When The Lockdown Really Began

Governments have been locking us down and controlling our movements for a lot longer than you realize. In fact, it has been going on for so long, that you don’t notice anymore. And, I was brought home to this fact, as I was looking at my own passport.

Why should I need US government permission to travel to another country?

Why are passports around the world so similar in form and content?

Why don’t more people realize that the passport is a form of authoritarian control?

Why do I need permission to exist?


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When The Lockdown Really Began

I was just looking at my passport. I’ve had one for more than thirty years, and I’ve filled up several. But, I never really thought too much about why we have them.

I understand the need to keep certain people out. Criminals. Terrorists. Obscene religions. Corrupt academics. There are a lot of people that I would not want entering my country.

But, why do I need a document approved by the government, to leave?

And, why am I at the mercy of a government that can deny my right to go and live where I choose?

Most of you have never thought about such questions. Foreign travel is usually a rare luxury and normally unnecessary. I’m not a real fan of it myself. When you travel to enough places, you quickly realize that people are the same, everywhere.

Mrs. Little loves to travel, and knowing that I had done so much of it, she thought that I loved it too. My poor darling dearest forgot to ask the right question. If she had, she would have discovered that I am one of the most reluctant travelers to ever circumnavigate the globe twice. I’m the worst tour guide that you ever saw, and I HATE museums. Oh, and old buildings built by dead people leave me cold.

Why did such a fun person marry a curmudgeon like me?

The poor woman must have lost her mind.

But, as I look back on 25 years in Asia, I have to wonder why the American government is so intent on monitoring and even controlling my movements. So, I looked up the history of the Passport.

Who was it that cooked up the idea of an internationally recognized travel document called the Passport?

The League of Nations, in 1920.

In this, this ‘League of Nations’ was being wielded by the United States. America had just become the premier empire of the world. She had been untouched by World War I, and immigrants were flooding in. And, as ocean travel became cheap, easy and fast-ish, some people wanted to control how that happened.

You wouldn’t want people to travel without permission, right? RIGHT?


Authoritarian countries have denied people permission to travel for thousands of years. The first recorded case of the ‘travel document’ is in Nehemiah, and I’m surprised that Wikipedia even made reference to it. And, the reasons for requiring such travel documents has everything to do with protecting the government from dangerous individuals such as yourself.

Yes, you are a dangerous person with dangerous ideas. One day, you will request a passport, and will be denied. Every time that I ask for mine to be renewed, I wonder when they’ll tell me that I’m not allowed to travel anymore. So far, so good.

People have written books about ‘the passport’, and I don’t want to do that here. But, think about that the ‘papers please’ travel document that you may – or may not – carry around with you. It’s a symbol of control that we have embraced as a rite of passage. That first international trip is exciting, and in our enthusiasm, we forget to ask why we need permission from the government to cross the border.

And, I keep thinking about the bow given to the rider of the White Horse, in Revelation 6. Using an artillery weapon for conquest requires a strategy of indirect power. The passport is a good example of that.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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17 thoughts on “When The Lockdown Really Began”

  1. There seems to be a link between high intelligence and paranoia and IMO it is because of a greater sensitivity or awareness of evil and/or perceived danger in certain people. These profoundly depressed people are NOT a fun date and will see to it that everyone around them is miserable too especially if they don’t follow “The rules”. Many are prophets who live alone.

    Authoritarians are ALWAYS fear driven so any sort of passport, for example and especially the current idea of a “Covid Passport” is expression of insane fear manifesting as control. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be too smart and God Himself frowned on the acquisition of “The Knowledge of Good and Evil”. To sum it up; the world has simply collectively lost it’s mind and “who told you that you were naked?”

  2. I looked at my passport as the ticket to allow me to visit a country for a short period of time as a visitor but that no matter where I ended up in the world, my passport told me that as I was an Australian citizen, [by birth actually] that Australia could never refuse to allow me entry as it was my homeland. Also that as long as Australia had an embassy in another nation, that by stepping on the property I was now on Australian soil & so if in trouble they had to ship me home to safety.
    I only used it once as a passport & after that it was proof of my identity when needed here in Australia until it ran out & proved too expensive for me to refill, hence I had no identity other than my birth certificate & it didn’t include a photo so was it really me? I finally found out that I needed to have a photo ID as my identity was stolen. By this time they had introduced a cheaper version for young people but in time included anyone who didn’t have a driver’s license to prove their identity & so I purchased one. These days it is free for pensioners & is renewed every 10 years by bringing in your old one as proof that you are who you say you are.

