Over the Seneca Cliff into Complete Collapse – And, I Can Hardly Believe It

Just when I think that things cannot get worse, they do.

I’m literally sitting here at a loss for words. There is so much evil, so much stupidity and so much blindness to all of it, that I am almost at a loss for words. Almost.

How is it possible…

…for the media to ignore the direct, bombshell evidence that Hillary created the Russiagate hoax?

…for a high tech civilization to ignore its imminent destruction?

…for a multi-billion dollar software company to destroy its own product?

…for a tiny island to ignore absolute death, just a few miles away?

If I wasn’t watching it with my own eyes – and hearing it – I’m not sure that I would believe it, myself.


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Over the Seneca Cliff into Complete Collapse – And, I Can Hardly Believe It

Over the Seneca Cliff into Complete Collapse – And, I Can Hardly Believe It

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Over the Seneca Cliff into Complete Collapse – And, I Can Hardly Believe It

Only some of you will understand what I’m about to say. I don’t blame you if you don’t. I wouldn’t have understood thirty years ago – or even twenty.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I still remember how stupid we all were in the ’80s and ’90s. How confident of the future. How good it was to be young, vigorous and a part of a system that seemed to be unstoppable. I knew that the foundations were utterly corrupt, but everything was just so BIG. So enormous, that collapse just didn’t seem possible. And, absolutely no one ever uttered that word.


You just didn’t talk about stuff like that. America was the neverending empire of the sun. Nothing could stop what we were. What we would be. We had big dreams and even bigger opportunities. We told ourselves that there were not limits to our future, if we could only dream big enough.

We were the America of Norman Rockwell and Neil Armstrong. We had American values and American ideals. When the mad Kaiser and the evil Nazis threatened Europe, we stopped ’em. When Imperial Japan raped and murdered its way across East Asia, we stopped ’em. When communism threatened the world, we stopped ’em. When the Arabs tried to destroy Israel, we told ’em that they couldn’t.

We were great because we were good.

But, that wasn’t completely true.

Yes, we did become great and there was goodness in us. Eisenhower put ‘In God We Trust’ on our money. We gave honor to God in our pledge of allegiance. We fought and died to end slavery. And, across America, we learned to read, so that we could read the Bible. In some ways, we really were as great and as good as we thought that we were. But, the shine of the American Imperium distracted us from the rot within.

In our arrogance, we forgot what made us great. And, in that arrogance, we slowly but surely stopped being good.

But hey, we were still the shining city on a hill, right? RIGHT?

Yeah. Right.

We let the foundations rot away, even as we paved the roof in gold. And, it’s something that we humans have done throughout all of history. And no one wants to talk about it.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Two thousand years ago, Lucius Annaeus Seneca talked about it, which might be why Nero killed him. When you speak truth when you are too close to power, power rarely lets you live.

What was it that Seneca said?

Esset aliquod inbecillitates nostrae solacium rerumque nostrarum si tam tarde perirent cuncta quam fiunt: nunc incrementa lente exeunt, festinatur in damnum.

 – Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium

Basically, that means:

It would be great if we collapsed as slowly as we grew.

A more literal translation is:

It would be some consolation for our selves and our failings as slowly die out if all that happens, now advances as they come in damage.

…That’s the Google Translation. Mine is better.

Seneca Knew Paul

I find it interesting that Seneca knew Paul the Apostle pretty well. Paul talked to everyone in ‘Caesar’s Household’. So, there was literally no way that Seneca could have avoided Paul, even if he wanted to. Tradition even says that Paul and Seneca wrote quite a few letters to each other and had a very cordial relationship. But, who knows if that is true.

Was Seneca a Christian?

Nope. Sorry. Don’t go there. Just because he knew Paul and liked him, doesn’t mean that he believed in God. Just because he believed in morality, doesn’t mean that he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. But, there’s one thing that Seneca did know:

Civilization falls apart, faster than it comes together.

