Breaking Out Of Delusion

Our society has become so divorced from reality, that we don’t know where our food comes from, how our electricity is generated or why fuel is so cheap and available. Our wealth has been so incredible for so long, that we take our luxuries for granted and call them necessary. And, with all of our prosperity, we have spun fanciful tales of our own greatness.

In short, we are living a delusion and ignoring the wolves at the door.

I also talk about The False Prophets of Profit – Redux, The Predators Among Us, Increasing Censorship and there are always Links From The Past Week.


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Breaking Out Of Delusion

Breaking Out Of Delusion

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Cognitive Dissonance Humor

The False Prophets of Profit – Redux

The Predators Among Us

Increasing Censorship

Links From The Past Week


[NOTE: This is an extensive rewrite. What I wrote on Friday was NOT up-to-standard, so I rewrote most of it. – JL ]

I am continually surprised at just how delusional we all are. All of us. You. Me. Everyone. And, I am as much of an example of this as anyone that you could name. And, I have spent a lifetime fighting to escape the delusions that our society encourages us to believe. And when I say ‘society’, there isn’t just one.

Think of all the societies that you interact with: family, neighborhood, workplace, church, school, government, civic associations, healthcare, stores, repair services, utility companies and even the traffic that we fight through every day. Those are all groups of people bound together for a certain purpose. They are all… in, and of themselves …individual societies. And, I’m sure that you can think of more than just those.

Spinning Stories

And, aside from achieving their main function, they are almost always doing something else:

Spinning a story

All the groups of people that we interact with have a story that they are telling themselves and trying to get you to believe in. Hopefully, most of those stories are based in something close to reality. The problem is that stories aren’t very much fun, if there’s too much reality.

Everybody Is Selling Something

Another way of putting this, is that everyone is selling something. Everyone. You. Me. Your neighbor. We’re all selling something. I’m ‘selling’ Eternal Life through faith in Jesus Christ. I’m also selling extras like Devotion to God, Obedience To Our Lord, Reading The Bible and Why Chinese Food Is Terrible.

So, always ask yourself about what someone is selling, ‘cuz everyone is selling SOMETHING.

And, when you are literally surrounded by advertising and sales pitches that scream stories that they want you to buy, well that’s a lot of selling to try and ignore.

Is there a half-naked woman in an advertisement for a men’s product?

They’re selling you the story that gorgeous women will like you more, if you shell out money for that product.

Is there a manly man selling that same kind of product?

That’s a slightly different message, but since we men are inherently competitive, we’ll fall for that one, too. We men like being manly.

Is a beautiful woman holding up a product that women normally buy?

That’s right, you’ll be as beautiful as she is, if you buy that product. You’ll get the guy. You’ll be a great mother. You’ll have [insert desire here] for the rest of your life. And, as someone once told me about sex in advertising, when a man looks at a hypersexualized woman on a billboard, he wants to be WITH that woman. When a woman looks at the same advertisement, she wants TO BE that woman.

The Sale And Marketing Of Delusions

I learned some of that, studying marketing and sales when I was in college and at my first job, more than 30 years ago. And, the lies being told in advertisements, infomercials, white papers, press releases, and product placements are everywhere. Lie after lie, carefully crafted to separate YOU from your money. And, I am completely and utterly disgusted by all of it. I HATE most of what we call marketing and sales.

Most of it is dishonest manipulation.

The worst thing about it is the delusions that all this marketing feeds. Instead of selling you what is real, they sell you a delusion. A fantasy. And, when the fantasy wears out, they convince you to go and get another one. And another, and another. And, those delusions pile up into one big hallucination that isn’t anywhere close to real.

That toothpaste won’t make you happy.

That new car won’t make your life better.

That new smartphone won’t make you special.

Beautifying the outside, won’t fix the ugly that’s inside.

All of that storytelling and manipulation has created a society that is completely divorced from reality. And that unreality is reflected in an entertainment industry selling sex without consequences. And, along with their hypersexualized message, comes all kinds of lies about God, family, government, relationships and morality.

Worse, we are paying them to give us these delusions. It’s obscene. No… No, actually it’s worse than that.

