Does The Black Horse Ride?

I’ve been yelling about this for a decade, and now it’s about to become all too obvious. They’re blaming the global rise in food prices on COVID, but eventually… they won’t be able to ignore the collapse in oil reserves. And, the people who will suffer the most, will be the poor.

It’s the ride of the Black Horse.

If humanity had been smarter, less greedy, more moral, this could have been avoided. But, from the moment that Adam took that first bite of the forbidden, we were doomed. So, what-might-have-beens aren’t important.

Just brace yourself for terrible times.


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Does The Black Horse Ride?

I just saw something today, that fills me with dread, because it indicates that the Third Seal in heaven has been opened. I’m not telling you this with thus-saith-the-Lord certainty, but the effects of what we are beginning to see right now, are straight out of Revelation 6. And, I’ve been sounding the alarm over this for a decade, and the poorest among us will suffer greatly in the years ahead.

And then…

…it will all get much, much worse.

As I keep repeating, the absolute peak on total oil production worldwide happened in November of 2018. We will never again see 84.5 million barrels a day in oil production. Never. Again. This is a death-blow to our way of life, one that I have been warning about since 2011. And, we are now starting to see the first to suffer:

The Third World

Emerging market food prices are going up, and this is a devastating sign of the suffering to come. But, even now, there are fools who still refuse to see what was coming, are still saying that these price rises are about the response to COVID-19. This is NOT about the China virus.

I understand why people do not want to believe in the seriousness of declining oil production. I don’t want to believe it either, but history shows us that disaster only gets worse when we ignore it. Unfortunately, we ignored it for too long, and now it’s not just here… it’s obvious.

God help us, but we’re stupid.

Here’s the article and my tweet about it, from earlier today:

And, the moron who wrote the original article referred to by Zerohedge, was dismissive over the warning about oil prices and oil production. It’s as if we are determined to destroy ourselves by the most pathetic and stupid means possible.

The rise in oil prices in 2006 – due to the drop in oil production in 2005 – caused the price of food to rise in 2008. We ‘solved’ this crisis by injecting fake money into Fracking. It didn’t work, so we are now back where we started, but this time… with less money and more trouble.

And, it hurts to think that the very poor will suffer the most.

It’s one thing to suffer for your own stupidity. It’s only right that we do so, and we’ve all had to do that. But, to cause someone else to suffer because we failed in our responsibility to warn of the disaster that’s coming…

…that’s an abomination.

I did my best to warn as many people as possible. You are my witness. My conscience is clear. I did my job.

God help us all.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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23 thoughts on “Does The Black Horse Ride?”

  1. Thank you brother

    Did you see an article on

    “I understand why people do not want to believe in the seriousness of declining oil production. I don’t want to believe it either, but history shows us that disaster only gets worse when we ignore it.”

    It’s not that they don’t want to believe it, or even ignore it. They are applauding it! So convinced about the green revolution that they are cheering on their own destruction. I have been crying from the rooftops to all that would hear, pointing at the economic and financial iceberg heading straight for us as we ride this global Titanic, but they just smirked and rolled their eyes in scorn. Laughing behind their hands at silly Peter and his conspiracy theories. Well the Iceberg hit, and people have once more rolled their eyes because life hasn’t stopped and lets get back to partying because everything is fine. Meanwhile below the waterline, invisible to the people on deck… the water is rushing in and the ship begins to list….

    As you note, peak oil production was in 2018.
    The appearance of Sars-CoV-2 (please don’t call it the China virus brother, there’s enough hate in the world as it is without Christians resorting to xenophobic terms) caused a shock in the markets when the world did the unimaginable and shut down. As a result the fraud in the oil contract market suddenly got revealed when people were left holding worthless futures contracts and discovered how highly exposed they were. Thus the oil price plunged into the negatives. The flow on effect has been devastating to the worlds energy supply, capped oil wells, oil rigs shut down, experienced workers laid off and refineries closed. Here in New Zealand we have 1 refinery which is looking at converting to an import facility only. Australia I believe has closed 2 of its 4, with a 3rd looking to shutdown production too leaving it with 1 refinery. Its future I believe is in question also. Those facilities cannot be brought back online easily. Worse yet, many oil shipping companies, desperate for money, saw the rise in scrap iron and looked at their empty tankers sitting in the water doing nothing…. and sold some of them, sending them to Turkey, Bangladesh etc and beached them. They aren’t coming back….

