The Most Corrupt Election in American History

This election will go down in history as the most corrupt political event in the history of the United States. At no time in our history has there ever been this much corruption on a national scale. And, we knew that it would be bad, before it ever started.

In fact, it was already the most corrupt election before the first ballot was ever counted. So much so that it might even be a little difficult to point to the moment when it became the most corrupt in history. But, we know where the corruption started:

The hearts and minds of the American people.


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The Most Corrupt Election in American History

The Most Corrupt Election in American History

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Holy Garbage Dump, Batman, THAT was the worst election that I have ever seen.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at political systems and reflecting on how they work – especially how the corruption in their system works. And, as evil as that corruption is, it’s utterly fascinating. It’s like watching two trains racing towards each other on the same railroad track.

Most of the time, my viewpoint is as an outsider. I don’t have a big personal stake in the corruption that I’ve seen in Britain, France, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, China or even Taiwan. It’s a much more intellectual exercise to see corruption at work in those countries. It’s something else to see it in your own.

And, it has been hard to get much done as horrifying political events unfold in the country where I came from. I can hardly believe what I’m seeing. We have lost our minds. And no, I’m not talking about the fraud that we are seeing in the election results. I’m talking about how the average American has swallowed the political narratives that are crisscrossing the country.

Every System Is Corrupt

Please understand that every political system is corrupt. Every. Single. One. There are no exceptions to this. The only difference is in how much corruption there is, and what that corruption looks like.

Furthermore, the corruption in the system is directly connected to the corruption of the average person. That’s always where it starts. Always. No exceptions.

Name any country, and I can go there and eventually tell you how the corruption in that political system started, just by looking at the average person. And no, I’m not interested in going anywhere. Travel gives me a rash.

(Poor Mrs. Little forgot to ask me whether I LIKED traveling, before she married me.)

The problem with America’s corruption, is that it was harder to see than the corruption in countries like Egypt or Latin America. In the past, you had to dig a little deeper to see it. It took more effort, or… it used to.

American Corruption And Christians

Now, the corruption in US politics is so open and so awful, it’s obvious to everyone. Or at least, obvious to most people. Unfortunately, most Americans do not understand that this corruption is not recent. In fact, it started with the very beginning of the United States.

Yes, that’s right. The corruption started before 1776. It was there at the very beginning of the American political system. And, the only reason why it took this long… to get this bad …is Christians.

Not Christianity.


The more Christians there are, if they are devout, the less corruption there is. They don’t need to be in any position of power. They don’t need to have direct influence. They just need to be God-fearing, Bible-believing, Christ-like Christians.

The more of them there are, the less corrupt the politicians will be.

It’s one of many reasons why politicians hate Christians so much.

We could get into the social dynamics of why devout Christians are able to slow down political corruption. We analyze political structures and the relationship between power and faith. But we don’t need to. All that you and I need to know is that our devotion to God is the preservation of our nation and society. And, our lack of devotion to God has an opposite effect.

When Christians are spiritually weak, corruption becomes physically strong.

American Christians – No Longer Moral Or Religious

So, when you see the corruption that is currently infecting our society and deflecting the course of an election, you know who is responsible. If you are unsure, let me remind you of what John Adams said:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

 – John Adams, 2nd President of the United States

Unfortunately, that leads us to a painful question:

How moral and religious are Americans?

That’s not a difficult question to answer. We all KNOW what the answer is:

Americans are not moral.

Americans are not religious.

Unfortunately, it’s far, far worse than that. Much worse. It’s God’s-Judgment-worse:

American CHRISTIANS are no longer moral or religious.

If you want to know why the 2020 election has been so awful, that’s the reason. We Christians are no longer moral or religious. It’s really that simple.

I don’t care about how many votes were stolen, or how many dead people cast their ballots. The reason for the corruption in the election process is because we Christians are no longer moral or religious. And, because we are no longer moral or religious, God is handing us over for judgment.

Will any of your pastors say this?

Of course not. Very few pastors have enough insight or integrity to understand what I’ve just said, and it’s a sad reflection of America’s destiny. Whatever happens in the days ahead, remember this one thing:

For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God?

 – 1 Peter 4:17 (NASB)

Plunkitt Of Tammany Hall

Okay, so I said that corruption has been a part of America’s political system for a very, very long time. And, we have a lot of very American examples of really awful corruption. And, there’s one guy that I always like to talk about, when it comes to corruption.

George Washington Plunkitt

In fact, he’s such a great example, I’m going to give you a homework assignment. Read the following book:

Plunkitt of Tammany Hall: a series of very plain talks on very practical politics

It’s not all that long, and it’s free. It’s also eye-opening. Even nausea-inducing.

Plunkitt was a thoroughly corrupt politician. He was a Democrat and involved in politics from the late 1800s until his death in 1924. And, his corruption was the same kind of evil that we see today. Pretty much a ‘carbon copy’. The only difference between Plunkitt and modern politics is the breadth, the depth and the technology involved.

