The Wuhan Coronavirus – A Bug in Search of a Windshield

The Wuhan Coronavirus has finally broken its containment. With some exceptions (Taiwan), our governments have handled the situation with complete incompetence, actually helping it to spread. And, we even have a cult to blame for a massive outbreak in South Korea and who-knows-where-else.

The question is…

…what comes next?

There are too many unknowns to be certain, but we think that we might be in for a pretty rough ride. And, the virus itself, won’t be the biggest problem.

All of this sounds like a bug in search of a windshield.


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The Wuhan Coronavirus – A Bug in Search of a Windshield

The Wuhan Coronavirus – A Bug in Search of a Windshield

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Now, before continuing on. Stop. Take a deep breath.

You WILL be fine.

We’ve had pandemics before, and had even fewer resources to deal with them. So, panic is completely unnecessary. This isn’t the Black Death. It’s not the Plague of Justinian. It isn’t even the Spanish Flu. And, even if it gets bad, it probably won’t be as bad as heart disease or cancer. And, it’s doubtful that this virus will kill more people than traffic accidents.

We got through all of those, and we will get through this.

Unfortunately, the biggest damage won’t be due to the virus. The biggest damage will come from our response to the virus. Remember, as I said last time, stupidity kills, and so does hysteria.

Our problem with stupidity will only get worse from here on out because this virus has broken through the cordon sanitaire that was thrown up around China. And, with that breakout, this has gotten a bit more personal for all of us. Hospitals and healthcare facilities may be overwhelmed. The distribution of vital goods and services may be disrupted. An already chaotic society will fragment even further.

The good thing is that this virus has broken out of China pretty late in what we normally think of as the ‘flu season’. Lord willing, this means that the infection will die out in a couple of months – although ‘hope’ is not a strategy. So, let’s look at what is actually happening and look at some of the reasons why all of this happening. Then, I want to present ‘best case’ and ‘worse case’ scenarios.

China, China, China

Our first stop is China. China. China.

Even though we are seeing more and more information about this infection coming from reliable sources outside of China, we are still stuck with looking at this virus in China. If nothing else, you need to know that most of the panicky headlines are still based on Chinese data. So, we need to spend some time examining why Chinese data isn’t a reliable measure for what we can expect.

Cleanliness And Pollution

And, I want to start off with something that those of us living in East Asia know all too well:

China is horribly dirty and polluted.

As we look on in horror at what is happening in China, we need to remember that part of the reason why China is suffering so badly with this virus is due to a lack cleanliness and a horrifying amount of pollution. China took a lot of shortcuts to get where they are now, and this Wuhan Coronavirus is one price that they’ve had to pay. The corrupt and evil Chinese Communist Party did great damage to the safety and well-being of the Chinese people, in their quest for a ‘great leap forward’.

In previous articles, I have emphasized the mess that is China. Bad hygiene and a lack of basic cleanliness is a GIGANTIC problem everywhere in China. Then, there are horrifying statistics like the fact that 48% of all Chinese men are smokers. And, the amount of air pollution, water pollution and polluted farmland is shockingly bad.

You can see a lot of that in a recent video on the serpentza YouTube channel:

It’s time to call out China’s BS!

Winston spent 14 years in China, and recently relocated to America. And, what he has to say about conditions in China will disturb many of you. And, I can confirm a lot of what he has seen, from my own ten years (and counting) in Taiwan.

In some rural areas of Taiwan, traditional Chinese notions about cleanliness dominate, and that is NOT a good thing. I’ve seen some things that make me shudder. In fact, I shuddered just writing that. Seriously. Thankfully, western ideas of cleanliness have taken hold almost everywhere here. And, the worst of Taiwan is still better than most places on the mainland.

Like Winston, I truly believe that China is having such a hard time with the Wuhan Coronavirus, precisely because their people are poor, poorly educated and living in terrible conditions. And, the living conditions are terrible because of vile corruption that allows factories to poison the air, the water and the ground. And, that video above emphasizes this point.

So, the numbers coming out of China do not tell the whole story. Hopefully, the conditions in your own country will be better, and that you are healthier than the average Chinese.

China Lies

Unfortunately, there’s another reason not to believe the statistics coming out of China. The Corrupt Chinese Communist Party lies through its teeth. The CCP might actually be the most psychopathic government in the world.

I just saw this video, which includes the same Winston, in the previous video:

Lies!!! Wuhan Virus is not defeated!

WARNING: The sound quality is patchy and foul language is in use.
(They’re really upset!)

The news that we are getting from China is actually a whitewash of what is really happening. And, worse than the lies that they are telling us, are the lies that they are telling their own people.

The Corrupt Chinese Communist Party is literally brainwashing their own people with the worst lies imaginable. Even though the CCP helped cause this mess, these sick psychopaths are setting themselves up to win big when this virus burns itself out, by claiming that the CCP is the reason why the Wuhan Coronavirus is gone.

This is an utterly sick and twisted strategy, and they might get away with it. And if they do, expect YOUR government to take notes. Governments are full of psychopaths who are looking for any way to increase their power.

Think of China as the testing ground for dominating the world.

Morons, Cults And Italians

Unfortunately, we are forced to look beyond China, because the Wuhan Coronavirus broke our efforts to contain it and escaped into the rest of the world. That ‘escape’ made this far too personal for all of us, and some of the reasons for that ‘escape’ are utterly maddening.

Complete incompetence and stupidity-most-fowl (cluck!) lie at the heart of why a Chinese epidemic has now become an International pandemic. Japan, South Korea and Italy all have outbreaks that could have been avoided, if morons hadn’t been involved.

Japan Went Full Retard

Of course, we human beings are pretty stupid at the best of times. Myself included. So, we should have been expecting this. And, I talked about a prime example of stupidity-in-action, last week, here:

The Wuhan Coronavirus – Death by Stupidity, Japanese Style

I am shocked at how stupid and incompetent the Japanese government was, in its handling of the Diamond Princess quarantine. And, that quarantine failure might probably be the single biggest reason why Japan has admitted that they cannot contain this outbreak and that they may have to reschedule the Tokyo Olympics. They blew it. They know it.

Japan went full retard, and you should never go full retard.

The best that Japan can do now is close schools, limit public gatherings and hope that it doesn’t get bad enough to close the Olympics. But, hope is a strategy for morons.

The South Korean Shincheonji Cult Of Morons

Then, there’s South Korea, which was doing okay until a stupid cult brought the epidemic from Wuhan, resisted all attempts by the government to test them and then destroyed Korea’s ability to stop the outbreak. Shincheonji believes that their founder, Lee Man-hee, is the second coming of Christ, and they have more than 300 thousand members strewn throughout South Korea. They have also infiltrated churches throughout the country and even the rest of the world. And, like many cults, they believe in having lots of close personal contact, oodles of meetings and ambushing unsuspecting pedestrians with intense, relentless, face-to-face attempts to convert them. If you thought that the JWs were bad, you should see the Shincheonji cultists.

This revolting cult did their very best to keep the South Korean government from testing them. Then, when it became clear that this cult had the disease, they refused to release their membership list – until their foul leader was threatened with prison.

