The Republic Has Fallen

It’s over.

I know that some of you don’t want to believe that, but the evidence is right in front of our eyes. The United States of America has fallen, and I just don’t see how it can be resurrected.

The corruption inside the media, the Deep State and local governments is too wide and too deep. Getting rid of it would require the breakup of the United States itself. In fact, the US WILL break apart, but it won’t solve the corruption.

Of all the things that Donald Trump could have done, proving that the republic has fallen, might go down in history as being most important.


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The Republic Has Fallen

[Guess who forgot to post the video… – JL]

The Republic Has Fallen

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A free society is impossible, if the news media, entertainment industry and education system are corrupt. It’s just not possible for a society to escape tyranny, if the basic fundamentals of that society have been undermined by those who had the job of informing you about reality. And, when you think of how corrupt our churches have become…

…I’m sorry, but we’re finished.

The only thing left is to wonder about WHEN our society would stop being free. Well, we certainly got a big dose of tyranny evidence earlier this year, with the brutal response to the China Virus. It wasn’t as bad as the Hong Kong Flu, yet they destroyed our lives anyway.

That’s tyranny, kids.

Plain and simple.

Then came the election. We knew that it was going to be stolen. They’ve been telling us for months. So, it wasn’t a surprise when they did. The big surprise was in how obvious and awful it was.

They didn’t even try to hide it very well. And, it looks like they’ll get away with it. And that’s the final nail in the coffin of the Republic.

When Rule of Law has been destroyed, the Republic no longer exists. You just cannot have freedom without just law and the rule of law by those just laws. It’s just not possible. And, now that the Rule of Law has been so obviously blown apart by the theft of the 2020 election, no one in America will ever again be able to trust that they are protected by the law.

We threw out God.

We got rid of morality.

We destroyed any sense of objective reality.

We tore up the Constitution.

What’s left?

I’m afraid that history shows us that there is only one answer to that question:

Chaos followed by tyranny.

Even if Donald Trump should miraculously be sworn in as President for another term, there is little hope that chaos and tyranny will be averted. I can’t say that there’s ‘no hope’, because there’s a way to avert the complete catastrophe that is rolling down upon us, but that would require a level of repentance so big, so colossal, so nationwide… that, well …it would have to be bigger than anything ever seen in history.

Do you see any hope for that level of repentance, even in our own churches?

And, it starts with the church. National repentance ALWAYS starts with the church. It cannot start anywhere else, and since our churches will not repent of their sins…

…we’re finished.

More Evidence That The Election Was Stolen

You don’t need more evidence that the election was stolen. The amount that we have is already enough, but there are people out there who are hard to convince. So, let’s keep talking about this. And, let’s start with a quote:

Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome. — Charlie Munger

Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome. — Charlie Munger

That’s pretty much all that you need to prove that the election was stolen. Yes, it’s true that we should add ‘opportunity’ and ‘little chance of getting caught’ to that statement. But, let’s step back a bit and ask a couple of questions:

Can you have a fair election when 95% of journalists are Democrats?

Can you have a fair election when 95% of government workers are Democrats?

(especially, if those are the workers counting the votes)

If you think that the second question is overblown, think about where your local government sits. That’s right… the inner cities. The larger the city, the higher the PERCENTAGE who will vote Democrat. So, even if you can claim that the percentage of government workers being Democrats isn’t that high… well …it’s at least that high among those who are actually handling the election. So again…

…Can you have a fair election when 95% of government workers are Democrats?

Here’s another question:

Can you have a fair election when you can’t even audit the software running that election?

That’s right. The American government is not allowed to look at the code, that makes up the software, that records and tabulates the votes, that determines the election. Dominion Voting Systems has refused to allow the government to audit their software code, and the machines themselves are easy to subvert. And, I have not heard that any of the other voting systems are allowing their code to be audited.

No company of any size would ever allow this kind of custom software on mission-critical devices, that hadn’t been audited, line-by-line. And, they would never allow such devices to be constructed in a way that would make them easy to sabotage. But, let’s not stop there.

Can you have a fair election when every President since Ronald Reagan, was a part of the Deep State?

