The Wuhan Coronavirus – Death by Stupidity, Japanese Style

The Japanese government put morons in charge of the Diamond Princess quarantine. They went full retard, and you should never go full retard.

Japan bungled the cruise ship quarantine so badly that Japan is now almost certain to have a big outbreak of the Wuhan Coronavirus – forcing them to cancel the Tokyo Olympics that begin this summer.

This proves that our biggest threat might not be the evil intentions of our government, but the absolute incompetence and stupidity of elected officials. These people are dumber than a box of rocks, and I can hardly believe it.


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The Wuhan Coronavirus – Death by Stupidity, Japanese Style


The Wuhan Coronavirus – Death by Stupidity, Japanese Style – The ShockCast

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Back when I was young and stupid – about 12 years ago – I used to think that governments were merely inefficient. That was before I took a contract to write computer manuals for the Indiana Department of Child Services.

I love children, and the idea of helping the State of Indiana keep children from being abused seemed like a great idea. I needed a job. They needed a technical writer. It seemed perfect.

Now, they needed me because they were developing their own software, in house. From scratch. It was a pretty big undertaking, and they hired a bunch of programmers – and me – to get the job done. And, since I already had many years of experience writing some of the most technical manuals out there, I thought that this job would be pretty easy to do.

Boy was I wrong.

Up to that point, I had never done any work for any government of any kind. So, I was completely unprepared for what I would hear in my first business meeting with the woman overseeing this project. She wanted to change features to the software, during a code freeze, just before a new release. I was so shocked that my jaw hung open for what felt like half the meeting.

This poor, brain-damaged woman continued to make decisions like this, until I almost couldn’t take it. It was so soul-destroying that I once called my lovely wife at her job and told her that I wanted to move to Greenland.

No. Really.


When she told me that it’s really cold there, I looked for the most isolated place on earth to get away from the morons that were driving me mad. I hit on the Pitcairn Islands. And, it sounded lovely, until I found out the morons live there, too.

Then, the Lord sent us off to Israel, which allowed me to quit my job on Christmas Eve, 2009. My best Christmas present, EVER. Not long after I left, the whole project collapsed under the weight of the accumulated incompetence of the department manager. But, I’m betting that she kept her job.

In government, the morons keep their jobs, while the competent are driven away.

That’s why, when my wife told me to do a search for “Kentaro Iwata”. I was not unprepared for what I would find. My life-scarring and soul-destroying experience with government incompetence has helped me understand what few people could ever know:

Governments are FULL of stupid people.

The more powerful they are, the more stupid they will be.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

My search turned up a certain Dr. Kentaro Iwata, Professor of Infectious Diseases at Kobe University, and he had just published a video about his personal journey to find out what was happening on the cruise ship, Diamond Princess – the one that was under quarantine for the Wuhan Coronavirus.

I had been wondering about how it was possible for so many new cases to break out on this ship, when it was supposed to be under quarantine. My wife and I had been trading theories about air ducts, food handling and door knobs for days – until we saw Dr. Iwata release his YouTube video.

I was absolutely shocked at how stupid the Japanese had been in their handling of this cruise ship. Instead of making this a quarantine operation, they had created a coronavirus breeding and propagation laboratory. It was almost as if they WANTED the Wuhan Coronavirus to spread throughout Japan.

Of course, those of you who like to cook up a good conspiracy theory will jump at the chance to claim that this is some diabolical attempt at population reduction. But, it’s not. The people in charge of this operation are too stupid to think like that. And, everything that I heard Kentaro Iwata say, brought back memories that horrible experience of having been on the inside of the Indiana State Government.

First, let’s get to what Professor Iwata actually had to say:

The facts of Corona virus in Diamond Princess by Kentaro Iwata

(subtitles in Simplified Chinese)

Now, before getting into the specifics of this video, notice the ‘fuzziness’. That’s because this video had been downloaded and then re-uploaded onto a different YouTube channel. And, I never post a video like this, unless I have no other choice, since I’m strongly against the theft of someone else’s work.

So, why am I posting this copy of the original?

Well, let’s look at the original:

Diamond Princess is COVID-19 mill. How I got in the ship and was removed from it within one day. – YouTube

OOPS! He was forced to take it down.

