The Benzo Trap and the End of the World

Do you smell that smoke?

That’s the bridge back to sanity, burning behind you. We crossed it, going the wrong direction, and now we aren’t going back. The world as we used to know it, is over. The irony is that no one is talking about the biggest reason why we’ll never see sanity again.

The permanent decline in energy. It started this year, and it’s accelerating.

On top of that, many of us have been trapped by Benzodiazepines (aka, Benzos). You trusted your doctor’s recommendation, and now you’re caught. Getting out of that trap is going to hurt. A lot.


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The Benzo Trap and the End of Sanity

The Benzo Trap and the End of the World

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Monday night, I saw this video:

(Reposted) – Peterson Family Update June 2020

Jordan Peterson had been a voice of reason in the midst of an insane world, and I had enjoyed hearing what he had to say. I didn’t agree with everything, but he was one of the few people on the public stage that seemed sane.

And then… he disappeared.

There were rumors of benzodiazepines and a clinic in Russia. But, that seemed to be about it. And, I was wondering if he had been taking too many benzos, or even abusing them. I couldn’t believe that he would abuse them. He seemed too sane to do that, but I didn’t know what to think.

Then, his daughter’s interview with him, popped up. From Belgrade, Serbia. I didn’t really have the time to watch it, but I did it anyway. And, I’m glad that I did.

Jordan Peterson was NOT abusing Benzodiazepines.

He was taking them EXACTLY as the doctor ordered.

Because he was suffering insomnia.

Once he realized that he had a problem, he tried to get off of them. That almost killed him.


If you have – for more than two to four weeks – been taking Alprazolam, Flunitrazepam, Chlordiazepoxide, Clonazepam, Diazepam, Lorazepam, Midazolam, Oxazepam, Prazepam, or any of the other versions as described here… If you have been doing that, DO. NOT. STOP. If you stop taking them all at once, you might wind up in the hospital or dead. The only way to get off of them, is very, very slowly. And, it might take months or years to get off of them.

The best way to get off of a benzodiazepine is to NEVER START.

For some of you, and for me, it’s too late for that. So, the only way that you are going get off of them safely is very, very slowly. With the help of a good doctor. And, you will suffer. And yeah. I added myself to that statement.

My Own Story

Guess what…

…I too had been – and still am – suffering from insomnia.

So, my doctor gave me a tiny little pill and said to take this as needed. It was one milligram, and I didn’t take it very often. Then, Mrs. Little had to have surgery. And, we had to move. And on and on… Basically, sleeping became next-to-impossible.

I never understood how insomnia could be a problem until I got it myself. Life is not bearable without sleep. And, I probably wasn’t helping myself very much by being the typical writer, staying up late… writing. Like I’m doing now.

Anyway, one milligram every-once-in-a-while became on milligram a night. But still, it was a tiny pill. And, I hadn’t heard all that much about problems… no, scratch that. I had not been paying attention to what people had told me.

A friend was given one milligram a day of a benzodiazepine, and suffered terribly getting off of it. Just one milligram a night. The same as I am taking now. But, let’s stop a bit and rewind to that Jordan Peterson video above.

Prior to that video, I had been to my doctor, telling him that I was still having trouble getting to sleep. And, I asked for something else. He seemed cool with all of that, and then increased my dose of Benzodiazepine to FOUR MILLIGRAMS A NIGHT without telling me.

After watching what Jordan Peterson had gone through, I looked a little more carefully at my own prescription and realized just how close to disaster I had been. Again, my doctor had quadrupled my dose without telling me. And, it doesn’t sound like I’m the only one who has been given larger and larger doses of a drug that is almost impossible to escape.

And, The World Is Ending

Now, if our future was going to be 2019-normal, this might not be a problem. You and I could take these drugs for decades without a problem. I’ve known people who did. I know someone who took valium for 40+ years and lived to the age of 96. But, that only works if there are companies that are still manufacturing these medications and can still distribute them to you.

