Gog Is NOT The Antichrist – And Why It’s So Important

A few days ago, I finished another big edit of a key chapter in my book, When Jacob Returns. In this update, I took yet another hard look at the army of the Antichrist:

The Two Armies Of The Antichrist

It took weeks for me to do that, and the result was more material, more insight and more dismay. And, you need to understand why that chapter is so horrifying.

Gog is not the Antichrist, and when his army descends upon the Middle East and Israel, the world will be blasted apart and billions will die – before the Antichrist even begins to rise.


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Gog Is NOT The Antichrist – And Why It’s So Important

Gog Is NOT The Antichrist – And Why It’s So Important

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You and I are in so much trouble, that I hardly know where to start. If you thought that China Joe and the Deep State were number one problems, keep reading, ‘cuz they aren’t. If you thought that censorship, the China Virus and government overreach were our biggest problems, you’d have a point – but only one. If you thought that global debt, a collapsing economy and Big China where our biggest problems, you’d be real close, but not close enough.

Not even the coming of the Antichrist is our biggest problem, right now

(He will be, but not yet.)

Our biggest threat, right now – for our immediate future – is this:

Gog and Magog are coming soon, and no one understands what’s about to happen.

Gog Is NOT The Antichrist

As I said above, I just finished another detailed analysis of the army that is led by the Antichrist. That analysis is here:

The Two Armies Of The Antichrist

I need to do at least one more major edit, which will include a chapter conclusion, but you don’t need to wait for that. You can still go through that chapter and understand something very, very important:



The Antichrist!

You cannot look at the description of the military activities of the Antichrist and truthfully claim that the Antichrist is Gog. There is literally no way that you can compare the two and see that they are even similar. They just don’t fit.

The problem is that your pastor probably believes that Gog is the Antichrist. EVERYONE in seminary is taught that. If you took a class in eschatology, your teacher probably said that Antichrist was Gog. If he didn’t say so out loud, he still taught you an end times timeline that assumed that Gog was the Antichrist.

Even post-tribbers believe that Gog is the Antichrist.

This Is A Life And Death Issue

So, this isn’t a pretrib vs. posttrib debate. This is about Christians being led so far astray that they have no idea about what is going to hit them next. Furthermore, when you look carefully at the conditions under which the Antichrist operates, it will become very very clear that civilization as we know it has been destroyed, and billions will have died.

That’s right, billions will have died…


Three Important Antichrist Points

I am so amazed by the ignorance of Christian leaders, that I can hardly believe it. If your pastor went to seminary, he has been programed to believe a fairy tale. He also probably doesn’t know his aleph from his gimmel. But, you can bet that he knows all the best commentaries on the Bible. Oh yeah.

I won’t get into all of the reasons why Gog cannot be the Antichrist. That would take a book – such as… the one that I wrote. The one that I call ‘When Jacob Returns‘. But, I can show you three things that should capture your attention:

The Antichrist doesn’t have an air force.

The army of the Antichrist is stopped dead, when a foreign navy blocks his sea-based supply line.

The Antichrist marches back and forth through Israel unopposed, several times.

Think through the implications of all that. Just those three alone, should turn everything that you know about the Antichrist, upside down.


For instance, that air force. There is no way that any modern army would ever – EVER! – invade a foreign territory without air support. Every conflict over the past 60 years has driven this point home. Without air support, your army is toast.

Of course, it would NOT be ‘toast’, if there weren’t any air planes still flying. That’s right. The fact that the Antichrist does not have an air force, tells us that NO ONE has an air force. Again, let me make this clear.

The fact that the Antichrist does not have an air force, means that NO ONE has an air force.

Does that begin to help you understand how bad the situation is?

All around the world?

The fact that there is no air force, means that we are unable to create aircraft for military purposes. It means that our manufacturing capacity has been shattered. I doubt that very many of us want to live in a world with a destroyed manufacturing base, but that world is coming.


Then, there’s the issue of the Antichrist being unable to resupply his army. The ships of Chittim block the ability of the Antichrist to invade the ‘King of the South’. And, there is only one reason why this foreign navy could do that:

Because the army of the Antichrist is being resupplied by sea.

