The Fall of Civilization Began in 2018

For decades, they told us this was coming. But, we got tired of hearing it. So, we told them shut up – so they did. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the destruction of our civilization go away.

Then shocks rippled through our system in 2005, 2008 and 2011. They were brutal, but they weren’t enough to wake us up. And then came 2018, the biggest and most deadly one of all. But, no one noticed.

If there is enough time before our final end, historians will write that 2018 was the last great turning point. Everything that comes after it, will just be detail.

The question is:

Will you see what’s happening before it’s too late?


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The Fall of Civilization Began in 2018

The Fall of Civilization Began in 2018

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Shortly after returning to the US in 2006, I remember looking at the price of gasoline as I was filling up the gas tank and thinking:

Wait. Our economy cannot survive at that price.

Sure enough, it didn’t. Not long after that, the mortgage crisis blew up, followed by the economy. And, it was the price of fuel that started the wave of mortgage defaults and the failure of the economy.


Drive Till You Qualify

Well, let me remind you of a phrase at the heart of the crisis:

“Drive till you qualify”

Those who could not qualify for a loan close to their place of work, would look farther and farther away until they could afford the monthly mortgage payment. And as housing became more and more expensive, people had to drive farther and farther from work to afford the houses that they bought.

That was okay, as long as the price of gasoline was cheap. And people depended on the price of gas being cheap, to survive. Everyone was loaded down with debt, but the economy was good, prices were low and wages were able to cover almost everything. Almost.

So, think about the poor guy who needed to drive two hours to get to work. He had a new house, a new car and store loans to pay for all the new furniture. His credit card is maxed out. And then, the price of gasoline went up.

He was barely making it when gasoline was cheap. So, there was a point when he had to make a hard choice:

Pay the mortgage or keep driving to work.

Well, you already know what the choice was, because America suffered a wave of housing loan defaults. People stopped paying their mortgages, and banks started to collapse. This led to the crisis of 2008, followed by years of financial trickery to keep the economy going.

Stupid Money Flows Into Fracking

The one thing that helped pull us back from the brink was stupid money flowing into bad investments. In this case, it was fracking. Investors were convinced that price of oil was going to rise back above $100/barrel and stay there. So, money flooded in to badly managed fracking companies with stories that were bigger than reality.

This kept the oil flowing. But, the oil companies engaged in hydraulic fracturing were not making money, so they had to keep borrowing more and more to pay for all the wells that they were drilling. And, this went on for years as debts piled up and wells ran dry. (Fracked oil wells do not last very long.) Eventually, investors started to realize that fracking companies would never be able to pay off their debts. That’s when they stopped buying bonds to pay for drilling and fracking oil wells.

Why 2018

This meant that fracking companies had a choice to make:

Reduce the number of wells that they were drilling or go bankrupt.

Most fracking companies did both. And, that turning point happened in 2018. That was the peak in the production of oil. And, we will never see that production level, ever again.

Please understand what that means. Our economy is run on oil. We extract coal, using oil. We plant and harvest using oil. We transport our products using oil. As the production of oil declines, the cost of all of those things increase.

This means that, as oil declines, our economies will decline. Prices will go up, so people will not be able to buy as much as they were able to buy in the past. This has been happening for a while, but will now accelerate.

A declining economy makes people angry and fearful. Angry and fearful people often turn to revolution to get what they want. Governments do their best to keep revolutions from happening by bribing their core supporters and trying to convince everyone that the source of their trouble lies somewhere else than the government.

The 2020 Pandemic Coincidence

We saw the result of the decision to drill fewer wells, in 2019. And, fewer wells means less production. To those who were watching, the handwriting was on the wall.

Is it a coincidence that a fall in oil production in 2019 was followed by a hysterical response to a simple flu-like virus in 2020?

Did the political elites need someone to blame for the coming failure of their economies?

