Another 70 AD and Another Translation Issue – A Big One

I find it ironic that we stand on the doorstep of a moment in time that is awfully similar to the AD 70 destruction of Jerusalem. Only this time, WE are the ones who will suffer.

Then, I ran into yet another translation issue – this time about the original Greek manuscripts that were the source material for our English translations. I have avoided this issue for too long, so we need to talk about that. And, the translation issue came up because I realized a need to discuss something vital.

The Seven Seals of Revelation

So, let’s do that…


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Another 70 AD and Another Translation Issue – A Big One

I just added another chapter to my book. It’s called:

The Seven Seals Of Revelation

It’s still in the initial draft stage, and I want to add more to that chapter. This is your chance to offer your own input to what is said. And, some of you have provided some insightful thoughts on the issue of those seven seals. So, I welcome what you have to say.

Corrupting The Source Code Of The Bible

That chapter would be in a far more refined state, were it not for the discovery that there was something wrong with the original Greek manuscripts being used by translators of the English versions of the Bible.

I have been highly critical of Bible translators for their corruption of the Old Testament, and that criticism is richly deserved. But at least, there was no question about the authority and veracity of the original Hebrew manuscripts that the translators were working from.


…and this is more than a little upsetting…

…that’s not true about the Greek New Testament.

When I opened up Revelation 6, to look at the opening of the First Seal, I immediately went to check the Greek to make sure that the wording was right. I’m far less of an expert in Greek, but I know enough to do some basic checking. But, to my shock, the Greek manuscript that I normally use was missing two words from the first verse.

When the Angel says, “Come and see!”, in verse one, the Greek manuscript just said “Come!”

That was unsettling, and I didn’t feel like I could moved forward in my writing until I had figured out what the problem was. In fact, it took days of time, and the reason why I spent all that time is partly due to these two verses:

18 For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; 19 and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

 – Revelation 22:18-19 (NKJV)

Those two verses should make ANYONE pause, when an error appears. And, those who corrupted the original manuscripts, are suffering eternally for that, right now. They are – at a minimum – banned forever from the Holy City in Heaven. Forever.

That is a scary thought, so I dove into the issue of which Greek manuscripts are the most accurate…

…and which are not.

Infected By Worldly Intellectual Christians

The biggest conclusion that I came away with was that we have been infected by intellectuals. And, there are few things that God despises more than ‘intellectuals’ – especially those who trust their intellect, when making claims about the Bible. The word ‘theologian’ is just another term for a reprobate Christian who has turned away from God, and uses his or her intellect to corrupt the Bible.

Our ‘intellect’ is the source of one abomination after another, and now we are suppressing the Holy Spirit, and using our ‘intellect’ instead. Modern day theologians are an abomination, and I am truly disgusted by what I’ve found over the past few days.

As I was reading some of the articles that discussed this issue, not one ‘expert’ mentioned the Holy Spirit. Not one. And, I find that to be very descriptive of the kind of Christians that are involved in translating the Bible.

They do NOT have the Holy Spirit.

Or, if they have it, they are suppressing it.

(I says ‘it’, but the Holy Spirit is a ‘Him’.)

For two thousand years, the Holy Spirit would have been directly involved in helping Christians keep the right manuscripts and discard the bad ones. That’s why we have so many ‘Greek Majority’ texts that are also referred to as Byzantine. The ones discarded were the Greek manuscripts described as ‘Alexandrian’.

This is why ‘older’ is not ‘better’.

Unfortunately, there’s another problem:

The Roman Catholic Church

We have evidence that the Vatican has been actively trying to ‘adjust’ the copies of the Greek Manuscripts under their control. To the credit of many those trying to collate and copy these manuscripts, they pushed back against these attempts by the Pope. The problem is that we don’t know who did not ‘push back’. We only have records of resistance to the Pope. We do not – and would not – have records of those who complied with the demands of Rome.

The Textus Receptus

Then, we have a problem with the most venerable of all the Greek manuscripts:

The Textus Receptus

The name alone, should give you pause. It’s Latin, and that’s not a good thing. The Roman Catholic Church has fought to corrupt the Bible from the beginning, to maintain their hold on power. You do not want to see Latin associated with an original manuscript of the Bible.

There’s even a problem with the man responsible for collating and copying the Textus Receptus:


He was the illegitimate son of a Roman Catholic priest, and also became a Roman Catholic priest himself. He also dedicated his work to Pope Leo X. To his credit, Erasmus was disgusted with the corruption within the Roman Catholic Church, and it appears that he had some integrity, resisting those who tried to corrupt his work on the Textus Receptus. But, there’s still yet another problem.

Erasmus was limited to only six Greek manuscripts to work from. They might have been good manuscripts, and they were the best that he could get his hands on at the time. But, that’s a small number to work from. Worse, he was based in western Europe, cut off from the source of where the best manuscripts came from – the Middle East and Central Asia.

The Textus Receptus was the basis for the KJV. And as I have repeatedly made clear, the KJV translators made lots of mistakes, some of them deliberate. I understand why they did what they did. They were Anglican, just a new version of Roman Catholic.

Asking an Anglican to translate the Bible, is asking for a corrupt translation.

You will never get a good translation of the Bible from either an Anglican or a Roman Catholic. Five hundred years of Anglican history and 1500 years of Roman Catholic history are sufficient proof of what I’m talking about.

I do not claim that there are no Christians in Anglican or Roman Catholic churches. That’s not my job. My job is to tell you that those two institutions are foul and evil.

The problem is that our own churches are only a little better. Our pastors come from seminaries, who taught them an ‘intellectual’ Christianity. And, we now have these seminaries hiring teachers who are ‘gay affirming’ professors. And, all of these seminaries have given their support for the corrupted Alexandrian manuscripts – the ones that the Holy Spirit rejected for two thousand years.

Again, there’s a reason why the Alexandrian manuscripts were shoved aside and not given credibility in early Greek speaking churches. There is a Holy Spirit, and he is at work in those who seek to obey God.

The Way Forward – The Majority Text And The NKJV

So, with this horrible situation in mind…

…what is the way forward?

What manuscript source do we use?