    This will leave NZ and our Aussie cousins largely reliant on China for its refined product. Hmmm what could possibly be the ramifications of this…..

    “The rise in oil prices – due to the drop in oil production – caused the price of food to rise in 2008. We ‘solved’ this crisis by injecting fake money into Fracking. It didn’t work, so we are now back where we started, but this time… with less money and more trouble.”

    Now take into account the world supply crunch. The shutdown caused a massive backlog on product at the ports, which were unable to ship product out to warehouses. As a result container ships have backlogged at ports, which has resulted in a shortage of containers, which has prevented warehouses shipping product, which has caused manufacturers to cease production and producers to dump goods/reduce planting for next year. Even if you can find a container, finding a ship to transport it is reportedly near impossible at the moment.

    But wait there’s more! (No set of free Ginsu knives sorry, all sold out).

    The closure of borders means farmers can’t get the cheap labour they need to harvest their produce (same situation here in NZ). But people in this age are too lazy to go work in the fields for minimal wage when they can sit at home on unemployment. So produce is dumped or rots because farmers can’t get it harvested, as a result farmers are reducing plantings for next year….

    But wait there’s more! Buy now and get not one but multiple climate disasters for free!

    Multiple nations around the world have suffered climate disasters. (The climate is changing, my money is a combination of solar minimum and the shift of the geomagnetic poles. Oh there I go again, more conspiracy theories…) Rain in China, rain, cold and now drought in the US. Lack of rain in Australia and NZ. Plagues of mice in Australia, locusts in Asia, Africa and South America….

    But its all good, because electric cars will solve everything!!!
    I rest in Psalm 23. “The Lord is my Shepherd, I will not want…..”
    I pray I have been a good steward of what He has given me and know that whatever trials I face He will always hold my wife and I in the palm of His hand.

    The Lord preserve and bless you brother and your good wife too.

    • Excellent comment, Peter. You get it. Well done. And, that sense of humor that you have. Very dangerous. I will try to remember to call it the CCP Virus, since it was bad management by the CCP and not the Chinese that caused this lab leak. – JL

    • Unfortunately, that video was deeply flawed. I completely understand why he produced it. He believes what he’s saying. But – and this is important – the Antichrist is NOT about to rise. Yes, he is coming, but not yet. However, preparing for difficult times is important. He got that right. Sorry that I cannot be more positive about that video, Jennifer. – JL

      • Hi John,

        I thank and appreciate your candor, as you will pick up and see what I may not.

        Thanks so much again!


  2. So, I read the Zerohedge article written by the moron, and still can’t read that chart you included. How is that a picture of the black horse? I believe you, I just don’t know what an lhs or rhs is …. please explain.

    Still praying for you brother.

    And, I just read Wuhan got hit with a tornado. Wonder if it will blow down the lab and release the rest of the flying monkeys.

    • Hi DRG,

      Okay, what set me off were these two sentences:

      He notes that while the 2008 price spike was driven by oil, there’s no such pressure now. The Bloomberg Commodity Index is up 48.4% over the last 12 months, a stunning rise.

      And, I accused the writer of this piece for misrepresenting the Bloomberg article. Actually, I’m wrong and will correct it after I finish this responding here. The Bloomberg guy got it wrong, too.

      This commodities expert already understands that the price of oil caused the price of food to go up significantly in the Third World in 2008 – which shows that the price of oil can take time to hit the price of food. Here are the other paragraphs that illustrate the seriousness of what the world is facing:

      – BEGIN QUOTE –

      The rising prices can beget social unrest, he notes, citing that the spark that lit the Arab Spring revolts of 2011 was protests in Tunisia over high food prices.

