Multiple Threats Incoming and God’s Plan – The Weekend Shock Letter for July 10th, 2020

Multiple sources indicate that the next few months will be terrible. And, it is completely understandable that so many are focused on what The Enemy is doing. I do it myself.

But have we thought about what God is doing?

Please remember that we have nothing to fear from the Prince of Darkness. The worst that he can do is make us suffer and die. So, as we look at these threats, we need a little reality check.

God has a Plan. And, everything that is happening and will happen is a part of that plan. We just need to make sure that we are following His direction.


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Multiple Threats Incoming and God’s Plan – The Weekend Shock Letter for July 10th, 2020

Multiple Threats Incoming and God’s Plan – The Weekend ShockCast for July 11th, 2020

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Are you reading your Bible?

All of it?


Even the boring parts?

If you aren’t, then it means that you don’t know God as well as you should. And, that’s a serious problem as we move deeper and deeper into the dark days ahead.

You see, if you have been reading all of your Bible, you’ll quickly find out that God uses evil people to do His Will. When God’s People rebelled against Him, The Lord sent raised up evil people to attack and persecute the His people, as a judgment for their rebellion. And since God doesn’t change, you know that this truth is the same for us as for them.

God also judges the unsaved, when their evil becomes so great that they must be destroyed. Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, the Canaanites… they were all destroyed because their evil was too much for God to allow. And, the same goes for now, as it was for then.

So, as we see more and more threats on the horizon, and as we see more and more confirmation of those threats, we need to remember that God is involved in this. Yes, Satan is there. I don’t think that anyone can forget The Enemy. But, we need to remember that the Evil One would have no power or ability, without God’s direct permission.

Unfortunately, I’m as guilty as anyone, in forgetting that God is involved in these events. I’ve been tearing my hair out over how insane everyone has become. It’s so stupid, that I can hardly believe it. But, this kind of madness is what happens when you let wickedness rule your life. And, since we’ve allowed immorality into our churches, this madness has infected them, too.

So, read your Bible and remember this verse:

For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.

 – Malachi 3:6

God doesn’t change. As God judged the Israel and the nations in the Old Testament, He will judge the world and His people today. So, let’s be careful to see what God is doing in the midst of the threats that we see.

The Fall Of The Republic

Okay, so I mentioned threats…

…what are the threats on our radar screen?

The biggest one to my mind is the fall of the American Republic.

In one sense, the election of Donald Trump in 2016 was actually the beginning of the end. No, not Donald Trump himself. He was just a symptom of a growing realization among Americans that The Deep State and the elites had grown to big and too deep. The vote for Trump that surprised the Deep State, was an expression of that realization.

Unfortunately, the Deep State would rather destroy the country than give up power – just like the Roman Deep State of the 1st Century B.C. Were it not for their greed and hunger for power of the Roman elites, Julius Caesar would not have been forced defy Rome and launch the Roman Civil War of 49-44 B.C.

Is Donald Trump another Julius Caesar?

I certainly hope not, but the American Deep State is treating Trump like the Roman Deep State treated Caesar. And, whatever good intentions that Trump might have, if he follows the path of Caesar, America is finished as a Republic. Of course, America is finished as a republic, anyway. The only question is about how much longer this fiction that we are a democracy will last.

America has not been a democracy for a very long time, and I think that people are starting to figure this out.

The problem is the upcoming elections. People with money are stirring up trouble. They see a chance to seize power, and they are grabbing that chance with both hands. And, they know that if they fail, they stand to lose big.

This struggle has been going on for a long time, but it appears that we have reached something of a tipping point. If Trump wins the election, we’ll have a couple years of delay before the great reset. If he loses, the great reset comes sooner. That’s according to what Martin Armstrong seems to be saying. But, Martin isn’t the only one talking about this.

The Tipping Point Begins In September?

I profiled two videos from Pastor Dana Coverstone last week, and I’m not completely certain how to respond to what he said. But, his dream seems to confirm what others are saying. So, take another look at what he said:

Three Prophetic Dreams from Pastor Dana

I’ve seen quite a few attacks directed at Pastor Coverstone. And, it must have gotten pretty bad, because he was forced to shut down the comment section for that video. What a commentary on the Body of Christ. We have allowed darkness into our midst.

