With Blood On Our Hands

The amount of evil flowing from the centers of power is almost unimaginable. Washington, London, Berlin, Paris, Ankara, Beijing… they are all engaged the most vile game of power imaginable. The death of hundreds of millions means nothing to them. Their only morality is power, and getting more of it is worth any cost.

Many have already paid the price, and the butcher’s bill is about to get even bigger as America goads Ukraine into war and then throws Israel and the Middle East into the arms of Iran.

The amount of blood on our hands, is beyond comprehension.


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With Blood On Our Hands

I am racing as fast as I can to finish my book, When Gog Comes. And, it’s so horrifying to me, that it’s sometimes hard to write. At the same time, I’m having to wrestle with false assumptions that I didn’t know that I had. This is all very troubling. But worst of all, is the utter delusion that almost all Christians suffer from.

The latest addition to my book, addresses one of them:

Why Israel Must Be Saved BEFORE The Great Tribulation

(NOTE: Still in rough draft stage.)

I am truly amazed that no one dares to address this. Literally no one – at least… no one that I can find. Yet, the Bible is so clear. I understand that part of this was the Will of God. God said to Daniel that the vision of the Last Days was sealed up until the time of the End. So, I understand much of the confusion that you and I struggle with.

But, to never address the Return of Jacob?

To get it so disastrously wrong?

We have known for a long time that our churches were corrupt, and this is yet another manifestation of that spiritual decay. Our pastors and seminaries sold their souls for a fatter paycheck and bigger congregations. And, we let them do it.

A billion people will die when Gog comes.

There can be no denying this. The evidence in the Bible is clear. And, if we do not do our best to warn those who are in harm’s way… well, as God said this to Ezekiel, twice:

…but his blood I will require at your hand.

 – Ezekiel 3:18, 20 (NKJV)

When Gog and Magog comes, the blood of many will be on our hands, if we do nothing. Unfortunately, for many of us, our hands are already stained with rivers of blood. And, very few seem to be talking about it.

The Coming Massacre In Ukraine

When I saw this woman selected by Joe Biden to be the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, I knew that we were in deep trouble:

Victoria Nuland

That woman is the visible face of the evil at the heart of Washington D.C. Her only moral compass is power. The number of soldiers and civilians who die because of the games that she plays, is of complete indifference to her. She is already responsible for the death of many, and ‘many’ will now become a multitude.

She was responsible for the Ukrainian crisis. She wasn’t the only one, but she was the one visibly in charge. She pulled the strings that led to the death of thousands. But now, she will get to kill even more people as war with Russia grinds forward.

The Obama administration is directly responsible – along with Turkey – for the 500 thousand people who died in Syria. He started that war, and supplied it through Turkey. Victoria Nuland was a part of that same administration.

When Chris in Poland shared his own observations of what was happening on the border with Ukraine, I immediately thought of ol’ Victoria. She and her companions in psychopathic evil have been wanting to break up Russia into little pieces. And what better way to do that than to draw Russia into a messy war with Ukraine.

Sure, half a million Ukrainians will die, but that’s nothing to her.

Obama killed half a million Syrians, so this will just be her turn to be deadly.

I wish that I was being hysterical, but I’m not. America has made moves like this for decades. American foreign policy has killed millions upon millions of people, and Victoria is just one more in a long line of killers.

Chris shared that there is talk in Moscow of using nuclear weapons. And, this is no joke. The Russians have a history of being invaded and massacred from the west and the the east. They will not hesitate to use nukes, if their border is threatened. This is an issue of survival for them.

Then, Chris added one more ominous note to his comment:

And, 2-4 weeks from now, the ground in eastern Europe will be dry, no longer restricting the movement of heavy equipment.

We’ll see if Ukraine and Russia can pull back from the brink, but I’m not hopeful. People like Victoria Nuland will do their very best to restart the killing. But, this isn’t the only killing field where the game of power is being played.