I don’t know for sure, and coincidence is not proof. But, I find it interesting that so many politicians were willing to agree to such draconian measures for reasons that made no sense at all. Almost every developed country in the world destroyed its own economy because of a virus that is only as bad as a serious influenza outbreak. And, if the official explanation for a thing doesn’t make sense, there’s always something that they aren’t telling you.

Again, coincidence is not proof. But, the timing is suspicious. But, notice the subtext of all these lockdowns:

Climate Change.

For literally 45 years, they have been screaming about global warming. And, before then, they were screaming about global cooling. And yes, I remember picking up books as a kid, in the ’70s that were making dire predictions about how we were all going to freeze to death.

Scientists are morons, too!

The good thing is that the politicians largely ignored the morons yelling about how we will freeze and then bake to death. Well, that’s not completely true. They ignored them… until they didn’t.

What changed?

The PEAK in conventional oil production in 2006.

From that moment on, the cry to reduce ‘carbon emissions’ increased and increased until it became deafening. At the same time they started produced fake science and fake studies to back up their fake claims. Yet, the climate didn’t change.

Just like the claim that we were all going to freeze to death, their claims about global warming did not make sense.

When It Gets Serious, They Lie

Again, if a politician makes a claim that doesn’t make sense, it means that there something else going on. It means that they are hiding something.

In 2011, Jean-Claude Juncker famously said:

“When it gets serious, you have to lie.”

When he said that, Juncker was prime minister of Luxembourg and president of the Euro Group. He eventually went on to become president of the European Commission. This guy is one of the inner circle of the elites. He has the elite mindset. And, the elites have lived by that statement for thousands of years.

To put it another way:

The only time that they aren’t lying to you, is when it isn’t serious.

So, since they are claiming that ‘climate change’ is serious, you know that they are lying. The only question is:

What are they lying about?

Yes, I know that I am speculating that ‘climate change’ is just a cover for ‘peak oil’, but you’ll notice that they stopped talking about peak oil a long time ago. We hit the peak in conventional oil production in 2006. We have proven that hydraulic fracturing (aka, fracking) is too expensive and doesn’t work without subsidies. We have the best geophysicist in the business telling us that we will never go back to the oil production levels of 2018.

They Want To Control What Is Left

So, why aren’t the elites talking about Peak Oil?

The answer is very simple:

They want to control what is left.

They also want to make sure that you don’t realize what is actually happening and start a revolution that throws them out of power. If they can get you to meekly absorb their ideas and then passively follow their plans, they win. They get to enjoy the fruits of power, while you get to… well …eventually starve.

That’s where it all begins to fall apart. When unemployment, homelessness and starvation start to rise, people start asking unpleasant questions about their government. They start wanting things that they used to have, that their parents had, and start wondering if their government is the cause of their problems.

That’s pretty serious, so that’s when governments will add to their lies. Since the ‘climate change’ argument will quickly stop working, they will try to blame someone else for the situation. Those who have oil can expect to be blamed and then invaded. If you have natural gas, you will be invaded. If you are on the invasion path to a source of oil or natural gas, you will be invaded.

The Wars Have Begun

As oil production continues to decline, economies around the world will decline. When economies decline for long enough, badly enough, countries go to war. And, if you remember what I said last week:

“The only unknown element is how long it will take for the world to wake up to what Art Berman already knows. You’ll know when they do, when the wars begin.

Actually, the wars began in 2011. The ‘Syrian Civil War’ was actually about which gas pipeline would be built. America, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey wanted the pipeline to go through Turkey, so that they could get their own percentage of it. Russia and Iran wanted it to go through Syria. You could even make the case that the wars began in 2003, with the invasion of Iraq by the US.

Oh, and then there’s the current war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Turkey sent a big shipment of weapons to Azerbaijan, just before the Azeris started that war. And, Turkey has been threatening to invade Armenia from the west.

Is there oil involved?