      “Only in a rich nation could one exclude nourishment and staying warm as anything other than ‘core.’ Commodity price inflation can thus be very politically destabilizing, especially in countries without strong and flexible systems of governance,” wrote Jason DeSenna Trennert of Strategas Research Partners.

      He continued: “Sadly, riots for food in countries like India, Egypt, and Indonesia became commonplace. With America’s twin deficits approaching 20% of GDP, it is difficult to get bullish about the U.S. dollar, especially against commodities and hard assets. In this way, the dollar is, as Treasury Secretary John Connally once said, “our currency and your problem.”

      The risk is real, Authers notes. He makes the case that food makes up 29.8% of consumer expenditures in India, as much as 59% in Nigeria, while only accounting for 6.4% in the U.S. As a result, headline inflation in emerging markets will rise, he argues.

      – END QUOTE –

      This is absolutely maddening. This inflation in the cost of food will be life-threatening everywhere in the Third World. And, they don’t see the underlying cause. They’re so caught up in COVID, that they cannot see the fall in oil production that is causing the rise in price.

      Remember that the price of oil is inserted at every point in the food chain. From plowing to final delivery. Then, you factor in the fact that fertilizer is made from petroleum. But, we know this, and the original author – named Auther – knows this. But, he seems to have completely forgotten about it, when he wrote his report.

      Now, as I calm down and get a grip on myself, I know that COVID did play some role in the increase in food prices. Some. But, this moron should know that COVID will go away. This won’t.

      Now, about that chart. It’s here:

      LHS stands for ‘left hand side’ and RHS stands for ‘right hand side’ – since this is a ‘two sided chart’. The Right Hand Side of the chart specifically deals with the BDI or Baltic Dry Index – which is the general cost of shipping bulk commodities in the hull of a dry bulk freighter. There is more than one factor is the price rise of the BDI, but the price of oil is a very big one. In fact, it will be the biggest one soon, if it isn’t already true now.

      Okay, I’m sure that I left something out, so let me know if my explanation still doesn’t make sense. If YOU have a question, other people will as well, and I want to make all of this as clear as possible. It’s really serious.

      The irony is, that I was going to talk about something else, when I sat down to write. But, this is so bad, I can hardly believe it.

      Thanks for that input, DRG. And especially those prayers.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      PS. PLEASE, NO MORE FLYING MONKEYS! PLEASE! (But, I bet we get some.)

      • OK, I think I understand: the chart shows that these various factors spiked in price around 2009 – 2010, due to oil price going up (I remember $5/gal gas then), then these dropped for awhile (due to unsustainable fracking, wells that produce for a couple years and then stop, never mind the financing scams), and now are rising sharply again; he believes this is due to covid; as in Peter’s comment above, the “management” of the fake pandemic has created its own train wreck of consequences independent of oil supply; these are not going to go away; but as you have said, the decreasing supply of oil will only compound this. Disastrously and irretrievably. I can see why you started this blog with such a horrific realization and called it Omegashock. I recall a chart Gregory Mannarino posted several times (haven’t been following him lately) where the increase in oil production and use was superimposed on the increase in world population, and that was all it took to connect the dots and see that population would fall just as precipitously as it rose when it is no longer possible to plow, harvest, and transport food with combustion engines. Perhaps the black horse started out at the peak of that graph. It is gaining speed. Armstrong has been saying for over a year now that we should be storing a couple years’ worth of canned food; for a man as wealthy as he surely must be to say that is really something. But, a couple years ….. his cycles predict rises and falls as if this continues indefinitely …. perhaps they have, since the beginning of time, but from a spiritual standpoint we are staring at the end of time. He says he’s glad he’s not 18. So am I. I am greatly blessed and grateful to be in a tiny, insignificant town with absolutely no military value, with a decent sized yard and good neighbors, in the middle of the finest richest farmland in the US (Iowa) and I am planting like crazy. I’ve invested in a food dehydrator, pressure canner, and a home model freeze dryer. They aren’t cheap but they can preserve meat and other foods for 15 – 20 years, while canning has its advantages but if the jars freeze and break your food is full of broken glass. Don’t forget Bill Gates wants to eliminate eating meat and the saving of seeds (only he knows what kinds of seed should be planted, for our own good of course, the GMO high-yield varieties to feed the world – at the same time he wants population dramatically reduced – huh?) and he has bought up vast amounts of farmland to enforce this, and his buddy George Soros is buying up grain elevators.
        So, take heed and do what you can while you can.