It’s idolatry.

So, stop giving them money. Stop supporting the industry responsible for deceiving the world. Stop investing in the idolatry that’s killing you.

Breaking Free Of Delusions

And, now that you are doing that…

…how do you break out of the delusions that you are afflicted with?

That’s a hard one. I’ve had some pretty brutal awakenings over the past few decades. And, I shudder to think about any others that might be in my future. I would like to think that I’m done with having my world turned upside down. But, I doubt it. But, there’s one phrase that has always stood me in good stead:

Prove It.

That’s right. Those two words. Prove. It. And, if you can’t, don’t expect me to believe you. And, you need a lot more than circumstantial evidence, dubious eye witnesses and moral authority. If you want me to believe something, you’d better show me HOW it works in a way that makes sense.

Otherwise, forget it.

There are downsides to that. You’ll make a lot of people mad at you. You’ll get frown lines and disgust wrinkles. You’ll probably get depressed. But, you will see A LOT more clearly.

And right now?

You REALLY need to see as clearly as you possibly can.

But, there’s a lot more to this whole, ‘prove it’ way of life. If you don’t have something to compare to, it’s hard to know how wrong something is.

Get A Firm Foundation To Stand On

I once asked a bunch of college students in one of my classes about evil. I had thought that surely they would understand what evil was. But, they were literally clueless.

When I listed the most infamous mass-murderers of this world, and asked them if any those people were evil – they just gave me blank looks. And, when I asked them to mention something that was evil, they couldn’t. They literally did not know what evil was. They couldn’t even tell me what was bad.

All that they could do was tell me what they liked, and what they didn’t like. That was it, and it was the most frustrating and appalling teaching experience that I’d ever had. And, Mrs. Little was laughing at me the whole time, ‘cuz she knew what I had just done to myself.

Post modern thinking is so stupid, I can’t believe it. But, Mrs. Little knew all about that, since she’d been working with teenagers for a whole lot longer than I had. And, she had fun watching me trying to figure out what had just happened.

I was discovering that these college students – and students like them – had no moral foundation on which to judge right and wrong. They couldn’t tell me what evil was, because they had nothing to compare it to. In short:

They had no basis for morality.

They didn’t have God as their foundation.

Hopefully, you have made God your foundation by acknowledging your sins, repenting of them, accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and committing yourself to obey God for the rest of your life. If you have gotten that far, the hardest part is over.

But, only the hardest part.

Like you, I am shocked by how insane everything is. But, you and I share something that the insane have lost – a moral foundation. Once you take away someone’s moral foundation, everything else begins to erode away… including any foundation for reality.

What happens when you lose your foundation for reality?

Cognitive Dissonance

Well, there’s an interesting term that you have probably heard me talk about, and you will probably hear it more and more from me in the future:

Cognitive Dissonance

We could get all technical, but it basically means…

…two thoughts or perceptions clashing in your head.

Of course, that kind of thing happens a lot. The process of learning usually means dealing with the clash of ideas. It’s one of the reasons why some educators like to destroy moral, ideological and religious foundations, to make it easy to replace your system of belief with what they want you to believe. And, if your teachers and professors have programmed you right, you will reject ANYTHING that disagrees with your new perception of reality.

For instance, I once had a conversation with a rather intelligent person. The conversation essentially boiled down to this:

Orange man bad


Obama good


Immigrant kids in cages


Trump hurts kids

(Even though Obama was the one who put the immigrant kids in cages, and for good reasons.)

This was an intelligent guy who had been thoroughly programmed by his environment and his teachers. I literally could not blame this person for believing this way, because there was no other way for him to believe. Considering where he lived and how he got there, he didn’t have much of a choice. But, let’s bring this closer to home. 

But, what about you?

Let’s say that you’ve invested your whole life in a certain idea. That idea could be Calvinist, Arminian, Catholic, Pretrib, Posttrib, Atheist, or whatever passionate idea that you grew up with. Then, let’s say that someone comes along and proves that your passion is dead wrong.

What do you do, if you are ‘most people’?

Attack the messenger and burn ‘im at the stake.