He talked about that, when he was much older, while he was an advisor to Nero – at least, in his letters to his friend Luciliam. And, it was his ability to see the corruption festering at the heart of the Roman Empire that probably led to Nero having him killed. Of course, killing people was something that Nero did. But, I’ve gotten off of the topic.

I’m talking about Seneca because someone coined a term:

The Seneca Cliff

He then wrote a book called The Seneca Effect and even mentioned The Seneca Trap. The guy who coined those terms and wrote that book is Ugo Bardi. He’s a smart guy working for an evil organization. But, we don’t care about how smart he is or who he works for. The important point is the one observation that we must all remember.

We grow slowly and then die quickly.

Those are my words, not his. But, it’s a universal law. In literally every living structure, the system grows slowly, hits a limit and then dies quickly – if left on its own. And, all of that has everything to do with the Adam eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Before Adam’s sin, a different system prevailed. I don’t know what it was. No one does. But, it certainly was not one of slow growth, followed by quick death. But there I go again, getting off the topic, so let’s get to the point. And, the point isn’t about Seneca.

It’s about how our current civilization will die.

INTERLUDE: My New Computer Falls Apart

But, let me tell about how I started thinking about the death of our civilization. And, it starts with the imminent demise of my computer. (No, it’s not dead. But, since it will die pretty soon…)

Normally, I get a new computer about every five years. Not because I want to, but because I wear them out. And, I was at the five year mark on my most recent PC, when I decided to do the smart thing (for once) and replace it BEFORE it died. Unfortunately, the computer I bought wasn’t quite as good as I thought that it would be.

Which is why I have not been able to respond to those who have sent email or left comments.

The reason why I am now – still – having computer trouble, has everything to do with how foolish and stupid Microsoft is, and how foolish and stupid a certain Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer is. And, I’m not the smartest person in the world, myself.

(The other possibility is that my computer is demon possessed.)

In May, Microsoft released a new version of Windows 10, called version 2004. It had all kinds of great new features that created all kinds of ‘great’ new problems. Worse, Microsoft did not do a very good job of telling computer manufacturers about what they would need to do to make sure that the new version of Windows 10 would still operate properly on their motherboards. And, that’s on top of all the nice new bugs that Microsoft created when they produced their latest version.

Those of you who have been in the computer industry long enough, know that Microsoft is a lousy company. They are horribly corrupt and do shoddy work. But, they do great marketing. Oh, and they have deep connections to the American Deep State.

Does anyone remember seeing the NSA functions in Windows NT?

I do.

They’re still there, but they hide them better than they did 20 years ago.

So anyway, I went to a local computer store here in Tainan – coolpc.com.tw – and bought what I thought of as a reasonably good system. Not cutting edge, just a moderately good system that will help me write and do videos. But, when the clerk who handed the machine over to me, he said something interesting:

Don’t input your Windows 10 key, until you’ve used it for two weeks.

I was puzzled by that, but like most human beings, I ignored what I did not understand. And yes, that is exactly how we operate. We ignore and even forget, that which we do not comprehend.

Well, now I know why the clerk said what he said. My PC started crashing within minutes of installing windows 10, version 2004. And, for days, it would crash about every hour. And, I came within an inch of taking the machine back to the store and asking them to fix it. And, it would have been the first time in almost 40 years that I had ever done that.

I still might need to cave in and go back to the store and ask them to fix my computer – since it’s crashing about every two-to-three hours. But, I think that I know what the problem is:

Microsoft is run by morons.

And, hardware companies aren’t much better.

Oh, and there’s one more delightful thing that I discovered. And, it has everything to do with Taiwan and China. And, you will just LOVE what I’m about to tell you.

Are you sitting down?


Nvidia is a Taiwanese company that makes great graphics processors for the PC and also makes processing units for super computers. But, they are also giving our information to Chinese intelligence services.

How do I know?

After installing the drivers for the graphics card that I was using, I also installed an app called “GeForce Experience”. Once upon a time, it wasn’t a dangerous thing to do. They didn’t ask for private information. They didn’t collect private information. It was safe. But when they changed their application and started asking for your data, I stopped installing it. However, with all of the trouble with my current PC, I decided to install the app. Maybe it would help fix something that needed to be fixed.