To add insult to injury, these morons were single-handedly responsible for knocking out the quarantine response, in Daegu, which is at the epicenter of the outbreak in South Korea. One of their secret members was the head of the quarantine response team set up by the local government. That whole team – more than 50 people – was taken down, because the head of it was infected.

Furthermore, their practices are perfect for the transmission of this virus. They do NOT believe in surgical masks when they meet together. They absolutely believe in meeting even when you are sick – and maybe especially when you are sick. And, as I said before, they engage in constant, intense, face-to-face meetings with people on the street.

These Satanic morons have made it impossible for South Korea to contain the Wuhan Coronavirus. They are THE REASON why this virus has taken off in South Korea. Again, it was only when their evil leader was threatened with going to prison, that he broke down and let the government have their full member list. Even then, you can bet that he is NOT giving them all the information that they need.

Is there a secret member of the Shincheonji cult, in your church?

The ‘Mysterious’ Italian Outbreak

Then, we have the mysterious case of Italy. We still don’t know why NORTHERN Italy has been hit so hard by this virus. But, we have our suspicions.

Did you know that there are a  HUGE number of Chinese workers – both legal and illegal – in northern Italy?

Yeah. Me neither.

How strange that very few seem to talk about these workers. It’s almost as if it’s a taboo subject. And, they seem to be concentrated in the fashion industry in the Milan and Prato area.

Of course, Chinese tourists might have brought the virus to northern Italy, but it seems strange that other areas of Europe and Italy weren’t hit as hard. After all, Chinese tourists have been all over Europe.

I sense an illegal Chinese worker problem in northern Italy.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t find out why Italy turned into a hot zone, so quickly, until after this is all over. And yes, you can bet that corruption was involved. Remember that this is Italy, one of the most corrupt countries in Europe.

Where The Risks Lie

But, enough about geography and morons. Let’s talk about you, me and the people that we care about. If my wife dies from this virus, I will be truly devastated. And, I’m sure that you have people that you feel the same way about. So, we’re going to get into where the risks lie, and even where they might be lying.

Old Age And Poor Health

When we look at the demographics of those affected by the Wuhan Coronavirus, two things stand out:

Age and Health

The older you are, the more that this virus will affect you. And, any preexisting health condition will also have a big impact. In one of the largest studies to come out of China, they came up with some interesting statistics:

Only 2% of those 19 and younger even had enough symptoms to see a doctor.

Only 8% of those between 20 and 29 needed to see a doctor.

90% of all cases were 30 and older.

And, remember that these figures are only for those who had strong enough symptoms to cause them to go to a doctor for help. So, this is very good news for your children who are college age and younger. It will also be good news for those of you who are older, but in good health.

81% of all cases seen by doctors were reported as mild (ie., mild-to-no pneumonia).

So, those of us who are older still have an excellent chance of only coming down with something like a really bad cold. But, the big danger lies with those who are in the category of ‘elderly’. And, it’s this next bit that says a lot:

22.8% of those who died were 70 and older.

Ouch. That’s a lot.

You can find the article with these statistics and more, here:

Characteristics of and Important Lessons From the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak in China

Unfortunately, the article doesn’t break down the age numbers further, and it does not reveal the numbers of those who smoked or had health problems like cancer or diabetes.

International Statistics on Age

I would love to get into those other health statistics, but that’s a little more difficult. However, age is one bit of data that’s pretty easy to obtain. So, I went and looked up the stats on some of the more interesting countries that you might be living in – or seeing in the news. The following table provides a percentage of the population of each country that is 65 and older:

Country % 65+
China 11.9
United States 12.9
Europe 19.93
United Kingdom 18.19
Italy 22.75
Poland 17.47
Australia 16.44
New Zealand 15.57
South Korea 14.42
Japan 27.87
India 6.39
Iran 5.48


If the Wuhan Coronavirus follows the same pattern that we have seen so far, Italy and Japan should suffer a higher mortality rate than those with younger populations. However, since their healthcare systems are more advanced than China’s, maybe they will do okay. The next few months will give us a better idea.

Will India and Iran, with their far younger societies do better?

Even if the quality of their healthcare is inferior?

As interesting as these questions are, I am not looking forward to getting answers to them. But, I’m afraid that ‘needs must when the devil drives’.

Healthcare Infrastructure

Of course, I’m assuming that healthcare in the West is superior to what they have in China. But…

…am I correct in assuming that?

So, I decided to take a look.

I am hardly an expert on healthcare. But, what I can do is count hospital beds. And, when the number of people needing a hospital bed exceeds the number of available beds, you have a serious problem. And, at some point, this becomes a catastrophe when people panic after realizing that the hospitals are full, just when they’ve come down with a really bad cough.

According to the OECD, the United States averages about 2.77 beds per 1000 people (2017). That number represents a decline of 20%, from year 2000, when the number of hospital beds was about 3.49 per 1000. Italy has 3.11 beds per 1000 population. Japan has 13.05 hospital beds per 1000 (Wow!). And, South Korea has 12.27 beds per 1000 people (slightly less wow).

You can find more statistics here:

The irony is that China’s healthcare system is overwhelmed, even though their number of hospital beds per thousand population is higher than the United States. The Chinese have 4.34 beds per 1000 people (2017) – more than double, the ratio of 20 years ago, when there were only 1.69 beds per 1000 people.

Does an overwhelmed Chinese healthcare system indicate that the developed world will suffer the same?

It’s hard to say. Wuhan is not a ‘first tier’ city in China, so its healthcare system is probably not up to the standards of Beijing or Shanghai. And, even ‘first tier’ cities in China aren’t up to developed world standards. I’ve heard a lot of anecdotal evidence indicating that you do not want to get sick or give birth in China.

Something else to remember is that healthcare is more hospital-centric in China. In the US and elsewhere, you’ll find a lot more clinics and ‘medical centers’. So, the disparity in hospital beds might not be as significant as it first seems. We hope.

The News Versus Reality

Now that I have thrown a bunch of information at you, we need to talk a little bit about where our information comes from. There really is a difference between the news and the reality behind the news.

It probably does not come as a shock to you that news headlines only tell part of the story. I experienced that during my time in Israel, and I’m seeing a lot of the same from my viewpoint in Taiwan. At the best of times, with even the most honest news organizations, it is difficult for reporters to give you accurate information with a proper perspective. Furthermore, reporters are human, so they make mistakes.

Add to this the inherent dishonesty within journalism, and you will find yourself struggling to get an accurate picture of what is really happening. And, one of my favorite quotes about dishonest journalism comes from, John Swinton, the top journalist of late 1800s.

His scathing rebuke of ‘the free press’ should never be forgotten. And, you can find what he said, in an article that I wrote seven years ago:

Intellectual Prostitutes

Unfortunately, alternative news sites have gotten into the game of lies-for-fun-and-profit. I am truly sickened by the lies that are being peddled by the likes of ZeroHedge, Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, Brandon Smith, Natural News, Epoch Times and a host of others. These people should be ashamed of themselves, but they’ve yet to show any kind of remorse over their dishonesty. And, it grieves me to see that some even claim to be Christian while they lie to you.

Okay, I’m getting off track, so let me get back to the point:

The current data on this outbreak doesn’t tell the whole story.