And, for those who seek to twist the nature of what he’s saying, here’s a video describing a fourth dream that happened a couple days later:

Coming Persecution Dream

One thing should be absolutely clear from those two videos:

Pastor Coverstone is being completely sincere.

Whether he is right or wrong does not change the honesty and integrity with which he speaks. So, those who persist in criticizing him should speak to the message and not the pastor.

Furthermore, he admits that he could be wrong. We all know that the subconscious is extremely powerful and will sometimes tap us on the shoulder with a dream or two. He gets that, and I do too. But, I also know that God does use dreams to warn His people. And, it makes a lot of sense that God would use someone like Pastor Coverstone to share such an important warning.

Many have claimed that dreams and visions ceased just after the early church began. But, there’s absolutely nothing in the Bible to indicate that this is true. Furthermore, I’ve had my own direct experience with the intensely prophetic.

As I have said many times, I had a prophetic dream. It came true in every awful detail. Without that prophetic warning from God, I do not believe that I would be here today. So, I must treat this seriously, especially since we seem to have confirmation of this dream from more than one source. And, we need such confirmation.

There are lots of false dreams out there, so we need to remember this verse:

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

 – 1 John 4:1

Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of people share false dreams, false prophesies and false predictions. And, I try hard not to pass any of those on. And, when someone demonstrates that they have NOT been hearing from the Lord – or, if their vision does not conform to the Bible – you can bet that I won’t listen to them.

So, is Pastor Coverstone right?

We’ll see.

But, as you wait for confirmation of this dream, I think that you should be preparing for the worst. There are far too many indications that this moment in time is a lot like the time just before the Roman Civil War. Start your preparations, if you haven’t already. And, it won’t hurt you to buy extra cans of food and extra pasta.

Seriously, start preparing now. You’ve already experienced a ‘warning shot’ that bad times are coming. It is time to look closely at your needs and start preparing for what might happen. More importantly, you need to prepare for more than just yourself. In the days ahead, people will need your help.

Will you be ready?

Oh, and one more thing. Look at those two videos from Pastor Coverstone. Notice the difference in views. The first one has 1.3 million views, and the second has just 200 thousand.

It looks like Christians just don’t want to hear about persecution.

This is a sad reflection of what we have become. And, when the Body of Christ becomes this weak and wicked, God brings judgment and persecution. The church has always been strongest when it was persecuted, and I’m so sorry that it needs to be this way.

But, let’s not stop there.


You are going to be hearing these words more and more often:

The Great Reset.

This is the goal of the Left. They want to ‘reset’ the global economy and the power structure of the world. And, it will be a complete and utter disaster. It will also be the last big attempt to take over the world. And, Martin Armstrong has been devoting his efforts to exposing the plans of elites like the World Economic Forum, who are spearheading this Great Reset.

In the following article…

World Economy Preparing for Collapse | Armstrong Economics

…in the first paragraph, he said this:

The world has changed dramatically in the course of this orchestrated and intended collapse of the global economy in order to launch this Great Reset. In the course of several months, we have watched a deliberate economic disaster under the pretense of this coronavirus pandemic. While the main objective of one group has been the create a New Green World Order, they relied upon Socialists who realize that their economic dreams are also collapsing. As a result, this combined force is out to change the world and the real agenda is the New Green Socialist Agenda. They have pretended that there has been this huge tragically large number of human lives being lost when more people die from car crashes. They have deliberately terrorized people to achieve their agenda.

This is almost beyond comprehension. It’s mind-blowing, which is probably why they are getting away with it. Worse, they’re going to try for yet another lockdown:

LOCKDOWN #2 BEGINS | Armstrong Economics

And, almost as an afterthought, Armstrong describes how tyranny and oppression rise and take over in his article:

The Manual for Tyrants to Take Over | Armstrong Economics

This is how the Roman Empire took over so much of the world – Divide et Impera – Divide and Conquer (or, accurately, Divide and Rule).

And then, there’s a great quote from this post:

More COMMENTS From Texas | Armstrong Economics

There is a race going on, but it is the entire political system that is crumbling at its foundation. I have warned many times, politicians being career animals, will NEVER vote in favor of the people against themselves. This is why EVERY Republic throughout history turns into an oligarchy which then ends in total collapse or civil war. Even the markets are STARTING TO WARN OF CYCLE INVERSIONS. This is not good and 2021-2022 is going to be a nightmare. I really hate to see what the computer is projecting. But it’s my job to reveal its forecasts.