I remember thinking that I probably needed to download that video, when I bookmarked it. But, I waved that thought aside as being just a bit too cynical. Well, now I know.

Next time I’ll listen to that “little voice” a little more intently.

The Japanese government forced Professor Iwata to take down this video because it made them look stupid and incompetent – which is exactly the kind of thing that a stupid and incompetent government would try to do. Kentaro Iwata claims that he took down this video of his own volition, but you and I aren’t stupid.

But, just to dot all the ‘eyes’ and cross all the ‘tees’, here is Kentaro’s explanation for taking down the video:

Did you notice that he apologized?

Riiiight. He was forced.

By the way, Mrs. Little has a lot of experience working with and for the Japanese – in addition to her mom having become Japanese. Japanese culture is all about ‘face’ – as in, preserving it. And, the thought of ‘dishonoring’ your rulers is just… unthinkable. But, you and I aren’t so culturally shackled to a need to worship our dear overlords, so let’s rub their faces in their foolishness.

Think of it as a public duty.

Now, where was I… Oh yes.

For those of you who missed some of the details of just how stupid Japanese officials were, let’s go through their stupidity in detail. And, we should start with those who tried to stop this brave professor.

(and yes, he showed real courage)

Notice who was blocking Professor Iwata:


Department heads.

Those officials operating in the field thought that having him along was a good idea. But, those in middle and upper-management within the Japanese bureaucracy handling this debacle probably thought that Dr. Iwata would see some things that they would want to have covered up. And, this professor was blocked three times before succeeding in getting onto the ship.

First, the infectious disease bureaucrats blocked him.

Then, disaster management bureaucrats blocked him.

Finally, someone in the Japanese government smuggled him onto the ship by having him ‘work’ as an assistant to a physician.

Once he got onto the ship, the DMAT officer in charge of the operation was all too happy to have him on board, assisting with the attempt to stop the infection from spreading. They actually wanted him there, which shows that the people actually doing the job had no idea about how badly they were doing it.

This is very, very important to remember because people who love a good hoax, will try to claim that the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus was intentional. It WAS not, and it definitely IS not.

The Japanese officials, on that ship, really were doing their best, but were completely incompetent. The same goes for the department head that I worked for, who single-handedly destroyed millions of dollars of work. Government officials literally do not know how stupid they are, at their job.

Now, let’s get into just how stupid these people were, on this ship:

No distinction between zones of infection, on the ship. There was no quarantine area on the ship that kept the infected passengers away from the non-infected passengers.

Passengers, crew and officers were mingling freely. Dr. Iwata saw that people were just walking around. People were gathering together to eat, some with their protection suits on and some even with their possibly-contaminated gloves still on. At this point in the video, I just ‘lost it’.

I could not believe that anyone could be so stupid. You wear a protection suit (a PPE) because you will be operating in contaminated areas. And, this means that the outer layer of your suit WILL be contaminated. Not ‘might be’, but ‘WILL BE’.

From this alone, the infection WILL have spread to other passengers and crew. WILL. Not might. The only question is in how many of these people will come down with the Wuhan Pneumonia.

Seriously, I just can’t believe this. Before hearing Dr. Iwata speak, I had been envisioning a careful process of containment, where people stay in their cabins and are careful to not interact with each other. I was also assuming that those who were directly involved with the passengers would follow standard quarantine procedures.

All of this was just before the five minute mark in the video. And, up to that moment, my Darling Dearest was telling me that ‘The good part is coming’ as I played it. (Grrrrrr!) But, when I got to the part where passengers and crew mingled, she got a chance to see me explode – which is what she was looking for. I am… entertaining …at times.

Crew with fevers. Those crew members that came down with fevers walked to the medical office, without protection and interacted with the medical officer without protection.

In the more than 20 years in which he had been on the ground, involved with infectious disease outbreaks in Africa and Asia, dealing with Ebola, Cholera and SARS, Dr. Iwata had never been afraid for his own safety. Wherever he was, he knew how to protect himself and others. So, he was never afraid.

But, inside the Diamond Princess cruise ship, he was truly frightened, for the first time.

