2021, And It Did!

2020 was a such a disaster, that you have to wonder if 2021 will be just as bad – if not worse. And yes, every time that I hear someone say 2021, my mind will translate:

2020 Won?

Why, yes it did.

But, the question remains…

…what will 2021 be like?

I did a lousy job predicting the events of last year, so expect me to do the same here. But, that isn’t going to stop me from trying again.

Just remember that next year will be 2020 too!


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2021, And It Did!

2020 WON and 2021 – Where We’ve Been And Where We’re Going

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Technical Note (and RANT):

Hi Everyone!

The Omega Shock server has been under attack from China for a while now. I’ve set up Cloudflare to help stop some of that, but it isn’t enough. I’ll be adding more protections over the coming days and weeks.

I’ve been critical of the Chinese Communist Party, so they might be trying to take down this site. I’m certainly getting a lot of attacks from an IP address that is just outside of Beijing.

I love China and the Chinese people, but I despise the CCP – the most evil organization ever devised by mankind. There has literally been no group of people that has done more evil than the CCP. The Illuminati can’t hold a candle to the CCP. Stalin and Hitler were nothing compared Mao.

The thing that makes me extra mad, is the knowledge that we know where these attacks are coming from. Those who are running the Internet could block those servers easily. Just a few keystrokes, and they would be stopped. But, the morons running the Internet don’t want to do that.

There’s literally no reason for the constant attacks – except for the implicit permission and support by the bags of dirt running the system. There are reasons why they want these attacks to continue. But, all that I have right now are suspicions and really large log files that are full of the addresses of those who are trying to break into the servers running Omega Shock, The Shock Letter, Ezekiel’s Fire, When Jacob Returns, and etc.

By the way, Martin Armstrong is having some of the same kinds of problems over at ArmstrongEconomics.com, so I’m not alone in this one.

Hopefully, things will get better over the next few days and weeks. I’m really getting tired of all the technical issues.

Yours in Christ,

John Little

Now, back to our regularly scheduled article:

2021, And It Did!

There were a lot of reasons for why 2020 was so awful, and most of those reasons will continue into 2021. The China Virus will still be hanging around, and if that virus goes away, another will certainly take its place. Governments will continue to pump money into our failing civilization. The demands by the elites for an electronic currency will increase. The destruction of the small business sector will accelerate. Disgust with politicians and the mainstream media will increase. Energy production might stabilize for a short while, if the economy stops falling, but the global energy situation will ultimately get worse. The Left will continue to push their agenda forward, adding more and more violence when the Democrats don’t cave in to all of their demands.

So, let’s talk about that.

The China Virus

Did you know that 1.6 million people die every year from Tuberculosis?

That’s about the same number of people killed by COVID-19 in 2020 – assuming that the official figures aren’t inflated. Yet, no one is advocating for a global lockdown for Tuberculosis (TB).


The problem is that TB generally kills people in poor countries. That will change as TB becomes more and more resistant to antibiotics. Eventually, TB will be in your neighborhood and in your family. But for now, the death of poor people isn’t big news.

Yeah. Big news. One big problem with the China Virus is the media coverage. The mainstream media is thoroughly corrupt, non-transparent and Left wing. They also take their marching orders from the Elites.

But, is media coverage our biggest problem?

Nope. Not even close.

Here’s another problem – our governments. Chances are, you have more than one government that’s telling you to shut up, stay home and wear a mask. If your country is big enough, you have a city government, a county government, a state government and a national government. That’s a lot of government, and there’s one thing that governments love:


No, really. Governments love a big disaster. It makes you want them more, and they want to be wanted. And, stopping disasters BEFORE they happen is not something that government likes to do. It’s rare to see a government actually do something before it happens.

Notice how stop lights get put up.

Did you know that in almost every case, it takes a traffic accident that kills one or more people for your local government to put up a stop light. Remember that, the next time that you pass an intersection with a stop light. Someone died there. And, the China Virus is just the kind of disaster that governments like. So, you can bet that governments will continue to support an insane response to the China Virus in 2021.

