An Urgent Letter from Martin Armstrong (Brace for Impact!)

No one is more accurate at predicting events than Martin Armstrong. No one. And, when someone like Martin makes an urgent plea to the President of the United States, to not sacrifice America’s economy, you need to listen.

Unfortunately, those in power will not listen, so we are doomed to watch as politicians destroy the world as we know it. Our leaders had a chance to be reasonable and make rational decisions. They failed to do so, so people will suffer and die.

Remember that Great Depressions are followed by World Wars and starvation.


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An Urgent Letter from Martin Armstrong (Brace for Impact!)

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An Urgent Letter from Martin Armstrong (Brace for Impact!)

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I first discovered Martin Armstrong in the mid-’90s, when I worked for a small investment house in downtown Jerusalem. His accuracy was phenomenal then, and it is phenomenal now.

And, up until a few weeks ago, Martin has been remarkably calm in his predictions. Composed and unruffled would be perfect words for how he has appeared when discussing the events that he predicts. But, that has changed.

Martin Armstrong is now visibly concerned about what is about to happen. And THAT should make all of us pay attention. And, when you see him write a post titled….

Asking for Your Help – Forward This Letter To Whoever You May Think Will Help

…it’s time to brace for impact.

Click that link to read what he says directly, or just keep reading. I am reposting his letter to President Trump, here:


March 19, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

As a financial analyst/adviser and trader with a proven track record, I have been called in by former presidents, world leaders, and central banks around the world during crises since 1985. I was summoned for help during the 1987 Crash. I was perhaps the first American analyst to be invited by the central bank of China and flew to Beijing during the 1997 Asian Currency Crisis. I have testified before the House Ways & Means Committee. Major political leaders have been guest speakers at our World Economic Conferences, not merely Margaret Thatcher, but your friend Nigel Farage spoke at our Rome Conference in May 2019.

All of the economic stimulus packages will not save the day as long as the people have lost confidence in the future. There must be serious out-of-box solutions, for the catastrophic economic damage the health organizations and media have created is unimaginable.

It is true that if we all stay home every day and just watch TV we can beat the common cold. The damage these people have done when there are less than 200 deaths in America compared to over 1 million people who die in car accidents each year makes one wonder why we do not prohibit cars. Nearly 500,000 die of smoking each year, why do we allow tobacco companies to continue operating? There are costs that must be weighed and the losses these people have created by yelling fire in a theater is staggering.

The damage that has been done by the CDC in sacrificing the entire economy for a virus,which is minimal compared to the flu, and has already peaked in China and South Korea, amounts to yelling fire in a crowded theater. They have undermined the world economy and the amount of people who have lost jobs worldwide is staggering.

Students and young voters work in restaurants as servers. They have lost their jobs by closing restaurants unnecessarily. They are excluded from the bankruptcy laws and are saddled with worthless degrees that do not guarantee jobs. Most students end up in professions that have nothing to do with their degrees. There is no degree to be President, a Senator, Congressman, or the head of a central bank. Student loans should be forgiven if they cannot find a job in which they have a degree. This will force reform in the education system to only offer worthwhile degrees. All student loan payments should also be suspended for the balance of the year.

You should now look at imposing a 9-month moratorium on mortgage and small business loan payments, and suspend all interest accrued during this period. There will be a risk of a flood of foreclosures unless we look realistically at the damage this has created. Negative interest rates only destroy the bond market as evidenced in Europe since 2014. The ECB cannot use Keynesian Economics to lower rates to support demand when people have no confidence in the future.

The economy must be supported, but not by handouts that the average person will not spend because they fear what tomorrow will bring. We must look at the small businesses and the average person. They account for 70% of the economy, not big business.

All you need to look at is the Excess Reserves at the Federal Reserve. The banks will not lend money, for they have no confidence in the future. The banks will only park the money at the Fed. There is no amount of money you can throw at the bankers that will ever reverse the economic decline. They will hoard their cash until they think the worst is over.

Keynesian Economics is to blame. You cannot lower interest rates and expect this will inspire people to borrow when they lack faith in tomorrow. All you do is undermine the pension funds and wipe out the elderly. This philosophy of just lowering interest rates has NEVER worked even once. It has ignored the most critical factor which is public confidence. People will pay 20% interest rates if they think they will double their money next year. They will not pay 1% if they do not see how to even make 1% next year.

