The Wuhan Coronavirus – Some Real Truth

As we move into the second phase of this outbreak, we are starting to understand more and more about this virus. We know who is at greatest risk. We know what to do to avoid it. We are also beginning to understand that our fears about this virus are unnecessary. Being cautious is wise, being fearful is not.

Unfortunately, the hysterical media continue to pump out hysteria and deception. And, we’ll be seeing their clickbait headlines for a while longer, so remember who is engaging in these lies. As we move further into these Last Days, the fearmongers will only drag you down. So, ignore them.

Instead, show a dark and dying world what a true follower of Christ is really like.


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The Wuhan Coronavirus – Some Real Truth


The Wuhan Coronavirus – Some Real Truth – The ShockCast

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I am still seeing email and comments from well-meaning people who are sharing the lies and hysteria that are being passed around the Internet. People like Steve Quayle, Mike Adams, The Epoch Times and a host of others are doing great damage by passing on cleverly crafted lies that they claim to be truth. Even generally dependable sites like ZeroHedge have been caught up in this outburst of deceit and fearmongering. People have lost their minds, and it’s time for them to stop doing that.

One way to stop going nuts over hysterical headlines is to look at the cold, hard truth. And, since you and I are Christians, we are all about the truth. So, let’s do that.

Inside China’s Lies

My darling-dearest, Mrs. Little, is a native Mandarin speaker and involved in certain aspects of the healthcare community here in Taiwan. And, she is getting reports from those on the ground in China. From healthcare workers. And, there is one thing that is absolutely clear:

The Chinese government is lying.

And, you can always tell when they are lying, because their lips are moving.

You cannot trust anything that the Chinese government says, or anything that is issued through public channels. They are lying, and they are completely without a conscience about their lying. All that they care about is maintaining their power.

That’s why Chinese government has engaged in such a huge effort to contain this virus. They literally do not care about who dies from this virus. The health of their population does not matter to them. What they care about is not being blamed for how this virus outbreak was handled.

The next time someone comments on the massive amount of effort being expended by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), tell them that this is just kabuki theater. They are just making sure that everyone sees them doing something. And, at the same time they are doing their best to control the narrative.

This means that none of the numbers that we are getting from China can be trusted. None of them. Not the death rate. Not the survivor rate. Not the infection rate. We have almost no way of knowing what is true, on the ground, in China.

The only thing that we have are anecdotal reports from individuals, and it’s hard to trust such personal reports because such people can only speak to their own, limited circumstances. We have plenty of these reports, and they really tug at your heart.

This is a real disaster in China, make no mistake.

One avenue of truth that we might have access to are scientific studies by Chinese physicians, in hospitals in China. Those reports don’t seem to be censored by the CCP, so we might actually be getting some truth there. As time goes on, we’ll have a better idea as to the truthfulness of these studies.

Unbelievable Corruption

There is another problem that we are seeing in China, and that is unbelievable corruption. There is widespread theft, by minor officials, of vital resources. Anything that you personally send to China, to help those who are suffering in China, will be stolen. They will either steal it for resale on the black market for personal gain, or they will steal it to increase their status within the Chinese Communist Party.

So please, do not send ANYTHING to China to help those who are suffering. There ARE ways to help, but only if you go through extremely private channels. You literally need to know someone that you can trust to handle this.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

How To Actually Help China

Do NOT give to the Red Cross. Do NOT give to ANY organization, unless you know that they are impervious to corruption, and that means not even trusting supposedly ‘christian’ organizations.

There’s also something else that I need to say about this corruption – and that is about how the rich are probably taking the lion’s share of the resources. I don’t have absolute proof of this, but there is a mountain of circumstantial evidence that backs this up. In China, if you have money, you get healthcare. If you have money, you get special treatment. The poor only get what’s left.

That’s why I’m betting that – after this is all over – we’ll find that the death rate will have been highest among the poor in China. And, that makes me incredibly angry, and it should make you angry too.

This also means that the response to this virus outbreak will be uneven and extremely inefficient. Corruption has gotten in the way of China’s response, and made it worse.

Resource Limits

The other side of this problem has everything to do with resources. Not only are the rich demanding more than their share of the testing kits and hospital beds, but there’s a real limit on how many are available. And, this means that people with the Wuhan Coronavirus are not getting tested, and there are those deaths from this virus that are not being recorded properly. And, only some of the blame can be laid at the feet of the morons running China.

It was never going to be possible to respond fast enough to this virus. No government will ever be able to contain a virus like this – especially a government run by sycophants and psychopaths. And, the task of containing a virus like this is made even harder when psychopaths with too much money are able to break through any quarantine that you set up.

We had an example of this, here in Taiwan. A plane was privately charted to medevac those Taiwanese in China who were not infected – but in need of urgent medical care. There were some people in serious need who were going to be on that plane. However, when it landed in Taiwan, we found none of those urgent cases. What we found instead were corrupt Taiwanese businessmen and their families – some of whom were ineligible for entry into Taiwan. And, at least one of these businessmen were infected.

