Learning Wisdom: Why the Wuhan Coronavirus is NOT a Bioweapon

Dark days lay ahead for all of us, and it will take real wisdom to navigate through them. So, we should apply ourselves to gaining as much wisdom as we can. And, we have an opportunity to do that with the Wuhan Coronavirus, specifically a hoax associated with it.

That hoax claims that the Wuhan Coronavirus is a bioweapon, and it has captured the imagination of people who should have known better. People like Steve Quayle and websites like ZeroHedge and Epoch Times and others have continued to add fuel to this foolish theory, and it’s time to dispel this foolishness with wisdom.

And, we’ll do that with the help of Occam’s Razor.


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Learning Wisdom: Why the Wuhan Coronavirus is NOT a Bioweapon

Learning Wisdom: Why the Wuhan Coronavirus is NOT a Bioweapon

YouTube shortlink: https://youtu.be/E5t__ig_2hs

MP3 Audio:



NOTE: Can you believe that YouTube took that video down? Absolutely amazing. And, not only did they take it down, but they refused to explain why. Of course, the company is run by dirtbags and morons, so this is not a surprise.

Thanks to everyone who let me know that this was taken down.

Smooth move, YouTube. Too much more of this, and I switch to BitChute


For the vast majority of my articles, my goal is to help you learn how to discover the truth for yourself and then to decide what to do with what you have discovered. We call that wisdom. And, few of us will survive the dark days ahead without it.

So, let’s take the example of the Wuhan Coronavirus, and see how we can discover the truth about whether this was or was not a biological weapon. And, I think that we should start with an idea called Occam’s Razor.

Occam’s Razor

William of Ockham reportedly said:

Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate.

That’s Latin for:

Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily.

That’s still a bit obscure, so let me try and make it more understandable:

Simpler explanations are more likely to be true.

William wasn’t saying that we should always accept the simplest explanation for why something happens. He was merely making an important observation about probability. And, it’s an observation that you probably make every day.

Take your own home as an example. If you come home from work to see that all the stuffing in your furniture has been strewn about the floor…

Do you theorize that space aliens have attacked your couch?

– or –

Do you look more closely at your rather guilty-looking dogs who also happen to be covered in furniture foam?

Of course, you know the answer to that one. And, that’s an application of Occam’s Razor. To assume that space aliens had attacked you would require far too many elements to work just right, so it’s just not probable. Your dogs, on the other hand, are a far more direct and reasonable explanation. (Although, your dogs might advocate the space alien theory a little more strongly than you do.)

A Story About How You Need The Right Information For Occam’s Razor To Work

Having said that, Occam’s Razor doesn’t work when you don’t have all the right information.

In 2009, my wife and I were living in a suburb called Fishers, northeast of Indianapolis. It was an apartment complex full of people who weren’t the shiniest examples of intelligence. And one day, we came home to find out that our computers had been stolen. The front door had been locked from the outside, and there were no signs of forced entry.

My immediate reaction?

The cleaning crew for the apartment complex did it!

Someone had to have had a key to our apartment to get in and then lock the door when they left. And, when I went to the management office for the apartment complex, they thought that I was nuts when I said that someone had broken into our apartment, using a key. They showed me their key safe and explained about how carefully they manage access to those keys. But, I wasn’t convinced. I just ‘knew’ that someone on their staff had to have been responsible.

Of course, I wasn’t helping to make my case, since I was casting aspersions upon their cleaning crew while I waved my arms in bug-eyed, sputtering outrage. That apartment complex clearly had some insane residents, and they honestly thought that I was one of them. And, in retrospect, I can certainly see how they thought that way.

I was beside myself!

All the while, the psychopathic moron living next door was laughing up his sleeve. He had committed the ‘perfect crime’, and he enjoyed watching me squawk in outrage.