When Martin Armstrong says that 2021-2022 is going to be a nightmare, it’s time to get serious about preparing. Everyone with half a brain knows about the fall of the Roman Empire, but few of us have grasped just how fast that fall happened. So, I hope that you are sitting down when you hear the speed of this collapse:

The fall of Rome took just 8.6 years.

Not centuries. Not decades. Just 8.6 years. That is a stunning bit of information. And, it illustrates how quickly civilizations fall apart. And, America will unravel just as quickly.

We are on the precipice of disaster.

Please treat this seriously. Please.

Then, Martin talks about Donald Trump, in this post:

The Hawks are Out for Trumps’ Blood | Armstrong Economics

It’s short, so I’ll quote the whole thing:

First, there was John Bolton who claimed he was the smoking gun to impeach Trump. His book has revealed that he was not the smoking gun at all. Now we have Dick Cheney’s daughter, Liz Cheney,  joining Bill Kristol in trying to overthrow Trump. You find elite Republicans are preferring a Democrat to Trump because they will invade countries. Trump refuses to force American boys to die for the agendas of the elite. This is really quite amazing, but it reveals how the DEEP STATE hates outsiders.

Many believe that the CIA refuses to release the Kennedy files of his assassination, claiming national security since 1964, which likely means they killed him because he would not invade Vietnam. If it was really Russia, they would release that right now to justify war. The only reason not to release it is that the CIA was involved.

The fact that now Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz Cheney, is against Trump as was Bolton confirms this is the same problem they had with Kennedy. They will do their best to defeat him and rig the elections rather than try to assassinate him like Kennedy.

That is what they will try to do to Trump in November. Whether they are successful, or not… well …we’ll just hafta wait and see. I’m not a supporter of Trump, but I despise those who hate him.

Again, all of this is about the plans that the elites have for us. They are calling it The Great Reset, and it will bring in a level of global tyranny that will shock everyone. Armstrong would stop the elites, if he could, but the best that he can do is warn us of what is coming. And, he’s doing that with his latest book:

Great Reset – Expanded | Armstrong Economics

This book by Martin Armstrong looks like a ‘must buy’. This is the last big attempt by the elites at global takeover. I am convinced that it will fail, but not before it causes a massive amount of death and destruction. So, I encourage you to read this book, to see what they are planning.

Here are a couple paragraphs from Martin’s description:

This report goes into great detail about a well funded & well-organized coalition to not just impose vaccines and depopulate the world, which may even be a ploy knowing they will not vaccinate China or Russia, but to actually destroy the world economy to end fossil fuels and impose by bribery and collusion their vision of how the world should function to stop Climate Change and impose by decree ZERO CO2.


This report dives into every aspect and documents their agenda from calling for a 400% increase in taxation and providing Guaranteed Basic Income for those they put out of work to stay home and just watch TV on a minimal subsistence.

Welcome to the New Green Socialist World Order they’re strategically marketing as the Great Reset. This is probably the most outrageous political strategy every devised to deliberate defraud everyone of any human rights that will only exist at their pleasure. There has been no greater diabolical pilot perhaps in human history.

God help us. This will be really bad.

I need to keep reminding myself that this is a part of God’s plan. It’s the Last Days. We knew that it was going to be bad.


Then, I stumbled over something new over the past week. And, you need to pay attention to this. It’s something called:


BIS stands for The Bank of International Settlements. And, it’s the Central Bank of Central Banks. If they have something called BIS2025, pay attention. And, I discovered their plans in an article written by Steven Guinness:

BIS Innovation Hub: The Gradual March to Central Bank Digital Currency Continues to Advance – Steven Guinness

Here’s a quote from the article:

The ideological agenda of central banks to digitise the entirety of the world’s financial system and to maintain their power base is being spearheaded by the Bank for International Settlements through their Innovation Hub. Unless people begin to recognise where the manipulation and growth in the CBDC narrative is coming from, and how there is a targeted agenda to guide the world into a cashless society, global planners will in the years to come get their way.

I hope that you are paying attention to what that link is talking about.

And, the Bank of International Settlements isn’t even hiding their plans. Here’s the webpage for their grand idea:

BIS2025 — Shaping the Bank for tomorrow

They’re actually telling us exactly what they are planning to do.