Both Bushes, the Clintons and Obama, were all deeply connected to the Deep State. And, Deep State operators were at the core of all of their administrations. Even Trump and Reagan were heavily infiltrated by the Deep State swamp.

Then, there’s an even darker, more evil side to this that absolutely no one is talking about. Not even the ‘crazed conspiracy theorists’ have given this thought very much attention:

Can you have a fair election when your intelligence agencies stand to lose a trillion dollars a year, if the wrong candidate is elected?

The heroin trade out of southern Afghanistan is worth more than a trillion dollars a year. It is being run by the CIA, her sister agencies, organized crime and other allies of the CIA. And, none of that heroin is being interdicted by the US government. None of it. And, Trump wants to pull America out of Afghanistan.

If you want more on this, see my series on the CIA heroin trade, here:

The CIA Criminal Empire that Started with Operation Gladio – The Weekend ShockCast

That series just about killed me. You can see how depressed and exhausted I was in the last video. That was one of the hardest series that I have ever done – mainly because it meant that there was no hope that America could last very much longer. And sure enough, she didn’t.

Here are the individual parts of that series:

Why Operation Gladio Turned Evil – Gladio Part 1

The CIA and Chinese Heroin – Gladio Part 2

CIA Heroin and Allen Dulles – Gladio Part 3

Reviewing the Review of Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance – Gladio Part 4

CONCLUSION – The CIA Empire of Crime that Started with Gladio – Gladio Part 5

Now that you’ve seen all of that, let me ask you one more question:

Have you seen all the people that Biden is bringing into his ‘administration’?

They’re all the deepest of the Deep State. They’re the most deeply connected swamp creatures in Washington D.C., and it’s as if Biden is communicating to the Deep State that he truly is ‘their man’.

So, with all of that…

…did you really think that Trump was ever going to be allowed to have a second term?

Evidence Of A Stolen Election From Wayne Allyn Root

I’m not a fan of Wayne Allyn Root. I despise the gambling industry that he has been a part of and boasts about. I also don’t like the jingoism that he displays in his support of Trump and the United States. As Christians, we are NOT allowed to worship anyone or anything, except God Himself.

I’m sure that Wayne would make an interesting neighbor. I’m sure that most of us could even be some kind of friend of his, given the opportunity. But, none of us could support what he is, or what he does.

Having said that, Martin Armstrong made an interesting point, when he republished Wayne Allyn Root’s article:

Las Vegas Oddsmakers are Never Wrong!

And, Armstrong prefaced the article with these words:

“Wayne Root is a Vegas legend.”

That’s a gigantic ‘stamp of approval’ from someone like Martin Armstrong. In fact, it’s far too big to ignore. So, I went looking for the original article, to verify what I had been reading. It’s this one:

WAYNE ROOT: Vegas Oddsmaker Says, “The Fix Was In, Trump was Robbed, This Election Was Stolen”

Notice that the article was published on November 11th, and the analysis in that article is compelling. But, I wouldn’t have read it, if Armstrong had not recommended it so strongly. So, let me give it to you also.


“The Fix Was In, Trump was Robbed, This Election Was Stolen”

By Wayne Allyn Root
November 11, 2020

I’ve been a Las Vegas oddsmaker and sports gaming expert for four decades- long before I became known as a nationally syndicated conservative talk show host.

I understand odds and gambling in a way that no other conservative media personality, host, or politician in this country could.

And I can tell you something is very wrong with this presidential election. It reminds me of a fixed football game. Remember the famous fixed 1978 game between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles. The Giants quarterback handed the ball off. The running back didn’t want it. It fell on the ground. Herm Edwards of the Eagles picked it up and ran it into the end zone with seconds left for a last second victory. Every bettor in the world knows that game was fixed. It doesn’t matter if you can prove it. We all know.

Gamblers feel the same way about this presidential election. This presidential election is rancid. It feels as fixed as that Giants-Eagles NFL football game. Let me give you the details of this election- from a gambler’s perspective.

Trump entered the night a 2 to 1 underdog. As soon as the polls started to close and the picture became clear, Trump’s odds quickly moved to even money. Then Trump became the slight favorite. Then a moderate favorite. Then a 2-to-1 favorite.

