Why Our System Must Die – The Self-Inflicted Wound

Our current system must die, because Revelation 13 said that it would. But, it is ironic that our system would perish because we shot ourselves in the head. Yes, it was already dying, but did we stop to think through the consequences before we pulled the trigger?

Of course, I say ‘we’, when I should include the ‘Elites’. They helped us pull the trigger, instead of trying to turn us away from self-destruction. How ironic that our dear leaders will have helped destroy the very system that they wanted enslave us with.


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Why Our System Must Die – The Self-Inflicted Wound


Why Our System Must Die – The Self-Inflicted Wound

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When I started Omega Shock back on the 22nd of August, 2011, I was expecting that our collapse would be a bit flashier. I thought that maybe the Iranians would launch an EMP attack. Or, maybe the Chinese or Russians might do it. And a few other possibilities came to mind over the years. But, I never thought that we would collapse our economy and destroy our way of life, by shooting ourselves in the head. And yes, that is exactly what we have done.

As bad as the Wuhan Coronavirus might be…

…did anyone stop to think that the ‘cure’ was worse than the disease?

Yes, making everybody stay home and eat Cheetos for a month will slow down the spread of this virus. But, the people proposing such a response have not stopped to think about how many lives will be destroyed because we did that. And yes, economic collapse causes death and destruction on a massive scale.

Do any of you remember World War II?

That came straight out of The Great Depression.

Well, we have just launched something that historians will probably call the Greatest Depression – or something like that. We took a global economy that was already moving into a recession and dropped a bomb on it. We have blown up almost every supply chain that affects our daily lives. We have forced businesses to lay off all of their employees and close forever. What businesses that still survive, probably won’t last much longer. Worse, those who still have a job will stop buying anything except the bare essentials.

Why is this worse?

Because all economies work on some principle of trust, and that trust is failing.

In fact, the whole idea of civilization is based on trust. You are willing to live close to your neighbors, because you trust that they won’t break into your house and rob you of everything that you have. You go to work every day because you trust that your boss will pay you for your time and effort. You don’t keep three months of food at home, because you trust that the grocery store will always have enough meat and vegetables. You keep your money in the bank, instead of under your mattress, because you trust that the bank will keep it safe. You drive a car to work, because you trust that no one will have a melt-down and try to run you off the road.

When that trust dies, civilization dies.

Right now, that trust has begun to die. Just look at those who are fighting over the last roll of toilet paper, or that last bottle of hand sanitizer. Look at the bottles of water flying off the shelves. And now, we have people grabbing all the hydroxychloroquine – that some people need to stay alive.

Those are just the beginning signs of a collapse in trust for the system.

Once people are released to go back to work – if they still have a job to go back to – their outlook will have changed. Those with jobs will look at those who lost theirs and worry about losing their own. They will take steps to drastically reduce spending, and that reduction in spending will ripple through the economy.

When people stop buying, companies go out of business. This leads to an increase in unemployment. When people are unemployed, they stop paying their mortgage and their credit card bills. They default on their debts, and debt defaults cause banks to fail. And, bank failure causes people to pull their money out of those banks that haven’t failed – which causes them to fail. The bottom line is that…

Optimism breeds an expanding economy.

Pessimism breeds a shrinking economy.

That’s how things work in normal times. But, these are not normal times. In fact, before the Wuhan Coronavirus, the global economy was already in bad shape. Freight indexes were down. The price of oil was down (a BIG sign of recession). Chinese banks were failing. Countries on the edge of the system were struggling. The US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank had brought interest rates to the lowest point in history. And then…

…the virus hit.

Our dear leaders should have known that shutting down the economy would lead to economic devastation. They should have known that closing businesses and schools would destroy the livelihoods of everyone.

So, why did they do it?

Here’s the short answer:

The wicked flee when no man pursueth:
but the righteous are bold as a lion.

 – Proverbs 28:1

Since the people of America and Europe have become corrupt, their ability to withstand fear has declined. Our willingness to risk our lives for the good of others has also declined. We are certainly not the generation that fought to end slavery during the American Civil War. We aren’t even like the generation that defeated the Nazis and Imperial Japan during World War II.

But, I said that Proverbs 28 was the short answer. That indicates that there is a longer answer. And, there is.

