The Wuhan Coronavirus – Truth vs the Clickbait Kabuki Theater

Navigating the media dumpster fire surrounding this coronavirus epidemic is a challenge. Clickbait websites scream that the sky is falling, while incompetent governments run around DOING SOMETHING. The truth itself has been left at the side of the road, waiting for the next bus out of town.

What a depressing state of affairs.

When will we start demanding integrity and accountability from those who style themselves as ‘watchmen’?

We’re supposed to be Christians, while some of us seem to be more interested in foolish theories and clickbait lies that scratch their itching ears. And, while our attention is elsewhere, greater threats grow.


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The Wuhan Coronavirus – Truth vs the Clickbait Kabuki Theater

NOTE: In addition to the new material here, I am including parts of a previous article.


The Wuhan Coronavirus – Truth vs the Clickbait Kabuki Theater – The ShockCast

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While we have been obsessed with this Wuhan Coronavirus, greater problems are growing in other parts of the world. But, a plague of locusts in Africa just doesn’t have the clickbait power that a nasty virus has. Big trouble is beginning in Egypt. Turkey just laid claim to the eastern Mediterranean. The Palestinians are going to war over the latest peace plan. The EU just took a big step towards falling apart. Iran’s stockpile of highly enriched uranium grows quickly. India became number ten in the list of countries that persecute Christians. And, Democrats are doing their best to destroy the American political system.

But, when 259 people die of a nasty cold in China…

…we go nuts.

And yes, this Wuhan Coronavirus is just a nasty version of the common cold. Everyone keeps talking about Coronavirus this and coronavirus that without thinking about one important fact:

The Common Cold is a CORONAVIRUS.

In fact, the Common Cold is THE coronavirus. It is second only to the rhinovirus for causing the ‘common cold’. And, a ‘cold’ is probably the most common of all coronavirus infections. We all get hit with it (or a rhinovirus) at least once a year. In fact, I’m suffering a bit of that right now, and Mrs. Little has it worse.

That’s right, Mrs. Little has… CORONAVIRUS!

(WAAAH! Run for the hills!)

Did you see what I did there?

I left out an important piece of grammar. Yes, my wife has a coronavirus, but not the coronavirus that has everyone freaked out. By dropping the use of ‘A’ or ‘THE’, I can say that I’m telling the truth, while whipping up some extra clicks and hysteria for my website.

(By the way, my darling dearest probably has
the more common rhinovirus, but it’s more fun
to assume that she has a dreaded… and most dreadful


But, before talking about hoaxes and hysteria, let’s talk some truth. Most of you want to hear more of that, instead of all my blather about morality and ethics. So, let’s talk facts and truth before getting to the blather.

First of all…

What is a CORONAvirus?

Remember that Latin is at the foundation of the ‘Developed World’. In law and science, names and categories are Latin. And, the name of this Wuhan coronavirus is:

Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

It is a betacoronavirus of the family, coronaviridae. And, we use corona as a prefix, because – under the microscope – it looks like it has a kind of halo, or ‘corona’.

Oh, and the word ‘novel’?

That’s just Latin for ‘new’.

Aside from the common cold, you might recognize these other coronaviruses:

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) – SARS is also a betacoronavirus that started in the Guangdong province of China – with bats. The bats gave the virus to the feline Masked Palm Civet, and the Chinese got it by capturing and eating wild Civet cats.

There were only just over 8000 cases of SARS, but the 10% death rate had lots of people spooked. And, here in Taiwan, the largest group of people to die from this virus were the front-line healthworkers – doctors and nurses.

I don’t remember everyone freaking out over SARS, but I was in Israel at the time and focused on the Middle East. When Palestinians are blowing up buses down the street, you tend to ignore hysterical media reports from elsewhere.

MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) – Yet another betacoronavirus, this one came out of Saudi Arabia – from camels. This one was bad, killing about half of everyone who got it. There were about 1200 cases and almost 450 fatalities. It was bad, but you’ll notice that there wasn’t a single case of this in Israel.

Never drink camel urine. They do that in Saudi Arabia, and you shouldn’t. And no, I’m not kidding. Camel urine. Just don’t.

The irony is that I was in Taiwan when that outbreak started. Since my head was exploding over other issues, I didn’t give this coronavirus any attention.

The Wuhan Coronavirus

Those outbreaks were scary and might be part of the reason why some healthcare professionals are freaking out. They are worried that the death rate for the Wuhan Coronavirus will be as big as SARS or MERS. But, it hasn’t been.

At the moment, the fatality rate is just 2.3% – in China. Outside of China, the death rate is a big fat zero. That’s right, there have been NO deaths from this virus  None. Zip. Zero. Outside of China.

I know that it’s hard to believe anything that the Chinese say, but you can trust what we are seeing outside of China – especially, here in Taiwan, where there is NO interest in helping China ‘save face’. With all the evil that China has done to Taiwan, the Taiwanese are more than ready to report every death from this coronavirus and blame China. But, as much as ‘we’ would like to do so, we can’t.

No one in Taiwan has died from the Wuhan Coronavirus, and we’ve had ten cases, so far. And, Taiwan is currently tracking 1400 people who might have come in contact with an infected person. But, that’s small compared to the 7,515 people that came to Taiwan from just Wuhan for Chinese New Year.

Think about that for a moment…

Taiwan has just ten cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus, after more than 7500 people came to Taiwan from Wuhan. And, the ONLY two people to contract this virus in Taiwan, were the spouses of those who got the virus in Wuhan. In Taiwan, you need to be married to someone, with the virus, to get it.

Got it?

Does that maybe tell you that this virus isn’t quite as catastrophic as some would like you to believe?

Right. But, I don’t want to get to the Clickbait Kabuki Theater, just yet. Let’s get into more of the details about this virus.

At this moment in time, we have almost 12,000 cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus and just 259 fatalities. That’s a little over a two percent fatality rate. All of the fatalities and the vast majority of the infections are in China. And, every province in China has at least one case. But, there might be a little problem with those numbers.

First of all, to actually identify someone as having this Wuhan Coronavirus, you need a special testing kit. Without it, you can’t really be sure that the person actually has this virus. Yes, there are some telltale signs like lesions in the lungs, but you still can’t be sure until you have the kit. And, Chinese doctors have been reluctant to label someone as having the virus without a positive test.

More than that, some doctors are reluctant to give tests to those without strong symptoms. There are only so many of these kits, and everyone with a cough wants to get tested. This means that there might be a far larger number of infected cases than what we are seeing.

Outside of China, we’ve noticed that some infections have symptoms that are extremely weak – or nonexistent. I’m not sure if we should call them ‘super carriers’, yet. But, there are probably quite a few people who are running around spreading this virus, without knowing that they have it.

And, that’s a good thing.


We know the fatality rate. That’s pretty clear. So, if there is a higher rate of infection at this fatality rate, it means that this virus is even less dangerous than we thought.

You really do not want a high fatality rate for this virus. And, I am pleased to see that we aren’t getting one. So, whenever you see headlines proclaiming that a hundred thousand people have this virus, that’s good. Really good. You actually want to see that – from an epidemiological standpoint.

No one wants anyone to be sick. But, we also want the fatality rate to be as low as possible.