Here is my best answer, at the moment:

The Majority Text – by Farstad and Hodges

And, the name Farstad might be familiar to some of you, because he was responsible for:


I am not happy in recommending that translation, because it has errors. But, it is beginning to become clear to me that it is the least corrupt translation that we have. And, I am greatly distressed that we must settle for a ‘least corrupt’ translation.

How is it possible that we allowed ourselves to fall so far?

How could we turn away from God so much?

Our AD 70 Is Coming

Our rebellion against God is a true abomination, and I believe that our cup of iniquity is full and almost ready to spill over. And, that means judgment of God, judgment upon our churches and then judgment upon our nations.

What a terrible thing that we have done to the precious words of God. And, the fact that so few of us are horrified by the corruptions in our Bible, is proof that we have fallen very, very far.

Is it any wonder that…

…half our pastors are addicted to pornography?

…our women abort their babies almost as often as non-Christians?

…our men are having sex outside of marriage almost as much as non-Christians?

Jesus called those listening to Him, “a wicked and adulterous generation.” And, here we are, in exactly the same spot as those Jews listening to our Lord and Savior. We are the same wicked and adulterous generation as they.

Read through the Gospels, but replace the words, Jew and Pharisee and Sadducee with, Baptist, Methodist and Pentecostal. Whatever your denomination is, I guarantee that it is horribly corrupt. And your denomination – like mine – would have tried to stone Jesus, just as much as the Pharisees and Sadducees wanted to.

As I was going through my daily reading, I came across this passage a few days ago:

41 Now as He drew near, He saw the city and wept over it, 42 saying, “If you had known, even you, especially in this your day, the things that make for your peace! But now they are hidden from your eyes. 43 For days will come upon you when your enemies will build an embankment around you, surround you and close you in on every side, 44 and level you, and your children within you, to the ground; and they will not leave in you one stone upon another, because you did not know the time of your visitation.”

 – Luke 19:41-45 (NKJV)

Because the Jews had rejected the truth for so long, they could not see when their Redemption had arrived. They were so focused on what they wanted the truth to be – and on their corruption – that they could not see the Truth when He arrived. And that’s why, almost forty years after they murdered Jesus, Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans.

We are standing at a similar moment in time. We have corrupted our Bible and our understanding of the Bible. We have distorted all mention of the Last Days. We are so ignorant of the warnings that the Bible gave us about the time we live in now, that we have no idea that destruction is in our future.

We have entered a stage that should scare anyone who understands human history:

Permanent Decline

The death and destruction that those words represent cannot be escaped. The handwriting was on the wall, decades ago – but we ignored it. So, like the adulterous generation two thousand years ago, our adulterous generation will be destroyed.

God help us all.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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42 thoughts on “Another 70 AD and Another Translation Issue – A Big One”

  1. Store shelves continue to be empty in places, prices skyrocketing, limited selections. I don’t understand how people here in the US don’t see “normal” isn’t coming back based on the grocery store alone!

    Between the different denominations, Bible translations, and all the seeker-friendly sermons and programming, the US Church officially showed it’s DOA status this past year. I
    The rot and corruption is so great that no matter if you homeschool your kids and have a traditional family household, the filth finds a way to permeate into every home.

    I used to think that TV’s or refrigerators were the worst inventions ever made. But by far and away it’s the very device I’m holding in my hands to type this comment! With every member of a given household having one of these electronic crackpipes in their hands, rooms, etc, you don’t ever truly know how many people and influences are in your house at a given time! How can even the best of men compete?

    I have been grieving the death of America and it’s harlot church for 20 years now. I’ve tried several churches, warned family, friend and stranger alike about what is coming. I honestly don’t think I scratched a dent. And I include myself on the list of people I testified to! I’m just as bad as them. Does anyone on this forum have a solution? Does anyone here have similar feelings or is it just me?

    I mean this with all sincerity. Having this belief in Jesus and the knowledge of what’s to come has been such a blessing and a curse at the same time. I say that with no disrespect. In my lifetime, I’ve personally never experienced a successful church. Or one that’s stayed together, not spoken of these things to come and either fell apart due to corruption or never stood for anything other than a very bland, generic form of Americanized Churchianity.

    Anyone here from America and have advice for a lost Christian seeking some true fellowship removed from smartphones, facemasks and pop culture Churchianity? Does it exist here?

    I am sorry to be so depressing in my comment here. I have no idea what my original comment was supposed to be? When you were talking about the mere changing of just two words from “Come and see” to “Come”, it’s just such a reminder of the accumulation of hundreds of years of “edits” to our Faith, our values, our governments, our families and ourselves.

    From my perspective at least, it seems if you live long enough and/or you have a fairly strong conviction of faith and morals, you become something not sold by today’s churches or pop culture. It’s almost like your not “in” on the party going on all around you. I could be wrong, but it’s just my perspective.

    I pray for anyone reading this to have a sustained strength and faith for the Jesus of the Bible, healing, and a knowledge that you have brothers and sisters in this world whom care and pray for you!

    Pray for me, pray for John Little, pray for any other that you may know, know of, or will never meet in this lifetime. And if anyone would like fellowship and encouragement now, I live in the American Southeast. I just really don’t know how to reach out over a medium such as the internet, of all things. It comes with its own dangers.

    Maybe an Omega Shock forum before Ezekiel’s Fire?

    • Hi Dan,

      Welcome to the select group who sees what’s happening and why – and despairs over those who do not. Wisdom and understanding are some of the most depressing conditions that anyone can suffer from. There are times when I wish that I did not know what was coming. And, I share your grief at how deluded our brothers and sisters are.

      And, I’m impressed that you wrote that entire comment on your phone. Seriously well done bro’!

      My only disagreement is your criticism of refrigerators. You speak blasphemy, sir! Thou shalt not speak ill of the holy refrigerator.


      Like you, I also came to the realization that cheap, popular and abundant entertainment has corrupted our morals and our ability to think. It chipped away at our moral barriers, until we were willing to accept almost any sin as good. We are drowning in sin, and don’t know it.