        • PS, last I read up on it, the advent of chemical fertilizers had to do with technology that pulled nitrogen out of the air; how is it made with petroleum? Needed to operate this equipment?

          • Hi DRG,

            Yes, there is power input to fertilizer production, but I was thinking about a more direct connection – with natural gas. Here’s an article with a chilling intro:


            Here’s that intro:

            “Fertilizer, made with natural gas, has lifted nations out of near starvation, and made our modern lifestyles possible – shale gas is making it even better.”

            That was from 2014. Little does he know that when all of this goes into reverse, nations lifted out of ‘near starvation’ will be thrown in soul-destroying famine.

            And, I mentally lump in ‘natural gas’ with ‘crude oil’ because they are often found together, and natural gas is often a by product of crude oil production. If you’ve ever seen those burning plumes of fire that we call ‘gas flaring’, coming from the tops (or sides of) oil wells, you’ll know what I mean.

            This is such a disaster that I can hardly stop myself from yelling out the window like a crazy man.

            If this isn’t the Black Horseman of the Apocalypse, then I shudder to think of what that will be.

            Excellent question DRG. It needs to go into a post, since I’m sure that many had the same question.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

    • I remember people saying, “When America sneezes, the world catches a cold.” That is still true today, and it will be even more true in the future. And, that Wormwood thing. Countless numbers of people have been wondering about that. Great comment, Bondo! – JL

  3. We appear to be reaching a tipping point in the UK in respect of antisemitism.

    We had large pro Palestine March over the weekend – as you can imagine, it was chock full of hard left, hard right and islamists. Unsurprisingly, it descended into scuffles with the police.

    Some of the interviews with those on the March were priceless – all the usual tropes were trotted out.

    Where it became outrighy scary was an incident involving a convoy of cars driving through London, decked in Palestinian flags with a loud speaker shouting F$$$ the Jews and rape their daughters (seriously).

    There is also footage of a pro Palestine march in an indoor shopping centre where the participants hassled a man and his daughter.

    Did I also mention that a Rabbi was brutally assaulted? It started as a road rage incident, but it appears that as he was recognised as a jew, the antisemitic abuse started.

  4. Hi there… Because “Covid” laid me off from my $ job in June of last year, I happen to work in the grocery retail arena now. I still thank God for a job!

    This world is vastly wicked beyond all imagination.

    Stores of old food from bunkers going to the sheeple for outrageous prices. While the new stuff is stored in said bunkers. (I literally saw cans of chicken noodle soup with snowmen & Santa’s on them last week)!

    And “the poorest”, you say…? Welfare, food stamps, WIC, tanif… You name it, I see it. But, these people are not poor. They are riding the system with fake hair weeves, fake fingernails, tattoos and fancy cars. Those things cost a LOT of money.

    It’s those who are not eligible to ride the system who MAY go hungry. (And I say MAY because God is able to make ways out of no way and feed thousands)! But, suffering will only last a night; and our joy comes in the morning!… Praise God!

    Those who ride the system will volunteer to receive the Covid death camp shots if they are required to do so, just to be able to continue to ride THE HARD WORKING, HONEST, TAX PAYERS system for as long as possible. Lazy spirits.

    I pray for those people. Those people will suffer for eternity with no oil in their lamps.

    Matthew & Luke…
    Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.

    • Hi Tina Goad,

      It’s a blessing to see such enthusiasm for Christ. You understand what is most important of all. Life if short, and eternity is long.

      I’m sorry that you lost your previous job. That’s terrible. But, your infectious and positive outlook is an inspiration. Well done.