The Democrats of today are the same Democrats who ran Tammany Hall. They’re just as evil, but with more opportunity to practice their evil.

And, the Republicans?

The best that you can say about them, is that they let it happen. And, in reality, they’re just as bad as Democrats. At least, most of them. Some seem like they might be okay. It’s hard to say. But, from what I know about most Republican politicians, I will shed no tears for those who failed in their bid for power.

The thing that hurts the most is seeing all the Christians who tolerated the corruption. We did this. Now, we pay.

The Corrupt Christians of Crossway

And now, for some more Christian corruption.

As you probably know, I’ve been searching for a Bible translation for my daily reading. I read through the Bible every year, and the King James Version has proved itself to be too corrupt to trust. So, I need to find an alternative. The NKJV is only slightly better. The ASV, isn’t too bad, but still has lots of errors. I’ve heard bad things about the NIV. The NET seems pretty good, until I found problems with it. I have considered the NASB, but I can’t find an electronic version of it in the One Year Bible format.

In fact, Tyndale House Publishers no longer prints the NASB version of the One Year Bible (OYB).

Why don’t they publish the NASB OYB?

Because people have switched over to the English Standard Version (ESV) of the OYB.

Why did people switch from the NASB to the ESV?

Because pastors and self-anointed ‘experts’ claimed that its almost as accurate as the NASB, but more readable. In fact, some – without a shred of evidence – have claimed that it’s just as accurate as the NASB. But, I doubt that it’s true.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find anyone who is willing to do a thorough examination of the accuracy of the ESV. No one seems interested in looking at the Hebrew and Greek and comparing it to how the ESV has been translated.

So, when I find deliberate and shocking errors in the ESV, I have to wonder about the rest of that translation – since no one seems interested in double-checking Crossway’s work. Worse, Crossway’s response to those who point out errors, is breathtaking. They have displayed a level of corruption that is unimaginable, and I can hardly believe it.

I went into detail on that last week, here:

Truth? We Don’t Care About TRUTH

Well, fast-forward to this week, and I got a couple marketing emails in my inbox, from Crossway. As a part of downloading their ESV Bible onto my cellphone last week, I got signed up to their newsletter.

I responded to their first message with a question:

Why do you refuse to fix your translation of Genesis 3:16?

No answer. This week, I got another one of their promotional emails. And, I was even more angry over their deliberate corruption of the Bible and their unwillingness to fix it. So, I responded with this:

Will you fix your evil corruption of Genesis 3:16??

And yeah. It’s evil. And, they won’t fix it. However, Crossway customer service finally responded a couple days later:

Hi John,

Thank you for reaching out to us about this!

The change in Genesis 3:16 is due to a revision of the ESV text which occurred in 2016. The reason for this change is that the original translation “your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you” [in English] conveys the impression that the wife will merely desire her husband. It is hard to sense the negative connotation with this translation. In order to adequately convey this negative implication, we used the word “contrary” rather than “for”. This has no impact on the meaning conveyed by the original text, it only changes how we understand this text in English. “Contrary” conveys that she will have desires which will run in direct conflict with the desires of her husband as if she were vying for rule over him. The Lord then follows this by stating that she will have this desire but she will still be ruled (in the sense of familial headship) by her husband. This change ultimately helps to clarify the original meaning.

I hope this helps!

[name redacted]
Customer Service Representative

That response is an utter lie. And, the top management of Crossway know that the above email is a lie. They know it, but they refuse to change it. There is literally no legitimate way for the words ‘contrary to’ to appear in Genesis 3:16. It’s not possible.

Again, if you need a clearer understanding of why it isn’t possible, go here:

Truth? We Don’t Care About TRUTH

Then, today, as I was perusing the Crossway website, I came across this description of their ESV Bible:

…the ESV Bible emphasizes “word-for-word” accuracy…

How is it possible for them to say that, while deliberately corrupting Genesis 3:16 and Genesis 4:7?

If this was the NIV or some other ‘interpretive’ translation, I would be somewhat less upset. Translators should never ‘interpret’ the Bible, but I know that it happens a lot. But, Crossway claimed that they were doing their best to achieve ‘word-for-word’ accuracy.

Crossway employees who are in lower-ranked positions at Crossway, don’t understand what their company has done. But, the people at the top DO understand. They KNOW what they’ve done, and they are doubling-down on their commitment to this corruption.

I am truly amazed at how blatant this is. This leaves open the question of whether ANY of the English Standard Version can be trusted.

Unfortunately, I cannot find a rational discussion of ESV errors. Most of those who criticize the ESV are members of the KJVOnly cult, and the KJV is WORSE than the ESV. Yes, you heard me right. The King James Version is more corrupt than the English Standard Version, and none of the KJVOnly cultists want to talk about it.

One of the hallmarks of a cult is the unwillingness of a cult member to address the errors of their own cult. The KJVOnly cult refuses to accept that the King James Version has mistakes in it. And, I don’t want to have anything to do with a cult.

So, what do I do?