      Like you, I have almost given up on finding a church that loves the truth and despises sin. And, has not lost it’s ‘First Love’. That last bit is important, and I have come to realize that my own sin was to be like the Church of Ephesus in Revelation 2:1-7. I’ve had to repent of this for years, and am still repenting.

      And, why should it be so hard to find a church that loves the Truth AND loves each other?

      It’s an amazingly hard thing to do. The teeny, tiny church that Mrs. Little and I go to now, does reasonably well – AND allows a loudmouth like myself to sit in their midst. (Actually, they do better than ‘reasonably well’, but if Josh sees this, his head will get too big.)

      Your challenge, Dan, is the same that I face every day – to love your brothers and sisters even though they won’t agree with the obvious, and especially when they won’t agree with the dangers that you see coming. And, after years and years of trying to be kind and loving to those who ‘oppose themselves’, I still yell and screech and jump up and down and make a thorough mess of things. (In addition to damaging my testimony.)

      So, Truth in Love. It’s the only way. I’m sure that you’re doing that, so most of that sermon is to myself.

      The good thing is that there are people who are waking up. It’s a slow process, but unstoppable. I believe that it’s the Holy Spirit at work, coupled with difficult times. Difficulty tends to strip away the gunk that has gummed up our spiritual lives.

      So, a ‘window of opportunity’ is coming.

      And, an Omega Shock forum has a lot of merit. And, I want to do that. I would love for people to converse freely without having to wait for someone like me to ‘approve their comment’. I hate that. But, if I didn’t do that, the comment section would be awash with the chaos of the cults. And yes, cults. I wish that I was kidding.

      Okay, sermon over.

      Dan, you have my heartfelt thanks, sympathy and empathy. I know how you feel, and I am truly glad to see another brother who gets it. There are too few of us, so I rejoice every time I see someone like yourself.

      God bless you, brother,

      John Little

      • Thanks for this comment at the end:

        “The good thing is that there are people who are waking up. It’s a slow process, but unstoppable”.

        One of my biggest struggles over the past 20 years (since my eyes were opened), is that I focus too much on the darkness. I let the knowledge of the bad news/people tend to block out the Truth of the matter. That God is here at all times, and His will IS unstoppable!

        God forgive me. Thanks again for all of your encouragement, but those words at the end stopped me for a second especially.

        And the knowledge that there are people like you and others responding here are greatly encouraging as well!

    • Dear Dan,
      I live in a small town south of Austin, Texas (too close to Austin, unfortunately!) However, I attend a small Baptist Church whose pastor has not been contaminated by laissez-faire Christian culture. As a matter of fact, yesterday he preached a sermon about seeing the unseen–forget Democrat, Republican, black, white, etc., simply see what is really happening…a spiritual war of historic proportions. I agree with him. There are many, including some in my very conservative church, who believe that this spiritual war is going to result in a great spiritual revival. I believe we are in that final descent into tribulation. I no longer worry about technology (my refrigerator has been monitoring me for some time, I’m afraid). It is what it is. My main concern is making sure that my family is prepared to face what is coming and to pray for those who are unaware and not prepared…generally that includes the folks who believe in a pretribulation rapture.
      Trust me, sir, you are not a “lost Christian.” It’s the vast majority of those sitting in the seeker-friendly churches who are lost. My solution has been to teach the Bible to folks who are hungry to learn. I also do research on Bible translations (going to talk to John about that). If you are still alive and kicking, God has a plan for you. There is something he wants you to do. My assignment from God is not going to change America, but it certainly helped me, and I hope it changes the lives of the ladies in our Bible study. I will pray for you, Dan. With Christian love and blessings, Carole

  2. Totally agree brother.

    What did Jesus teach us, “the love of money is the root of all evil”. The Jewish priesthood had become corrupted by money and power which Jesus exposed to the point of whipping the bankers out of the temple.

    The majority of the Church leadership today has become drunk on money and power. Rather than being focused on “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel” and “Love one another as I have loved you” our leaders seek to control the Church body, demanding more and more money for ‘projects’ and ‘needs’ (I find it Ironic that Jesus said “whatever you ask the Father in my name, He will give it too you” but the Church leadership pleads, begs and in some cases extorts money from the Church body to pay for them.) How many times have I heard 1 Timothy 6:10 misquoted as “Money is the root of all evil” in the Church environs, and used as an excuse that Christian’s not only shouldn’t be wealthy, but rather why Christians should give ‘freely’ to the Church as it demands. Reminds me somewhat of the Roman Catholic Medieval practice of ‘Indulgence’. I have seen families that could barely clothe and feed their children pushed to still give what little they have to the Church, shunned by their Brothers and Sisters in the church who have the means to help them. The argument repeated that the Government is there to support them, we’re not responsible for them.

    I have no objection to Christians being wealthy, as long as they recognise that wealth belongs to the Father and is to be used at His will. The danger of course is that wealth breeds conceit and conceit turns into pride and pride causes us to turn from our reliance on the Father and turns into self reliance. In my 21 years since I accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour I have been through a number of different Churches. Every single one, while being different in flavour and mannerism, acted the same way. We met on Sundays, rarely if ever had contact with each other during the week, funded evangelists overseas, preached over and over on sin and repentance and cried out over and over to the Father in prayer to ‘save the nation’….. That last part just shows how much we have turned away from God, we cried out for the Father to ‘save the nation’, sobbing, shouting, falling to our knees. Then went home to our comfy warm sofa’s to turn on the television and watch ‘insert sport of choice’. We do nothing until it comes time for an election when we cry out to the Father to ‘save the nation’ by supporting whatever ‘Christian’ party is running (guess we didn’t pray hard enough because those parties never seem to get elected….)

    Truly we have become the blind leading the blind as the corruption has spread in the Church body.

    • Hi Peter,

      Well said, brother. You must be as annoying as I am, in every church that you go to. Truth will never make you popular – except with those who love the truth. And, there aren’t very many of us. Lord willing, the alarm that we are sounding will awaken enough sleepy Christians, that the truth will get out to more and more people.

      I am amazed at our ability to fall asleep at the very worst time possible. Just when we need to be the most awake and the loudest, we are asleep. And, we do it every single time. For thousands of years.