      As for the poorest who will suffer, my biggest concern right now is for Third World countries. Africa and southern Asia will suffer terribly, and are already suffering. Eventually, this suffering will reach the United States, but it might take a little more time for that to happen.

      But, as you say, the suffering in eternity will be far, far worse than any we could do in this life. May they accept Christ before it is too late.

      Thank you for that excellent comment, Tina.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. Hi John
    -Praying for your good health!
    Three curiosities:
    1. The link. Utterly disgusting, but presenting the spirit of Gog and Magog in plain sight:
    Note: there is a declaration of direct support for Hamas by Turkey, quote: “…with the same enthusiasm we supported Azerbaijan’s fight to recover Karabakh and its occupied lands.”
    Which translates to equipment, and, most of all, armed drones.
    2. The virus farce seems to be effective in transforming population into sheep (at least in Europe), but I have a feeling that we have another freak show at our doorstep. Even bigger. Climate change. There will be increasing number of catastrophic anomalies in the coming years, and they will be exploited in the same way as the virus is today. It doesn’t matter that the cause is located outside the Earth. They will treat it as another opportunity. They will also fail, but I do not rejoice, being aware that this insanity ends with the Russian saying – “war changes everything”.
    3. In his “The next end of the world” Ben Davidson actually mentions Revelation 6. Only once. I’m not sure if he really discovered additional (“solar”) layer of the interpretation/message of the Four Horses, but it’s interesting, so I’ll quote:
    “The filtering of various color spectra is diminished under the ongoing weakening of Earth’s field, such that the yellow sun now appears so brightly white at the top of the sky that it has brilliant rays radially shooting out- like it is wearing a crown. If the solar output slows down or accumulation builds in the sun’s atmosphere, it will turn red, and through fear and panic, the people will lose much of their humanity. When accumulation overcomes the sun and “blocks the pressure vent,” it will look black, and its equatorial electric field will glow visibly around its equator, appearing like a tipping scale used in antiquity. When the internal solar pressure builds and finally blasts-off the accumulated outer shell in the micronova, we will peer through the dust and gas and plasma and once-again see that familiar pale yellow hue, but hell follows with it.”
    Funny, I remember my wife telling me once, that the Sun is “too white” and has “unusual rays”. It was 6 years ago, we were on summer holidays in northern Norway, and we didn’t even know that mr Davidson exists…
    Yours in Christ

    • Hi Chris,

      Yeni Safak and our boy, Karagul. What a newspaper. What a ‘journalist’. What a country.

      I’ve traveled a lot. Too much. But, I’ve always found a way to like the people and places that I visited. With one exception – Turkey. I’ve visited Turkey more than any other country that I wasn’t living in, and I have never learned to like that country. The darkness there is oppressive. There’s a spiritual stain that just does not wash off. I believe that the genocide of two million Christians is the reason, but it could be something else.

      You could not pay me enough to live in Turkey.

      And then, that terrible phrase from Ben Davidson that you shared with us:

      “When the internal solar pressure builds and finally blasts-off the accumulated outer shell in the micronova, we will peer through the dust and gas and plasma and once-again see that familiar pale yellow hue, but hell follows with it.”


      That is our future, and I truly wish that people could see it and be ready.

      Thank you for your prayers, Chris. Give Mrs. Chris a hug. She deserves lots of those!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Thanks, and our prayers are with you!
        Let me just quote Ben one last time, please everyone, pay attention. “This is not a drill”. The very last sentence of his book is:
        “Of Those Who Get Lucky at First, Those Who Survive Long-Term Will Surely Have Been Prepared to Do So”.
        -And I have nothing to add… (except: we are the children of God, He decides)
        Yours in Christ

    • Thanks for that Chris.

      That statement by Erdogan is very interesting. If Turkey sends support to the Palestinians overtly and Israel openly attacks them, a NATO member… that could make the situation very interesting indeed. Can’t help but wonder if Erdogan is Gog, and a Turkish/Arab alliance… or even a Turkish/European NATO alliance is Magog.

      Interesting times indeed.
      Bless you brother.

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