Should Omega Shock Keep Going?

Hi Everyone,

I’m at a crossroad and need help in choosing which way to go. And yes, I’m being completely serious here.

Right at the moment when things are starting to happen, the funds earmarked for Omega Shock have reached a point where we need to either change course or find some other way to fund operations. However, the question is…

…Do I really need to keep going?

You can already see, with your own eyes, what I’ve been talking about for nine years. So, I’m not certain that you need my help in seeing where all of this is going.

How will I know if I should keep going?

It always comes down to God’s Will. And, it has been my experience that He often communicates His Will by opening doors that He wants us to go through, and shutting those that He does not. And, I’ve learned the hard way, that trying to open a firmly shut door is painfully foolish. The same goes for wedging a foot into a door that God is closing.

Is this Omega Shock door closing?

It might be, and that’s certainly okay with me.

Of course, I’ve also kept other funding channels closed, based upon closely held principle. I’ve always believed that you shouldn’t ask for financial help, if you have the money to do the work yourself. That’s why I have not accepted donations, until now.

Also, just to set the record straight, I am firmly against paywalls. Everything that I say will always be available, in one way or another, for free. I hope to repackage my two books and put them up for sale on Amazon, but you will always be able to get the content for free – as long as I can keep their websites up.

And yes, I know about advertising. I may need to put up some ads to pay for the server that all of this runs on. I’m not a fan of advertising, but it has its place – if all other avenues are cut off. But, before going there, I need to try the one avenue that I have not felt right in trying until now:

Allowing you to donate.

As I said, up to this point, I have refused donations as a matter of principle. I had the money to pay for the necessities of life while I wrote Omega Shock articles and recorded YouTube videos. So, I just didn’t feel right about letting someone else pay for what I should be doing freely. But, now that the time is coming where I can no longer keep going without help, I must now allow you to help.

Here’s What I’m Asking

So, here’s what I’m asking you to do:

Ask God whether this is a good idea. Most charlatans will ask you to ‘pray about it’, knowing that this will make you more likely to give even more money to their fraudulent ministries. And, that is NOT what I want. I really. Honestly. Want you to pray about whether Omega Shock needs to continue.

Then, if you believe that God wants this ministry to continue…

Click this link and give what you believe to be appropriate:


NOTE: Thanks to a sharp-eyed reader (Thank you S!), I now know that the following link requires a PayPal account to use, while the one above does not:

Please do NOT donate, if you are already struggling to pay your bills. If you can barely pay the rent, you shouldn’t be donating to anyone, until you are on firmer ground. Neither should you be making donations, if there is a brother or sister in your church who has needs that have not been met.

Going forward, that link and a donation button will be on all future posts and YouTube videos. And, I will also be looking at other ways to fund Omega Shock. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to share them.

Mrs. Little and I think that all of you are awesome. We have been honored and blessed by you all and hope to continue to be in contact, in one form or another.

May the Lord God bless you and guide you. May He lead you in paths of righteousness and truth. May your foot never falter. May your path always be true. May your life glorify God. May He accept you into eternal glory, when this life’s struggle is complete.

Yours in Christ,

John and Mrs. Little
Omega Shock

50 thoughts on “Should Omega Shock Keep Going?”

  1. Of course, it’s up to you what to do next. I’m sure the Lord will show you. Thank you for your articles, viddies and website. Wish I could help you financially… Hello from Bloomington Indiana!

  2. Thank you John for your devotion to our Lord and to informing,enlightening and caring deeply for the Body of Christ. You should do what you are bring lead to do. And we all support you in these difficult and uncertain times. I don’t think there’s more to say or reveal since your warnings and truth are evident now fir the blind to almost see. We have to navigate the new world structures forming in that we stay close to Christ and pray always for you and your wife. I will miss you very much. May God bless and protect and guide you and us. Godspeed.


    • Hi Lisa,

      Your comment warms my heart. I really appreciate that.

      The good thing is that – since posting this message – I’ve received enough to keep the server up. This is a relief. The next challenge is time, as in the ‘juggling of’. Lord willing, the bills will be paid, and there will be enough time for me to devote to this ministry.

      God always makes a way, so I shouldn’t be worried – even though I can’t help myself.

      Thanks for this encouragement, Lisa. I appreciate it.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Hi John,

    Heads up on your way to donate. I tried to donate, but the button for PayPal you are using is only letting you donate if you have a PayPal account. I cannot do it this way. However, I donate to several others, WITH the PayPal button, but with the version that lets you use your credit card and you do not need a PayPal account or anything other than your credit card number. I think this would possibly open it up to others too to donate.