Think that through. This guy had been in the middle of the worst outbreaks of the past 20 years. He had never been afraid, while being in the middle of those terrible epidemics. But, he was afraid, while on the Diamond Princess.

It’s one thing for you and me to say something like this. We aren’t experts. We don’t have 20 years of experience dealing with the worst epidemics in the world. This guy is an expert. He has the experience, and he was very afraid.

Looking around himself, he knew that there was no way that he could know where the virus was, and was not. And, the number one reason for why this was the case, lies in one very simple statement:

Because the bureaucrats were in control.

Infected paper forms were being passed from hand to hand. His suggestions for basic protections for staff were rebuffed. Eventually, they threw him off the ship.

There was not a single infectious disease control specialist on that ship.

Not. A. Single. One.


The bottom line is this:

Everyone who gets off of the Diamond Princess cruise ship has been contaminated by this virus. Every single one. We just don’t know who will be infected and come down with the pneumonia that the Wuhan Coronavirus causes. Even Professor Kentaro Iwata knows that he is probably contaminated.

And, he’s afraid for himself and his family.

He’s also afraid for his country. All the people who were on that ship will spread throughout Japan, going back to their communities, families and jobs. They will use public transportation. And, this disease will spread.

So, now that we know this, we need to be watching Japan. We need to be praying for the Japanese, especially our brothers and sisters who are there. And, we need to be watching to see if this epidemic takes off in Japan.

Ultimately, this is an important lesson in human stupidity. History is full of such lessons, and it’s amazing that we never seem to learn from them. We don’t need some vast, global conspiracy to destroy the world. Human insanity and foolishness is far, far more destructive than any elite cabal could hope to be.

Yes, there are conspiracies. I’m not denying that. Just look at 9/11. And, one day, a conspiracy will put a horrible person that we call the Antichrist into power. In fact, you should watch my favorite video on conspiracy, here:

JFK to 9/11 – Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick (High Quality) Full Documentary

If you haven’t watched that, you need to stop what you are doing and click play. Just make sure that you have three and a half hours to spend on it. The only part that he gets wrong, is religion. And, he even gets some of that right.

However, the one thing that he gets wrong the most is this:

No conspiracy will ever be as deadly as stupidity.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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24 thoughts on “The Wuhan Coronavirus – Death by Stupidity, Japanese Style”

  1. I am glad your still not panicking.

    The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is a recently emerged human pathogen that has spread widely since January 2020. Initially, the basic reproductive number, R0, was estimated to be 2.2 to 2.7. Here we provide a new estimate of this quantity. We collected extensive individual case reports and estimated key epidemiology parameters, including the incubation period. Integrating these estimates and high-resolution real-time human travel and infection data with mathematical models, we estimated that the number of infected individuals during early epidemic double every 2.4 days, and the R0 value is likely to be between 4.7 and 6.6. We further show that quarantine and contact tracing of symptomatic individuals alone may not be effective and early, strong control measures are needed to stop transmission of the virus.

    • Hi James,

      Nope. No panic here.

      Now to the numbers that you quoted. They aren’t bad, but they are still premature. We still don’t know how good the Chinese numbers are, and we have yet to discover the numbers of people who get this virus and do not develop strong enough symptoms to go to the doctor and then get counted.

      This shouldn’t keep us from trying to run our calculations, since the real numbers won’t arrive until AFTER this outbreak has burned itself out. Even then, we might not know with true accuracy. Examining all this has given me a better appreciation of those who try to model the spread of epidemics.

      Thanks for that update, James. I appreciate it.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Now, don’t descend into fear-mongering yourself. All this “afraid for himself and his family” stuff. It’s STILL just a common cold virus, and even with occasional complications of pneumonia – which is a possibility with any cold, in susceptible individuals – the numbers still are nothing compared to the annual flu season.

    I have not followed the situation of this cruise ship but unless it has docked and let passengers out, it’s still not too late to contain it, and it’s extremely convenient that it is a ship where entry/exit can be so easily controlled. If anyone were thinking that clearly. They could just assume everyone on board is contaminated, which they surely are by now, and other than supplying them with food in a quarantine-compatible manner, let them stay on the ship until the incubation, infection and recovery stages have passed. They should be wiping down surfaces with antiseptic wipes, not that it’s going to prevent any more transmission but to reduce the viral load passengers are exposed to so their immune systems will have less work to do in fighting it off. Eventually, all of them will have been exposed to it and at some point will no longer be contagious. Medical supplies can be sent to them as well, and young healthy medical personnel who have already caught the virus and recovered from it. IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.

