We Knew That This Was Coming (But, It’s Not All Bad)

The Left have finally done the one thing that they’ve wanted to do for years and years:

Shut down Christians.

This isn’t about Left vs. Right, Conservative vs Liberal. It’s about Christian vs Not-Christian. And, what the Left did over the previous weekend has laid bare all of their plans for those who follow Christ.

It’s also their very own ‘crossing the Rubicon’. They cried “the die has been cast” and went WAY past the point of no return. They have committed themselves to suppressing your ability to speak. And, they can’t reverse it.

The question is… what do we do about this?

(and yes, there are things that you can do)


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We Knew That This Was Coming (But, It’s Not All Bad)

We Knew That This Was Coming (But, It’s Not All Bad)

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When Friday came around last week, I had a post ready to go. But, something didn’t feel right, so I paused and waited to see what would happen on Saturday. It gave me a chance to add to what I’d written and clean it up a bit. And, as the day wore on and reports of the the silencing of Trump and the imminent takedown of Parler increased, I knew that I had to sit on what I was writing and publish it another time..

Events had rushed ahead of my writing.

By Saturday afternoon, Taiwan time, proof of what the Left were planning to do was everywhere. They had already shut down the ability of the United States President to speak directly to the people. And, they were about to shut down the only viable alternative to Twitter. And, they were doing it in a way that was both thorough and coordinated.

It was an appalling act of speech suppression that has little precedent in modern history. And, I’m not sure that very many of you understand just how big this is. Yes, you’ve heard the screeching from the alt-Right media, and some of what they’ve said is a part of how big this is. But, unless you understand how the Internet works – really works – you won’t really understand why this is so bad. So, let’s talk about the Internet.

What I Saw, Years Ago

As you have heard me say, I’ve been involved with computers since the ’80s, and I watched the Internet take shape. Once it escaped DARPA and academia, every geek on the planet had to get their hands on it – including me.

My first website was itmi.com, and I was the first person to create a website for the Jerusalem Zoo (aka, Tisch Family Zoological Gardens). I was trying wiggle my way into a career as a web designer in Jerusalem, when God pushed me in a completely different direction – technical writing. I could write AND understand computer code, and applying my skills to creating computer manuals paid better than web design. More importantly, it allowed me to get a work visa, so that I could live in Israel. And, living in Israel was more important to me than being paid well.

That didn’t keep me from doing websites. And, for around 25 years, I’ve registered lots of domain names, ordered lots of web hosting services and had a lot of IP addresses. But, I’ve always tried hard to stay away from the technology details of the Internet. To me, the most important thing was truth, and getting it into the hands of those who needed it most – Christians.

I’m still doing my very best to get truth into the hands of Christians, but I have found myself embedded ever more deeply into the gritty details of the Internet. I don’t like spending so much time installing and managing servers, but it has opened my eyes as to who is running most of the Internet, and why. And, that’s a good thing.

How They Can Shut You (And Parler) Down

Once upon a time, the Internet was run and maintained by thousands upon thousands of little companies. Now, after years of ‘consolidation’, there are just a few big companies along with some tiny ones waiting for their chance to be big. And, any one of them can shut you down if they don’t like you.

If you are a business that wants a no-headache solution that will allow you to grow as fast and as efficiently as you want, you order Internet services from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM or Oracle. If you want to set up a domain name, you go to GoDaddy or Domain.com. If you want your customers to find your business, you spend money with Google, Facebook or Twitter.

But, what happens when even ONE of those companies turns off your access to their services?

When that happens, you’re finished. Done.

Yes, there ARE alternatives to all of those companies, and I use those alternatives myself. But, for an organization like Parler, it takes a lot of time and effort to make that switch. Parler had the equivalent of hundreds of servers running on Amazon AWS, when Amazon shut them down.

Did Google, Microsoft, IBM or Oracle let Parler switch to their services?

No, of course not.

What Parler will need to do, instead, is go to each major data center in the US and either physically install their own servers or contract with a company to do it for them. They will also need to create data tunnels linking all those servers and be able to quickly ‘install’ lots processing and storage capacity for those times when Internet traffic peaks. And, they will need to do a massive amount of software (re)development to make all of that work.

Amazon’s AWS allowed Parler to expand quickly and easily, without all the headaches that come with that. So, putting everything on AWS seemed like a really good idea. But, that left them vulnerable to being shut down.

By the way, notice that Twitter uses exactly the same Amazon AWS services, and they have even MORE hate on their platform than Parler EVER did.

Will Amazon shut down Twitter?