Then 3 to 1. 4 to 1. 5 to 1. 6 to 1. 7 to 1. Finally, Trump moved to 8 to 1 favorite.

What does all this mean? Bettors putting their money on the line during Election Night have always proven to be deadly accurate. Smart bettors can clearly see what direction a race is taking. Bettors around the world clearly saw what I saw, when they stared at the electoral map- Trump was headed for an electoral landslide.

But something wasn’t quite right. Fox News wouldn’t call Florida for Trump- even though he was ahead by a mile. They wouldn’t call Ohio- even though Trump was ahead by a mile, They wouldn’t call Texas- even though Trump was ahead by a mile. I sat there screaming at my television.

More strange calls. Fox News had called Virginia for Biden at the start of the night- with Trump well ahead in Virginia. Trump would remain ahead in Virginia for three long hours after Fox awarded the electoral votes to Biden. Why would they do that? What was the rush? It made no sense.

Biden was awarded Virginia with Trump ahead. But Trump was ahead by a mile in Florida, Ohio and Texas, yet Fox News refused to award him the electoral votes. I knew at that moment, something was wrong. Something smelled fishy. Something was rotten in the DC Swamp.

Bettors witnessed Trump dominating. He clearly won not only those key states of Florida, Ohio and Texas, but Trump also enjoyed large leads in the entire Midwest- Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa. It was all but over. Trump had an electoral landslide. Hence the massive 8 to 1 odds in favor of Trump.

And then it happened. It was the most bizarre call in Election Night history. Fox News called Arizona for Biden. Why? It wasn’t even close to over. There was no reason on earth to make that call. Arizona is STILL not over 8 days later. CNN still hasn’t awarded Arizona. ABC pulled it back from Biden only 24 hours ago.

Why would Fox News be in such a rush to call Arizona for Biden? At that moment, Trump’s odds crashed almost instantly from 8 to 1, back down to 2 to 1. That drop set off alarm bells. My friend who is one of the biggest bookmakers in the country called me to say, “Wayne, something is wrong. I’ve never seen a drop like that, let alone a drop that fast. How can Trump go from 8 to 1, to 2 to 1. Someone knows something. We’ve got a problem.”

It was as if someone had decided in advance to give Arizona to Biden- whether he won it, or not. It was as if the secret code was known to only a few billionaire gamblers, “Fox News awards Arizona to Biden.” Six magic words. Someone was ready for that call. Someone waited until Trump was a prohibitive 8 to 1 favorite, then knew to bet millions of dollars on Biden at the longest odds of the night. Someone knew the fix was in. Someone made a fortune.

There’s more to the story. First, by awarding both Virginia and Arizona to Biden way too early in the evening and also going super slow awarding states to Trump where he led by a mile, Fox News made sure Biden had the electoral lead all night. That’s another big part of the story. Just like the fake pollsters suppressed Trump voters for months in advance of the election with polls falsely showing Trump losing by a landslide, fake “news desk” employees sure appeared to be suppressing Trump votes on Election Night. And also creating an air of invincibility for Biden. If Biden led in every poll before the election, and led all night in electoral votes, then it wouldn’t look like a fix was in, when Biden suddenly wound up the winner the morning after. Right?

One more piece of the puzzle. From almost the moment that secret code “Fox News awards Arizona to Biden” was spoken, three key Midwest battleground states with Democrat Governors all decided to stop counting votes for the night, with Trump way ahead. Why? Why all three, at the same time? Like they were coordinated in advance. Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania all mysteriously quit counting around midnight.

To add to the idea of a fix, these states merely claimed they were stopping counting for the night. After TV cameras and Republican poll watchers were all sent home, these Democrat states all resumed counting, suddenly finding all the ballots they needed to overcome large Trump leads.

I actually took screen shots before I went to bed. Trump was winning Michigan by over 300,000 votes when they stopped counting. He was up in Wisconsin by over 100,000. In Pennsylvania he was up almost 700,000 votes. But in the wee hours of the morning I took a new screenshot. Suddenly Biden was up by 9,000 in Wisconsin and 30,000 in Michigan. How’d that happen? I thought they stopped counting?

It all started with that bizarre Arizona call by Fox News.

