Deceiving and Being Deceived – The Weekend Shock Letter for July 24th, 2020

We live in the age of deception. It is everywhere in our society, and the deceptions of this age literally touch everything that we are and everything that we believe.

Worse, we have enjoyed being deceived. And, when our favorite deceptions are challenged, we often react with anger and violence. And, far too many ‘christians’ are engaging in deception.

The Truth matters. Yes, it hurts, but without it there is little hope of escaping what is coming. However, too few are willing to pierce the deceptions and call out the deceivers.

It is time to stop deceiving and being deceived. (2 Timothy 3:13)


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Deceiving and Being Deceived – The Weekend Shock Letter for July 24th, 2020

Deceiving and Being Deceived – The Weekend ShockCast for July 25th, 2020

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Hardly a day goes by without running into someone who has bought into a hoax, or some other deception. And, some of these deceptions are so pervasive, so overwhelming that you hardly know what to do. And, there are so many layers to these lies and falsehoods, that you wonder how anyone can get to the truth.

Take the pretribulation rapture theory. More and more people are waking up to the fact that it is mentioned nowhere in the Bible. There is no verse or passage that describes a taking away of God’s people before the Great Tribulation comes. It’s just not there. But, those who have figured this out, still hold on to the basic premise that caused this lie in the first place – Dispensationalism.

I recently heard someone on YouTube proclaim – yet again – that the salvation of Israel happens AFTER the rapture. I could hardly believe it. But, getting this person to give up this deception is such an insurmountable task, that I hardly know where to begin.

What proof do these teachers have that Israel is saved AFTER the rapture?

That’s why I wrote When Jacob Returns. And, it’s why I am going to do another revision of that book and website. But, the deception is so deep, that I have little hope that very many will pay attention to what is said there. There is no way that Gog and Magog can happen after or at any time during the Great Tribulation, but the ‘great teachers’ of our age will never listen.

Think also of the great controversies in and between our churches. Freewill versus predestination. The errors in the King James Version. Baptism. Communion. Faith versus works. The judgment of God upon His church. And even plain ol’ obedience.

I stand amazed at our unwillingness to examine these things and accept what the Bible actually says and to stick to just what it says. We can’t do it because we won’t do it. The price is too personal. Too painful.

Why are we so unwilling to embrace all of the truth?

For two thousand years, Christians sacrificed their lives for the truths that we treat so casually. And, that brings up another point.

How many of you know that before the Protestant Reformation, there were real Christians in Europe who were living and dying for their faith, who were NEVER a part of the Roman Catholic Church?

We Christians – you and I – did not spring out of the Roman Catholic Church. We did not come out of the Protestant Reformation. But, no one talks about church history. It’s verboten. If you challenge the Protestant Reformation, they’ll burn you at the stake.

And Then, There Are The Secular Lies…

But then, there are the socialists who are rampaging through our streets and burning our cities. Very few of them would understand this video, that was recorded in 1977:

Milton Friedman – What is America? (Lecture)

Did you know that, before 1914, there were no barriers to immigration to the United States?

If you wanted to become an American, all that you needed to do was show up. Not now.


Because America turned towards socialism.

Don’t believe me?

Watch the video.

But, be careful. That video might challenge a lot of false ideas that you don’t want to let go of.

The Missing Money

Then, I ran across a recent Daily Treasury Statement from the United States Treasury. It was this one:

It shows that the Treasury Department has a cash balance of $1.8 Trillion. But, there’s a very serious problem with that number.

The US National Debt is around $22 Trillion, but the total amount of bonds, T-bills, and notes is $90 Trillion. With $1.8 trillion in cash…


It was borrowed. And, since it isn’t on the books, it was spent. Quietly. Secretly.

So, where’s the money?

If you think that I’m joking, go here:

Is US Debt Really $90 Trillion? – Mark Skidmore

But, before Dr. Skidmore discovered the missing $68+ Trillion, he discovered – last year – that the Department of Defense (DOD) was missing $21 Trillion. It was spent. We don’t know what it was spent on.