But, this isn’t the end of the story. We also need to look at all the software that a company like Parler would need to purchase or lease to make their service work.

What happens if companies like Red Hat (IBM), Oracle, Microsoft or Canonical (Ubuntu) deny you the ability to run their server software?

You are forced to go ‘Open Source’, which requires even more support staff to run and operate. I like the Open Source movement, and I use Open Source software as much as I can. But, it’s a LOT harder to work with, and it’s not as well documented as closed-source software. But, we’re still not done.

What happens when ‘hackers’ find your IP address and start attacking your servers?

I currently have two servers and am about to build up a third. They are constantly being attacked – usually from China and Iran. And, on top of that, a major Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on my current hosting provider, brought down their network (and my two servers) for hours each day over the past two weeks. The provider had to invest in extra capacity to handle the attack. Lord willing Omega Shock will be migrated to a new server that is better protected from such DDoS attacks.

The point is that Parler – and other Free-Speech social media outlets – will need to invest in more and more infrastructure to defend themselves from such attacks. And, that costs money. But, as I keep saying… there’s more.

What happens when Android and Apple deny you the right to run on cell phones?

Like they did to Parler?

Most of you are reading this on a Google (Android) or Apple (IOS) smartphone. Either of those companies could block your ability to read this article on your phone. It would NOT be hard to do, and when they do it… my voice will be even smaller than it is now. Google search is already restricting your ability to find my articles on their search engine, and they’ve been doing THAT for years. But ah… there’s MORE.

What happens when your WEB BROWSER decides that you aren’t allowed to watch or read certain content?

They are already doing that in a small way by requiring that websites allow certain secure connections, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If they wanted to, major web browsers like Safari, Chrome and Firefox could literally block your access to Omega Shock. And the CEO of Mozilla – maker of Firefox – has hinted that this is exactly what they intend to do. But, and you’re getting tired of hearing this, there’s more.

What happens when you can’t get access to the money that you need to pay for all of those services?

They are already doing that. Lots and lots of voices have been silenced because banks and electronic transfer companies have shut down access to donations and the ability to sell merchandise. And, when funding access is shut off, you die. And, as I said… it is already happening.

Are you starting to see the point?

This attempt to shut us down started years ago, but it has now accelerated. It’s also well-organized and choreographed, and their goal is to shut off access to ANY information that does not come from an approved source. They are closing down anyone and everyone who offers you an alternative to ‘the narrative’. They’re winning, but they’re not doing this just because of their ideology.

The Love Of Money

They’re also doing it for the money.

Do you remember what I said about Twitter and Parler using the same Internet service provider?

Right, they both use(d) Amazon AWS. And, Twitter actually has many, many times more hate on its platform. Compared to Parler, Twitter is almost the Nazi Party. And, it should be clear that Parler was also shut down because it became a threat to Twitter’s PROFITS.

I can’t say this with absolute certainty, because I do not have access to any inter-company communications. But you would hafta be deaf and blind not to see that the profit motive was the number one decision point. Twitter was going to lose money, so they got Apple and Google and Amazon to shut down their competition – Parler. Money ALWAYS trumps ideology. Never forget that.

It’s Not All Bad News

But, it’s not all bad news.

The good thing is that they are only able to knock out the big players. They’ve taken down Parler, and they’ll eventually get Gab, Rumble and MeWe. And, they’ll take them down, because they’re the biggest players in the game of free speech. But, they can only take down the biggest players.

Who is left after they are gone?

Lots and lots of alternatives.

This is the gigantic mistake that the Left has made. Taking down the ‘free speech’ platforms doesn’t get rid of the people that hold the views that the Elites don’t like. They’re still there, and now they’re even MORE upset than ever – and even more determined to share their views with everyone.

How will they do that?

By thinking small.

Parler made the ‘mistake’ of becoming a nice big target. They put all their resources in one basket and put it all under one roof. It was easier and cheaper. It was a good business decision. And no one thought that Amazon would EVER do what they did. Or, the other ‘Big Tech’ companies.

Parler went big and got shot down. They will come back to life with more operating expenses, but that was only round one. They WILL get shot down again. All that the enemy of free speech needs to do is find the ip address of each server, and attack it – even block it.

Worse, we’ve already had a major web browser company talk about doing more to block free speech sites like Parler. The head of Mozilla, the maker of Firefox, said that she wants a ‘new Internet’ that can “withstand and gird against these types of challenges.”


The maker of Firefox wants to shut you down.