But, is government response our biggest problem?

Nope. Not even close.

I could go on to talk about medical experts, big pharma, stupid science and your Aunt Margaret. All of those are a part of the problem, but not the biggest problem. Not even close.

The biggest problem that our civilization has today is that our people have been coddled, cosseted, pampered and generally divorced from reality. We’ve watched too much TV, played too many games and got our educations from institutions that taught us something different than anything real. We also got fat and spent too much time thinking about sex.

We got stupid, sinful and soft.

If you want to know the biggest problem, that’s it. It’s why 2020 was so bad, and it will be why 2021 will be just as bad. Human history has been full of disease and disaster for thousands of years. The problem is that we are no longer strong enough, moral enough or even smart enough to handle disease and disaster.

A better society would have told the mainstream media to shut up and sit down. A better society would have told their government to leave them alone, or suffer the consequences. A better society would NOT have handled the China Virus the way that they did in 2020.

So in 2021, expect more of the same.

Governments Pumping Money Into Civilization

Then, there’s the economic and financial situation of our world. It’s a mess and getting messier. Interest rates are zero. Government deficits are skyrocketing. Personal debts are increasing faster and faster. And now, the government is handing out ‘free’ money.

All of that will get much, much worse in 2021.

However, it might not feel worse. That’s the interesting thing about the economy. Things will probably continue as they are for a few more months. It might even be possible for the economy to improve a bit. It’s hard to say, and I’m bad at timing the economy. But, there’s one thing that I can say with absolute certainty:

The world economy is doomed.

There is just no way that North America and Europe will be able to stop the economic and financial collapse that we will eventually experience. Too many of us have chosen sin, stupidity and softness.

And, there’s a quote that seems to apply to where we are now:

Hard times create strong men.

Strong men create good times.

Good times create weak men.

Weak men create hard times.

 – attributed to G. Michael Hopf

We’ve had a lot of ‘good times’ over the past five-or-so decades. And, we’ve used all that ease and luxury to piddle away our future. We became soft, and we thought that it was a good thing.

Electronic Currency

The Elites look at how soft we are, and think that it’s awesome. They love our corrupt complacency because it allows them to reshape the world into their own image. And, one of the ways that they will do that, is an electronic currency.

I don’t know if electronic currency will become a reality in 2021. We’ve been playing around with Bitcoin, Etherium and the suchlike for years. And, governments have started to see how they could get more power with such a currency. But, there’s a group of people that doesn’t like the idea of an electronic currency, and it will surprise you to find out who they are:

The Central Banks

Yeah. I know. I’m kinda surprised, too. But, it makes a lot of sense, if you look at it through their eyes:

You won’t need banks, if there’s a digital currency.

That’s right. Banks go away if everything is digital. So, the banks – especially the central banks – do not want a digital currency. The problem is that the banks keep going to the government for bailouts, when they do something stupid. One day, our governments will tell the banks to accept a digital currency, or no more bailouts.

Who are the Elites that are pushing for a digital currency?

The IMF, Bill Gates, George Soros, the World Economic Forum, a bunch of other Elites and your national government.

I know that this might upset your idea about how the world runs and who is behind the idea of a digital currency. But, the one person who understands all this better than anyone is Martin Armstrong. And, he says this about the digital currency:

No the central bankers are NOT the instigators. It was Christine Lagarde who when at the IMF was threatening countries they would be blocked from Swift if they did not give up all those who had accounts in these tax havens. Germany went as far as to violate Swiss law and paid bribes to bankers to leak the records of the firms they worked for, which not even Hitler went that far. The entire digital currency idea was pushed by Christine Lagarde while at the IMF. But look closely, she is also a board of trustee member of Schwab’s World Economic Forum along with the new head of the IMF Kristalina Georgieva. It was Schwab who got Legarde put into the IMF and then he put her in the central bank. He then had Georgieva put into the IMF.