What Bible translation can I read every day?

Well, because of where I live – Taiwan – it looks like I am forced to hold my nose and read the ESV. So, on November 3rd, instead of voting (‘cuz I can’t), I bought a Bible.

I’m toying with the idea of doing an analysis of ESV errors since no one else seems willing to – at least in the Old Testament. If I can complete the revisions of When Jacob Returns and Ezekiel’s Fire fast enough, maybe I’ll be able to do that. We’ll see.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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50 thoughts on “The Most Corrupt Election in American History”

  1. If the NASB is the best you’ve found so far – why does it have to be in the OYB format? Why not just read the amount you want to read each day and let that be your daily read?

    Dealing with junk mail used to be so much more fun than dealing with spam emails. Although it kills way too many trees needlessly. But what I used to love to do is save all the enclosed envelopes with “No postage necessary if mailed in the United States” and then stuff them full of as much useless, unrelated junk mail as would fit – when taped mightily across the flap – and send them back. Hee hee.

    Corruption. Indeed. This election has been a sight to see. I was particularly horrified, but not surprised, to read Armstrong’s post about the CIA’s ability to hack the voting process, to tap into the data streams between where the vote was cast and where they are counted, and actually change them. And that this was done in 2012, and was part of what Snowden revealed. And it’s a perfect illustration of the problem – the swamp slime outnumber those with principles, to the point that someone with integrity who tried to sound the alarm was maliciously cast as a traitor and had to leave the country for his own safety. Thank God he was not so naive as to think he would have a chance in court. Let us not forget to pray for Assange.

    I continue to follow Pastor Dana Coverstone closely, and I still think his warning dreams were / are spot on; and have observed that an incredible number of Christians all over the world have been mobilized to pray daily about these things. I feel in my spirit that this is making a difference, although of what kind I do not know. I just feel very definitely that a spiritual heaviness has lifted. He continues to sound solidly grounded in the Word, and has no NAR illusions about conquering the worldly level of things in order to hand it to Christ. He just wants to fight for righteousness and witness to the lost for as long as we can. He is a pre-tribber, but emphasizes that no one knows, not even Jesus, and we are not to be motivated by a wish to escape but by the responsibility to serve the Lord as long as humanly possible. I think we should all be praying constantly against the tide of evil, no matter how hopeless it may seem.

    The level of integrity of the average person. If the average person cared about integrity, the first person who suggested changing the votes of the citizens would be shouted down and then fired. And hopefully blacklisted for any sensitive position. Anyone working in a voting booth who tried substituting Sharpies for readable pens would be thrown out and the people called back and told to vote again. Police would be willing to report corruption among their ranks without fearing reprisal, or death from ‘friendly fire’, or abandonment in an emergency. Look how many people work in this entirely co-opted media, spewing propaganda that they know is lies — and rather than unanimously refusing to do it, most follow along for their own reasons and it’s always the whistleblower that is in danger.

    • Hi DRG,

      I’m afraid that my interest in the OYB is somewhat less than purely logical. It’s a really nice format that flows off the page in a way that I really like. But, you’re right. It’s not necessary. In fact, I might actually read MORE of the Bible, if I wasn’t constraining myself to the OYB format.

      And, I LOVE your method of handling junk mail. I studied marketing in college and I’ve come to realize that it’s just the art of manipulation. And, I’ve learned to hate it, everywhere I see it.

      I’d love to see you oversee the voting! We need more of that. Unfortunately, they’d probably shoot you before the vote count was halfway done.

      And, I really, really hope that Dana Coverstone is wrong. I really do. But, it looks like his view of the immediate future is correct.