The Coming Massacre Of Israelis

You don’t send this guy to Washington, unless there’s serious, serious trouble ahead:

Yossi Cohen, Head of Mossad

The Biden administration keeps saying that they’ll never let Iran build nuclear weapons. But, Israel would never have sent someone like Yossi Cohen to Washington, if Biden wasn’t intending to give Iran everything that they wanted.

Biden is lying, and Israelis will die.

Again, people like Victoria Nuland want the collapse of the centers of power in the Middle East. They want the producers of oil to be terrified of Iran, and begging the US for help. A strong Israel stands in the way of that, because Israel offers an alternative center of power.

To the Washington fiends from Hell, a broken and weak Israel, is the best kind of Israel there is. In fact, if all the Jews in Israel were massacred, it might even be a bonus.

The blood of every Israeli who dies and every Ukrainian who dies will be on the hands of all who voted for this evil monstrosity living in Washington, D.C. The previous administration pushed back against this strategy, so the Deep State removed him. And, if you think that the Republicans are any better, think again.

The best that you can say about most Republicans is that they are only a little better than the Democrats. What a disgusting, vile, twisted and evil situation that we find ourselves in.

The Coming Massacre Of The Taiwanese

And, when the next flight of Taiwanese jets roars overhead to intercept yet another Chinese air force incursion, you can bet that I’ll be thinking of all the blood that stains the hands of America’s foreign policy. The flight path to and from the air base nearby goes right over my apartment, so I know every time that China threatens Taiwan.

Will Victoria Nuland shed a tear, when China massacres me and 24 million Taiwanese men, women and children?

You can bet that she won’t. The Chinese Communist Party can murder and massacre their way across Asia, as long as it means more power for Washington. It’s the Great Game, and the death of millions is just the price of ‘doing business’.

Why A Billion Must Die

Ultimately, this is why so many will die, When Gog Comes. There is too much blood that stains our hands. We have killed too many people, and too many of us support the killers. There is a price for that, and it will be paid.

God help us all.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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19 thoughts on “With Blood On Our Hands”

  1. I have been following you for 5 years. I hope God will give you an opportunity to emigrate before the Taiwan tragedy occurs. In 1969 I was in Taipei for one day as I switched airliners to continue on to my studies in Tokyo. ( the Japanese were too polite to tell me that University was closed due to conflict over rule of Okinawa) So I never got my degree in Oriental Studies but I appreciate all the information you have given on the Chinese and Israeli people. My hope of a boring old age in the US has been destroyed by our new “leaders”. Most Americans will be clueless when we finally are repaid for the cheating, lying, rigging etc. we have done to other countries. God gave us decades to repent but we did not. When God judges a people, He usually spares a Remnant. I have seen that in Ezekiel and elsewhere. May we live to continue ministry to His sheep.
    Agape Anna

    • Thank you, Anna. It is clear that judgment is coming. The question is about where God wants us, as this happens. God recently made it clear that I won’t be dying of old age, and it makes me wonder if very many of us will. I’m sorry that you didn’t get the oriental studied degree. – JL

      • Praying with tears for you even now, for your family, my family, all of Yah’s children – for protection & provision, for His mighty will to be done upon the earth as it is in heaven 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼

        Shalom of Yahweh be yours-

        Thank you for your steadfastness in speaking truth.

        Psalms 91

  2. Hi John,
    no, you are NOT hysterical. This is the current state of things. But there is one thing that scaries me even more. I owe it to DRG, from the comment section last week, and the phrase “shooting mad dog”. Reading your article today I suddenly realized I’ve read something eerily similar 5-6 years ago, when Ukraine went off, from Russia. I believe it was Alexander Dugin (I’m just not sure now). I only hope we are not at this stage yet (?). It was like this: “If you are being attacked by the dragon, you can punch his belly or kick the tail, and force him to stop. But it won’t change the nature of the beast. And, one day, there will be only one solution left – to chop off the head”. It makes me sick to even think about the practical meaning of those words, and how many more deaths (and megatons of explosive power) may be involved…
    Yours in Christ
    -may the Lord give you strength and guide you with the book!