    Thank you,

  4. John,
    You have blessed us with much over the years and you are so appreciated. If you stop…does that mean we can’t link to anything? All your good, good articles with so much knowledge. The PreTrib lie Series especially. Ones that I really like were when you talked about cycles…(going back aways). And never to forget the Flat Earth fare.
    DarL from NE Indiana

    • Thankfully, as of last night, there is enough in the bank to keep the server up, for which I am grateful. And, while the server is up, I will always try to keep writing. I’m just glad that you and others want me to keep going. So, thank you DarL! – JL

  5. Hi John,
    I look forward and am Blessed and fed from your emails, especially now. I don’t have a PayPal account. Is there another way to send funds? (I owe you, just from your coverage of Rick Wiles….)
    Praying for a way,
    The Lord Bless you and keep you,


    • Hi Dotty Martin,

      A sharp-eyed reader pointed out that the link that I gave was just for those with PayPal. So, I’ve changed the link to this:


      That will allow you to use a credit card or debit card. Others have asked me about sending checks, but since I’m on the other side of the planet… that’s kinda hard to work out. Or, maybe I just haven’t figured it out yet.

      I am grateful for all of you who have expressed a desire to donate. It is greatly appreciated.

      Thank you, Dotty.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. Oh man! I hate to see this forum disappear. But thanks for the warning – I will be sure to download your books instead of just going to the websites to read. If you want to do an e-book on Amazon I’d be happy to buy that too, it would probably be more easily searchable than a PDF. But even that is very helpful.

    I have prayed since reading this notice, and will be praying more, for the Lord to make it clear to you what He wants. But I really hate to lose touch, even more so as the things you’ve warned about seem to be falling into place. Especially various things that some say are the Mark of the Beast. I have benefited SO much from your studied and seasoned commentary. Fellowship is huge, and I find it most on the internet. Most of the churches I try out, and don’t go back to, are asleep or in denial. They don’t want to face the ugly truth, it’s too scary, they don’t want to talk about anything controversial. They do that “we shouldn’t judge” thing while the wolves are tearing the sheep to pieces in their midst. This is one of the few places I have found where people are willing to call a spade a spade, and where iron sharpens iron. I find no iron in those churches. I learn things here. I see perspectives no one else has. People write in from other parts of the world on what they actually see happening, which is helpful in the age of fake news. You get it. You know firsthand the truth about Israel, about what China is really like. I would never have known there was such a thing as Landmarkian Baptists but for you.

    Is there not some no-cost way to at least maintain group communication? A blog, a chat, something?

    • Hi DRG,

      Thankfully, enough donations have come in to keep the server going. But, your point about fellowship is a good and important one, and I’ve been thinking about expanding Omega Shock to include a full-fledged forum. The only problem that I have with these things is that the wolves love to rampage through forums – along with the spammers and scammers.

      Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much?

      Do I have an overblown sense of responsibility?


      Should I do more to invite more writers to Omega Shock?

      That too.

      We’ll see what happens. The good thing is that God knows what He’s doing. So, it’ll work out. Of course, God wouldn’t need to whack me over the head so much, if I wasn’t so hard-of-hearing.

      So, thanks for all of your input, DRG. I really appreciate all of it.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • I’d love to see a full-fledged forum, and at the same time I can see why you’d be weary of all the effort you’ve put into the entire purpose of Omegashock. You have indeed produced a great body of work that remains for new readers to discover, you have accomplished your goal of warning and explaining why that warning is justified; and why not step back and take a rest – but not completely vanish. Keep a forum going, how expensive is that? Put your books on Amazon in digital form. How much can expenses be reduced while still keeping your existing work available, and some form of group communication?

        Let the heathen rage. You are not obligated to put up with them. Feel free to delete commentary at the first sentence when it is obvious they are not acting from sincerity or good will. If you see a trend of some kind of false belief that needs to be addressed, if you so choose you can address the belief. You know what they say, never wrestle with a pig. You just get all dirty, and besides, the pig likes it. Actually that is insulting to pigs, who are perfectly nice animals when well treated, but you know what I mean.

        • I’m thinking about it. A lot depends on how many get involved. There needs to be a minimum number for a forum to stay alive, and I’m not sure that what number is. And yes, I’d hafta be a bit less involved. We’ll see what happens. Thanks, DRG! – JL

  7. For what it’s worth. I was surprised to see the comment that Derek Prince was teaching that the white horse of Revelation was Jesus. So I looked it up, and sure enough he did. Here is a 6-minute clip of his perspective on all 4 horses.

    Interesting, but I don’t get how he connects that psalm to the white horse and rider.

