Stop Worshiping Leaders

The idolatry among professing Christians is nothing short of amazing, and pastors are encouraging it. They love the personality cult that surrounds them. They love the rock star status. And, they love hiding their sins behind a code of secrecy

The Pharisees did exactly the same thing, and Jesus called them children of the Devil. They were the pastors of their era, and Jesus called them out and said that they were vile and evil. He said that they were whited graves, vipers and children of Satan.

Today, instead of the Pharisee, we have the sinful pastor.


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Stop Worshiping Leaders

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Brazen Proof of Election Interference

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The Top 24 Videos for February 21st 2021


I can hardly believe the amount of false teaching and false teachers. Joel Osteen, Chuck Baldwin, John MacArthur, Kenneth Copeland, James MacDonald, Steve Quayle, Jerry Falwell, Doreen Virtue, Justin Peters, Michael Brown, Benny Hinn, Paula White, Rick Wiles, Hillsong, the Roman Catholic Church, and even the Southern Baptist Convention – and so very, very much more. And, the amount of false doctrine that they and those like them teach is nothing short of amazing.

There is only one Bible. Only one. Yet, very few seem interested in reading it. We can’t even get the Bible translated properly.

Does anyone actually believe in God anymore?

People are worshiping at the feet of a man – and sometimes a woman – and calling it Christianity. They claim to follow Christ, while lifting people up, to be above our Lord and Savior. And, if you think that you aren’t doing that, let me ask you:

Is there anyone that you do not allow to be criticized?

If there is, you have fallen into idolatry. I don’t care who it is, Donald Trump, Mother Teresa, Ronald Reagan, George Washington, or any other hero that you venerate… if I can’t offer objective criticism, you have a spiritual problem. And, I hope that there is no one in your life that you are not able to see as flawed and even foolish.

And, you had better include me in the ‘flawed and even foolish’ category. If you don’t, I’ll never talk to you again. Mrs. Little knows that I’m a moron, and you’d better agree with her – OR, ELSE!

Only one person deserves to be put on a pedestal, and that is Jesus Christ. He is the only one that ever walked the earth, who never ever should be criticized. EVER. That’s it. No one else gets that treatment.

Even in the spiritual realm, only the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are above all criticism. Yes, angels are without sin, but they are hardly perfect. For instance, Gabriel was less-than-successful in helping Daniel understand the vision that he received in chapter 8. And no, I’m not criticizing Gabriel. He did his best, and that’s always good enough. I doubt that anyone other than God could have given Daniel the ability to understand what he saw and heard in that chapter.

Oh, wait…

…did I just shake you up a bit?


Well, let me drop another bomb on you:

Ravi Zacharias is burning in Hell.

Anyone who is an unrepentant adulterer, liar, rapist and fornicator is going to Hell. I don’t care who you are, or what you claim to be. But, proof of unrepentance is proof of spiritual death. And we have abundant proof that Ravi was truly and spiritually dead.

You just cannot do what Ravi Zacharias did – and be unrepentant of it – and have eternal life. You just can’t. It’s not possible.

Now, let me be clear:

It’s not his sin that condemns Ravi Zacharias to Hell.

It’s his lack of repentance.

We all sin. We’re all morons. We all deserve to go to Hell. All of us. The only difference is that we are repentant. The difference is that we admit to our guilt and ask God to forgive us – and take relevant steps to not do it again. And, when we harm others, we do our best to undo the harm that we’ve done.

I first heard of what Ravi Zacharias had done, here:

Making Sense of the Ravi Zacharias Scandal

That’s David Wood on his YouTube channel Acts17Apologetics. David doesn’t pull any punches in that video, except that Ravi probably gets better treatment than he deserves. David doesn’t make the point about Ravi’s eternal destiny.

Here’s another, longer video:

What Ravi Did and Where We Go From Here

And, we had some indication that there were serious spiritual problems with Ravi Zacharias, here:

Apostasy Report – Ravi Zacharias Unmasked /2019 Video Exposed Him & Nobody Listened

Unfortunately, it gets worse:

Ravi Zacharias Pressured Me to Get an Abortion

Here’s the intro from that link:

Today, she’s a retired police officer with 34 years of distinguished service. But in 1974, she was a scared, pregnant teenager. And she says Ravi Zacharias pressured her to get an abortion.

On this edition of The Roys Report, Julie speaks with Shirley Steward, who says when she was 17, she became pregnant with the child of Ravi Zacharias’ younger brother, Ramesh Zacharias. Distraught and scared, Steward said the two sought advice from Ravi, who at the time was an up-and-coming preacher in the Toronto church they both attended. To her shock, Steward says Ravi urged her to get an abortion.