    • A satellite in low earth orbit that suddenly explodes in a nuclear EMP. That would do it. But, the US thinks that they won’t go that far. But, if they could blame it on Iran… Thanks for keeping us posted, Chris! – JL

  3. Thank you brother.

    The situation in the Ukraine is appalling. But I think people are failing to see the bigger geopolitical picture. Why create conflict in the Ukraine? Provoking Russia to attack would see moral outrage sure, but the world doesn’t care, its too busy dealing with Covid. It would give reason to put more sanctions on Russia, but the sanctions on them already aren’t having any great effect. The Nord Stream 2 is almost completed and Europe wants Russia’s gas. But Russia will not oblige, they will not attack Ukraine. They will retaliate to any attack on the Donbass and or the Crimea.

    There is no strategic advantage in the Ukraine. Unless it is to use the Ukrainians as fodder to try and tie up the Russians in a long and bloody conflict, diverting their attention from other arena’s of conflict.

    There is the real target. – Syria. The nation has only survived with Russian support, it almost fell to a pseudo Western backed terrorist force. Until Russia intervened and saved Syria. There in is the Wests primary focus, and the ultimate target is Iran.

    Now here I disagree with you. The US doesn’t want the Middle East terrified of Iran, and begging for US help – with respect brother they have already achieved that aim.

    So what is this all about? As you have pointed out, peak energy and the US control of the energy routes over the last 70 years via the petrodollar. That control is failing, and Iran/Syria are a big spanner in the works for controlling the energy flow to Europe and China. The world is seeing US dominance being challenged, and losing. It cannot allow that. But the US cannot do anything against Syria/Iran as long as Russia is in the Middle East. Hence the building conflict in the Ukraine with the hope of pulling Russia into a long protracted and costly war. That will give the US and its Western serfs a free hand to generate another fake chemical attack in Syria and move in on ‘humanitarian’ grounds given they have almost starved the population via sanctions. Syria will not be the end however, Iran is the goal. With Iran blunted in Syria and with Russia removed the hope will be to force Iran to the negotiating table, or generate a popular revolution inside it to overthrow its government. If need be, Western intervention can proceed, again on humanitarian grounds. The fall of Iran cuts off China’s oil, its a win win for the US.

    All that is contingent on said conflict between Russia and the Ukraine. There is even talk of a renewed Georgia conflict over its break away regions, and that there in I believe is the clinch point in this story. 2008…. 2021 looks like a repeat of 2008. Georgia, with promises of Western support, attacks the break away regions. Russia is seen to be broken after years of bloody conflict in Chechnya… except Russia stuns the West by not only reacting quickly but pushing back the Georgian troops and forcing a peace…. in 12 days. I see a similar situation with the Ukraine building up. Promises of Western support, domestic political problems and unable to join NATO until its internal security issues are resolved. A NATO trained and supplied military, a failure to goad Russia into attacking and a quick strike to overwhelm the breakaway republics… Except this time instead of Russia throwing back the attackers to their starting lines I see Russia rolling in and taking the whole of the Ukraine east of the Dneiper river before any serious reaction by the West can take place.

    I suspect that will end the Wests Middle East adventures, a collapse in confidence in US support in the Middle East as their power wanes and the US economy continues to collapse.

    Interesting times brother, but your ultimate conclusion is correct. A billion people will eventually die.

    • Those are excellent points. And yes, the parallels with Georgia are all too real. We’ll see how this plays out. One thing that cannot be avoided, is a rendezvous with prophecy. And, our rush towards that moment has me very unsettled. It’s good to see you so well informed, Peter. – JL

  4. John,

    I read yesterday that Russia already has 85,000 troops/robots on the eastern Ukrainian border. I honestly don’t see 2021 passing without massive war and also economic collapse for the US along with civil unrest.

