How We Got Here, Part 2: The Fear, The Money and The Power

Images coming out of Wuhan in February and March struck fear in the hearts of almost everyone. Bodies lying in the street, packed hospitals and terrified healthcare workers created anxiety and dismay around the world. And then, the virus broke out of China, and the world clamored for someone to ‘do something’.

While governments conferred with ‘experts’, central banks reacted with glee. They finally had something to blame for their failures. But then, there are those ‘experts’.

We handed them power. Lots of it. And, they destroyed us.

And, they will keep destroying us, until we take their power away.


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How We Got Here, Part 2: The Fear, The Money and The Power

How We Got Here, Part 2: The Fear, The Money and The Power

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Our response to the Wuhan Coronavirus has destroyed us. Yes, COVID-19 can be pretty awful for those who get it, but it’s not nearly as bad as the destruction that we have wrought, in our misguided attempts to protect ourselves from it.

We burned down the house because there were mosquitoes in the bathroom.

The utter insanity of destroying our way of life because of a virus like this is almost incomprehensible. It’s as if we all contracted a particularly virulent mental disease. And, in a sense it was.

But, before going into that, take a moment to look at part 1 of this series, if you already haven’t:

How We Got Here, Part 1: The Tragic Tale of Huang YanLing and COVID-19

If you don’t understand Part 1, it’s doubtful that you will get the point of this article. When this series is finished, we’ll be ready to gaze into the future. And, I hope that you’ll see the Hand of God in all of this.

Now, where was I?

Ah yes…

…the mental disease.

The Fear

The fear and terror that radiated out of every cellphone video from Wuhan was palpable. And, no one with an Internet connection was entirely immune to the horror of watching people get sick and die, in real time. A body lying in the street is a powerful image that’s hard to ignore. And, it didn’t take too many of those images to lay the foundation for panic in our own people.

Unfortunately, the foundation for a panic was laid out years ago when we stripped out God and civic values from our education. The idea that being a ‘citizen’ brought with it responsibilities, became foreign to us. We lost the concept of what it was to be American, or British or whatever your nationality. And then, there was the problem of life being too easy for far too long.

In 1957, the Asian Flu swept the world and 116,000 Americans died. In equivalent terms, that would be something like 230,000 deaths today, since the US population has almost doubled since then. Yet, not a single movie theater closed. Every business was open. Life continued on as normal.

What was different about the Americans of 1957 and the Americans of 2020?

We had prayer in schools. Civics was a part of the core curriculum. You got punished for misbehavior in class, and then got punished at home, when the teacher told your parents. Honesty and integrity were expected from everyone. In fact, the average non-Christian during the ’50s was probably more honest than the average Christian, today.

The generation that had been through The Great Depression and World War II, were the ones raising our parents and grandparents in that decade. And, they understood that the Asian Flu was a medical issue, and not something for the government to solve. And, they were used to risk and hardship.

The Asian Flu was just one more challenge, among many. But, people in the ’50s were used to difficulty and hardship.

Today, we aren’t.

And, there’s a saying that seems to apply to where we are now:

Hard times create strong men.

Strong men create good times.

Good times create weak men.

Weak men create hard times.

 – attributed to G. Michael Hopf

We’ve had good times for far too long, and those good times created far too many weak men and women. In fact, I believe that we have become so weak that we don’t know how to be strong. And that weakness has laid the foundation for some very, very hard times that are coming.

So, when our weak population came face-to-face with the idea that some will get sick and die, we crumbled.

The Money

The crumbling of our society in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic was a tremendous opportunity for certain interests to make money and hide financial mistakes. And, the most obvious beneficiary of this pandemic is Bill Gates.

How is it possible for a man to give away so many billions of dollars, and still continue to steadily increase in wealth?

Martin Armstrong has pointed out that Bill has big investments in the biotech companies that produce the vaccines that he promotes through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Therefore, ol’ Bill makes money when you follow his advice and get vaccinated. And, he wants everybody to get his vaccines.

Since Donald Trump suspended funding for the World Health Organization, who is the single largest donor?

Bill Gates.

No country gives more money to the WHO than Bill. And, he has wormed his way into positions of influence by using that money.

Are there financial ties between Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci?

We’ve seen a lot of Dr. Fauci on the news. He has downplayed the use of Hydroxychloroquine and played up the need for a vaccine. And, Dr. Fauci, who is the head of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, may have something to gain from the claim that we need a vaccine.

You can find more on the Fauci-Gates relationship here:

The Dark Truth About Fauci and Birx, Bill Gates And Globalist Elites

Fauci has been seen hobnobbing with a lot of the the wealthiest people in the world. But, proximity doesn’t imply causation. Fauci is there because the Elites like what he believes. And it is vital that you understand this.

