Sins of the Fathers – The Weekend Shock Letter for June 27th, 2020

We did this to ourselves. What we are experiencing now, and what we will experience in the future is a self-inflicted wound. A deadly, self-inflicted wound. Like the one described in Revelation 13.

Should the Lord delay His Return and another civilization rise and replace our own, future historians will have a host of reasons to choose from. But, just like the fall of every other empire, the ultimate cause will be our own. We were corrupt, and that corruption killed us.

Worse, we sinned against God, and now… God is judging us.


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Sins of the Fathers – The Weekend Shock Letter for June 27th, 2020

NOTE: Because I decided to add to the article, I have delayed the audio and video. – JL

For Our Sins, The Judgment of America

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The Top Ten Videos for June 27th, 2020


The vandals that rampage through America’s streets are not unlike the Vandals that rampaged through the Roman Empire. We let them in, and now they are destroying us. And, just like Rome, the empire that these vandals are destroying is hollow and corrupt. How ironic that we’ve retraced the path of the Roman Empire so faithfully.

Who are these vandals, you ask?

Morons, most of them.

Although, the word that Tucker Carlson uses is ‘idiots’:

Tucker: The people pulling down statues are idiots

Yeah. Idiots. That’s a word that fits. Although, I would add ‘drooling’ as in, ‘drooling idiots’. But, I like how Tucker describes these fools. But, he was on a roll this week.

Here’s another one that he did a bit earlier:

Tucker: Why mobs are tearing down America’s monuments

I don’t quite agree with his view of Teddy Roosevelt and I despise Albert Pike, but Tucker’s point is vital to remember. The goal of these morons is domination, and they specifically want to dominate YOU. This is the tactic and strategy of the Jacobins. I talked about them here:

Jacobins in the Night and the Fall of America

The article is here:

Jacobins in the Night and the Fall of America

The sad thing is that Tucker Carlson says that the Republicans are the only ones who can stop these Jacobins. How pathetic. The Republicans are pretty evil, all by themselves, and Tucker understands this. But, there’s nothing else that stands in the way of these vandals, these barbaric Jacobins.

And then… Tucker lays out a warning:

Tucker: President Trump’s hope for re-election

If the Republicans lose, the end of America is a lot sooner than before. Just remember that Donald Trump and the Republicans won’t stop the destruction of America. They’ll just slow it down. Martin Armstrong echoed this in his article, here:

The 2020 Election – The Most Corrupt in American History

Here’s the key part:

Neither side will accept a loss and the civil unrest will rise sharply over the next two years into 2022.

If Trump wins, [investment] capital will flow to the USA and we should expect a [stock market] high into 2022. If Trump loses, we would expect a 2022 low [in the stock market]. The fact that the NASDAQ is making new highs at this time and with such volatile patterns is not a good sign long-term.

If the Democrats win, they will adopt the Thomas Piketty social justice system and will be raising taxes substantially. They want a 70% tax rate on $200,000 or more. This is going to result in violence on the streets and a lot of bloodshed. We may see an outright civil war in the United States come in 2027. Expect a rise in violence in the USA come 2021. We have had four very close elections in the Electoral College and twice a loser won in 1824 and 2000. In the 1824 case, it was Congress that overruled the popular vote and in 2000 it was the Supreme Court.

We are running our models on each state and will have the results soon for a special report. The HAWKS like Bill Kristol and Bolton will support the Democrats because they will always wage wars. They will look at their military objectives and ignore the economics behind this entire movement. There are so many people with their hands out from the Gates Consortium; all they look at is how much money they get and [to] hell with the country or the world. So this election is going to be so corrupt, it looks like the Roman election of 53 BC where there was so much bribery going on that interest rates doubled! However, it also was the precursor to the civil war which began 3.14 years later. Will history repeat by 2024?

There’s the two words that you do not want to hear:

Civil War

He said it. Not me. But, every time that I have disagreed with Martin Armstrong, I’ve been proven wrong. So, I won’t do that here. Worse, Martin Armstrong makes an ominous conclusion at the end of his post:

So buckle up. The election of 2020 is going to be the most corrupt, manipulated, and outright fraudulent election in American history. There is a lot at stake. This is a major effort by Marxists to take control. The election of 53 BC was the precursor to civil unrest which began just 3.14 years later when Julius Caesar (100-44BC) crossed the Rubicon on January 10-11, 49 BC. Interestingly enough, it will be four years to the peak of this Economic Confidence Model – 2024.

Yeah. Crossing the Rubicon. That spelled the end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of true empire. Before Julius Caesar, Rome still had some of the institutions of a republic – at least a facade. After Julius, the facade was removed and military took over.

