Laying the Foundation for Tyranny

Donald Trump won the election, but Joe Biden will get to be president. And Biden is already signalling his allegiance to the Deep State and the Neoliberal agenda. Unfortunately, the plans of these swamp creatures will fail.

I say unfortunately, because their failure will lead to a level of tyranny unmatched in world history. The failure of their agenda will lead to economic chaos, hunger, unrest… and then, war. And, their failures will lead to more and more repression in an effort to stave off civil war.

The only question in my mind – right now – is whether I will still be alive to tell you about it, when it happens.


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Laying the Foundation for Tyranny

Laying the Foundation for Tyranny

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I find it ironic that the Elites don’t have a hope in succeeding. They are doomed to utter failure, but they don’t seem to understand this. And, I find that to be a fascinating commentary on the human condition.

The hyper-intelligent among us are always trying to think up new ways to fix the problems of humanity. And, because they are so ‘intelligent’, they try to do so without recognizing God as our Creator. They believe that if they just think hard enough about our problems, they can overcome all the ills of society, without having to ask God for help.

That’s why I’ve always said that the dumbest people on the planet, have the highest IQs.

Now, how does this apply to Joe Biden and the foundation of tyranny that he is laying?

First of all, I doubt that Joe Biden and his coterie of crooks and intellectuals actually believe that they are ushering in an era of unprecedented tyranny. I bet that they honestly think that they are ‘fixing’ our problems. Yes, they had to cheat to be able to impose their solutions upon us. But, they believe that it’s for our own good.

No. Really.

They believe that.

There is literally nothing worse than an honest authoritarian. Someone who really believes that his solution is the absolute best policy will always be more persuasive than a dishonest crook who is just trying to shake you down for more money. Earnest, well-intentioned tyranny will always be harder to defend against than the kind that is corrupt and venal.

As the old English proverb says…

…the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

I’m tempted to get out into the weeds on this and talk about the moments in history where good intentions led to tyranny, but I won’t. That’s a subject for another time.

Second, these people are motivated by a passion to preserve civilization as they define it. Remember that we have already entered the Age of Permanent Decline. You will see me use that phrase more and more in the future, because it is fact. The Elites know that this is happening, and this is their last chance to preserve what is left of their glorious humanism.

You can actually sense the desperation in their words and actions. They would never have chosen to engage in such obvious deception and corruption, if their plans weren’t under such serious threat. The idea of ‘climate change’ is utterly ridiculous and easy to disprove, but they are 100% committed to this narrative because they don’t feel that they have any other choice. Allowing the average person to choose the way forward in an environment of declining energy resources will destroy everything that they have worked for.

And, stealing the election from Donald Trump, in such an obvious way?

Wow. That’s some pretty desperate stuff.

All of that, and more, is why they could not allow Trump to remain President of the United States. Trump would have allowed the ‘devolution  of power’, and they could not permit that. Such ‘decentralization’ would have led to more and more people investing in local solutions, instead of global ones. More and more people would have turned back to their local governments, instead of global ones.

When people think locally, globalization is impossible. So, the Elites needed to do everything in their power to prevent a return to a ‘local economy’. An ‘America First’ policy could not be allowed, so Trump had to go.

Have you noticed how quiet Trump has been?

Right. He got the message.

You can bet that the Deep State let him know that he needs to go out and play golf, if he wants to keep breathing. What happened to JFK will happen to Trump, if he succeeds in overturning a ‘Biden win’.

Now, before you start to worry about the rise of the Antichrist, take a deep breath and remember that we will not see the ‘Man of Lawlessness’ until AFTER the rise of the Ten Kings Without A Kingdom. And no, we have NOT seen those Ten Kings… yet. We will need to go through some really, really difficult times, before we see those ten kings.

Again, the desperation of the Elites will make this happen. As our Age of Permanent Decline continues to accelerate, the Elites will hand over control to ANYONE or ANYTHING that gives them the tiniest hope of preserving their wealth and power. Eventually, they will turn to the Ten Kings to save them. It won’t work, so they will eventually turn to the person that we call the Antichrist.

The question is…

…how many steps are there between now, and then?


It Seems That I Have Leukemia

Okay, story time again.

Last week, I told you that I’d had some blood tests that showed that I was suffering from Leukocytosis – too many white blood cells. More than four times too many. But, I thought that I understood what the problem was. I have at least two autoimmune diseases, and probably a third. Autoimmune disease can cause you to have too many white blood cells, so that’s what I thought was going on.

However, a member of our church is an oncologist, and he asked me what my white blood cell count was. When I told him, his eyebrows went up. In fact, he told me that I needed to find out what KIND of white blood cells were being counted. I needed a ‘White Blood Cell Differential Test‘. So, I went and got one. On Monday.