Well, an oil pipeline was constructed, that goes from Baku, up through Georgia and then down to the Mediterranean via Turkey. That pipeline avoids going through Armenia, and you’ll notice that eastern orthodox Georgia has been careful not to help eastern orthodox Armenia – even though they share a similar religion and similar culture.

Turkey is also starting a war with Greece, Cyprus and Israel. Shots haven’t been fired yet, but it’s only a matter of time before the conflict begins and ships are sunk.

Erdogan is a truly vile and evil creature.

The problem is that all of our politicians are vile and evil creatures. They’ve been telling us that we need to cut back in energy use because of ‘climate change’, when the reality is that they just want to preserve the amount of oil and coal that is left – for themselves.

That’s why the hysteria over Sars-cov-2 or COVID-19 is so suspicious. They failed in their goals for their ‘climate change’ narrative, so they locked us down. And, as our economies crash, they’ll claim that it was a virus and not the failure of energy production. Oh, and they’ll say that it wasn’t their fault. (It never is, right?)

For The First Time In Thousands Of Years…

All of that sounds bizarre, but we live in the most unprecedented – and bizarre – time in human history. For the first time in thousands of years, we face a steep decline in energy. And, that means a steep decline in the economy. And, a steep decline in the economy means a steep increase in war. Lots of war.

Do you remember that World War II was about oil?

Hitler didn’t have any, so he invaded the Soviet Union – which did. He also attempted an invasion of the Middle East, also for oil. Imperial Japan also needed oil, which was why they were extending their empire southwards towards Indonesia – which had oil. The rape, looting and genocide perpetuated by Hitler and Hirohito were ‘merely’ a side effect of their evil designs. But, all of that was towards the beginning of the oil production curve, and their weapons were less effective than ours.

But, even with ‘less effective’ weapons, the Nazis and Japanese still manage to cause the death of 3% of the world’s population. Our weapons are far, far more effective and there are far, far more of us who are vulnerable to the effects of war. More so than the 1940s.

Worse, we are on the downside of the oil production curve. Germany and Japan fought World War II out of greed. Our nations will fight World War III out of desperation. And, far more than just 3% of the world’s population will die.

The coming years will be the deadliest era in human history.

It will also be the time when civilization as we know it, tears itself apart. It will crumble around us, and those who are desperate to keep their power, will convince the ignorant among us to fight and scrabble for what’s left. Violence and destruction will be everywhere as our societies claw themselves apart.

Will you be ready when that happens?

There’s No Tomorrow

As I was writing the above, I took a moment to watch this video again:

There’s No Tomorrow (limits to growth & the future)

That’s from 2011 and I’ve been talking about Peak Oil from even the very first post of Omega Shock, just a few months after that video came out. And, you’ll notice that there isn’t one mention of ‘climate change’ in that video. Not one. But, it also spells disaster for all of us. All.

The first two minutes of the video are garbage. The creator of the video believes in evolution, which is foolish. But, the rest is dead-on accurate. It even ends with a far more positive outlook than I am willing to believe.

If you want to escape what is coming, find some good land and start farming. Then, convince your community to buy locally. In fact, be like the Amish. If we were all like the Amish, we would not have such a bleak future. But, don’t tell Mrs. Little, ‘cuz she wants me to get some farmland and raise chickens.

Do you know how mean chickens are?

It’s a good thing that God has other plans for me. At least, I THINK that God has other plans for me… other plans than …RAISING CHICKENS. But, that’s a story for another time.

(I love Mrs. Little, but I’m NOT going to raise chickens!)

The thing that you need to do, right now, is watch that video. If there are parts that you do not understand – or even don’t like – leave a comment in the comment section. The one thing that you should NOT do is ignore the point that is being made.

Our civilization has begun to die.

You need to be ready for what that means.

Nvidia And Jensen Huang Gave My Data To China

And now for something COMPLETELY different.