For all these years, Steward says she’s lived with not only the devastating consequences of her decision, but with the shame of being called a liar when she’s tried to expose Ravi for what he did.

On this episode, you’ll hear Steward’s gut-wrenching story. You’ll also hear how Ravi responded to Steward’s accusation in a personal letter to her.

And hopefully, we’ll all gain a better understanding and compassion for the vulnerable who sometimes become casualties of the vain aspirations of others. 

I’m sorry, but Ravi Zacharias was a devil from at least 1974. You don’t get away with pressuring someone into murdering their children, and then being unrepentant about it.

Did he think that God would overlook this?

Did he think that his ‘good works’ would outweigh his sins?

Did he forget that God sees EVERYTHING?

As I think about how insane this is, I am tempted to name other names – names of evil men and women who have been used by Satan to break apart churches and harm spiritual lives. And, I am surprised at how willing other pastors are, to cover up the evil that is done in their own churches.

I just looked up one of those names. Yup. He still calls himself a ‘Christ Follower’. How utterly amazing. His name is Rick, and that’s as far as I’ll go in identifying him directly.

The interesting thing is that Rick and Ravi share one interesting characteristic that allowed them to go unchallenged in their sin:

A rich, vibrant voice coupled with a powerful charisma

They both knew how to speak well. And, when they got behind a microphone, people listened. They both had lots of charisma, and people fell for it.

Unfortunately, Rick is still out there tearing up churches and causing trouble. And, I have yet to see an ounce of humility in him, for his adultery. And, the only reason why he’s still able to cause trouble, is that people don’t hold him accountable.

It is long past time for Christians to hold their leaders accountable. One of the reasons why we are in so much trouble is that we have not been willing to critically examine our leadership. We have been unwilling to apply a Biblical model to our churches, and that needs to stop.

One day, we will all stand before the Lord and give an account for our thoughts and actions. Every single one. And, you won’t be able to point to your pastor for why you failed in your duty towards God.

Leave the personality cult.

Stop worshiping flawed leaders.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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16 thoughts on “Stop Worshiping Leaders”

  1. Thank you, excellent subject,very timely,the Lord has been telling
    me this for a few weeks now.Thanks for the confirmation.

  2. Hi John,
    I would like to get your opinion on the New Testament translation from Aramaic by Victor Alexander. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Oh dear. You zeroed in on a painful question. I want to believe that he repented of his sins, and that Proverbs demonstrates that. BUT, we don’t have absolute proof that Proverbs was a ‘book of repentance’. So yeah, as painful as that is, we have to assume that he burns in Hell. Excellent comment, as always, Bondo! – JL

  3. Hi John

    I wanted to share with you this video that a fellow shared with me recently. This woman really knows her stuff and is blessed with a good sense of humor. I think you would enjoy her website Nothing Qanon here too, Yay!!

    I also wanted to thank you again for your ministry. The video you sent dissecting the disinformation about the Time magazine article entitled, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election” really came in handy in a discussion I was having with a leftist leaning friend, the timing of that was truly perfect. That guy in the video talks faster than I can think but the few points that I picked up were enormously helpful in combating the lies that are so rampant in our society toady. God bless you and your wife as you seek to love and serve our Lord and savior Jesus Christ

  4. Hi John
    just was delving into that good patriot website more. Seems like a fair and legit website but lots of layers to it, certainly more than this woman posting videos. Just wanted you to know so you could check it out before you would share the website information and/or her video

  5. You included John MacArthur & Justin Peters in your false teacher list. Can you explain why you considered them to be false teachers???

    • Hi Fred,

      I’m afraid that John MacArthur has made some morally questionable decisions that look really corrupt. Further, he has allied himself with others who are definitely false teachers. Just look at what Joshua Chavez at Servus Christi has exposed.

      Not good. Really not good.

      But then, there are some doctrinal statements that he has made that are an abomination. Like, you can take the Mark of the Beast and not go to Hell. And, he has never repented of that statement.

      Extremely bad.

      And, what I know about Justin Peters comes from Joshua Chavez, also. Justin has made some questionable decisions and questionable alliances, and has criticized others for doing what he has done. This isn’t on the same level as Paula White or Benny Hinn, but it’s still a problem.

      I hope that helps, Fred.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. I was wondering if you would do a blog entry on Ravi.

    My heart is so broken. I have seen false shepherds, discerned false shepherds, experienced false shepherds, and have called out people for not confronting when it should have been done. I could go on, but what’s the point.

    At the end of the day, all we can do is make sure we are constantly examining ourselves and be transparent.

    And yes, friends will be lost and enemies will be made. They may come around and they may not. That is the way it is when dealing with people ensnared by cults of all sorts. Everyone has a choice, even when they don’t think they do. Just choose well.

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