Again, if you think that I’m joking, go here:

Or, just go here:

No one has refuted his evidence. It was not debunked. It was all on the public record, if you knew where to look – which is why the DOD classified its accounting records as Top Secret.

No one is talking about this, except a handful of people that no one listens to.

The CIA Heroin Trade

The Heroin epidemic is another one. We know that 93% of the world’s Heroin is coming from Afghanistan. We can see the Opium poppies from the air. We could spray them with herbicide, but the US government refused (and refuses) to do so.

And, we know why.

No one is talking about this.

Peak Energy

We know that the amount of available coal and oil is declining. It has already started, and it will only get worse, from here on out. We know that it’s happening. The energy companies know that it’s happening. But, no one is talking about it.

What we’ve done instead is lie about Global Warming.

And, if you need a more immediate example of the lies that everyone believes…

The Wuhan Coronavirus

Just look at the Wuhan Coronavirus. Everyone has been caught lying about this virus, so much so that we don’t know who is telling the truth.

But, if you talk about it, they ban you from social media.

Stop Listening To The Deceivers

The time to stop deceiving and being deceived is now. It’s time to stop believing the hoaxes. It’s time to stop passing on the hoaxes to others. It’s time to stop listening to those who participate in these deceptions.

No matter how much truth a person may have, a deceiver is still a deceiver. It’s like mixing a little cyanide into your lemonade. It might taste good, but it will still kill you.

Steve Quayle, SGT Report, Hagmann, Trunews, Natural News, etc. often sound pretty good. They will even say things that are accurate. But, I have caught them in lie after lie after lie. And I have personally confronted each of them over their lies. And, they have refused to repent or even acknowledge that they even made a ‘error’.

These deceivers will pay a heavy price for eternity for the deceptions that they have deceived us with. And, if we help spread their deceptions, we will also pay a price. I understand if you are not sure about that. So, let’s look at what James has to say:

My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment.

 – James 3:1 (NKJV)

How ironic that the King James Version gets that verse wrong. διδάσκαλοι (didaskaloi) is clearly ‘teacher’, but they chose to say ‘master’. This is just one among a horrifying list of errors made by the KJV, and there is no excuse for them.

Did you know that James wasn’t the real name of the writer of the Book of James?

Nope. It was Yaacov, or Jacob. The original language of the New Testament, Greek, calls him Ἰάκωβος, or Iakóbos. There is no excuse for the KJV translators to call him James, except for the fact that King James was paying their salary.

But, let’s get back to our point…

Those who lift themselves up and teach wrongly will be judged with a greater judgment, than those who do not. And yes, that means me, too. If I teach wrongly, I will be judged far more harshly by God.

Yet, the men and women who preach deception, seem oblivious to the judgment that is coming for them. Because they are deceived themselves, they do not understand the price that they will pay, for all eternity.

It is time to stop deceiving and being deceived. (And yes, read all of 2 Timothy 3)



This just one more horrifying reason for why God MUST destroy us, or apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. God help us, but we deserve to die for this.

1.5 Billion Children Are Dead – What Is The Appropriate Sentence For Such A Crime? – End Of The American Dream

IF YOU NEED A REASON… for why God will destroy us, this is all the reason that you need. And, we Christians are murdering our own children just a bit less than non-Christians. We deserve the wrath and judgment of God. All of us. The fact that He has waited so long to inflict this judgment upon us is merely a reflection of how merciful He is. Do not tell me about the verse describing how we are not ‘appointed unto wrath’. That verse is only for those who are righteous before God. And, we are NOT. We Christians have become wicked and evil.



The Spreading Scourge of Illusory Superiority

This is also why the ‘Elites’ keep making mistakes. Never forget that the ‘Great Conspiracies’ that we all talk about are also run by fallible humans who often ignore their master’s commands.

Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Manipulators Are More Likely To Engage in ‘Virtuous Victim Signaling,’ Says Study –

I have relatives that are just like this. You probably do too. But, we also have nations around the world that have taken over our streets that are also. Just. Like. This.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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16 thoughts on “Deceiving and Being Deceived – The Weekend Shock Letter for July 24th, 2020”

  1. What are they talking about here?

    If you understand this chart, you’ll understand what’s happening. If you need a clue, think ‘lower volume’ for the overnight session. It’s manipulated, kids. Don’t be the one holding the bag. — This Is The Craziest Chart You’ll See Today | Zero Hedge

    Yes, it’s a crazy looking chart, but the post consists of about two sentences that don’t say much and 99% advertising fill. Which annoys the heck out of me and is why I never go to Zero Hedge.

    • Hi DRG,

      One of the biggest problems that the stock market has, is that the value of each individual stock is set by the most recent trade. But, if there are enough people wanting to buy and sell that stock, it generally evens out.

      But, there are moments in time when there are very few people buying and selling – like, overnight. And that is when you can drive up or drive down the value of something.

      Let’s take a ridiculous example to prove the point.

      Let’s say that a stock is worth $100 a share. Again, it’s worth that price because the last person to sell it, sold it for $100/share. But, let’s say that the next person willing to sell that stock, will only sell it for $105/share. I can change the price of that stock by buying it for $105/share.

      Presto! That share just gained five percent in value. With just one trade.

      But again, if there are enough buyers and sellers in the market, you usually won’t have just one seller for any given share – except in the over the counter (OTC) market. For larger stocks, you might need to go through thousand trades, to move a stock price from $100 to $105.

      So, if you want to manipulate a market, using the least amount of money, you wait until there are the fewest buyers and sellers – in this case, overnight trading. Then, when traders wake up in the morning and look at the indices… you’ll expect them to ‘freak out’ and buy or sell in the direction that you are hoping for them to.

      And, the people that are hurt the most by this are those with the least knowledge of what is happening. The ‘retail investor’ – people like you and me.

      That’s just one of the tricks that the ‘investment banks’ play. One of the most common is ‘front running’. Another one is handing out ‘buy recommendations’ to clients encouraging them to purchase a certain stock so that the bank can unload it at a profit.

      The amount of corruption is truly amazing.

      Let me know if you have more questions. You probably aren’t the only one who might want more information.

      Oh, and those ads… That’s why I have an ad-blocker. I keep forgetting that Zerohedge is so full of… it.

      Thanks, DRG.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Oh wait… one more thing. (Sorry)

      There is another aspect to this, that isn’t about corruption. Or, at least MIGHT not be about corruption.

      Here’s the chart again, without all the ‘ads’:

      If you bought the S&P500 index at the end of the day and sold it at the beginning of the next day, and did that every day for a month and a half, you would would have made a lot of money.

      I pointed out the part that corruption plays into this. But, there are also foreign buyers who are flooding into US financial markets because they see America as the cleanest shirt in the dirty shirt pile. And, foreigners will theoretically be more likely to buy and sell during overnight trading.

      – John

      • Very very interesting. As Arte Johnson on Laugh-In would have said it. And Armstrong has been predicting there will be an influx of foreign money looking for a place to park. How do you think these two forces will interact, the attempts at manipulation combined with the influx? An exaggeration of the trend in the chart? Martin has said the influx will drive everything (mostly) up, but what about the spread between day and night prices? I wonder if I should become a day trader, and not be so peevish towards Zero Hedge …

        • If I had listened to Martin years ago, instead of being scared away from the markets by their sheer insanity, I would not have needed donations to keep Omega Shock going. It proves that I’m a moron, so take what I say with a grain of salt. When it comes to investing, listen to Armstrong. Just be careful about that ‘day trading’ thing. – JL

  2. John,
    I do appreciate your incredible work. You help steer many of us to the truth as you are so right that deception abounds. I read my bible and understand it as best as I can. I try to go to many sources to help me learn. But, I sometimes listen to the before mentioned Quayle and Hagmann. I don’t want to be deceived. Without getting personal, what types of lies do these men tell? Can you tell me (and others) what to look for from them and others to not be deceived?