Folks, someone knew. The fix was in. A few key people made millions betting on this election. They knew the exact minute to jump in. They knew exactly when a Trump landslide would turn to a Biden victory, with the help of a fake TV network call and fake ballots.

They knew Arizona was going to be called way too early. They knew that fake Arizona call would trigger vote counting to stop and massive ballot fraud to begin.

I don’t know what the Supreme Court will decide. But bettors all over the world know in our guts exactly what happened. The fix was in, no different than that famous NY Giants-Philadelphia Eagle fix in 1978 at the Meadowlands.

Trump was robbed. This election was stolen.

NOTE FROM GATEWAY PUNDIT: Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the Conservative Warrior.” Wayne’s latest best-selling book, “TRUMP RULES” is available right now. Its #1 in multiple categories at Amazon. Wayne is the host of the nationally-syndicated conservative talk radio show, “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” heard daily on USA Radio Network from 6 PM to 9 PM EST. Listen live at or “on demand” 24/7 at


Again, notice how Fox News handled this. They were in on the ‘steal’. They were a part of it. The organization itself. Yes, the other news organizations were enthusiastic in their support of the theft of this election.

But, Fox News, too?

Yes, Fox News, too.

Fox is also a part of the swamp. Never forget that.

Ivermectin – The One Drug That You Need For The China Virus

I have talked in the past about that… that… alternative drug hydroxiglokorin. And yes, I deliberately messed up the spelling, since I want to avoid being downgraded. And, you know what I’m talking about, anyway. But, you don’t need to know about THAT drug, since there’s one that’s better. Apparently, much better.


I’d been hearing about it, but this video kinda ‘sealed the deal’ for me:

Best Covid Treatment To Date By Far!

Whoa. There are some pretty powerful statements in that video. And, the person telling you all that is DOCTOR Chris Martenson, a Ph.D. in biochemistry. And, I’ve been watching Chris for something like nine years. I don’t agree with everything that he says, but I pay attention when he says something like that.

Here’s the text from the description section of this YouTube video:

The data is 100% in agreement: All studies show a clinical benefit for use of Ivermectin. It works as a pre-exposure prophylaxis, post exposure prophylaxis, and when given to both early and late hospitalized patients.

As importantly, one study shows a profound improvement in the symptoms for the “long haul” Covid sufferers, for which no other treatments seem to have worked.

If you think you’ve been exposed, or have been exposed, or work in a high risk situation, or you have Covid symptoms, or you are a long haul suffere, the data is clear: take Ivermectin immediately.

The sooner the better. As is always true of an antiviral. Or antibiotic. That should be crystal clear to everyone except the designers of the tragic RECOVERY trial in the UK, and various W.H.O. study designers. They seem to be a bit dense on the topic for *cough$$$*cough some unknown reason$.

If your health provider won’t provide Ivermectin, then go elsewhere. You have a quack, or a slow learner on your hands, not an up-to-date doc.


Ivermectin Meta Data

Meta Review of Ivermectin (Pre-Print) – This is MEGA IMPORTANT!

Ivermectin in Mexico

Ivermectin in Romania

The data in the video and in those links, is impressive. Very impressive. So, I did some research into this drug, here in Taiwan.

Even Taiwan seems to be interested. They’ve been participating in drug studies with other countries, and the studies seem to indicate that this is the best treatment of COVID-19, on the planet. Period. No, scratch that. EXCLAMATION POINT!

That’s right. It’s not just the best treatment.

It’s the best COVID treatment by far!

Short Update On My Health

For those of you following my current health story, I will not know anything new until later this week, after I meet with my oncologist. I’m assuming that I would have heard by now, if my situation was more ‘immediately serious’. We’ll see.

A big thank you to all who have been praying for me. I really, really appreciate it.