Even if the information that we were getting was completely honest, it would only tell us the number of cases that doctors have seen and the number of fatalities from those cases. We call this the ‘Case Fatality Rate’, or CFR.

The CFR will always give us the most negative number possible because it only deals with those who actually went to the doctor. Those who never went to the doctor or hospital are not counted, which usually makes a disease look far worse, until research can be done on those who did not go to the doctor, but were infected.

So, remember that the numbers that you are seeing do not represent the whole picture. This situation could be a lot better than the headlines claim. (Although, it could be worse.)

Best And Worst Case Scenarios

Okay, let’s get down to those scenarios that I promised to talk about. This is probably what you really want to hear, so I’m going to cut to the chase.

Best Case Scenario

My original Best-Best Case Scenario was that containment efforts outside of China would work reasonably well, keeping the numbers of people infected reasonably low. Taiwan has done an excellent job of clamping down on this epidemic and keeping the infection rate incredibly low. Little did I know that Taiwan was the exception and not the rule.

Then came the mishandling of the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan, the horrifying Shincheonji cult in South Korea and the mysterious spread of the virus to Italy. Those three events meant that the Wuhan Coronavirus is now unstoppable. The best that we can do now is to try and slow it down until summer hits.

The Summer

Why summer?

Summer usually means open windows and more fresh air. It means coming into less contact with virus-tainted breath. The lower the amount of virus in the air, the less chance of actually getting sick. So, keep the windows open, kids.

Also, viruses thrive in cold, dry environments. They last longer when it’s cooler, and they float better in colder air – because the density of air increases when temperatures drop. And, the virus ‘lives’ longer on cold surfaces.

We can see this at work by looking at almost 40 years of statistics for the flu:

Peak Month of Flu Activity
1982-1983 through 2017-2018
(source: CDC)

As of this moment, we are now at the beginning of March, so we might start to see a fall in the numbers of infections – we might. However, there is one big difference between the Flu and this coronavirus, and that is the period between infection and the onset of symptoms. For the Flu it’s just one to four days. But, the Wuhan Coronavirus can incubate and spread to others for up to a month before you get symptoms. This means that we might not start to see a decline in infections until April.

So, even if you believe that this virus will start to die out soon, we must still be careful to protect the elderly and those with damaged immune systems. We must continue to take extra care to ensure that nursing homes are virus free. We must make sure that our parents and grandparents don’t come into contact with potential virus carriers. This means that our own children shouldn’t be visiting grandma until it gets hot outside.


Unfortunately, there are morons among us who don’t seem to get the idea of ‘quarantine’ and ‘social distancing’. If you have friends or relatives who are morons – and we all do – don’t be afraid to hurt their feelings by telling them to stay away from the elderly and sick (and yourself!). Morons never learn, so don’t expect them to understand.

If you need some Biblical help in understanding morons, just do a word-search for ‘fool’ in the Bible. They are everywhere.

The Southern Hemisphere And Mutation Rate

Hopefully, this summer, we will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and say good-bye to this outbreak. That’s assuming that the Southern Hemisphere won’t get their turn. If this outbreak shifts to the south… well …let’s hope that it doesn’t. Their fall and winter are coming, and a disease outbreak ‘down-under’ might mean that the Wuhan Coronavirus will keep coming back, every year.

And, that would NOT be a ‘best case scenario’.

There’s also another point that I have been waiting to see more information on, and that is the mutation rate for this virus. And, it’s good to evidence of mutation.


Because a high mutation rate generally means that the virus will quickly neutralize itself.

I say ‘generally’ because the ‘Spanish Flu’ of 1918 is an example of mutation going the wrong way. But thankfully, we don’t normally see such pandemics.


My original source for this is a YouTube video from the MedCram channel:

Coronavirus Epidemic Update 29: Testing problems, mutations, COVID-19 in Washington & Iran

If you are concerned about this virus, you owe it to yourself to subscribe to this channel and listen to what he says. Dr. Seheult is a pulmonologist who does a fantastic job of explaining the important details that others miss.

AND, Mrs. Little LOVES this channel!

The point is that this virus is mutating and probably losing its ability to spread and cause damage. That’s something to celebrate, IF we see this happening. (Remember that we are still looking at the ‘best case’.)

And, let’s look at evidence of a real ‘best case scenario’ that is happening right now.

Taiwan – The Best Case In Action

Remember all those morons who helped this virus escape China?

Well, for some reason, Taiwan’s response to the Wuhan Coronavirus was virtually moron-free. And, I am astounded that they have done so well.

They blocked flights from China. They tracked down everyone who came in from Wuhan. When someone got infected, they examined everyone that this person touched. And, people went into quarantine.

Taiwan has done a remarkably good job in containing the outbreak of this coronavirus. And, at the risk of repeating myself, I am amazed at how well they have done, even though this country has its own psychopathic dirtbags who do not care who they transmit this virus to.

Unfortunately, Taiwan still has its share of morons who would not understand what a quarantine is, even if you whacked them over the head with it or drew them a picture. Seriously. This country has it’s share of idiots that don’t see a problem with coughing and sneezing in your face. Stupidity is alive and well in Taiwan, like anywhere else.

So, maybe Taiwan is evidence that things will turn out okay.

Two ‘Best Case’ Experiences

Then, we have some other good news in the form of two people who came down with the Wuhan Coronavirus and pulled through fine.

I have the coronavirus. So far, it isn’t that bad.

Coronavirus patient gives chilling account of what killer disease feels like

Ignore the stupid, click-bait headline from the second link. (The Daily Star likes to do that.) Both of those articles show people getting through it fine. And, I think that you will be relieved to see that this virus is NOT a death sentence. It certainly made ME feel better.

So, we all might sail through this and wonder afterwards if this was just a tempest in a teapot. But, I’m afraid that a ‘best case’ isn’t the only possibility. In fact, we’ve already seen some ‘worst case’ already. So, let’s talk about that.

Worst Case Scenario – A bug in search of a windshield

Government incompetence and evil psychopaths have made sure that the Wuhan Coronavirus has spread to your country. Fools and psychopaths will also be the reason why your community will be unprepared when this coronavirus comes to your neighborhood. We have already seen unscrupulous dirtbags buy up all the surgical masks and hand sanitizer across the US. So, expect more of this.

The number of infections from the Wuhan Coronavirus are still growing exponentially outside of China, and probably inside China, too. And, we cannot hope to see a leveling off of infections until April. And, until we see such a change in the infection rate, we must assume that it might keep rising.

This means that this summer might not see a reduction in the infection rate. After all, the 2009 Flu pandemic had it’s biggest spike in late July:

UK 2009 Swine Flu cases per week.
(source: Wikipedia)

Notice the exponential curve in infections, until the rate of infection ‘breaks’. We won’t be able to claim that the rate of infection will slow down, until we see that ‘break’.


We also haven’t seen how this virus will get transmitted through our school-age children. Our kids are one of the biggest spreaders of this disease and have a proven ability to spread pathogens far and wide. They don’t understand good hygiene. They can’t keep their hands off of each other – and us. We love ’em more than life itself, but nothing spreads a virus better than a bunch of little kids.

