

So, I finally bought a copy of the One Year Bible in the NKJV.

I hate doing that. It’s a jarring experience to make such a switch, which is why it took so long for me to do it. But, I knew that I would eventually be forced to, once I realized that the NKJV is the only other translation – that I know of – that uses the Greek Majority Text as the foundation for the New Testament. (The KJV used a subset of the Greek Majority Text, called the Textus Receptus.) Oh, and notice how long it took me to grit my teeth and make the switch:

Another 70 AD and Another Translation Issue – A Big One

I posted that in late April, and am only now changing over. So, I really do understand why it’s hard to move to a different Bible translation. But, for those who want my official recommendation:

I now recommend the NKJV translation of the Bible.

When asked in the past about which version I recommended, I struggled with that answer. I still do, since there are also translation mistakes in the NKJV, just fewer of them than any other translation that I can find. And yes, the NKJV also has fewer mistakes than the KJV.

Crossway, the publishers of the ESV, are beyond corrupt. And, I am surprised that we let them succeed in their attempts to distort the Bible. It is a sin to do what they did, and there is an eternal price for that.

Our Civilization Is Toast – Peak Copper

I saw something a couple of days ago that made alarm bells go off in my head. It was this tweet from Art Berman:

And, I just did a search for “Peak Copper”. Apparently, they had been predicting the peak in copper production to happen in 2020. Here’s an article on the subject from 2010:

Amazing Presentation On The End Of The Copper Era

So, when Art Berman came out with that statement, basically showing that geologists have been dishonest about how much copper we are extracting, per ton, I was disgusted but not surprised. And, it shows how serious our situation is.

Since 1988, it has taken more and more energy to extract copper from the ground. And, now that the cost of energy is going up, we will be even less able to get the copper that we need.

Do you see the disaster that’s happening right now?

Hopefully, you won’t see the direct effects of this catastrophe for another few years. But, that’s my rather over-optimistic nature talking. The main thing that you need to know, right now, is that there is going to be less of everything in the future. Literally, everything.

For those of you who have been preparing for this already, you deserve the satisfaction of knowing that you were right all along. For those of you who have not started preparations, stop hesitating. The conditions of our civilization – worldwide – will continue to worsen until it is too late for you to do anything about it.

I believe this to be the opening of the Third Seal of Revelation 6, but you don’t need to agree with that to see the disaster that lies before us. Just start preparing for yourself, your family and your community. Remember that we prepare for others, because that is what our Lord and Savior would have us do.

The ride Black Horse has begun.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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16 thoughts on “A Switch To The NKJV And More Evidence That Our Civilization Is Toast”

  1. Thank you brother, I trust you health remains stable and Mrs Little is making sure you look after yourself.

    I have to agree, the black horse is abroad and causing havoc around the world. What amazes me is how blind people are to what is going on around them. I realise much of it comes from their dependence on the mainstream media to ‘inform’ them and therefore they dismiss anything that doesn’t fit that narrative as ‘fake news’.

    For example : Here in New Zealand we have a massive housing crisis. When the pandemic started we shut the country down and closed the borders. Our biggest earner is tourism, followed by agricultural products. It was clear tourism was dead and that the industry was going to collapse. The airline industry was shut down, had to store its aircraft and was also dead. I looked at this and thought, boy here comes mass unemployment and a bursting of the housing bubble as people won’t be able to pay their mortgages/debts. But we we’re sold the idea the pandemic would be under control in a year and the tourists would return. As a result the Govt borrowed $150B and paid industry to retain their workers, at the same time forcing interest rates down and pushed people to borrow from the banks to continue the consumption economy.

    However, we also had a massive influx of people return to the country to escape the pandemic as well as ‘critical workers’ brought in from overseas. As a result a massive influx of overseas cash and cheap borrowing the market is flooded with money and where as the prediction was house prices would fall, they have in fact exploded as people have rushed into property which has created a crisis in confidence and the inability of the average family to buy a home.

    So where am I going with this. I was talking to my dad yesterday about this, and his take was ‘there is no housing crisis, its a load of rubbish. We’re building more houses than ever’ prices are going to come down. I explained to him the shortage of building materials, the rise in costs, and the cheap money from overseas and he looked at me like I was from outer space. I told him that prices won’t come down until interest rates rise dramatically and then he just he walked off. He couldn’t accept the truth staring him in the face. They are both pensioners who sold their house last year and moved to a bigger property because ‘they could afford it’.