    • Hi DRG,

      Thank you for that clip. Having listened to it, I think that I understand why he says that Jesus is the one riding the White Horse. I disagree, but I understand it.

      I believe that part of his reasoning comes from that command from heaven to ride the earth. And, if this is NOT Jesus, then it means that a far more negative entity might be riding. Some have said that the Antichrist is the rider of this horse, but I’m not so sure.

      I believe that these riders are probably the same ones that ride in this chapter:

      I don’t believe that this is the same moment in time. I actually think that these riders have ridden – off and on – for millennia. Bringing the judgment of God upon the world, when judgment is needed. And, it seems that Zechariah was the only other person to speak of these horsemen. We actually see them first introduced, here:

      Does that tell us what this White Horse is? Who it is?

      I’m not sure, other than to say that it is the growth of empire, or maybe the destruction of one. And, I think that we are seeing the beginning of the destruction of empire, the Euro-American Empire, right now.

      By the way, the one thing that I like about that video clip, is that it shows Derek Prince being willing to be disagreed with. That’s good. No, that awesome. None of us gets Bible interpretation completely right. Recognizing that we are prone to error is vital.

      And, I’m good at being passionately wrong.

      Oh, and I found this YouTube clip that made me feel even better about Pastor Prince:

      He’s not a pretribber. I find that to be very interesting.

      Thanks for that link, DRG. That was helpful.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • My opinion…the first horse is the Holy Spirit. It began riding at the first pentecost.

        I believe that when John saw that there was noone in above or under the earth to open the scroll it was him seeing the state of heaven befor Jesus arrived in heaven after that ascension. Then he saw Jesus arrive and open the first seal which would correspond to Jesus arriving and sending the holy spirit.

        We know that only Jesus was worthy to open the seals. Yet noone was found worth under, in or above the earth. That jesus was in transit via the ascension is the only explanation

      • Hi John
        You must continue- your work is most needed now more than ever, where are those that speak such truth today? John you insight is helping many to leave broken down Christianity and find the truth only found in the Jesus we want to serve,not another Jesus found outside the scriptures.Yes it is a very difficult time,but your ability to bring light to a dark season and time is most necessary,you have and are a very gifted with prophetic insight and ability, not coming from the so called prophets of the day the NAR false prophetic network, I’m being lead to leave those falsehoods your confirming what the Lord is saying personally and confirmed by just a few,with help from your strong staight language and truth, this give many great hope, I know your a great blessing to many around the globe.

  8. I would like you to keep going but you should do what Jesus Christ commends you to do. what has He said to you about this issue?

    • So far, it seems that God is telling me to keep going, in the best way that I can. It doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to do this full time, like I have til now. But, I will keep going. And, there’s a part of me that wishes that I had to stop. The past nine years have been difficult. Thanks, Danielle. – JL

  9. Hooooollllldd on thar, VARMINT!! Jumping ship just cause the sea gets a little choppy?? When the CAPTAIN says abandon ship is the time to start getting nervous. If we weren’t living hand to mouth we’d send. The Shepherd don’t abandon the flock when the Wolf shows up. The LORD will provide and as the journey continues. I pray you and the MRS. do well in whatever ventures lie ahead, and you now belong in the hearts of a lot of people, and will remain there from the LORDS WORD that you have encouraged us with.

    My wife put my hide on Facebook under Jay Dsomething and I don’t spend very much time there dealing with Christian types over at USA Life more, but still haven’t figgerd how to send stuff back to there. If you are on fakebook add me to the list and I will increase readership a little. I haven’t figgerd out much Social media stuff but old dogs still learn SLOWLY. YOUALL Will go as the LORD leads and no matter how rough will still be blessed. (Experience) Look how many ppl from Hoosierland spoke up. I went over the line to the communist State of Illinois but I still call myself a Hoosier. Godspeed, and until then, STOP WORRYING! LOVE MANGLZ AND MRS.

    • Help! I was called a VARMINT! (But, since I like most varmints…) It wasn’t so much ‘jumping ship’ as a call for help. However, I must admit that if NO ONE gave, I would feel a sense of relief that this job was over. But, people did give, and I’m grateful for all who did. I’m also grateful for all who wanted to give, but could not. I really appreciate you all. You are one of the appreciated, MM. – JL

  10. Here’s another one.

    Creepy. What do you think? I know you say the Mark has to be voluntary with knowledge that it includes worship; but the bible does not absolutely specify that, does it? It’s an inference. Reasonable, but still inferred. It is probably 99% likely to be a correct inference, but I want to closely examine that 1%. Just cuz.