Now, who is actually dying from this virus?

The weak.

The elderly and those with serious, pre-existing conditions are the ones who are dying from this disease. Those who are middle-aged and younger seem to be the ones who survive. Survivors haven’t been enjoying themselves, but they are getting through it.

For those of you looking for a rational, expert analysis of this virus, I highly recommend this YouTube Channel:

MedCram – Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY

They do an excellent job of explaining medical issues in a measured, rational manner. And, their series on the Wuhan Coronavirus is absolutely excellent. They get it, and you will too – if you watch their videos.

Here’s the series that you want to watch:

Coronavirus Epidemic: Symptoms, Treatment, Updates, & Spread

I haven’t watched all of the videos in that series – just the most recent ones. But, what I’ve heard sounds completely accurate and authentic. No hysteria, just good facts and sound analysis. And, you really want that.

Oh, and this video also says a lot, with a sense of humor. Trust me. You need a sense of humor.

Deadly Chinese Coronavirus Spreads to the US. How Did It Happen?

Oh, and Chris Chappell forgot to mention that the Canadian lab was researching EBOLA, but I’ll talk about all that a little later, so carry on.

Fear And Cell Phone Cameras

Unfortunately, we’re seeing lots of grim and alarming footage coming out of China, along with people claiming that this coronavirus is everywhere. Take the following video as an example:

That video is chock full of fear and terror. And, it’s completely understandable that these clips will race around the Internet, increasing the level of panic that people feel. And, it’s hard to be rational in the face of such strong emotion.

People in China are genuinely scared, but that doesn’t mean that YOU need to be. Remember that these clips and images are slices of time without context. Yes, they are real, but it’s impossible to tell if what we are seeing is the Wuhan Coronavirus – or something else.

We don’t know if these ambulances are transporting someone with influenza or some other affliction that would cause them to lose consciousness. The doctors and nurses don’t know either, and they’re the ones who are most likely to get this virus next.

It is natural for them to be scared.

The same goes for the average person filming these events. Now that this coronavirus has hit the headlines in China, any cough or fever is going to be perceived as The Wuhan Coronavirus. It won’t matter that it’s more likely the flu. It will not matter that you might just have a bad case of bronchitis. To the average Chinese, every sneeze will be the dreaded Wuhan Coronavirus in their fevered imagination.

To add insult to injury, those with money in China are undoubtedly bribing their way into hospital wards, while the average Chinese must patiently wait their turn for a hospital bed. The rich clog the system with unnecessary demands, while the poor get scraps that the wealthy don’t consume.

That’s how China works, and it’s disgusting.

So, please be careful about videos like this that tug at the heartstrings. They’re real, but they are NOT the whole picture. And, for your own emotional well-being, you really need to make sure that you understand the full context of what is happening.

Faith And Fear

Without that ‘big picture’ view, fear sets in, and getting the average person to stop being afraid is next-to-impossible. But YOU are not the average person. You are a child of God with the Holy Spirit. You are destined for heaven when this life ends, so you have absolutely no reason to fear anything. More importantly, God will not let anything touch you – if it is not His will.

So, if you are afraid, it is a sign that you have work to do in your spiritual life. We all get afraid of one thing or another. I was deeply worried for my wife when she had an operation to remove a possibly-cancerous tumor. I love my wife, so I couldn’t help myself.

So I really understand any fear that you might have. A little might even be useful in getting you to take wise and necessary precautions for a dark future. But, you should not be afraid. It’s not necessary, and it clouds your judgment.

Damaging God’s Reputation

Furthermore, unnecessary fear will damage the reputation of God and your ability to warn others of what is coming. If you are afraid, people will wonder why, since you keep saying that you are a child of the Most High. And then, when you warn others about real dangers, they will ignore your warnings, since you had been hysterical, previously, over nothing.

One reader made this excellent comment, last week:

Consider this event to be an opportunity to consider what you need to do during a REAL plague. As in the Four Horsemen. Some pretty big numbers to crunch are available in Revelation.

When government and media OVERREACT, people get burned out on clickbait headlines and will scoff at REAL DANGER.

Let Holy Spirit be your guide.
Psalm 91

Oh, and good old fashioned washing up will help keep you out of trouble.

Frances in NM

(Emphasis is mine)

Thank you Frances. Awesome comment.

Frances is right. Real danger is coming. Billions will die. Many who survive will wish that they hadn’t. And, it is our job to do our best to be a beacon of hope and sanity while everyone and everything falls apart.

Terrified people need someone who is level-headed and at peace with God, to help calm things down. Panic and terror are barriers to addressing problems. And a terrifying situation is a good time to show everyone who God is and what it’s like to be a follower of Jesus. That’s the biggest context of all, and something that we all need to remember.

The Great Outbreaks From History

One more bit of context that’s also useful is history, as long as you put it in the right perspective.

Unfortunately, some people have been using the wrong perspective when citing the big pandemics that killed millions of people and left the world utterly shattered. We still bear the scars from these outbreaks, so I can understand some of the fear that some people might be suffering from. But, there are gigantic differences between this outbreak and THOSE. Let’s just take three of the worst:

The Spanish Flu – In 1918, the number of people living on our planet was estimated to be 1.8 billion, and the number of infections stood at around 500 million, or close to a third of the world’s population. And, fatality rates were observed to be between 50 and 100 million people. And, the reason for the great disparity is due to the fact that it was 1918 and not 2018. Nevertheless, between three and six percent of the world’s population died because of this virus. The Wuhan Coronavirus is NOTHING like The Spanish Flu.

The Black Death – From 1347 to 1353, between 30% and 60% Europe died from Bubonic plague. It was an utterly horrifying moment in time. And it took two centuries for Europe to recover from that devastating outbreak. If you want to talk about death on a truly grand scale, you want to look at The Black Death. The Wuhan Coronavirus is NOTHING like The Black Death.

The Plague of Justinian – From 541–542, up to a quarter of the world’s population was estimated to have died from this earlier version of Bubonic plague. And, this plague kept returning to Europe, in four more waves, over the next two centuries. The Wuhan Coronavirus is NOTHING like The Plague of Justinian.

We could get into Cholera, Yellow Fever, Smallpox, Typhus, and even more influenza and plague. But, I think that you get the picture. History is full of death-by-disease, and this virus from Wuhan is nothing like those outbreaks.

The irony of history is that its course has been ‘guided’ by these outbreaks. It’s doubtful that Islam would have been so successful if the plague hadn’t decimated so much of Europe and the Middle East. And, Romanized Britons might have been able to fight off the Anglo-Saxon conquest of Britain, were it not for the Bubonic Plague.

And, we haven’t even talked about Malaria. Even after massive efforts, more than 400 thousand people die every year from Malaria in Africa. And, before the Jews returned to the Land of Israel, Malaria was an incredible curse. For those living in Palestine, you were lucky if ANY of your children survived to adulthood, and those who survived lived miserable lives.

The Biggest Threat From The Wuhan Coronavirus

Okay, you now have both a modern and historical perspective to this Wuhan Coronavirus. You understand that this is NOT a pandemic that is worthy of panic. In fact, what is probably causing the most damage is our response to this outbreak. The cure might actually do more damage than the disease.