I finally broke down and did the one thing that I have not had to do in 40 years, take a computer back to the computer store to either be fixed or replaced. They said that they would call us when they figured out what the problem was. And, we haven’t heard a peep from them in three days.

But, I have been hearing this message:

Yes, that’s right. I have a package waiting for me. All that I need to do is press one to get more information. And, I’ve been getting that exact message, several times over the past few days, from five separate phone numbers. No, I do not have a package waiting for me. No, I did not order anything. It’s a scam. From China. And, Mrs. Little tells me that it’s a very common scam.

Worse, it’s a message in Chinese, sent to an American phone number that is registered to a American address. In my name. There should be no reason for such a message to be sent to me. There is no reason why this scam message would be sent to me – well, except one.

This guy is the only reason why I would be getting scam voicemail messages from China:

Jensen Huang, Co-founder, CEO and President, Nvidia

His company sent my data to China so that they could send scam voice messages to try and get me to do who-knows-what. He’s Taiwanese. His company is Taiwanese, with a headquarters in Taiwan. Yet, his company has been pushing Nvidia users to install his application, which sent my private information to China. In fact, when you install the GeForce drivers for your Nvidia video card, you have to CHOOSE not to install their disgusting software.

What is the name of this glorious bit of evil malware?

GeForce Experience

If you have any Nvidia hardware in your computer, you probably have that software installed. And if they stole my information and sent it to China, they will steal yours and probably do the same with it. Nvidia makes great hardware. But, they’ve chosen to dance with the devil – China. And, it was Jensen Huang who chose to do so.

Jensen didn’t need to do a deal with the devil. He didn’t need to get in bed with China, but he chose to do it anyway. And no, I don’t know which deal he made, that promised to hand over private information to the Chinese government. I don’t need to know, since I already know the result.

Worse, Jensen Huang had to have known that what he was doing was probably going to compromise the security of almost every computer in Taiwan, and maybe computers around the world.

Does he care?

Of course not. He’s worth billions of dollars. And since he’s also an American citizen, he probably doesn’t care if his software aids China in the destruction of Taiwan. After all, with that much money, you don’t need a conscience.

But wait… is it possible that Jensen does NOT know that his software is grabbing private information and sending it to China?

Okay, yes. It’s possible that he’s stupid. It’s possible that he does not know what his employees have been doing in Taiwan, in China and elsewhere. But, it is hard to believe that someone that smart can be so stupid.

Do you believe that Bill Gates did not know about the NSA functions that were built into Windows NT?

I’m sorry, but no one is that stupid. Bill Gates knowingly gave US intelligence agencies a back door into his operating system. He didn’t just know about it. He didn’t just agree to it. He had an active and enthusiastic role in it. And, the NSA had to have given him lots of money to make it possible. And, the same thing is true about Jensen Huang and his disgusting ‘GeForce Experience‘ software.

But, the really revolting thing is that not only did Nvidia send my personal information to China and Chinese intelligence services, but they gave it to Chinese scammers. That’s a level of corruption that is so petty, that it’s almost too much to believe.

Jensen Huang knows about what his software is doing. It would not have been a ‘minor decision’ on his part to gather our private data and send it… somewhere. And since he knows, he’s criminally liable for what his software is doing.

Will he be held accountable?

Of course not.

Was Bill Gates held accountable for putting back doors into Windows?

Of course not.

The elites are not your friend and will never be held accountable for what they have done. Even if a little country like Taiwan is destroyed because of it. The massacre of 23 million Taiwanese is nothing, if you get billions out of it.