Instead of dealing with the mental conflict of two opposing thoughts, most people neutralize the ‘new thought’ by removing the messenger. But, there’s worse. A lot worse.

A lot of the time, cognitive dissonance results in a kind of hallucination. And, my favorite hallucination is the result of the Theory of Evolution. And, it goes like this:

God cannot exist


Complex systems are unlikely to occur by accident


Aliens did it

We are surrounded by amazingly complex systems in the natural world. Yet, because many scientists just cannot handle the idea of God, they believe in the Theory of Evolution. But, when pressed over the idea that complexity cannot happen by accident… they retreat into saying that aliens probably did it.

The belief in aliens is pure cognitive dissonance.

Choose any strong belief system that has some kind of error in its foundation, and you will get cognitive dissonance every time. Mormons, Muslims, Atheists, Q-Supporters, Democrats, Republicans, Obamanistas, Trump hooligans, Leftists, Right wingers, patriots, Baptists, Pentecostals, Catholics and whoknowwhoelse will usually have some error that they are desperate to hold onto. Prove that error to be wrong, and you will get branded a delusional heretic and burned at the stake.

How many times have I been ‘burned at the stake’?


(But, since it comes with the job, I don’t mind.)

YOUR Cognitive Dissonance

The question is…

…what error do you have running around in your head, that you are desperate to hold onto?

And, if I prove that error wrong…

…will you burn me at the stake?

Again, I don’t mind if you do, but I always know when I’ve hit a nerve, when a lot of ‘unsubscribes’ happen after saying something that disagreed with a tightly held idea. But, I know that ‘hitting a nerve’ is important, so I will keep doing it. The question is whether Christians are willing to be like the Jews of Berea, or the Jews of Thessalonica. Here’s what Acts says about the Bereans:

10 The brethren immediately sent Paul and Silas away by night to Berea, and when they arrived, they went into the synagogue of the Jews. 11 Now these were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so.

 – Acts 17:10-11 (NASB 1995)

The noble Jews of Berea went and checked to see if Paul and Silas were right. They dealt with their cognitive dissonance by looking at the proof. The morons of Thessalonica threw stones.

So, I think that it’s time to create a ‘proof habit’. The next time someone says something that you don’t like, maybe you should talk about proof before throwing stones or gathering firewood for a good burning-at-the-stake.

Especially if that person is your pastor.

Here, do this. Go to your pastor this Sunday and ask him about how much truth he needs to hold back when he’s preaching. And then, ask him why he needs to do that. I doubt that there are very many pastors out there who aren’t forced to ‘pull their punches’ when they’re behind the pulpit.

The best pastors give you the truth, straight and undiluted, but they don’t tend to last very long. We don’t like truth very much. Truth doesn’t make us feel very good about ourselves, so we tend to hold back on our tithes if our pastor makes us feel bad about the sins that we love the most.

The Joel Osteens of this world?

They’re doing great.

The question is… what delusions are you and I still caught in?

I’ve had a lot of them over the years, and that probably means that there are more to discover and cast out. It has been a constant struggle to face my own foolish fantasies, and I wonder when it will ever end.

What foolish fantasies do you still have?

Are you willing, to cast them out?


Cognitive Dissonance Humor

Okay, Cognitive Dissonance is pretty serious, but you can still have fun with most things that are pretty serious. Here are a few Dilbert examples:


The False Prophets of Profit – Redux

Last week, I did a short segment on false prophets, and a reader sent in a video on that same topic. It’s a good one, so I think that you might want to give it a listen. It’s from the Whaddo You Meme channel:

How False Prophesiers Get You

THAT was a lot more in-depth than my own ‘drive-by-shooting’ version. Very good thoughts and excellent insight. And, having Kenneth Copeland wave his finger at us, with that devil grimace of his… (brrrrr!)

I’m sorry, but Kenny ain’t no Christian.

Just sayin’.

Again, I believe that ANYONE who got a  prophecy wrong, should never, EVER be trusted to give another prophecy. If a person has proven that he or she cannot tell the difference between their own thoughts, and the words of God, they cannot be trusted to ever do that again. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t saved. It just means that you shouldn’t believe any prophecy that they make.