    • Hi El,

      First, we all make mistakes. Making a mistake does not make you a false teacher. At least, for most mistakes. The problem comes when you have a history making mistakes and never owning up to them. Ever.

      Since the 1980s, Steve Quayle has been claiming that this or that will happen, and when it doesn’t, he just goes on to the next false prediction. He never admits that his false predictions never come to pass. Ever. And, he’s been doing this for 30+ years. Long before the Internet was ever a thing.

      Then, take a good hard look at his website. How much of that is even a little true?

      Furthermore, he passes on every absurd headline that hits his inbox. Nothing is too ridiculous for him. And, when his absurd headlines get proven wrong, does he EVER admit it? EVER?

      But, there’s worse. Far worse.

      He has brought in wolves that have done terrible harm to fellow Christians. Here’s an example:

      SPECIAL REPORT: Viji Varghese (aka, V the Guerilla Economist)

      Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann introduced this liar with claims that he was real and truthful. And, because of Steve and Doug, people believed this liar who caused severe hardship for many, many of our brothers and sisters. And, V made a TON of money off of our brethren.

      And, when I published that report, they went after me:

      SPECIAL REPORT – UPDATE – Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann

      Quayle and Hagmann have a history of persecuting those who criticize them. They even went after Nathan Leal:

      My Report on Nathan Leal

      I was the only one to defend Nathan publicly. And, I don’t even agree with him on a lot of things. But, I knew that their attacks on Nathan Leal were dead wrong. And, their attacks tore up his family and did serious damage to his ministry.

      Quayle and Hagmann have also brought in New Age heresy in the form of Ted Broer and others.

      I could go on, but it’s not necessary. If you have any specific questions about anything that he has claimed, or that I have claimed, let me know. I’ll answer as best I can.

      It cost me half of my readership when I exposed Quayle and Hagmann. But, I would do it again, in a heartbeat.

      We are nothing, if we do not have a love for the truth.

      I hope that helps, El.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • El, to add to what John has said, it is best not to listen to those two AT ALL. They have already proven themselves to be all about profitable lies, money, pride and viciously fighting against those who try to being out the truth. It’s kind of like going to a spirit medium – some of what they say might be true – the devil is smart enough to mix enough truth in to make it sound believable – but what could the devil possibly have to say that you would want to hear? The devil is the father of lies and he is the force behind SQ and H. I say that with certainty because as John stated, there has been lie after lie after lie after lie with never an apology or correction. This is not how an honest mistake looks. It is how deliberate HABITUAL deception looks. No real Christian does that.

      You must pray daily for spiritual discernment and to hear God’s voice clearly. Several years ago, before some of this came out about SQ and H, I was trying – TRYING – to listen to an episode of the H & H Report that someone told me was good. I couldn’t even get past the first half hour, and it was something like 3 hours. They just kept patting each other on the back and talking about what illustrious careers in law enforcement they’d had, and they weren’t SAYING anything. I wanted to barf. I finally just turned it off and wrote them off as big-mouth know-nothings. But it’s worse than that – they have knowingly participated in deception that has been catastrophic to their so-called brothers and sisters in Christ – and they did this with full knowledge. See it for what it is and don’t make excuses for them. They are not Christian. They are wolves. By their fruits we will know them. Above all do not buy into that “we shouldn’t judge” idiocy. I have seen that used to avoid facing behavior that was mind-bogglingly bad – and scam artists know this and take full advantage.

      Look at the televangelist industry, and it is an industry. If they say the business is a religious organization they don’t have to pay taxes. They don’t have to believe in God. I personally think the worst ones do not, they have just found a very profitable market niche and are playing it to the hilt. If they believed in God they’d be terrified of what they will eventually have to give account for. A music industry insider said, in an article I read a few years ago, that only about 1 in 10 of the so-called Christian bands are Christian themselves. It’s a market niche. It’s a way to sell rock music to kids whose parents won’t let them buy the other kind. I read this about the same time the lead singer of one “Christian” band was sent to prison for paying someone to kill his wife, and when dealing with the publicity from that he admitted he was actually atheist.