    You know what this reminds me of? That thing Curly of the Three Stooges used to do, scrunching up his face and yelling, “I can’t see! I can’t see!” – and Moe has to tell him, “Ya got your eyes closed!”

    The observations on stupidity are another matter. Should we ever get an outbreak of something truly deadly, you can be sure it will be handled even worse, when you add hysteria to the usual stupidity. Can you imagine ebola getting started in a densely populated area with poor sanitation like Wuhan?

    I am following Armstrong very closely these days. He has been saying for years that the same principle is at work in the economic world, where those least competent are making the decisions, and have absolutely no insight into the fact that each incompetent thing they do sets the stage for the next disaster. He sees the approaching disaster unfolding exactly as he has predicted, and most are oblivious. The repo crisis is in full swing but it’s old news and no one, outside of Martin and his following, is paying attention to it anymore. But that is only the first stage of the meltdown. I am beginning to think we will suffer a financial meltdown long before we have a cosmic one!!!!

    Meanwhile, I continue to pore over When Jacob Returns and it is excellent, excellent. Thanks so much for all the work you put into that.

    • Hi DRG,

      No ma’am. No fearmongering here.

      I was just interested in reporting on what this professor was saying. And, I sensed real concern from him and wanted to communicate that.

      Statistically, his concerns might have been overblown, and he probably deals with such statistics every day. But, when it gets personal… well …it’s personal. Especially, when you have family to think about. It’s an interesting snapshot of human psychology.

      Take terrorist bombings. I lived through those. I had friends and even family who suffered through a few of them directly. But, even though your chance of being killed or even hurt in a bombing was less than a car accident, you still had a hard time choosing to risk a bombing over taking the risk of a car accident.

      We humans just aren’t logical.

      I’m glad that you like the book/website. Lord willing I’ll be able to get back to it soon. I violated some ‘cardinal rules’ in book writing and will need to fix that before going to print.

      Great input, as always, DRG.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Anyone dealing with any government agency can tell you that those with government jobs cannot think for themselves. They rely on rules and regulations with no ability to interpret any outside circumstance(s).
    Yes, the government employs morons by the millions.

  4. Hi John,
    oh dear, you’re right, “Quantilla sapientia regitur mundus”… We gave up our minds, logic and reasoning. You just pushed me to make sad conclusion – 700 years ago, in the world without computers, simulations, knowledge of viruses, bacteria, medicine, without CDC, WHO etc., clever mind was, apparently, just enough. At the time, the government of Poland was this guy:
    He met Black Death, and, due to his reaction, we can now google numerous pages rising this question (and trying to find answers):
    (There’s also an interesting Jewish issue in there). But I’ve read numerous historical sources, and I know the answer: quarantine+containment, decisive and fast. Closing borders, no travel, on the border – orders to take crossbow and shoot anyone who is not elligible to cross it (after that don’t touch the bodies). Things like that – that happened 700 years ago. And, the king’s logical conclusion that if everybody dies, it’s not reasonable to blame Jews, so we should give them a hand. In 14th century, in Poland, it worked (and the disease was muuuuch worse than our case today).
    Where are we now, with all our knowledge? Diamond Princess went as you described. My government is now in the mood “it’s not our problem”. Ministers, officials repeat it everyday on live TV. For now, it brought one positive outcome. When EU evacuated it’s citizens from Wuhan to Paris (using civilian charter plane), Polish government and ministry of health decided “not to touch it” and handed over the case to the military. So, 30 Polish citizens from Wuhan were brought from Paris in military plane, under control of the unit specializing in bio and chemical warfare, placed in military hospital and quarantined for a month (with tests for the virus every 7 days). If all is OK, they will be out in a week (for now it is OK). But, the borders are still wide open, no procedures are in place, planes are in the air. Polish airlines suspended flights to China, but Air China from Beijing lands in Warsaw every two days. I have no illusions, Japan can happen here as well. And, it’s probably not only about Poland, any country is one step from Diamond Princess. That’s our “developed” world. Developed stupidity I would say.
    Yours in Christ

  5. John,
    Your tech writing project from hell in Indiana reminded me of a similar experience I had. I was hired as a contractor by Albion (later changed ownership) to do technical writing for the State of Minnesota HealthMatch project.