    What an age to live in, crisis in energy, food production, transportation, water supplies. Geopolitical tensions high between the East and the West. A pandemic that defies all expectations as revelations appear regarding certain Western funding and research in regards to virus manipulation; and the deliberate suppression of information to push a natural origin theory. All time high global debt levels… What could possibly go wrong!

    Humanities hubris and arrogance is at an all time high. We have lost our humility before God and believe we are in control of the world around us. Humanity is in for a rude and well deserved awakening.

    The Lord bless you both as He prepares and preserves you in these interesting times.

    • Excellent comment, Peter. Most people would not understand these unintended consequences that you mention. In fact, this inability is part of the problem. We’ve never seen this before – at least, not like this – and what they do see… well …it’s too much for them. What’s coming is going to be very, very hard. Thank you for that well-reasoned observations, brother. – JL

  2. Are you not doing YouTube any longer? I miss it! 😞
    Keep doing what your doing. 😊

    • I’m sorry that I have not been able to do any YouTube videos. Once I get the book done, along with a quick revision of Ezekiel’s Fire, I’ll be able to get back to those. But, the thought that you miss those videos, means a lot to me, Harriet! – JL

  3. John, I think that the fourth horse has gone forth, the pallid sickly looking horse, because we are being plagued by mice here in Australia with more mice here than people on the face of the earth. Then I heard yesterday from a friend that many cities in the US are having mice plagues. Also she read that Saudi Arabia was also having a plague of them, as well I noticed locusts, then storms etc.
    So famine will follow as the mice eat everything living & spread disease. I have already found that there is only one brand of frozen vegetables in my local Woolies store that is Australian grown & even the pack I bought this week said 60% was Australian grown. The rest of the frozen produce comes from NZ, USA, Belgium & no doubt China sneaks some through in the NZ produce. Up until covid we used to have LOTS of frozen vegetables, now those shelves are either empty or taken up with other foods. Fresh produce is also down with a lot of it imported.
    Nearly every month something else disappears from the grocery shelves that I was buying as I am gluten intolerant so my diet is being controlled by the little I can now buy. Sure if I want pretend food then there is plenty of options but I am after real vegetables, real meat grass fed. Fortunately, I am in my seventies so not too many years ahead to worry about!!
    Also I have a plague of gnats flying around me in my home diving into my glass of water, even one dived onto my food as I was about to eat it, or up my nose when I am not watching. As many as I kill more seem to come from nowhere. I mentioned it to my g/daughter & she said, yes they are in their kitchen as well as my bathroom & flat. We share a large home together.
    I have noticed that most countries seem to be having bad storms, hail, floods, & other natural events. Probably some are finding their wild animals are more aggressive today. I know that I have heard of attacks on children of dingoes, plus shark attacks. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that even the crocodiles are getting vicious. That is about the sum total of wild animals that we have other than birds. Those in the northern hemisphere have far more than us, plus of course Africa.
    Then we have China rattling its chains & causing all the nations around it including Australia to sit up & take notice. So definitely, I see the fourth horse out & about leaving mayhem & disaster in its wake!!
    In regards to the ESV, I am feeling cheesed off because I spent over 6 months researching it before I changed from the NIV to it & listened to so many well known bible scholars etc saying how accurate a translation it was & now you tell me this… Not that I am using my ESV at the present time for my daily readings. I have the one year bible in the ESV but use my bible to read & then often compare the two as I don’t have to rush through my daily readings being retired & on my own so am able to dedicate my mornings to reading. I will let you keep going with the NKJV & in 6 months time you can update us again with how you are finding it before I think of changing again!! In the meantime I will use bible gateway or the blue bible to compare. Blessings to you & Mrs Little.

    • Ouch. I heard about that plague of mice that you folks down under are having. That’s terrible. We’ll see how this shapes up. I am sincerely hoping for as big a delay as possible for the ride of the ‘Pale Horse’. And, sorry about the ESV. It’s smart to wait and see if I do the same for the NKJV. God bless you, Louise. It’s good to see a good family that cares for each other. – JL

    • Hi Louise,
      For the gnats, we take a plastic bag and put a banana in it, and then find a big funnel, as big as you can find, tape the plastic bag around it and hang it anywhere in your house. I use an empty bread bag. Put one wherever you need it.

  4. You may want to check the Modern English Version MEV it also uses the Greek Majority Text, the Textus Receptus. It came out in 2016 for those who wanted an Updated King James type Bible. :”The MEV maintains the beauty of the past, yet provides clarity for a new generation of Bible readers. The MEV is a translation of the Textus Receptus and the Jacob ben Hayyim edition of the Masoretic Text, using the King James Version as the base manuscript. The MEV is a literal translation.