    Our government has to know something is about to take place with our currency or world affairs when they are all of a sudden in the business of giving away money to the populace they never cared about before. Or maybe they know massive vaccine deaths and mutations are on the horizon and coupled with war and economic collapse, they are ringing the proverbial bell to distract us from what’s ahead.

    I keep warning people about these things, some seem to care or maybe agree to some extent, but in the next breath continue talking and going on with frivolous topics and activities. I have now been warning people that America is too far gone and that it’s time is up and ready for judgment.

    I told my wife yesterday that I don’t know why I care that our country is collapsing, I’ve dispised what it has done and become for years. I thought for about 18 years that America was Mystery Babylon and that China would lead the 250,000,000 man army on Israel. Maybe America will fall and China will take the Mystery mantle.

    Or maybe just as all of our destruction is near, Ezekiel’s Fire will wipe out all our precious technology and Antichrist will arise with his kingdom out of the world’s disastrous collapse including the Gog Magog War? Maybe that’s why the 250,000,000 man army has to march on Israel at the end? Because all the weapons of war we’ve all created and worshipped are taken out by the solar flare/EMP?

    Can you imagine all the people without their valuable smartphones to stare at? No more surveillance cameras everywhere. No more social media. Oh, the horror! People conversing face to face! No more selfies! No more satellites to send into orbit to pollute the nights sky and monitor everything. Can you imagine the value of printed books that still exist? The Bible?

    A divine judgment indeed! No more GMO”s. Vanity out the window. No more smartphones and tracking bracelets for human traffickers and cartels to use to snatch and traffic people. No more government thinking they are omniscient with their technology as well. No sex reassignment surgeries or accompanying drugs. I could go on and on, but the coming time will be terrible, but justified indeed!

    I hope and pray for the believers and the meek of the Earth during the coming times! I mourn what’s happening daily, I truly do. But even with such warnings, people, Christians mostly, just don’t want to hear it. I was told yesterday that I was living in a Spirit of Fear. I thought I was just a realist…

    • NO MORE SELFIES?! Yes, that would be shocking. And, I would dearly love to also accuse you of living in a spirit of fear. But, sin has consequences, and that means serious trouble for all of us. Keep up the good work, Dan. God will bless you for it. – JL

    • I feel the same way brother… may Yahweh show His people mercy in the midst of judgement 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Selah.

      Psalm 91

  5. This fits into my own study. My dad has talked about you for years now. I never cared to heed his advice until today. I am glad i did. God bless you and yourn.

    • I like your dad. But, it is also in the nature of sons to be cynical about the advice from fathers. But, then the moment comes, when you look in the mirror and realize that you are just like him – and that it’s not a bad thing. Thank you, Jay. Keep doing your best. – JL

  6. John,
    When will the two witnesses show? Won’t they be warning Christians to get out of mystery Babylon before it’s destruction?
    A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished. – Proverbs 22:3

    • Undoubtedly. However, Revelation 11 does not explicitly describe what they say. It just says that they prophesy. Then, when they are killed, the Seventh Angel sounds. Looks like the First Resurrection, right? I hope that helps, Eldridge. – JL

  7. Hi John,
    I’m aware that Hal Turner cannot be called “reliable source”. However, this time, document he cites is real (and its translation is correct).
    The city of Cherepovets is a major production hub (steel and nitrates) and you would think it borders Ukraine. But it does not. It is located ~400km north of Moscow, far from any eventual frontline. And, you would have to figure out how to overcome the air defences of St. Petersburg, or Moscow, or Russian North Fleet to try to bomb this place. Unless you use an ICBM. At the same time, the mayor of my city has even bigger worries – too many people riding bicycles are not wearing face masks… (where is the ‘facepalm’ icon? I really miss it)
    Yours in Christ

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