We got the results on Tuesday. My white blood cell count had increased by a lot. It had already been abnormally high. Now it was 20% higher. In just four weeks. Worse, my ‘normal’ white blood cells were WAY below normal.

We sent the results in to the oncologist, and he said that I needed to go to the hospital for more tests. And, he said that he thought that I had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (aka, CLL).

So, we went to the hospital where Mrs. Little had her surgery. On Wednesday. It’s run by Christians, and we like that.

The oncologist took one look at the test results and said that they couldn’t handle my situation, and that I needed to go to the bigger hospital, nearby. He also said that he thought that I had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Apparently it’s a disease that white guys get.

So, on Thursday, we saw our third oncologist. She looked at my results, asked me some questions, and said that she thought that I had that white guy (or gal) disease – Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. But, she said that we needed to make sure about that, so she ordered some tests and told us to make sure that we showed up tomorrow morning to take them.

Now, there isn’t a lot that you can do with CLL. Usually, you find it by accident, and then wait for symptoms before administering chemotherapy. You can wait for years before having to do anything about it. Or… months.

So, why did the oncologist mark all of my tests as urgent?

…Uh, yeah. Me too.

Doctors tend to give you their most optimistic prognoses, while ordering tests that indicate that they are worried about something far worse. And that thought has me a little on edge. Actually, more than a little.

Unfortunately, reading up on this has led me to the impression that I might have something far worse. Instead of CLL, I could have ALL – Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. So, Friday was not a fun day to be alive. I’ll find out the results of my Complete Blood Count test in a couple of weeks, when I see my oncologist again.

Wait. I have an oncologist.

Oh dear.

Anyway, my problem has nothing to do with any threat of dying. I’ve believed for years that my chance of dying of old age was kinda slim-to-none. That’s why I never considered it much of a sacrifice to spend all of my retirement money on doing evangelism and writing Omega Shock articles.

No, my problem lies in my concern about whether I will be able to complete the job that I started. It’s a foolish concern, since I know that God is the one who will make sure that the job is done. He doesn’t need me to do it. But, I’m a bit OCD about such things, and I like to finish what I start.

I have two books to complete, and I think that they’re pretty important. Having said that, God is a better judge of what is important, or not.

Now, the three oncologists that told me that I probably have Leukemia… they could be wrong. This might just be another manifestation of one of my autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune issues run in my family, and when you have two or three… well, a fourth isn’t such a big deal.

I don’t hold out much hope that it’s just another autoimmune problem, but it’s the only other possibility that I can think of. I’ll find out in a couple of weeks.

But again…

…It’s not like too many of us were going to die of old age, right?


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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25 thoughts on “Laying the Foundation for Tyranny”

  1. dear brother

    so dorry tonhear that wush i could give you money for the expenses but yes you are right i even dont expect to live long as a christian since i became christian but hoping to avoid a lot of. cruelty i dont mind either so may God keep you and your wife from above under forefront and behind did i forget something ?

    much love from sister nadine

  2. I might disagree with part of this theory. While Donald Trump threw in his hat to run, I was uncertain. So, I started looking into some of the negatives about him. I watched a bunch of you tubes. Some about the occult designs in Trump tower, his spot on the 66th floor, the occult layout of his quarters there, and I still voted for the varmint. The Simpsons foretold his presidency over a dozen years before. They pictured him on the stairs waving after being sworn in and the exact position the photograph was taken. Another one showed him sitting with some Sheik, again exact picture. The last one was him in a casket, as the asdassinated president and the country in turmoil. Predictive Programming. I have noticed the Gold Fringed Flag in a lot of news clips. We never heard what happened in October when the National Emergency was supposed to be re-evaluated. I haven’t even heard a peep.In all my 60 years I have never heard so much common sense come from ANY politician that didn’t show his true colorsvsooner or later. He has probably turned more people into followers than any other. We should consider who these people. Black Christians and common sense family people are now followers if the truth hits their ears. Ask yourself, why. To me this guy is the perfect pied piper herding all the he deplorables and undesirables into one group. These are resistor, freedom loving folks that will not fit in well in the NEW WORLD ORDER. Deagel has our population minimized by 2025. (I haven’t checked recently). If DT gets whacked any time soon, how would you picture the outcome. Antifa and blm have money swollen coffers from big tech and corporations throwing millions at them. Democrats are hollering for a purge of DT supporters, and Republican Resolve is stretched beyond the breaking point. Going to jail for self defense is becoming part of New Normal for republicans. It has been almost 30 years that soldiers patriots and Christians showed on terrorist FBI watchlists. Never mind Muslim Training Camps. Think PURGE, CIVIL WAR, how else can the UN get in here. The equipment is here, Canada is looking for hydraulic guillotines and putting up concentration camps for possible vax hesitators. The ballons are bought and the decorations and guests are all that is left is to start the party.