Then, a couple days later, while sitting in my living room, I heard a ‘thump’ somewhere above us. Since there was only attic space above, there should never have been any ‘thump’ to hear. Ever. And that ‘thump’ clued me in on a vital piece of information that I had been ignoring. And, that thump meant that someone had just been in that attic. So, I went looking for the attic entryway and found it.

Yup. There were signs that it had been opened and used. And, when I poked my head up into the attic, it was clear that the psychopathic moron next door had burrowed through the attic wall to get to our apartment. The moron who did it was caught and most of our equipment was returned, although in less-than-perfect condition.

When all the dust settled, everyone was a little embarrassed that we had all jumped to the wrong conclusions. The apartment managers realized that I was not just the latest crazy to knock on their door. The police realized that they should have treated the case more seriously. And, I learned that jumping to conclusions was a bad idea that tends to make people think that you are nuts. I might be crazy, but not for THAT reason.

It was proof that Occam’s Razor only works if you have all the information.

Applying Occam’s Razor To The Wuhan Coronavirus

How does this apply to this theory that the Wuhan Coronavirus is a bioweapon?

Let’s start with bioweapons research in general. The goal of a biological weapon is to cause massive, widespread damage to a target without causing damage to yourself. A good biological weapon spreads quickly, kills a high percentage of those infected and then dies out. Plague, Anthrax, Ebola, Smallpox and similar microbes are usually the number one choices for those wanting to make a bioweapon. Depending upon which disease you choose, between 50% and 100% of those infected would die of the disease, without treatment.

The problem is blowback. It is almost certain that any biological weapon that you have created will also spread to your own country. That’s why a vaccine must be created at the same time that you create your bioweapon. Without a vaccine, the weapon is useless, unless you are ruled by some kind of ‘doomsday cult’ like the Twelver Shiite nutjobs in control of Iran. But, that’s a story for another time.

Say what you want about the Chinese Communist Party, but they are not insane. Evil, stupid and careless, yes. But, not crazy. They would not have achieved their current level of development, if they were insane. And, if they aren’t insane, then the Wuhan Coronavirus cannot be a bioweapon – at least, not a Chinese bioweapon.


Notice who is suffering the most from this virus:

The elderly.

Older folks are the people who are most affected by this virus, and they also happen to be the strongest supporters of the Chinese Communist Party. There is no way that the Chinese would release a weapon that would ‘take out’ their core support – the elderly and the weak – while leaving behind a young, angry populace willing and ready to drag them down. The young are always the most ready to engage in revolution when they get mad.

The Most Probable Cause And The Most Likely Culprits

How would Occam’s Razor help us to determine the most probable cause for this disease?

Well, let’s start with one fact that should be pretty clear:

Bats in Yunnan Province did not fly a thousand miles to Wuhan and infect people.

Also, people who liked to eat bats, didn’t travel a thousand miles to Yunnan, catch them and bring them back to Wuhan.

The Wuhan Coronavirus had its original origins in bat caves in the Yunnan Province of China. The Chinese discovered more than 300 different strains of Coronavirus in the bats there, and the Wuhan Coronavirus had its origin, in some way, from one of those strains.

If you need verification, try finding information about bats living around Wuhan, in the Hubei Province of China. Good luck with that. The whole story about the Huanan Seafood Market was a smokescreen. So, let’s look at the person who WAS traveling a thousand miles to capture bats in Yunnan Province, to bring back to Wuhan:

Dr. Shi Zhengli (2014)

And no, she wasn’t eating them.

Gain-of-Function Research NOT Bioweapons Research

In 2014, Dr. Shi had been involved with Gain of Function (GOF) research with Dr. Ralph S. Baric of the University of North Carolina. And, they made some great discoveries in how MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) became so deadly.

Unfortunately, GOF research is highly, highly dangerous because its goal is to increase the lethality of a virus/bacteria/fungus to try and understand how it CAN become lethal. And, they were doing this to try and anticipate the next pandemic. Not cause one.