A very smart, astute reader was quick to see this and shared this observation as a part of his comment from a previous article:

Every complex network structure has inherent resilience and forgives a lot. With one exception – network hubs (big network nodes connected to everyone). If something affects them, everyone will feel the consequences. And, I’m afraid, that’s coming. I really hope I’m completely wrong, or, at least, that this network will not pass the threshold after which reaction becomes global, non-linear, and destructive.

 – Chris

Great comment, Chris. Thank you.

He’s absolutely right. Hubei province and it’s capital, Wuhan, is a huge transit point for China. Shutting down Wuhan makes it difficult for manufacturing and commerce to function smoothly. If Chinese factories don’t get vital parts and raw materials, they have to close their doors and lay off workers. Even if their supply chain merely slows down, that will have a direct impact on the Chinese economy. And, the Chinese economy is extremely fragile.

Before this virus outbreak, overall debt-to-GDP for China was horrifying, and there have already been far too many Chinese banks taken over by the government due to default. And, since no one can really believe any of China’s economic statistics, some are worried that China will implode.

How much longer can China impose this quarantine of central China?

If Beijing miscalculates and China falls apart, the rest of the world will worry about who is next. The ‘Middle Kingdom’ has been the world’s manufacturer for 40 years. We don’t know what will happen when that GDP growth engine goes into reverse.

If this goes on too long, will China continue to exist as a unified country?

Probably, but China has a long history of revolution. When the average person sees ‘evidence’ that the ‘mandate of heaven’ has been withdrawn, warlords rise, peasants riot, and dynasties fall. And, the Chinese Communist Party is just another in a long line of dynasties that eventually met their end in a disaster like this. Right now, I doubt that Xi Jinping sleeps very well.

We’ll see what happens, but we’re all in for an interesting ride.

The Bible And Clickbait Hoaxes

Now that we have all of that out of the way, we can now turn our attention to something more important:

Lying liars and the lies they lie with.

Did you know that the Bible has something to say about this?

My ‘go to’ passage passage comes from Paul’s closing remarks in his second letter to Timothy. And, you might already know the two verses that I’m talking about:

3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; 4 and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.

 – 2 Timothy 4:3-4

This is what I’m seeing everywhere in our churches – itching ears and fables. And, when I talk to pastors about their gross distortions of the Bible, I rarely get a thoughtful response. It’s either deafening silence or fire and fury.

In this age of deception, it is time to forsake itching ears and fun fables. It’s time to get back to the truth. But, that won’t happen if we don’t hold our teachers accountable.

Every public teacher of the Bible must be held PUBLICLY accountable for the mistakes that he makes. Public mistakes require a public rebuke. And NO, YouTube videos are NOT a church service. We are not required to go through the process outlined in 1 Timothy 5:19-20. But even Paul is quick to say that elders need to be publicly admonished when they make errors and refuse correction. And, if they still won’t listen, they need to be condemned and cast out.

That’s the Bible. That’s the truth. And yes, the truth really is that important.

Now, what follows is going to be uncomfortable for a lot of people, but the lies need to stop. And, they won’t stop until you put your foot down and say, “No more!” These men and women are robbing you of your ability to think straight. Readers have written to me in fear over the lies that are spewing out of videos and websites. They are terrified that this Wuhan Coronavirus will come to their neighborhoods and kill millions of people that they care about.

You now know that that this is just not true, which means that you can start ignoring those who refuse to stop spreading these lies. And, I have some examples for you:


Zerohedge – a site that I still like

Steve Quayle

Doug Hagmann

Hal Turner

Brandon Smith – Alt-Market

Mike Adams – Natural News

Before It’s News


The Mainstream Media

The list of lying liars fanning the flames of hysteria is just a snippet from a much bigger list. And, there’s no way that I can talk about all of them. But, I can talk about HOW these people and websites are lying to you, and help you avoid the festering manure pile that they have dumped in your path.

If you can learn how to identify hoaxes and the liars who create them, you have a good chance of seeing what’s really coming before it’s too late to do something about it. For those of you who know how such hoaxes proliferate, you can still benefit from what follows.

Three Rules

Before we start, here are three rules that seem to be apply to hoax sites and hoax videos:

First of all, it starts with money. The more clicks that a site gets, the higher the ranking and the greater the advertising revenue. And, if they’re selling books, t-shirts and precious metals, even better. A well-packaged lie will always get more clicks – and money – than the unvarnished truth.

Second, these hoaxers are almost all narcissists and/or are some form of psychopath. They get a dopamine rush when their hoax gets attention. Even when they don’t make any money from their hoax, they still enjoy capturing the gullible in their schemes.

Third, ‘true believers’. There really are people with websites and YouTube channels who believe these lies and feel an urgent need to pass them on. They really feel that they are providing a vital public service in sharing these hoaxes. They do this out of concern for your safety, and I think that we can all identify with that motivation.

Some of you might even think that I fall into this third category. I don’t mind if you do, as long as you truly examine the facts that I bring up. Serious threats really do lie in our future, just not the ones that these hoaxers talk about.

An Innocent Victim Of The HIC

But, don’t worry about me. Worry about the victims, and there’s one in particular that I saw recently. On Zerohedge.

His name is Dr. Peng Zhou, and the lying liars of the Hoax Industrial Complex (HIC) have doxxed him – claiming that he’s the guy responsible for this virus. Here’s the picture that they’ve been distributing:

Dr. Peng Zhou
Dr. Peng Zhou

Dr. Peng has been studying SARS in bats. But, lying liars are attempting to smear him and make his life a living hell. And, when they doxxed him, they didn’t say that he was researching ‘SARS’. They said, ‘coronavirus’. They were being technically accurate, since SARS is just another coronavirus. But, since their intention was to perpetuate this hoax, they didn’t want you to realize that SARS was his focus.

These people want clicks.

They don’t care who gets harmed in the process.

I’m just glad that ZeroHedge got suspended from Twitter for helping dox and even harm Dr. Peng. They deserve and should be ashamed of how they participated in this.

The GreatGameIndia Hoax

Now, let’s turn to one of the most interesting hoaxes spreading around the Internet. It comes from a foul and revolting website called GreatGameIndia. They appear to have created their site to milk as much money as possible from the millions of Indian expats around the world. I’ve run into websites like this, that claim to have ‘deep intel’, when all that they have is clever phrases and a complete lack of conscience.

The hoax began when the dirtbags at GreatGameIndia (GGI) claimed that the Wuhan Coronavirus was a bio-weapon. They said that the virus was stolen from a Canadian BSL-4 laboratory and then weaponized in Wuhan. I first saw the article when it was picked up by ZeroHedge – which is normally a good source of information. But, it didn’t make sense, so I ignored it and moved on. Unfortunately, too many disagreed and shared it everywhere.

Why did I ignore the article?

NO ONE would EVER try to weaponize a coronavirus.

Kids, if you want to make a bio-weapon that kills lots of people, choose something other than a coronavirus. Using Ebola, Yellow Fever, Smallpox or Anthrax will get you a nice big population-killer much more quickly than something like a nasty version of the common cold.

Unfortunately people don’t listen to reason and the GGI hoax leaked out into Chinese social media, where Mrs. Little saw it. She has also been on her own a crusade against these lies, but you’ll never see what she’s saying unless you read Chinese.