    So sorry to hear of a possible new diagnosis, but the LORD only gives today to do our best. We head into the new day only after opening our eyes. We pick up our load and move toward victory. Godspeed, you will be in my prayers.

    • Hi Mangledman,

      My feeling is that Trump isn’t as good as many claim or as bad as others say. I very much doubt that he’s an Illuminist, but he’s definitely an opportunist. He’s done some good things, and it’s harder to see the bad things. There is one thing that I can say with some certainty:

      Trump is not as bad as the Bushes, the Clintons, Obama or Biden.

      ‘Not as bad’ is about as good as we can hope for in our benighted day and age. It’s the Age of Permanent Decline. And, the Elites really aren’t ready for it.

      Here’s another thought:

      Even a good president/politician would turn to tyranny to hold things together in the kind of times that we are about to go through.

      Just be careful to take some of the Illuminati hysteria with a grain of salt.

      Thanks for that comment, MM.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Dear John
    I am so sorry to hear of your possible diagnosis of leukemia. I know it sounds trite but may it help to know that you and your wife are in my prayers, seriously. Ever since I read your newsletter yesterday I have been praying for you and your wife. This morning when I woke up you and Mrs Little were on my heart again. I know this is the Holy Spirit since I don’t even know you and just discovered your website back in the spring when these lockdowns began. What a tremendous hope we have in Christ regardless of our circumstances yet even Jesus prayed for another way if possible., He knows our frame.

    • Thank you, Carol. Your prayers are valuable to us, and I appreciate each and every one. It’s the most important thing that anyone can do for this ministry. Lord willing, I will have a better idea of what the doctors think, a week from this-coming Thursday. May the Lord guide us all. – JL

  4. Hi John,
    we hope and pray that your tests will return the best possible results and conclusions!
    May the Lord guide you through all of this, and, just remember that someone from the other side of the planet is with you:)
    “It’s not like too many of us were going to die of old age” – yeah, indeed. Years ago I saw a short clip (in my language), which is easy to translate and present:
    The movie: Humans on Earth
    Cast (in order of appearance):

    (please put your names here)
    God bless you John
    Yours in Christ

    • Thank you, Chris! We’ll see what they find out. Hopefully, it’s just my annoying immune system being cranky. But, an accurate test result is more important than the one that I want. And yes, ‘Humans on Earth’. I like it. – JL

  5. Brother John, I am so very sorry to hear this news. But don’t freak out – even if they are positive it is a leukemia (and I am not an expert on the various permutations), many leukemias are treatable with good success rates. At worst – at the very worst – you get to go to heaven, and how bad can that be?????

    What an amazing thing it is to be a child of God. Nothing on this earth compares to it.

  6. John,

    Just the titles of your DEEP STATE articles make me sick to my stomach. I ache for my children and grandchildren that are going to face a world so much worse than the one in which I grew up. The precious little ones deserve so much better. Without God, none of us stands a chance.

    I too will be praying for you and Mrs. Little. I will pray for your complete recovery and I will also pray that I someday will be able to face troubling reports and sickness with the strength and dignity that you show. I am older (and taller) than you, but I look up to you nevertheless!

    God bless you,

    • Taller than me? OUCH! Watch out for low-hanging objects. But, you know that already. I’ve never bumped my head so often as in Taiwan. Right now, I just wish that those Deep State articles were hyperbole, or that your kids and grandkids would have a brighter future. But, your kids have a (grand)father who prays earnestly for them, and that’s an awesome thing. Keep up the good work, Kendall. A crown awaits all who persevere. – JL

  7. How have conservatives been ignored by legislators. DT was not even a Republican till he threw in his hat. He followed the police state Republican agenda, except he addressed Religious Conservative issues better than about every other. Truthful honest people thatvaren’t suffering TDS , can’t help but love him . He is speaking our language. And momma always said, “When something looks too good to be true, it probably is”. We watch and wait. The whole world loves this guy, and Biten is a known enemy. Conservative thought keeps coming up to prepare for war. Biten will be the first to holler for UN help, and we have laws set up in advance to protect these varmints. Different forms of Capital punishment are being reviewed. Oh joy, wonder if beheading will be coming back soon. Hmmm. The primrose path lies ahead!