That’s why Taiwan kept children home from school until last week. But, now that they are back in school, we might see a jump in infections, here. The good thing is that the kids will be fine, since this virus doesn’t seem to attack them very much. You and I will not do as well, should they give it to us.

The Workplace

Also, this virus might sweep through your workplace with its air conditioning and recycled air. Shopping malls, grocery stores, mega churches, nursing homes and any gathering of any size will provide opportunities for this virus to continue spreading.

Remember what they’ve said about ‘cold dry environments’. Heavy air conditioning and packed meeting rooms are not good things, if you don’t want to get sick.

The Death Rate

Then, there’s the death rate. We think that it’s about 3.4% – although, that seems like a worst-case estimate. BUT, it could actually be far, far worse than that. Remember that it takes time for people to die from this virus. And, we won’t know the true death rate until everyone has finished dying.

Chris from Poland sent me an article about this, and it’s more than a little chilling:

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) fatality rate: WHO and media vs logic and mathematics

That article goes into math behind the death rate, and the built-in error that it represents when we look at daily statistics. That math adds up to something that could be far worse than we thought.

The Cure, Worse Than The Disease

Having said all that, I am actually more concerned about the response to this virus, than the virus itself. Even though this is a serious disease, our response could actually be more damaging than the illness. For years, I have been talking about the fragility of economies around the world. And, before the Wuhan Coronavirus closed factories across China, we were already seeing evidence of recession. I believe that this outbreak will accelerate the decline in our economies, a decline that began months ago. And, slowing economies mean businesses closing and people losing their jobs. If enough of that happens for too long, financial markets collapse.

This is why the United States Federal Reserve had an emergency meeting this week and took the extreme measure of dropping the Federal Funds Rate from 1.75% to 1.25%. That 50 basis point drop is a gigantic move, and proof that The Fed is very afraid. And, they’ve indicated that they’ll do it again, if that’s not enough. And, that’s crazy talk.

Yes. Crazy. And, it’s just more insanity in a world that has been insane for far too long, while we accelerate down this path towards catastrophic Depression. When it hits, it will be worse than anything that we have ever seen. It will shake the world and turn our civilization upside down. There is literally no way to avoid what is coming. The only thing that we can hope to do is lessen the impact and delay it as much as possible.

Even if this outbreak fizzles from here on out, it might already have tipped us into an economic death-spiral that we won’t recover from for years. It really could be our worst financial nightmare come true. But, financial collapse will be the least of our worries.

IF this outbreak upends fragile economies and brings a Greatest Depression, we might see some form of world war. We might not call it World War III, but a lot of countries could be dragged into something that they didn’t ask for. We already have the Turks and Russia trading blows in Syria – with a bumbling Turkey screaming for help from mother NATO. Lots of fighting continues in Libya and Yemen. Iran is itching to destroy Israel and take over the Middle East. And, Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam is about to start filling in July.

Our world is a bug in search of a windshield. And, we’ve been looking to get squashed for a very long time. And, the perfect time to get squashed is right after a major economic and financial collapse. If you need an example, look at the rise of Fascism and the coming of World War II, all of which followed the Great Depression.

These are the Last Days, so it’s realistic to assume the worst. And yes, the worst is coming, because the Bible said so. The only question is whether this virus will be the tipping point, or something else will do the job. Just don’t think that you are immune to catastrophe.

No Need For Panic

The good thing is that – even if the worst happens – we don’t need to panic. We have the Creator of the Universe on our side, so fearfulness is just another word for stupid. He has us in the palm of His hand, and the worst that can happen to us is death. And death means leaving an awful world for an eternity in heaven. And frankly, this virus wouldn’t be a bad way to go.

I almost died from pneumonia when I was about 15. And the symptoms that people have described, brought back memories of what I experienced, almost 40 years ago.

Hopefully, this is just a wake up call to prepare for bad times ahead. They ARE coming and you need to be ready – mentally, spiritually and physically.

Read your Bible. ALL. OF. IT. Every day.

Invest your life in serving God.

Buy extra food and supplies for yourself and others.

Share what you know.

This life is short, and the eternity is long. And, I am amazed at those who know this but do not act on it. We are children of the Most High, and we need to be about our Father’s business.

If we don’t…

…He’ll have something to say to us, when we see Him.



Hey, you got this far? Have a laugh! (or three)



I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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36 thoughts on “The Wuhan Coronavirus – A Bug in Search of a Windshield”

  1. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. IT’S JUST A BAD COLD!!! The frail elderly are ALWAYS going to be at risk from a bad cold. Especially if they’ve smoked all their lives. I don’t believe the 3.4% estimate. That’s not a valid number, nothing they can come up with is, when the vast majority of those who catch it are so mildly affected that they don’t even go to the doctor.

    And I am puzzled, after calling out Zero Hedge for all their lie-mongering, why use so many links to their articles?????

    I continue to follow Armstrong closely. He has addressed this many times from several different angles, and one was, he also finds it strange that the media has whipped such a minor thing into a frenzy, to the point that the panic alone is responsible for much of the economic fallout; and, he has asked, could it be that the PTB want something to blame besides their own incompetence when the inevitable economic crash becomes obvious? It is already in view, and even the idiots behind the curtain can see it; the bond market has been completely destroyed in Europe and Japan and the central banks are trapped. He says the Repo crisis is gaining strength and is unavoidable; all we can do is brace for impact, and he says things are going to get REALLY gnarly as we go into 2021 – 2023.

    I am in Idaho now, and two people in Washington have died from it; one in his 70s, one in his 50s, both with serious underlying health issues. To be expected. Any bad cold could have done that. The hospital I’m working at is setting up tents in the parking lot. As if they expect some kind of mass casualty event. This is completely insane. But then, one of Armstrong’s models predicts these kinds of panics and disease cycles.


    • Hi DRG,

      I hope that you are right. But, we’re kinda operating in a vacuum here, without enough hard numbers that we can trust to neutralize the fears and allegations. Here in Taiwan, the death rate from SARS was high – even though the transmission rate was low. It left an indelible mark upon the psyche of this island.

      We’ll see what happens, but I agree that there’s lots of hype involved. And yes, the person to listen to is Martin Armstrong.

      By the way, did you hear about the two different strains of this virus? The ‘L’ and ‘S’ strains? Very interesting.

      As for ZeroHedge, I hafta hold my nose when I look at them. The owner is a moron from Bulgaria, but he has two writers working for him that are pretty good. If there was a better news aggregator out there, I’d switch in a second.

      Again, I’m hoping that you are right about this coronavirus. And, even if it’s bad, the hysteria and stupidity will be worse than the virus itself.