When the world falls apart, what will happen to those who have been trapped into a dependency on Benzos?

And yes, the world IS going to fall apart. The following video is doom, if you understand what this petroleum geologist is saying:

Art Berman: Expect Oil prices to move down, then up, then WAY up

America will never see 13 million barrels a day of oil production, ever again. And, there are very few who understand how serious a statement that is. The peak is over, and it’s all downhill from here.

What happens to the world when you subtract three million barrels a day of oil production?


Gary Kah – Time Is Running Out

People have not thought this through, but there is no escaping this. War is coming, and millions will suffer and die. And, I just got a letter from a friend, who sent out an urgent bulletin just yesterday. Here are just the first three paragraphs:

From the Desk of Gary Kah

July 28, 2020

Time is Running Out

If we could peer into the invisible realm and witness the spiritual war currently being fought over the United States, the sense of urgency among America’s Christians would almost certainly be heightened. The fact is, most Americans are still asleep, or at least lethargically optimistic and unaware of what may be getting ready to hit us.

   After my recent cancer surgery (the third in eight months) I tried to slow down and take it easy for a while in order to recover. However, night after night the Lord has been waking me up, prompting me to warn our readers to get ready. Waiting until our next issue in October might be too late. So, I am writing you now.

   While we should continue to fervently pray for God’s intervention in our nation’s affairs, it appears more and more evident that things will be getting progressively worse due to the overall lack of repentance and the strengthening momentum of our socialist/Marxist adversaries. The global establishment will do everything in their power to collapse the US economy this fall in order to pin the blame on Donald Trump and cost him the election. The forced hysteria surrounding COVID-19 is on the brink of shutting down many businesses for a second time. It is estimated that 40 percent of these businesses will never reopen. Meanwhile, diminished corporate earnings, increased trade tensions with China, and a ballooning national debt could spell disaster for our economy and stock market come September and October. We need to brace ourselves and prepare for this possibility now, while we can.

(His website will post this message, soon.)

Again, that’s just the first three paragraphs of his email. But, it should be enough, for now. My family has known Gary for a while, and he’s been trying to wake up our sleepy brothers and sisters since the 1990s. You can find more about him, here:

Gary is not allowed to say how he knows all that he knows. But, he was on the very sharpest end of what is happening and saw where the world was going with his own eyes.

Please listen to what Gary says. And, while you are at it, please pray for his full recovery.

Please Be Careful

At some point, over the next few months, I will need to start the process of coming off of Benzodiazepine. I didn’t really understand what I was getting into, when I started taking it, and I will pay the price for that ignorance. But, I want to complete the latest revision of When Jacob Returns and Ezekiel’s Fire. I’ve been through worse, and God is always good. So, I will get through this. But, my concern is about those of you who are also caught in the Benzo trap.

Watch that video with Jordan Peterson, and think about what you might need to do. Again, if you are caught in this Benzo Trap, DO NOT STOP TAKING BENZODIAZEPINE without consulting a doctor.

You could die.

Or, suffer so badly that you want to.



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I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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22 thoughts on “The Benzo Trap and the End of the World”

  1. I too am struggling to get off these drugs. Would love to hear from others and what they have found that helps.

    • From all that I’ve heard, this is a hard path. And, I have friends who have already had to deal with this. What they describe is awful. And, I will need to start down this road myself. And, we need to do this, because benzodiazepines will eventually be unavailable. May God bless you, WR. – JL

  2. I used a very small dose of Benzos for insomnia for quite a few years. No problems at all, but I wanted off because, like you, I suspected we will not have access in the future. I used medical marijuana tinctures. Very helpful and it worked with no side effects. MM tinctures, used appropriately, do not produce a “high” but are relaxing to the body and mind.

    I have wondered for years what would happen if all the drugs were suddenly unavailable. Anti-depressants, Benzos, hormone replacements, etc. That alone could produce an entire class of zombies.