America is going down that same dark road. And somewhere, at some time, in the not-too-distant future, someone will cross the Rubicon and claim for himself the title of Emperor, and then… an even greater darkness will sweep the world.

The Sins Of The Beginning

Unfortunately, this path to our own destruction was laid out in America’s founding. Thomas Jefferson, himself, saw it quite clearly:

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.

 – Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson was speaking of slavery, and I’ve heard far too many try to whitewash the evils of slavery. But, I’m sorry. What we did was foul beyond belief. And, we Christians had our own part to play in it.

We dared to call ourselves Christian, while we enslaved those whose only crime was to have a different skin tone. It boggles my mind to think that anyone could do that. Then, God judged America with a Civil War. Some have estimated that the total number of deaths was as much as a million people. And, I’m afraid that our sins cried out for such an awful judgment against us. But, far too many of us still didn’t repent. We still held on to our beliefs that black people were our inferiors. Worse, spiritual inferiors.

So, we gave Satan a nice big entry with which to destroy us, with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Because of the evil in our midst, Satan was able to insert a law that is now being used to attack Christians. Things might have been different, if our churches had welcomed our brothers and sisters in Christ who just happened to have a different complexion.

Then, we went and enslaved them all over again with the massive welfare programs that destroyed black families across America. The biggest problem in the black community is fatherless homes, and our welfare programs encouraged this.

Black America Needs Fathers

We spent $20 Trillion on Johnson’s ‘War on Poverty’ and did not get a single decrease in poverty of any kind. What we got instead was a dramatic rise in fatherless homes and an exploding prison population.

A Depraved Justice System

And, what a prison system it was and is.

Having re-enslaved our black brothers, we built a criminal justice system that preys upon the poor. And, I am truly disgusted by what we’ve done. Here’s what Christian apologist David Wood has to say about his own experience with the US criminal Justice System:

Why Some People Hate Cops (An Ex-Con Explains)

Those of you who grew up in ‘good neighborhoods’, won’t have experienced what David talks about in that video. But, that doesn’t change the facts. It’s as if we created a ‘justice system’ specifically to abuse and enrage the poorest in our society. But, there’s more.

The Heroin Empire Of The CIA

Things still would not have been this bad, if the CIA had not gotten into the drug running business. They ran heroin into black neighborhoods and destroyed them, and I did a report on that and so much more, last April:

The CIA Criminal Empire that Started with Operation Gladio – The Weekend ShockCast

Unfortunately, that series of articles is a bit jumbled because it follows my own horror as more and more was revealed to me. I was dumbfounded at just how deep and dark the CIA heroin trade was. Those vile psychopaths made tens of trillions of dollars, and it demonstrates just how much evil lies underneath the surface. It was a literally mind-blowing revelation, and I am astounded that no one talks about it.

The United States Central Intelligence Agency and its allies are responsible for the Heroin on our streets. And, they have trillions of dollars of money to protect their network and to bend politicians to their will. No one has more power than the CIA and her allies. No one. Not the Illuminati. Not the Rothschilds. Not George Soros. No one.

And, the CIA started their drug trade by targeting black people, because they knew that most Americans didn’t care about the suffering of black people. How utterly sick and twisted, but that’s just the CIA doing what the CIA does best. CIA Heroin destroyed black neighborhoods, and we let them do it. And now, heroin is destroying white neighborhoods, too.

Of course, black people made their own bad decisions. They could have chased out the heroin in their neighborhoods. They could have refused government money. They could have demanded that their own children be better, smarter and more hard-working. They could have demanded that black fathers take care of their children. They could have demanded that black mothers marry before having children, and stay married. Those are their mistakes, and they pay the price for them. And, I grieve over the suffering that they caused for themselves.

But, our own sins are what concern me here. And what we did… makes me sick. Our sins are great, and we will pay a truly terrible price. God’s judgment will NOT be denied. It is coming, and many will die because of it.

But wait… there’s more.

Gnadenhutten Massacre

Let’s turn away from our more current crimes, and examine one that happened at the very founding of the United States. They call it the Gnadenhutten Massacre, and it’s another example of the evil that lived in America’s heart. And, it’s an example of what we KNOW.

How many other massacres did we commit, that we do not know about?

How many people did we kill because they were in our way?

But, the Gnadenhutten Massacre was a particularly grave stain upon the American soul because the victims were devout Christians. Yes, that’s right. We murdered our brothers and sisters in Christ.