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I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


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20 thoughts on “The Fall of Civilization Began in 2018”

  1. Hi John,
    you are absolutely right, for the exact reasons you mentioned. We are observing engineered decomposition of our civilization. The clear sign is the ongoing COVID madness which in Europe is in full swing. Here in Poland the healthcare system is slowly collapsing, and it’s not the virus. It is us – government and media. Some hospitals are assigned “COVID-only”, cancer and other treatments are ceased. You have to be tested to be admitted to the others, and it takes time. Lockdown incoming (but even useful idiots from the WHO admitted that infection fatality rate is less than for common flu). Flu season is about to start, which (in Poland) means 4-5 million cases before the spring comes, as every year. So the madness is starting, and it is infuriating. Just imagine… when I was 9 years old, I had appendicitis (as you know, you can easily die from it, without surgery). It was 1982, there was martial law in Poland, curfew hours, tanks and military on the streets. My city was without electricity (which happened often during that time). It was 1 a.m. when my parents called an ambulance for me (back then phones did not require electricity if only telephone exchange was powered). Yet it took less than 45 minutes for the healthcare system of the communist Poland to transport me to the hospital (operating on diesel generators), diagnose me, and put me on the table for surgery. And they probably saved my life. Forty. Five. Minutes. Now, guess what, 40 (!) years later in a country with GDP orders of magnitude bigger, in heart of Europe, NATO member etc., only this week, at least 3 people with the same problem were not that lucky. They died waiting for faulty COVID test (while having no symptoms of COVID). I’m so disgusted that I don’t even want to look for the cases of other medical conditions, not now at least. And, this is only the beginning.
    Everyone, please pay attention. That is just a glimpse of things that are coming…
    Yours in Christ

    • Hi Chris,

      That’s awful. And Poland is not a stupid country.

      So, the question is… how many people need to die, just like that, for people to wake up to the fact that this is manufactured hysteria?

      Unfortunately, we might need to use the ‘stoplight model’ for this. In America, almost every stoplight is set up because someone died in a car crash at that intersection. There might be exceptions to this ‘rule’. but not many.

      You can bet that the doctors and nurses who had to watch those three patients die, for no reason, will start wondering if this was a good idea. When enough are wondering the same thing, they’ll hafta stop the foolishness.

      Then, what happens after that?

      Excellent comment as always, Chris!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hi John,
        yup, big question. What happens next. I have a sad feeling that we are (on top of everything else) slowly approaching “forks and torches” territory. Today I saw on Twitter “wear masks, keep social distance” message, written by our Ministry of Health. And thousands, thousands of replies. All speaking the same. I would translate some of them, but I just don’t know so many dirty and offensive words, and phrases, in English. I would have to use F-word every single line, and I don’t want to do that in OS comment section. That’s probably a hint – what happens next…
        Yours in Christ

  2. Greetings John,

    I live among the Amish now for 6 years, in our own off grid Amish home. These are the 2nd most conservative Amish with the Schwartzentruber’s being the most conservative. That term directly relates to their use of technology.

    Among this ultra conservative group , they still have a large dependence on oil and various byproducts thereof. Yes they put up large amounts of food out of their gardens and raise their own meat. They are several degrees of separation farther away from total dependence than most. Here is a list of things they use that require oil

    Small motors , mounted outside washroom to run their wringer washers ( Schwartzen’s do not use)
    Large diesel motors to run grinders for corn, sillage , etc. They ” fill silo” by grinding up their corn and blowing it into the silo from the top, yes they harvest with draft horses, but there ain’t no storing it without fuel. At least the non-Amish have moved to a feed bunker system which could theoretically be filled using horse power alone.

    Similar motors to run thrasher for the oats ( horse feed, for the work horses, buggy horses) , I think it would not take much for them to build a hand thrasher if needed.

    Hay is the only feed done completely without the use of oil. Well, they need to oil/grease their sickle bars and hay lifts, wheels, there is always that.
    Lots of rust around where we live.

    Oil Lamps, their only indoor lighting, most here, including my family use K30 delivered in 55 gallon drums…hmmm when that can’t be delivered?

    Headlamps , run by batteries, they go through thousands of batteries a year.

    Cars, they are VERY dependent on others to drive them anywhere more than 12-15 miles away. They can go farther with their horses, they would rather not though. they love to shop and go to yard saled and auctions. What happens when the cattle trucks quit running?