There literally is no way that we will ever have enough testing kits to discover the true extent of this virus in China. And, it is equally impossible for this virus to be contained. There are too many corrupt people with too much money, to stop them from arriving on our shores and spreading this infection.

The Good Thing

The good thing about all of this is that we DO have access to accurate data about those with this virus who are outside of China. And, we are able to take this data and draw important conclusions that give us some hope that we will all get through this okay.

This outbreak will get worse, before it gets better. But, I suspect that we’ll do fine as long as we analyze the situation properly and take reasonable precautions. And that means adequately understanding who is at risk and what you can do.

Who Is At Risk

So, let’s start off with who are really at risk, and we have a lot more data on this than before. This means that we can talk about who needs to be extra careful about this epidemic. And, right now, that means talking about two groups of people:

Healthcare workers

The elderly

The anecdotal evidence that is coming in shows that – like the SARS outbreak – doctors, nurses and hospital staff are the ones who run the highest risk of getting this virus and even dying from it. They are getting the highest concentrations of this virus at a time when they are being overworked and over stressed. This is NOT a good time to be a healthcare professional in China.

The good thing is that the rate of infections among healthcare workers will probably begin to drop, now that they are wearing goggles, when dealing with patients. Too many hospitals in Wuhan didn’t catch on to this need until it was too late for some of their staff. Unfortunately, the other risk group is still in grave danger.

The elderly and those in bad health are the ones who are still at risk of contracting and dying from this virus. And, reports from some hospitals are showing that the majority of their patients are over the age of 50. One hospital released a study of 138 patients and found that their average age was around 56 years old. Half will be older than that, and half will be younger. And, since I’m in my 50s, I take that a little more personally than those of you who are younger.

Those who are in their thirties and younger seem to have minor symptoms, if any. We have a case, here in Taiwan, where three family members came down with the Wuhan Coronavirus, while a fourth and youngest member of the family had no symptoms at all. But, when they tested that fourth family member, they discovered that he was infected.

A similar case in Canada had a woman in her 50s coming down with the Wuhan Coronavirus, having picked it up from two people visiting her from China. Her two visitors were in their thirties, and had very few symptoms at all. All of this seems to indicate that our children and grandchildren have little to fear from this outbreak.

The MedCram YouTube Channel

So far, the best analysis on this epidemic can be found here:

Coronavirus Epidemic: Updates, Spread, Symptoms, & Treatment (COVID-19)

Dr. Seheult is a pulmonologist with a gift for communicating complicated information in a way that is easy to understand. If you have concerns about this virus, you need to listen to these YouTube videos.

In fact, I recommend that you subscribe to his channel:

MedCram – Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY

That channel is chock full of excellent information. I subscribed. You should, too.

Now, back to the details about this viral epidemic.

Our Kids

When examining who is at risk, I find it truly ironic that those that we care about most are least at risk – and our biggest threat:

Our children.

Those of you with kids, know this all too well. When school starts, you know that your children will bring home any of the pathogens running through your school district. Influenza, the common cold, chicken pox and homework will all eventually make your own life utterly miserable. But, you love your kids, so it’s a small price to pay.

The good thing is that some governments have figured out that schools are vectors for disease, and they all have plans for shutting them down, when outbreaks happen. For instance, here in Taiwan, all schools have been on extended break, until late February. This is a very smart move to eliminate a huge transmission route for this disease.

Kids aren’t very good at following the rules for good hygiene, which is why they keep getting the common cold and the flu and passing them on to those who will be most hurt by it. Kids should NOT be visiting their grandmother if they have a stuffy nose.

What YOU Can Do

Unfortunately, kids can be contagious before symptoms develop, and this is definitely the case for the Wuhan Coronavirus. By the time that people are getting symptoms, they have already been spreading this virus. And, this is why you MUST be extra careful with washing your hands.

That’s right. Wash. Your. Hands.

That is the single biggest way to avoid getting this bug. Wash your hands, and do it for twenty seconds. Disinfectant is good, but it’s not as good as good ol’ soap and water when applied vigorously for twenty seconds.

Second, make sure that you do NOT rub your eyes or nose with any part of your hand that has touched any public surface. You can still get this disease if someone sneezes in your face, but that’s less common than picking up this infection because you picked your nose.

So, don’t pick your nose in public.

Whenever I see someone rub their eyes with their fingertips, I just shake me head. Doing that is a surefire way of getting sick, in addition to sticking your fingers up your nose.

Here in Taiwan, it’s normal to see lots of people running around with facemasks on. That won’t really protect you from getting an infection, but it might keep YOU from infecting others. If you have a cough, or are sneezing, be a good citizen and wear a facemask. It’s the Taiwanese way.

The one thing that the Taiwanese SHOULD do, if this virus becomes a problem here, is wear goggles. And, if you see that the virus is in your area, you might want to do that. This virus CAN and WILL get into your system through your eyes.

There are quite a few ‘safety goggles’ out there that look quite nice, and won’t make you look like a laboratory reject when you wear them. Just remember that they aren’t really necessary if the area where you live and work is not suffering an outbreak of the flu, common cold or this Wuhan Coronavirus.