    There are innumerable online articles and case studies on this spectacular failure. Crashed and burned. Bad management on all sides, mission creep, slap dash sub sub contractors, on and on.

    Seems like we are living in a fantasy world run by the Idiocracy (some say, influenced by the “stupid demons”). A very dangerous world. Best to stay sharp. Follow that still small voice!

    Frances in NM

    For the curious:

    • Oh HO! A fellow TW! Awesome. I hafta ask… Did you damage your hearing with loud music, to keep from going insane? (I actually did.) Sorry to hear that you have suffered such slings and arrows of outright moronism, Frances. – JL

  6. John,
    I always love reading your posts. I like the way that you stand up to much of the ‘alternative media sources’ and call them out on the way they capitalize on fear. The major points of this post are well-thought-out and and illuminate the aspects that many people use to generate attention through that fear. If people would spend a commensurate amount of time concerned over things of true consequence, instead of perpetual hype, this world just might be a better place.

    I have always appreciated the way you’ve brought truth in love with integrity in a way that honors God and His creation. So, I was very surprised to read the opening and its use of the word ‘retard.’ While I agree that these people (the government officials and this doctor) are acting without sense, even in the face of obvious truth, it is wrong to say that they are ‘retarded.’ I understand this is ‘just a phrase’ that is popular right now, but the fact that ‘full retard’ is trending right now says a lot about our society. This is dishonoring people with MR. God seeks reconciliation with people with mental retardation just as much as He does with people without it. In the greater scheme, this is a minor point in a much larger topic about willful ignorance and blatantly poor choices – I get that. But, you’re a better writer than this, and the truth you present in the face of such persecution is grander than this. To use such phrases weakens your point and edifies no one. From what I’ve read from you over the past several years, I don’t think that you personally have any ill will or condescension against people with disabilities, be they mental or physical. This comment is more about looking forward, and suggesting that your excellent writing skills, passion, and purpose be matched by the crafted words you employ. Thanks for keeping up the good fight.

    • Hi RedTapeRebel,

      I get that you mean well. I am not offended. But, I am a bit depressed over your comment.

      We need to stop being hyper-sensitive. This is part of the reason why our society became so bent out of shape. We became over sensitive to the possibility that someone might be offended by what we say – no matter how well-meaning we might be. This really needs to stop.

      If you want a case in point, look at the progression of words over the centuries, about references to the ‘mentally challenged’. The words ‘idiot’, ‘retarded’, ‘imbecile’, ‘simpleton’ and ‘moron’ were all coined in succession (but not in that order) to soften the truth about such unfortunate people. As someone who loves the English language, I am disgusted by such idiocy.

      We’ve been doing this for centuries, and it’s proof that we are all retards.

      Yup. Retards. All of us.

      And, I will do my own part to object to this insanity by using such words and phrases to drive important points home. No offense intended, but I refuse to shelter the easily offended.

      As for my reference, please check out the cultural and social connection to the phrase ‘full retard’. Here’s a clip to help you out:

      It comes from the movie, ‘Tropic Thunder’.

      Again, it’s clear that you mean well by your comment, RTR. I get that. But, our society has gone full retard.

      And, you should NEVER go full retard.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • John,
        Thanks for replying. I appreciate that you took the time to do it.

        Please be assured, my goal is neither an etymological battle nor a commentary of American snowflake culture. This was not a hyper-sensitive comment coming from a millennial.

        Word usage in the past doesn’t define the connotation in today’s world. You know this. You know the connotation; it’s why you used it. Hence the video reference.

        In a surprising break from your usually sound logic, you state that ‘we are all retards.’ If you truly believed that, then your points are all invalidated. Why point out the non-sensical actions of the officials or the doctor then? Rather, I think this point sounds more like you’re trying to drive home the hypersensitive comment. (With which I agree to some degree. Hypersensitivity is too rampant and doesn’t further society at all.)