      Excellent comment, Peter. Keep that up, brother. It’s always great to see comments like that.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Thank you for your kind words brother.

        You are so right when you say the “Truth will never make you popular”. I am always amazed our Christian fellowships want to believe in their own version of ‘truth’ instead of the Lords Truth. One of the earliest lessons the Holy Spirit taught me was what true Love is. I was a new Christian, fellowshipping at an Apostolic evangelical church. Unemployed and needing a flatmate the Lord delivered into my care a young man (J) seeking to break free of his troubled environment. All went well for a few months, then he found a girlfriend (S). She had enough issues to satisfy a psychiatrist for life (Hindu parents, 2 abusive arranged marriages left her barren, fled to Mormonism who shunned and ostracised her to the point of depression and self harm.) They became quite enamoured with each other and she started staying the night…. One day J asked if S could move in, I had no problem with that. A couple of days later the Pastor found out and hauled me into his office and demanded I turn them out onto the street! “You can’t have this sinful relationship under your Christian roof!”. Needless to say I walked out saddened and thoughtful as to what to do. As a new Christian I was taught to obey the elders as Gods authority, but at the same time I was taught to Love others as an example of Christ. The 2 just didn’t reconcile, so I prayed about it and got the clearest smack on the head ever (lol). “I put those 2 in your house to show Love towards, Not to throw them onto the street!” the voice in my heart said. So I disobeyed the pastor (he was NOT happy) and let them stay. A few months later S knocked on my bedroom door and asked me how to surrender to Christ. We prayed together, she accepted Jesus….. but nothing changed outwardly and she was still sleeping with J. A couple more months go by, another knock on the bedroom door… J is standing there behind S. “J wants to be saved too” She said and once again we prayed and he accepted Jesus. I then looked at them and said, “You know what you need to do.” and they nodded, and slept separately for several more months while they became officially engaged and married. Last I heard they were still together, going strong and caring for a little abused boy. I still wonder today what would have become of them if I had done as the Pastor ordered…. and what would have become of me. Joshua 24:15 “…. As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD!”

        • That was quite a judgment call to be forced to make at such an early time in your walk with Christ. That’s hard. Praise God that it worked out okay. Throwing them out on the street would have been wrong, even though what THEY were doing wasn’t right. Yet, we are not the judge of the unsaved, and God is merciful. Excellent comment, Peter. – JL

        • 😊Love it! Praise God for His enduring love and mercy! What a great testimony to the faithfulness of the Lord!… And sadly, the abuse of the power in spiritual authority. Shameful. We know what became of them… I wonder what became of him… I pray the Lord set him free as well… For His honor and glory!

  3. Greetings servant John,
    One of the cornerstones of the Mormon church, is the lack of reliability and validity of the Bible. Thus the need for the “Another Testament of Jesus Christ- The Book of Mormon”. The response to this premise from mainstream Christian denominations has been a vote of confidence in the Bible and its’ reliability.
    I got my degree from Liberty University- Jerry Falwell’s Baptist institution. As part of their degree programs, they require a certain number of Bible/Religious classes. These classes teach the inerrancy of the Bible- and Divine intervention in preserving God’s Word despite the attempts of apostates and enemies within to adulterate the Word of God.
    Do you think it is possible the integrity of the Bible was Divinely protected?
    I personally believe the KJV has issues- contradictions, mistranslations, etc.
    I appreciate your work and courage in speaking truth regarding the Bible. I also appreciate your reserved endorsement of the NKJV. I plan on getting one and reading it.
    Having said all this- it would seem to me that what is needed is a reliable concordance/commentary/scholarly study that would enumerate the obvious- and subtle adulterations to our Bible.
    Do you know if such a work exists, and do you have any recommendations? Or should we prayerfully read the Scriptures trusting in the Spirit of Discernment? which is my method. Or is it possible the Bible was preserved through Divine intervention?

    • Hi Darryl,

      I should have known that you would ask the REALLY thorny question. Oh, and I didn’t know that one of the foundations of ‘The Book of Mormon’ was the ‘realization’ that there might be issues with the original manuscripts. That was good to know.

      Ultimately, the best answer is:

      Do the best that you can and the trust the Holy Spirit to guide you.

      I have run across books and websites that do the kind of analysis that you are looking for. I didn’t record them, since I was too focused on my own questions. However, this guy stood out in terms of this discussion:

      Arguments for and against the Byzantine and Alexandrian Text Types

      The guy who wrote that – David Dandersen – showed a lot of integrity in what he wrote there. In fact, the whole basis for writing that paper was the knowledge that he was wrong somewhere and needed to figure out how to get to that place labelled ‘right’. He still seems to be in the midst of that struggle, so I think that you’ll benefit from reading that.

      Are there errors that crept into the main Greek manuscripts that we think are correct?

      It’s possible. In fact, God might even have allowed these errors as a test of our faith. I don’t know. I don’t like to even think about these distortions.

      Ultimately, our faith is in God, and we can absolutely trust that He will guide us through His Holy Spirit. All that we need to do is seek Him faithfully.

      Also, I’ve come to realize the hard way, that even if we had completely error-free manuscripts (it’s possible) and completely error free translations (might happen one day), we’d still get a lot wrong. I am a world class fumbler of the truth. I am so good at getting things wrong, that I amaze myself.

      In fact, I am planning on looking through all my Omega Shock articles and report on what I got wrong, and what I got right. I actually have an error that I need to issue a mea culpa on, but I need to verify a few things first. About something that I wrote a few months ago.

      Just keep reading your Bible, and soak in what God wants you to see – every day.