Why is this important?

It means that he is unable – or at least insufficiently able – to supply his army via land routes. It means that he can’t get the supplies fast enough over land to continue his invasion of the ‘King of the South’.

By the way, did you know that the Hebrew doesn’t actually say ‘King of the South’?

No, it actually says, ‘King of the Negev’.


Then, there’s a problem that demonstrates something that is personally horrifying:

Israel is destroyed

The army of the Antichrist is being described as marching back and forth through Israel. And, this means that Israel’s military has been so completely destroyed, that very little of it remains. The fact that the Antichrist marches unopposed through the Jezreel Valley and then down through the coastal plain… well …it means that the Israeli cities along the Mediterranean have been destroyed and that there’s no military that can block the Antichrist.

I lived in Israel for 15 years. I worked in Tel Aviv and Kfar Saba. I’ve walked the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea countless times. All of that will have been destroyed BEFORE the Antichrist rises to power, and the thought of that makes me sick. And, it’s confirmation of this verse:

8 And it shall come to pass in all the land,”
Says the Lord,
“That two-thirds in it shall be cut off and die,
But one-third shall be left in it:

Zechariah 13:8 (NKJV)

And, before you claim that the Antichrist is unopposed because he has already taken control of the Israeli government, think again. That is NOT how the Bible describes it. The Antichrist does not grab control of Jerusalem until AFTER his SECOND invasion of the south. Not just after one. After TWO INVASIONS.

The Antichrist only takes over Jerusalem – by subversion – after his SECOND INVASION of Israel. And when I say ‘second invasion’, he gets all the way down into the coastal plain – into the Tel Aviv/Yafo area – when he’s turned back. He is literally unopposed by Israel TWICE. And, both invasions strike deep into Israeli territory. And, when he invades Israel a third time, destroying Egypt and the King of the South – he is still unopposed by the Israeli army.

This is very, Very, VERY BAD.


But, I know what some of you are thinking. You probably live far away from Israel and the Middle East, and don’t believe that you have much to fear from all of this. And, a part of me hopes that you are right, but that’s just my own irrational optimism talking.

YOU will be TOAST when this happens.

And, you will be TOAST because of Ezekiel’s Fire.

The Bible is very clear that there will be a solar event that will knock everything down. I describe that in my book Ezekiel’s Fire – which will also be updated and rewritten after I’m done with When Jacob Returns. The irony is that there are NON-Christians who are preparing for Ezekiel’s Fire, while many who claim to be followers of Christ sit around, doing nothing.

Here’s an example of someone who KNOWS that this solar event is incoming:


Ben Davidson is NOT a Christian, yet he knows something that Christians should have known for centuries – that a  micronova or superflare will smash our civilization flat. It’s in the Bible, but too many foolish Christians are ignoring it because they’ve been listening to false teachers.

It’s time for foolish Christians to wake up and realize that they’ve been lied to for a very long time. Some of those lies are understandable but not this one:

“Gog is the Antichrist”

That’s a lie from the pits of Hell, but that doesn’t stop people from repeating it. And, it has 98 thousand search results. But, notice what happens when we do a search for the opposite of that statement:

“Gog is not the Antichrist”

You only get 31 search results with that one, and two of those are mine. Most of the rest are those who disagree that statement. And no, there isn’t a third option. Gog either is – or is not – the Antichrist. And, there is overwhelming proof that he is not.

All that you need, to see it for yourself, is an ounce of Hebrew and a pound of willingness to look at all of this for yourself. This isn’t rocket science. It’s not that hard. But, you need to throw off the blinders that are keeping you from seeing the obvious.

Unfortunately, you do not have much time to do all of that.

Gog and Magog is already getting ready to happen. It could happen in a few months. It might take a few years, but not more than a few years. And, the reason why it is so close is precisely due to the collapse in energy resources that started years ago.

Energy And Resource Collapse

Energy availability has been in decline for years, but you probably didn’t see it because our energy reserves have been financialized to an extreme level. Annnnd… we’ve hit our limit on that. There is only so much that you can financialize, for only so long. Eventually, your debts come due, and you go to war.