What was the first thing that Nvidia did?

They sent a vast chunk of my personal data to China. And, all of that data is now in the hands of the Chinese government and even in the hands of the Chinese version of the NSA. Email Password. Hardware ID. Operating system version. My nationality. IP address. Mac address. Physical location. Probably even my shoe size.

Think about this for a minute. This is a Taiwanese company with headquarters in Taipei, that is handing over private data from almost every PC user in Taiwan… handing over all of that data to the Chinese government. To Chinese intelligence agencies. They are probably doing the same thing to you.

That’s right. YOUR information is probably being handed over to the Chinese government and Chinese intelligence agencies. The only good point in all of this is that Chinese government hackers tend to be pretty lousy. So lousy in fact, that we discovered an unsecured text file of all of their high level targets.

If you want more on THAT, watch this:

China’s Secret Global Spy Operation—Zhenhua Data Leak

It’s a good thing that China is run by morons. Otherwise, Taiwan would have been destroyed a long time ago – by its own morons. Yes, Taiwan is also run by morons, just… smaller morons.

Of course, America is also run by morons. So, criticizing the Chinese and Taiwanese morons would be a bit hypocritical. But, think about how such stupidity affects civilization.

Stupid people kill smart systems.

And, it’s actually a good thing. Otherwise, we Christians would be in a lot more trouble than we are right now. If the evil in our governments was efficient and smart, they would have killed us off a long time ago. So, the stupidity of evil actually works in our favor. It’s just maddening. But, back to my accidental data breach.

One of the reasons why this is so serious for me, is because I’m an American living close to an important air base that is responsible for intercepting Chinese aircraft. Because I might be involved in that base – or other sensitive projects – they would probably want to try to start monitoring what I’m doing. But, they probably won’t, ‘cuz they’re morons. (And, I changed a lot of stuff to block their access.)

Now, how does this apply to Seneca’s Cliff and the destruction of our civilization?

First of all, it’s a lesson in how humanity is both stupid and corrupt. A Taiwanese company is sabotaging the security of their own country for profit. It’s insanely stupid, but it’s very human.

Secondly, my technical issues forced me to slow down and do two dangerous things:

Listen to Art Berman.

And, think about what he said.

INTERLUDE OVER: Art Berman And The End Of Civilization

Art Berman is probably the most important Petroleum Geologist on the planet. And, the reason why he’s so important is due to more than his intelligence and his access to core information on crude oil. No, the biggest reason why he’s so important is due to one thing:

He’s independent.

He’s also smart, with computer models that accurately predict where the oil markets are going. And, investment professionals regularly ask him for advice on where the price of oil is headed. And, they trust his analysis because he hasn’t been captured by the big oil companies. And, the one investment channel that likes to talk to him most is Macro Voices. And, I heard them interview Art Berman, here:

MacroVoices #239 Art Berman: U.S. Production still set to decline…but so is demand

Listen to that video if you want, but it’s not all that important.


Because they don’t actually want to know the most important analysis that Art Berman has to offer. In fact, almost no one wants to know what he’s really saying. And, the Macro Voices moderators tend to push him around, when they bring him on. It’s one of many, many reasons why I have such a low opinion of financial ‘experts’.

Most financial ‘experts’ only want to hear what confirms their own bias. They do NOT want to hear anything that challenges their reality or their paycheck. Especially their paycheck. And, since Art is forced to dance to their tune, to promote his services and earn his living, that’s what he does when he talks to financial ‘experts’. But, because he has a conscience and wants to tell people the truth, he routinely talks to less-expert experts.

That’s why, when I heard him on Macro Voices, I went looking for any other appearances that he might have made. And, I found him here:

Art Berman (Oil Expert On Price, Cost, Value, History And Future, Of Oil) RCS Ep. 51

THAT video is worth listening to. All of it. More than once. And because George Gammon didn’t have an agenda that backed Art into a corner, Berman was able to speak a lot more freely. In fact, I don’t think that I have EVER heard him speak as freely as he spoke in that interview. And, that is an incredibly sad reflection on the investment industry.