The elites do not create the minions that do their bidding. They merely choose those who are already willing to do what they want them to do. If you can understand that, you will see the elites more clearly.

Fauci didn’t become a proponent of vaccines because the elites pushed him to be pro vaccine. No, they CHOSE Fauci BECAUSE he was ALREADY pro-vaccine. The elites don’t need to suborn people into doing what they want. They just give money to those who already believe in doing what they want.

It’s really very simple. Those who already agree with the elites get money. Those who do not, don’t.

You don’t need a complex conspiracy to change the world. All that you need to do is feed money to those who agree with you. And then, over the years, society will change into a what you want it to be.

See how that works?

If you don’t, you will struggle to understand.

The More Sinister Money

But, there’s something else even more sinister and disruptive at work here. And that’s the central banks, especially the Federal Reserve (The Fed) and the European Central Bank (ECB). And, there’s a video that I saw two months ago that springs to mind.

The following is a body language analysis by Mandy Bombard of Bombard’s Body Language. Her analysis of Christine Lagarde, head of the ECB, and Jerome Powell, head of The Fed is chilling:

Body Language: Market Meltdown, FED Powell & ECB Lagarde

Those two were relieved and happy that there was an apocalyptic coronavirus pandemic and a shocking market meltdown. They felt good about what they claimed that they had to do, and were happy to do it. They were responding to an absolute catastrophe, and enjoying themselves while they did it.


What could possibly make them so happy?

Right now, we only have speculation. But, I’m finding it hard to place myself in their position and not be horrified by what’s happening to the world economy. Yes, in their place – if I was a brainwashed tool of the Elites – I might have been feeling confident that I was able to ‘handle’ what’s happening, that I had the ability to deal with the situation.

But, would I be ENJOYING the situation?

Clearly, both Lagarde and Powell feel like they are getting something out of this. They are projecting satisfaction over the situation and their response to it, and there are a couple of reasons why this might be true:

  • They now have an excuse for why the financial system will collapse. They have undoubtedly been deeply worried about everything falling apart, and being powerless to stop it. They have demonstrated great stress over this in the past. And, they would undoubtedly have seen themselves as getting blamed for it. Now, they won’t be blamed, and that would be a relief.
  • They have a chance to restructure the financial system in a way that is closer to what they desire. Great catastrophe has often led to great opportunity for those who are at the right place and at the right time. They might feel like they are perfectly positioned to take advantage of what is going to happen.

The first possibility is the most likely. And again, I definitely would have felt some relief – if I were in their place – that I was not on the firing line of history. I would have hated to be blamed for what’s coming. And, I really might have felt that I could ‘do this’, if I were in their position, and were programmed by the same propaganda that they’ve been programmed with.

Actually, there was a time, when I was brainwashed into believing that propaganda. Getting an MBA does that to you, and it took years to shake that off. It’s really compelling propaganda, if you are immersed in it 24/7 like I was.

So, make no mistake about this. Christine Lagarde and Jeremy Powell really do believe that they’re on the side of the angels here. The elites would never have let them have their positions, if they were not sure that Powell and Lagarde actually believed in what they were doing. Both Powell and Lagarde are true-blue Keynesians. They believe in the garbage that the foul and evil Lord Maynard Keynes taught. But, as some say, the devil is in the details, so let’s look at what Christine Lagarde might be up to here.

Christine Lagarde And The Fall Of The EU

The European Union has a problem. It has not been able to unify its financial system, and that is precisely due to the northern Europeans not wanting to take on the debts of southern Europe. Italy, Spain and Greece are all economic cretins who massively overspend, over-borrow and then default on their debts. The more responsible members of the EU, like The Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany do NOT want to pay for the debts racked up by the cretins.

This means that Europe cannot have a truly unified currency and a truly unified continent. To make it happen, all the debts of the EU countries need to be pooled and paid for, as a group, by everyone. And northern Europe is dead set against it. They didn’t say, “OVER MY DEAD BODY!” But, you felt it when the Bundesverfassungsgericht (German Supreme Court) recently said NEIN! NICHT! and Fahrvergnügen!

So, Christine Lagarde and her elite overlords might actually see an opportunity to force northern Europe to bow before them. And, that could be why she was so happy at that conference.

And oh, I almost forgot. The elite bankers stand to make a LOT of money over this crisis. They and their friends get ‘first dibs’ on all the money that governments are injecting into the financial system. They will be fat and flush with cash, or so they think.