I find it ironic that the incidence of influenza and the common cold will undoubtedly be found to have been lower for this year, because of the extra precautions that people are taking. And, that’s a good thing. And, if we can keep doing this, fewer people will come down with the flu every year.

Worry For Africa

All of what I have talked about, up to this point, gives us a way to weather this pandemic, should it get worse. You and I benefit from good healthcare. We are generally in good health. We have access to good food and clean living conditions. We will probably do fine, should the worst happen.

But, there is one place that will not do fine:


Everything that would help you and me survive this virus, is unavailable to the average African. They do not have access to good food and clean living conditions. On average, they are far, far less healthy and already suffer from debilitating epidemics like Malaria that leave them open to dying from a virus like this.

Worse, we can’t know if this virus has arrived in Africa yet. They have very few testing kits, and very few medical personnel to respond to any outbreak. The best that they can do is quarantine anyone with a fever, arriving at one of their airports. But, that just isn’t going to be enough.

The only thing that might be keeping Africa from getting the Wuhan Coronavirus, is the fact that none of the corrupt Chinese businessmen fleeing China would ever go to Africa for safe haven. But, that won’t be enough, since there are plenty of Africans going back and forth between China and Africa, and the Chinese have been deeply involved in resource extraction efforts along with infrastructure projects.

So, spare a thought, or even a prayer for Africa. They are at risk – along with India.

The Hysterical Media Goes Hysterical

Unfortunately, you won’t hear the above from the hysterical media. Washing your hands just doesn’t sound as sexy as, headlines that scream ‘BIO-WEAPON’ and ‘MILLIONS DEAD’. And, that’s a real shame. No, actually, it’s shameful.

The Wuhan Coronavirus is NOT a Bio-weapon.

Ten thousand people are NOT dying every day from the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Those in the hysterical media who are passing these lies around, should be ashamed of themselves. Those of us with websites and YouTube channels have a responsibility to make sure that we are passing on the truth, and not clever fictions. And, I am seeing too much of that.

If there is a silver lining to this viral outbreak, it’s the fact that the hysterical hoaxers have revealed themselves. So, take note of the lying liars and avoid them.

Steve Quayle

Doug Hagmann – The Hagmann Report

Brandon Smith – Alt-Market

Mike Adams – Natural News

Before It’s News

Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Those people probably don’t know that they are passing on lies. Probably. But, I’ve also noticed that these people aren’t very careful about making sure that they are giving you the truth. They don’t double-check their sources. They don’t hesitate when a story sounds ‘too good to be true’.

Our job, as Christians, is to love the Truth. This means that we need to be extremely careful to never pass on a lie. And, if we should ever send out a lie, by mistake, we need to bend-over-backwards to make sure that this mistake was corrected. It should horrify us, if we should ever promote a lie.

Unfortunately, the men/websites that I have listed above have all been found to have promoted lies, without a shred of remorse. I have caught each and every one of them in a lie, and they have refused to even retract what they said – let alone apologize. And, this means that none of them can be trusted.

It also means that they are corrupt.

I really do not enjoy saying this about people, but those who do not love the truth are dangerous. They might not make up the lies that they peddle, but they are still doing grave damage to those of us who are seeking to warn others about what is coming.

Unfortunately, it is one thing to pass on a lie. It is quite another thing to actually create the lies. And, I have found these sites and people to be unflinching liars:

Rick Wiles – TruNews

Debkafile (Giora Shamis)

V The Guerilla Economist – (Viji Varghese)

The Epoch Times

Hal Turner – Hal Turner Radio Show


These people KNOW that they are lying. I’ve caught them at it, and they are unashamed by their lies. And, that lack of conscience over their deception is truly nauseating. We could speculate all day about how they could be so evil, but it really isn’t important. And, I’ve already shared some speculation in previous articles and videos.

The Epoch Times Is Lying

The only one that I have not really talked about is The Epoch Times. That ‘newspaper’ has been passing on a lot of deception about the Wuhan Coronavirus, and I strongly suspect that they are making up a lot of it all by themselves.

Why are they deceptive?

They are the media arm of the Falun Gong.

The Falun Gong are a Buddhist/Daoist mystical, shmystical cult started by Li Hongzhi in China. He made the mistake of challenging the Chinese Communist Party, which responded in a brutal crackdown that continues today. If you go to China to get an organ transplant, chances are high that the organ that you received came from a Falun Gong practitioner that was murdered by the Chinese Communist Party.

The Falun Gong might be a cult, and Li Hongzhi might be a moron for going up against the CCP. But, what China is doing to the Falun Gong is pure evil. And, it’s understandable that the media arm of the Falun Gong, The Epoch Times, would be interested in painting the Chinese government in as unfavorable a light as possible.

Unfortunately, a lie is a lie. And, we should never be a party to lies. And, that means avoiding The Epoch Times.

ZeroHedge Goes To The Dark Side

Then, there’s a site like ZeroHedge, which has been a generally good site that publishes the kind of information that we all need to know about. Yet, they have chosen to fan the flames of hysteria over this virus outbreak. I am disturbed and disgusted by this, and they should know better than to engage in such deceptive journalism.