      Keep up the good work, DRG. Excellent comment, as always.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. John
    As I have mentioned before I am an ESV reader of the Scriptures but this year am using the Complete Jewish study bible just to bring a different insight into my daily readings & yes I also use the ESV one year bible format only you can no longer get here in Australia & I don’t know why.
    I spent 6 months researching about whether to buy the ESV back 6 years ago & yes, I was finally sold on it by men of distinction who all said that it was the best word for word translation. So on this I bought it. A few years later I was disgusted to find that they also left out those verses like other translations do that they say were added later. In my way of thinking it was the content of the verses which prompted their thinking in leaving them out!! Example, the story of Phillip & the eunuch in Acts 8 where they leave out verse 37 which is is the pivotal reply of the eunuch, I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. This was the only verse that states this & so they leave it out!! I was going to email you & say that in regards to the NT, that I have been using bible gateway to read Mounces interlineal Greek translation which I have been told is good. This is how I know that the word for rapture isn’t in the books of Thessalonians at all but is in Revelation but not in Chp 4 where John goes into the third heaven through the door.
    I bought the Israel bible but about 18 months later found out that it is corrupted so that was a waste of good money.
    I saw a video about a week ago that I think someone had on f/b about King James & he was definitely tied up with the masons & that other group, Rosicrucian’s. Hence the unicorn on the royal crest. I will have to try & find it again if I can as it was jolly interesting. I have a feeling it may have been Gary Wayne as I have his name here on a scrap of paper beside me on the table. Everything gets jotted down on scraps of paper as my memory is so poor but if you saw the pile of paper…. That shows the amount of info we crowd into our mind in a single week – let alone months.
    I just found the scrap I jotted down the verses you mentioned last week & looked them up in Mounces against the ESV & in all honesty, if Mounces is reliable, then only a couple of the verses I have an issue with, the rest actually are more in line with the Greek in Mounces that they were before. Also I have here a note that the EHV – Evangelical Heritage Version was another bible that got Genesis right. I have never heard of this version before & don’t remember seeing it in bible gateway & I use it regularly so wondering why I have never seen it – so thinking that maybe it is new??? Or I am blind!!!
    So yes, I did spend Sunday afternoon doing that instead of my bible study before realising it was 3.30 pm EAST & my church service was starting in Bangalore, India that I like to listen to & so forgot all about it until now!! So my apologies to you John. Now however, I am curious about this bible translation?
    Oh, & by the way, did you end up putting up a shock cast for last week on youtube? I like to listen to you, rather than just read your letter as I get the outraged feelings better when you speak it!! You & your research is truly appreciated & I pray that you are feeling better now. I am having trouble with my feet, specially my right heel, very painful to walk on lately so thinking that maybe I have another spur developed on it, so rubbing ancient magnesium oil into it. I think magnesium plays a major role in my hashimotos right from childhood along with the lack of some of the other vitamins. I think it was my mother’s bad cooking in aluminium saucepans & so we were starved of our vitamins & minerals & filled with heavy metals as the doctor had me on huge magnesium tablets for my growing pains & later iron medicine, also cod liver oil for the vitamin A deficiency which has effected my eyesight. So the old adage is true – you are what you eat!!! Blessings to you & your lovely wife!! Please be mindful of your surroundings through the coming days as I have been listening to my favourite Chinese antagonists & things aren’t looking good & you stick out like a sore thumb amongst the Taiwanese.

    • Hi Louise Brislane,

      Wow. Awesome comment. I’m so glad that you are on top of things, in terms of translation. Well done. Keep that up.

      As for my ShockCast from the previous week, I included most of it Saturday night. Thankfully, I was feeling better this week, so doing an extra long ShockCast was not a problem. Lord willing, I’ll chop up the video into segments and republish those. It makes it easier for some people to get their heads around what I’m saying, if the video is shorter.

      I’m sorry about your feet. I have my own issues, and they’re no fun. It’s amazing how such a little thing can become a real problem.

      Oh, and I found another ESV error. Not quite as awful, but another glaring error that proves that Crossway should be ashamed of its ‘scholarship’.

      There are so many fake Christians in ‘high places’, that I’m amazed.

      Keep up the good work, Louise. Well done.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      PS. Yes, Taiwan. Dark days could be ahead for those of us on this island. We’ll see what happens. – JL

  3. I always read from the New American Standard and I have had trouble finding another one, since my old one got damaged in storage when moving. SO, are you saying now that you are reading the ESV instead of the NASB or do you still prefer the NASB. Also, do you like the Tree of Life Version or David Stein’s Hebrew Roots Bible? Please let me know because if I need to get a NASB, I am feeling like I should do it very soon as they seem to be scarce in the book store. Thanks, so glad to hear from you again and I agree we deserve nothing good due to our own corruption. We shouldn’t even be surprised. But it’s still scary to think what is coming now.

    • Hi Deborah Japp,

      This is where I wish that I was back in the United States. It’s so easy to get stuff there, that I probably wouldn’t be as concerned about the ESV versus the NASB, because I could just go and find a used copy, if a new one wasn’t available.

      The irony, is that the NASB is getting corrupted, too. In my previous article, here…

      …I talked about how the NASB1995 had a more accurate translation of Genesis 4:7, more accurate than the current NASB. That is a bad, bad sign. It means that ‘theologians’ are getting in and subverting the core mission of the NASB – which is, word-for-word accuracy.

      Yeah, the future is a scary place. I have to keep reminding myself that these are all signs that our redemption is close. Events were always destined to get really bad before the Lord Returns. So, I need – we need – to work harder at accepting that this awfulness is a worthwhile price for what comes after.

      I keep telling myself this, but it’s hard for this knowledge to reach the ‘heart level’.

      Keep up the good work, Deborah!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. 2 Thess. 2:10 they refused to love the truth and so be saved

    11 Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false
    So God will cause them to be greatly deceived, and they will believe these lies
    For this reason God will send them a powerful delusion so that they believe the lie
    For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie
    And because of this, God will send to them a working of delusion, for them to believe what is false

    These are only the first five of 30 translations, available at
    Nerve wrecking times ask for a clear understanding. My guess would be: delusion. Maybe deception.
    “They” did not love the truth; and something bad happens to them: they will follow the antichrist. Astonished. Deceived. Under a strong delusion.