      Some of these televangelists are shockingly avaricious and it baffles me how they can have such huge followings and collect such huge amounts of money from people who think they (both followers and televangelist) are Christian. It’s a win-win-win for the devil. He absolutely has the televangelist in his pocket, who then attracts a huge following of weak and foolish ‘christians’ that don’t read their bible and know what it actually says – or ask questions like, if Jesus had nowhere to lay His head and told us the servant is not better than his master, why does Kenneth Copeland have a $45 million house? If Jesus said to do unto others as we would have done to ourselves, how much misery has gone unrelieved that Copeland could have done something about? And the third win for the devil – after claiming the souls of these monsters and their idiot followers – is the vast sums of money that should have gone to the Lord’s work and are instead diverted into the pockets of satan’s servants. And don’t kid yourself, that’s what they are.

      If you are new to the idea of deception within the church, look up some exposes of the word faith movement. It seems to have started with Oral Roberts’ discovery decades ago that if you tell people they will reap multiplied returns on their giving, it vastly increases collections. He called this ‘seed faith’. It actually appeals to and reinforces greed, with a deceptive sugar coating of rationalizing it as obeying God. Never mind that giving to the Lord’s work is supposed to mean feeding the poor and clothing the naked, not buying a $45,000,000 house for a complete reprobate who roars “MONEY, COME TO ME NOW!!!!!!” from the stage. Yes, he’s on video doing that. Roberts also discovered that TV reaches a much larger audience with a whole lot less trouble than traveling around holding tent meetings, and they mail their money in which makes it easier yet. The internet is like TV on steroids, and still no taxes. Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland saw the opportunity and took it. Hagin founded a so-called bible college, Rhema, that teaches this garbage and class after graduating class eats it right up. They sound good, on the surface. But when you dig deeper it’s candy-coated poison. Hagin said that if you feel a desire for anything, that is God’s voice telling you that He wants you to have it. They seem to be pretty focused on prosperity now but they used to also emphasize healing; they said no Christian should ever have to put up with material lack or ill health. You just take any verse from the bible, with no regard for context, and keep repeating it as some kind of magic incantation and God has to obey. If He doesn’t, your lack of faith is to blame – not the fact you were misled into thinking God is some kind of obedient vending machine. Oral Roberts was caught paying people to fake a healing onstage. He had one completely deluded cancer victim, believing she’d been healed, get up on stage and testify about this and then a week later she died from the cancer. He collected over $100 million in donations to start a Christian medical school saying God told him they would find the cure for cancer, and of course this did not happen nor was the school completed, but none of the donations were returned. I went to a WOF church for several years, before I knew all this, and look back at it as the church that taught me WOF doctrine is false. Literally. I came to it in a time of economic desperation when I had sold my house to buy a small business, hoping this would protect me from the utter corruption and capriciousness I had suffered in the corporate world, only to be ripped off and lose everything. I was still trying to keep the business afloat when I was going to this church and gave generously to it, hoping God would honor this by sparing me financial ruin. But in spite of my giving, things got worse and worse until I just had to close the door and walk away with nothing but the shirt on my back, losing everything I had worked for all my life at the age of 50. And all the pastor had to say was, well, maybe it was a bad business decision. Which is a denial of all he preached, if the vagaries of the business world are immune to God’s power and intent for us to prosper, to not be ripped off, to be able to make things work with our own hard work.