In fact, one of the reasons why the ‘Bio-weapon’ hoax got so much traction, is precisely due to ZeroHedge republishing a fake article by GreatGameIndia (GGI). And, they didn’t just republish the article, but they went on to add their own foolish speculations to the hoax.

It is my understanding that ZeroHedge has a permanent staff of three writers, and the owner of the site is Bulgarian. I suspect that the owner of the site is behind this effort to promote the GGI hoax. It has gotten a lot of clicks for ZeroHedge, and that means advertising revenue. So, they aren’t going to be interested in anything that detracts from the hysteria.

Remember that hysteria is an easy way to make money. Just ask the people behind 9/11.

Your Opportunity

The tragedy of this Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak is an opportunity to reflect the light of Christ into a dark and dying world. It’s also a chance to discover who loves the truth, and who does not. It’s also your chance to mentally and physically prepare for the time when worse outbreaks arise.

As a follower of Christ, your whole life should be about truth. Not speculation. Not hysteria. Truth. And, if the people around you cannot see the truth because you have been a peddler of fiction, you have a serious problem.

Remember that the unsaved are watching us. They take note of what we do and how we do it. And, they will be quick to remember how upset you were over a microscopic bug, while claiming that God was your Father.

If you haven’t seen my article about the letter by Pastor Tan Songhua of Cornerstone Church in Wuhan, now is your chance:

The Wuhan Coronavirus – A Wuhan Pastor Responds

Pastor Tan is a shining example of the kind of Christian that we all must be – trusting God without fear. He knows that God is in control. And, he knows that his job is to point precious souls towards the path of eternal life.

One day, we will all stand before God and be required to give an account of all that we did. All of our works, good and bad will be judged. If we have tarnished the name of Christ by our actions, we run the risk of suffering great loss of reward, for all eternity. I shudder to think of that, and you should too.

God set you in this world to show people the way of salvation. No other job is more important than that. It doesn’t matter how bad the government is, or who is president. It doesn’t matter if the stock market crashes or if the world is struck by horrible catastrophes. What matters is the Good News of Jesus Christ, and you cannot share that gospel, if your reputation has been damaged by lies.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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43 thoughts on “The Wuhan Coronavirus – Some Real Truth”

  1. Thank you, John Little. For the first time since this outbreak started, I have some peace. I admit, I’ve been looking at Zero Hedge…a lot. I will continue to pray for the Chinese people (especially the poor) and be focused on the following verse….“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things and the God of peace will be with you” (Philippians 4:8)

  2. Hi John,
    Amen to that. And, you just reminded me that, 2 weeks ago, it was Epoch Times who made me very angry, I even said some very bad words about lie-spreaders and lie-makers:
    -scary thing isn’t it? Now look here – this is my city in south-west Poland:
    The crows from northern Russia and Siberia spend winter in central Europe, China and elsewhere. They love big cities for slightly higher temperature and lack of predators. Every winter morning (around 7 a.m.) they take off from the trees and go to the fields surrounding city to hunt rodents and worms, then they are back at 5.30 p.m. In my city alone – half a million of them. Here, you can see scenes from that movie every single day (twice), every winter, with no exeption. I can assure you, there are no mass graves in my city, and no dead people on the streets. No one of the locals would ever describe it as “unusual phenomena”. The only grave danger associated with those birds is when you park a car under big tree, on which several hundreds of them are sleeping, if you know what I mean – it’s car washing time.
    So you may understand how I reacted reading Epoch Times…
    John, thanks for another great article, we all need as many of them as possible!
    To finish, something less rational and maybe rather symbolic – weeks ago you mentioned Mandate of Heaven. Accidentally I’ve red about chain of events which cancelled the Mandate of the last imperial dynasty of China. Precisely – the location, where it started.
    It was here:
    Yours in Christ

  3. I have been following you for a long time now. I have read most of your work and agree with you on the post-tribulation rapture etc. etc. I agree with you 100% that we shouldn’t “panic” – unless of course you Chinese being dragged to a “virus camp”, or being locked in your home, or if you are one of those less fortunate to run out of food because of the quarantine; and the list could go on. I am surprised at you vilifying those in the alt media that are reporting something different from what you are. Granted you are in Hong Kong – much closer to the epicenter, but that doesn’t mean the others you are belittling and berating and calling “liars” isn’t correct in their information. Just the fact that China has 100 million people in quarantine speaks to the seriousness of the situation. Surely the Chinese normally don’t quarantine 100 million people for something that you are comparing to the common flu. Surely the Chinese have a “flu season” like everyone else, assuredly, they know the difference between the flu and this novel Coronavirus. Maybe the Chinese communist government isn’t telling the whole truth – imagine that. Could you fathom them saying “The Coronavirus, a manufactured bio weapon made by our military has escaped from our level 4 bio lap located just 20 miles from the virus epicenter of Wuhan” I am sure it would chaos a world-wide panic. I am 100% positive that upon hearing that that the Chinese people would revolt in mass. If the governments of the world came out today and said “The Coronavirus is a bio weapon that has currently infected 5 million people and has killed 250,000 people ( just numbers I have pulled out of the air but not the worst case scenario for sure )”.