That’s right, Parler could do everything right, and still get blocked by 99% of all the web browsers that people would use to connect to them. So again, Parler, Rumble, MeWe and Gab will eventually be closed down permanently. It also means that BitChute, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Odysee will be shut down, too – or, forced to conform. How ironic that pornography sites will be just fine. You can get free pornography, but you can’t get free speech.

What will you do when that happens?

Again, I said that it wasn’t all bad news and that there were ways around this. And yes, there will always be ways to get the truth out. Omega Shock is one those ways, but there are a lot others. However, it means thinking small, and that means…

Looking for smaller alternatives to Twitter and Facebook…

…or making your own.

The question is…

…what are those alternatives, and…

…do any of you know how to make your own social media site?

Omega Shock has been a kinda/sorta alternative since 2011. I’m pretty small, and few notice what I’m doing. I also know how to operate on a shoestring budget. But, my time and effort – and the services that I use – still cost money. And, people like me will have the same problem. Time, effort and services aren’t free, and never will be.

God’s Way Is Small

Just remember that we can still keep going, even as the darkness closes in on us. It will take ever-increasing time, effort and money to get the job done. But, I know that we can do it, because we Christians have been doing this for two thousand years. Satan always goes big, and God always beats Satan by ‘going small’.

Seriously, the church was built on scattered small groups that were led by the Holy Spirit. For thousands of years, lots of tiny groups defeated the biggest organizations that Satan could throw at them. Satan failed every single time, and he’s going to fail this time, too. But, it means using God’s strategy, and not the strategy of Satan.

Satan WANTS you to ‘think big’ so that he can knock you down.

God wants you to do the opposite, and has always wanted you to do the opposite. But, our church leaders were seduced by Big Church concepts. They were beguiled by big publishers, big seminaries, big bank accounts and big applause. They loved it all, and Satan captured them. And now, it’s time to return to God’s way of doing things.

God’s way is small. God’s way is shoe-string budgets and almost-empty bank accounts. God’s way is humble and inelegant. God’s way is tiny groups led by the Spirit, who love each other and stand with each other. God’s way is even the way of suffering and poverty. And, if we don’t voluntarily choose God’s way, He will choose it for us.

Here’s my own example of how being small helps:

Ivermectin – The One Drug That You Need For The China Virus

YouTube is taking down every video that is talking about Ivermectin as an aid against the China Virus. But, they seem to have a hard time finding these videos, if they’re on a channel that is small – or, if the number of watchers is small. I’m getting away with publishing that video, because I’m a Little person.


I’m a Little person.


So, don’t feel intimidated by the fact that your voice is small. Being small is a benefit because they have a harder time stopping you from spreading the Truth. Little is good. I mean… I really know that.

So, to help you get started, let me ask a few questions:

Does your church have technical people that can set up servers and software to help church members talk to each other and talk to other churches?

Does your church have the extra server space to run self-hosted alternatives to Facebook and Twitter?

Do you have people in your church that are willing to help maintain a website?

Would you like to learn how to do that yourself?

Are you willing to teach what you know?

Are you willing to organize and support small group Bible studies?

Are you willing to read your Bible, every day, cover-to-cover, over and over?

Are you willing to live with less, so that God can use you to do more?

Big churches and big organizations are going to be knocked down by Satan. You will be knocked down with them if you don’t start preparing for that. And now is the time to start. Not tomorrow.

What You Might Want To DO

So, there are some things that you can do, to help push back against the darkness, to get the truth out. You might get shut down on Twitter/Parler/Facebook, etc., but that doesn’t need to stop you. There are still things that you can do to help. But, before reading on, there’s one thing that you must do, right now:

Ask God For Direction!

And no, I don’t just mean making a simple request. I mean casting yourself before God and offering your life – and whatever He wants to do with it – to Him. You should have done that already, but if you haven’t… do that now. And, you had better mean it, with all of your heart. I’m serious.

You won’t make it, if you are half-hearted.

Now, where was I?

Ah yes… things that you can do. Let’s start with getting a website.


Because of rising dishonesty from companies offering Internet services, it has been harder and harder to find organizations that are honest or competent. And, finding one that isn’t morally awful is even harder. As a case-in-point, I have learned the hard way to avoid Godaddy and EIG. Like the plague.

You know who Godaddy is. Your church probably registered their domain with them. But, they are a morally awful company that has marketed their product using pornography. They also have no problem with shutting you down, if they get pressure from ANYONE on the Left. They are Pro-Left and anti-Christian.

My alternative to Godaddy is NameCheap. I recommend using their domain registration services, and they have reasonably good customer support. Their knowledge base is also pretty good. But, DO NOT USE THEIR WEB HOSTING.