And yes, GOF has some similarities to bioweapons research, but the differences are HUGE. It’s like comparing a mouse to a hundred pound capybara. They’re both rodents, but the similarity ends there.

Unfortunately, GOF research is dangerous – so dangerous that the Obama administration blocked US funding of it, completely, in 2014. Big kudos go to President Obama for doing that. Unfortunately, the Trump administration was not so smart. They deserve criticism for allowing US funding of GOF research to resume.

A very bad move, Mr. President!

Anyway, back to Obama’s cancelling of government funding. That was just before the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) had completed the construction of their BSL-4 (Biosafety Level 4) laboratory in 2015. So, Dr. Shi would have needed to shift her research closer to home, in Wuhan, if she was going to continue with her Gain-of-Function experiments.

The Chinese Military Did Not Control The Lab

Again, notice the focus:

Dr. Shi was purely involved in medical and scientific research.

Would the Chinese government trust someone like Dr. Shi to work on creating a bioweapon?

Without direct military control?


When it comes to weapons research, the China’s Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) wants complete control. No one does weapons research in China, unless it is run and directed by military officers.

Was Dr. Shi’s research run and directed by military officers?

Well, let’s look at her bosses, the directors of the Wuhan Institute of Virology:

Director General Yanyi WANG

Deputy Director General  Gengfu XIAO

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee  Changcai HE

Deputy Director General  Peng Gong

Deputy Director General  Wuxiang Guan

Their bios can be found here:

WIV > About Us > Directors


Do any of those guys look like military people?


They look like scientists.

(Although that third guy looks like a CCP stooge.)

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is one of the most paranoid organizations on the planet. And, there is absolutely no way that they would allow bioweapons research to happen without direct PLA control. It just isn’t going to happen. Period.

However, some might still believe that they were SECRETLY involved with the military. I understand why some would think that, but there’s a way that we could determine that they were not. Just look at who China sent in to take over the BSL-4 lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology:

Major General Chen Wei of China’s Peoples Liberation Army

Why would China send in a Major General to take over the lab, if it was already run by the military?

Well, that would only happen if it was NOT run by the military.

Where You Put A Bioweapons Research Lab

But, there are some diehards out there who won’t listen to such logic. So, let’s dig a bit deeper.

Where do you set up a bioweapon lab?

If you were the Soviet Union, you would build them in the middle of nowhere, in Siberia – as far from ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING as possible. If you were the US, you would put them on an island (Plum Island) or in the middle of a military base (Fort Detrick). Although, the US shut down the Fort Detrick lab because it wasn’t safe.

Where does China put their bioweapons labs?

Well, China has two big deserts, the Gobi and the Taklamakan. They’d be perfect for biological weapons research. We just don’t have any information on where they are.

One thing that the Chinese would not want to do is put a bio-warfare lab in the heart of a major city that is also the transportation hub for all of China. Nor would they allow civilians near a biological weapons laboratory. The CCP might be incompetent, careless and evil, but they aren’t stupid. They would have known that accidental releases will always happen, and an accidental release in Wuhan would be a disaster that would spread throughout China.

Furthermore, the Chinese Communist Party would never allow science officials from the US Embassy to tour a biological weapons laboratory. You just don’t let the enemy look at your top-secret weapons research. You just don’t.

And yes, science officials from the US Embassy in Beijing did tour the BSL-4 lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. They did it twice and were horrified by how badly managed it was. You can read more about THAT, here:

State Department cables warned of safety issues at Wuhan lab studying bat coronaviruses

A Closer Look A What A ‘Good’ Bioweapon Looks Like

Still not convinced?

You’re a pretty tough audience.

So, let’s look at the bioweapons that we already know about and see how they compare to the Wuhan Coronavirus. If the characteristics of this virus don’t match the distinctive attributes of a biological weapon… well …it probably isn’t a biological weapon.