    So what is your point, John?
    Do you really see clean minds where there is any difference between astonishment and admiration? The minds are ugly: they did not love truth and now get enslaved by God, because of greed, lust and sin.

    So, you are right – and I really don’t care that astonished is not like admiration. It will be a tragedy anyway you look at it.

  5. Have you heard of the Numerics translation of the New Testament? The only place I have seen it is at It was done by a math prof at Harvard. The 2016 ESV Gen. 3:16 seems to fit better this feminist age we live in. (I was mostly raised in the 1940s)

    • I strongly believe that numerology is deeply misguided. And, I’ve seen far too many mistakes made because someone took a ‘scientific’ approach to the Bible. God did not mean for us to do that. He meant for us to read His words and allow the Holy Spirit to teach us what those words mean. – JL

  6. If you want to study the bibletranslations a very good source is from Joseph Herrin
    “Yahwehs book “a 15 parts book about the subject see newsletters may 2020 i read it myself
    Divorced from truth part 1 and 2 blogpost 21 and 27 october 2019
    and maybe other. see also all his books and articles


    sister nadine

  7. “and we knew it was gonna be bad before the first vote was ever cast”!! What an understatement that turned out to be. We figured after big tech passing out hundreds of millions to BLM and Antifa, it was far from over. The pessimist in saw something in the woodpile, but many snakes in ALL the woodpiles is mindboggling. I preached about the blatant corruption in past elections, but they bet it all on this hand to start the fighting.

  8. John Little,
    You’re left you first love, and demonize anyone who dotes on her. Believing the Word of GOD in no way sets me apart as cultic. The reason I use the KJV has little ( no pun intended) to do with scholarship. If such were true I’d have to trust John Little for the Word of GOD. I trust no man for the Word of GOD. And that includes King James or any one of the translators.
    I do however trust The Holy Ghost!
    And the Word hidden in my heart. I trust the fruit, GOD’s litmus for all things. You sir, can cling to Wescott, Hort, John Little or any of the hundreds of others professing Latin, Greek or Hebrew scholarship. The waters fine jump on in.
    What you’ll end with is…..well….. exactly the flawed morals and corruption you so well write about.
    Fruit dear brother, fruit!
    When you discover that perfection you seek, that John Little approved Bible, you let me know.
    In Christ,
    Bro Smokey Neal

    1Tim 1:15

    • Hi Smokey Neal,

      I find it interesting that you cannot answer anything that I have said. The best that you can do is attack myself. I don’t mind personal attacks. I get them all the time. It’s a part of the job description.

      What I mind is that pastors like yourself have created an idol out of the King James Version. You refuse to see that there are ANY errors in that translation. You won’t admit to ANY OF THEM. Not. One.


      Worse, I also know the kind of churches like your own. I know them personally. I’ve been to the conferences. I’ve been to the churches. I grew up in a church like yours. Most of them are dead inside. They have so little fruit that it’s hard to see why such churches exist.

      Yes, you proclaim that Jesus as God. This is good, but there’s so much bitterness and venom in churches like your own, that it’s understandable why God doesn’t send very many of His children to your church.

      Your fruit is bitter.

      Your comment shows what is in your heart, Smokey. You need to repent.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. brother John do i need to let the update windows 10 to 2004 to proceed i plan it on 21 november seems i cannot avoid this computer warns windows 10 will exterminate
    i.have no help from it people due to lockdown can you say something about it what to do please ?
    naver had such. warnings
    what is problem with 2004 ?

    thank you

    sister nadine

  10. The Coverstone dreams are interesting. One of them has Trump on his knees with Hillary standing behind him ready to cut his throat. At the same time, Biden and Harris are hurtling towards their target in a wagon, only for trump to grab a key from around Hillary’s neck and escape. Biden and Harris then crash.

    Trump is certainly on his knees and from what I understand, the mail in ballot campaign for the election was Hillary’s idea (the knife?). At this stage, Biden and Harris are certainly on track to reach their target; however from what I understand, Pennsylvania could be the key (keystone state) in any legal challenge by trump?

    If Trump was successful in any legal challenge, all hell could break loose.

    Alternatively, all the dreams and prophecies could be wrong.

  11. Hi John!

    A couple more verses in the NASB that caught the attention:

    Joshua 24:15

    “If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

    That’s the 1995 NASB. The newer translation inserts Euphrates in front of River.

    I don’t like that they changed “evil” to “disagreeable”. Disagreeable sounds polite in comparison. Call it what it is.

    Another one that bugged me more is in 1 Kings 19:12.

    “After the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a sound of a gentle blowing.” (NASB 1995)

    “And after the earthquake, a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire, a sound of a gentle blowing.” (NASB)

    A sound of a gentle blowing? No, “a still small voice.” That smacks of deliberate mistranslation.

    So frustrating and anger inducing!

    That would be great if you can do an analysis of the ESV Old Testament. Whatever you catch in the Interlinear would be most appreciated. My kidlins call the Interlinear the “Yoda” translation. When you read it out loud, whether the translation from Hebrew or Greek, it sounds so Yoda!