      Keep up the good work, Bondo. That was a great comment with excellent questions.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Hi Bondo – I know you weren’t asking me, but I would like to echo what John said to you and add my perspective

      When it comes to whether God divinely protected the bible or portions of the bible…I think we need to be careful to not presuppose what we think seems reasonable to us. Many people think it is reasonable that the bible must be divinely protected from tampering whether it be rooted in intentional deception or piety for the various tampering at various stages of textual development and translations

      More likely, and along the lines of John’s comment. It may be a test. More intimately, It may be an invitation! To seek God with all your heart

      We dont really find any evidence for God being in the core business of writing/commisioning books directly. There are exceptions like when God directly tells Moses to write the covenant on a scroll for a memorial which forms a portion of Deuteronomy. We dont see Jesus commisioning or writing down books. Rather Jesus focused on discipling people. Of course we then see lots of people that were trying to follow God make books or preserve books whether its first temple period scribes or Paul’s epistles, etc

      It does seem strange to us that God is not more like modern people in terms of our fixation with sacred books and writing. We have presumed that surely God must be all about books and exclusive reckoning. But maybe that is our modern perspective impairing us

      My take is that God wants us to seek Him new each day. To not rest on our laurels with a really special book and then only read about what other people have written about Him.
      Rather than seek him a new each morning
      The knowledge of God, intimacy with God, that is our boast. Our one ambition.

      There are so many good things, so many worthwhile pursuits, worship, prayer, family, loving your neighbor, studying the bible, etc

      But even after all of that, I believe God is still yearning to connect with us in a personal, intimate, daily way. That is the greatest command, to love Him with all your heart. Do all of those other good things, let them edify you, but never lose sight or let those good things impair your priority to seek His Face anew each morning.

      And certainly never let any of those good things or the erosion of them in your perception, to in ANY WAY diminish your loyalty to God your Creator.

      • BUT, the ONLY source of verifiable truth that we have is the Bible. EVERYTHING that we believe must agree with the Bible, or it’s false. There can be no compromise in this. We have engaged in compromise and our churches have been destroyed because of that. In the midst of the evils of this world, reading the Bible every day and committing it to our hearts is vital. – JL

  4. All glory to God! Thank God for revealing to me that our “Bibles” are messed up. I started with reading the NAS… I read thru from beginning to end and start again. I’ve read it more times than I can recall. (I try to use a different colored ink for notes each time; gives me an idea of how many times I’ve read it & the revelation God gives me into it), but several years ago… Maybe 3/4, the Lord put it on my heart to move to the KJV. Right away, I saw the differences. This is why I told you in a separate conversation that I know it’s definitely had man’s hands on it. And that only God can give us wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and insight into His Word. His Word is still in there… It’s just manipulated… But, nothing can stop God. He’ll be glorified in all things! He can reveal Himself in all things. In any version the world tries to hide Him in. His light cannot be hidden! It breaks forth as the dawn!
    I know by the Holy Spirit that we’re definitely in the last days of our time on earth as truly converted followers of The Way. God revealed a long time ago that religion and denomination is death and destruction in separation of the True body of Christ. “Come out from among her My people, lest you share in her judgments”. God has even revealed to me that certain songs I hear on the praise & worship channels on the radio are in fact, promoting love of self and the oneness of the New World Order. I have to turn off the “Christian” radio station sometimes. It’s all wrapped in false teaching from perverted belief systems that have been taught to our earthly “shephards”. The entire flock of God is scattered and lost in those “belief systems”. Dead and dying in the dark. It’s terribly horrific. Only seeking God in fear and honor of Him can draw us into His presence. This world is completely wicked and teaches twisted truths (just like Satan did in the garden). People say that he lied. But he didn’t. He spoke truth. He just twisted it. Just like he spoke truth to Jesus when he tempted Him… What he said was true. But he twisted it. That’s what make it a lie. That subtle twist on the truth. If you are not paying attention, you can’t hear that still, small voice of the Lord, letting you know thru the Holy Spirit that what you are hearing is a lie. Since scripture is so corrupt, we must seek God in Spirit and Truth in order for the Holy Spirit to be able to reveal to us what is God’s Truth, or a twisted version of the “truth”.

    God be glorified! In Jesus Name.
    I could talk about The Lord forever… 😁

    • Hi Tina Goad,

      Well said. It’s hard to watch the darkness in our churches. I love our brothers and sisters, and I would love for them to break free of the deceptions that they are blinded with.

      Unfortunately, I’m still fighting with my own ‘blindness’. Just because I have repented of being a part of the ‘Church of Ephesus’ (Revelation 2), I am still finding elements of that clinging to my perceptions.

      This book that I’m writing is just one of many examples.

      May God continue to guide you in the Truth, Tina. It’s great to see such enthusiasm for our Lord!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Derek Prince wrote once about the Word of God the part we understand ( and maybe some mistakes) is already enough work to obey the rest we do not understand we can study ourrselves or read studies from trusted persons but most issues are for deeper understanding of the bible the common daily principles of a christian life is already a life work to apply in our lives
      Derek Prince studied all his life and used different.translations but never mentioned the translations issues in his books but you could read he was lead by the holy Spirit and heard from time to time the Lord speaking and explaining that’s why he could explain in simple words the truths of the bible

      love from.sister Nadine

  5. Dear John
    I think the church waking up from its slumber will feel like holy dread at least that’s what I’m experiencing. Thank you again for all your hard work to warn the body of Christ and to guard the flock. I haven’t seen any comments from sister Nadine lately I pray she is doing ok. Here in the Northeast part of America I have begun to arm myself with information to give my employers in case they try and coerce me into getting the jab. Here is a website where you can find a letter to give to your employer to push back against this evil

    I also will be stocking up on some food supplies and as you rightfully told us so we can share with those in need. God grant us greater grace and strength to endure until the end. Respectfully your sister in Christ, Carol

    • I read today in daily devotion of Wim Malgo that a revival is needed to prepare us ( the body of christ) to meet Jesus so we are full of the Holy Gist cleansed and grown up
      The Lord will still be mercifull and add saved souls through persecution
      revival and persecution are often working together
      there was avstory of revival after the iron curtain but when they were free living in America after that the revival was gone and they becale compromised too you see China how xorser the persucution how more the church is growing and real reborn and true christians are added daily there is no room for compromise in persecution you are for Jesus or against Jesus because saying you are christian will cost your freedom or head so.if you are not a true christian you will not risk that so lukewarm christians are gone most part
      in Germany 90 % of christians were denying the true faith and attitudes and true xorks but they all went to Nazi churches so they were clearly no true christians they worshipped Hitler in their church not lukewarm.christians because they had nothing christianlike in their life they were false christians the war asked certain decisions proving yourself to be a true christian standing for Jews helping them
      etc the same will be now what will we follow the vaccination rules the vaccination pasport or will we be able to give our live or/and be emprisoned for not following it ? its an unseen war on our souls !
      see Dietrich Bonhoeffer i read his biografy only 5 % or less was with him for example the pastors was a Little more in following but almost everyone paid with his life and was for sure emprisoned !
      It was a miracle Bonhoeffer could live so long he was killed a few days before the Americans liberated his area he was in (on special request of Hitler himself )
      He was killed because he was partaking in the group which
      organised murder attempts to kill Hitler not for his stand for the Jews