Here are the most ‘popular’ bioweapons in the world:

Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax)

Botulinum toxin

Variola major (Smallpox)

Francisella tularensis (Tularemia)

Ebola Virus

Yersinia pestis (plague)

Marburg Virus



I got the above list from here:

The world’s most dangerous bioweapons

Now THOSE are real bioweapons. And, let’s not forget that there are other bioweapons that attack agriculture such as livestock and also crops like wheat, corn and rice.

Here are a couple of discussions on bioweapons that will give you some basic knowledge:

10 Terrifying Bio Weapons

Most Dangerous Bioweapons

When you go through all that and then look at the Wuhan Coronavirus, you can only come to one, clear conclusion:

The Wuhan Coronavirus is NOT a biological weapon.

Here are the core reasons why the Coronavirus cannot be a bioweapon:

It mainly affects those too old or too unhealthy for military service.

It leaves enemy soldiers with the ability to continue fighting.

Most people who get infected, never get any symptoms.

The mortality rate is very low, too low to ever be a weapon.

AND, the Chinese military – the Peoples Liberation Army – did not take control of the research until AFTER the outbreak happened.

AND, No Chinese bioweapons lab would allow US embassy officials to inspect the lab.

This leaves us with the most direct explanation for the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic:

It was the result of a laboratory accident at a facility doing civilian research.

It explains all the facts. It doesn’t require a complicated set of unknown conspiracies to occur. It was just. Simply. An accident. So, to those out there who keep claiming that the Wuhan Coronavirus is a biological weapon…

…please stop.

If you want to delve deeper into how and when this lab accident happened, go read the previous article/video that I did on this subject:

How We Got Here, Part 1: The Tragic Tale of Huang YanLing and COVID-19

Those who keep saying that this is a bioweapon, are only proving to everyone around them that they are less-than-intelligent.

So, let’s be wise and shave more often with Occam’s Razor.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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25 thoughts on “Learning Wisdom: Why the Wuhan Coronavirus is NOT a Bioweapon”

  1. John,
    Excellent, excellent article. I think it demonstrates your point conclusively. I posted a link to it on several sites where I feel people might be confused about this.
    However, after having done that, it occurred to me:
    Even if it’s not a bioweapon, might the release have been intentional? It didn’t occur to me at first that that’s a very key question.
    The administration’s official line is that the release was accidental. This is necessary to avoid a catastrophic confrontation with China. But the implication is that it was really intentional.

    • Hi david smith,

      This raises another ‘wisdom question’. I talked about ‘Occam’s Razor’. But, there’s another that is also useful:

      Cui Bono – pronounced like kwee bo no.

      It means, ‘who benefits’.

      Now, it’s often used inappropriately by those who wish to slander this or that group – or to support some private theory. BUT, it does tell you who would NOT do something.

      In the case of the Chinese Communist Party, they do not benefit from an intentional release of this virus. It specifically attacks the most loyal segment of their population: the elderly. No matter how much they might want to rule the world, the CCP is far more interested in their own survival.

      The first rule of the CCP is survive at any cost. And, they cannot survive without loyal Chinese citizens supporting them.

      Anyone who knows Chinese history, will see this clearly. (Or, even just human history)

      Whatever side benefit the CCP might enjoy, there is absolutely no reason for an intentional release in any way. It’s just not possible. Remember that they aren’t crazy. Evil, stupid, incompetent and psychopathic… yes. Crazy… no.

      I hope that helps, David.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. I was at the grocery store today and the National Enquirer headlines were screaming CORONAVIRUS IS A CHINESE BIOWEAPON!!!!!!

    I don’t believe that, but millions of unthinking knee-jerk emotional reactionaries do, which gives me a peculiar glee in contemplating how the CCP must be enjoying the fruits of their incompetence.