Then, let’s take a step back from looking at the future, and think about how we got here. And for that, we should look at what Charles Hugh Smith has to say about it. He’s almost as depressing as Martin Armstrong. And like Martin Armstrong, there are very few who have such an accurate understanding of what is happening.

Here’s the article that caught my attention this week:

How We Got Here: the Global Economy’s 75-Year Stumble to the Precipice

The whole article is excellent, as always, but I want to look at the last few paragraphs:

We now come to the 2010s, in which financialization and globalization essentially conquered the global economy, leading to the brittle fragilities that are now unraveling.

With the cost of living rising and wages stagnating, the “solution” was to borrow $10 to get $1 of growth. Since global markets were saturated with debt and risk, lenders cannibalized domestic markets, loading college students with $2 trillion in student loans and enabling a fracking “miracle” that was less an energy miracle and more a financial miracle as companies that lost billions continued to get cheap loans and sell bonds.

The global economy is now teetering on a precipice in every sector: energy extraction costs have risen, requiring higher prices for oil, but consumers whose wages have stagnated for 20 years can no longer afford higher prices for oil or anything else.

Globalization has optimized profits at the expense of everything else: ecological sustainability, the security of food and energy sources, etc., while financialization has gutted the real economy in an extraction process that concentrates all the gains into the hands of the few at the top of the financialization/globalization pyramid: a winners-take-most economy that has corrupted and distorted the political and social orders.

All the critical dynamics–energy, currencies, globalization, debt and financialization–have reached extremes that made destabilization–i.e. a tumble into collapse–inevitable.

What happens when the naive hope that the brittle, fragile extremes of the global economy could be completely restored to mid-2019 levels dissipates and is replaced by the sober realization there not only will there not be a recovery, but there can’t be a recovery, as those brittle extremes have been lost for good?

Since the authorities have no Plan B, uncertainty, risk and volatility could reach extremes few anticipate as Plan A–push extremes to even riskier extremes–generates increasingly consequential unintended consequences.

The unstable, brittle edge of the precipice is giving way, and there is nothing but air below.

Okay, so… Look out below?

Seriously kids, this is going to be bad.


Just to rub it in, I was struck by the implications of this link:

Plunge In Consumer Credit Continues As Americans Repay Record Amounts Of Credit Card Debt | Zero Hedge

There is a statement in this article that illustrates just how awful and foolish we have become:

…until US consumers feel comfortable enough to once again “charge it”, there can be no recovery.

What author is saying is that US economy depends upon the average American being so clueless and so stupid that they do not save money for important things and spend the money that they do not have for things that they do not need.

Think that through. America was built by people who worked hard, saved their money and invested in the future. The saved every penny that they could get and produced, produced and produced. They only borrowed money for big things, like a house – and often, not even then.

But today?

Today, if we work hard and save our money and invest in the future, the economy falls apart. It shows that we Americans have become weak and stupid. We sold our souls for a pocket full of promises. What an epitaph for a civilization.

Here’s what America’s headstone will look like in the graveyard of empires:

Here lies a once-great nation who traded her freedom, wealth and power for shiny toys.

How wretched.


Okay, let’s look at a few more things. And, I find the following question to be utterly symbolic of our moronic day and age:

In the midst of all these Black Lives Matter protests, did ANYONE stop to ask black people what they wanted?

Well, it looks like someone did:

The Left Wants to Abolish the Police. Does the Black Community? – YouTube

I would laugh if it wasn’t so stupid. I can hardly believe it.

I keep asking why so many of us must fall for the lies being bandied about on the mainstream media. But then, I keep getting answers to that question. Just look at history.

We’re morons. All of us.


Speaking of BLM and radicals like Antifa, there is another group that I keep forgetting to talk about.

I’ve been talking about the Jacobins, and I will keep doing that. But, there’s another group that were considered more ‘moderate’. They helped the Jacobins take over during the French Revolution. (And remember, you do NOT want a French Revolution!) And, these ‘moderate’s were only just a little less blood-thirsty than the Jacobins. Unfortunately for the moderates, being less blood-thirsty caused the Jacobins turn on them. Eventually, the ‘moderates’ put a stop to the Jacobins, but only after massive death and destruction.