      Thanks, DRG. It’s good to have a pro in the comment section!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Hi John,
    thanks, great, very informative article! (for example I had no idea, that Poland has 2.5x more hospital beds per 1000 people than the US…). I really pray for us all to see the best scenario. What bothers me is time. To be precise – the Reproductive Number (R0). For H1N1 flu from 2009 it’s 1.4. It means, that single infected person in society results, after 10 cycles of contagion (about 6-8 weeks), in 1.4^10 = 30 infected people. After next 6 weeks it will be 30^2=900. And so on. On January the 28th I’ve red something, that gave me shivers – first publication estimating R0, based on data from China. It was 3.4. And 3.4^10 is not 30, it is 206000 (quite feasible, in middle February, about 2 months after, covered-up, “case zero” we had ~70k confirmed cases in China, not including numerous mild cases, who never got to doctor). I understand, that the value 3.4 reflects Chinese conditions, and criminal mismanagement on early stages of epidemic. But, at the end of January, it was also suggesting (in mathematical terms), that, if nothing changes, by the end of April entire planet will be infected, a couple of times. It also shows how contagious this virus can be. I suspect that, back then in January, Chinese government finally realized that something must be done, very fast. That “something” was shutdown of entire country. Estimations of R0 i see today in various papers are like 2.2-2.5. But even 2 means that we should expect 1000x more cases in 6-8 weeks. Sure, the summer, quarantines etc may, and should, curb it down. Still, I have bad feelings about the timeline…
    I wrote the above, because on January the 28th, seeing estimation 3.4 I made a screenshot of the map of China with circles representing the number of cases (the shutdown was merely starting). I’m looking at it now. And I see Hubei (Italy) with ~3500 cases, provinces Guangdong (241) and Zhejiang (296) playing Spain and Germany, and so on, eerily adequate. Yes, entire Europe today is (almost exactly) China on January 28th. Remembering what happened in China after that, I wonder when the EU countries decide on their “do something”. For now it’s like organizing Wuhan New Year Party. Just look at . Business as usual, across the whole continent. Minor actions, too little, too late. I think, some people here understand what’s coming, it just won’t be published.
    Yesterday I saw the news in local media – the army is building field hospital inside the military airfield in my city. 400 beds. FYI: Poland has now 1 confirmed case, a man who arrived by bus from Germany, quarantined upon arrival with the bus crew and all passengers…
    Prayers and best wishes for you John, Mrs. Little, and all the readers!
    Yours in Christ

    • Hi Chris,

      We will start to get a better idea in the coming weeks, as we watch this.

      One issue is this ‘L’ and ‘S’ strain of the virus, and I saw it here:

      The ‘S’ seems to be more prevalent in the US – in the early infections. But the ‘L’ is more deadly and took over China and has invaded Europe. We’ll probably get more information on this as we go along. Also, getting one strain does not immunize you from the other.

      Great math insights, Chris. Thank you.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Dear John Little:

    Good article from a calm, rational and christian perspective. However, I am confused by your dislike for websites like Zerohedge and yet you cite it so many times for stories, headlines and articles. The Epoch Times, as Fulan Gong followers that left China to start a publication with a biased and anti-Chinese and CCP hatred, though truthful about communism. Though The Epoch Times, as a print publication prints more and better truth than the MSM and also provides a different perspective on the world (though not christian), I recently experienced a problem concerning written statements I made over an article and video on their website for Canada. The article and video was about Gina Shakespeare and her take on an ABC News reporter being exposed for lies by a Project Veritas undercover operation recorded on video. A Fellow reader suggested that Project Veritas might be a CIA front organization. I then suggested/commented/wrote that perhaps Project Veritas was just a George Soros funded organization like so many other organizations and NGOs and pointed out the checkered history and past of George Soros (aka Gyorgi Schwartz), a Hungarian Ashkenazi jew that sold out his own people in WW2 to the Nazis. After 24 hours my comment was taken down. I then responded to the censure that perhaps because I told the truth about Soros, that The Epoch Times is also a George Soros funded entity and that if a future comment on factual Soros information is censured again, it would provide circumstantial proof of the above statement. I want to add that the Soros / Koch brothers Billionaire funding movements/activities/factions and NGOs is all part of the Hegelian dialectic to cause the divide and conquer strategy as well as to cause global depopulation and world government of the AntiChrist.
    Check out link below: and

    PS: I have finally been able to access your site after many problems under Internet Explorer. Now use Firefox instead! Thank you and God bless!

    • Hi Stormin’ Norman,

      We’ve caught Epoch Times in far too many fabrications and distortions to trust them in ANYTHING. So, you should stay away from them.

      As for Project Veritas, there is absolutely NO WAY that O’Keefe is Soros-funded. Whoever told you that is making stuff up.

      Why do I read ZeroHedge?

      Two of their writers are good. The Bulgarian owner is a moron. If there’s a better news aggregator out there, I’d switch in a second.

      And, that thefreedomarticles website is chock full of garbage. The Wuhan Coronavirus is NOT a bio-weapon. 5G is NOT a weapon, either. Worse, they are anti-semites peddling lies.

      Norman, if you are anti-Israel in ANY WAY, you need to stop reading what I write. The antisemitism in the ‘alternative media’ is evil, and I won’t allow it to show up, even in the comment section.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  4. Ok, I haven’t commented in a while. I believe it is completely irresponsible for you to be minimizing this Virus crisis. You are not an expert or a virologist nor do you have special information that qualifies you to be minimizing this crisis. I am glad you are not adding to the problem by saying it is the end of the world either. But, you are minimizing this situation and by the way, you don’t know what is going on. Who are you? You are no one. Just an evangelical bible preacher. Stop and think for a minute before you speak. Talk about the Bible sir. That is where your expertise ends. Personally, I am taking universal precautions for myself and my family. I am trying to use common sense and I quit listening to fools like yourself who spread false witness about subjects you know nothing about.

    • Hi Glen,

      Long time no see!

      What a kind comment. I’m touched. I am humbled by your praise of my mental faculties.

      I find it ironic that someone else has claimed that I’m OVER-hyping this. So, getting flack from both sides must mean that I’m over the target.

      How am I minimizing this virus?

      I’m puzzled by your comment.

      I’ve posted numbers and based my analyses on those numbers – AND the analysis of experts, as well. I certainly do not stand alone in what I’ve been saying. And, I DO have an expertise in analysis. But, I don’t mind if you disagree.

      Am I a nobody?

      Yup. Caught me fair and square.

      So, thank you for that ‘wonderful’ comment, Glen. You must be fun at parties.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


    Like I said. This bug in no way justifies the panic and vast money-wasting going on. As if our bankrupt governments HAD money to throw away. Something else is afoot. And Martin is extremely savvy in distinguishing real ulterior agendas from nutty tinfoil hat stuff.

    I volunteer to catch this stupid bug. I am 65, have never smoked, and am in good health. For which I thank God every day. And I betchoo NOTHING would happen except a few sniffles for a few days.

    Remember when (almost) everybody thought everything would descend into chaos at midnight, Dec 31, 1999? And when a sizable number of people were taking seriously this woman claiming to be given divinely inspired dioramas of all the cataclysmic events to be brought about by Obama? Geez, I am old enough to remember when a large number of Christians believed Anwar Sadat was the Antichrist because he signed a treaty with Israel.

    Politics, soap operas, horror movies and P.T.Barnum all play(ed) upon this strange propensity of people to willingly suspend rational thinking in favor of being entertained, for lack of a better term, by drama, outrage, fright, whatever will give them an adrenaline rush. Perhaps everyday life, here in the US at this particular time (won’t last long, though) where things are relatively calm and in control, is just plan boring and people are itching for something to freak out about. And certain elements in the PTB are well-versed in using this. As when the media were demonizing the Japanese to make US citizens more willing to nuke them.