Do you need a factoid to understand my point?

Then think on this terrifying statement:

“We will never go back to the height of 2018 [oil] production.”

That is from Art Berman, the number one oil expert in the world. He is the ONLY Petroleum Geophysicist willing to speak out about this, and that’s because he’s independent. And, you can hear him make that statement in this video:

Art Berman (Oil Expert On Price, Cost, Value, History And Future, Of Oil) RCS Ep. 51

Here’s why this statement is terrifying – assuming that you love your children:

This means war to the death for our civilization, and then the coming of Gog and Magog.

The wars that will bring our civilization to its knees, started years ago, but they are about to increase in intensity. The only question is over how long it will take before the coming of Gog and Magog happens, and then Ezekiel’s Fire. But, the answer to that question starts with clearly understanding these two points:

Gog is NOT the Antichrist

 – and –

Gog comes BEFORE the Antichrist.

Kids, please get this right. I don’t want to watch you die.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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18 thoughts on “Gog Is NOT The Antichrist – And Why It’s So Important”

  1. Brother John,
    Thanks for your work and observations. I like the Suspicious0bservers youtube page too.
    That solar flare- Ezekiel’s fire- is going to wipe out billions. As we found out in Texas last week, when the power is down, very few people even have three days worth of food in their house.
    On a side note- remember Stefan Molyneaux? Down the memory hole he went. He said when they ‘disappear’ you digitally, that is just practice for disappearing you literally. no one will ever know.
    You are right sir- we are all in big trouble.
    your brother,

    • Yeah, when they find out that we don’t shut up when they shut down our social media, they’ll need to turn to more forceful measures to shut us up. Religious wars are always the worst. I find it interesting that the Left doesn’t think of themselves as having a religion. Thanks, Darryl! – JL

  2. John,

    I have been thinking about two things for a little while, but a lot this week. The first is this march towards globalization and why it’s bad from a Christian perspective. At first thought, it should sound good for a Christian as Jesus unites us all if we accept Him and follow Him. It would seem that Christianity should strive for acceptance of such a position versus nationalism.

    But then it hit me the other day as a major reason why Christians should be terrified of Globalization and of acceptance of it. Stepping to my 2nd thought for a second, I have personally been struggling recently with the thought of what should an “ideal” man look and act like. Honestly I’ve struggled with this my whole life because I was abandoned by my father at birth and have always had to wing it. Especially as a father myself!

    Anyway, we are taught in the US, that a man should be physically imposing, macho, proud, somewhat arrogant, violent or willing to commit violence with not much thought or provocation. As a Christian, this somewhat seems to be the antithesis of Jesus. And also nothing like what God had intended for us in the Garden (I am continuing to have thoughts of having a Genesis Garden of Eden mentality regarding my “needs” in life).

    But what my mind has been going back to continually as an American archetype for a male and/or strong leader is Nimrod. From what I understand is he was a physical specimen of a man and also a violent, prideful, great and mighty hunter. And he boasted of everything he accomplished was of his own accord, nothing from the God of his great grandfather Noah. And it was also during this time period of the Earth that the Tower of Babel would’ve been constructed. The same tower and government that was using a somewhat globalizing effort to reach the Heaven’s and place these peoples, as they thought, on parity with the same God that flooded the Earth before.

    And it was here that God confused the language, and divided the peoples of the Earth in confusion until this day! History is repeating itself. Human beings look for and to model this very coming archetype of Nimrod, Christians included, for all of their answers!

    Who knows, maybe the Antichrist will be a supposed “resurrection” of Nimrod himself after the destruction of the Earth that Gog/Magog and Ezekiel’s Fire brings. With all that has happened so far under Biden and with the COVID 19 hysteria, I don’t think it will take much longer for multitudes of people, again, Christians included, to accept a Nimrod with open arms. I think the same spirit behind Nimrod, the Tower of Babel, and now Globalists, is readying the world for reunification again. But not under Jesus, but the ultimate Nimrod himself, Satan. It’s the ultimate imposter of the Kingdom model, with the appearance of good intentions. Kind of like appearing like an angel of light.