But, do they really believe that they can beat the Fahrvergnügen?

The Power

But, the elite bankers and financiers are only one part of the story. There are others who want their own place in the sun. They’re not just in it for the money. They want power. The more the better. After all, once you’ve bought all the toys that you could possibly buy, the only thing left is power. And, you can NEVER have enough power. And when your own private, Luciferian religion demands that you reshape the world, then a pandemic like this might be just the ticket.

Think of Bill Gates. He has wanted to reshape the world for his vaccines and with his vaccines. And, he’s famous for saying that we can reduce the world’s population through vaccines.

Does he intend to sterilize unsuspecting men and women with his vaccines?

It’s really the only possibility.

But, look a little closer to home. Unless you live in Sweden, Taiwan, South Korea or Japan, your country chose to violate your civil rights and force you to stay home. It was the first time in world history that the healthy were quarantined, and not the sick.

Yes, we asked them to do that. But that doesn’t explain their enthusiasm for doing that.

Why are governments so passionate and fervent in applying this lockdown?

Remember that power is addictive. No matter how small your power is, you will always want more. It’s one of the reasons why Jesus and His apostles demanded that we not have power over each other in our churches. But, we ignored that, and now our churches have a problem. But, back to government…

No matter how small your government is, they will always want to grow and to be more powerful. And, since government attracts some of the most small-minded people on the planet, their instinct for personal power will be far greater than their intelligence to manage it. My own stint in government taught me that lesson loud and clear.

And, this pandemic was like a gigantic power bonanza for them. Every petty bureaucrat on the planet got to wave their stick at the peasants and make them ‘toe the line’. And, since they would also be fearful of this virus, these tinpot polly tishuns were going to wave their stick with fervor.

You peasants are going to obey, or ELSE!

And, we haven’t even gotten to the Mainstream Media who’ve been on their own ‘power trip’, uttering pronouncement after pronouncement with gravitas and dignity. They stoked the fear and terror with their serious faces and their serious words.

The irony is that they were telling us to not worry about the Wuhan Coronavirus in early January. They said that it was nothing to be afraid of. And then, they changed their minds.


Well, let me ask you who are the great high priests of our society. That’s right…

People like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The religion of our society is science, and the scientist is our high priest. If you have a PhD, you are someone that we should listen to, no matter what that PhD is in. Even our churches want their pastors to have PhDs. We have become morons about the idea that a doctorate somehow confers something special, instead of indicating that Dr. So-and-so got brainwashed while wasting time and money on a worthless education.

Don’t get me wrong, some doctorates are worthwhile. I suffer from at least two autoimmune diseases, and I needed a couple of good doctors to help me out with them. Having said that, I’ve had to do my share of fighting with pig-headed physicians who think that they know more about my body than I do. There are lots of morons in lab coats, and I’ve had to fight far too many battles with such people. But, even the best PhDs have a problem.

When All That You Have Is A Hammer…

Remember this important phrase:

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

 – Maslow’s Hammer

Maslow’s Hammer is one of many cognitive biases that we are afflicted with, and those who live in the rarified atmosphere of Academia and bureaucracy, will suffer greatly from it. To put it another way, when it comes to a virus pandemic, the only thing that Anthony Fauci has, is a quarantine.

Epidemiologists don’t understand things like The Economy or Society. They don’t have a clue that destroying distribution networks will kill millions due to starvation and poverty. They are baffled by economics, finance and trade. They don’t have time to learn about the dangers of government overreach and the death of small business. Their job is look through microscopes at tiny organisms and then figuring out how they spread.

So, it is natural for people like Dr. Fauci to suffer from a bad case of Maslow’s Hammer. It should not surprise anyone that he has only one answer to the common cold:

Stay home.

Ultimately, the problem isn’t with Dr. Fauci and those like him. The problem is with us. We were the ones who put Dr. Fauci on a pedestal. We were the ones who chose to worship science and make scientists our high priests. We were the ones who gave them the power.

So maybe, just maybe, it’s time for us to take the power back. Over the years, we chose to become a technocracy, and that was a very bad decision. So, now it’s time to take them off of their pedestals and send them back to their laboratories.

Conclusion – The Hand of God

I could go on, but I won’t. It should be pretty clear that we got to where we are through a mix of the natural and unnatural. It wasn’t any one thing. It was a lot of them. There was foolishness and evil. There were accidents. There were poor decisions and bad results. Some people did their best, and some did not.

Ultimately, as I look over this entire mess, I see God’s Hand. Whatever you might believe about conspiracy this or evil person that, it doesn’t matter when you realize that we live in the Last Days and the beginning of God’s judgment upon a sinful world. And, when you look at how God has judged the world in the past, it should be clear that this pandemic, and our response to it, is exactly how these things happen.