    • Hi James,

      You are clearly not paying attention to what I have been saying. I have provided real proof about why I have claimed that these people are liars, or passing on a lie. Real. Proof. Not supposition. Proof. And, it is truly depressing to see someone like yourself ignore what I have clearly said – and then claim that I didn’t say it.

      You are engaging in false accusation – a clear sin. You even got the country where I live wrong.

      Repent of your foolishness and start learning wisdom, James.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • As I am a REAL Bible Scholar and read Hebrew let me tell you some Bible TRUTHS. In other words….WHAT THE BIBLE ACTUALLY SAYS: ALL Bible Scholars (I am one also) KNOW the Jews Plagiarized the Sumerian Tablets of Creation during the Babylonian Captivity in the 6th Century BC. The 4th word of Genesis is NOT God but ELOHIM and I do not care what Jewish owned Google tells you, the word translates too LOFTY ONES—PLURAL. 2536 times in the OT. IF YHVH really was ONE entity then he has 2,476, 633 KILLS recorded in your Bible while Satan has 10. Bet NONE of you ever READ THE BOOK, let alone even study it………………….AT ALL. QUIT Listening to preachers. The OT is a history of the ANUNNAKI/Elohim and their fucked up wars……rape…..murder…dismemberment…..incest…INSANITY !!!!

        IF any God is guiding humanity …………………….into what? Endless WARS…..26000 children starving EVERYDAY on Earth……..Lying politicians………Machiavellian arguments online with people you will never know let alone meet…….800,000 children going missing each year JUST in the US. ……world leaders stealing all the money while 1/3 starve and go to bed hungry? FUCK THOSE GODS. In the BIBLE: KILLS IN THE BIBLE= YHVH 2,476, 633 NOT including the FLOOD or Sodom and Gomorrah. Satan? Only 10. YOU would know that IF you understood the 4th word of Genesis is NOT God, but ELOHIM. PLURAL and meaning LOFTY ONES. Also there is NO “W” in HEBREW. I don’t CARE what Jewish owned Google says. I am a Bible Scholar and read Hebrew well. I also DON’T WORSHIP KILLERS.

        • (facepalm) It looks like someone broke out of the insane asylum. Only a fool rejects God. But, you seem to be trying to put a new spin on stupid. But, as long as you stay in Mexico and leave the rest of us alone, we’ll be fine. – JL

    • James I remember John Little having some personal experience with being attacked and vilified for standing up to some of the listed individuals back around 2016 or 2017. It was terrible. All John did was defend a brothers stance against a New Age teacher, but since he had passed the group’s sniff test, John was vilified and shunned. John spoke the truth in love and paid a high price. So as he watches and keeps tabs on those who run stories without good sources, i believe he is earnest in his reporting.

  4. Thanks for writing this John. It is good to read something from someone close to China and with a wife who can speak and understand Chinese. It’s very difficult these days to get to the truth. I was wondering this though: The interesting timing of this virus. Suddenly no more Hong Kong protests. Brexit suddenly is not important news. I do wonder whether the Chinese government my be actually using this virus panic as a chance to kill off some of the population that don’t like the communist regime. It may be easier to knock them off with no one noticing, and blame it on the coronavirus. Not that I have any actual proof of this. It’s somewhat speculation. But what we do know is that reporters who try to show what’s actually going on are suddenly going missing. Keep you virus updates coming. they are very helpful. Cheers Tony AMTM

    • Hi Tony K,

      There’s no way that this is possible. This virus is actually killing off the people who actively support the Chinese Communist Party. The younger people who are the biggest ‘troublemakers’ are left largely unaffected. Worse, they could never keep such a program secret.

      You aren’t the first to remark upon the timeliness of this outbreak. But, it’s the wrong virus for the job.

      We have also been tracking this outbreak. If this was artificially introduced, they would have reacted with a little more efficiency – instead of acting like morons.

      Second, this epidemic has done real damage to the CCP’s reputation. They will now have even bigger problems than Hong Kong to deal with, once this is all over.

      I hope that helps, Tony.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. I appreciate many of your sentiments about being a light in a dark world, et al, but having done what I consider to be “due diligence” in researching many articles written about this topic, I think what is written about Zero Hedge and others of that ilk are being given short shrift.

    A very compelling piece of documentation presented by a couple of these sites was the link to a Chinese webpage of the bio-lab in the heart of Wuhan advertising for researchers to work on a project on viruses created in a lab situation. The website was still up as of 2/9/10. I don’t know if it is still up.

    In a five senses world that for the most part, does not recognize the fact that the greater reality is spiritual, I find it hard to call this a matter of coincidence. That, and the fact there is much in the way of geo engineering (many facets), as well as social engineering taking place around the globe. Easy enough to find well documented articles on these matters.