People who always point to the central bankers really do not know what is going on behind the curtain. Schwab is in league with Bill Gates and George Soros. Gates was pushing the digital currency at the United Nations. Melinda Gates was pushing the digital currency at the G20. It was Gates directing Modi to cancel the currency in India and he did so without ever telling the central bank in advance!

That’s from Martin Armstrong’s post, titled:

Who is Behind it Central Bankers & Can the Dollar Survive?

Well, someone got a little upset with Martin for that post and said this:

You seem to be absolving the international banksters of wrongdoing, when clearly they have been a huge part of the problem, trying to manipulate everything from the economy to wars.

Martin’s response was this:

The central banks are not the INSTIGATOR of the digital currency. The benefactor is the government through taxation. The central bankers do not gain from that. Then you have the investment bankers who have been wildly trading and when they blow up they run to the government for bailouts. There are three groups here. Do not mix them up.

By moving to a digital currency it is the politicians who benefit for they see this as eliminating the underground economy. They are also in bed with BigTech which they are allowing to compete with the main banks. Part of Agenda 2030 is “You will Own nothing, and You’ll Be Happy!” is not for your benefit. They want to eliminate all your debts, mortgages student loans etc., which then wipes out the bankers. But it also allows them to default on government debt. Once that takes place, they no longer need the investment bankers to sell their debt. Hence, they are throwing the investment bankers to the wolves.

It is vital to step back and look at all three players in the game for all their interests are not the same.

That comes from Martin’s post, here:

The 3 Players Beside the Central Bankers

I know that popular conspiracy theories put most of the blame on the central bankers. And, I understand why blaming the banks for everything is so popular. After all, they’ve done a lot of evil. But, we have forgotten that there are other sources for evil in the world.

Think all of that through, and you’ll come to the same conclusion as Martin Armstrong.

Small Businesses Will Die

Then, there’s the backbone of the economy, small businesses. Let’s stick with Martin Armstrong and look at how small businesses will be destroyed in 2021. And, some of what I’ll say comes from Martin’s post, titled:

Gov’t To Aggressively Attack Small Business in 2021

One of the first things that Martin said was this:

The IRS is already planning to boost audits by 50%, not of the BigTechs, but small businesses.

The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will go after small businesses, because bigger companies are harder targets. It’s a lot easier to show that you are paying all of your taxes, if you have a lot of people working for you, whose job is to make sure that everything looks good. But, small businesses don’t have that kind of luxury.

They don’t have…

…the legal staff.

…big name accountancy firms.

…lobbyists in Washington D.C. writing laws on their behalf.

Here are a few more quotes from that article by Martin Armstrong:

The sheer hatred of small businesses in Washington cannot be expressed enough and mainstream media will never report the truth. … They imprison small company officers under the pretense of security fraud yet NEVER prosecute even one banker – ever!

Small Business has become the enemy of the Democrats because the Agenda is indeed 2030. California will become the most anti-business state in the nation. Most Democrats are clueless even in political circles. There are people who know what is really taking place and are very upset even within the Democratic Party which has been hijacked by the new Triumvirate.

(The ‘new Triumvirate’ that Martin Armstrong is talking about is Bill Gates, George Soros and Klaus Schwab.)

Martin isn’t the only one sounding the alarm about the future of small businesses and our need for them. For decades, we have been told that small business owners produce more jobs and work more efficiently than big business. But, we ignored all that, as the government got bigger and promised us more and more free stuff.

It’s how communism likes to take over a country, and Martin Armstrong calls what’s coming:

Communism 3.0

Why do we always keep doing the same stupid thing, over and over, and expecting different results?

I actually know the answer to that one, but we’ll talk about that in a later post. But, here’s a hint:

It’s all about religion.

Their religion.

The Big Political Fallout

The other thing that will happen in 2021 is a continuation of what happened in 2016:

The rise of a third political party.

Donald Trump was the real third party candidate of 2016. He wasn’t a politician, and he said things that spoke to our disgust with both the Republicans and the Democrats. He was anti-establishment, anti-Deep State and anti-more-of-the-same. He was a breath of fresh air, and both the Republican and Democrat establishments hated him for it.