    Sorry for such a long comment, I just wanted to share what randomly came into my mind recently and has been sitting there. Lastly, something you wrote in your last article has really struck me. I have really struggled with it, and I thank you sir!

    • Hi Dan,

      There are a lot of threads to the danger of globalization. And, as you say, the rejection of God and the reliance on man is a key element. In fact, everything that we seem to be wrestling with right now appears to be directly connected to the worship of the self.

      “We can be anything that we desire to be,” they say – forgetting that we have limits, imposed by God.

      The irony is that this march towards globalization would not be as big of a threat if our churches weren’t corrupt. Power and money have seduced our pastors and seminaries, and that has led Christians further and farther away from God.

      I’m so sorry that your dad abandoned you. That’s a terrible thing. I’ve noticed that bad fathers make it harder for children to understand how God can love us so much. But, God overcomes all such barriers.

      God bless you, Dan. Great comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Thanks John for your work & research.
    I wonder if you ever listen to jana & steve ben noon about Israel??
    They call it a Nazi state & evil. Very disturbing to hear what they proclaim…
    I know that Israel is not living to gods law and sin is rampant there,but they are still
    Gods people according to prophesies and covenant.
    The lord will deal with them as well with all christians.
    Would like your opinion on this matter.
    thanks ,George

    • Hi George,

      Jana and Steve Ben Noon are false teachers. And, calling Israel a ‘Nazi state’ and ‘evil’ is just more false teaching.

      I lived in Israel for 15 years, and I was treated extremely well – even though I was openly Christian. And, I am eye witness to the fact that no one treats the Arabs better than Israel. In fact, Israeli Arabs are treated better than any Arab in any other country in the Middle East.

      There are a lot of crackpots and false teachers making stupid and ignorant claims about Israel. Jana and Steve are just one more example. I don’t know how they drifted away from Christianity, but it’s clear that they have.

      You can also look up their foolish heresies, if you like.

      I hope that helps, George.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. Hi John,
    thanks, you are right Gog is NOT the AC, a lot of awful things will take place before the AC emerges. And, those things are at our doors. At this point I’m pretty sure that what Ben Davidson says (micronova) is precisely described in Revelation as Seal 6th. The description is as exact, as it could be. It’s terrifying, but we can also add another question: what comes before/with Gog. Just to start:
    -is it Israel’s “covenant with Death”? I don’t know, but, for sure, it spells WAR (Seal 2), probably global war. Not “peace and security”. At the same time we have another pieces of the puzzle: economies are collapsing, only this week I saw “Weimar hyperinflation” phrase used by 10 different authors, at least (and, for example, Polish government printed 100% of GDP in a single 2020 year). Are the WEC actions you mentioned compatible with the Seal 1? Seems they are. And, there is Davidson again:
    If I understand it correctly, in 1-2 years we can face winters like never before. Once those processes kick in, it will be fast. There’s more: about two years ago, reading the book of Job, I had a small brain shutdown reading this:
    “Have you entered the storehouses of the snow
    or seen the storehouses of the hail
    which I reserve for times of trouble,
    for days of war and battle?”
    I cannot recall any historic conditions, involving war and trouble (concerning Israel), which can be associated with snow and hail. Oh, and I don’t believe it’s about Stalingrad in 1942/43. By the way, waning Earth’s magnetic field, means more highly energetic particles reaching atmosphere; they support ice concentration, which is… hail – if you ask who told me that, it’s Ben Davidson. So, yes, after all of those things (up to Seal 6) there will be no air forces (requiring extensive infrastructure, fuel and qualified personnel). But I also know, that AK47, once produced, will be able to shoot forever (I was trained to use it in college in communist Poland). That explains a lot.
    God bless you John, we are here – time starts to run faster!
    Yours in Christ

    • Hi Chris,

      I remember not that long ago, rejecting the idea that a pole flip would occur in our lifetime. Now, it’s all too real.