WARNING: Never host your website with the company that registered your domain. Keep them separate. Always.

Second, stay away from one of the most dishonest web hosting companies on the planet, EIG – Endurance International Group. You probably have never heard of them, because they are careful to never leave a trace of their ownership in the hosting companies that they’ve bought.

Here are a few EIG web hosts and service providers to avoid:

SuperGreen Hosting
Webzai Ltd.
Webstrike Solutions

You can find a LOT more here:

What is EIG? Who are they? Full List + Alternatives

Unfortunately, that website can only list the KNOWN EIG companies. EIG is gobbling up more and more web hosts and ISPs all the time. However, there are some companies that we know are NOT EIG… yet.

Here are a few that seem to be pretty good:

InMotion Hosting
Liquid Web
WP Engine

If I were starting over, I would use one of those. But, I’ve gotten to the point where I need something more powerful, like a VPS – a Virtual Private Server. Eventually I’ll probably need a dedicated server, but I’m doing my best to avoid that.

If you are just starting out, you will want to stay away from getting a VPS or a dedicated server. Start with a basic ‘web hosting’ account that offers CPanel. Once you hit the limits of what such accounts can give you, check out some of the little companies that lurk here:


Just… um …be careful on that site. Steep discounts are a bad idea. The hosting provider that I am using right now, BuyVM, never offers them. Ever. This was one of the reasons why I went with them.

Most people don’t know that web hosting providers oversell their services. They’ll claim that you’re getting 50 GB of space and lots of processing power, when you are getting a fraction of the space and just a tiny slice of the processor. And, I am sick of such deceptive marketing.

Oh, and ratings. Almost all the ‘ratings’ for web hosting providers are a lie. I estimate that about 95% (or more) of all ‘web host’ reviews are fake. Never trust a review written by someone who earns their living by selling the product that they are ‘reviewing’. And, sometimes… it’s hard to tell if that is happening.

If you are just starting out, you might think that you need some hand-holding, and you might. But, you will do better to have a willingness to learn and even to fall flat on your face and bounce back. Do NOT get started down this road, if you aren’t willing to do the hard work that it takes to earn new skills. You will need to get books from your library or off of Amazon. You will need to watch YouTube videos. You will need to do some serious research online. And, you will need to wade through a lot of dishonest and badly written material. 

Keep working hard. Keep learning. You’ll get there.


Then, there are newsletter services. I started out with Mail Chimp, and they’re pretty good for the newbie. BUT, they get expensive really, really quickly. Also, I have a sneaky suspicion that they like to ‘add’ fake subscribers to boost your subscriber base, so that they can charge you more money. I don’t have proof of that, but circumstantial evidence indicates that this is what they did to me as my subscriber base took off.

It’s funny that the number of new subscribers to The Shock Letter rapidly shrank when I moved away from Mail Chimp and went to a self-hosted newsletter application. Yeah, I was real amused, too.

I use DadaMail, and it is the best of the self-hosted newsletter apps. But, a self-hosted newsletter comes with its own headaches. You will need to learn how to push back against web hosting providers, spam lists and spam bots. You will also need to work hard to make sure that email providers will accept your newsletter. It can be a real pain in the butt.

DadaMail has an upfront cost, as well. So, start cheap with Mail Chimp before moving on to DadaMail – or any other newsletter applications like it. And yes, I think that you will need an email newsletter, if you have something to say and want people to hear it.

Other Things That You Can Do

You can also set up a forum or your own alternative to Facebook or Twitter. You can get on YouTube, Bitchute and/or Rumble and blast away. Write your own books and self-publish on Amazon. You can do audio recordings of what someone else has written – with their permission – and publish that. But, whatever you do…


And, while you are doing it, make sure that you are always trying to increase the quality of what you are doing. Seriously, continuous improvement is vital.

I will see what I can do to offer more precise guidance, in the future. Maybe I’ll set up a second channel that offers some of what I’ve learned over the years. Having said that, there are lots and lots of people with more technical ability than myself. And, I will try to point you to as many of those people as possible.

I’m also thinking of setting up a forum/discussion group that won’t require as much of my input. I’ve had to carefully moderate the comment section of Omega Shock, and I don’t like that. It stifles discussion, and that hurts the free exchange of ideas and knowledge.

So, if you would like to participate in a discussion group, let me know. I’ll get it set up.

Alternatively, let me know what discussion groups you already participate in. I would be happy to point Omega Shock readers in THAT direction, instead.