So, let’s look more closely at this hoax from GreatGameIndia to see how they pulled it off. And, for me, it starts with a well-intentioned reader who shared this YouTube video with me:

That video is basically someone reading the ‘GreatGameIndia’ article. The person reading it was probably impressed by the fact that it showed up on ZeroHedge and had no idea that it was a complete fake. However, I did reach out to the person behind this video, telling her twice that it was a fake. She has refused to acknowledge that this is a lie. But, since this video turned up in my inbox, I did some digging.

I went to the original article, which started out with a rather outrageous lie:

Last year a mysterious shipment was caught smuggling Coronavirus from Canada.

It wasn’t a coronavirus that they had been smuggling. It was Ebola. Powerful lies are made by just changing one word, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I originally didn’t know that the first sentence was a lie, but the second sentence included a phrase that had all the hallmarks of deception:

Subsequent investigation by GreatGameIndia…

If you had integrity, you would only use that phrase if you had plenty of staff and the funds to do such investigations. ‘GreatGameIndia’ (GGI) does NOT have access to those kinds of funds, and their ‘subsequent investigation’ was a google search. That’s it.

Once I sensed deception in the article, I dug further.

I looked up the dastardly villain that GGI pointed their finger at, and came up with this article:

University severs ties with two researchers who were escorted out of National Microbiology Lab

That’s how I discovered that the FIRST sentence in the article was a complete lie. Dr. Xiangguo Qiu and Keding Chang were NOT smuggling a coronavirus.

They were smuggling EBOLA!

Now, how can you tell that the dirtbag writer at GGI knew this?

The GGI article does not have a single link to any news about the attempt to smuggle Ebola out of Canada. And, the writer was betting that you would not do your own research.

The lying liars at ‘GreatGameIndia’ (GGI) were engaged in a classic case of fraud. They took the current hysteria and built a case for even greater hysteria by falsely linking it to a situation in Canada, from July, that had nothing to do with ANY Coronavirus. And all that they had to do was change just one word. With that change of just one word, other foolish writers have taken this fraud and added more fraud to it. And, all that GGI needed to do, to get this hoax started, was to, again…

Just. Change. One. Word.

That’s all that these foul and disgusting people at ‘GreatGameIndia’ had to do. Just change Ebola to Coronavirus. Once they did that, their clickbait article would generate a flood clicks to their site. Whoever is behind GGI is a first-class psychopath.

Now that this evil article has passed over into the Chinese-language social media, it’s spreading fast. My wife is seeing versions of it everywhere in Chinese. She’s fighting back against this deception, but lies are hard to neutralize, once they’ve taken root in itching ears.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, ZeroHedge decided to dox poor Dr. Peng Zhou. They’ve handed out his email address and phone number, and I’m betting that some moron will track down his physical address. If someone harms him in any way, GreatGameIndia and ZeroHedge will ultimately be responsible.

Lies kill.

It’s time to stop the lies.

Steve Quayle And Doug Hagmann

Unfortunately, Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann and their ‘circle of trust’ have been leading the charge in perpetuating many of the hoaxes that surround this outbreak. I did a quick perusal of Quayle’s website, and I was disgusted by the hysterical lies that I found there. And, this isn’t the first time that I’ve caught Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann being involved in a deception.

Do you remember V The Guerilla Economist?

Do you remember how Quayle and Hagmann claimed that they ‘vetted’ him?

That they checked his background?

They did NOT check his background. They didn’t care who or what he was, as long as he sounded exciting.

Do you know who this ‘V’ really was?

His real name is Viji Varghese, and his only real expertise was selling televisions. I kid you not. He sold TVs at an electronics store.

Unfortunately, the Quayle-Hagmann alliance didn’t care who Viji was when they foisted this psychopath onto their unsuspecting audience. And, I know people who were greatly harmed by this V-For-Villain. And, when Steve and Doug were confronted, they refused to stop promoting this lie. Quayle and Hagmann KNEW that Varghese was a liar and a cheat, but they still took advantage of trusting Christians.

I did a special report on Viji Varghese, three years ago, and you can read it here:

SPECIAL REPORT: Viji Varghese (aka, V the Guerilla Economist)

Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann are directly responsible for their role in all the harm that Viji has done, especially since they gave him his big start. Without Steve and Doug, Viji would not have been able to do nearly as much damage as he did. Doug lied about what he knew of Viji, and both Doug and Steve lied to cover up their involvement with this psychopath.

And, what will you find when you go to Steve Quayle’s site?

More and more lies about the Wuhan Virus.

I’m going to get into some of those lies, but it should be clear to everyone that Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann do not care about the truth. They want to sell gold, books and advertising space. And, if they can get you to donate to their ’cause’, even better.

Steve and Doug claim to be Christian, and too many brothers and sisters believed that they were telling the truth. Far too many still do. Unfortunately, this duo cannot be Christians.


Because a Christian would admit to the evil that they have done and seek to fix the damage that they caused.

Since Doug and Steve do not care about the pain and suffering that they were responsible for, it is clear that they are not – and may never have been – followers of Christ. But, the fact that they claim to be Christian, makes it even more important that you avoid them.

They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and they will consume you – if you give them the chance.

Hal Turner

One of the first things that I saw a couple days ago, on Steve Quayle’s site, was this lying clickbait title from Hal Turner:

VIRUS UPDATE FOR U.S.A.:”Worst Public Health Disaster in 100 years”

Wait. The worst in… ONE HUNDRED YEARS?? Worse than the Great Cucumber Massacre of 1983? (Oh wait, that was a song…)

No, Hal Turner is either an idiot, a liar or both. And, I vote for ‘both’, since I’ve caught him in lie after lie for years. Remember that deliberate exaggeration is also a form of lying. But, Hal does more than that.

I also caught Hal lying, a few days ago, on Steve Quayle’s web page, where he claimed that 112 thousand people were already dead. I couldn’t believe that someone would tell such an outrageous whopper, but when it comes to Hal Turner… you can always tell when he’s lying:

‘cuz his lips are moving.

There is absolutely no way that 112 THOUSAND people are dead from this virus. Not only would we have heard about this, but there would be pictures of mass graves full of bodies. You cannot get that number of people dying in Hubei province without everyone knowing about it.

But, there’s one thing that Hal Turner is depending on, and that is your ignorance. To you, China is some far away place where anything could happen. Yes, it’s far away, but it still follows all the rules of reality that every other country must follow. And, when everyone has a cell phone, pictures and video will show up when something really bad happens.

If you listen to Hal Turner, you are literally asking for lies. He is a lying liar that cannot be trusted to report on the weather, let alone events in China.

But, let’s keep perusing Steve Quayle’s site.

Brandon Smith – Alt-Market

Here’s one:

How Viral Pandemic Benefits The Globalist Agenda

That’s from Brandon Smith, an antisemite who can’t think straight. He grabbed the GreatGameIndia hoax, and then added his own ‘Globalist Agenda’ hysteria to it. Brandon has never been completely rational, so I’ve avoided his articles like… the plague. But, he’s plumbing new depths with this one.