      The irony is that all of this would needed to have been set in motion thousands of years ago. The position of the continents. The cycle of magnetic pole reversals for Earth AND the Sun. The location of hydrocarbons and uranium. Even the gamma rays that are responsible for ‘ice nucleation’.

      God’s Hand in all of this is utterly astounding.

      And, that link about the Palestinian State. I missed that one, so thanks for sharing that. The irony is that none of the Arab governments in the Middle East actually want a Palestinian State. But, the Deep State morons appointed by Biden are intent on bringing it about. (I’ve always wondered if the Palestinians would be the ‘trigger’ for Gog and Magog.)

      I keep asking myself why we have to be so stupid, but I guess that it’s God’s way of demonstrating that we are nothing without Him.

      You have a great perspective on the events that we find ourselves living through, Chris. Well done, brother.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      PS. Yeah. That AK-47. Heavy, but reliable.

  5. Hi John – thank you for sharing this very intriguing article.

    Can you elaborate on what you are thinking in regards to the timing window being soon to a few years for Gog and by extension Ezekials fire prior to that?

    • For more than a hundred years, all of our wars have been ‘oil wars’. As oil and other sources of energy decline, war will increase. This has already begun. The question is about when and how fast the tempo of war will increase. I will be going into more detail on this, Lord Willing, in the coming weeks. I hope that helps, mem. – JL

  6. Any idea why Armstrong is not saying anything about now being on the downside of peak oil? I read him faithfully and I haven’t seen anything on it, although he often writes about how crucial it is and how these green reset fanatics cannot possibly make things work without it. ??? Very puzzling.

    • Hi DRG,

      You’ve hit on something that I’ve been thinking about myself, and there’s a connection to our own ability to directly see the effects of declining energy.

      FIRST – Armstrong’s AI – Socrates – has been set up, primarily, to see capital flows. As I understand it, Socrates doesn’t always know WHY the money is flowing, but I could be wrong. Having said that, Socrates has many inputs. I believe that it does read the news and connects its capital flow analysis with the news that it reads.

      SECOND – Energy availability is such a foundational issue, that I’m betting that it would be hard to analyze properly – unless you created a specific algorithm dedicated to measuring in-the-ground energy reserves, extraction costs, refining costs and transportation costs.

      THIRD – There probably haven’t been enough customers asking Armstrong to create a specific energy resource model – especially since the true cost of these resources have been buried under a mountain of debt, subsidies and that oh-so-excellent narcotic, hopium.

      That’s just off the top of my head. We’ll see what Martin does, in the future.

      I’m waiting to see what happens to the cost of transportation fuel over the next couple of months, as the economy tries to return to normal. If prices don’t explode, maybe we’ll be able to be optimistic. (I LOVE HOPIUM!) If they do rise sharply higher, there will be trouble in Whoville.

      Excellent question, DRG. Thank you.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. Hi John
    Maybe the reason why the A/C is using ships is because of the solar flare already took out all the tech. Ships can still utilize wind.
    Maybe the timeline looks more like:
    1. Gog/ Magog war
    2. Solar flare
    3. A/C…

  8. Yee Haw!! It is nice that GOD has rain and Hail stored up. We have all this weather tech hidden and other cute weapon systems. Wipe out these fancy computer systems to all those satellites and GOD will have the weather all to himself once again. Ships might have secondary systems for steering and propulsion should computer systems get a massive pulse. In Texas someone said nuking a snowball in a microwave creates sparks after the big blizzard. Hmmm.. The blindness of peripheral vision is maddening. If it cannot be seen or the boob tube doesn’t show it it doesn’t exist. The bugs no longer smear the windshield as more species fade away. The ecosystems disappear from farming practices. Indiana would be unrecognizable to you. The fencerows and ditches no longer support wildlife. If not for a few remaining patches of woods we would look like Kansas. Pathetic!! Good articles. How is GERD doing?? Limited hangout is driving me nuts. News coverage and months of nothing. We have dozens lining up for wuflu shots here and I can see myself being dragged away should I been there to see it. MSM says shots are good for you while world news says otherwise. Those conspiracy theorists are solo whacked. Sigh!!

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