Okay, I think that is enough damage for now. See y’all next time!


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I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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22 thoughts on “We Knew That This Was Coming (But, It’s Not All Bad)”

  1. Hi John,

    thanks so much for all this info, it’s really really helpful. I’ve been working (very slowly) on setting up my own website for over a year now (a toddler, and now second one on the way have slowed things down substantially!) I literally know nothing about any of this so it’s a huge learning curve. Thankfully my brother is a computer geek so he’s self hosting it for me, but I set up the website through wordpress and purchased a theme that runs on the genesis framework. Hopefully that won’t be a problem…time will tell. Like you say, it’ll be small enough to not be noticed hopefully.

    I’m also in the process of getting off google services completely. Do you have any suggestions for good cloud based storage alternative to google drive? And an email service?

    I’m also going to ditch my android phone for an iPhone, as they are apparently a bit better about privacy, but it is frustrating that there is no alternative to either android or apple for phones. What do you use?

    What browser do you use on your phone and internet? I’ve switched over to firefox with startpage.com as a search engine but it sounds like that’s not good enough either, will need to ditch firefox. Is duckduckgo a good option? Other alternatives?

    • Hi gazingupward,

      Those are a lot of great questions. I’ll try to be as concise as possible. If you still have questions after what I say below, feel free to ask more.


      I never use it. The only ones that you can trust are expensive, and I like ‘cheap’. Cheap is great. Did I tell you that cheap is great? No, it’s really, really great. So great that… (sorry)

      This means that I have a lot of external hard drives lying around. They make great paperweights, when they crash. (But, I only have a couple of those.)


      You can use the free ones for non-critical communication. But, think about getting ProtonMail for the important stuff. You will also want to get your own, self-hosted email address to go along with your site.

      But remember, when you share an email address, it is no longer completely ‘secure’. But, an email address that is not shared is useless. There are ‘services’ that offer one use email addresses, but they have their own problems.

      So, have a mix of secure and non-secure email addresses.


      The best security for your phone is not connecting to the Internet with it. I don’t. But, I understand that people are different. So, here’s my recommendation:

      Never use your cellphone for sensitive internet communication, unless it us connected to the Internet via a good VPN. A good (usually expensive) VPN will solve most security issues. Free and cheap VPN is worse than useless and will make you less secure than before. And, while a VPN might keep your communication secure from outsiders, almost every VPN can still see what you are doing.

      Most people do not understand that a VPN is only as secure as the VPN provider, itself. And, since money talks…


      I am researching which browser is best. BRAVE seems to be the most secure. VIVALDI seems to be best for those doing research. It looks like I will be using both. BRAVE for secure communication. VIVALDI for non-secure research.

      If you want super secure but slow, you can go with TOR. But, you’ll be sharing the TOR network with pedophiles, hackers, drug runners, arms dealers and assassins-for-hire. I’ve had to block TOR ip addresses on at least one server because of all the attacks that I was getting.


      I’m disgusted with all of them. If you are security conscious, use a VPN, but there are limits to how well you can hide. Our habits identify us a lot more than we think.


      One interesting problem is that being too ‘security conscious’ can actually backfire. You’ll stand out among all the non-security conscious. AND, we all need to be careful not to fall into paranoia. I have secured communications, not because I’m worried about the government or Google or whoknowswhat, but because there are so many dirtbags out there trying to take over my servers/PC/Cellphone, that I have to take extra steps to keep ’em out.

      In the final analysis, God will keep us secure. We only need to do our best and leave the worrying in His hands.

      There’s more to say on all the above, and I welcome the input of others who have their own experience. And, if anyone can point out mistakes in what I’ve said here, I will be grateful.

      I’m just glad that you’ve taken this step, gazingupward. Well done!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Hello other mom!

      I only have one, I totally get it, it slows things up a bit.

      I switched to Vivaldi. I go to a lot of sites that John uses, so I read the comment section for info. I think John suggested Vivaldi too I kind skimmed his response to you–it’s pretty easy to use.

      I’ve been trying to switch to using only protonmail for a while. I had it ever since gmail kept locking me out and trying to get my phone number. UGH.

      I hated the invasion of privacy by big tech. I’ve been trying to get away from Google for a while too.

      What’s going on is not unexpected at all, albeit a wee alarming to actually experience. But Philippians 4:7-9. I tried when little man was still a baby to start a blog, but that wasn’t feasible during that season. I’m considering it now, but I got to pray first.

      I’m glad to hear from another mom!


