The Choice Between Corruption and Truth (But, We Still Collapse)

In a few days, Americans will choose their political leadership. If they vote for corruption, many millions will die. If they make honest choices, fewer millions will die. But millions will still die.

If our elites had chosen to be honest with us, maybe we could have avoided some of the death and destruction that lies in our future. But, elites don’t become elites because they’re honest. Mankind is not a fan of honest elites.

So, as we rush into the darkness…

How much death and destruction will we see?

When will we see it?


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The Choice Between Corruption and Truth (But, We Still Collapse)

The Choice Between Corruption and Truth (But, We Still Collapse)

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If Joe Biden wins, 23 million Taiwanese die. If Trump wins, 23 million Taiwanese still might die, but at least they’ll have a chance to defend themselves. If you think that I’m being hysterical, think again.

The Chinese Communist Party is literally the most evil organization ever created. No group has killed more people than they have. No group is more willing to kill people than they are. There is literally no level of evil that they are not willing to commit, to get what they want. The genocide of everyone in Taiwan is literally no problem for them. After they have murdered most or all of the 23 million people on this island, they will have no trouble sleeping at night, .

Unfortunately, there is a whole political class in America that does not care if China murders everyone in Taiwan. They will not care if Taiwan dies. They only care about the money and power that China gives them.

The Israel Irony

The irony is that, when I was living in Israel, I saw the same American elites with the same indifference towards Israel’s fate. They did not care if Israel was destroyed. They still don’t. If anything, the destruction of Israel would make their lives more simple. Less complex.

When I moved to Taiwan, a country that is roughly the same geographical size as Israel, I saw exactly the same thing. A tiny country, threatened by genocide, used as a chew toy by American elites. And, I can hardly believe the amount of evil that this represents.

Why Did Americans Do This?

How is it possible for Americans to give so much power to the corrupt?

I just don’t understand why Americans would do this to their own country, their own people. It’s as if Americans have become suicidal in their decision to destroy their future.

I understand why Americans don’t care about the fate of Taiwan or Israel. Most do not care about the death of faceless people that are too weak to defend themselves.

Where is the uproar over the current attack by Azerbaijan upon Armenians?

Where was the uproar over Turkey’s genocide of the Armenians after World War I?

Where was the uproar over Stalin’s massacre of the Ukrainian Kulaks before World War II?

Why are so many Americans eager to deny the Holocaust?

Yet, there have been times when Americans stood for good – and against evil. Republicans – yes, Republicans – laid down their lives to stop slavery in the 1800s. Democrats tried to keep slavery going and have been trying, ever since – with some success. (Democrat welfare plans destroyed black families across America, enslaving them to the America government.)

American Christians dug deep and gave billions to share the gospel. American Christians also stood with Israel, while American and European elites stood against her. American Christians went around the world, to the darkest places on earth, to shine the light of Christ. But, it wasn’t because they were Americans.

It was because they were Christian.

The Death Of Christianity In America

The problem is that Christianity is dying in America, and it has been dying for a very long time. So, it should not be a surprise that the elites are no longer hiding their corruption. It is out in the open, for all to see, and no one cares.

You care.

I care.

But, how many of our fellow Americans stand with us?

How many of our fellow Christians?

I can hardly believe that I had to write that question and to be so unsure of the answer. We really have become that weak. It’s as if we have forgotten that the choices we make will affect our eternal life.

Don’t Christians know that there is an eternal price for committing sin in this life?

And no, I am not talking about losing your salvation. I’m talking about losing the rewards that we could have received because we chose sin over righteousness, rebellion over obedience, this life instead of the life to come.

When Mrs. Little and I came to Taiwan ten years ago, it was to serve God to the best of our ability. We aren’t good at it. We aren’t the greatest followers of Christ out there. We’re flawed Christians. The only thing that we can say is that we are doing our best. Our absolute, pedal-to-the-metal best.

Are our brothers and sisters doing the same?

No. No they aren’t. Not even close.

My hope is that YOU are doing your best. And, for those of you that I know personally, I know that you are. You are doing your best, and in the eyes of God… that’s enough.

For those of you who are not doing your best, I don’t know what to say – other than you need to repent. You will stand before God one day and answer for your decision to not do your best. And yes, it’s a decision.

It is a decision to choose spiritual weakness over spiritual strength.

It is a decision to choose comfort over faithfulness.

It is a decision to choose corruption over purity.

If you have chosen poorly, now is the time to repent and make better choices. In some cases, painful choices. But, this life is short, and eternity is long.

Choose this day, whom you will serve.

Choose Whether I Live Or Die

How ironic that some of your choices will determine whether I live or die. Yes, I know that God has my life in the palm of His hand. I also know that God can protect Taiwan, just as He has protected Israel. But, I also know that the righteous often suffer for the choices made by the unrighteous.

The fate of poor Jeremiah comes to mind.

So, to my fellow Americans, you will be casting your vote for people who will be guiding your future. You will also be deciding whether I and my 23 million neighbors get a fighting chance to live, and all that we are asking for a is a chance. Or, you will be deciding that we should suffer a miserable death.

Those are the choices.

Choose well.

Global Collapse

Believe it or not, I planned to write about something else. About something that is actually worse than the death of 23 million Taiwanese at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party. I know that sounds strange, but when you think of what is coming over the next few years, you will probably agree.

What is coming?

War, Violence, Famine, Disease, Death.

That sounds obscenely hysterical, but I’m afraid that it is nothing less than the truth. The only question is about how long it will take for it to happen, and the order of events that will lead to such a cataclysm. We are already seeing war. Violence is already in our streets. Food shortages are already happening, and when there is famine, disease is not far behind.

Why is this happening?