These ‘moderates’ of the French Revolution were called Girondists. And, we have some modern examples of these morons, specifically here:

A Letter on Justice and Open Debate | Harper’s Magazine

What absolute morons. They supported the cancel culture as long as it did affect them. Now that it does, they’re crying about it. They really are like the Girondists who complained when the Jacobins started lopping off their heads. What fools. These idiots have been helping our modern-day Jacobins. And now, we get a modern day French Revolution.

Here’s another look at their foolish ‘letter’:

J.K. Rowling, Bari Weiss Sign Letter Calling for Open Debate

This brings to mind a joke that went around during my college days. Intellectuals thought it was funny to talk about who would be ‘first up against the wall, when the revolution comes’. Well, it’s always the ‘moderate’ left who gets killed off by the hard left.

Why do people have to be so stupid?

Oh, but wait… it seems that the Girondists have started to wake up to the Jacobins trying to take them down:

Fearing Cancellation, Some Withdraw Signatures From Open Letter Decrying Cancel Culture – Summit News

Poor Girondists… my heart bleeds.

These cowards got a little heat for their attempt to push back against the Jacobins, so they backed down.


Then, I saw an article written by an utter moron on

Old Friends Expect Trump’s U.S. to Become Even More Erratic

The moron writing this article, and the ‘leaders’ providing anonymous comments, demonstrate that they do not have a CLUE about why Americans chose The Donald over the Deep State. Morons. These arrogant, ignorant morons are disgusting.

One of the reasons why I hold the Deep State and the Elites in contempt is their inability to understand why the average person doesn’t want what they are forcing on us. They really are clueless – in addition to being evil.


Then I saw a link that made me stop and think.

The American colonies started the revolution because they were against ‘high taxes’. Yet, the British taxation was something like 1% of income. Furthermore, the freedom and liberty enjoyed by the average colonist in North America was greater than any place on the planet – except for (maybe) Switzerland.

So, why did America go to war?

We keep telling ourselves that it was the tyranny of Britain. But, I’m beginning to wonder if the reasons were somewhat less than advertised.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve thought about all this, but the following article crystallized my thoughts on this:

Was the American Revolution a Mistake? – The Daily Reckoning

For those who loudly proclaim the moral rightness of the American Revolution, think about why we started it in the first place.

Was it right to kill British soldiers and British officials because of a 1% tax rate?

More importantly, if you are a Christian, you need to ask yourself if it is right to kill for political reasons. And yes, the American Revolution was political. Not financial. Not moral. Political.

Remember that our rule of conduct is the Bible. Our citizenship is in heaven. Doing violence for political reasons is a sin in the eyes of God.


Then, I saw a phrase in an article about China that bothers me. It was just a few words by a former high level CCP member. And, he was warning about the “outbreak of a global food crisis“. And since we seem to be racing towards the fulfillment of prophecy, that warning resembles the food scarcity that the Bible mentions in Revelation 6 – with the Black and Pale horses. So, we need to pay attention when there’s discussion of shortages in food.

That warning can be found here:

China talks of US decoupling and a divided world – Nikkei Asian Review

And, the warning comes from Zhou Li, the former Deputy Head of the Chinese Communist Party’s International Liaison Department. And it’s one of six things that the Chinese need to worry about.

Again, he’s worried about an “outbreak of a global food crisis“.

What does Zhou Li know that we don’t?


And then, finally, it looks like the visible part of the fulfillment of Isaiah 19 begins now. Some indicate that the dam is already filling. This will be devastating to Egypt, and it will shake the Middle East. I also believe that it will shake the world.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look at the articles that I’ve been writing on this subject, for more than six years:

My first articles on the subject are here:

Thankfully, we had a bit of a reprieve. It’s just unfortunate that Egypt did not prepare for what is coming.

Of course, Isaiah 19 implies that Egypt would not prepare. I grieve over the death and destruction that will come out of this, but it was prophesied. So, it will happen just as written.

The fact that we are going to watch it happen is deeply unsettling.