        You stated that my comment depressed you. However, your concluding sentence purposely reiterated the phrase. In Bold. This sort of response is out of character for the man I thought I had been following all these years. Are these the words that truly flow from your heart?

        I serve as a missionary in East Africa. My host country views people with disabilities as cursed. The witch doctors sacrifice people with albinism (considered a disability here) and disabilities. It is a true spiritual battle as we work with the families of these children. There is a deeper battle in the world than ‘what phrase is used to describe a group of people.’ I was hoping in your international experience and spiritual wisdom that you could see the intent behind my comment. Instead, it became a socio-political soapbox. Demeaning a group of people is not the best way to make a point. This isn’t simply a matter of word choice. It is a matter of how the heart honors people and honors God.

        We are not ‘all retarded.’ We are, though, all sinners and broken. Some people have more significant challenges mentally and physically than others. This is not deniable. Please stop using this to make the case for oversensitivity. As I said before, you are better than that.

        • Hi RedTapeRebel,

          I am afraid that I am mystified by your response.

          Did you click the YouTube link that I provided?

          Did you understand the original reference that I was making?

          It sounds like the answer is no to both of those questions, so I don’t understand why you have responded in this manner.

          Nowhere in the term ‘full retard’, are the mentally deficient being demeaned. So, I am further mystified by your lack of awareness of this point.

          Furthermore, I have a history of making pithy word choices for specific reasons. My use of the phrase ‘full retard’ should not be a surprise – especially if you have been a reader for any length of time. So, I am puzzled by your insistence that ‘full retard’ is not characteristic of my writing.

          And, unfortunately, I must double down on my point about our lack of intelligence.

          We. Are. All. Retards.

          All of us.

          Jesus called us sheep. If you’ve ever had to deal with sheep, you will know that they are some of the most retarded animals on the planet. This means that you and I are considered as ‘retards’ in the eyes of God. He loves us, but He doesn’t think very highly of our intelligence.

          In the eyes of God, we’re dumber than a box of rocks and a bag of hammers. And, God is right. Just look at human history. Look at our churches. Look at the insanity that plagues our seminaries. We Christians are drooling idiots of the worst kind. And, I have found myself to be among the idiots far too many times.

          So yes. We are all retards. All of us. Anyone who believes otherwise is fooling himself.

          Furthermore, I have made these points multiple times in my writing, RTR.

          I’m sorry that you don’t like the word ‘retard’, but it’s a very accurate word that speaks to the ugliness and insanity of humankind. That word fits extremely well with what I was talking about – a criminally incompetent operation that may cost Japan billions upon billions of dollars and hundreds or even thousands of lives.

          Japan went full retard, and it was an obscenely stupid thing to do.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • I truly have not seen you write that before. I must’ve missed some posts.

            The Pharisees knew the law so well in their heads. Their issue was that this knowledge didn’t penetrate to their hearts.

            If you can’t understand how this phrase is demeaning… I have no words.

          • Hi RedTapeRebel,

            One night, years ago, after leading a prayer meeting, someone semi-publicly attacked me for using the phrase “screw up”. He was completely outraged that I would dare to use such awful language. He eventually went back to the US, and is probably to – this day – publicly excoriating anyone and everyone who uses the phrase “screw up”.

            Where I come from, ‘to screw up’ is a completely legitimate phrase that has no sexual or profane meaning whatsoever. Yet, I know of at least one person who will go ballistic every time that he hears it.

            The same goes for ‘retard’.

            However, to accuse me of being a Pharisee is at a whole new level of attack, and I must now ask you to retract that, since it is a false accusation. We are talking about semantics and being offended at my use of a certain word.

            Offense was not intended, and I have demonstrated that it was not intended. Yet, you have taken offense and then added false accusation to it.

            You are demonstrating something that could be a real problem, RTR.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

  7. Hi John,
    one link more:
    -the author is a data analyst from Poland (I don’t know him), I think it’s worth reading, many charts and numbers but… look for yourself. It’s unbelievable what’s happening with math and data those days (I was in shock to read what WHO did with SARS data in 2003).
    See for yourself.
    Yours in Christ
    Off topic – on his blog, there’s only one more article, this one:
    -During my elementary school, and college, I got a chance to experience it, “soft” version of it. It’s all true. In communist Poland’s college (1988) I participated in physics, biology lessons, then we swiftly proceeded to learn how to disasemble AK-47, and how to deal with hazmat suit etc. (so ironic, the last one could be quite useful soon). But Russia goes several levels above that, in a systemic way, and that’s shocking.