The investment industry is run by morons, and I know this… because I was one.

It’s also probably why Art Berman is one of the most depressed experts that you will hear on the Internet. He knows what’s coming, but people won’t let him talk about it. I’m pretty depressed myself, but no one is telling me to shut up and sit down. At least, not like what they’re doing to Art.

Anyway, here are some quotes from the video that you should pay extra attention to:

A barrel of oil is worth four and a half years of human labor.

Technology does not create energy.

All technology is, is a way to convert energy into work. (wealth)

The world has been on OPEC+ life support for four years.

There is too much oil now, but in five to ten years… that will end. In five to ten years, there will not be too much oil.

Oil is currently underpriced.

We will never go back to the height of 2018 production.

The US government will nationalize the shale industry. Oil is way too important to fail.

America won World War II because US access to oil was better than anyone else.

Humans have never gone from a higher energy density to a lower energy density.

Everybody is promoting what they are selling.

But, even though he was given a lot more freedom to speak his mind, Art Berman still needed to dance around the two words that he just could not say:

Peak Oil

He couldn’t say it, because morons would crucify him if he did. But, notice what he DID say:

We will never go back to the height of 2018 production.

Do you understand what that means?

It means that we went over Seneca’s Cliff two years ago, and we are just waiting for our civilization to die. And, I believe that your life depends on understanding that.

This isn’t me that’s saying this.

This is the number one petroleum geologist in the world.

Hopefully, you have already been preparing for the worst years in human history. And yes, that is exactly what we are talking about. The only unknown element is how long it will take for the world to wake up to what Art Berman already knows. You’ll know when they do, when the wars begin.

Hillary Committed Treason And No One Cares

But wait… there’s more!

It’s bad enough that our civilization faces utter destruction because the amount of energy available to us is declining. It’s bad enough that our computer infrastructure is managed by morons with big paychecks. It’s bad enough that our investment professionals are both ignorant and arrogant. It’s bad enough that hostile intelligence agencies are grabbing our private data. It’s bad enough that the beautiful story that we told ourselves – about how wonderful we are – has turned into a horrible parody of reality.

It’s bad enough to see all of that, but now we can add a picture of corruption so obvious, that I am shocked to even contemplate it. Public. In-your-face. Completely ignored. Corruption at every single level of society. And, all wrapped up in a population that will not even talk about it. And, you might not even know what I’m talking about.

On Tuesday, October 6th, John Ratcliffe, the United States Director of National Intelligence, declassified the hand-written notes of then-CIA Director, John Brennan, and those notes proved that Hillary Clinton engaged in unspeakable corruption. It also proved that Barack Hussein Obama knew all about it. And, the mainstream media is covering it up. Worse, the average American is completely ignoring it. Every level of government is ignoring it. No one – outside of a handful of people – is talking about this. And, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Hillary Clinton committed treason, and nobody cares.

Let that sink in. Let that thought go deep. Ponder all of what that means. Or not. It’s up to you. But, one thing that is NOT up to you, is the truth that your society – for the 90% of you who are Americans – has turned to evil at such a basic level that there is no way that it can be saved.

Even if we weren’t going to suffer a catastrophic reduction in energy, this would still mean the end of America as we know it. There is just no way to survive such utter, mind-numbing depravity. And, history shows us that no civilization has survived such corruption – at least, not without intervention. And even then, such interventions turn civilization into a shadow of its former self.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca saw the corruption of the Roman Empire. He knew what was coming, so Nero killed him. The only thing that kept the Roman Empire from falling was the intervention of the military, which only delayed the collapse. And, that military intervention turned Rome into a menacing, festering blot on humanity. And, it only transferred the corruption. It never got rid of it.

The lack of response by the American people, to what happened on Tuesday should be unbelievable to everyone. Unfortunately, we’ve seen evidence of this decrepit apathy for years. People just don’t want to believe the treason at the heart of the CIA and the rest of the American Deep State. But, until Tuesday, there was a thin veneer of plausible deniability. There was at least a fig-leaf that the American Deep State could hide behind. Now, there’s not even that. But, they’re safe, because the American people don’t care.