– JL


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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30 thoughts on “The Republic Has Fallen”

  1. Dear Brother John,, Ivermectin is a pesticide. Check your dog’s heart worm medication. It’s also used in commercial de-wormers for cattle and goats. I won’t give it to our animals, we use food grade diatomaceous earth. Humans can take DE too. Leads me to wonder if there is more legitimacy to the parasite vs virus theories, similar to the cancer research and fenbendazole cures. Seems to be much more here than meets the eye. Is this why the “virus” attacks the heart muscle? I personally know 3 people who died from sudden heart attacks within 2 weeks of “recovering” from Wuhan virus. Now they are saying a heart worm medication cures it? Sure sounds like parasites to me

    • Hi Tess,

      It IS curious that an anti-parasite medication seems to be effective in fighting this virus. I don’t have an answer other than the data seems to suggest that it works. We would need more time to find out WHY. It’s sorta like when we first discovered aspirin. It worked, but we weren’t sure why. (at first)

      One thing that I think that we can be really sure of is that SARS-CoV-2 is not a parasite. Parasites are easy to find under a microscope, and there are far too many scientists looking at this virus for it to be something as large as a multi-cellular organism. Even a bacterium would be far too easy to spot, track and figure out.

      One good way to see what’s happening is to look at what second and third world countries are doing. They don’t have the luxury of messing around with high-priced solutions. That’s why most of the research on HCQ and Ivermectin has happened in these countries, and not the ‘developed world’.

      We’ll see what happens, but I don’t think that America and Europe can stand too much more of the foolishness being handed out by their governments. Eventually, people will get tired of it and stop cooperating.

      Thank you for both comments, Tess. I really appreciate them and will keep you posted.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Not sure what you are struggling with, but my prayers will be with you! Please pray for me as well. I broke my back last week and lost my job (1 day after I started after 3 layoffs this year). And for anyone else struggling, I think we are all being tested or will be by God. He wants to see if we are pure gold or fool’s gold. I pray we all stand the test together and come out the other side purified together, through fire and ivermectin!

  2. Don’t get lost in the details of human doings.

    Yes, the Beast System is not far off.

    But remember:

    Jeremiah 32

    17Ah Lord Jehovah! behold, thou hast made the heavens and the earth by thy great power and by thine outstretched arm; there is nothing too hard for thee

    New Mexico USA

  3. I’d say I was surprised by all that’s going on, but I’m not. This circus gets crazier and crazier. I’m so glad that Jesus is my savior and my hope is in an all powerful God and not these…very corrupt and immoral leaders–anyone who is involved in all this corruption. Wow. This world really is coming to a close.

    I related to what you said “they are not even trying to hide it”–I said those very words to our Bible study group Friday. That’s what surprises me–it’s how blatantly obvious it is, like they know they can get away with it so they don’t care.

    God bless you Brother John, I will be praying for your health.


  4. dear brother John
    i see you do well in your situation thats awesome
    i can comfort you : you are at least not in lockdown its becoming very hard for me i am crying a lot but i know other suffers too like brother Dan as an example
    My hormones are not in balance starting to have that monthly woman thing again after one year hope it will end again because i am out of control concerning emotions its a roller coaster for now i declare the promises of God concerning healing
    i was thinking on dna when that change a person change maybe his soul i dont know dna determines what your character is your physical characteristics so who you are in your soul and body.
    so i believe this vaccine is already to dangerous to take
    praying for wisdom from God He knows and we ourselves are responsible for our decisions we cannot look to others but we can listen to others
    just waiting for more to.consider the devil wants to own us he wants to own the temple of God which is our entire being – soul spirit and body
    when he can take control of our dna how our cells are forming or changing just a thought worth considering I only write to you have no other conversations going on now
    i had to go to the bank this evening so desperate feeling because noone can go out from midnight to 5 o clock in the morning butbi was home before midnight severe restrictions many sheep here and the politicians are very aware of that fact i heard a video where it was stated Belgium very easy country to implement those restrictions although France is our neighbouring country many upheaval there but of course no reporting in the news

    greeting from sister N

      • yes
        it is

        good news for what it is churchgatherings allowed by very high court who reprimanded the belgium government for FORBIDDEN religious gatherings ! a group of jews have complained now max 15 persons zllowed its a shame christian churchleaders did nothing !
        bad news starting with christmas drones with red warmth camera to look also INSIDE home how many people are gathered
        one politician said the governor has to wear moustache and his boots now well said

        merry christmas merry coming back of Jesus !

        • update

          just heard on the radio
          infra- red warmthdrones will not be used to check the observing of the coronarules its to intrusive can not be used legally this way !