I am asking you to request Senate Hearings on this crisis. You will find there are plenty of researchers around the world who are seriously questioning what has been taking place over this virus. The advice you have received from the CDC who seek authoritarian powers is focused only on their field without any understanding that the cure they suggest, shutting down the entire economy, will undermine the economy for years. You do not kill the patient to cure the disease. This sort of damage must be reversed and exposed that they overreacted on false beliefs like the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.


Martin Armstrong

CC/Tomas Philipson Chief Economic Advisor
CC/ Steven Mnuchin Secretary of the Treasury
CC/Jerome Powell Chairman Federal Reserve
CC/Mitch McConnell Senator
CC/Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise House of Representatives


Notice his recommendation to President Trump that I highlighted above:

You should now look at imposing a 9-month moratorium on mortgage and small business loan payments, and suspend all interest accrued during this period. There will be a risk of a flood of foreclosures unless we look realistically at the damage this has created. Negative interest rates only destroy the bond market as evidenced in Europe since 2014. The ECB cannot use Keynesian Economics to lower rates to support demand when people have no confidence in the future.

Of all the recommendations that I have heard, THIS is the best one. But, big business won’t go for that. They want handouts. The banks won’t go for that. They want their money – even though they are the biggest cause of our problems.

It’s time for a loan moratorium.

Unfortunately, the greedy elites will not listen. And, that means a catastrophic Depression, followed by world war and starvation in vulnerable areas of the world. Do not forget that starvation will come as a result. It is estimated that millions starved to death or died of starvation-related diseases during the Great Depression of the 1930s. And, I am disgusted that popular historians have worked hard to deny this.

Again, you can find Martin Armstrong’s letter in his post, here:

Asking for Your Help – Forward This Letter To Whoever You May Think Will Help

And, here is a link to the PDF version of his letter to President Trump, here:

Please share this with as many people as you can.

It’s one thing for me to be concerned about what is about to happen. It is something far more significant to see someone like Martin Armstrong being concerned.


In his post, after presenting his letter to the President of the United States, Martin goes on to say the following:

This is a letter I have sent to the White House but others are sending it to the various heads of central banks. Please forward it to whoever you may think will help try to turn the tide. We must end this panic and return to some normalcy. As mentioned, this would also be the cure for the common cold – home confinement. There are so many advisers claiming the numbers are false and many more people are dying without any supporting evidence. They always like to paint the worse possible picture on pure speculation. You do not do this with the world economy. Those that still cling to the Quantity Theory of Money and claim this will be hyperinflationary so buy gold, well you just saw what happened to Bridgewater. They never understand the interworking of the economy and the herd mentality of society.

Hyperinflation has NOTHING to do with the quantity of money. They do not know their history and just repeat what others have said without ever verifying facts. In December 1922, the government of Germany imposed a FORCED LOAN confiscating 10% of everyone’s assets. They gave them bonds that were worthless. That is when the people lost confidence in the government and refused to accept their money as valid.

It has always been a factor of CONFIDENCE. We are endangering the world economy and this collapse is now already being argued [that it] proves that Bernie is right and capitalism is wrong. So if we do not turn the tide, your future will be lost forever.


I cannot stress enough how serious this is. Whatever you might feel about this virus, our current response to it will will be the end of the world as we know it.

Brace for impact.


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I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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18 thoughts on “An Urgent Letter from Martin Armstrong (Brace for Impact!)”

  1. Wow. Martin has figured it out. Let us pray diligently for his safety. I’m surprised he hasn’t been assassinated already, but perhaps that is because even the elite global criminals want his knowledge. Poor Martin. It’s amazing he hasn’t collapsed from stress. He may yet. So let’s pray also that he is or will get saved.

    It never ceases to amaze me how this cadre of sociopaths that rule the world care absolutely nothing about the zillions of lives they crush and ruin just to gain power and wealth for themselves.

    Interestingly, Martin had said all along that when this repo crisis hit the fan, we’d be in uncharted territory. And now, he is saying that never in all his life has he seen an entire world economy devastated for no logical reason at all. A manipulative reason, it turns out, but still this is uncharted territory – so I am curious to see what Socrates comes up with. Socrates depends on patterns and this has never happened before.