The treason of Hillary Clinton and the complete lack of concern by the American people, is a sign that America is finished. No amount of patriotism will ever be able to recover what has been lost. It’s just. Not. Possible.

Stick a fork in us.

We’re done.

They Will Steal The Election And No One Cares

Then, let me add one more thing. It’s bad enough that we’ve gone over Seneca’s Cliff. It’s bad enough that no one cares about Hillary Clinton’s treason. But, there’s one more thing to make the picture even worse:

The Democrats are going to steal the election.

And no one cares.

Lionel made that point a few days ago, and he’s absolutely right. His exact words were:

Nobody cares that they’re going to steal this election. Nobody.

 – Michael William Lebron (aka, Lionel of Lionel Nation)

My hope is that this makes you disgusted. I hope that this makes you reevaluate all the stories that you told yourself about how great it is to be an American. How great your country is. And yeah, I’m an American. And, my family is as American as any family can possibly be.

However, I benefit from seeing the American government at work in ways that few ever have. I’ve watched America use Israel as their chew toy. I’ve watched the dirtbags running the United States, push around Israel – a desperate country, fighting for its life. Especially when it was fighting for its life.

I benefit from seeing how evil the mainstream media is, because Jerusalem was every journalists last big assignment – before being sent off to the Imperial Capital, Washington D.C. I saw how evil those wretched individuals were, so I’m not surprised by what the media have been doing to America.

I also benefit from living for ten years on an island off the coast of China, an island that the Chinese Communist Party wishes to murder and destroy. And, I have watched America use Taiwan like they’ve used Israel – as their little chew toy, while playing games of imperial ambition.

You probably have no idea how evil your politicians are. And, I understand why you would not. Your education keeps you from seeing it. Your television and newspaper keep you from seeing it. All the media and entertainment that you consume – all of it – covers over the foulest corruption and gives it that wonderful smell of eau de respectabilité. Your pastor might even have his own hand in how you have been tricked into believing the lies. But hopefully, you are seeing the truth.

You can’t stop the lies.

But, you CAN stop believing them.

One Last Thing About Taiwan

One more thing before I go. It’s about Taiwan.

The situation here is not good, and it hasn’t been good for longer than most people realize. And, the average Taiwanese has been slow to wake up to how dire their predicament is. But, they are waking up.

I just don’t know how long Taiwan has to fix their neglected defenses. As bad as the current government is, they are at least trying to rectify years of bad management. They have even woken up to the need to change the basic structure of society so that the core cultural differences between them and China are more noticeable and closer to western norms.

Taiwan made a lot of bad decisions over the past decades. And, her enemies in America and China made those mistakes even worse. But, there is one thing that Taiwan has done that is worthy of high regard:

They protected the right of Christians to worship God and to share their love of Christ.

In fact, I have more freedom to serve God, here in Taiwan, than I do in most places in America. But, if China succeeds in its foul desire to destroy Taiwan, that freedom will be gone. And, Taiwan’s enemies in America are more than willing to allow China to destroy this island. If you want Taiwan to die, vote Democrat.

I’m just surprised that the average Taiwanese has so little understanding of how dangerous their situation is.

But, I can report one good thing. Today, on the eve of 10/10, Taiwan’s Independence Day, no jets roared overhead, scrambling to intercept another Chinese air force (PLAAF) incursion. We’ll see what they do tomorrow.


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8 thoughts on “Over the Seneca Cliff into Complete Collapse – And, I Can Hardly Believe It”

  1. To see Trump vehemently and viciously criticized by his opponents, wow, that is shameful. But the other side did that with Obama, too. Dehumanizing our enemies can lead to only one thing. North America has been blessed without the kind of persecution other nations have suffered and endured. I believe we are in the precipice of change on that score. God help us all!