    If only it were possible to embarrass our own incompetent government, but they are so far beyond rational behavior I have no words. Beyond shame or any concept of it. They have pushed the world into mass starvation and they don’t even care. They are so stupid, or arrogant, that they think this somehow will not affect them. Once you have plowed under your crops and slaughtered all your livestock and dumped them in a landfill, no amount of helicopter money will make them reappear. It astonishes me that none of the PTB seem to get that. Even Martin Armstrong, who surely must be worth multiple billions, understands that you cannot eat money, not even his own, and is urging people to stock up on at least a year’s worth of food in CANS. He always specifies CANS. Things might get so chaotic that even our power supply cannot be taken for granted. Here, in the Entitled States of America, the grocery stores are beginning to announce limits on meat purchases ‘because of the meat shortage’, which was previously not openly acknowledged. Articles would say we have “reserves” in freezers, but if examined closely the facts are that it’s only a week or two supply at most. That was a week or two ago I read that. Now I am seeing these announcements from the stores.

    I know I will suffer right along with everyone else, but I can’t help wondering what will happen when the inevitable results come home to roost and everyone has to face them. All you people who refused to go to work at the meat processing plants, and protested, and got them shut down, and the unions that made it all but impossible to reopen, is starvation better than taking a risk no worse than going to the (now half empty) grocery store along with everyone else? Are you glad to stay home and no longer have a job, or health insurance, or unemployment, and the result of all this being that you and your family have next to nothing to eat? The dairy farmers had to dump their milk. The egg farmers had to slaughter the chickens that laid the eggs, because without a market for their eggs they had no money to feed the chickens. And there were not meat processing plants available to make use of all this, so all those egg-laying hens went in a landfill along with all those millions of hogs. There’s a little more flexibility with cattle but not much.

    And, do not tell me about ‘unacceptable risk’. Most people exposed to the virus have no symptoms, but everyone who starves will die. There’s a bit of a difference. I am a nurse and have been taking care of coronavirus patients for the past 3 weeks full time. They are young, and the worst symptom any of them have had is a slight temp. Many more in the same facility are positive but have no symptoms at all. How about if I quit going to work? I have a nurse friend, early 30s, fit, never smoked a day in her life who got deathly ill from it. Even at 65, nothing appears to make me sick, no matter what I do. But you never know. I want to scream at everyone to grow up and accept the fact that life involves a certain amount of risk and just deal with it. The human race (after the fall) would have starved and gone extinct in a single generation if no one was willing to take the risk inherent in a primitive hunting expedition. Which is easier, going to work and risk exposure to a virus, or face a wild ox with nothing but a sharp stick? You’re here only because your ancestors took on a LOT of risk, and survived. Do you want to feed your family or don’t you?

    • Hi DRG,

      You get it. Which is no surprise, since you’ve always ‘gotten it’.

      And, the urge to scream at people to wake up. That’s a common malady for those who have ‘gotten it’.

      To get an idea of how different our society is today, from say… 63 years ago … here’s a great comparison:

      Elvis Was King, Ike Was President, and 116,000 Americans Died in a Pandemic

      The difference?

      We got soft and stupid, and the government got big and ‘brotherly’.

      Excellent, excellent comment, DRG. I’m sorry that we have to sit here and watch the morons destroy everything.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. I agree it’s not a bio-weapon for your reasons stated; accidental release, well, that’s a much more debatable “razor.” Global reaction to this “accident” is not coincidental….in fact, in my humble opinion, it’s the opposite. Only God and time will tell…




    • Hi KJ,

      The first two links are good. They prove corruption, but they do not prove an intentional release of the Wuhan Coronavirus. Nor does the third link, but it seems intent on pointing you towards believing that the COVID-19 pandemic was intentional – when no evidence was given.

      There is literally no way that the release of this virus was intentional. As I responded to another commenter, ask yourself ‘who benefits’, and then ask if they had access to Wuhan and the Wuhan Coronavirus. They did not.

      There is literally no way that the CCP would have wanted this pandemic. It just isn’t possible.