The Predators Among Us

Another reader sent me this video, and it reinforced in my mind, all the reasons why God must destroy us:

Producer of “Hunger Games” talks about Hollywood [child rapists]

The guy in that video, John Paul Rice, is not a Christian. Nor is he a fringe conspiracy maniac. He isn’t trying to get you to believe in Ancient Aliens, Nazis Under the Ice or Big Foot. This isn’t about the Illuminati, the CFR or Hillary Clinton’s taste in clothing.

It’s about one thing:

Protecting children

(He’s also doing a little ‘evangelism’ for his own personal beliefs, but that’s beside the point.)

Precious children are being abused, raped and murdered by the elite of our society. And, those elites who are NOT raping and murdering kids, are covering up the fact that it’s happening. And, there are enough people crying out against these atrocities, that you would think that something would be done about this. But, they’re being ignored.


Because paying attention to this would ‘pop’ the fantasy that we are all living in.

No one talks about…

…the trillions of dollars of heroin flowing out of Afghanistan, via the CIA and allied intelligence agencies.

…surveillance functions embedded in almost every one of our computers and smartphones.

…the 50 million babies that are murdered every year via ‘abortion’. (137 thousand a day; almost a hundred precious children murdered, every minute)

…the horrifying corruption in our governments.

So, the fact that no one is talking about the rape and murder of children is nothing to be surprised at. It’s just one more thing that ‘no one is talking about’. And, our silence is giving foul people all the support that they could possibly want, to do the evil that they are doing. We are enabling them.

Here’s a bit more on John Paul Rice and his own efforts to help stem the flow of evil:

John Paul Rice Exposes Hollywood Pedophilia

A Child’s Voice on Vimeo

ACV Letter Ark Of Hope for Children

No Restriction Entertainment

John Paul Rice Google Search

I would love to believe that we can turn back this awful tide of evil. But, until our churches repent of their sins and seek to undo the evil that they have done, I just don’t think that there’s any turning back. There are things that we can do individually, but expecting complacent Christians to stand up as a group and do something, is a hopeless waste of time. But, don’t let my pessimism stop you from doing something.

If God puts it on your heart to try and rescue the kids that are being abused, raped and murdered, get going and do it. And, the place to start is always with your own church and the community around it.


Increasing Censorship

Censorship is on the increase. I know that this isn’t news to you, but it’s getting more and more personal as I start finding blocks to my own ability to have my voice heard.

On Thursday, I tried to publish this video on YouTube:

The QHoax

I was able to eventually get YouTube to accept it, by getting rid of any reference to Q@non in the tags. Yeah. YouTube didn’t want me to talk about Q – even if I was criticizing the ‘movement’. That’s stupid, but that’s YouTube.

By the way, that video will be public on Wednesday, February 3rd. But, you get to see it now, on Rumble.

Unfortunately, this censorship problem is getting worse and worse. Tony Koretz at AMinuteToMidnite got censored by YouTube for daring to interview John Haller, and Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog has been hit with the Ban Hammer, too.

The good thing is that they have their own websites, here:

A Minute To Midnite

Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog

A Minute To Midnite is hosting their videos on their own site, and Greg Hunter has set up a Rumble account, here:

USAWatchdog on Rumble

I have also started to upload videos to Rumble, and my channel is here:

OmegaShock on Rumble

I have the server space and infrastructure to host all my videos on my own server, but I will be trying out Rumble to see how it goes. The issue isn’t just hosting. It’s also about visibility on search engines and the suchlike.

Eventually, I might set up my own video distribution site, offering content from other video creators. It would be a headache, but doable. But, since I have other headaches happening right now, I’ll need to wait on that one.

By the way, a lot of Omega Shock articles are being banned on Google Search. This shadow banning has been going on for years. Eventually, Christians will wake up and start creating their own ‘search engine’. Unfortunately, it will probably be too late when that happens.

The good thing is that God is in control. We don’t need to fear being silenced, since God will always provide ways to get His message out. We just need to do the best that we can, with what God has given us.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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  2. Brother John-
    Please suffer me to link to an article on my blog about the abuse of our children- our greatest sin.

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