    Know any trustworthy brother or sister in Christ who knows Greek? Possible collaboration to examine the ESV. I know, throw it on the pile!

    Thank you for all you and Mrs. Little do!


    • Hi Jennifer Gibson,

      Oh dear, another translation ‘anomaly’. I just looked up Joshua 24:15 for myself. Wow, you are so absolutely correct.

      Why would they do that?

      The word for ‘evil’ in that verse is so basic, that I just do not understand why they would use ‘disagreeable’. That’s insane. And, inserting the word ‘Euphrates’??? REALLY???


      Who gave them the right to do this?

      Okay, then you said 1 Kings 19:12…. (not that you are wrong. I just need to see it for myself) …oy VEH! They refused to translate קול???


      That is such a basic word, and they refused to say ‘voice’. Wow.

      I just hate this. There’s no excuse for them to violate their own ‘rules’. They were supposed to be a ‘word-for-word’ translation. Yet, they have refused to do so. At such a basic level. And the word is ‘refused’. It’s either that, or their ability to understand Hebrew is so bad, that they are criminally negligent.

      Maybe we can sue them for fraud?

      Maybe do a ‘truth-in-advertising’ lawsuit?

      This is so insane, I’m struggling to understand why they would do this. It doesn’t make sense. Or, maybe I should say that it doesn’t make sense for Christians to do this. Maybe they aren’t Christians?

      But yes. Yoda. English in a Hebrew syntax.

      I walk to the school the big. I not like food Chinese. Chicken Fried Kentucky.

      (Or, something like that)

      Someone know knows Greek? How ironic that Hebrew is actually easier to understand than GREEK! Yet, few want to learn Hebrew.

      But yes. Greek experts, apply within!

      And yes, hugs to Mrs. Little. If I can just convince her to come on camera, y’all would see how important she is. But, I will let her know that she is appreciated.

      Thank you, Jennifer. Great comment. (And now I have something ELSE to be mad about!)

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  12. I found personal notes comes from Dr Hillman ? related to.Roberto Rivera
    God blessed England and America as long as they honored the KJV at that time
    Around 1875 the popular cry in England was to ‘update’ some of the words of the KJV The ones pushing it were friends of Englands Roman Catholic Church Cardinal Newman who was educated by Jesuits A new committee was formed but something weird went on Everything was top secret They worked on the OT and NT for twenty years They werent updating rhe KJV but were changing it by using other manuscripts Within the committee were two members Hort and Wescott from the church of England who secretly supported the RCC They convinced the committee that the old texts in the Vatican were more relable than the copies from Antioch It was a double cross ! They shot down the Word of God and produced a new Englush version of the old RC Latin Vulgate Bible The Jesuits were thrilled The world of higher education swallowed it It took almost 250 years for Rome to really damage the KJV bible ! but they pulled it off thanks to Hort and Wescott both men devoutly worshipped Mary In the last 80 years we have heard about 81 new English Bibles ( all roman catholic) based on Origens corrupted text all trying to push the KJV bible out of the way
    Origon was student of school of Alexandrie and became head of this school He didnt believe in Jesus as God the bible as word of God or in heaven and hell He messed up.with bible manuscripts
    (those are in the Vatican )they got hold on so even not everything is copied correctly from the manuscripts they messed up from that starting point already
    He was mightily used by satan to corrupt bible manuscripts He touched the manuscripts from Egypt but there was no way he could touch those manuscripts of Antioch
    the Waldenses of Europe had manuscripts of Antioch They had to.hide in mountains but were heavily persecuted by RCC even children were burned there was great revival amongst the people when they brought the gospel to the peope ( not corrupted)
    Origenes ( 184 AD – 254AD)
    so my conclusion is that the orininal KJV was mostly good
    and some later editions before 1875

    • That is an interesting account, and I’ve heard of Rivera. The problem lies in independently verifying his account. But, we CAN verify that the Jesuits are EXACTLY as vile and evil as Rivera has indicated. So, I willing to believe what Rivera has said. Thanks, Nadine! – JL

  13. Hi John,
    with every passing week, I have less doubt. Economy of Europe (and, of course, Poland) is in shutdown mode. US will probably follow. This is the Great Reset mentioned by Armstrong. And, it is successful. In a lockdown, economic fabric of Europe is being torn apart, and we are months away from violent, non-linear reaction of the system – just like in 2008. The only difference is that now there are millions of nodes of economic network that are slowly killed, not big ones, like Lehman Brothers. Hence, the reaction will be slower, not measured in days. But the final result is the same. And, this time – irreversible. And, this is executed in full cooperation with the governments. Who have the power (crown) and means (bow) to execute the entire scheme. “…and he came out conquering, and to conquer”. Well, I would have doubts, but we know full well from history, what was always, ALWAYS, associated with economic reconfiguration on global scale. War. Which is Seal 2. By the way, the architects of this operation are aware of this, and they openly stated it, in 2018:
    It takes little imagination to predict the consequences of such an event. Seal 3. Seal 4. It also justifies Seal 5. I would have problem to make the next step of reasoning, and proceed to Seal 6. But crazy man called Ben Davidson, just announced his new book. Not mentioning the Bible, he managed to put the illustration of Seal 6 on the book cover (look at the first 3 minutes):
    And an event he describes is fully compatible with the Seal 6, in technical, scientific, non-metaphoric terms…
    In fact, I would be happy to hear, that I’m delusional, and there are some serious logical flaws in what I wrote. Just tell me that I’m wrong.
    Yours in Christ
    Charles Hugh Smith, about two months ago, wrote (about US elections): “it doesn’t matter who will be the last Emperor of Rome”. He could have been right, maybe not knowing the entire context…