  5. John, my husband and I have been reading you for many years. Thank you for your perseverance and diligence. I’ve recently been reading a NT expanded version done by Kenneth S. Wuest taken from the Greek texts. You and Mrs. Little are in our prayers.

  6. Good morning John,

    I started reading When Gog Comes yesterday afternoon and am having a hard time putting it down so I can go to work. It is really fascinating! I know that most of the things that God has determined for the future are truly frightening, but I also find them fascinating and exhilarating. We are as blessed “to be born for such a time as this” as were the people who were blessed to meet our dear Savior when he walked on the earth.

    While on my drive to work this morning, I was pondering both When Gog Comes and Ezekiel’s Fire (I read this one a few years ago) as well as many other thoughts that float around in my head and one question came to the front of my mind. Where does the solar minimum, that we are currently in, fit into the end times scenario? Of course that one question morphed into another question. Do you think that it is possible that once we come out of the solar minimum, the sun could ramp up and cause Ezekiel’s Fire or maybe because of the solar minimum, one solar flare (because the sun is still producing them just in smaller quantities) could be Ezekiel’s Fire? Just a curious, cause like I said I find it frightening, fascinating and exhilarating to “be born for such a time as this.”

    Both you and Mrs. Little are in my prayers daily. Keep up the good fight and press on toward the prize.

    In Christ,
    Sandra Wood

    • Hi Sandra Wood,

      It is a tremendous relief to know that what I have written is readable and isn’t boring you to death. I know that what makes sense in my own mind, doesn’t mean that it makes sense to others – or is even readable. So, I deeply appreciate your comment on this.

      As for the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM), it appears that the strongest proponent of this theory was not a physicist but a mathematician – Dr. Valentina Zharkova- who was doing a statistical analysis of Solar Cycles. We are currently in Solar Cycle 25, and this cycle doesn’t appear to fit the definition of a grand minimum – at least, not yet.

      Having said that, it is clear that we are on the way towards a GSM. The only question is timing – which applies to Ezekiel’s Fire, also. And, my best answer is, “I don’t know.”

      Thank you for that excellent comment and especially for your prayers, Sandra. I really appreciate that.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Sandra,

      I share your enthusiasm for “When Gog Comes.” The Lord led John to a path as a technical writer because He needed someone to bring this crucial, and very technical, information to a broader audience. Thanks, John!

      I have a similar question about the solar minimum. Sunspot activity has been very low. There were months when none were visible. It makes me wonder, too, if it will result at some point in a superpositioning of energy within the sun that comes out in a massive way. John’s both technically equipped and given it a ton more thought than I have, but it seems like a possibility.

  7. Hi John, thanks again for your excellent posts and information you give. Maybe I’m completely wrong but I thought not that long ago you recommend the NASB as the most accurate translation, I was preparing to purchase that. Glad I haven’t bought it yet!

    My biggest question is, HOW do we prepare for Ezekiel’s fire, Gog & Magog, etc? How can anyone survive all power and communications going out and all buildings being destroyed…? Would love your thoughts on how to best prepare for this all. We just moved out of the city onto an acerage with plans to work towards becoming self sufficient with our own animals and garden as much as possible, and try to get off grid capacity with solar. But we unfortunately don’t have a natural water source other than our well, and not sure that we have enough sun for full solar power. Would love your advice.

    How is your health? Praying for you. Especially as Armstrong says China is gearing up to do some damage to Taiwan.

    • Hi Gazingupward,

      It is possible that I might have recommended the NASB. I know that I looked at it as a possible replacement for the KJV. But, after close examination, it didn’t seem like an improvement. And, even though I now recommend that NKJV, I also know that it makes translation errors, also.

      Your question about preparation is a difficult one to answer, since everyone has a different situation. But, it sounds like you have gone in the right direction. The only other thing that I can add is neighbors. If you can’t trust your neighbors, you have a problem.

      Also, we need to prepare for others. That’s something that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. We will reflect the light of Christ the most, when everything else is falling apart. Of course, it’s hard to prepare for others, when you aren’t even sure how to prepare for yourself.

      So far, my health is stable, and I’m able to continue writing. This is good. I’ll have a clearer picture of what I can expect, around the beginning of next month.

      As for China, I’m hoping that Xi will shoot himself in the foot and work upward until he stops being a threat. We’ll see.

      Thanks, Gazingupward! It’s good to see someone on the right path.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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