    There are actually REAL dangers to freak out about, which you discovered and caused you to start the Omegashock site. Perhaps it is too threatening to face genuine, catastrophic certainties – like totally running out of fossil fuels while the corrupt industries based on them have suppressed any effective research into alternatives. Which will lead to massive food shortages and starvation, when the only way to farm is with horses or oxen, and no pesticides or herbicides to control the bugs and weeds. And this at a time when everyone who knows how to farm this way, in developed nations, is long dead. These things are certain. The only question is when. But nobody in the mainstream is even talking about it, let alone trying to plan for it or research ways to soften the blow that is surely coming. They are saying the coronavirus has a 3% chance of killing those who catch it, (again I question this) yet starvation is sure to do it, to everyone, not just a certain segment of the population. Isn’t that bizarre?


      (Hi DRG,)

      We like you, so we aren’t thrilled at the thought of you getting sick for any reason. But, we appreciate your spirit of adventure.

      Yes, you probably wouldn’t get much more than a few sniffles – with all that clean livin’ that you’ve been up to. Having said that, I’m more concerned about our super-sized brothers and sisters with their diabetes, emphysema, asthma, heart conditions and predilection for cheeseburgers. Also, it sounds like the US has gotten the ‘S’ strain of this virus. The ‘L’ strain seems more prevalent in China and Europe and seems to be stronger.

      Here’s a video on the subject:

      Dr. Seheult is a great guy and a pulmonologist who takes turns running the ICU at his hospital. And, he is awesome at communicating the fundamental points about this virus.

      But, it also sounds like you are accusing your fellow Americans of having…. wait for it …ITCHING EARS!!!! GASP!

      So true.

      I have been grieved over this for years and years, and I struggle to believe that those who should have been lovers of the truth, have fallen for such lies. So, maybe I should stop assuming that Christians love the truth.

      And yes, using this ‘disaster’ to grab more power and influence is a tried and true tactic – especially if you are worried that you’ll be blamed for any fallout from the collapse of the system. The system IS collapsing, and I’m prepared to believe that they are using a ‘sniffles pandemic’ to cover their tracks and wipe the fingerprints from the crime scene.

      I’m still reluctant to say that this is just another bad cold, because we don’t have enough good information on what is happening. I don’t trust the Chinese numbers, but we aren’t far enough into spread outside of China to get good data. So, while I might seem to be bouncing back and forth between extremes, I’m actually just being uncertain.

      But, we value your opinion highly, DRG. So, keep that coming.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. Dear John Little:

    I appreciate your reply, but I only really read The Epoch Times in print (newspaper form) in Canada as a alternative viewpoint to the MSM fake news that keeps people stupid. I understand The Epoch Times bias / perspective, but when they were reporting the real machinations against presidential candidate and president Trump, which were also verified by alt-media sites like Dave Hodges and Michel Chosudovsky’s for example, the Local and National news MSM is only good for Sports and weather and not much else. For me a balanced perspective is best and I look at World events from a Biblical worldview but also consider the Hegelian dialectic – both forms (Problem-Reaction-Solution AND Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis) to unravel the Layers of the Onion. From this rational approach and ignoring emotion (fear etc.) I know we are in The Last Days. The only question left is which faction – Anglo-American Israeli Alliance (Right-Unipolar-Crony Capitalist Zionist Fascist) NWO or Eurasian Landmass Land power Russia-China (Left-Multipolar-Communist) Alliance NWO or a German-led Holy Roman Empire reformed EU Vatican Eurasian Landmass Land power NWO will bring about the AntChrist. My Monopoly money is on the the last one (German European Holy Roman Empire backed by the Vatican since the modern industrial age machinations of Satan all started in Germany with the Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Bauer (aka Rothschild) and that the EU is the model for World government. And besides, all significant events in the Bible occur around the Mediterranean Sea, even those in the Book of Revelation, with Jerusalem as the focal point.

    I admire your concern about Anti-Israel ideas, but we both know that fake Jews (crypto-Jews) of the Khazarian Mafia kind will use Jewishness as a way to destroy real Jews in Israel. I also know that the Cyrus I. Scofield Reference Bible was bought and promoted by the Rothschild’s to infiltrate modern western Christianity and destroy it via the false message of the Tele-Evangelist False Prophets Prosperity Gospel. This bunch includes Trump’s Spiritual advisor Paula White. Trump, like Hitler in the past, has duped the American people even though he will drain some of the swamp, but will be America’s dictator after November 2020. And just like Obama winning in November 2008, the Q Anon movement and Trump Election, it is all a Psyop (Psychological Operation) perpetrated by Rothschild Zionist Banksters and their propaganda divisions in the Intelligence Communities (CIA, MI6, Mossad, FSB, BND, etc.). All these tools were invented by the Nazis and secretly spread throughout the world by their defeat. But they will win the war under Satan. Only Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour will save us!

    Concerning the Covid-19 virus, as a trained Microbiologist, your reference to Dr. Seuchelt and his MedCram videos is very good. The only problem is, since he was trained by the Medical Science Establishment, like most other western doctors, he is a pill-pusher first of all, for Big Pharma. We must all watch to see how Covid-19 spreads during the non-flu season period (not winter) in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. If infection rates continue and possibly go up exponentially, we will have an epidemic and then pandemic on our hands. Then Global Economic and Banking collapse will follow and be blamed on the virus and not on the Banksters. Just what the Banksters want! Coincidently, as a Microbiologist, this Covid-19 is a bio-engineered Bioweapon. Positively and all concerned – Canada, USA, Israel and China are all in on it. As for Israel’s claim that they have a vaccine from bat variations of the virus, that will be ready in several weeks or a month or 2, this is a sign that everything was pre-planned. Vaccine development takes at least 9 months to 18 months ( 1.5 years). The yearly flu shot vaccine is always a hit and miss proposition because the scientists are only guessing which viral surface proteins will mutate for the vaccine to act on. So the best advice is: if they offer a vaccine against Covid-19, DO NOT take it, even if forced. Sneeze! God Bless you!

    • Hi Stormin’ Norman,

      You say that you are a trained microbiologist, yet you’ve allowed yourself to be dragged down into the septic tank of the Internet, and I just don’t understand how someone with a science background would allow themselves to do that.

      There is no Khzarian Mafia. And, the fact that you regurgitate this is shocking. I was in Israel for 15 years. I was in the finance industry. I was in the high tech industry. If there was such a ‘mafia’, I would have seen it.

      Your belief that Scofield was a tool of the Rothschilds is also an utterly shocking error that only someone like Rick Wiles would churn out. I can hardly believe that anyone would say something like this.

      Furthermore, as a ‘microbiologist’, you should also know that there is no evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is bioengineered. If you were a microbiologist, you would know this. You would also know that the actual NAME of the virus is not COVID-19.

      I do not understand how you could say what you said, and believe in the validity of the scientific method. How is it even possible that you have a background in microbiology?

      You seriously could not have astounded me more, if you were to proclaim that the earth is flat.