    My son works the milk truck, picking up the multiple 10 gallon metal cans from each farm every morning when the hand milking is done. It is then trucked to their cheese factory which uses….electricity, under a non-Amish guy’s account. They make yogurt and cheese curds and have a pretty good business, to help pay their communities farmers a little and money for their hospital bills. Keeps the dairy farms going.

    Plastic, the use alot of plastic storage containers, plastic bags, etc.

    Grocery delivery, they buy alot of conventional groceries, and bulk flour, sugar etc., in 50 lb bags, so do I. They large home based Amish grocery is just up the road from our house, mighty handy for sure.What happens when this is no longer delivered? No toilet paper for families of 12-20 people?

    Sawmills, main source of slabwood for their kitchen cookstoves and ours. They do some horse logging in their woods as well, but really use ALOT of slab, which is cutoffs from their sawmills. They rely on logs being trucked in, even though they are sourced just a few miles away. Horses can only bring 1 big tree out of the woods at once, they hire non-Amish with chainsaws to cut it up. they could do it with crosscut saws, I have seen them do whole trees that way The mills are run with diesel motors.

    Coal – many use coal stoves in their living rooms, big houses require alot of heat. Houses and families are all large.

    Fabric- they use large quantities of polyester fabrics to make their clothes.

    That is a small list. What they do have is determination and they will make a way no matter what. So if anyone can make the adjustment to do without, they will . And they will do it together, cooler heads will prevail and they are very inventive.

    From fencing parts to metal farm tool parts, everything is manufactured now, very little is made local. There is one Amish welder/fabricator who lives down the road , he is always swamped. And where does he get his stock for fabrication? It is manufactured and trucked in.

    The key will be those groups who return to full skill, local sourcing for most things. And like the old days do without, make do, and make things last. The trade routes will takes so time to establish again, people will do it, tanneries will pop up again, smelters, creeks will run dirty again. Filth will pile up in the cities, and menial labor will be in vogue once again. Humans have only lived this oily life for such a short period of History. We are soft, our family is moving somewhere warmer very soon, there just is not enough wood to go around up here for cooking and heating for thousands when the oil runs out. At least in a warmer area our horses can be out longer, requiring less hay, and our stoves won’t need to be fed as much either. Air conditioning has never been a thing for us, no matter how hot. Humans live in hot everywhere without it.

    We can and will do it again, just as Jesus did when he humbled Himself and took on flesh, from being Almighty God, Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, to come and offer Himself for us wretches and our sin, us filthy rag works fallen man. Humbled Himself to the Cross, and powerfully lives and reigns forever. We can too if we trust Him. I pray folks come to repentance, and do not perish.

    We are nowhere as tough as Jesus is, but He can and will give us strength to endure, His power is available to us, we are made in His Image. There will still be suffering, of that I have no doubt. My great , great grandparents lived it, I hope I can too, with His strength, I will. Millions have gone before us, and they were strangers and pilgrims, enduring far worse than we have ever imagined, Hebrews 11, I really hope I do not need to go through the cut asunder part. But I am mindful of a better country an heavenly.

    • Awesome comment, Ann. Thank you for sharing that! Yes, I completely agree that the transition can be made and will be made. What concerns me is how the ‘soft’ people will react to that transition. And, thank you for pointing out that some Amish aren’t quite ‘low tech’ as we thought. – JL

    • Wow. I didn’t realize how much even conservative Amish bent the rules. I can see why, I certainly would not want to live without modern conveniences; but it is concerning what will happen if they DON’T develop certain key skills – like blacksmithing, being able to make their own metal products (nails, etc) or else it will be back to a stone age culture in terms of materials.

      People are going to seriously need to sift through landfills and construction debris to recover nails and other metal items, like the pioneers did. Keep and reuse nails, screws, hinges, things we think nothing of discarding and then buy new for pennies; what about when they cannot be bought for any price? The pioneers used to search out and recover bullets, too.