There is no way that China is playing some ‘globalist’ game here. It’s a real virus. And yes, bats were involved. Bats have a history of carrying all kinds of nasty pathogens, and they were connected to SARS – which is also a coronavirus.

Brandon Smith and Steve Quayle are trying to claim that this is a bio-weapon. Again, this is just not possible. There are so many more toxic and contagious pathogens out there, that you would be a fool to spend any time on a virus family that is responsible for the common cold. Again:

The Wuhan Virus CANNOT be a BIO-WEAPON!!!!

But, Steve Quayle likes to use clickbait, even to the point of claiming that it wasn’t the Canadian lab that the Chinese got the virus from, but the Russians. Nice one, Steve. Real nice.

Mike Adams – Natural News

Looking through more of Steve Quayle’s list of news headlines, I see ol’ Mike Adams. I’ve caught him peddling fake news before. He once tried to claim that a fire at a party was a homosexual event. It happened just a couple miles from where I lived, and Mike’s claims were a complete lie. Lots of Taiwanese were outraged by what he said, and he doubled down – moaning over how the Taiwanese were anti-Gay because they were upset by his accusations.

Mike Adams is pro-homosexual, and a purveyor of fake news.

If you need proof, just take a look at a couple titles that Steve Quayle posted:

BREAKING: Coronavirus Hits 15% Fatality Rate, 83% Infection Rate for Those Exposed; Lancet Publishes Early Study That Points to Alarming Consequences for Humanity

Breaking: Mike Adams & Dave Hodges Share the Latest Facts On the Weaponized Virus Rampaging Through China and Across International Borders

All of that is complete and utter garbage. You might find tidbits of fact behind his hysteria, but its all a web of exciting lies to get clicks. Mike is trying to sell you something, and that ‘something’ isn’t truth.

Before It’s News

Unfortunately, there are more hoax sites than those run by Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann. When it comes to providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for fake news and lying lies, Before It’s News dot com is probably your go-to place for the most ridiculous lies on the planet.

People have been sending me lots of posts from that moronic website, and it grieves me to see anyone going there to find information. I just went there to see if there was anything on the front page of that site that was true, and I was more than a little surprised at how bad it was.

The garbage there is piled so high that it’s hard to know if there is ANYTHING of substance. Every crackpot theorist has something stupid to say on Aliens, Flat Earthers, Space Lizards, Satanists, Skin Color Nationalists and David Icke are all on Before Its News. You can’t even trust the headlines that sound reasonable.

One thing is absolutely clear to me:

If you read stuff on Before Its News, you do not care about the truth.

And yes, it really is that simple.

We are Christians. We are followers of Christ. Everything that we are, should be connected to The Truth. We are commanded to love it. We are to hold onto it, no matter what the cost.

If you love the stories told by Steve Quayle and Before It’s News, you are in rebellion to the whole idea of truth itself. And, I know how easy it is for lies to take hold in your mind, even when you know that they are lies. Go ahead and tell yourself that you are immune to the lies, but you’re lying to yourself, if you do.

If you truly love the truth, then you should avoid the liars with their exciting lies.

The Mainstream Media

Then there’s an example from the mainstream media. It’s interesting, and maybe even more clever than the other examples that I’ve given. And, it’s rooted in our own fascination with the incredible and catastrophic. As the old newspaper saying goes…

…If it bleeds, it leads.

‘Fluffy the Cat’ will never make front page headlines because every newspaper editor knows that war, epidemic, violence, mass murder and every kind of catastrophe is what sells newspapers. That’s why bad news will always be sensationalized. Always. And, the more mundane truth will be buried where few will ever see it.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about, from the Associated Press:

Virus death toll in China rises as US prepares evacuation

It starts out with hysterical factoids, but you don’t get any clear, rational perspectives until you get to the very last sentence:

It is not clear how lethal the new coronavirus is or even whether it is as dangerous as the ordinary flu, which kills tens of thousands of people every year in the U.S. alone.

This is the disgusting truth about the mainstream media – and ourselves. If we weren’t focused on the sensational to the exclusion of the boring truth, it is doubtful that the mainstream media would get away with foisting lies upon us. All that the media needs to do is to… promote hysteria at the TOP of their articles and bury the truth at the BOTTOM. They’ve done that so much, so often, that we no longer know what the truth is.

I am tempted to quote John Swinton, from a short speech that he gave about the ‘Independent Press’, in response to a fool who proposed a toast to that body of newspapers. Swinton – the number one journalist of the 1880s – gave a blistering rebuke to the lying liars that made up the ‘Independent Press’ of that day. He called all of them – including himself – intellectual prostitutes.

You can read more about that, in a short piece that I wrote more than six years ago:

Intellectual Prostitutes

We have been sold into slavery by a media that likes its fame and fortune. The rich men of this world had the money, so the newspapers wrote what the wealthy wanted us to believe.

One of my favorite videos on wealthy men who seek our enslavement, is titled:

JFK to 9/11 – Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

YouTube has been taking down that video, but lots of people keep putting it back up. So, if that link doesn’t work, search for it elsewhere. Francis Richard Conolly is the narrator and writer, and I can confirm that 95% of what he says is true. His comments on religion are not.

Okay, That’s It For This Update

I could go on, but I hafta stop. This article is already way too long. So, let me end the same way that I ended my previous two articles on this subject.

Let’s all take a deep breath and calm down. Don’t get caught by the morons spreading hysterical theories about how this virus will kill millions and destroy the world. And, this is only one of many hysterical topics that people need to step away from.

Yes, we ARE in the Last Days. One day, things will get really bad. And, I have been sounding the alarm about some of those ‘things’. Ezekiel’s Fire really is coming and far too many will die. But, if you are driven hither, thither and yon by every hysterical headline, you will soon be unable to prepare for the truly difficult days ahead. You will also lose all credibility in the eyes of those who might listen to you.

Do you want to help your family, friends and fellow Christians survive the dark days ahead?

Then, start now by being rational and level-headed. Paul said something along the same lines, here:

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7

You cannot help those who need it most, if you have discredited yourself. Please start right now to demonstrate that following Christ means being sober, levelheaded, sensible, stable, prudent, wise and unafraid. After all, He that is with us, is greater than any microscopic bug.

Oh, and please, above all… share the Good News of Jesus Christ, with EVERYONE!


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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30 thoughts on “The Wuhan Coronavirus – Truth vs the Clickbait Kabuki Theater”

  1. Bat soup. It has been traced to consuming bat soup in the Wuhan market. Yeccch.

    When I first discovered Steve Quayle’s website, I found it interesting to peruse, but saw so much pseudoscience (and now that I think about it, NO real science) that I was immediately suspicious. At first, thinking it was a mix of both good and bad information, I’d go down the list of articles every now and then to see what turned up. But eventually I had to conclude that it’s not even worth doing that. It is a moneymaking venture and that alone, preying on the prepper/Christian contingent and of that sector, not meaning to be insulting here, the bottom of the barrel in terms of naivete and scientific ignorance. There are enough fools in that category, willing to part with their money, to provide Steve with a generous income for years to come. Sad.