      Norman, you are doing everything that I have been telling people not to do. And, I am utterly mystified by the fact that you are doing it.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. Hi John,
    from today:
    “Summary” section, tab “Latest estimates summary table”. Hubei & South Korea – reproductive numbers below 1, meaning things won’t get worse. Lockdown and precautionary measures work, but you must DO it. Optimal time for countrywide closing schools, public events, cinemas etc. is when you have 1-2 digit number of confirmed cases (like 6 in Poland today, 20 in Portugal, other countries). Any moment later is a clear sign of incompetent, naive and math-denying government. Italy decided to act more decisively (lockdown of 14 provinces, other measures) last evening, already on the verge of severe collapse of healthcare system (ICUs!) in northern Italy. This is criminally too late.
    If these estimates are even remotely correct, we may assume that without taking any substantial action, reproductive number for this disease in an average country will be around 3. That is severe, for the reasons I wrote about previously.
    So now we have (almost) a numerical tool to evaluate our governments (national and local), the numbers, examples and models are public, no one can say “I didn’t know”. Most governments, unfortunately, will fail (EU may be one big, epic, failure, I have also worries about the US). Anyway, we may still contribute by restricting our number of social interactions, avoiding risks and playing the game of “smart government” inside our families. Small part or every reproductive number value depends on us, personally.
    Yours in Christ

    • ps.
      John, please check security protocols, Saudi government (11 confirmed cases) somehow managed to read my post before publishing:
      As I write, Poland has exactly the the same number: 11. No substantial reaction. “We are prepared”. Not to say about the rest of EU – France (~1100 cases) managed to ban public meetings exceeding 1000 people. But only indoors. Our continent has no clue…
      Yours in Christ

      • WHAT?! They’ve penetrated Omega Shock security? WAAAAAAH! Joking aside, it’s nice to know that the Saudis are doing something smart… just like your comment indicated that they should do. And yes… the EU. This mental deficiency of theirs will only end badly. Another great comment, Chris. – JL

    • Excellent information. Unfortunately for Italy, not only did they not take action early enough, but the news of what they were going to do leaked out and Italians fled the zone into the rest of Italy and the EU. The spread will only intensify. Thanks, Chris! – JL


    Interesting research. Things that very well may play into the disease and famine cycles Martin has discovered, and a very interesting story about the Rocky Mountain locust and its apparent extinction, which has most certainly been a blessing and enabled the amber waves of grain we so depend on.

    As for coronavirus, I did watch the video on the L and S strains; Armstrong continues to comment on the latest numbers and it still does not exceed annual flu, but he wonders if it will spread sufficiently that it becomes yet another annual disease like the flu. That is possible. But it is still not Ebola, or anything close. Mutations will happen, it’s hard to say what kind; but the more it mutates, the more difficult or even impossible to create an effective vaccine. The kicker is whether a complication of ARDS develops, which is associated with advancing age and ill health; and when it does develop – ARDS, which is not the same thing as the coronavirus and can be caused by many things, including pancreatitis, heart disease, and inept medical care that gives you too much IV fluid- has a fatality rate of 35% – 50%. That IS serious. But only a small percentage of coronavirus infections go there, and mostly in people who were in bad shape to begin with, and quite possibly because once in the hospital their aging, compromised hearts can’t keep up with the amount of IV fluids they get. Not in every case. But, as a nurse I can assure you that no hospital will ever publicize how many patients they kill. But it happens every day. So, we must protect ourselves not only from infection but from overworked, understaffed, and etc etc medical care!!!!! Just last week one of my patients had some very necessary medication inexplicably discontinued, and none of us could figure out why, least of all the patient who was asking for it; and it turned out, in our wonderful computerized system that is supposed to prevent errors (and it does, for the most part) somebody pushed the wrong button by mistake. By someone who was not even the patient’s doctor, and probably thought he was in a different patient’s file. It’s that complication thing; the more complicated a system becomes, the more the risk of breakdown.

    • That is an excellent article by Armstrong. That locust infestation seems to be everywhere. And those hospital deaths. Yeah. Nurses that can think and take action are vital. Including family members willing to look at problems closely. Well said, DRG. All of it. – JL

  9. Current flu season: 26 million infected in the US, since September 2019, and 14,000 dead. In the US. From flu. From coronavirus, so far 21 in US dead. Which probably all had one foot in the grave anyway. Regardless of which strain, L or S, it was. Just sayin. Can it be any more clear that all this hysteria is insane???

    • Yeah. That’s the thing. Hysteria. Utterly insane, including the massive grab for TOILET PAPER!!! After years of watching the utter stupidity of people, you would think that I’d have become inured to the madness, but I’m not. It drives me nuts. Thanks, DRG. – JL

    • Oh, right. I forgot about that one. Yes. And, I hadn’t seen one of Ann’s articles pop up in a while. I’ve always liked her style. I need to be more aware of her articles. And, it would be interesting to calculate the number of deaths due to overdose. Interesting. Thanks, DRG. – JL

  10. Hi John!

    Fun times! We are seeing the effect at my work, with a birthday being cancelled and all of the team buildings from two different companies cancelled until further notice. Am waiting to see how this continues to hit us.

    I am not a medical expert: just had the benefit of growing up in a medical household. After reading up on coronovirus’ in general and that family of virus’, it mainly looks like your basic upper respiratory with benefits (mutations). I agree that we do not have all the information, especially as most people who come down with milder symptoms will not head into the doctor. We have no idea what the true rate of infection is, so as you have stated we don’t have an accurate infection to death rate.

    Now Ebola, that scared me. God had to calm me down about that one with the reminder from Paul that “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” This virus, does not scare me. My concern is mainly for those who are elderly and immunocompromised. My Mom, who is 83, is taking precautions and not going to gatherings. A good friend who is 93, is mainly staying in and not hugging anybody.

    I do not appreciate how the media is blowing all this up and scaring the crap out of people. Just watching American news TV for 30 minutes the other day at a friends, it could be easily seen how they were dramatising all the news up. It was super annoying. Don’t know how anyone can stand watching it.

    Like you said, panicking about it does nothing but makes things worse and ups the stupidity level. Stress does that to the best of us. Thank God for His Holy Spirit that calms us down and helps us see the truth.

    We’ll see what happens and take comfort in knowing it is all is in our LORD’s hands.


  11. Hi John,
    just FYI – Poland stands at 26 confirmed cases – yesterday morning universities in my city went in “full-Wuhan” mode, suspending classes and all imaginable activities. Today, hour ago, the government followed, closing all schools, public institutions, cinemas etc. Public gatherings are prohibited, recommendation for everyone to stay at home as much as possible. Sanitary controls on all borders. Finally. Probably week too late, but the best government decision I’ve seen in years, by far… It may help to make situation manageable, two weeks from now.
    Yours in Christ

  12. This is SO NOT about the actual coronavirus. Just watch …. the EU is floundering in its financial ineptitude and looking for an excuse to force digital currency. They are talking about it already, as is Sweden. The crash we’ve been warned about for years is fulminating as we speak. The idiots in charge have made such a hopeless mess of things, with the negative interest rates (how could ANYONE think that would work) that they have completely destroyed the workings of the central banks. They have no way out. They are grasping at straws to avoid total collapse and chaos.