In addition to our basic sinfulness, there are four main parts to the reason why we shot ourselves in the head:

Media Hysteria – both mainstream media and social media were whipped into a frenzy by graphic imagery coming out of Wuhan

Opportunistic Central Bankers – they needed to shift the blame from themselves to a virus

Institutional Epidemiologists – When all you have is a hammer, every problem is a nail. (And yes, that is a bigger problem than you think.)

Government – Hysterical people demanded that governments ‘DO SOMETHING’, so they did – and gave themselves more power, while they did it.

Others might want to add other factors into this rolling disaster, but this really isn’t a complex problem. A wicked and fearful populace – spurred on by short-sighted, greedy and psychopathic institutions – dove headlong into the Abyss. How utterly stupid.

I would like to say that it didn’t need to happen this way, but that’s not true. Revelation 13 speaks of the ‘seventh head’ receiving a ‘deadly wound’. So, the Bible says that our system had to die. So, it will.

But, did we really hafta shoot ourselves in the head like this?

(Lord willing, I will get into those ‘four main reasons’, next time.)


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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8 thoughts on “Why Our System Must Die – The Self-Inflicted Wound”

  1. Brother John,

    I propose there was a zero’th reason. That reason being a person or small group who control or have strong influence over the 4 other reasons groups (media pressitutes, bankers, politicians, know-little ivory tower epidemiologists) who pushed this into being. I have believed, and continually state, that this coronavirus hysteria is 1000% contrived and driven from outside to accomplish some evil purpose.

    My thinking is the end goal of this hysteria is for the elimination or stripping of our God-given rights as enshrined in our nations birth documents: the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution with Bill of Rights. At the same time as our rights are being stripped from us with barely a whimper, I expect to see cash being made illegal because its dirty (nevermind the filthy debit card pads at the stores that every nose picking butt scratching moron uses with washing their hands).

    The short version of what I have observed in my 50+ years on this earth is one of a multi-pronged/multi-front war against God and what I believe are two of Gods blessed nations of Israel and the USA. For over 100 years this nation has become less reliant on God and the Gods enemies have gradually taken over our finances (Federal Reserve act), our schools (athiest and communist infiltration beginning around 1900). Gods enemies have successfully kicked God out of the courthouse, the schoolhouse, and almost out if the public square, and even out of most church houses.

    All of these actions have barely been opposed by the people of the US and almost never opposed by the Church. Instead, the Chirch has been largely bought off with tax-free charity status and have helped dumb down the populace and turned them into subservient slaves to the all powerful Government. I personally see most of the Church in America ready to embrace and welcome the Beast and its False Prophet after surrendering all of the rights and freedoms I and every other military veteran have sacrificed to preserve (about the only ones left with the fire for freedom and God left are the last of the Vietnam and us Cold War vets).

    To use an analogy, which is never 100% accurate, I see America as a drug addict bum living on the street whithering away. One last fix of that smack is all it’ll take to turn her into a corpse, and someone is handing her a syringe of fentonyl.

    As sad, disgusted, and sick in my heart as I am for my country, I praise God the He will guide, deliver, and provide for His people who hear His voice and obey.

    God continue to Bless you and Mrs. Little

  2. Hi John,
    I have so much I can say to you but will keep this short:
    I praise God for men like you. After years of reading different information, I only have a few “go to” sites and yours is always the first one I look at. This last article was a superb, short yet comprehensive description of the conditions in the world. I so appreciate that your love for the Lord Jesus Christ comes through in all of your writings. I literally can’t stand people twisting scripture any more, and most do this. For a while now, all I do is read scripture and determine for myself what God is telling us, as so many people have twisted doctrine. God is clear in what he tells us. I practice “whole bible theology” as many will take one verse and make a doctrine out of it. You do not do this. I often feel like I want to cry and scream at the same time over the “Christian” teachings in the western world.
    P.S. – I just about had a heart attack when you went “missing” for over a month when you were finishing “When Jacob Returns” – please do not do that again!
    Thank you for your ministry.