  3. The passport allows you to return to that country. You are free to LEAVE but will need to “prove” you are a citizen in order to get back in.

    Of course, airlines and other commercial travel companies have their own arbitrary rules.

  4. Paper is white. So are animal hide parchments used during John’s life. This parchment is where rules and decrees could be posted. These could effect the lives of people both near and far. A bow can kill targets both near and far.

    • Direct power would be whacking you over the head with a sword – or threatening to. Indirect power would be denying you access to something you want, unless you comply with certain demands. The SWIFT system is an example of ‘indirect power’. I hope that helps, Danielle. – JL

  5. when i look to the explanation of Roberto Rivera. its a symbol of the pope AC who has a bow with no arrows described as such in rev 6
    his followers fight for him.he doesnt use the bow himself in rev 19 Jesus comes with a sword He fights not his followers
    the crown is placed on the pope he has no crown of his own he has in fact no right to it ( the history with king Pepin and the forged false document of peter the apostle)
    Jesus has a crown has a a right to it from God the Father

    the video played a while ago on the world economic forum website explaining the great reset talks of ten kings or rulers to reign the world. i dont know if they said the word kings

    thats all i have for now
    love from sister nadine

    • Roberto Rivera provided a lot of valuable insight into the inner workings of the Jesuits. His story is an invaluable reminder of just how awful the Roman Catholic Church is. I cannot say that Roberto is correct, but it would not surprise me if he was. Thank you for bringing that up, Nadine. I had forgotten about that. – JL

  6. I find it very interesting that a group so devoted to Christ still refuses to acknowledge the obvious. The pale green horse is not Islam, it’s Christ of course.


  7. https://theintercept.com/2021/01/24/toxic-chemicals-human-sexuality-shanna-swan/

    Guess what, Bill Gates doesn’t need to sterilize all of us, sperm count could reach zero by 2045. NOT from the National Enquirer. The PFAS chemical contamination continues and intensifies, as it concentrates with each generation. The damage done in utero is the starting point for the damage done during that child’s life exposure, which damages further, and the next generation is even more damaged. I remember reading in the 80s that average American sperm count was down 50% since the 40s or thereabouts. Now, they are saying it is down 59% since the 70s and at this rate, could reach zero by 2045. That is a very real possibility because these chemicals are literally everywhere, in all people in all parts of the world, and there appears to be no known way to remove or avoid them.

    I’ve read for decades about these “feminizing chemicals” associated with plastics; warnings that drinking milk from plastic jugs was one major source; but just about everything we drink is in plastic these days. Including the bottled water people think is better, but is almost always expensive filtered tap water with the same chemical contamination found in wells, that the tap water comes from, with such tiny particles they even resist removal by distillation. Even here in the seemingly pristine midwestern countryside, glyphosate – better known as Roundup – is one of these damaging chemicals and it is sprayed on crops everywhere, that are genetically modified to be immune to it. But it kills every other plant, ie weeds. The fields are absolutely weedless.

    There is now solid, although politically incorrect, research that these chemicals disrupt the endocrine system in a feminizing way which ABSOLUTELY affects gender-determined behavior. If it can decimate sperm production it will surely mess up many other things that should be masculine, and it does. Measurably. Even to the point of language acquisition, which is very different in (normal) boys and girls.

    Which begs the question (but we know the answer), is Bill Gates aware of any of this? He’s going to get his wish, because on top of this chemical damage that seems irreversible and unstoppable, we now have millions of sheeple taking vaccines that are very likely INTENDED to sterilize, but at best, cause miscarriages (and we have yet to see what else, remember thalidomide?) by interfering with a substance needed to maintain the placenta. This is just peachy.

    This is all just too crazy for words. The human race, supposedly the most intelligent species (I often think it’s not the most intelligent, but happens to have an opposable thumb) is actually so stupid they are sure to eliminate themselves by any of dozens of means. When you had your omegashock epiphany, did you consider reproductive destruction? Got to add that one. I wonder if this, which God surely foresaw, has anything to do with the end of time as we have known it? That this world goes on and on as long as humans are born, to give them a chance to know God and get saved, and when this has run its course and comes to an end …. then what? Wormwood?

    Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.

    • Ah yes, Douglas Adams. I think that a lot of us have wondered at the rise and fall of a number of problems – including autism, which is through the roof. It’s the Love of Money, writ large. Excellent points, DRG. Well done. – JL

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