    Also years ago, a Christian chat room acquaintance used to rave about the Hagmann & Hagmann report; the programs were interminably long, about 3 hours, and on her recommendation (Oh it’s great! This last episode was just fantastic!) I tried to listen to one. I could only take about half an hour before I gave up. I tried and tried to stay focused on it but they weren’t SAYING anything, basically just patting each other on the back, as if there is anything interesting in that. Total waste of time, and I don’t get what anyone would find edifying about it – so I have to wonder if the appeal is in a demonic spirit of deception drawing in the unwary. There are such things. The Lord has showed me a few, a very few, times a glimpse of the spiritual world in explanation of why certain motivations are felt. He showed me this once in advertising, once in popular music, and once while shopping in a popular chain store. I found it very interesting. It’s real. The devil is the ruler of this world and he tries to entrap people any way he can, and NONE of these areas were anything you would associate with evil – one was a magazine of housewares, the chain store was also for housewares, and the music was a performance on one of the “audition” shows for new talent. I cannot emphasize enough that we must all continually pray for spiritual discernment and for protection from deception. There is a reason why Jesus warned so strongly against it.

    • Hi DRG,

      During my initial berserk phase, around 2012, I was trying to get up to speed on what I had been missing over the previous four years. And, I can’t remember exactly when I stumbled upon his site. Like you said, a lot of it was garbage, but it didn’t seem to be as bad then as it is now. When he then started adding my articles to his list, that gave me a warm-fuzzy-feeling. I then started appearing Hagmann every once in a while.

      Then, when I stood up for Nathan Leal, I was blackballed. A few of victims of Steve shared their stories with me, which made me realize that it was good to no longer be in that ‘circle of trust’ that Steve has going.

      It’s all very sad.

      Because the truth isn’t exciting enough, they had to add their own outlandish stories.

      And yes. Marketing and advertising. I have one of those MBA things, and I used to love marketing until I realized that it was manipulation. Then, I detested it.

      That kind of manipulation is just plain wrong, and it’s one of the many evils that America must answer for. Edward Bernays was one of the great manipulators of our age.

      Great comment, DRG.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hello Mr John,
        Hope all is well with you and yours. I’ve heard both extremes on this virus and have no idea what the reality is, definitely hope you are right. Only 2 problems that with that possibility. When they quarantined Wuhan the casualty numbers were very low for such and extreme act. Their gov’t doesn’t care about their people that much. The other is the patent on the virus. Haven’t researched it myself so I’m assuming but if there is a patent that means it is engineered. Reckon we will know the reality of the matter in a month, two at the most.
        I don’t know if I’d have brought up Nathan Leal but you did so I reckon it’s alright to comment on that matter. I read your assessment on the matter but recently came to a different conclusion. That is Doug’s show, his responsibility who
        he has on and how he handles what they say. If Nathan had a problem he should have communicated his concerns to Doug and let him handle it. He throws a fit like an immature child and thinks he has to have his way. The Almighty gave us free will so who his Nathan to think he needs to be in control.
        Another matter I don’t consider good. He had every right to investigate Trump before the election and publish his thoughts. He just kept on being ate up with his efforts after he became our president, apparently consumed by it. In one article he stated Trumps sins were a thousand times worse than Hillary’s. That was an absolute to me he has been investigating the wrong person and is exceedingly ignorant of her past. He had an awesome wife and I’m inclined to think his absorption with Trump was a major contributor to her leaving.
        That’s all for me today. You are very good, I appreciate your efforts and am sure you also have an awesome wife- take good care of her.
        Once again I hope you’re right about the virus.


        • Hi Duane,

          China reacted like this when people OUTSIDE China started to get alarmed that another SARS outbreak was about to happen. This meant that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) could not longer control the narrative. So, they jumped in. The other side of this is the tendency for the average Chinese to get emotional and go nuts. China has a history of bloody revolution, and the CCP doesn’t want that.

          The ‘patent’ that some are talking about is for a completely different virus. There are actually TWO patents for two different coronaviruses, and neither of them have the signature of the one from China.

          As for Nathan Leal, this had nothing to do with appearing on Doug Hagmann’s show. It was about a ‘hear the watchmen’ conference. Nathan did not feel right about appearing with someone promoting a New Age religion, so he pulled out and told his listeners why. Quayle and some pastor went berserk over this and publicly condemned Nathan. I tried to set the record straight, and was threatened with a lawsuit by Steve Quayle.

          As for Nathan’s anti-Trump stance, there is some truth to what he says. But, there’s also a lot of incorrect speculation. Trump is neither good or bad. He’s just another unsaved man who was elected president.

          Thanks, Duane!

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • The internet gives us a view of childish behavior never before seen. It’s way too easy to lash out in an emotional response. Usually facts are minimal (or just conjecture) but people leap to an opinion anyway.
            The sideshow displays how immature people can be like Pelosi tearing up Trump’s speech on live camera.
            Personality secrets revealed!
            The Recording angel records all, but now we get to see a glimpse of what he records.
            Nothing to be proud of.

          • Did you see how Pelosi had the edges of Trump’s speech pre-torn so that she could make sure that her demonstration of ‘page tearing’ would go off well? The Democrats are unbelievably corrupt. Great comment, Frances. – JL

  2. Hi John,
    thank you, great article, and I think the need for such writing will grow along exponent curve, in the coming days and weeks.
    “So, if there is a higher rate of infection at this fatality rate, it means that this virus is even less dangerous than we thought.”
    -Exactly, I couldn’t agree more! It seems that, yesterday, one of the leading medical journals presented data supporting exactly this view:
    To cite:
    „…we estimated that the basic reproductive number for 2019-nCoV was 2.68 and that 75815 individuals have been infected in Wuhan as of Jan 25, 2020.”
    -Which additionally supports conclusions about catastrophic management of the early stages of the outbreak by the Chinese government. And, there is more:
    “…we inferred that epidemics are already growing exponentially in multiple major cities of China with a lag time behind the Wuhan outbreak of about 1–2 weeks.”
    Again, it is NOT apocalypse with millions of deaths (for the exact reasons you presented), but I guess that, at this point, severe economic impact becomes guaranteed.
    Yours in Christ

    • That economic impact should scare everyone, but doesn’t. It isn’t even the economy that worries me. It’s the bond market. Once they crash, fracking crashes also. After that, oil production will collapse – followed by devastation and war. Not a happy prospect. Thanks for the great input, Chris! – JL

  3. Two other lying liars who I can’t stand are Rick Wiles the antisemite, and Dave Hodges regularly quoted by Adams.

    • Yeah. Rick Wiles. He hid his antisemitism until someone with deep pockets allowed him to express what he really believed. I haven’t listened to Dave in a long time, but I always felt that he was pretty sincere. Sincerely wrong, but still sincere. Thanks, Robert. – JL

  4. Brother John,

    I have finally started reading your new book “When Jacob Returns” when I happened on this passage from Revelation 20 during my daily Bible reading:

    And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,and shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. – Revelation 20:7-10

    I’m not trying to pick any fight or cause dissent, but adding some Scripture for reference.

    God Bless you and Mrs. Little,
    Bob Jones

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for reading the book. I look forward to hearing what you think. It’s still a little on the rough side, but the main arguments are still there.

      As for your observation, a lot of people try to compare Revelation 20 with Ezekiel 38 and 39. But, look closely at both passages. There’s no way that Ezekiel can be talking about Revelation 20. The only real similarities are the names Gog and Magog and the fact that there’s a big army.