    • Hi T2L,

      I’m so sorry that it took so long to get to your comment, and the other comments. I’ve never had such difficult technical problems. This really has been a first for me.

      Thank you for sharing your message. You are absolutely right that we MUST forgive and pray for our enemies. This is a vital part of what it means to be a follower of Christ. We cannot and will not receive forgiveness from God, if we refuse to forgive those who have done evil to us.

      This is such a hard thing to do, especially when the evil done to us is inexcusable. But the reward – even in this life – is worth it. Even the world has begun to acknowledge that healing isn’t possible without forgiving those who abused us.

      Well done for being able to do what most cannot do.

      And, you are right about Trump and Obama. The scaremongering over Obama from the right was absolutely insane. And, stupid. And, now the shoe is on the other foot, with the left going insane. And, the insanity will only get worse and worse until the country – and the world – blows apart.

      It will be all downhill until the sixth seal is opened. Then, there will be a pause, after which things will get even worse.

      As you said, T2L, God help us all!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Bo Polny bet his reputation on a collapse of the economy in 2016. He was dead wrong, and he’s still getting it wrong. You are throwing your money away, if you pay him for his ‘advice’. And, his eschatology is totally misguided. You should not listen to anything that Bo says. I hope that helps, DKC. – JL

  2. https://weather.com/news/trending/video/cruise-ships-being-sold-for-scrap-due-to-coronavirus

    How insane is this? Wait, don’t answer that question. The virus lives at most 48 hours on a hard surface, maybe 3 hours on a porous surface. All they have to do is let it sit empty for a week and it self-disinfects. The no-sail order is something else, though; but you’d think selling a billion-$ cruise ship for scrap and getting 4 million $ for it would be worse than sitting out something like that. Except when it threatens to go on forever, as some are saying. And travel has plummeted. Wow.

    Armstrong is saying Socrates was picking this up as early as August 2019, but at that time he had no idea what the manifestation would be. He just saw that something was wrong and that it was very strange. He still says Socrates is still showing that this attempt to subjugate the entire world will fail, because they are idiots and have no idea how economies actually work. But his concern is the irreparable damage they have done and are still doing before they realize their plan will never work.

    I posted a comment for last week’s weasel edition and it disappeared. I had included a link to that Australian sheep farmer who was being prevented from feeding his sheep, by preposterously insane covid regulations. They said he would have to FLY the 43 tons of hay to Sydney, then quarantine THE HAY for 2 weeks, then fly it somewhere else, then figure out how to transport it to the sheep. Who may well have starved to death by that time, not to mention bankrupting the farmer. I said, this is deeply disturbing because these are the very same type of things Stalin did when he was deliberately starving the Ukranians to death. While pretending this was not the real agenda. And how everybody, including the US, took his pitifully lame explanations at face value and looked the other way as this atrocity went on and on and on. This is happening in Australia and nobody cares, nobody is doing anything about it.

    • Hi DRG,

      Your previous comment didn’t disappear. I did. But, I’m back – on my old machine – and able to get to comments.

      The point about the cruise ships is interesting. The initial cause is absolutely stupid. Just as you said. And, because people are generally stupid, it will take a while for tourists to start going on cruises again. It’s that whole ‘madness of crowds’ thing.

      The fact that Armstrong’s AI system was able pick up on this is extraordinary. And, I think that there are some pretty deep waters here. Something that I will be talking about tomorrow.

      I don’t know if Sars-cov-2 was an accident or not. But, I know that the response was planned. They locked us down to shield themselves from the fallout of what was coming.

      The last great year of our civilization was 2018. It’s all downhill from there – unless they can get fusion to work, which I doubt.

      Great points DRG. You’ve been clear-headed about this ‘pandemic’ all the way through. Well done!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Hi John
    I started to watch the interview you suggested with Art Bergman and the rebel capitalist, most of it goes over my head, yet I am still fascinated by this subject. I googled peak oil and found this cool website I thought you might like


    Not sure why you can’t just click on it but if you type it in the address bar it comes up.
    God bless you and Mrs Little as you seek to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Your sister in Christ, Carol


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