    We have been lied to and manipulated, propagandized and inculcated all of our lives. Evil is bigger and badder than any one can really appreciate and the deceitful lion stomps around devouring all that can be devoured. Thank God for the hope of glory which is Christ in us – the only thing that will save anybody. Satan claimed the godship of this world through the treason of mankind in Genesis. Satan knows the time is short and is unleashing his worst. Many people will suffer. Don’t believe for an instant that this virus is not as evil as many have written about. If you do, you don’t really understand tactics of the enemy.

    This is only the beginning and it is ALL prophetic.

    Do not shoot the messengers that have received an understanding you cannot ken. Follow your calling – it sounds like you understand true and well what that is. But some people have a different directive – all to the same end, just not exactly doing what you have been called to do.

    • Hi c santos,

      Like James above, you have not been paying attention to what I have said.

      Did you even bother to check the truth of what I am saying?

      I have absolute proof that these people are lying. Absolute proof. That proof might not mean much to you, but it’s there.

      Furthermore, my wife and I are on the ground, with access to original sources. And, we have a track record of complete integrity and honesty. The other sites that you are listening to, have none of that.

      Omega Shock is about the truth, not falsehood. The real truth. The proven truth. For exciting lies, go elsewhere.

      Truth is a lot less exciting than the lies, but it will save your life.

      Buy the truth and sell it not, Santos. It’s in the Bible.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. This hysteria is nuts. I suppose that is an obvious statement, kind of like the Department of Redundancy Department. But these screaming headlines are even on now! I just went there and it says, “Coronavirus Infections Skyrocket as Death Toll Jumps – At least two dozen Americans have been stricken”. This frenzied, hyperbolic verbiage communicates panic at a subconscious level and bypasses (or tries to) any cognitive, critical thinking process that would say, wait a minute, how does 24 out of 300 million+ Americans justify the term “skyrocket”? And “stricken” – with what, the common cold? Even the common cold kills frail elderly people. Healthcare workers see this all the time, in nursing homes especially. Another factor is, Americans have over the past few decades gotten on the bandwagon of quitting smoking, or not starting to begin with; far fewer smoke now than in the 40s and 50s. And those are the ones that are elderly now, many with COPD and emphysema and incurably damaged lungs. I have heard that smoking is more common in Asia than it now is here. That may make them more susceptible to a more dangerous infection. Like the flu, which is basically a respiratory infection. We keep comparing this with flu numbers and it is NOTHING compared to the common flu that happens every year; and yet, the hysteria continues.

    It might be worth hysteria if we had another wave of the Black Plague, which killed off 50% of Europe, before antibiotics.

    Another piece of hype that makes me crazy is the pseudoscience disinformation that it has a similar DNA sequence to (whatever they try to use to incite terror). This is such a stupid play on scientific ignorance. DNA is so incredibly complex, of COURSE one virus will have some sequences similar to other viruses because they are BOTH VIRUSES!!!! Did you know 97% of a chimpanzee’s DNA is similar to a human’s? Because they both have genes for 2 arms, as opposed to 8 for an octopus. And that hair, in differing amounts, grows on the surface of their skin instead of feathers, scales, or whatever it is that rhinos have. Concrete.

    And, as with this orangutan, we share a sense of humor:

    P.S: forgot to mention. Another reason the elderly are more susceptible to infection of any kind is that their immune systems become a lot weaker in advanced age and do not put up nearly the fight that a young, healthy immune system would. They can have a raging infection and in a blood test, show hardly any increase in white blood cell count. So the microbe multiplies unabated and in the case of a virus, does not respond to antibiotics. Same concept with flu. It kills frail elderly while a young healthy person can be infected with minimal symptoms. It is not some kind of killer superbug, it is mostly due to the fact that bodies eventually wear out and we’re all going to die of something!!! And damaged lungs will surely accelerate this process.

    • Hi DRG,

      Absolutely correct, and I’m glad that we have a professional to confirm this.

      It is so depressing to see foolish christians chase after exciting lie after exciting lie. The truth is boring, which is why the clickbait headlines get the attention.

      To your point about smoking, 48% of all men in China smoke. And, the MedCram YouTube channel made an interesting connection between ACE2 receptors, smoking and this virus.

      Oh, and did you know that we humans share a HUGE part of our genome with plants? With Cannabis, it’s 40%.


      (whispers urgently in conspiracy theory)

      I would love to have something like a Baseball Bat of Wisdom and use it to knock some sense into people. But, I hear that bats carry the Coronavirus….

      Thanks for the valuable input, DRG. It is very much needed!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. Hi John – you replied to a comment about this virus not being as bad as 2009 h1n1. But consider these facts:

    2009 h1h1 ran for 1 year and 6 months. During that entire period only a little over 18k deaths were reported. From the date that the WHO declared h1n1 a global emergency to 14 days later a total of 71 deaths had occured.

    With this virus, from the date that the WHO declared it a global emergency to 14 days later over 1200 deaths had occured

    These are facts and assume the death numbers out of China are not being sugarcoated.

    The silly big numbers being quoted about h1n1 killing 200k to 500k only became popular MANY years after h1n1 and were derived through extrapolation in retrospect.