      And, there’s another important aspect that people are not paying attention to:

      By claiming that this is intentional, you are removing God from the picture.

      The central point of the Last Days is God’s judgment upon the wicked – first, upon those who are carnal Christians, and then upon the world. Too many focus on the Antichrist, instead of the One who is behind all of this.

      If the Wuhan Coronavirus is a part of Last Days events, then this is a part of God’s judgment upon a wicked world. And, Lord willing, I hope to illustrate that with the next couple of articles in my series, “How We Got Here”.

      I hope that helps, KJ.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. Instead of straining my brain with exercises of logic, I would rather find someone who has the science and math skills to examine the EVIDENCE.

    I recommend the nearly daily YouTube series by
    Chris Martenson
    PhD from Duke, with a specialization in neurotoxicology

    Today’s post 6 May 2020


    More Evidence Covid-19 May *NOT* Be Natural

    You can catch up with previous videos here


    Frances in NM

    • Hi Frances McKenzie,

      Unfortunately, it is VITAL for you to exercise your brain. It is VITAL that you learn to process the information that is being thrown at you. Otherwise, you are inviting deception.

      If you depend on those with the ‘science’ and the ‘math skills’, what you are asking for is Technocracy. You do NOT want a technocracy. That is the most probable system that the Antichrist will set up. Dr. Fauci has the ‘science’ and the ‘math skills’, and he has destroyed us. So, does Bill Gates.

      Do you want Bill Gates running the world?

      Because, he wants to.

      It is VITAL that we all learn wisdom. That’s why I butchered the nice, clean title of this piece to make that point. Without wisdom, you will be caught by the lies that are coming.

      As for Dr. Martenson, it has been a very long time since he was in the lab. And, he still suffers from the myopic view that scientists have. You do NOT want a scientist determining what to do with the economy.

      As for the artificiality of this virus. Yes, that is what Gain-of-Function research does. Go back and read that part about what I said in the previous article. Again, it’s ‘Gain-of-Function’ (GOF) research.

      But, GOF research does not mean that it’s a bioweapon.

      I hope that helps, Frances.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. Hi John,

    Great analysis! I would agree that this was an accident. More info comes out everyday, leaving us to question the truthfulness of everyone involved. Corruption and evil goes to the highest levels of governments. People seem to be waking up to this fact and for some, it is quite devastating to find out that much or even most of what we have been told all our lives is a lie. Truly, this world system is under the sway of the evil one. For now.

    I’m glad you mentioned Plum Island as one of the nefarious labs. I am a lifetime recipient of their evil.

    Hope your move went well.

        • Lyme, Connecticut is just across Long Island Sound. It is possible that ticks or tick-bearing animals escaped onto the mainland and the heavily forested areas around Lyme. Right now, all of our evidence is circumstantial, but really hard to discount. I personally believe it, but am not dogmatic on the issue. – JL

          • Is there any info out there to the effect that they were messing with the Lyme organism? It’s a spirochete in the syphilis family, does similar long-term damage if not caught and treated early. For some reason, our immune systems don’t seem to kill and eliminate an infection of those bacteria alone.

    • Let me add something: there are emerging a few more dots to connect and they do show who benefits from an intentional release. Even if it was accomplished by giving it to a Chinese lab to do innocent research, knowing that their protocol was so sloppy that a release would be only a matter of time.

      After listening closely to the video above ….. and I was shocked at the part about ebola ….. supposedly Fauci is on record as telling Trump in (2017?) that he was going “have a surprise pandemic on hand”. I didn’t know about the connections between Fauci and Wuhan nor did I know that the “harmless” flu vaccine used on elderly in northern Italy had been grown in dog tissue, and dogs have a lot of coronaviruses. I read in a completely different source that flu vaccine made people more subject to covid and they were trying to figure this out. “They” need to talk to Dr. Mikovits.