      I live in central Iowa, and there are Amish communities here. There was a terrible buggy accident a few years ago – a pickup truck going about 65 mph ran into the back of a buggy and a family with 4 children was in it. Perhaps this incident made that family think through their belief system a bit more deeply. I have nothing against the Amish, and I know that there are irrationalities in just about every religious system and every denomination of Christianity. But in this case …….. of course no one wants to watch their children suffer and die when there is an alternative. Of course, someone called 911, on a cell phone (probably forbidden) and the police and ambulances came screaming (using oil and engines, forbidden) and the injured were airlifted in helicopters (more forbidden technology of every kind) and taken to a modern, well-equipped emergency room – full of every kind of forbidden substance, item, and technology you could possibly think of. So. Seriously ….. is all this technology the devil’s work? That will surely corrupt anyone who touches it??? I hope they really thought that through.

  3. When I read Armstrong’s post about the ECB both desperately trying to stimulate the economy and aggressively wrecking it via covid restrictions, it reminded me of this classic from the early days of America’s Funniest Home Videos:

    Why is it hilarious when an animal behaves like this, but hundreds of millions of sheeple follow HUMAN IDIOTS who do the same?

    Believe me, so far all of the doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, etc that I have worked with during the past year agree that this covid nonsense is exactly that; true science does not support the official narrative and the propaganda is based on pseudoscience and sophistry which does not even make sense when a non-scientific person applies basic critical thinking. But the PTB suppress this in every possible way.

    From Barnhardt’s blog –

    • Poor doggie! But, absolutely yes. We’ve shot ourselves in the foot and thinking that we’re clever. I just now quoted your Barnhardt link to the missus, and I wasn’t even half through when she blurted out the same conclusion. Eventually, people will wake up… eventually. What happens then? Great comment, DRG. Those links go in. – JL

  4. Thanks for the insightful analysis, John. America, the Great Experiment, is quickly declining.

    Rev. 12:12 pretty much sums up where we are.
    “Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.”

    Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Every week we see more corruption being exposed in every area: government, churches, education, medicine. I don’t believe it will stop; we’ll just keep rolling down the mountain, picking up more speed as we head to the bottom and a nasty crash. I pray for endurance and wisdom at this point, and more importantly, love for others. I confess, I am very angry too much of the time. The refusal to see the evil and call it by name (discernment) is so rare anymore. We expect that we’ll find it in churches, but nope, not there. I’m guessing a lot of the silence from the pulpits has to do with the 501C3 status. Gutless pastors, they are.

    I cannot attend church any longer. The mask requirement, the silence on real issues we are facing, the pretense that we will return to “normal”, etc. is too disappointing. I have considered looking for another church, but when everyone is masked up, there is no incentive for reaching out to newcomers and trying to get to know them. They create walls that can only be breached with great effort and I don’t see many making that effort. People are suspicious of everyone now and it’s truly weird.

    On a lighter note, Mrs. Little is right. GET THE CHICKENS!! I have my “covid chickens” and get fresh eggs everyday. They aren’t mean at all. I can pick them up and handle them easily. Of course, I only have hens – roosters are another story. Roosters will terrorize you!

    • NOOOOO! Not CHICKENS! (And yes, Mrs. Little LOVES chickens.) I hear you Sally. The love of this world is strong in our churches. I wish that it wasn’t so. I just find it hard to adjust to how evil and corrupt everything is. God bless you sister! – JL

  5. I had been wondering if this green agenda, zero-CO2, eliminate fossil fuels thing was less about actually saving the planet than it was about the PTB realizing we are on the downhill side of oil production. After, of course, they crushed attempts to develop viable alternatives because while the oil was flowing, it was just too darn profitable. Armstrong briefly mentioned an inventor who had come up with a device based on magnetism that put out more energy than it used; that an auto manufacturer had offered to buy him out for $50 million not to produce it, but to ensure it would never be produced. He refused. But of course they made sure it was never produced anyway. A documentary was made about him, but I forget what it was called. I think it was called by his last name, which I don’t remember either. I can hardly wait for that rod of iron, that rule of infinite wisdom, in which we will no longer be oppressed and enslaved by corrupt idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi DRG,

      I hear you about that rod of iron. And, I often wonder about how Christ will rule during the millennium. Will His police be able to read minds and tell when someone is being dishonest or corrupt?