    • Hi DRG,

      This is where Socrates might start having errors. We have never been in such a complex system that requires everything to work perfectly, if it is to function properly. I remember when they rolled out ‘just-in-time’ business operations as a way for manufacturers to save money. No one stopped to think about how fragile and vulnerable our system would become, once we did that. We also didn’t ask ourselves about the dangers of shifting so much of our manufacturing to China.

      Unfortunately, our biggest problem lies with our people. We have become soft and corrupt. And, that has left us with an inability to weather the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Foolish. Fearful. Selfish. Immoral. UnGodly. This is what we have become, and I am so very, very sorry.

      The irony is that so few listen to Martin, that the Elites won’t feel threatened by him. People like Armstrong rarely make headlines. They are universally unpopular because they offer advice that points in a different direction than the ‘thundering herd’.

      The biggest risk that Martin Armstrong faces, is the loss of his mind. Watching people run straight over the cliff, into the Abyss, is maddening. You tell ’em and tell ’em and tell ’em some more, but they won’t listen. And then you have to sit and watch them destroy everything.

      Why must we always be so stupid?

      Well said, DRG. What an insane world to live in.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Yes, I agree, the reaction over a few deaths is extremely suspicious. The facts stare us in the face at the number of deaths but are hilarious ignored.

    An election is coming up and we know they hate Trump’s guts beyond logic or explanation.

    The CDC seems to be filled with obama’s appointments of sorts.

    Other theories have not been looked into including Dr. Thomas Cowan’s observation that it is electrical fields are causing our cells to go haywire (expel cell toxins) in an attempt keep the body alive and rid itself of whatever is causing it to go haywire and expel toxins and that the Chinese Virus is actually non-contagious and electrical fields travel almost instantly explaining the wide dispersion of the so-called Chinese flu which will affect the population within its field.

    In 1918 he said it was the wiring of electrical wires in cities that were first coming about.
    Proof is Wuhan was a completely wired 5g city and the first. For a better explanation and drawing your own conclusions go to the short video and watch.

      • But on a cellular level, the process of an electrical current (like a battery with +ive and -ive terminals) being sent through cells is called ELECTROPORATION. Electroporation opens up cell membranes so that they become more porous, which means toxins, chemicals, viruses and prions ( like virus fragments, pre-virus particles) can enter cells easily. Look it up first please before commenting so harshly. A similar principle is used in gel electrophoresis, where samples of proteins, molecules, DNA/RNA, carbohydrates, and unknowns, etc. are placed on a solidified gel surface in a straightline starting line. A small current is applied through the gel with +ive and -ive terminals for a specific amount of time equal to that done to standardized known samples on a control gel of the same strength/concentration, etc. Usually the unknown and standard samples are tested on the same gel standard apparatus. From this procedure unknown samples can be determined, ie. what is it, because it is compared to known standards. The same sample (unknown and known) travel the same distance during the procedure. Think of it like you have a small beaker of water, then you put paper towel in the water such that the paper towel stands upright on its own. Then observe as the water climbs up the paper towel through capillary action. So when you use a paper towel to wipe up a liquid spill, you do not have to do any work sweeping the paper towel around. Nature and Science do the work for you!
        PS: Most scientific discoveries were made due to serendipity and not planning and total knowledge. I seem to remember some guy, Isaac Newton, sitting under an apple tree, when an apple hit him on the head. The falling apple gave him the idea of gravity. He then used Math to explain it!

        • Hi Stormin’ Norman,

          I understand your point, but Cowan is still a moron. Just because you can prove something ‘in vitro’ (in the lab) does not mean that it applies ‘in vivo’ (in life). The hysteria around 5G is unproven and should be ignored until there is real proof.

          Furthermore, Coronavirus is taking off where there is no ‘5G’.

          Do you remember the hysteria that arose around the first microwave ovens?

          Right. Let’s stay cool and wait for real, observable, incontrovertible proof. We Christians should be about truth, and I find too many that aren’t.

          Nothing personal, but it’s time to get passionate about what’s real.