    • thank you so much sister for prayers for me its doing me so good to hear that thank you for your concern too ! i was in a very bad shape very bad but somehow coming out of that deep hole the process of being free of sleeping pills was very hard in additon to it but somehow felt carried by the Lord but also with the prayers from you brother John and others here
      it was heart warming to read that thank you !

      • You are loved Nadine with an everlasting love and underneath are His everlasting arms, it doesn’t get much better than that. So glad to hear from you. Love from Your sister in Christ, Carol

  6. Dear John,
    Two things: First, I got several subscribe notifications that I assume were for new followers. I have been subscribed to you for several years now.
    Secondly: I know you have found error in the King James Bible, and I know that the translators were Anglican…but, John, I also believe that church affiliation aside, these were Godly men. I have read the biographical summaries of these men, and I can honestly say they were a lot more Godly than the individuals who have followed in their footsteps (i.e., Westcott and Hort). I know that even a word mistranslated is not right, but consider the evil of men like Westcott and Hort who removed entire verses (such as Mark 16:9-20). Their Greek translation, in spite of many denials, is still used today. And that Greek translation was based on the “oldest and best” manuscripts–Sinaiticus and Vaticanus. Ha! Truly, Biblical scholars (and I shudder when I type those two words) are definitely not the brightest bulbs in the pack. I started doing research on this several years ago. I have a decent size manuscript–but nobody’s interested. When I ask individuals who believe that the Bible is the inspired and INERRANT word of God, “Which Bible?” I am met with irritation, condescension, etc.

    The New American Standard has five copyright dates. As far as I know, there must be changes amounting to more than misspelling and punctuation errors, etc. to receive a new copyright. However, it enables the publishers to claim that it is the latest edition and rake in more money. As in the case of the New American Standard, how altered is the text after five new copyrights?

    • Hi Carole,

      I would love to agree that the KJV is a good translation. I even want to agree that the translators were Christians. I want to believe that all the different offshoots of Rome were good ways to follow Christ. And no, I do not deny that there are Christians among them, but the Roman Catholic Church itself is NOT Christian.

      Now, God can use non-Christians to create a good translation. The problem is that the errors in the KJV are numerous, and proof that it is flawed. Those errors were a big reason why Strong’s Concordance was created.

      We know, without any doubt whatsoever, that the KJV is full of translation errors. And, some of those errors were deliberate. There can be no question about this.

      Does it mean that you should not read the KJV?


      But, it does mean that we all should understand what the Bible actually is: the original Hebrew, Greek and the smattering of Aramaic. THAT is the Bible.

      The KJV-only crowd are misguided. For our safety, our focus must be on the original Bible and not flawed translations.

      As for the multiple subscriptions, I’m not sure why that’s happening. When you get those, forward them on to me, via john at omegashock dot com.

      I hope that helps clarify things, Carole.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. You folks & Mr. John,

    I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone, and that there are a few others out in the world. My husband and I have recently left one church that is falling into the world, to one that is *better*, but I still don’t feel that it’s *perfect*. Of course, I doubt that there’s a *perfect* church out there since the apostles (this sentence isn’t correct, but I am unable to figure out a different/better way to say it…) I am glad I raised my boys with the Bible, and that 2 of the 3 are proficient enough in their studies to be able to refute with chapter/verse back ups nearly instantly. The last boy is like me, we have trouble memorizing and remembering what we have read and are leaning on God’s grace in these troubling times.
    I am thankful for all you do Mr. John, and for all the people who comment and teach me things every time I read one of your articles. This year I’m looking to a couple surgeries – the minor one this Friday, and the major one later this year (I hope) and would just ask for prayers. I know I’m in good hands in any case! (God’s got our backs!)

    • May God bless you in those surgeries, sister! You have our prayers. I am not very good at gently correcting those who have corrupted their faith. But, God has made it clear to me that we must love our misguided brothers and sisters. But, I understand how hard it can be. May the Lord guide you, Amy. It’s good to see such love of the truth. – JL

  8. Hi John,
    you mentioned this issue recently. It’s long, but full of details.
    Looks like, in the “country from the far North”, the question “how to win a nuclear war?” was asked years ago. I have no idea if their answer is correct, but I have no doubts that they actually have it. Which is scary by itself.
    And, the map nobody cares about. For now…
    The chapter about Seven Seals was excellent, THANKS John!
    Yours in Christ

    • Soil moisture decrease? LET’S HAVE A WAR! I have not forgotten your mention of that. And, this reminder that the threat of EMP attack is very real. If Russia gets pushed too hard, they’ll use ’em. All it will take is a stupid miscalculation by the US Dept. of State. And, they’re famous for that. I will keep that link. Thanks Chris! – JL


    Wow. Self-spreading vaccines. We are toast.

    In Armstrong’s public blog, he’s got several recent posts about the situation in India – his sources are saying that those dying are mostly the vaccinated ones, and the people are beginning to figure it out and are rioting and attacking the “vaccine nazis” as he calls them. Videos of this too, unless they’ve been taken down.

    • Undoubtedly. I am beginning to reluctantly conclude that this will be one reason why Ezekiel’s Fire is needed – to stop this insanity. Too many intellectuals without a touch of sanity. With the merely corrupt, there is hope of negotiation. With the insane and stupid, there is no hope at all. And India. Poor India. Thanks, DRG! – JL

      • I used to wonder about Noah’s day, how a society could get so evil that all but a few had to be destroyed. Now I see, but from a different perspective. Unfortunately I see God making big moves that are necessary in a macro way, while creating uncountable micro tragedies. I have a problem with that and greatly hope to understand this when I get to the afterlife. Surely there were innocent babies drowned in the flood. Surely there were people like us, anguishing over the level of evil and trying to help in small ways, but helpless against the major tide of it. Strangely, God commented to Jonah that there was no reason to kill innocent animals, but for some reason that does not seem to matter anywhere else.