      Here’s one gigantic reason why they CANNOT be the same:

      Ezekiel 38 and 39 results in the return of Jacob to God.

      What is the result of Revelation 20?

      The final judgment, the destruction of the Universe, followed by the creation of a new heaven and a new earth.

      There is no way that you can make those two fit together. And, that’s just one of many problems with trying to fit those two passages together.

      I hope that helps, Bob.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Robert and John. This topic reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to ask. A couple posts ago I was asking who you thought the woman riding the beast was. (The book arrived. Haven’t finished it yet. Book review coming when I do.) As I have told John, I am also researching Catholicism. Some Catholics are aware (and very indignant) that some Protestants think the Whore of Babylon is the RCC. (John, did you ever get to those videos? They’re excellent, don’t forget about them, and they are way easier than plowing through this 544-page book I’m reading. Youtube. John Muncy.) Well, I was very curious what the RCC itself thinks is the WoB, so I found a video about it and they think the city is Jerusalem, in punishment for rejecting their Messiah, and etc etc etc. Interesting, but how do they get the 7 hills part to fit? Are there 7 hills / mounts in Jerusalem? And are there not a zillion prophecies/statements in the bible that God will never destroy (completely) Jerusalem? How good or bad a fit is that interpretation???

        • Hi DRG,

          Ah, so THAT is where all those comments came from. I’ve had people, off and on, write to me, claiming that the ‘Beast Rider’ was Jerusalem. And some were pretty Antisemitic about it, too. So, that explains something that has puzzled me for years.

          As for Jerusalem, go here and look through all the passages in my book:

          In the appendix, you’ll see a pretty comprehensive list. The point is that God WILL defend Jerusalem, but there will be a lot of damage and destruction that happens to it.

          Are there seven hills around Jerusalem?

          That depends on how you define the word ‘hill’. No, really. They kinda blend together into ‘ridges’. But, I doubt that there are just seven hills. The Old City sits on a low hill in a kind of bowl made out of hills. Again, there’s just no way that Jerusalem is the ‘Beast Rider’.

          I have John Muncy’s YouTube channel bookmarked, so I haven’t forgotten. Unfortunately, finding the time to watch them is quite a challenge right now. Thanks for the reminder.

          Great questions, DRG. Let me know if you need better answers.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • I am reading thru WhenJacobReturns bit by bit as I get time. At the same time as I research the RCC, and there is a really detailed and exhaustive series of educational videos by Dr. Taylor Marshall (his credentials are stellar, although Catholic) on the entire book of Revelation and the RCC view of the Apocalypse. I am getting through that bit by bit too. As I do, more of their view comes to light, and I wanted to run it past you. And whoever else might be reading this who has insight. They say the woman is Jerusalem and the beast is the Roman Empire. That her destruction and the warning “Come out of her, my people” refers to Jerusalem’s destruction in 70 AD (but wasn’t Revelation written later than that?) – and that in part actually fits, as the Roman Empire DID turn on Jerusalem and burn it with fire. It really WAS important to flee it before that happened. As for all the destroyed wealth, Jerusalem was a major hub for trade routes and all kinds of luxuries were traded there. But I don’t see that Jerusalem was controlling or riding on the Roman Empire …. was it? Dr. Marshall goes on to say that the verses about it being found no more refer to its spiritual significance; that the Jews blew it by rejecting their Messiah, committing spiritual adultery and consorting with worldly powers; that the New Jerusalem coming down out of the sky is (of course) the Catholic Church. I haven’t got that far yet in his videos but he is alluding to it in coverage of Ch 18. There also appears to be a unique Catholic twist on the meaning of the Millennium but haven’t got there yet. I have heard nothing yet about “they will look upon Him Whom they have pierced” – nothing about the reuniting of a repentant Israel with her Messiah. Yet. But he talks about Jerusalem being drenched in the blood of her prophets, which it is; Stephen and other New Testament apostles, Jesus, etc. The RCC certainly slaughtered a lot of innocent people but what about all these prophets? What do you think of this explanation so far?

          • Hi DRG,

            Unfortunately, for their theory, Jerusalem has never been a hub of anything, except the Temple. Remember that this was before the horse collar, which was invented over a thousand years AFTER AD70. Before the horse collar, horses could not pull more than they could carry on their backs. AND, Jerusalem would have been 850 meters uphill, and then 850 downhill. Not only that, but the hills twist and turn.

            It’s a mark of desperation to make such an argument.

            I believe that part of the reason why God chose the location of Jerusalem was because it literally had no value whatsoever in the eyes of men. It wasn’t on the way to anywhere important. No one would pass through Jerusalem to get somewhere else – except locally. You can’t even see it from any distance, since all the hills (850 meters above sea level) surrounding Jerusalem are a hundred meters higher than the Old City, which is 750 meters above sea level. Yet, no one seems to understand any of that.

            But, I guess that it’s good to know the lies that the Roman Catholic Church is telling.

            By the way, I ran into this, quite recently:

            The Catholic Church: Masterpiece of Deception

            They really are awful – especially the Jesuits.

            Thanks, DRG!

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

          • I just finished watching that video you posted, The Catholic Church: Masterpiece of Deception and WOW – what a wealth of rebuttal arguments that was!!! For the first time in my search so far, I saw arguments presented that address the RCC claim that Peter was the first pope, personally commissioned by Christ. My Catholic friend keeps going back to this over and over. All I could say was, Jesus never said anything about a pope, or about any particular chain of command with an exclusive franchise re: God’s authority on earth. Now I have all kinds of scriptural indications that this is not at all what was meant. It was really long, about an hour and a half and I had to watch it in segments over several days. Did you get a chance to watch it? It’s excellent.

            Meanwhile, I am watching where Dr. Marshall gives the Catholic view of Jerusalem being the Whore of Babylon. I hate to say it but he actually does lay out a pretty good case, never mind the trade hub idea. He uses a lot of OT prophets and their likening of Jerusalem/Zion/Israel to an unfaithful bride and how she has committed massive spiritual adultery; and the destruction of 70 AD being a type of a more conclusive destruction which will come later. He makes another assertion that doesn’t seem accurate – he talks about her being clothed in scarlet and purple, which he says the high priests were. I looked up priestly garments and the reconstructed images looked mostly blue to me, I saw very little scarlet or purple. Did the high priests really wear those colors? More than the rest of the priests? I sure would like another opinion of this! It’s an hour and 11 minutes. Anybody else reading this thread and interested in the Revelation prophecies, I’d like to hear what you think too!!!

            Here we go – John, I suggest you do a post on the Whore of Babylon!!

          • Hi DRG,

            The Roman Catholic Church has fought hard against true Christians and the Protestant Reformation. They have worked for centuries to perfect their arguments, to shift blame from themselves to anyone else. Unfortunately for them, their task is impossible.

            Just do a search for the word Zion in the Bible. There is literally no way that you can get around that word, or that place. It is a physical patch of land, where the Old City of Jerusalem sits. Read my book, When Jacob Returns. There is a WEALTH of detail that describes God’s intentions for the physical location of Jerusalem, the Land of Israel, and the people of Jacob.