Yes, there are other reasons mixed in. And yes, no one talks about oil being at the heart of the troubles that we see right now. But then again, you already know that the mainstream media is lying to you, so if you are waiting for them to point out the truth, you’re gonna’ wait for a very, very long time.

Remember that the attack on Armenia, by Turkey and Azerbaijan, is all about oil and natural gas.

The peace deal between Israel and the Arabs – the ‘Abraham Accord’ – is all about oil and natural gas.

The Syrian Civil War is all about oil and natural gas.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam that will destroy Egypt, was built because Ethiopia does not have oil and natural gas.

The US, China, Turkey, France, Russia, Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain, and Britain all have bases on the Red Sea or the Horn of Africa – at least partly  – because of oil and natural gas.

The world is starting to focus more and more on Africa, because they have the last remaining untapped reserves of oil and natural gas.

Global Warming and Climate Change were all about declining oil and natural gas.

So, what happens when oil and natural gas continue accelerate in their decline?

Remember that the peak in oil production finally happened in 2018. According to the number one petroleum geologist, the world will never see that amount of oil ever again. This means that we are in permanent decline. It is all downhill from there, and worse… the decline will accelerate.

So, what happens next?

Well, remember what happened in 2008. People stopped paying their mortgages because gasoline became too expensive. They had to choose between paying the mortgage and going to work. So, they defaulted on their loans. And, we are right back at that point, yet again.

Once the loan default rate gets high enough, banks will fail. Once enough banks fail, the financial system collapses.

Will the banks be rescued… again?

Then, there’s food. Almost all fertilizer is synthesized from oil and natural gas. Farm tractors run on gasoline or diesel. When the price of oil and natural gas goes up, the price of food goes up.

What happens when the price of food gets too high?

People starve.

A billion people suffered starvation in 2007/2008 because the cost of the most basic food staples went up by almost 30%. When that happens in 2021 and 2022, there will be far more people starving than that. And, starvation causes people to be vulnerable to disease.

Then, there’s one more reason why food will become more expensive. When banks fail, farmers are unable to borrow money to lease and plant their fields. They won’t be able to buy enough seed or fertilizer. They won’t be able to pay enough for fuel or maintenance. And, if they plant less, they will harvest less.

Again, this means less food and more hunger.

Those of us living in developed countries might need to make tougher choices on the quality of our food. But, third world countries don’t have the luxury of reducing food quality. They are already at the lowest level possible. Their only choice will starvation.

The bottom line is that everything will become more expensive and harder to get. Already, here in Taiwan, local dairy farmers are having trouble getting high quality hay so that their cows produce high quality milk. For now, we’re all blaming COVID-19 for why we are experiencing shortages.

But, how much longer will they be able to blame a virus that isn’t that much worse than a really bad flu outbreak?

I don’t know, but it’s only a question of time.

When will our current situation start getting REALLY bad?


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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6 thoughts on “The Choice Between Corruption and Truth (But, We Still Collapse)”

  1. Encouraging news –

    — Armstrong has always maintained that in order for the people to prevail against the government, and for a revolution to succeed without getting bloody, the police and military must take the side of the people. It looks like it’s happening in Italy!!!!!

    Also, good news that Barrett was confirmed to the SCOTUS. And that all kinds of gruesome stuff is oozing out of Hunter Biden’s “notebook from hell”, as someone else called it. Not good that he (and Joe) did these things, but good that they can no longer deny it credibly. Or even half credibly. I hope it becomes obvious to everyone what the true motive is that Twitter purges anything negative about Biden.

    • Yes, absolutely, on both cases. Having said that, even bloody revolutions cannot succeed without at least one center of military power switching sides. And, it is my hope that criminal politicians everywhere will be exposed. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of hope available for that. Thanks, DRG. – JL

  2. I finally read most of last week’s OS blog entry. A few thoughts came to mind.

    First, I was not aware of the ax hanging over Taiwan’s head. I was also not aware of the implications of the result of the US elections in relation to Taiwan.

    Second, I believe people are missing the intent of the COVID-19 virus. God allowed this to happen, so let’s make the most of it. Whether it is a hoax or not, to be honest, is irrelevant. I believe the intent was (is) to test people’s hearts, and during the shutdown(s), have the time to examine ourselves. The mask wearing is another opportunity. We put on masks to keep the other person safe (seeking the interest of others ahead of our own). While we’re grumbling about wearing a mask, for the sake of the other person, we have an opportunity to take off another kind of mask: the ones we hide behind on a daily basis, pandemic or not. It is called becoming transparent and real. We can’t really do this without engaging in conversation with another person.

    Christianity is indeed dying. Because Christians have chosen to have a form of godliness but denying its powerlessness, and we have also let our hearts grow cold.

    We are supposed to love one another fervently. Put another’s interest ahead of our own, and bear each other’s burden.

    There absolutely will be hardship coming to Abba’s people, and it will be to remove the fat from our hearts. It will be for our own good.

    If we do our “homework” now, we will be in a better position to be counted worthy to endure when the horsemen etc come.

    • Hi T2L,

      I’ve been watching Taiwan’s vulnerability for a long time, hoping that China would collapse before they can invade this island. Unfortunately, America has forcibly restrained Taiwan from being able to defend herself – keeping her from buying or even developing the weapons that she needs to keep China from killing her. The Democrats were the biggest villains in this story, but also too many Republicans.

      Trump has allowed Taiwan to buy weapons that she needs. Biden will deny her this ability, especially since he is owned by Beijing.

      As to your second point, I believe that you are absolutely correct. I believe that COVID-19 came from God. It was both a judgment and an opportunity – first for Christians, then for the rest of the world. Unfortunately, we have failed to understand the judgment and have failed to embrace the opportunity.

      I fear that what comes next will be very difficult for everyone.

      An excellent comment, T2L. Thank you.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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