    • Yeah. And, it had to be an 87-year-old Israeli. I love Israelis, but some of them are full of… interesting ideas. Yes, full of it. Thanks for the link, T2L. But yes. The Great Alien ‘Revelation’, 2020. It would seem appropriate finale for the year. – JL

  5. Hi John, your video was taken down off of YouTube so hope that can it can be viewed on Bitchute. Please let us know when it will be back up.

  6. Many good thoughts here. 4 more years? The puts from antifa said Trump has until Sunday to yield or else. Promises Trp supporters will be unable to leave their own neighborhoods. Starving in place. Simpsons predicted Trump trump assassination. Then we have Right’s response to these scenarios. Tolerance is getting thin, many refuse to accept Biden, especially when nd fraudulent conditions. We have Chinese troops being welcomed in Canada, while our Aircraft carriers are distributed along our coastlines. The hidden hand is quite busy. My Aunt posted a paper from the CDC, and this always looks like a 12 year olds paper. It said this isn’t supposed to be looked at as a l ve protein molecule. (FACEPALM) It was repetitive jargon that rately made a point, or sense. I had to check and make sure it was from CDC, and sho nuff. Your puzzle meter did the same as mine. Ivermectin ??? We have so many parts of this puzzle the Truth is still ll uncertain. We know the Chinese and the UN want disarmament yesterday. I just read China says USA is a top human rights violator. Go figure. The pot is starting to boil.

    • I’m curious about how far the Deep State will go, to preserve their power. It seems that the answer is ALL THE WAY. If you talk about ANYTHING that they don’t want you to talk about, you get shut down. So yeah. That pot. Simmering strongly. Thanks, MM. – JL

  7. Hi John
    Thanking The Lord for you, and the ministry He has given you.
    Praying He adds to your years.
    May the barriers be lifted. In Jesus name.

    He said, I am with you always, even until the end of the world.

    Hope we are ready for this,
    Thank you brother,

  8. Jon, praying for the best possible outcome in your medical situation. Let us know as soon as you can.

    Note that HCQ, also effective against covid, is an anti-parasitic used for decades against malaria. I have not heard anything about the parallels between antiparasitics and antivirals. But there is something to it, obviously.

    Here is an interesting video of Trump supporters protesting in Washington. Most of the comments below it were disparaging and evidently from the left. But it is very interesting (and ominous, more on that next) to see that they are quiet and well-behaved; no one has left pallets of bricks on the street corners to provide plenty of projectiles; no one is smashing windows and looting, no one is getting shot, the buildings are not on fire …. I wonder why. Because conservatives have respect for law and order, and my personal take is that they tend to be emotional adults. They do not throw tantrums when they do not get their way, and like any self-respecting two-year-old who cares about anyone else, we want what we want!!! The ominous aspect is, in any contest between law-abiding citizens and those willing to murder anyone who disagrees, who do you think is going to win? Ask Russia, China, N. Korea, Cambodia, Venezuela, Viet Nam, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, etc. And the Mafia.

    • Hi DRG,

      They are taking a bone marrow biopsy on Wednesday, along with another Complete Blood Count. I will then be meeting with my oncologist to see what the results are, in two weeks. From what the doctor said last week, I am at the earliest stage for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) – aka ‘Stage 0’. This is a good thing. And, as long as my White Blood Cell count remains stable, it will remain a ‘good thing’.

      I like good things.

      However, I am starting to despise big needles. And, that bone marrow biopsy needle looks more like a gardening tool, than something that you would use on a human being. But, I’m sure that I’ll be fine. It will also be good to have a more accurate diagnosis.

      My oncologist said that it’s possible that I have Lymphoma instead of CLL, and she wants to eliminate that possibility. And yeah, so do I.

      The good thing is that God always knows what He’s doing. There are no surprises. Everything is a part of His plan.

      Now, for that protest. It’s the quiet protest that eventually becomes the most dangerous. And, ‘quiet protests’ will eventually lead to calls for secession. Corruption ALWAYS goes too far, and conservatives will eventually say that enough is enough.

      We’ll see what happens.

      Thanks, DRG. Interesting days ahead.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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