    • Hi DRG,

      I take notice of these attempts to identify and track people, but these attempts rely on the current system as its foundation. And, that foundation has a bad case of termites. It can’t stand for too long, which is why the part of reviving the Seventh Head in Revelation makes sense to me.

      Block chain technology and biometric identification will ultimately fail because the system that it lies on top of is also failing. If you tried to take over the world with the current patchwork of badly managed political entities, it would fall apart quickly.

      I believe that the system created by the Antichrist will be efficient and without corruption – at least, at the beginning. And, I believe that it will be a system that rebuilds everything from the ground, up. And, it will offer something that people will be desperate for.

      Of course, I could be wrong and have been in the past.

      Oh, and I think that this COVID-19 thing is all about God sticking a thumb in the eye of Satan. Satan had his timeline, and God messed it up. I could be wrong about that one, too. But, God has a history of messing up Satan’s plans with nice, big plagues.

      Anyway, that link is worth thinking about, DRG.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • “Oh, and I think that this COVID-19 thing is all about God sticking a thumb in the eye of Satan. Satan had his timeline, and God messed it up. I could be wrong about that one, too. But, God has a history of messing up Satan’s plans with nice, big plagues.”

        God also blew apart the timelines of the New Apostolic Reformation (“NAR”) folk, too, who prophesied that “God is tired of this virus and will be ridding the earth of it by Passover”, or something to that effect.

  11. John,

    I have truly enjoyed coming to this site for many years. As some above have already said, I also enjoy this forum just to read others comments, as well as yours. I have attended many churches in my travels through the US for the last 18 years. And until recently, not regularly attended one in many years. For me at least, it always ends up coming out that these churches just can’t let go of their American pop culture and morph it into their Churchianity. Or, sell you a good line and RIP you off.

    But here, I have found sound teaching and like-minded believers that I think has kept me from running away from the faith. I don’t really know you, but I believe you are a gifted believer, and I have prayed for you for a long time (I don’t like sharing what I pray about or whom, but feel it’s necessary to express what you have meant to many of us that have visited your site over the years.).

    I cannot currently donate to the site, as since the Corona lockdown and collapse, I have lost employment and only work 3 hours a week at my other job. But after I am financially viable again in the near future, I would happily contribute as well to the future of this site and/or a forum as someone else mentioned!

    And for the commenter from Bloomington above, “Go Boilers!”

    Seriously though, wherever God leads you, thanks for all your and your wife’s hard work!



    • Hi Dan,

      Thank you for that. I really appreciate it.

      I hope and pray that you’ll be able to get back to work soon. I am very concerned about all who have also lost the income that they needed to stay afloat. Those with the least, will be hurt the most.

      I’m also sorry that it’s so hard to find a good church. It’s a bad reflection upon America’s spiritual condition. And, I believe that judgment is coming to America for that reason.

      Keep up the good work, Dan. It’s going to get hard, but God will see you through.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  12. Hi John,
    let me put it in this way: few years ago my company proposed me to fly to the other side of the planet to do an awful paper work as a part of government-funded programme. From the beginning I suspected it will all end in terrible waste of time, taxpayer’s money and jet fuel. And, I was, unfortunately, absolutely right. I could easily refuse this appointment, but, in my eyes, there was something beyond coincidence in it. First, this job required a specific position, to which I was promoted only two months earlier. Second, it was planned for someone else, but he got terribly sick. And died. Third, I was a reader of a blog writer, who explained a lot of things to me, draw my attention to many others… At the very beginning I was like “come on, solar flares in the Bible?”, but years passed, and I learned scientific evidence that he was right. It can be even worse as we know (micronovas). In short, I always considered his writing a blessing, it greatly supported and strengthened my faith. And, you know what? The location of my “mission” just happened to be the exact place where this writer lived. THAT was too much for me, so I decided to take that 14-hour flight, do boring things, and I am still convinced that the most important and positive thing in all of this was our (so improbable) opportunity to meet. So, how can I answer the question from the title? Yes. YES! Yes, because your work results in huge number of positive things, many of them are not clearly visible for now, but, one day, they will be.
    Whatever happens, may the Lord bless you John, and I’ll do what I can to help!
    Yours in Christ

    • Thank you, Chris. From the bottom of my heart. And, I still have that picture that you gave me. I think that it’s about time to use it. God really does work in mysterious ways, and I was glad to meet a brother from Poland who has also added so much with his own contributions. – JL

      PS. And yes, God seems to be saying that I’m not allowed to stop. So, the work will go on, for as long as God wills.