    • Hi Chris,

      You are in a good position to see what’s happening in Europe, in ways that we English-speakers in the US and elsewhere cannot see. And, your point about this being non-linear is chilling – for those who understand what that means.

      This will be a logarithmic collapse. NOT linear. And, we humans have a very, very difficult time grasping exponential functions. So, this will come ‘unexpectedly’. (Even though it shouldn’t be.)

      And yeah. Ben Davidson. He’s not Christian, yet he faithfully describes what the Bible is predicting. And, that book. I hope that he brings it out in PDF, but if not… I’ll have it shipped to Taiwan, anyway. That will be an important book to read.

      Charles Hugh Smith has an exceptional grasp on history. The question is this… does this mark the end of the American Imperium? Or, will there be something like a ‘Year of Four Emperors’ after Nero died – followed by an imperial dynasty that was chosen by the military (Vespasian)??

      The Roman Empire could have fallen when Nero committed suicide.

      Will America fall after its political system commits suicide?

      We’ll see, but I don’t think that we’ll like it.

      Well done, Chris. As always.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  14. Hi John,

    I recently found a NASB app that has one year Bible format possible – you can choose from canonical, chronological, or historical (based on when accepted into canon); can set start date whenever suits; and whether 90, 180, or 1 year format. It’s called New American Standard Bible, NASB Online. Icon has red Bible. Still working out how to best use the Reading plan, but since you recommended NASB I looked for on with OYB and found this. Say hello to your lovely wife for me!

  15. Greetings John, Where did you study Biblical Hebrew & Koine Greek with the goal of accurate interpretation, using texts from both the Greek New Testament and Septuagint Old Testament? … curious James

    • Hi James,

      What a choice of words.

      Why would you word that question in such a way?

      Why do you believe that the Septuagint is necessary?

      Why do you assume that I have not studied Hebrew and Greek?

      Why do you require that someone study at an ‘approved’ institution?

      Furthermore, why aren’t my points addressed, instead of these questions about whether I have an ‘approved’ background?

      I find this all very interesting, James.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • John, my question addresses your disappointment of Greek and Hebrew scholars who have been editors of the newer English translations so I had to inquired of your scholarship? And yes, an approved institution should be a requirement … ever been in contact with Dr. James White, Phoenix Arizona who debates all over the world people about Greek texts, translation methods, etc.?

        • I’m sorry but the ‘approved institutions’ that you are referring to are thoroughly corrupt. It is time to stop sending our children to ‘approved institutions’ and teaching them heresy. The question is whether you will choose God, or the praise of men. – JL

          • John, I might agree on some of the current institutions, but any who, you didn’t answer my question … you critique the accuracy of translations from the Greek manuscripts but supply us with no scholarship on your behalf?
            The main reason I am pointing this out is you have called almost every English Translation as ‘Corrupt’ as well as the scholarship of the editors of said versions … this is disturbing … James

          • James… HEBREW, H-E-B-R-E-W !!! Do you understand the difference between Hebrew and Greek? If you don’t, you need to stop posting comments like this. I spent 15 years in Israel studying Hebrew and working in a Hebrew environment. You can be ‘disturbed’ all you want, but you cannot answer my points. Your ‘ad hominem’ attack is very sketchy, James. Very. – JL

  16. John, yes I know the difference in the 3 languages used by the writers of our Bible. So you have no scholarship is what I am reading in your response. That was my question – so to critique scholars is error on your part … I encourage you to contact James White in Phoenix Arizona who is a scholar of biblical languages and teaches it .

    • Hi James,

      I am amazed at your pride and arrogance – along with your ignorance. I knew what I was dealing with from your very first ‘comment’, but I gave you room to clarify yourself. Well, you are certainly ‘clear’ as to who you are.

      I have already proven that your ‘scholarship’ is corrupt. Yet, you persist in requiring that I immerse myself in their corruption. I find it ironic that you don’t seem to be upset at these corrupt scholars and their insistence in desecrating and dishonoring the word of God.

      Furthermore, you haven’t said a word that proves me wrong in what I have said. Not. One. Word. Yet, you seek to undermine the message by undermining the messenger. That is the classic wolf technique. I’ve been the target of such ad hominem attacks for decades. I could see yours coming from a mile away. (Your technique needs work.)