  3. hey Brother john

    me to i tried to get off benzo i became a zombie now i started again also the second antidepressiva but i think i wont need it anymore because now i am to much sleep so the good news is i can get off soon but the benzo is not going to succeed wiihout lot of prayer its no life really with loneliness a have but was also very depressed
    so in near future the benzo i have only valeriaan to replace it buts its no help.this herb we have no canabis to buy legally its not for sale in our country
    yes the story is horrible hope to read some solution here

    kind regards

    sister nadine

  4. i my gosh i did stop at once the benzo i restarted i could have died wow a person warned me not to stop immediately i didnt listen i tried melatonine combined with valerian last year but i was not feeliing good i slept better than with only valerian but melatonine is a hormone you have to know the good amount doses
    i will see a specialist in future



    • Try taking magnesium citrate for sleep issues. My doctor (a general practitioner) who prescribed the antidepressants for me also said people who are low in magnesium have problems sleeping. I take one during the day and another before bedtime.

      Further, he has studied years on Vitamin D. People with depression may also be low in Vitamin D. And people who are not low in this vitamin don’t get sick as often; if they do, the person isn’t hit as hard.

      My doctor (who is also a devout believer) also recommended something called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy while taking the prescription. The idea is to change one’s way of thinking by looking at things from a different perspective, etc. Journaling is also key.

      Here where I live, our health care system had offered free counselling, so I took advantage of it while on my meds.

  5. I am currently on Celexa for PTSD and depression. A friend recommended CBD. Is this the same as MM? I react badly to marijuana, and so leery of taking it in even it’s “THC-free” form. Thanks.

    • It depends on what you are allergic to. As far as the tincture goes… I have no idea. The good thing is that CBD might lack the element that you react badly to. I hope that helps. I wish that we could try something like that in Taiwan. By the way, Celexa (citalopram) is an SSRI. I am taking something similar, Duloxetine, an SNRI. Both of these drugs are less dangerous than Benzodiazepines. – JL

      • Yep. Which is why my doctor has me on it, however, need to get off of it slowly.

        Also, there is less risk for suicidal ideation for my age bracket, but still being monitored.

        Thanks for the information.

  6. Wisconsin Gov mandates everyone to wear a mask even inside our homes or pay a $200 fine. If people still think this is all about a virus I really do feel sad. Mandates are not laws and laws have to go through the State legislature and voted on and then a Gov may or may not sign.

  7. Soo many things. I do not envy you having to kick a dependance. The reason I walked away from all that crap is the dances they made me do. If you don’t cooperate you can always find another Dr. It took months to get to the Dr, and it requires meds to get to the next one. Yes more horror stories!! You HAVE to have another round of injections in the back of your head, or!! The junk I been through just for meds is bizarre to say the least.. been off all of it since Dec. 2013, probly took a zillion aspirins, and have no desire to go down that road again. Many ppl have very good results with CBD, and medical seems to have better stability as edibles, but finding the right product is mindboggling with variety of choice nowadays. I am pretty sure I am highly allergic to benzos. Valium and Librium give me Manson eyes and puts me in a high speed rage. Guess what they gave me for coma in 79. Yeah gave me enough Thorazine to counteract, I came back to thevworldva week later. I was given darvocet to curb withdrawals in 06, with very few side effects. Keep chin up. Once over the hurdle of withdrawal, life gets smoother.

      • Iyou just think it’s boring at the time. More meds to stay on your feet, more meds to feel beyter, and try these the counteract thevside effects of these. Dance, dance, dance. Physician heal thyself!! Doctors get their advice from JAMA, and the rest, forgot all the alphabets what went to jail for lying to congress and everbody else. Journalbof psychiatric medicine is the worst. 290+ disorders, and not one test for any of it.

  8. Hi John,
    Praying for you,
    The Lord Bless you and keep you,
    And finish the work, He has begun in you.
    To His praise and Glory
    I Thank God for you and your testimony.
    In Jesus and fellowship

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