There is not a single society on this planet that is not ripe for God’s judgment and wrath. Our churches are full of wickedness and rebellion. Our entertainment is full of the foulest pornography in world history. We celebrate adultery, homosexuality, and promiscuity. Our taxes fund efforts to force countries to embrace gay marriage.

We aren’t just as bad as Sodom and Gomorrah.

We’re worse.

That’s why we need to stop focusing on Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and the World Health Organization. They are merely doing what God wants them to do. I know that’s probably shocking to hear, but it’s nothing less than the truth.

When God judged the Judah, the southern kingdom of Israel. He sent Nebuchadnezzar to do that. Nebuchadnezzar was serving God by conquering and destroying what was left of Israel. It was awful, but that’s what happens when you rebel against God. So, let’s place our focus on the One who deserves it. God.

God is making this happen, and those of us who read our Bible, should understand this. Those who don’t, won’t. So, for those of you who are not reading your Bible, cover-to-cover, over and over… now is the time to start.

Lord willing, the next series will look into where we are going from here.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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10 thoughts on “How We Got Here, Part 2: The Fear, The Money and The Power”

  1. Hi John!

    Recently read this post by a man named Luke Frechette:

    “If you’re a Christian, one of the most important things being exposed right now is your commitment. Is it to a pastor, a church or denomination? Is to a worship style, or a gathering or an event? Or is to the Savior of the world? Paul said it this way in 1 Corinthians 2 ‘For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified!’ If you’re frustrated that we can’t meet in large groups, join the club, we’re all frustrated. From Disney Land to the NBA to your local church. But here’s what God is refining in you right now. ‘Is JESUS enough?’ Because if Jesus isn’t enough with what you have right now, He won’t be enough when we gather again. You need to seek first Him and His Kingdom. Paul also said in 1 Corinthians that some had become fixated on Apollos a great preacher. Some had become fixated on Paul too who was an amazing leader. Paul couldn’t believe it. It’s all about JESUS. Not pastors or denominations or some religion. Guy’s, things have been shook up so we can be woke up because God is making us up before we get took up. I love you all…but it’s time to let the Refiners Fire expose your commitment. If you’re committed to CHURCH alone, Jesus may have to keep flipping tables. I love you all very much. I’m being sifted and exposed just like you. Let’s pray through this. #inthistogether #JESUSJESUSJESUS”

    The day before saw this post, a sister in Christ was talking about the very same thing.

    Also came across an great documentary about Exodus called “Patterns of Evidence” ( which I found very good and want to couple it with another documentary following the path the Israelites took after they left Egypt, of which I can’t remember the name and am currently working on tracking down (a team of two men worked on that one).

    The LORD bless you and keep you!


    • A truly excellent quote, and that video looks awesome. If Jesus isn’t at the heart of everything that we do, then what are we? And, I love the confirmation of the Bible in the video. Only a fool says that there is no God! Well done, Jennifer. – JL

  2. It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it. Like you mentioned, it is all about the power of money. Think like us, do our bidding, and we will advance you to help our agenda. Why any country, or it’s people would want anything to do with the U.N. is beyond me. Their nefarious deeds have been exposed for many decades. World leaders shake hands and keep pushing their evil onward. How many countries are not going along?? Very few. We have locked down economies all over the world. The conditioning we have gone through to get to this point is mind boggling. Woodstock was going on through one of these so called pandemics. Life went on. Look at the amount of media pumped fear that went into this. All these debt enslaved people that know, not working would be a death blow to what little security they have, and look how long it is taking to rebel. At least some evil people are getting long overdue exposure, but I gotta ask, WHY NOW! Is the plan that far along?? “Too little, too late”! I have yet not been able to find a good POLLY TISHUN.

    • Hi Mangledman,

      Ah yes…. The Club. I was given an invitation to join, when I was in grad school. They have this thing where they invite grad students to join the CFR for a year. I knew about these persons-of-uncertain parentage, so I decided to take ’em up on their ‘one year offer’ – to see what they were like on the inside.

      And, this was while the mainstream media were denying the existence of the CFR. Amazing.

      I got to hear some things and be in meetings with powerful (and disgusting) people, before they cut me loose. Then, as per their plan, they reached out to me again, when I was in my thirties, to draw me back in. It’s how they do it.

      I wasn’t interested. I would rather they have shot me instead.

      These are very devious folks. And, you might say that I understand their game, up close and personal.

      Keep those comments comin’, MM.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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