    However the news media, the WHO, the CDC during the actual realtime run of h1n1 over 1.5 years was only slightly more than 18k confirmed deaths

    We need to compare apples with apples when it comes to the deaths and compare on the ground numbers during the pandemic reporting on deaths between the h1n1 and coronavirus

    At this point nothing has ever killed more people more quickly than this coronavirus. Not Sara, not h1n1 2009, nothing. Perhaps, maybe perhaps the 1918 Spanish flu but it was so long ago we don’t have the same kind of solid live reported data that we have between 2009 h1h1 and this virus.

    • [WARNING! Grumpy response from John Little WARNING!]

      Are you kidding me? In the US alone, we have already had up to 36 THOUSAND dead from the flu. For this flu season. Just the United States. Stop playing this game, mem. This helps no one. – JL

      • John – not kidding just facts. My comment was in reply to what you had asserted about this virus versus H1n1 2009.

        However, regarding the propaganda on annual flu deaths, those silly big annual flu “deaths” please check this out from the dept of human and health services site, asking the CDC to stop misleading the public about annual flu deaths. It is no where near 36,000.—-influenza-deaths-request-correction-rfc

        Again, not a game, not kidding. These are real facts about the death rate overtime that is unprecedented in at least 100 years.

        • [WARNING! Grumpy response from John Little WARNING!]

          Hi mem,

          That link is not authoritative. It’s a ‘letter to the editor’. And I’m not interested in getting into the vaccine debate. If you don’t want to talk about influenza, then let’s just talk about pneumonia, which killed more than 40,000 people in the United States in 2018. They didn’t start with pneumonia, but it’s what ended up killing them.

          Things look bad this year, so we might have 60 thousand dying of pneumonia. The point is not the disease itself, but the hysteria surrounding the Wuhan Coronavirus, while ignoring all the deaths that are already happening around us.

          So please, stop playing this game.

          If you don’t want to talk about pneumonia, then we can talk about an even bigger killer – heart disease.

          Again, let’s stop the games and get to the point.

          Do you understand what I’m trying to do here, mem?

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • John – I’m on your side. I was trying to point to the rate of death over x amount of days and compare that to SARS and 2009h1n1 over the same amount of days.

            Regarding the annual flu deaths. If we look at what death certificates actually say for cause of death the regular flu killed 500 in all of 2010 according to US vital statistics. The pediatrician was referencing official stats that breakout flu from pneumonia. (page 38)

            Since this virus only started we don’t have 12 months of rate of death or annual total death stats to compare to those annualized totals of pneumonia or heart disease, etc. The first WHO report was Feb 1 and the stats were tracked daily from Jan 24.
            I think we need to distinguish between total annual deaths and the death rate in terms of how many are dying how quickly.

            So we are only looking at several weeks of recorded data on deaths and then there is the growth curve that these viruses have as infectious disease versus non-transmissible maladies increases with proliferation

            I understand what you are trying to do and agree. Nobody should operate out of fear or panic.
            That would be a mistake
            The reality is in the middle between (casual dismissal and panic) where we practice the proverb that a wise man sees trouble from a far off and takes prudent action which I believe you were advocating.

            This is just an effort to point to what I see as a useful speed of death metric (deaths per day from start) that from my calculations is helpful for keeping tabs on the risk of this virus and grading its level of seriousness so that we can respond wisely

            I won’t belabor this, I at no point was playing any game. I am sorry I did not communicate in a more clear way.

            We will just have to see how things go.

          • Hi mem,

            Sorry. I guess that I was being extra grumpy and jumped to the wrong conclusions. I think that I’ve been doing a bit too much of that, lately. I will go back and add a ‘grumpy warning’ to my responses.

            You raise a good point about the speed of transmission for this virus. Unfortunately, we will not be able to assess the factors involved until it has been studied more thoroughly. And, because I live in the middle of a thoroughly traditional Chinese society, I am aware of certain issues that most in the ‘West’ do not come into contact with.

            Anyway, we’ll see what happens.

            Thanks for your patience with my grumpy responses, mem.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

  8. It is unlikely that Wuhan virus was developed as a “bio-weapon”, as the fear-mongers claim. However, credible experts have suggested that this virus was engineered in a laboratory for vaccine research purposes and then escaped into the environment.

    The Wuhan Center for Disease Control, which conducts virus research, is located less than 300 yards from the seafood market touted as the “source” of this outbreak. It is also adjacent to the Union Hospital where the first group of doctors were infected.

    • While this sounds far more plausible than the bio-weapon hoax. We still need to see credible sources. If you have links, I’d be happy to look at them. Remember that a credible source needs to show a CAUSAL link. Thanks, John. – JL

      • There is no solid evidence for the “seafood market” story either, and it is clear that the government has been hiding the facts and understating the number of cases for the past two months in order to “avoid panic”.

        Wuhan doctors who tried to warn co-workers back in December were silenced by the authorities. One has now died from the virus, and has become a national martyr. Imagine the reaction if it becomes known that sloppy procedures at a government lab caused this outbreak.