    • There are so few ‘Conservative’ politicians worthy of that tag, that I gave up hope for political answers a very, very long time ago. They’re all evil persons-of-uncertain-parentage, except… maybe …Rand Paul, Devin Nunes and who-knows-who-else. Thanks, Manglz. Our only hope is God. – JL

      • I watched Gowdy and Chafetz tear up Loretta Lynch Hillary and others under oath, and thought these guys were the bomb, and maybe good presidential material. Then when muslim integration started making mainstream Gowdy and Rand Paul made primetime saying oh this is a good thing. My last hope of good conservatives in office died that. Gowdy later changed his tune. Better late than never! The voting records of these “GOOD GUYS” shows they slither back and forth across the aisle frequently on Constitutional issues. Cruz was such a putz awhile back to now looking like a hero. The whole world is a stage, and they are only players. Madness, I tell you.

  8. Hello again, John, from Ireland this time. I have really enjoyed seeing your articles again over the past while, but I am so sorry to hear about your new medical difficulties. Whatever the outcome, you are in my prayers.

    • Thank you, JRI. I pray that the work that you both did in Africa will bear fruit for as long as the world stands. It was a good thing that you did. Lord willing my medical issues are merely be a reminder from God to not get distracted as I seek to finish the job that He set for me. I only get to down-tools and go home when the job is done. – JL

      • Yes, Africa; it is always close to our hearts. It’s quite a place, and we hope our story is not finished there yet. Ironically, we wouldn’t be welcome in the same place we were, although I have faith with you that our work will continue to bear fruit.

        God pulled us out in an amazing way, when an adoption we had pursued for ten years suddenly and miraculously materialised. We left Africa and went straight to Thailand to collect our beautiful little daughter.

        In retrospect, I can see that it was God’s timing in other ways, too. The churches in Africa are deeply caught in the prosperity deception, and it is propagated by a pastor class that defines the Biblical idea of wolves perfectly. Anyway, we worked with some of these men and their churches, but we refused to ever give money to a pastor in secret. Instead, we insisted that it be given to the treasurer and entered in the books for the whole church administration to see.

        This caused increasing problems as we failed to play the power games or give in to the manipulation. Within weeks of our leaving Africa, which was to be only temporary, the main pastor there had placed a ban on anyone in the church communicating with us, on pain of excommunication, which means that they would lose their jobs and social standing in their rural communities. What is worse, he contacted leaders in our church here in Ireland and levelled such serious accusations against us that the pastors here went silent and withdrew all support from us. To this day, they won’t even tell us what the accusations were.

        So, we were tossed out of ministry and had to start from scratch. God has kept us, though. I found a job as a surveyor right away, which was a miracle, since I have no qualifications. Now I am working and studying at the same time to get qualified.

        So, we continue. I have racked my brains to see if there was something different we could have done, but always come up empty. We hope that God still has a use for us somewhere, but it looks like we will have to continue “outside the camp, bearing his reproach.”

        I can sympathise with some of the pain you are experiencing, but at the same time, I think we share a longing to get to the finish line in this earthly phase of our lives. The corruption and dishonesty are everywhere, in the governments, in the elections, in the churches, and in ourselves. I long for the day when faith becomes sight, and the truth is shouted from the rooftops. Unfortunately, all of us have to travel a painful road to get there, but in the end it will have been worth it.

        God bless you this week.

  9. Appalling all these pains and sorrows; I hope the blood of Jesus will make a difference for all of us.

  10. Sorry to hear about your health issues and will keep you in my prayers.

    I’ve been reading your posts about the ten kings, and I may be wrong, but it appears that the 4th beast kingdom arises first, then 10 kings from within it, followed by the antichrist.

    This is interesting as it begs the question – what will the 4th beast kingdom look like and who will be running it before the ten kings/antichrist arise?

    Also it appears that the beast kingdom is already on the warpath prior to the revealing of the kings/antichrist. Could it be that we first suffer a world totalitarian government that collapses from which a very middle eastern coalition arises that gives its power to the antichrist?

    • Hi Kyle,

      You raise a good point. Is the fourth beast already here, or will it rise in the future?

      I believe that the answer lies in Daniel 2. Notice the iron in Daniel 2. That’s the Roman Empire. But then, it gets mixed with clay, the average person – followed by the ten toes.

      For me, that’s a gigantic clue. It doesn’t mean that I’m right, but it sounds too close to history for comfort.

      Did you notice that our legal system is Roman?

      Our scientific terms?

      Our writing?

      The similarities are awfully strong. BUT, if the fourth beast has yet to rise, I’m sure that we’ll see it happen in time to understand what we’re seeing.

      Great question, Kyle.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  11. John,,
    This is Joe Tippens, dedicated to getting out the word that he is getting somewhere with cancer, I personally know someone who used this super simple protocol and has No Evidence Of Disease or NAD. There are many, many folks getting results, some medical folks are checking it out now. He was given only months to live….years ago. And he is not alone , it has proven very effective for folks all over the world.

    I will be praying for you.

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