            Furthermore, there is no evidence whatsoever that Jerusalem rides ‘The Beast’. It has no power whatsoever over the peoples of the world, in any way. In fact, the Antichrist INVADES Jerusalem.

            How can the Catholics be so blind to what the Bible actually says?

            I’m really amazed.

            I guess that I might need to go over the whole ‘Whore of Babylon’ (aka, Beast Rider) thing again. We’ll see the Beast Rider more clearly as we get closer to the time of ‘The Beast’. But, it might be a good exercise to go through all of that.

            Thanks for the comment, DRG.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

          • Thanks for the reply. FYI, the Catholic explanation of Jerusalem having power over the nations of the world is: it’s in a spiritual sense, because they had the presence of God, the law, the sacrifices, etc. (I think this part fits the RCC better than Jerusalem. But that’s what he said.) They did not mention any explanation for her sitting on many waters, the waters being the Gentile nations. That one they didn’t even try to make sense of. Don’t worry, I believe you that God is not going to turn his back on Jerusalem or Israel. I have yet to find any discussion (in Catholic sources) about Israel finally recognizing her Messiah and returning to Him. If I do I’ll post it. But, Dr. Marshall did give the best explanation of the 7-headed, 10-horned beast I’ve heard so far – the Roman empire of the time, and 666 referring to Nero Caesar (supposedly that name adds up to 666) and the 7 heads being a list of Roman emperors up to Nero, and the 8th being Vespasian who lasted less than 8 months. And the 10 heads being the 10 provinces of the Roman empire, who all persecuted Jews and Christians. He quotes Josephus on how tens of thousands of Jews were slaughtered in many of the provinces, and he likens this to the beast turning on the rider and destroying her.

          • Hi DRG,

            His explanation about the seven-headed Beast doesn’t fit, unless he’s trying to go full Preterist and claim that everything was fulfilled in AD 70.

            Remember that the Beast is alive during the time of the Antichrist. This is not some empire that fell two thousand years previously. It’s an empire that is alive and kicking. Furthermore, there were far more than eight emperors to choose from. It just doesn’t fit.

            Remember that the Catholic Church is only interested in eschatology to try and neutralize the Protestants. All of their efforts are undoubtedly part of a disinformation campaign.

            Do not get caught by these people. Listening to liars is not a way to understand truth.

            I hope that helps, DRG.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

          • Thanks. My situation is this: a good (almost 30 years) friend of mine, indoctrinated in Catholicism from the cradle and in the best of parochial schools reading Thomas Aquinas in middle and high school, and I are trying to convert each other. I have to seriously know what I’m doing to debate someone like this. I pray daily for discernment and protection from deception, and for the deception to be lifted from my friend’s mind because that is a very strong factor. But for whatever good it may do, I am trying to educate myself as to the why of RCC beliefs, and claimed historical justification, so that I can counter what my friend deems absolute proof. So far the most helpful thing has been that video you posted! His treatment of “Peter was the first pope!” is brilliant. But as I examine topics from both the RCC & Protestant view, I am finding misinformation on both sides, even in one of John Muncy’s videos, which otherwise are excellent. He may not know he pulled up a bogus version of the RCC catechism list of the 10 commandments, with the 2nd one conspicuously absent. That is not the real catechism; the real one grouped the content of the 2nd into the first, (Muncy’s version leaves that out) and divided into two the last one. The explanation, from RCC sources, is that the 10 commandments in Ex 20 were not originally numbered but were given in prose; and that the Jewish, RCC and Protestant divisions into 10 all differ from each other. But the substance is still there. I checked a different source of the catechism and yes, it is. I’m glad I researched that thoroughly instead of going into a rant on how dare the RCC try to substantively change the 10 commandments, because I would have looked like an idiot and that is not convincing. Also, at the end of Muncy’s series of videos, he goes into a heroic depiction of Martin Luther, who was certainly brave and heroic to defy the RCC at a time when it could get you burned alive at the stake; but, I am reading more about him and it is not so black and white as that. He started something very important, but other more radical factions moved in and he kind of backed off and distanced himself from them; and in his later years, he really went off the rails and supported polygamy, because if the patriarchs did that it must be OK. So, I am trying to understand the situation as rationally and realistically as possible. To find not only the problem in the doctrine, but how it got that way. To the extend possible. And your input has been very helpful. And yes, I am still reading WhenJacobReturns. In fact I started over, the more to sink it into my mind.

          • You are absolutely correct. When engaging in apologetics and polemics, you MUST know what the other side believes to address it. However, it’s hard for someone like myself, who has seen so many go off the rails, to not worry. You are doing this the right way, so don’t mind my ‘hand-wringing’. And, it’s good that you are dealing with the Protestant errors. We must always be about truth. Always. Keep up the good work, DRG! – JL

  5. John, great read! Thank you for putting this hype in perspective. Praise God for your sound mind and truth seeking journalism.

  6. Just to set the record straight:

    I don’t trust the “official” numbers coming out of China.

    And the MSM here in the US is doing a poor job of educating people from a public health standpoint. All they parrot is “Get your flu shot!”

    We can hope that the progression of the outbreak here in the US will give us some real information from real epidemiologists who are not big pharma shills.

    I always say, no harm in preparing for an emergency that never comes knocking on your door.

    Passover lamb & Psalm 91 are always necessary in this chaotic world.

    Holy Spirit is standing by to take your call 24/7.

    Frances in NM
    1 Feb 2020

  7. Hi John,
    Thanks for writing the Shock Letter.

    I don’t know if you have read this but some Doctors in Thailand have stated they have found a cure for this Wuhan Virus thing.

    see here

    If it is not avaliable I have saved a screen shot of the item, just let me know how to send it to you.

    Seems they have combined 3 drugs and have had a success they are

    Jim in Australia
    PS dont make this public until you are sure it is correct

  8. Another pandemic panic. Yippee!!
    Like the boy who cried wolf. When danger finally does arrive, no one will want to be bothered. Except this is a worldly matter, as misguided souls fall, who, had they sought Christ the Lord more then sensationalistic stories, would be more in line with a Pastor who wrote a moving letter about being in Peace with the Lord during our struggles. I can no longer find this letter unfortunately, there are now others circulating but not the original i read, you may have read it as well.
    You give sound and grounding advice on seeing this for what it is, and isn’t.
    Also my thanks for once again exposing Quayle and the others.
    “What fool’s these mortals be.” Isn’t the Word of God more profound than a false voice of “reason”?
    Are not the words of the prophets, whose source is God Himself more viable then exultations of doom from those who profit from fear and mistrust?

    • Hi Jim,

      It’s all about those itching ears that Paul warned Timothy about. Those who love hearing fantastic stories will continue to seek for someone to scratch their itch.

      As for the letter that you were referring to, Mrs. Little translated it for me, and I published it here:

      I am disgusted that the English language versions of this letter have not given credit to the writer:

      Pastor Tan Songhua of Cornerstone Church in Wuhan

      I’m pretty certain that Pastor Tan posted his letter on WeChat. The good thing is that Christians here in Taiwan picked it up and preserved it. China might take down the original WeChat post.

      I’m glad that you are keeping your head, while everyone else is losing theirs, Jim.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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