  2. Dear brother

    i am interested in technical info
    but website of my own hm no money no skills i wish i had but its not easy to understand those website creating although i am a good student IT would not be my profession and it surprised me a lot so not much is left over to do i am in the process of something but only if the Lord keeps helping
    and what hinders me a lot is the lockdown and no network of people they already plan again a total lockdown so im very depressed but a prayer is already answered to hold back some of those things and related inconveniences
    but warning people i did in local facebook group and within an hour they threw me out with one person who said I like threwing out all crazy things he didnt want to believe and i said he didnt want to i could guess his profession from social media so they quickly report it to the moderator and without any warning they shut you out and a lot of other choices i dont have i have no knowledge about websites
    its like the time has come you cannot work anymore
    in lockdown you can not contact people in person you cannot be in a group in person or follow lessons all are canceled
    maybe you are to late for some readers sorry

    • Hi Nadine,

      Access is a problem. Not everyone can have a computer. Some people are unable to acquire the skills that are needed. And, computers can be really hard to understand. (Programmers often forget who their users are.)

      I don’t have a good answer.

      The good thing is that computers seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper. The Rasperry Pi 400 is an example of what I’m talking about. It’s cheap ($70), and you can learn a lot with it.

      I pray that your situation will improve, Nadine. All of my readers are important to me.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • i do have a laptop but dont know what program or softwate to download to learn creating websites i once tried with Magic software but that was still to difficult
        can you give advice what to try for me ? thank you

        • Hi Nadine,

          The beauty of it is that no software is needed on your laptop. All that you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

          Facebook is one place to start. Post on your own Facebook page. Join Facebook groups. Go on Twitter and retweet the posts that make sense.

          Start with those groups that speak your mother-tongue. You are always most effective in the language that you grew up with.

          Lord willing there will be more thoughts and observations in my next post.

          Keep doing your best, Nadine. It’s all that God requires.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  3. By the way fo.you get my posting i immediayely receive message its double and as a result rejected
    do you have Belgian subcribers or The Netherlands ?

  4. John,

    This is probably my favorite article you’ve written. About 12 years ago I began writing a book I was going to title “The God of Small Things”. I didn’t know then as I do now, anything about computers and ended up getting a virus that crashed it and I lost everything. I was so depressed about it I never tried to redo and finish the book.

    But everything you just said is always on my mind. And honestly I truly am in awe of God, or sometimes frustrated by this nature of God, because it doesn’t conform to my sinful nature and expectations.

    But it’s so true, God does things through what we would classify as “small” or “weak”. The Holy Spirit descending as a dove, Jesus as a carpenter, a sacrificial lamb and a shepherd, God in the burning bush and the Kingdom of God is as a mustard seed. None of these examples are of any impress by Satan or worldly standards! Yet the God of the universe comes to us in these forms.

    I have no computer literacy, but am interested in everything you’ve stated and am also interested in being in a DM group with anyone else here who is interested.

    I’m not sure of anyone else here, but where I live, the church I attended along with a lot of Christians and neighbors just don’t have a clue (or want to) and want to keep living as if everything is going to go back to normal. A DM group would be nice to talk and get ideas with for starting a house church.

    On a side note, I sometimes travel with my wife and I’ll compile a few videos to listen to on the trip. If you have a video, I’ll include it for us to listen to. My wife will watch the videos while I drive and when your’s comes on she’ll always say “Is that the Ted Danson guy”?

    Thanks again for the article! Hopefully, God can use us to start house churches among other things, if it’s His will.

    • Hi Dan,

      Thank you!

      Yeah. ‘The God of Small Things’ Hopefully, you’ll get to write that book one day. Just remember to be brutally honest about yourself, with your readers. Bleed all over everything that you write. We’re all broken, and your readers need to see it.

      Crash and burn. You cannot succeed at anything without doing that a lot. And, since it keeps you humble, it’s a good thing. And, if God loves you, you might NEVER feel like you’ve succeeded.

      And, we’ll see what happens with the forum thing. I want to do it, but we’ll see if the Lord wants me to.

      Oh dear. Ted Danson. The first time someone pointed that out… I said, “No way.” Then, I had to get used to the idea. Poor Ted. He’s a couple planes short of an air force.

      Keep up the good work, Dan. Do your best. It’s all that God requires.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Crash and burn is about right. I became part of a house church almost 20 years ago with some of the brightest, most educated Christians I’ve ever met or read and it certainly ended in disaster! It’s very hard to do, and like you mentioned about being humble, it seems time and again, people forget that and elevate themselves to positions of power.