      I had a dear friend, now deceased, who had gone to Rhema. She bought it hook, line, and sinker, and could not understand as her health got worse and worse even as she repeated her bible verse incantations. She suffered from a miserable condition that was degenerative, and there was very little medicine could do. The worse she felt, the more desperately she clung to these false WOF assurances. Charles Capps was a WOF preacher and author heavily into the affirmation thing. He made a fortune off this stuff, as many people would like to think that the solution to life’s worst problems is to just keep repeating a certain mantra and everything will magically resolve. He pointed to his own financial success as proof of this, never making the distinction that his own profits were from selling this nonsense to desperate and gullible fools. It’s not the kind of paradigm that continues to work down multiple levels. My poor friend was in such misery, and kept trying to get a healing by this method; I tried to no avail to gently open her eyes to the WOF fallacy, agreeing that yes God still does miracles but on His own time and for His own reasons, and this ‘formula’ simply is not biblical. Before getting sick, she had a ministry as a speaker at women’s conferences and was known for manifestations of the Holy Spirit (?). I never went to any, she was already sick when I met her. But the whole picture was questionable, yet she could not bring herself to question. I have no doubt she was saved, her love for Jesus was absolute. But she was so sadly deceived.

      Know your bible. Don’t shy away from asking very awkward questions, even if only in your own mind. Sometimes you can’t fix what’s wrong but you can walk away from it. Trust your gut, prayerfully, and have confidence in your sense of right and wrong and don’t let any slick talking sway you away from it.

  3. Hello, John.
    In some of your writings you mention errors or mistranslations in the KJV Bible. I was taught through the years that the KJV was the gold standard and all subsequent “versions” had errors built upon errors, and omissions. What is the most correct Bible if there even is one? How does the average English speaking person who can’t speak Hebrew or Greek make sense of it all? I hope I don’t sound like I’m challenging your viewpoint – I’m honestly seeking real truth that I can wrap my head around, so to speak.

    • Hi Paul Martin,

      Please feel free to challenge my viewpoint. When iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17) sparks fly, and that’s to be expected. In fact, if you AREN’T challenging me on something, I’ll wonder if you are paying attention.

      Every translation has mistakes. Every single one. Part of the reason is that few languages translate perfectly. My wife has done a lot of translating and interpreting from English to Chinese and back. You can either get the meaning exactly right, but hard to understand. Or, you can make it easy to understand but damage the meaning.

      Which do you choose?

      That’s when you are actually good at your job and are doing your best. Unfortunately, I have found that some translators of the Bible have not been good at their job and have not done their best. That makes me incredibly angry. I can hardly believe some of the translation errors that I’ve found.

      For instance, take the word ‘baptism’. The original Greek word is βαπτίζω or baptizo. It means immersion. It means to dip under the water. But, the translators of the King James Bible were Anglican. They sprinkled. So, instead of translating ‘baptizo’ into ‘immersion’, they just anglicized the Greek word by replacing the ‘zo’ at the end of the word with a ‘sm’ – attempting to hide its true interpretation.

      That is horrifyingly corrupt.

      How dare these translators deliberately obscure the meaning of the words of God!

      Many Christians have been tricked into believing that they were baptized, because evil men corrupted the Bible. I believe that God will forgive those who misunderstood the meaning of baptism, but He will not forgive those men who deliberately defiled the Bible with their corruptions. And, let me throw in a few more.

      I’ve already mentioned that the KJV deliberately corrupted the name Jacob to be James.

      Again, who was the one paying their salary?

      Right, King James.

      You’ll notice that Jacob in the Old Testament wasn’t called ‘James’ by the guys translating the Bible from the Hebrew. Just the Greek got the ‘kingly corruption’. And, let me add yet another example that speaks directly to our topic:

      Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

      – Luke 21:36 (KJV)

      Unfortunately, the original Greek doesn’t say ‘accounted worthy’ in that verse. It’s not even close to that meaning. I’m not an expert in Greek, but it’s clear that there is nothing about being ‘counted worthy’ in the original Greek word, κατισχύσητε. It has been a long time since I studied Greek, but it’s clear that power or strength (ἰσχύω) is at the core of this word, not worthiness. And, I think that a different translation gets this verse right:

      But watch ye at every season, making supplication, that ye may prevail to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

      – Luke 21:36 (ASV)

      I’m sure that many people got that verse wrong because they thought that they needed to be ‘worthy’ to escape, as opposed to being strong enough. And, I am struggling to find reasons to believe that this was just an honest mistake on the part of the translators. This really is an appalling corruption of the Bible.