      You need to repent, James. Your heart is not right with God.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Wow, all this belittling me because I asked about your credentials?
        John, just because there are a few corrupt institutions, many corrupt pastors / and churches please don’t throw all of us in that basket.
        And to be true to this, the updates an editing of said English versions are because someone has pointed to said errors so they humbly corrected them !
        I also noticed that you respond like this to anyone who questions you, is that not pride and arrogance in you?
        I ask the Lord daily to reveal any wickedness in me, or any error that I might be carrying because of my mentors, do you?
        I also am responsible when I see a fellow Christian teacher / writer to ask specifics about how they came to their conclusion, so am I corrupt or arrogant because I asked you about your scholarship?
        I didn’t ask my questions to create an argument, cause hard feelings or to attack you, just being a Berean …. A brother in Christ, James

        • Hi James,

          Now, you are playing wounded? Really?

          You are a pastor, yet you were dishonest from your very first comment. You weren’t ‘curious’. And, your subsequent comments demonstrated EXACTLY what you were trying to do. And, what you are.

          You are a dishonest pastor and are part of the problem that I am talking about. You can’t even be honest in your intentions, even now. And, this isn’t the first time that you’ve been dishonest with me.

          You didn’t even address any of my points. Amazing.

          Well, one day soon, you will stand before God and answer for what you are, James.

          Will God really say to you, “well done”??

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  17. There are even two types of vaccines they have been developing. The first is the standard where they inject you with a portion of the virus. But Gates has also funded vaccines that operate totally differently. They are targeting your genetic DNA to alter it under the pretense it will prevent COVOD-19.
    wow wow this is coming from martin Armstrong
    o my you know i wzw so distressed about the vaccin i asked you before a. well respected brother Gabe the preacher said we can take the vaccine because its God who protects us ( but not from mark ) but he said too that he doesnt know how the things will be unfolding so my worry is that it will contain such things altering our dna it can also contains parts of unborn babies how can we take that as christians ?

    our government told us a few days ago there are indeed two types of vaccines produced and they will look into what type to order for Belgium so they know ? i shiver honestly brother John God will lead us but it means we can already suffer next year by not willing to take this type vacvin

    greetings from sister Nadine

    • Hi Nadine,

      Any DNA-altering vaccine is going to be hard to mass produce and hard to distribute. And, it could lead to lots of bad side-effects – enough for you to see them before they tried to give it to you. And, I doubt that the DNA vaccine is coming out any time soon. If at all.

      As for the other vaccines, there’s a lot that we don’t know. Even Martin Armstrong isn’t completely sure about what is happening. Some of his sources in this area are awfully speculative.

      At the moment, I don’t think that we have much to fear about the current vaccines that we are talking about – like the one from Pfizer. We’ll try to watch what side effects it will produce, but I’m betting that it will be like a flu-shot. I could be wrong, but I’m thinking that this might be like that.

      Having said that, I never take a flu shot. I have enough problems, as it is.

      The bottom line is that we should be at peace over this. Oh, and double-check everything that you read – even if I say it. It’s a good habit to get into.

      I hope this helps, Nadine. It’s a fearful time to be alive, so it’s understandable that you would be concerned.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • I heard from a nurse also who said it contains fetal tissue parts. I will not consciously be a party to this child sacrifice that is so prevalent. I am going to trust the Lord, He has my life in His hands no matter what. Thank fyou for sharing this. I needed to hear it from someone else today. God bless you.

  18. Have you considered an English translation of the Greek Septuagint? Think about it. If the Septuagint was good enough for the Apostle Paul, the other writers of the New Testament and ultimately the Holy Spirit every time they quoted something out of the Old Testament, then it is probably good enough for us.

    • Um, no. I would NEVER trust an English translation based on the Septuagint. That would be a translation of a translation. The Septuagint is a TRANSLATION. And, has mistakes. And no, the Septuagint was NOT the Bible that Paul was reading. He read the original Hebrew. What’s wrong with reading the original Hebrew, David? I don’t understand all the push-back on this. – JL

      • Every New Testament sermon I’ve ever heard from any number of different preachers where there is a quote out of the Old Testament, the preacher says something about how the quote in the New Testament passage doesn’t quite line up with the Old Testament quote in our English Bibles because the New Testament author is quoting from the Septuagint. At least that’s the story. Whether that is correct or not, I don’t know how for sure.

        But so far as I know, there are no Old Testament manuscripts found so far that are any older than 2 or 3 hundred years after the death of Christ (the Dead Sea scrolls) which are the Masoretic texts which the author I mentioned alleges were corrupted from the older Septuagint texts.

        I’m not going to argue with you because I’m certainly not a theologian. I’m frustrated to that out of 50 different English translations, you would think one of them would be right.

        • Sorry, David. I should have been more clear. I don’t understand all the pushback that I’m getting from lots of people who should know better. Not yourself. The pastors that have been challenging me on this in private and in public are terrible. – JL

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