  13. Hey Brother John i senfd you An email Yesterday i am not that good enough in English to express thé things like thé believers do here because it’s not my language
    indeed your blogs are good and you supported me with prayers for a year finding my place back in a home
    I am glad you have thé money i told you thé Lord provides for his faithfull servants and prayed for it
    Glad for thé many followers who put you in their heart i did too Brother John was nice said of this believer and a lot gave positive confirmations and testimonies of having fellowship where no good church can be Found like in my place that is so true
    I do not feel.good when i try to discuss with you over Derek and thé first rider or thé Mark it went wrong i think because i cannot explain in good English.

    My typing errors due tot change because my phone is in Dutch


  14. Dear John Little:

    I will donate at a future date through a pre-paid Visa, where my real name will show as N——t R————— from Alberta, Canada. God Bless and Good Luck! I and my family also need God’s blessing and some good fortune before things SHTF (Poop hit the Fan!). Happily Satan’s time is short before my Lord and Saviour (Retter) returns! Amen!

    • Thank you, Stormin Norman! May you be blessed. However, if you are under financial stress, let me emphasize again that you should not donate. I desire readers to be blessed and not burdened. But, I deeply appreciate your desire to give. That is very encouraging. – JL

  15. ps.
    Of course, we know that. But, what the author didn’t say, is that he just compiled a list of countries seriously interested in disappearance of Saudi Arabia from the map. Sounds crazy, but look at the list. If things go on as described, they may just collectively conclude, it’s time (no, I’m not talking about Canada). I’m not a fan of Saudis, but the avalanche of events following the above (eventual) conclusion will affect everyone of us…
    Yours in Christ

    • You get it Chris,

      It’s my hope to put this Coronavirus fiasco to rest so that I can talk about THAT. What Saudi Arabia and even Russia are doing is destroying what’s left of the energy foundation of our civilization. When the dust settles, only the efficient producers will be left, and there will be very few of those.

      It’s going to be bad.

      It will also result in Gog and Magog, as nations come down to take all that nice, easy-to-extract Saudi Oil.

      There’s a part of me that’s sorry that I lived long enough to see this.

      It’s a blessing to see someone ‘get it’ so well, Chris.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  16. I just left a prodigious, fully annotated comment and when I clicked on Post Comment, it disappeared. Usually I can see it with a note that it’s awaiting review or whatever.

    So, maybe it’s out there somewhere and maybe it isn’t, but a shortened version (possibly a blessing in disguise to the reader) is that – from multiple reliable sources – food shortages are looming, already critical in the 3rd world and soon to be apparent here in the US. Farmers are dumping milk, slaughtering their laying hens (67,000 just for one farmer in Minnesota, because the demand for their eggs has dropped so much he can no longer afford to feed them) and pork processing plants are being closed right and left. Because of coronavirus. Has anyone ever heard of swine flu? What the bleep do they think we live in, a sterile bubble? This is NORMAL.

    CO2 is used in the process of purifying public drinking water. Their insane war on CO2 is causing a problem there. Would they rather we all get cholera than a cold virus? It is beyond making any sense of it at all, except for the fact that it never was about a virus.

    I had a very unnerving thought today. Bill Gates is not stupid. Ruthless, yes. Evil, probably. But not stupid. Neither was Stalin. It is the masses of sheep and their herd thinking and behavior that are stupid. And the unnerving thought was, this is looking entirely too much like the Holodomor. If you want to utterly crush a people, without firing a shot, without any obvious conflict, without most of the world having any idea what you are really doing until it’s too late – just starve them, and make it look like an accident. Look at the pictures of the Ukrainian victims of the Holodomor. How could anyone even think of fighting back when they are just barely alive, and not for long. And this was done to protect us?

    • Hi DRG,


      Your comments are always awesome, so I’m sorry that we missed the uncondensed version. But, your connection to the Holodomor is something that I had not thought about. Very well done!

      Whether or not this was a conscious goal, or not, the effect will be the same. The ‘Kulaks’ (middle class) will be destroyed, leaving just the poor – who will die in droves – and the ultra rich. We’ll see how this plays out, but if this was not a conscious decision on the part of some evil cabal… I think that I would be even more disgusted.

      I think that someone once said that he preferred dealing with those who are evil, over those who are merely stupid. At least you can reason with (or threaten) evil people.

      I am interested in the purification of water via CO2. I’ll need to look into it, if there’s time.

      Great comment, DRG. Again, I’m sorry that the larger version didn’t go in.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  17. Dont keep going. Shut down. The less lies out of you the better. I see you are are now begging for money and threatening folks to give money otherwise you shut down. What a sewer rat.

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