        And then sinful nature seeps in, and the very thing you’re trying to become just replicates itself into the thing you are condemning. The Book of Acts and Jim Jones comes to mind.

  5. Hi John,
    Oh my word I didn’t know about Big Tech censoring Parler until I read it in your newsletter. I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised that it didn’t make MSM news. Such hypocrites these Big Tech companies, but whenever I express outrage about censorship it always seems to come back to a Republican vs Democrat thing. I’m trying to expose the fact that it’s a globalist thing but then I get looked at like Qanon. Anyway thanks for your encouragement to not be intimidated even though my voice is small. I love the thought of Gods way is small, it makes me think of His plan to redeem the world which included coming as a tiny helpless baby, mind boggling really. The angels must have been astounded too when it really happened in time and space.
    I must tell you I really look forward to and appreciate your newsletter. There is so much flying around on the internet but I know you are a reliable source of information so thank you. I really liked Martin Armstrongs video you shared in your top “54” videos. The fact that he is a financial expert and talked about the great reset was just what I was looking for to share on my Facebook page, it brought I thought validity to the Great Reset, taking it out of the shadows. I hope people start waking up to what’s coming so we can tell them it’s predicted in the Bible. To me prophecy is the surest way of seeing the divine nature of the Bible, and hopefully God will open their eyes to truth.
    I also have to to tell you how much I enjoyed George Gammons 2 videos but especially the one title “Announcing the Trump Network News” my first thought was to send it to all my left leaning friends just for the shock value of the title, bahaha. It did though really paint a realistic picture of DJT and who knows what he will do next. One thing is for certain he is a fighter. I also sent this newsletter to a woman I follow who has been banned from Facebook. I followed her through her email newsletter but she had a presence on Facebook until now. I don’t think she has a huge following but she probably didn’t pay much attention to setting off Facebooks algorithims I thought perhaps the information in this newsletter might be helpful for her. She is also someone I trust for reliable information. Well take care of yourself and tell Mrs Little I appreciate all she does so you can keep doing all you do. : )

    • Hi Carol,

      Yeah. Mrs. Little keeps me sane. I couldn’t do this without her. (Although, I DO drive her crazy.)

      Be careful about trusting me on everything. You can rely on my honesty, but I can – and have – been incorrect. One of the reasons why I love it when people prove me wrong, is that I know that someone is there to help keep me from going off the rails.

      Lord willing, I will be sharing more ‘tips’ on how to increase the size and range of your voice, or how to decrease your visibility. (Unfortunately, you can’t really do both.)

      Thank you for that great comment, Carol. May God bless us and guide us through these trying times.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. Hi John – Very good advice in this article.
    It is still amazing how cloud is such a huge buzzword. It seems like many companies want to “get their stuff in the cloud” without realizing what a heavy price they will pay in soft/hard costs.

    Personal email is another thing to be vigilant about. There is no such thing as free email. Anyone that you email or emails you from or to a “free” email service…both messages are being recorded and indexed. Even if you have a privacy/security focused email account outside a vulnerable jurisdiction and you email a gmail or hotmail or Yahoo address once it arrives they it is open season

    • There is very little on the Internet that is secure – by design. And, you can thank sloppy programmers and the NSA for that. The good thing is that the ‘little people’ don’t matter much to the big players. Be as secure as you can, and trust God for the rest. Thanks, mem. – JL

  7. Hello Brother John,

    I’m glad you are still doing your updates here.

    I’m not surprised by how things are going at all–as I’m sure you are not either…this has been coming. I remember reading some quotes from these “leftists” in alt. news sources–I could not watch main stream media, it’s been years since I’ve watched the news for anything other than the weather. I could not hold my food down watching msm news…*shiver*

    When I did stumble across some quotes or hear about what these people were saying–I was amazed at what these people were allowed to say. I was recently dumbfounded by the “prayer” at the 117th congressional meeting…my friend showed it to me…and I was pretty disgusted.

    Not to mention the things Bill Gates says…and believes that which is not questioned at all. Or any of the medical “authorities”. I did watch interviews with Gates to see what he was saying–and yikes.

    The deception is here, and the blinders are on. They have to be. You have to be completely blind and deaf to not see the truth here. I don’t think they are being shy about it at all…yeah people have to be blind to not see this. Evil is afoot.

    God has protected this country for a long time, he might yet do something amazing, I don’t know. I do know that as a nation we have sinned, and that might mean judgement.

    I’m still reading my Bible every day. I’m inspired by your post to pray and ask if there is something I can do right now to help bring the truth to people…even witness to those who are not in the truth.