    It reminds me of that part in 1984 where a voice says over the intercom, “Big Brother has increased the daily chocolate ration from 4 ounces to 2 ounces!” This is exactly what is happening now. The media is spewing this preposterous nonsense and the facts show the exact opposite. I like numbers. They paint a real picture. Flu numbers vs coronavirus numbers. Why would they talk about currency transmitting disease in terms of the coronavirus but this has never been raised as a problem with flu, in any of all the years we’ve dealt with annual flu season? Critical thinking, people. They are trying to dupe us. This is just too weird.

    I went to the store today and there was not a single roll of toilet paper on the shelves. This is beyond insane, it is beyond idiotic. I really can’t blame politicians and the evil PTB for thinking of us as deplorables. This brainless, hysterical herd behavior is so stupid I don’t even have words for it. It’s hopeless, and the evil PTB will win because those who actually think and connect dots are so vastly outnumbered.

    • This is where Democracy collapses. Weak-minded morons will always outnumber and trample the prudent and well-informed. And, you used that ‘C’ phrase. Critical Thinking. No one does that anymore. Very depressing, DRG. – JL

  13. Hi Brother John
    My country Belgium is partially in Lockdown: no events no gathering of People even church services are canceled till begin april 2020
    Everthing is over thé internet Every contact with non Profit organisations , shopping even for food it’s like a promotion to use internet and paying electronic instead of cash
    Closing of shops in thé weekend except pharmacies food and pet food
    For preventing social uprising of People because of economic meltdown it’s good for government to forbid gathering of People keeping them in house or even locked up in house or hospital etc without visits of familymembers and friends making them more afraid of each other and because of fear they can do what they want
    I told you before in email a month ago it Will be used for more control of people !
    My moving out And out just on time because nothing is sure anymore
    Hope you do Well in Taiwan your wife was on time to prépare

    Gids blessing that He Will keep you safe and well

    Sister Nadine

  14. Hi John!
    It’s me Jacob (summer 1995 intern, Marathon…). Been a long time. Just wanted to say hello and wish ya all the best!

    • Wow. Now THAT is a blast from the past! We were all so very young at a time when the world was getting ready to make gigantic changes. And now, we’re about to go through yet another big change. I truly hope that life has treated you well. Great to hear from you, Jacob! – JL

  15. Dear brother John, I must admit I have not written in a while because I have been extremely disappointed. I think it is incredibly unfair for you to compare Taiwan with a population of 24 million to the United States with a population of 330 million. We are also not an island nation and we have a constitution that allows people certain unalienable rights.

    So I suppose you are trying to tell us that there is going to be no supply chain disruptions? Really? One thing that has come from this entire crisis is the fact that the majority of our Pharmaceuticals and antibiotics are produced in China! And since China has recently threatened us by claiming they will withhold such life-saving drugs, I have a feeling that this is going to be a boon to the US economy when we begin producing all of those things here at home. Having recently completed chemotherapy myself, I understand the fear and panic that must be ensuing in all those who are currently undergoing treatment.

    Frankly I am proud of the people of the United States for actually Thinking 15 minutes past their next Netflix episode and they’re actually going out and buying some supplies to stock up. I admit I do not understand the whole toilet paper thing, and I actually confronted someone on that in the store yesterday by asking, do you have enough food at home? The person simply looked at me dumbfounded and turn back to the cashier.

    The amount of goods that come to the United States from China is shocking. This is been a wake-up call to to this country and I believe, knowing American ingenuity that we will not be caught this way again, if we are given the opportunity to recover.
    Having never worked in a manufacturing environment yourself, do you have any idea what a supply chain disruption does to a plant? Once you start to lose labor you are really up a creek.
    We are staring down this hole right now and that is even if China was up to 100% capacity currently. We all know they are not.

    So please don’t sit there with your condescending attitude and your pompous diatribes and tell us how we’re overreacting and everything is going to be a okay. Even if there was no coronavirus in the United States at all, we would still be suffering due to the supply chain disruption. I don’t even want to talk about what happens when we start to run out of insulin and heart medications in this country. Let alone all of the anxiety medications.

    • Hi Tessa,

      I am confused.

      Where is it that I am ignoring the ‘supply chain’?

      The supply chain is a part of what I’m talking about in the latter part of the article. I fully understand the dynamics of the disruption. It’s why I am predicting disaster.

      And, I’m being condescending? Taiwan?

      We were right at the front lines, from the very beginning. Of all the countries outside of China, we should have been hit first and the hardest. We had a massive number of people coming directly out of Wuhan, into Taiwan, and Taiwan handled all of this extremely well. How is pointing this out being condescending?

      Did you read all of my article, Tessa?

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  16. It’s me again. Just a little ray of sunshine, per usual. I’m in Coeur d’Alene, ID at present and a fistfight broke out in Costco over toilet paper. Think past the insanity of getting that upset about toilet paper, which has no connection I can think of with the common cold, and think about what it means – if this is all it takes for violence to erupt, how do you think spoiled Americans will act when the contested item is FOOD or GAS or whatever when they are in actual danger of starving, etc? Or getting marooned forever in a no-man’s-land if they can’t make their escape without gas?

    Armstrong continues to make informed commentary in his public blog. He sees as much if not more stupidity than you do, but notes that many different entities are making great use of this to further their own ends. And it looks very 1984-ish. As usual, the drastic measures the stupid government takes to try and solve the problem will just pour gasoline on the fire. I read his article on a spiral panic. He says outlawing short sales to “rescue” a falling market is the worst thing you can do; it’s the short sales that slow the fall and strengthen the rally. If there are no short sales, then no one buys on the way down and it falls like a stone.

    Another thing we can note from the Three Stooges performance being carried out is that should we ever get a pandemic of a truly dangerous bug – this is not – we are doomed. The PTB and the health care system, and the hysterical populace that will not listen to experts telling them masks are useless for preventing infection (they are to prevent germs spreading FROM THE WEARER) are completely incapable of working together intelligently. Like the Japanese cruise ship debacle.

    I don’t recall if this has already been mentioned here, but the WHO issued “pandemic bonds” paying 7% interest, meaning investors could earn 7% on their investment as long as there was no pandemic. Which of course they were told was unlikely. So of course, now that the WHO has found something it can call a pandemic, they don’t have to pay and the investors just lost everything! Not only the interest, but their entire investment. Armstrong has written about that several times.

    Follow the money.

    • Hey DRG,

      Coeur d’Alene? We have friends there.

      I’m sorry to see that the insanity has come to Idaho. Maybe it’s because a member of Clan Little is running the state. Lots of us are just plain nuts, and Brad Little might be one of them.

      I also have been paying attention to Martin. He’s the only one that I dare not disagree with. If I had spent more time actually DOING what he told us to do, I would be better off. And, he’s coming out with a special report titled: Coronavirus & Next Great Depression. Anyone with an extra ten bucks should buy it. I will certainly do my best to get my hands on it, when it comes out.

      When he finishes the report, it will be here:

      The subtitle will be: ‘The Insanity of Caution’

      I see the insanity itself as part of God’s judgment upon us.

      The wicked flee when no man pursueth…

      – Proverbs 28:1a

      The wicked are fleeing, and we will see more of this in the years ahead.

      Keep up the good work, DRG!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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