          I hope that clarifies things, Norman.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • I do understand, but governments are hiding and preventing information on 5G from coming out and being made available. Other respectable, reputable scientists have been sounding the warning bells concerning 5G for some time now, but the governments and corporations are not listening and NOT releasing the detrimental information. From this evil, non-concern for average citizens, I call governments and the 5G corporations evil because there is an agenda to 5G, some of which you yourself know as you were a former CIA employee. 5G is more than about faster, wider broadband and better robot AI and IoT. Microwave ovens work and do what they do because the perimeter of the interior and door/window are set up like a Faraday cage. If you want to prevent EMF to enter anywhere like your house you need to build a Faraday cage that is attached to Ground. Also if you want to prevent the Tech companies from sending/receiving signals to/from your Smartphone put it in a lead-lined bag which is a Faraday cage setup. We can debate 5G till the cows come home , but the certain aspect about 5G is that cell towers will be needed every 300 to 500 meters for speeds fast enough for automated self-driving cars. I pray to God as a SINNER and ask God to protect my loved ones, friends and strangers, but also pray that my enemies like corporations, governments and the wicked Billionaires like Bill Gates, George Soros (Gyorgi Schwartz), the Koch brothers and Michael Bloomberg, etc., wake up and have their evil spirit depart from them. There is no bias to any nationality or any dual-citizen American politicians. I pray for that miracle because I had miracles happen in my life concerning children by a barren wife and a roof over my head (for family) without debt that is now in jeopardy due to unemployment and a high tax burden. I feel like a child of Abraham with only pennies in Palestine as the Romans and Pharisees crush me. Hint Hint! We are waiting for the formation of the final Global Empire ( and its NOT American hegemony)! People in America should wake up: Trump is not your Saviour. He is only a frontman/puppet of the Evil Moneychangers of today! God Bless all of you here at Omegashock!

          • Hi Stormin’ Norman,

            I’m afraid that this hysteria over 5G is misplaced. I have yet to see a reputable scientist actually come out with real evidence that there’s a problem. The scientific method is a fantastic tool for discovering fact. Add to that, peer-reviewed, double-blind studies.

            I’m tired of baseless hysteria. This coronavirus pandemic was the tipping point for me. Unless someone demonstrates hard core, real-world proof, I refuse to pay attention.

            Furthermore, Dr. Thomas Cowan is still a moron. However well-meaning he might be, a moron is still a moron.

            I’m glad to see that you care for the unsaved. Well done, Norman.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

  3. Hey Brother John
    Belgium using drones to warn People to stay in safe distance of each other !
    I send thé letter to a politician no reaction of course they even didnt read thé letter only thé introduction
    It’s also maddening for me i warn church members and they don’t listen but instead looking to compromise me so’ i will not be credible again saying evil things to me and denying it so instantly making me a fool but I made mistake tot Tell thé new church about a mistake of An Elder involving me because they asked why i left thé former church so they defend thé elders at all cost making me a liar and false accuser of brethern while doing thé same wrongdoing again without witnesses so i have no story
    Have to wait thé right Moment to act
    If situation Will worsen but then my life has to be protected and been provided supernaturally to keep warning
    They have a replica of thé Temple of Solomon why ?
    Everything is in thé hands of thé Lord
    No need to defend myself anymore
    Jesus didnt do that too he told parabels so only thé wise and searching would understand !

    Love from sister Nadine

  4. What a genius Armstrong is. I continue to read his blog daily. It’s amazing that he has time to write updates at all, along with advising heads of state and everything else he does. When the stock market crashed, so many millions of people were trying to access his website that it brought down the gate but he managed to bring up more servers to handle the traffic within a day or two. Most impressive. And I think even without inclusion by the MSM, word of mouth has made him known to many, and more people than we might think are actually listening to him. One of the things that amazes me the most is that he does not accept payment for advising governments! He considers it a conflict of interest that would jeopardize the trust his other clients place in him. Very wise. Apparently he now has Trump’s attention, per latest blog posts, and his letter is making the rounds at the highest levels, worldwide. Trump and Martin. What a tag team. I love it.