Anyway, here are a bunch of links on the subject that I saw this week:

Ethiopia is a powerhouse in the making – YouTube

Five days of disagreement during Renaissance Dam negotiations

Ethiopia PM: We will start filling Renaissance Dam – Middle East Monitor

Egypt says Ethiopia’s unilateral filling of GERD contradicts negotiations – Egypt Independent

Lavrov: Russia offered technical assistance on Renaissance Dam to Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan – Middle East Monitor

Is Ethiopia secretly filling divisive dam? – Journal du Cameroun

Egypt hackers attack Ethiopian sites as Nile dam talks falter

Nile Dam row: Egypt and Ethiopia generate heat but no power – BBC News

This is going to be painful to watch, but it’s something that God said will happen. The good thing is that there will be a great blessing for Egypt, at the end.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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5 thoughts on “Multiple Threats Incoming and God’s Plan – The Weekend Shock Letter for July 10th, 2020”

  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. I think it is finally upon us, and I’m still trying to get my brain around it. The most riveting links were the dreams of Pastor Coverstone and the email read on Minute to Midnight. I have been very concerned about the end game of the covid deception, and have prayed for guidance on what to do and, most important to me, that I will be able to get home before it gets so bad that I would just get stuck wherever I happen to be. Interesting that multiple sources are warning about this September and November. November is a no-brainer, but what is the deal with September? Other than Coverstone’s dream of a new round of disease, real or concocted? Is there any secular clue – the primaries will be over by then….

    Interesting also that two sources now (that I have encountered, there are surely more) are saying that the plan includes deliberately crashing the grid. By letting it look like rioters did it. How clever. Wouldn’t want the sheep to figure it out before the door to the slaughterhouse slams behind them. I wonder if, in their breathtaking stupidity, they have accounted in their plan for all the nuclear power plants blowing up.

    Have you seen this?

    Rather breathtaking. Isn’t it funny (NOT) how this is perfectly OK with the PTB and the media, leering at us from the screen, but of course it is we the Christians who are called haters, and even the slightest lack of respect toward the demon-prophet mohammed is not to be tolerated. It has become increasingly clear to me of late that – and I’m going to get extremely politically incorrect here – that left-leaning politics is not a sincere belief but a demonic delusion. I have seen over and over how these people, even the ones I know personally, cannot be reasoned with; they are so alike, from one side of the world to the other and one century to another, that there has to be the same underlying demonic root. And as Martin Armstrong has observed, the result is always the same – due to the flaws in human nature it rises up like a blight in a susceptible crop, eventually ruining the entire field. And the human flaws that give it access are 1) a refusal to accept responsibility for oneself, one’s actions and their consequences – believing that any problem is someone else’s fault and they should somehow pay for it and 2) the entitled mindset that they should of course be able to take more out of the pot, for whatever they want, than they would/could ever put in. The obvious unsustainability of this model is lost on them. Glued to their noses, they could not see it. A very ugly thing of dishonesty toward self and others, theft, hypocrisy all rolled into one. And that’s just from the voter’s side. The Pelosis of the world are a whole other level of evil. Democratic politics appeals to, encourages, and rewards this kind of thinking. It is no coincidence that the more fundamental believers always seem to be found on the right. And that Hitler, Stalin, and Mao all attacked from the left.

    • I have been reluctant to say that ‘it is upon us’ because I have been so bad at longer term predictions. But, I think that you are right. What’s coming is bad. Really bad. And, the insanity behind it all is truly demonic. Excellent points, DRG. And, that picture… (shiver) – JL

  2. John, I so appreciate your letter each week. It helps me find what is important to focus on and what to pray about. Thank you for your amazing research’s!

    I recently listened to Steven Ben de Noon talk about the Noahide laws that have been signed by each president since GHWBush. I wonder if you could do some looking into that for us. What I heard this morning was very disconcerting to say the least. Would appreciate your thoughts.

    Thank you! We appreciate you in Texas!

    • Hi Leslie,

      I am so glad that my weekly posts are so meaningful to you. I really appreciate that. Thank you.

      Now, about Steven Denoon…

      He is a false teacher. Full stop.

      He teaches a false gospel and a false Jesus. He does NOT understand the Bible and does not understand current events. And, anyone who listens to him for too long will have a distorted and damaged view of the world and of God.

      So, do NOT listen to Steven Denoon – or to anyone who agrees with him.

      Furthermore, this thing about the Noahide law proclamation, is nothing. If you donate enough money to the political party of the US President, you can have a Presidential Proclamation signed.

      They are worthless, but politicians make a lot of money off of them. So, they will keep happening. I’m not sure how much money you need to spend to get a proclamation, but I’ve always been surprised at how cheap it is to buy political favors.

      So, please ignore Steven Denoon. He is a false teacher and a source of spiritual poison.

      I hope that helps, Leslie.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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