        Here’s a link to the paper, published by a scientist in the “synthetic biology” department at the South China University of Technology, willing to risk his career (or worse) by publishing this. It was originally posted at the mainstream science website “”:

        • John, notice who uploaded that article: Zerohedge. So, I wouldn’t treat it seriously. Of course, it COULD have been a sloppy procedure that did it. But, I would want a better source than ZH. They really discredited themselves by going all in on a hoax. – JL

  9. Hello Bro John,
    Hope all is well with you and yours. I readily admit my ignorance and have no idea what the reality of the situation is and considering your experience, location and linguistic ability of your beautiful wife I figure your assessment is as good or better than any of them.
    On the other hand it is good to keep our eyes open for other possibilities I think.
    If you have time to check out the following site I would like your thoughts on it’s contents.

    Thanks, blessing on you and yours and take care of yourself.

    • This is not the first time that I have seen this hoax, Duane. This is a complete and utter lie. There is no way that it is true, and it makes me sick that this foul piece of garbage is gaining traction. And, it is depressing to see so many people willing to believe nonsense like this. – JL

      • That’s what I wanted, your thoughts. Thank you very much. Won’t bother you again on this matter. Have a good day.

          • I didn’t take it personal but thanks for the clarification anyway. At 69 any personal attacks (verbal) is like water on a duck’s back. I wanted your thoughts and that’s what I got. one of the things I like about you is you seem to be up front and honest about your thoughts. Down loaded Ezekiel’s Fire about the time you came out with it but have pretty much forgotten everything. One benefit of our recent dialogue is realizing it would be good to reread it. Thanks for your work in general and specifically Ezekiel’s Fire.

            shalom dg

  10. Just saw some stats: 64300 cases worldwide, 1380 deaths. Death rate: 2.14%. I know that for the 1380 and their families, that’s tragic, but it doesn’t seem particularly deadly to me. I wonder what the death rate was for Hong Kong flu? Or the Spanish flu after WWI? I suspect it was higher. So despite all the fear-mongering, we can view this as a nasty flu bug. Just wash your hands.
    Good info, John.
    BTW–I had a really nasty flu bug in ’89. My fever was so high that when I thought it was back down to normal, it was still 100. The flu is no joke. Be careful out there.

    • Hi david smith,

      This is where I get to show some of my actual concern over this virus.

      You are right that the deadliness is not as bad as the fearmongers would have you believe. BUT, a two percent death rate is still really high – assuming that it is that extreme.

      If this virus breaks out into North America and Europe, and if the transmissibility is high, our hospitals would be overwhelmed and the economy would be severely damaged. Supply of vital goods and services could be severely disrupted. Worse, if this hits population centers in Africa, it could be truly devastating.

      So, even though I have been attempting to blunt the message of the fearmongers, I am still concerned about what could happen with this epidemic.

      Great comment, David. I’m glad that you are not fearful. Well done.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • There was a very important difference re: the “Spanish” flu (which originated in the US, and our lying liars didn’t want to get blamed for it any more than those in China want to get blamed for Wuhan) – anyway, the Spanish flu actually killed more young healthy people because it had a way of turning your own immune system against you; so the stronger your immune system, the more it did you in. We studied it in nursing school. I believe the technical term is a cytokine storm. The immune response would be so immense, sending all this stuff to the lungs to “fight” the infection, that the person would basically drown from their own immune response. That is absolutely not what is happening here. They have dug up cadavers to study the Spanish flu. I question the 2% fatality rate, I thought it was more, but don’t have time right now to look it up. But it was pretty bad. Not black plague bad, just, bad.

        • Hi DRG,

          Great point. You inspired me to do some more checking. People 20-40 were the worst hit. And, they in the link below that the fatality rate was 2.5% with 28% of the US infected.

          Interesting. Half of all fatalities by US soldiers during World War I were due to this flu.

          I’m wondering about the transmission rate for the Wuhan Coronavirus. I’m sure that it varies due to the environment the victims are in. I’ve just stumbled over how incompetent the Japanese have been with the Diamond Princess. Really bad. Look up Professor Kentaro Iwata of the Faculty of Infectious Diseases at Kobe University.

          I had no idea that the Japanese could be this stupid.

          Okay, on to the next comm… oh, it’s yours.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

    • Hi Bill,
      I did a little checking. The number of cases was about 500 million, about 1/3 of the earth’s population at the time. So the death rate was somewhere between 10-20%. That’s really deadly.

      • Sorry to jump in on your response, David, but I wanted to emphasize your point. They claim a CFR (case fatality rate) of only 2%, but acknowledge that 50 million died – with the number of cases being 500 million. And, 50 million dead is the lower estimate. So, we are having a ‘small’ problem with… (ahem!) …math. – JL

  11. Per Wikipedia:

    “The global mortality rate from the 1918–1919 pandemic is not known, but an estimated 10% to 20% of those who were infected died (case-fatality ratio). About a third of the world population was infected, and something between 1% and 5.6% of the entire global population of over 1800 million died.”

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