        I have always wondered why the bible so many times pronounces curses against the children of the evildoers …. as if they had anything to do with it. When Jesus wept over Jerusalem and talked about how they would suffer because they did not know what kept them safe …… this destruction came 70 years later, when probably almost all of the evildoers responsible for this were dead. Their descendants were punished for their sins. Which is not to say that no one in the following generation sinned. But this is a very weird concept to me, what do you think of it? I also struggle mightily with why, when one of the wandering Israelites disobeyed God, the result was that he, his entire family of wives and children and even his livestock, were all stoned to death and/or burned alive. I totally do not get it.

        But now, even though I still don’t get it, I do see technology evolving to the point that a few evil individuals could actually destroy the earth in any of many different ways; Bill Gates wants to block out the sun and is so ignorant he doesn’t know we are entering a normal solar minimum cycle, and even if he didn’t know that, if he looked at actual temperature averages he would see that things are cooling down, not heating up – not to mention the old newspaper articles Armstrong posts every now and then of failed predictions where “scientists say” New York will be underwater by such and such a year, there was even one from the 30s saying we’d be in an ice age by now. But they forgot all that a few decades later, now it’s heating up. The lack of even the most rudimentary common sense floors me. Blocking out the sun, by any of several methods with absolutely no attempt to understand long-term consequences. And … Gates apparently doesn’t know plants need sun to grow and produce food, which is the foundation of the entire food chain. He wants to destroy the foundation of the food chain, and no one is stopping him.

        I am also SURE – but have not yet seen it in print – that someone somewhere is trying to create a subhuman slave class of being. I am not talking crazy Steve Quayle type stuff. I am talking the very real experiments implanting human DNA into chimpanzees, etc; and the fact, repeated countless times in history, that any bit of scientific knowledge that exists will be turned to some form of evil purpose.

        It would be an elite dream. No more worries about politics, votes, rebellion. A class of obedient subservient beings that have no thoughts about rights, freedom, family, pursuit of happiness. Pack mules with opposable thumbs, so they can clean your house. Don’t have to provide health insurance, or vacation days, and they wouldn’t even need homes. Keep them in stalls in a barn. Nothing is too preposterously evil for them to contemplate – like that article I posted awhile back about a published paper on the topic of drugging public water supplies with something that would make people psychologically moldable. I suppose this trend, which would continue exponentially until God stops it, does eventually have to be definitively crushed. But I wish God would do it more like the last plague of Egypt, where God’s people were protected; but also, that one disturbs me because it was all innocent children being killed, instead of JUST THE PHARAOH HIMSELF who was the real problem. Seriously, how do you reconcile this????

        • Hi DRG,

          Hard questions.

          I can add to those:

          Why were so many innocent Chinese barred from hearing the Gospel for 1500 years – at least, as far as we know?

          The same for the natives of North and South America.

          Why doesn’t God lead more people to Himself?

          I don’t even understand why there is a Hell and why more than 90% of humanity must spend eternity there.

          The best explanations that we have are just theories. God will help us understand when we reach the life to come. But, I believe that there are reasons and good ones.

          As for some of your questions, there WERE warnings given, and those who heeded the warnings, escaped. Those who did not, did not. The men, women and children among the tents of Korah were given a chance to escape. Jerusalem had Christians prophesying that Jerusalem would be destroyed before AD 70. The Egyptians were warned, and some took heed.

          It depresses me greatly that so few ever listen – especially among our own brothers and sisters.

          God knows why all of this was necessary. So, I trust Him for the reasons.

          Sorry that I cannot provide a better response, DRG.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • DRG and John,

            I struggled with many of those questions for years. But for me, what finally explained a lot of it was Genesis and in particular Genesis 6.

            The Watchers contaminated the bloodlines of humanity, possibly trying to prevent Messiah from being born. Or at least in God’s image. And not only that, but they contaminated animals and everything else on Earth with such evil.

            Us “modern men” seem to think we are the highest level of human intelligence and achievement thus far. But honestly, how could we compete with human beings that lived, learned and experienced for 850-900+ years each?

            Can you imagine the knowledge acquired, and additionally with the knowledge taught by the Watchers? With are very limited lifespan today of 78-100 years, look at what have done with our so-called genius and science.

            I think pre-flood humans had a much more advanced world that probably relied on methods (that were evil) that didn’t destroy the Earth in the ways we do today. And as Jesus said ‘as in the days of Noah” and “also afterwards” (paraphrasing) mankind and other Fallen Ones are trying to replicate what they did before.

            They just can’t because the Watcher’s were locked away in the Abyss until Judgment Day and God limited man’s days to no longer than 120 years. And with all the oil spills, nuclear weapons and waste, synthetic chemicals and drugs, plastics, etc., the world will be judged by fire this time, not water.

            The world has to be purified by fire to burn up all the toxic waste man and fallen angels have created otherwise it would just be a toxic globe of soup incapable, and unworthy of life and the Creator’s presence.

            In short, everything is tainted now, only through the cleansing of our spirit, by Jesus, can any of us be saved. I know this doesn’t answer everything, but this sure has helped me reconcile a lot of the Bible.

            One last note. Recently, I’ve been reflecting on the Garden of Eden, and what God gave us all back then. He gave us peace, quiet tending a garden that needed nothing, and an animal populace that neither killed or was killed. We all lived in peace. We all lived with our significant other and families without fear, disease, death, hunger or suffering. And last, but not least, God walked among us! But we rejected it all.

            We chose darkness, death, suffering, strife, murder, divorce and every other imaginable filth. And we chose to do it all without God. I can’t imagine the strength God has to put up with all this for so long from all of us throughout history. If any of you have children that you’ve raised that go into adulthood, rejecting many of your teachings or advice, may know a glimpse of what God has to feel.