      Where will the angels be in all of this?

      Whatever happens, it will be true utopia. Corruption will not be allowed, and then there will be the final test – when Satan is released – a test which humanity will fail.

      To your point about alternative energy sources.

      It IS true that big companies have been suppressing alternative technologies. But, we are starting to see their grip failing. For instance, a new form of nuclear reactor is being approved for the US called the Small Modular Reactor (SMR). However, it’s not new technology, it’s just no longer suppressed by the nuclear industry.

      But, the question of whether there is a good replacement for oil is different. And, remember also that we cannot escape the grasp of physics – especially the laws of thermodynamics. But, whenever we say ‘thermodynamics’ eyes glaze over, so let’s just use this acronym:

      EROI (or, EROEI)

      Energy Returned On (Energy) Invested

      Nothing has a better EROI than oil. Nothing. And, since we’ve based our entire civilization on that EROI, we’re toast. Burnt toast.

      All the alternatives that everyone has tested – all of them, without exception – has an EROI lower than oil. The only thing that MIGHT one day have a promise of a better EROI is fusion. But, that depends on whether our scientists and engineers really understand God’s laws of the universe. And, I doubt it.

      Just look at how much money we’ve spent on searching for ‘dark matter’. That was billions upon billions of dollars of stupid.

      I’m always open to better information, and I truly hope that I’m wrong about the alternatives to oil. I would love to see some glimmer of hope for the dark future ahead for us.

      We’ll see what happens. The next few years will be… interesting.

      Thanks for all those comments, DRG!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • It may well be that there is a way to better harness the energy produced in methods we do know. Such as all that radiation that has been pouring into the ocean unabated since Fukushima. I remember the early days of Mother Earth News, an outgrowth of the 60s and early 70s, and the articles on how much heat was wasted when using wood. How wood stoves lose more heat than they provide for the dwelling. Some really ingenious adaptations ensued, such as burying a woodburning chamber, properly vented, in a thick layer of sand to retain the heat and running air pipes through it; this would be outside and below the house, and the heated air would rise into the house and the cold air fall and be reheated. So far the best solution I’ve seen is PAHS (passive annual heat storage) construction, which when done right – even in Alberta, Canada – results in a constant average temp of about 55 degrees and when angled so the sun shines in onto thermal mass materials (tile floors over concrete), heats it up to the desired temperature and the danger is acquiring too MUCH heat, not too little, because it is almost perfectly insulated and will retain this heat for a LONG time. This method requires nothing but the sun, no moving parts, no plastic parts, no electric switches, nothing. Just curtains or shades to block too much sun so it doesn’t get too hot. The worst thing that could happen – as in a volcanic winter – would be going down to the 55 degree base temp, and you’d have to wear a sweater, but you wouldn’t freeze to death nor would your pipes freeze and burst, etc.

        As for transportation and manufacturing, it seems they lose a tremendous amount of energy in current nuclear methods. Surely there is a better way to do it …..

  6. Never ever left a comment to anything before…didn’t even finish reading your post. Listen to Mrs Little…chickens are NOT mean…raise them, it’s worth it

    • Here in Taiwan, people wear masks all the time, all over the place without any increase in respiratory disease. So no, masks aren’t going to kill us. BUT, the point about secondary infections is very relevant, something that no one seems to want to talk much about. Thanks, DRG. Great point. – JL


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