The irony is that Republican and Democrat efforts to take down Trump have only made their situation worse. Now that more people see the blatant theft and corruption of the 2020 election, there is even more determination to do something politically different.

Conservatives tried to change the Republican Party from within, and the Elites shot that down. So, they will probably start another party. Or, something like it.

Martin Armstrong has talked about the rise of this movement for years, and in his latest post on this, he pointed out when it really began:

This wave began 1985.65 and 31.4 years into it we warned that was when for the first time a 3rd party could win. That was Trump albeit under the guise of the Republican banner. But when he won, the Republicans hated him. He was an outsider never a politician so to them it was like a revolution.

Further down in his article, Martin says this:

Our model shows that both the Democrats and the Republicans have made a VERY SERIOUS mistake. There will be no return to NORMAL. We are looking at a 3rd Party rising and this will become much more dominant in 2022. Their own corruption was shown in the relief package. $600 for American, more for illegal aliens, and endless overseas bailouts. It was a joke. $600 would not pay one month’s rent in many places no less food. It was the government that deliberately used lockdowns to create unemployment.

Read the rest of his article, here:

The Split is Coming

This movement is only going to increase in 2021 – especially as dissatisfaction grows in America and the rest of the world. Political corruption has gotten too big to hide, and politicians have grown careless in their corrupt conduct.

Energy, The Left And More Violence

I have talked about energy since the very first post on Omega Shock. It is the defining element of our civilization, and we have forgotten how important it is. The good news is that we will continue to forget about energy as we struggle with other issues in 2021. But, that’s the best that I can tell you.

We might have a leveling off of the fall in energy production in 2021, but we will not get back to what we had in 2018. Or, even 2019. The best years of the global economy are behind us. It’s all downhill from here.

Remember the following phrase, because it’s our future:

Permanent Decline

Even if we decided to become smart, hard-working and moral, our civilization would still decline, and that decline would be permanent. It would take a true miracle to get back to where we were in 2018.

This permanent decline is what we are experiencing right now, and it will not get better. Ever. Hopefully, we won’t see the effects of the decline in energy production until 2022. But, it’s hard to say.

However, you can bet that the Left will pounce on any chance to create mayhem. They will NOT be happy with the Democrats, now that they are in power. Democrats might talk big socialism to get votes, but they’re really just fascists in disguise.

Antifa and their ilk have always been the useful idiots that power-hungry politicians look for. Promise free stuff, and the idiots will flock to your banner. Bernie Sanders won a lot of idiots to his ‘Free Stuff Army’, and lots of Democrats followed his example. But, we might be close to running out of Free Stuff. It happens.

So, expect more violence. You knew that it was going to happen, but it needed to be said. If you live in an area where people might take what you have, and kill you while they do it, now might be a good time to move.

When things fall apart, your best resource will be good neighbors, and your biggest threat will be bad neighbors. So, make sure that you have enough good neighbors to help see you through what is coming.

But, let’s hope hope that 2021 will be a good year for you and for all your loved ones.


Plans For This Ministry In 2021

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. I never have. I always thought that they were silly. You either do what you need to do, or you don’t. Relying on an artificial start to a new year to make an important life change always seems foolish to me.

So, in one important sense, nothing will change in 2021 for Omega Shock, The Shock Letter, When Jacob Returns or Ezekiel’s Fire. I will keep working as hard as I can, for as long as I can, on what I can. You need it, so I will be doing it.

But, here are some expectations that I have for 2021:

Hopefully, over the next few days and weeks, the technical issues that have plagued my two servers will stop being a plague. There seems to be a light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel. Lord willing, that ‘light’ isn’t a train.

I expect to have finished When Jacob Returns and Ezekiel’s Fire, some time in 2021. I had hoped to be done with both of those books and have them in print, long before now. It was a good thing that there were delays, but it’s not a happy circumstance. Lord willing, those books will be finished before the year is out.