In 1782, while America was still fighting for independence from Britain, captain David Williamson led troops from western Pennsylvania into Ohio and massacred 90 Christian Indians, in reprisal for attacks by other Indians on villages in Pennsylvania. Williamson KNEW that these Indians were Christian. He knew that there was no way that they could have been involved in any attacks. But, he and his men murdered them anyway.

This indescribably vile evil happened because a group of Americans wanted someone to kill. And, these Christians were a convenient target.

They were never brought to justice.

David Williamson and his men should have been tried in a military court and executed for what they did. And, we knew that he had done it. It wasn’t a secret. But, we did nothing. In fact, hardly anyone really talks about it.

No one seems to pause and consider that event highlights evil in the very foundation of America.

Prove to me that the Gnadenhutten Massacre was an isolated incident. But, of course you can’t. There is far too much proof of many other massacres of American Indians, that stain our hands with their blood.

And no, it doesn’t wash off.

Christian Hypocrisy And Lies

Then, there’s our very own Christian hypocrisy. One part of it lies in our foul treatment of black people. And again, we Christians participated in the debasement of black people. Instead of helping them prosper, we looked down on them. But, that’s only one part of our hypocrisy.

Here’s an example:

Justin Peters Caught In A Massive Lie (A Response From Joshua Chavez)

Joshua Chavez took Justin Peters to task for hypocrisy. Justin preached one thing, but did another. He was being completely hypocritical, and Joshua caught him doing it. And, the Bible clearly states that an elder should be held to public rebuke, should it be clear that he sinned.

But, what did Justin do, when he was caught?

He lied and engaged in damage control.

Actually, he did more than that. He publicly attacked the one who exposed him. And, he may have even engaged in an attempt permanently silence Joshua Chavez. Certainly Doreen Virtue, did. But, she’s just the more public face of this sinful hypocrisy.

Justin Peters should be ashamed of himself for lying and attacking Joshua. And, it’s just the most recent of many, many examples of liars and hypocrites in the Body of Christ. And, we are allowing them to live and thrive among us.

Our churches are full of every sin imaginable. Our pastors are full of adultery. We are murdering our babies and breaking our marriages. We allow members to defraud each other. We’ve become dishonest. And now, far too many of us are ready to do violence to prop up a wicked government.

Christian Patriotism

Then, let me end with a brief comment on Christian Patriotism.

There are far too many Christians who are ready to do violence to defend their political ‘rights’. And there is no verse in the Bible that gives us permission to do acts of violence for political reasons. And no, claiming ‘self-defense’ as you harm someone else is unacceptable.

We are to be harmless as doves. Full stop.

What part of ‘harmless as doves’ did you not understand?

If you need a clearer discussion of this, go to an article that I wrote four years ago:

Days of Anguish and Obedience

America has sinned against God. Her cup of iniquity is full, and the time of judgment has come. And, the barbarians in the streets are part of God’s judgment upon America and the world.

Furthermore, we Christians bear a lot of responsibility for this judgment. We corrupted ourselves. We became as wicked and evil as the world, when we should have been righteous. If we had stayed righteous, we would have preserved our society. But, we chose the pleasures of this world, instead of righteousness with God.

So now, we pay.

Again, it’s our fault. We did this. So, it is only right that we suffer for what we have done.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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4 thoughts on “Sins of the Fathers – The Weekend Shock Letter for June 27th, 2020”

  1. Dear Sir,

    You are a clown of biblical proportions. You said we debase black people? Are you serious.
    That may have been the case many decades ago. Now, we have black presidents, black mayors, black generals, black politicians, negro colleagues and on and on. Looks what your lovely black leaders did to THEIR people in Chicago, DC, etc? Maybe you are color blind.
    before black slaves, there were white indentured slaves from England and especially Ireland from 1619 to 1700. What about the Indians. What about 100,000’s of thousand of WHITE Union soldiers who fought for blacks freedom? All excuses and nothing more.

    These are Marxist who have been dumbed down and believe they are ENTITLED to everything: medical, phones, educations, apartments, etc. My dad came from Greece and worked as a dishwasher. He was given NOTHING, Sir. He worked for it!

    You should shut down your pro -jewish nonsense site.

    • Well, I guess that it’s nice to know that there ARE morons who still read Omega Shock. Maybe they’ll learn something. Unfortunately, only if they actually read it. Peter, you just demonstrated that you do not read very well. – JL

  2. I think it eas Jesse Peterson over at WND did an article on the establishment of black neighborhoods through policies. They put them where they wanted them, and not integrated into white neighborhoods. They slipped a little detail in gov. Housing contracts that makes 2nd Amendment worthless. Bring in a firearm to protect yourself, and the Landlord can throw you out.

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