  5. Hi John,
    indeed, “judgement is coming” + “brace for impact”…
    We are about to learn, in a hard way, that conjuring trillions out of the air has only limited impact on real world. And, that it is not enough to keep our house of cards standing.
    I’m afraid that even if Trump listens to Martin, the final decisions will be filtered by a host of lobbies, banks, cabals and whatever. And the results will be similar to attempts to contain the virus by “banning gatherings bigger than 1000 people”. I mean: there will be no significant result.
    But let me tell something positive. The Lord really loves us, we now have a proof, kind of. We knew for long that there will be the end of our currently ongoing fairy-tale. Looks like this end starts. It could be violent and rapid, scenarios are countless – limited nuclear war, volcanic VEI7 eruption, 300m asteroid plunging into Atlantic, anything. But we experience something different. What I see in Poland – we are in, not so brutal, lockdown since March the 12th (healthcare system still holds with ~900 infected). In the meantime, in local internet, I see immense number of people suddenly discovering how much of their previous lives actually had no sense. It is not reasonable (and possible) to buy unnecessary things, services (no nail painting for 50$ or hairdressing for 100$ etc.). Jobs like “Instagram fashion influencer” are shockingly seen as not contributing anything substantial to the society. People producing stupid TV shows are now isolated at homes, ignored and… surprise, nobody cares. The number of such “social dicsoveries” grows by the day. Plus, elder part of society (me included), remembering communist state, immediately switched into “minimum resources” mode of functioning, which we remember from our childhood. Many younger are shocked that it really works.
    We are being given a chance to change our ways, and we are given time. I know, in many countries situation becomes dire, but still, our world did NOT go upside-down in 48 hours, and we are not perishing by the millions. My interpretation is: God really loves us. We are given more chances than we probably deserve. Chance to use that time, to change and adapt. Let’s use it – we will need it!
    Yours in Christ

  6. Anne Barnhardt ( is doing some great research on the coronavirus stuff and has not yet mentioned Armstrong but has come to the same conclusion: it is entirely manufactured (the ‘pandemic’ hysteria aspects) for political reasons, as in power grab. I recommend for anyone interested to follow Armstrong’s public blog at Interestingly, Socrates appears to continue its track record of accuracy in that many of the cycles are due to human nature repeating the same mistakes. While the recent market meltdown was unprecedented in speed and method, the human aspect was not – Martin has been predicting for some time that the world is trending toward ruthless authoritarian governments, that this is how they react when they see their grip on power weakening; and now he is interpreting the situation as the PTB knew their system was headed for collapse so they used the coronavirus as a smokescreen, which they blame for the crash and use as an excuse for an even tighter grip around the people’s throats. The EU has been pushing for digital currency for a long time and guess what – here in the US the Dems, in their proposal for relief funding, also ask for digital currency and digital ‘wallets’ in which to deposit it. Guess what will come next. Total digital currency, where the government has total control over every penny, you can spend but not withdraw it, even if they charge you negative interest to keep it in the required digital wallet. And they can make up any kind of crazy lame excuse to take what they want and call it a tax, or interest, etc. They say a successful parasite never kills its host. Governments are parasites, but not successful ones. They regularly collapse under the weight of their own corruption. Martin has said many times that what really scares him is what will come after Trump. He has foreseen a sharp rise in civil unrest, along with the increase in tyranny; I suppose that is a recipe for some really ugly clashes, as have been happening in Chile. Police in Chile have been responding to protests by deliberately shooting protesters in one eye. Figuring they would not dare to protest again and lose the other one, and that word will get around and the people will not dare to resist. I kid you not, google it.

    • Hi DRG,

      It doesn’t surprise me that Anne has something to say on this. She certainly deserves being listened to.

      I also believe that there is an artificial element to this response. And, I find it interesting that Sweden, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan have successfully avoided going nuts over this.

      The question is the dividing line. Where does the ‘natural’ leave off and the ‘artificial’ begin?

      On the one hand, we have people who really believe that this disease is a death sentence. And, their pathological fear has infected a lot of people. And, governments around the world seem to be using the hysteria to grab more power. And the pork barrel politics in the relief package cooked up by Congress is breathtaking.

      If you look at how the Roman Republic fell, you’ll see all the same thing that we are seeing now. And then, when the Roman Empire fell… it was all the same thing again. It is amazing to see how history is so repetitive. The parasites always go too far, and then the host dies.

      Since I do not see how we survive the current economic catastrophe, I’m starting a new series. In fact, I’m ready to ‘pull the trigger’ on the first article, but I’m waiting for the demon temple next door to shut up. Apparently one of their ‘gods’ has a birthday, and the cacophony always seems to go on forever, when they do something like this.


      If you want to see real demon worship, come on out to Taiwan.

      Oh, and I followed your suggestion and searched for Chilean police shooting out the eyes of protesters. Yup, you were right. That’s horrifying.

      Thanks, DRG. Another great comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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