I will also be trying new ways to get the word out. I’ve been spending more time on Twitter, and I might continue to do that. I will be looking at alternatives to YouTube. I will be trying to find new ways to engage and interact with readers and listeners. And, I will rely upon the Lord to direct me to the right changes for 2021. I have heard good things about Rumble and Parler, and will be moving towards those platforms, also.

As always, 2021 – just like all previous years – is in the hands of God, where it belongs. Our Lord knows what He is doing, and our needs are never ignored or forgotten. As long as we commit our way to Him, He will direct our path.

God is good.



Oops! I Officially Have Cancer

On the final day of 2020, I got my official diagnosis:


What an appropriate way to end such a bad year. It started with Mrs. Little needing major surgery, and it ended with me having the ‘c’ word. Oh the irony.

I had hopes that it was something else. If it was just an infection or maybe one of my ‘autoimmune issues’, I could just take some medication and be done with it. But, the bone marrow biopsy and a couple other tests confirmed that it was everything that we thought that it was, and a little more. Having said that, it could have been a LOT worse. I could have had Lymphoma. I don’t, and that’s good.

So, what my oncologist has confirmed is this:

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, Stage Two

We had thought that it would be no worse than Stage Zero, but no such luck. There are five Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), starting with zero and ending with four. And, I’ve got Stage Two symptoms, so that’s that. The good thing is that there is no treatment. I am not yet suffering from anemia (stage three), and it could take a while before that happens. I could go for years without ever reaching Stage Three.

The only thing that I need to do now, is take regular blood tests and be a little more careful about infections. COVID-19 is not allowed. So, it’s a good thing that I live in Taiwan. Also, there’s a bus that goes straight to the hospital, so it’s an easy thing to get a monthly blood test – or a test every three months, if my blood count remains stable.

All in all, I’m fine. In fact, I’m more than fine. I’m in the hands of God, and there is no better place to be. When God loves you, everything is just the way that it should be. Even better…

God knows what He’s doing.

I just need to understand what it is that He’s doing in my life and make sure that I’m doing what He wants me to do.

But, now that I can officially say that I have cancer…

…do I get a T-shirt?


Links From The Past Week

I’ve been experimenting with using Twitter for my link posting. The server load and database size is a bit too big with all the links that I’ve been posting. But, I’m not sure that Twitter is the answer.

Please feel free to let me know what you think about that in the comment section. Seriously. Your input is important.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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18 thoughts on “2021, And It Did!”

  1. Sorry to hear you have CLL, but at least it’s not terribly aggressive. Take your ivermectin. We’ll be praying for you.

    As soon as I came to “Governments will continue to pump money into our failing civilization.” I got a mental flash of that scene from one of the old Pink Panther movies – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CARc1uUq1lA starting at about the 1:30 mark.

    I’m ready to beam up. Any time now.

    • Yes, the lack of aggression by the dastardly CLL is a good thing. And, pumping up that parrot? Yup. That’s how it probably ends. And, it’s all just as ridiculous. Poor Peter Sellers… he was a good actor but a complete moron. Thanks, DRG. – JL

  2. Hi John,
    I totally agree with you about the permanent decline that will be taking place because of the evil people who are seizing their opportunity due to our softness. It can be overwhelming and sad thinking about the state of affairs but what wonderful opportunities for the gospel to be preached. If you can remain optimistic with a cancer diagnosis then I can remain optimistic in the face of such evil. I am told after all to not to be overcome by evil but to overcome evil with good.
    I pray for the Lords direction in regards to your ministry….The Lord will perfect that which concerns you, Psalm 138:8, I believe it.

    • Not being overcome by evil is an important part of who we are. As the darkness gathers around us, it is our chance to reflect the goodness of God to a dying world. It will always be the goodness of God that will lead others to salvation, not our battle against evil. Great comment, Carol. – JL

  3. John,

    I’m so sorry to hear your diagnosis. I can only say that I pray God’s will be done in your life. I commend you for your outlook and attitude! I truly wish I could help you in some way! I know it’s not hopeless as a friend who is in his late 30’s was surprisingly diagnosed with a stage 3 cancer last year.