            Yet His love and patience almost seems to know-no-bounds! He has to be waiting until the absolute last moment before final judgment comes. Just as a great Dad would do!

            And then fire will come. And with it, His fierce countenance. Justice will be served, and His family will be protected. And finally, after all this that has transpired throughout our history, will we finally understand what He had given us and wanted in the beginning, at the Garden.

            Dad wants us home, together forever, as a family. No goodbye’s ever again. Eternal fellowship! He can’t wait to see us there, if we choose…

            Praise be to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in Jesus’ name!

  10. Oh my goodness. Watch this 5-minute clip from a TV show entitled “Utopia”. Seriously. Another Ann Barnhardt post, and her intro is –

    Dr. Beep sends: “They weren’t exactly subtle with this…”
    This is a television show called “Utopia” which was on the Amazon streaming platform last fall.

    Filming was announced to be completed on October 17, ARSH 2019. Event 201 was held in New York City the next day.
    Watch every second of this, and spread aggressively.

    • Yeah. That’s disturbing. And, far too many have had the ability and the motivation to do what that clip describes – eventually. It’s only a question of time. But, there’s a limit to what God will allow. This evil will be stopped, and I believe that Ezekiel’s Fire is part of God will do that. Thanks for that disturbing comment, DRG. – JL

  11. Hi John, I had a resent dream of thousands of paratroopers falling from the sky, made me think of you, maybe you should leave Taiwan. Question , are you familiar with Tim Mchyde (escape all these things) you guys should talk. PTL

    • Thank you, John. When God releases me from the purpose that He has set for me in Taiwan, only then will I be free to go. However, I believe that my next stop will be a far more dangerous situation. As for Tim McHyde, I’m afraid that I cannot recommend his ministry. – JL

  12. Must read:

    I’ve started, but not finished, reading your writing on the Seven Seals. Interestingly, this came to my attention at almost the same time. This is a crucial word study by Nathan Leal, and while I don’t agree with everything he says, I think this one is, as he says, very likely to be correct and it also coincides with your theme on the impact of mistranslations. I think the Lord is trying to emphasize something here. What Nathan uncovered here really blew my mind. See what you think.

    • Um, Nathan’s Greek needs work. The Greek word for ‘bow’ is literally just the word for a ‘bow’. There is no implication of ‘poisoned arrows’ in the word or the passage. Yes, it is indeed possible that the first seals have been opened. But, not for the reasons that he has given. Lord willing, we’ll get to see what happens. Thanks, DRG. – JL

      • I am no expert on ancient languages, but looked up ‘toxon’ from a few other sources and found:

        The Greek word [Greek: toxon] signified primarily that specially oriental weapon which we call a bow, but the word in the earliest authors included in its meaning the arrow shot from the bow.

        Scientific American Supplement, No. 643, April 28, 1888

        The ancient Greek archer’s tool of war was the toxon, a word for both bow and arrow. … Toxikon was the word for a poison-tipped arrow, but over time, the word came to refer to the poison itself. By the time the word was adopted into Latin as toxicum, it had shrugged off its ballistic origins and just meant “poison.”Mar 14, 2019

        In a Word: How English Got Intoxicated | The Saturday … › 2019/03 › in-a..

        Definition of intoxicate – Merriam-Webster’s Student Dictionary › cgi-bin › student › intoxicate
        Word History The Greek word toxon means “bow” or “arrow.” From this came the Greek toxikon, meaning “a poison in which arrows are dipped.” Toxikon was …

        As I’ve said, I disagree with some of Nathan’s conclusions, and others just seem too far-fetched. But I can’t completely dismiss this. He has never claimed to be fluent in ancient Greek, but I am finding the same thing he did when I check other sources. Think about it. Why would someone take a bow, and no arrows, to conquer? Today, why would someone take a gun, and no bullets? If you have a license for concealed carry, what are you allowed to carry? An unloaded gun? Do you need another separate license to have bullets in it? Today if we say someone was shot, it implies the use of both gun and bullet. Much of prophecy is symbolic, sometimes it is literal, and sometimes the ancient prophets described what they saw using the only words they had. Like, the sky rolled up like a scroll. Some have said that might be an image of a mushroom cloud. You have said the sky might look that way when a solar wave is traveling outward. How would an ancient prophet describe a solar wave, or a mushroom cloud? And possibly the Lord would show them images that had meaning to them in their time, even though the fulfillment is much later. I find it especially interesting as I follow Armstrong that he says over and over that never in his wildest dreams did he expect to see a fake pandemic used to conquer the world. His model says this effort will fail, eventually. But the model doesn’t say why or how, it just uncovers patterns. I also find it interesting that Rev 6:2 says the white horse is about conquest, not slaughter, and the white horse comes first. The idea is power and control. This has certainly worked, so far – the PTB have indeed seized a LOT of power, all with hardly a peep out of the masses. And they are using the vaccine to grab even more – both to connect basic rights with proof of vaccination, and quite possibly, sneak in sterilization as well. And, more than possible, round up the unvaccinated and send them to the gulags, or in modern terms, cancel them completely. Given that the coronavirus itself was probably engineered, the toxon meaning – having morphed from bow-and-poison-dipped-arrow to just poison, may be the concept expressed without even adding the use of an arrow or syringe.

        So, I find it food for thought. I think it’s possible. Time will tell.

        • Hi DRG,

          Unfortunately, Nathan is doing the one thing that God specifically warns us not to do – add to Revelation. I know that it seems like a small thing, but it’s not. It’s very, very serious. And, this isn’t the first time that Nathan has done this. He needs to stop it.

          Also, this is a foolish speculation on Nathan’s part. This pandemic lock down is doomed to failure.

          Also – and this is important – this pandemic is not being used as a tool of conquest. It’s being used to MAINTAIN control. There’s a big difference between conquest and preserving power.

          The one thing that Martin Armstrong misses, is transportation fuel. Oil production has been falling for three years, and his models have not picked up on the significance of that. Or, maybe they have, and he just hasn’t said anything.

          We have entered permanent decline.

          This is so not good.

          Thanks for the input, DRG. We’ll see how all this plays out.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

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