      At least some of the translators of the Bible had to be either cretins, criminals or both. For anyone to claim to love God, and then do this to His precious words… I am left speechless. I just cannot believe that someone who is truly saved, could actually do something like this on purpose. And, if the translators were just ignorant of the true meaning of the Greek and Hebrew texts, then I have to wonder at those who hired them.

      Why would you hire translators who didn’t understand the language that they were working with?

      Either way, I’m shocked at what I have seen so far, which leads me to believe that there is a lot more to this than I have seen. That’s why, when I detect a translation error in the passage that I quote, I talk about it, in depth. You need to know the true meaning of the words that the translators have corrupted.

      Thankfully, my Hebrew is a thousand times better than my Greek, having lived and worked in a Hebrew environment. And, that experience and education has given me the ability to see what most cannot. My Hebrew might be so-so by Israeli standards, but it’s good enough for the purposes of my book.

      How dare these men translate the Bible in such an awful way!

      What is better than the KJV? Probably the NKJV. I had to switch to that, when I wrote When Jacob Returns. The KJV had too many errors, and I found myself having to talk too much about translation errors, which detracted from the topic. I tried the ASV, but it also has errors.

      Ultimately, you’ll need to go here:

      We all reach a point in our spiritual maturity when we need to go back to the original.

      I hope that helps, Paul.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. Hi John,
    we are busy these days (it’s harvest time in our orchard), but let me add short remark on food prices. Something is happening. Here in Poland prices of fruits and vegetables are skyrocketing. I know, my cherries or currants are not strategic resources, but, for the last four years, the prices were like 1,2,4,8… You would not believe, but trivial things like green beans, priced here 50 US cents per kilo 2 years ago are now 5-10 dollars. There is no natural disaster, and Poland consumes only ~50% of food it produces, at most, the rest is exported.
    If the trend continues, there will be serious problems in the years ahead…
    Yours in Christ

  5. John,

    Would you give this latest blogpost a read and let me know what you think? I know the man who is writing this and I knew his father long ago. I was briefly a member of this ministry (when it was a kind of church). I saw some things and heard that I disagreed with, so I left, to make a long story short. But I have still held to the central tenets of the original author’s writings and cannot refute his views on the church, America’s role and the Tribulation.

    With that said, as of right now, China sure is stepping into the role I thought America was sure to play, but from a different perspective. And I’ve thought for 20 years that they definitely would be providing the 200 million man army for the march on Israel via the Silk Road. Anyway, I’d appreciate your thoughts on the July 27th post if you have the time!

    Oh, I’ve got one other small question to ask. Purdue or IU?


    Dan B.

    • Hi Dan B.,

      Purdue or IU… that’s a hard one. I graduated from IU more than 30 years ago, but I have an awesome nephew at Purdue (nephews and nieces are always awesome). So, I am a bit torn over this.

      As for the link… I think that I understand why the writer believes that America is Babylon and Trump is the Antichrist. But, where’s the proof?

      The Book of Daniel is very clear that the Man of Fierce Countenance comes out of one of Alexander’s Kingdoms. So, Trump cannot be the Antichrist.

      Also, The Great Whore of Revelation is a city of great age, while America is young. I just do not think that we can claim that America is Babylon.

      I’ve gotten things wrong, myself. So, I’m no one to throw stones. But, Jack is incorrect.

      Having said that, the message to prepare is a good one. Bad times are coming. We all need to be ready for that.

      As for the 200 million man army… we’ll see what happens. China and India are in a rough patch. What they are now, might not be what they will be when prophecy comes calling. But, they are still the most likely sources of this army.

      I hope that helps, Dan. It’s good to see that you are taking a careful approach to these things.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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