    He has a wife and 3 very young children. Even with the reduction of procedures and treatments for people this year with the COVID changes everywhere, my friend has miraculously recovered to a point that the aggressive cancer he had is now almost undetectable! I pray the same for you!

    On another note, my wife and I are switching to Parler and will be switching to Rumble for video content. If you’re ever interested, we do have a Youtube channel that still remains if you want some light entertainment from some former Hoosier’s. And if you need something to amp your spirit up, I recommend listening to the Battle Hymn of the Republic (US Army version) and Winston Churchill speaking to the British people about never giving into the NAZIS. Never give up brother!

    • Praise God for your friend’s recovery. That’s awesome. If it is God’s Will, the same will happen for myself. I just know that everything is for the best. I’m planning to make the switch to Parler and Rumble. But, it has been hard to think about that, due to the technical troubles that I’ve been having lately. God bless you, Dan!

  4. Mr. John Little,

    Thank you for your thoughts. I apologize for what I wrote in these comments about “The Greatest Nation On Earth”. It must have been painful and insulting to your American readers. And yes, I met friendly, polite people in the USA. Unfortunately, they knew nothing about spiritual warfare.
    Crime is a sin – and arrogance doesn’t make up for lawless behaviour. Even the friendlies and polite ones tend to be arrogant and dead. IMO. The coming of Jesus Christ will prove exactly what is right and what isn’t.

    I congratulate you, Sir, for your attitude while facing the c word in your system. You are putting your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and that is smart and the right thing to do. I wish you many more years to fulfill your task, in the love, the grace and the Laws of our Saviour.

    Sin cannot touch you in His way, not even death. Hallelujah

    • Well, since I don’t remember you saying any criticism about the US that wasn’t true… no apology is necessary. If people get insulted by the truth, then those people have a problem. And yes, Halleluyah! May God be praised in all things. Even the ‘c’ word. Great comment Peter. – JL

  5. Ann Barnhardt somehow found this gem, from 2013. The comments are pretty amusing, too, and I especially liked the one “This is what happens when democrats vote.” She gave it the title, “Hank Johnson thinks Guam is going to capsize.” He was elected to a 2nd term, I don’t know anything more about his career than that. But he (of Georgia) and Cynthia Johnson (of Detroit, MI) have got to be related.

    The ultimate facepalm. We are doomed.


  6. John,
    Hang in there,you have an early stage and this will just be another
    bump in the road for you,I was a cancer worker (radiation therapist/dosimetrist)
    and worked with a few leukemic children.You will probably die of old age
    long before the cancer gets you, anyway keep on keeping on,nobody wants
    cancer but it could be much, much worse.May our Lord bless and keep you
    and yours during these trying times.

  7. dear brother

    you have cancer but not spiritual sick you are very sound spiritual
    just shocked from reaction of other brother i trusted his reaction on my email was insane
    lots of brothers slay others now for no reason
    its prophesied in the bible they will do it because the Lord is tarrying his return they will get drunk and start to slain their brothers
    i use now for most part Duck Duck Go as browser and will try Jump Pastor dana moves to there instead
    of facebook i will keep it to spy on others when needed
    never was fan of twitter or instagram i do not need it either
    the update of windows 10 went well like you said only i have to choose the hours per day i want to use the laptop and for 8 hours a day i cant use my laptop so in future government will decide how long you can use your laptop than
    no much to say in this lockdown since november
    so taiwan no lockdown and what about the vaccine ?
    i should be vaccinated in march
    you are very silent concerning vaccine
    i cant wrap my head around the fact some do not find it a problem to take it

    blessings from sister nadine

  8. dear brother

    pastor Dana is being blocked today on his facebook from posting prayervideos and other he will be moving away so no facebook for me anymore i changed my password but i saw the name of a possible hacker now on my private settings its a nickname i deleted him of course he was logged in in the morning and is of the same territory

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