    • Sorry about causing the heart trouble. I’ll try not to do that again. And, thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. Even better, the fact that you are seeking God’s direction and looking at the Bible as a whole… I am impressed. Well done, brother! – JL

  3. Dear John Little:

    I find your concept of the AntiChrist coming from exactly where Alexander the Great’s 4 major Generals came from and what regions they ruled as the source of the AntiChrist in these Last Days plausible but not totally correct. I have also watched Joel Richardson’s works about a Middle Eastern region AntiChrist as well and find that concept also lacking. If I follow your ideas and Joel’s, I would say that tame, beloved Ophthalmologist, President Bashar Al-Assad of Syria and extreme Gantz from Israel qualify as the AntiChrist then, though we are not to name him. Every Evil person since after Adam was a prototype/Archetype of the AntiChrist, but Antiochus IV Epiphanes, a Seulucid ruler, was the gold medalist and set the standard for AntiChrist acts and behaviour by what he did at the temple in Jerusalem.

    To that end, however, I believe you are forgetting to put Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue dream in the mix as well. If you do this and combine the 4 Greek Generals regions with the interpretation of the Statue dream you will get the complete picture of who and where the AntiChrist comes. If you only consider your concept, does that mean the Statue dream interpretation is meaningless, which would mean that God through his prophet Daniel should NOT have put it in the Book of Daniel. Thus by logic and that the Bible is the Word of God and is without error, you are implying that God is wrong and in error. Therefore you must combine the two concepts: Alexander’s 4 Generals and the land/region they controlled/ruled with Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue dream. If you combine those 2 together you get the region as shown on your map plus regions of Europe from Italy to the Iberian peninsula (Spain). Thus by this you must consider Italy in the context of the Roman Empire and all the land the Roman’s conquered and possessed. Then you can talk about the remains of the Roman Empire, the Germanic tribes, the Roman Catholic Church/Vatican and the remnants that lead to various later Empires like the Holy Roman Empire, which would lead us to the European Union (EU) today and the reforms it is going through today. After all, Europe is a region close to Jerusalem that has all the heritage, traditions, laws and societal traits left to it by the Roman Empire.

    Lastly, I have always contended that the Bible and Bible history has always been about the World that was within 1500 miles/ 2000 kms of Jerusalem and the World around the Great Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and its offshoots like Ionian/Aegean/Black and Red Seas. After all, in terms of John the Revelator and his visions on the Isle of Patmos, did not the Beast of the Sea come out from the Mediterranean Sea body part called the Aegean Sea. Thus consider the 2 concepts together to get the correct and truer understanding of the origins of the AntiChrist in the Last Days. May God and the Holy Spirit guide you to a resolution from my thoughtful consideration! Look forward to your next post! In Jesus’ name, we ask for help, guidance, protection and calm in these days as they get worse by the year, month, week, day and hour for in God’s eyes 1 day is as 1 thousand years and 1 thousand years is as 1 day. Hope things come to an End quickly! I also pray for many lost and deluded western Christians that have strayed from being a Jesus follower and are not Christ-like for they bare no good fruit. Help them and all of us as great trials are coming like a lion looking to devour its prey! Thank you John Little!

    • Hi Stormin’ Norman,

      Yes, Joel Richardson. I’ve crossed swords with him on this issue, and I think that he went the wrong direction on this. He got caught up on the interregnum… and …well, lost sight of the prophecy. But, whatever our disagreement, Joel is still a great guy and a good brother in Christ.

      I appreciate your points, and it’s good that you are looking at more than just one prophecy. So, let me bring in a third that explains the intersection.

      Remember that Seventh Head?

      It’s that last part of ‘The Great Image’. Well, the Seventh Head dies.

      Who resurrects the seventh head?

      The Antichrist.

      Does the Antichrist COME from the Seventh Head?


      In Daniel’s dream about the four horns, we are talking about the origins of a specific man. And, this man rebuilds Euro-American/Roman system that we have today. Our system dies. The Antichrist brings it back to life. There’s no contradiction at all.

      So again, the Antichrist MUST come from the area conquered by Alexander – and expanded by his four generals. And, we need to remember that this vision of Daniel was written for US – our generation. It would be a bad idea to violate the boundaries laid down by this vision.

      By the way, did you look at the earlier article that I wrote on this subject? That I referenced?

      Hopefully, if time permits, I can expand upon this later.

      Thanks, Norman.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. Brother John:
    This whole thing has been well planned and is being carried out to bring about global chaos in order to bring about a new world order.
    Come Lord Jesus

    • Yes, there has been some planning behind all this, Claudio. But, only some. I have the feeling that they haven’t been as smart about all this as they like to think. Remember that Revelation describes their power and system as dying. But, absolutely yes… Even so, come Lord Jesus! – JL

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