      I am beginning to see a pattern. Take a virus that is known to be impossible to contain …. as coronaviruses are ….. give it to a lab to do GOF work to make it even more virulent …… make sure they screw up and release it …… then suppress all medication known to work on it; brutally enforce measures that actually ensure a wider spread under the guise of the exact opposite …… make it sound like the only hope for the world is a global vaccine, which includes a chip for tracking (John, I know you say these are too hackable to be of practical use but what makes you think they care about that? Do they care about the 490K kids they paralyzed in India?) ….. and scrub all truth-telling from the media, silence the doctors and scientists that are trying to present the real story. What is the motivation? Not just iron-fisted control of the known universe – always a dream of despots and demoniacs – but uncountable trillions of dollars in profits from vaccines. It makes perfect sense.

    • Hi DRG,

      Be careful with this one. I sense a lot of propaganda. I first saw Dr. Mikovits on a Falun Gong ‘documentary’, and she didn’t strike me as authoritative, even though she attempted insinuate that she had inside knowledge.

      And, if you do a search of her background… you’ll find troubling evidence that she isn’t quite the scientist that she proclaims herself to be. And, the intro to this video is a lie.

      She is NOT one of the most accomplished scientists of her generation. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

      That, right there should send up all the warning flags that you could handle.

      And then, I saw this, last night:

      #HalfWoke: “Plandemic Movie” What You Didn’t Know

      That gives background on the filmmaker. There’s a lot of bad news around that guy.

      A lot of people are jumping on this movie and accepting it without reservation. I haven’t had a chance to watch it, due to time constraints, but I’m already uneasy. I’ll try to watch it later.

      There might be good stuff in it. Propaganda always has something that’s true in it. But, it’s the hidden lie that’s dangerous.

      Thanks for the link, DRG. I’ll try to watch it.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Just watched that video. Thanks for the FYI. He is clearly a fruitcake, probably a dangerous one to the unwary; and I am curious to see what the bait and switch might turn out to be. I pray for protection from deception and for spiritual discernment VERY often.

        There were a couple statements by Mikovits that I found odd but did not examine closely at the time. Now I will. She said that for a bat virus to hop into the human disease arena naturally would take about 800 years. If I remember correctly, that was not the case with the Spanish Flu, which somehow moved from livestock in the midwestern US to soldiers stationed there. I have read that bird and swine flus can do this at times. Also, she said that it was her job to teach ebola to infect human cells! That was about the 12 minute mark. If this is a lie, the nature of it reveals she is out for attention of a sensational kind. I remember being uneasy about the expression on her face when she said that. I’m no expert on body language but all I can say is it struck me as odd. I don’t know if she was lying. It just seemed odd.

        Nevertheless, the pattern I am seeing remains intact and I think it just might be what is going on – the intentional (but made to look unintentional) aspect of the release I think is shown in the statements by Fauci in that 2017 video clip foreshadowing it. And he is rotten to the core, as is Gates, and at this point after all I’ve read from many sources, most convincingly Martin Armstrong, I really do think they have been plotting to get a stranglehold on the entire planet in terms of this vaccine stuff. It is utterly vile that they have bribed congress to pass a law making it impossible to sue a vaccine maker, the result being they don’t even TEST them anymore!!! Is that true? Even if it isn’t, they sure won’t test as carefully as they would if they knew they’d be held responsible. Fauci and Gates, et al know that propaganda is a more powerful tool than the military, and that there is not enough military in the world to control everyone. Not so with propaganda. And as we frequently rant about in this blog, most are morons who fall for it. Even Armstrong says that in order for his investment methods to succeed, the majority must be wrong. He basically watches herd behavior and moves against it. They are all wrong, so he wins big!!!!

        • Hi DRG,

          I’m glad that you had the chance to offer some extra analysis. I really appreciate that.

          Here’s the interesting thing about the issue of ‘intentionality’:

          At WHAT point is this intentional?