    I find the “division” lately has nothing to do with race or politics, but good vs. evil.

    You’re either with Christ, and you can SEE, or you are without him, and you are terribly blinded by all that is occurring around us at break-neck speed.

    That’s what I think. Those that love the truth, want it. Those that don’t like to take the ostrich approach, or worse, participate in perpetuating the lies.

    I’m hopeful that I will be able to reach someone, I think the alarms need to be sounded everywhere possible.

    I will pray–I’m not super tech savvy, or brave. But I will pray about it.

    Goodness, there may be an EMP and there might not be any internet to do that anyway! If I’m understanding that correctly. Ha.

    I’m just trusting the Lord. That’s all I can do. Reading Revelation has really increased my trust, that book is a blessing, the more I read the Word the more peace I have. God has this all planned out, however it all happens it’s in God’s hands. Always has been.

    These days, there’s only a few (all alt. sources I’ve followed for a while I think you put a link for one–American Thinker and Zerohedge are a couple) that I check out.

    We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow though.

    I will prepare, with prayer.

    Thank you for your updates and info.

    Blessings Brother John!


  8. Hello again. Where do I start, my mind is blown by recent events – especially the juxtapositioning of massive censorship and crushing of dissent, with the equally massive denial by the left-leaning useful idiot class that anything untoward is going on. I tried to show one that there are actually problems with these cvid vaxxes – videos like THIS –


    This looks like a real bad case of Sydenham’s chorea, what used to be called St. Vitus’s dance, which was a rare thing sometimes emerging after an infection of rheumatic fever and is thought to be an autoimmune reaction. In that more natural circumstance, it would usually resolve in 3 – 6 months. So, what if this IS the result of the untested mRNA thing messing with the immune system in ways nobody knows yet? Making permanent changes to it, so it cannot resolve itself in 3 to 6 months? This poor woman says she had already taken 2 Valium – a muscle relaxer – before shooting this video. She could be stuck with this for the rest of her life. She certainly can’t work now.

    This may have already appeared in one of your lists but it’s Bill Gates very lamely avoiding answering the question posed to him, that 80% of people taking the Moderna vaxx (which is the one the woman in the prior video had) have had serious side effects:


    Anyway, even after sending this and other solid evidence – rapidly being ‘disappeared’ by the PTB – of negative side effects – my liberal friend laughed it off and said I’d been hacked. I’ve said before how I have come to think this deception has a demonic source because it is so bizarrely disconnected from rational thinking. I watched a Christian pastor do a teaching on demonic deception and he said you can put hard evidence right in front of a person and it will have no effect. That defecting KGB guy said you can take these irrational communist supporters to the actual gulags and SHOW them the real face of communism and they still won’t believe it.

    You have said you don’t believe the mark will be a chip, or anything software related, because it’s too easy to hack and the software industry is too sloppy. I think they really don’t care about hacking or sloppiness as long as it’s not their problem personally. They have no problem experimenting on all of us with this crazy vax stuff. And while this accine-vay is not THE mark, I do think it’s being used as the precursor to one, conditioning the masses to accept that whatever they eventually roll out is a necessity for buying, travel, using your own bank account, etc. They are so stupid and sloppy themselves, and they don’t even realize how stupid and incompetent they are, that I don’t think this will be a barrier at all. I just wonder when and how the number of accine-vay injuries will become so great that people see it all around them and can no longer write off the few videos that get wide viewership as conspiracy nonsense. They will probably come up with some crazy excuse for that too.

    • Hi DRG,

      Excellent points. And, I am so sorry for that poor woman. That is utterly tragic. Months and months of that without end… Even if she recovers completely, she will need help for serious depression.

      In your second point, you raise the issue of something psychologists call Cognitive Dissonance. This is the condition in which your firm belief in something does not allow you to acknowledge anything that is contrary to that belief. Worse, people will make up stories – even suffer hallucinations – to fill in their gaps in reality caused by how they think. I have relatives who are exactly like this.

      For instance, many scientists are committed to the theory of evolution with an absolute and consuming passion, because to do otherwise would require them to acknowledge that God exists. And, they Just. Cannot. Do. That.

      Where do the demons come in?

      I don’t know. I’m certain that they’re involved. I see evidence of the handiwork every day. BUT, I just don’t know much is truly demonic and how much originates with the Fall of Adam and Eve and our own abominable foolishness.

      Oh, and the Mark? Again, I agree. They’ll try everything else, and then… THAT.

      Keep up the good work, DRG!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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