  8. JL,
    I’m sorry for those that get sick with Corona, & I really feel bad for those that die from Corona, particularly if they don’t know Christ as Savior.
    Nonetheless, I don’t believe that we can yet say that Corona is a disease of epidemic proportions.
    However, I wonder if there isn’t a problem if immense proportions that is around the corner. A large percentage of consumables used in the United States come from China. A large percentage of medical supplies (including bandages, syringes, needles, antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals) come from China.
    Significant amounts of car parts (including starters, alternators, many cast items, and other items) come from China.
    Significant amounts of electronics (including parts for cars, servos for manufacture, not to mention 100% of Apple phones, and many others parts) come from China.
    I think the list could go on.
    I understand that China has quarantined several hundred million people and forced the shutdown of many factories in order to “Contain the outbreak”.

    The point is that for our “just in time” manufacturing concepts, this would essentially cause the shut down of many businesses in the US. The GDP would go down substantially and many people would be laid off.

    If the above is true, I would suggest that the above is as big or bigger problem than Corona.

    Can you confirm or deny the claims that have been made in articles that I read?


    • Hi Steve Abrams,

      I CAN confirm what you are saying and wanted to make my next article all about this issue.

      The bad thing is that global shipping had already been in a deep slump BEFORE this coronavirus hit us. The Baltic Dry Index is an important leading indicator, and it has been pointing towards global recession for some time.

      So, this epidemic couldn’t have come at a worse time.

      It IS an epidemic, but only in China. If it becomes an epidemic in other countries, the term switches to ‘pandemic’.

      Lord willing, my article on the economic impact of the Wuhan Coronavirus, will be out soon.

      (By the way, calling it the ‘Wuhan Coronavirus’ is a subtle way of being critical of the CCP.)

      This is an interesting moment in time, and we should continue to be watchful.

      Great comment Steve. Thank you for being on top of things.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. Random thoughts and a prayer request.

    I got this today from a ministry I follow:

    “Though Iranians have faced political and economic crises in recent months, Christian workers report that they are more open to the gospel than before. Evangelists in Iran say that for every ten people they speak to about Christ, six or seven are ready to respond. “At no point before has Iran been so eager and ready to hear the message of the gospel,” a ministry leader said. He said there are also many secret followers of Christ in the country who have not openly declared their faith. Pray for Christian workers who are helping to reap this great harvest.”

    Those numbers are mind-boggling. 6-7 out of 10 in a nation with radical Muslim leadership? That is way better than the USA. Goes to show a few fanatics can and do make life miserable for the sheep. Bless their suffering hearts. Let us all remember to pray for them, and that the military/industrial complex along with our own corrupt government factions do not succeed in bringing us to war with them. I am sure the enemy wants to stop this move of God, and while Trump is no more perfect than any other human being, I do believe God can use him more than the average politician because he is not sold out to the special interests. For those who criticize and complain about him – how do you think it would have been under Hillary??

    Meanwhile, in his public blog, Martin Armstrong has this to say about the coronavirus:

    • Hi DRG,

      THAT is INCREDIBLE! I’d heard about the growth of Christianity in Iran, and this is more proof that it’s happening. Really awesome, DRG!

      As for the Armstrong post, the reader got the death rate wrong. For this flu season, the fatality rate seems to be at 0.05% in the US. Although, we aren’t done yet, and the IFR (Infection Fatality Rate) is always a trailing indicator. We will need to wait until the summer to find out the true IFR.

      The IFR for the Wuhan Coronavirus is probably low, too. But, we have not been able to determine that because the biggest effort has been towards disease remediation. Once this epidemic dies out, we’ll have more resources to determine what the IFR is.

      The big scare is that the IFR will approach that of SARS or even MERS. THAT is where all the concern comes from.

      Great comment, DRG. We need to pray for our brothers and sisters in Iran.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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