          This is part of what I’ve been wanting to delve into in my series on ‘How We Got Here’. I need to be careful not to spend too much time on that, because it’s more important to look at where we are going. And, I want to get into THAT very soon.

          I think that most people believe that this situation is intentional. The only question is WHAT, WHERE and WHEN.

          Oh, and stupidity. Let’s not forget that. I see a lot of stupid in all of this. And, it’s often so hard to tell the difference between pure idiocy and pure evil.

          And yes, Armstrong. If there is any disagreement between what I say and what HE says… feel free to ignore what I’m saying.

          Keep up the great comments, DRG!

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  6. Hi John,
    Have you seen any video interviews with Epidemiologists,
    And Doctors, in regards to Fauci?
    And the murder suicide of an Epidemiologist in Pittsburgh, Pa.?
    One video is on Martin Armstrong’s website, the other was taken down.

    Agree with DRG, every word. God Bless you.

    The Lord keep us,
    In Jesus name,

    • Hi Dotty Martin,

      Yeah, I’ve seen a bunch of them. Especially the ones with the biomedical statisticians. THOSE are the most damning. Fauci and the politicians have murdered our economy. It’s utterly insane.

      As for the murder-suicide, I saw that. I’m a bit skeptical about some of the claims surrounding that. Always be cautious when someone claims an ‘imminent breakthrough’. They are rarely as significant as they claim.

      Thanks, Dotty!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Very well said. Too many things are falling into place. Under the little “o” administration, how many ppl knew the names of governors, house or senate members by name. Now we have this whole criminal cabal standing in front of microphones, stealing rights and giving us doom and gloom. Things are heating up, while Q keeps saying “Wait for the PLAN” when tiny fractions come true. I saw the video you are getting ready about the author, and he is New Age Occult type. Pointing out corruption in the cabal onscreen is catching up. Why Now?? Warp Speed is Trumps idea of vaccines for all before winter. He ramped up NDAA,(mounted machine guns) on MRAP to remove business owners. These things are provocations beyond belief. Separate waterlines under Nixon bill DT resigned with press conference praise. No publicity, and little outrage over what was in it. HR 6666 being introduced. The plot doth thicken!

  7. Wow, just wow! Go DRG, yes we are still left with more questions than answers. The deliberate corruption in what we thought were sacred institutions is apalling. I read an article from Vera Sharav that was supposed to be a 5 or 7 part series. It was about exposing who went to jail over vaccines, and corruption in the different agencies. My memory hasn’t helped me refind and read the series. I loked all over a bit, but did not use alternate search engines. I read the other day gov. Was sending SWAT teams to close down clinics for using vitamin C therapy on Covid patients and getting very positive results. While looking for the website that put white and black suburbans and escalades on my doorstep, I ran across whale.to. no dot com just whale.to. It was very much like the website that has been scrubbed from the internet, and low and behold there is much anti vax and scrubbed alternate therapies there. I probly only read a couple hours worth. It is huge! There were some things there about vitamin C therapy. Gates and Harvard are wanting or are doing chemtrails to block the sun. (to stop GLOBAL WARMING) (Thus eliminating vitamin D). It seems during lockdown 5G toeers are being installed around schools and everywhere else. Females carry their next generations from birth, and we do not know how hard WIFI is on these ovum, let alone 5G. Make any bets we spent zillions on such research?? Your work is becoming more excellent by the week. Your latest is tying this one. It is getting to be quite a thrill everytime I see a new post. Another thing I saw was a doctor quote from 1906 or 1909 that saod he had never saw cancer patients until he saw 200 all vaccinated.
    Rappaport mentioned similar findings.

    • Thanks, MM! Government overreach is everywhere, and it will continue until it can’t. They’re like vermin eating up all the grain, until there’s nothing left. Eventually, big government will die of starvation, but they’ll take us with them if we aren’t careful. – JL

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