The Wuhan Virus – A Lesson in Hysteria

From where I sit in Taiwan, ground zero for the Wuhan Virus is 1028 kilometers away – or 639 miles. And, with all the businessmen and tourists going back and forth between here and China, we’re at the front lines of this issue. And, we are NOT running around with our hair on fire.

Unfortunately, some people have chosen hysteria over logic.

This presents us with a great opportunity to learn how to be rational, when everyone else is losing their mind.


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The Wuhan Virus – A Lesson on Hysteria

The Wuhan Virus – A Lesson in Hysteria – The ShockCast

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You’ve heard that we are all going to roast, boil and then drown because of man-made global warming. The mainstream media, Democrats and Swedish teenagers are in a panic over the end of the world because we are putting too much plant-food – CO2 – into the atmosphere. And, for 40 years we were all supposed to die in 12 years. First in 2000. Then in 2005. Then we were REALLY going to die in 2012. And boy were we going to die in 2020. Now, it’s… well …we’re just gonna’ die.

They’ve clearly lost their minds.

And yes, they really believe this stuff.

Of course, those are the morons on the left, and we would never be as crazy as they are, right?


Our inboxes are being flooded with hysterical conspiracy theories from lots of well-intentioned folks who worry that the Wuhan virus will be THE BIG ONE.

The Chinese Government Is Run By Morons

So let me get this out of the way:

If you are not in China, you will be fine.

And, the biggest reason why you will be fine, is because you do not have a government run by mainland Chinese officials – who are morons. And yes, I really mean morons. I love the Chinese people. I’m married to one. But, I’ve never seen such stupid government in all of my life. And no, I do not want to turn this into a bashing-China session. But, I do want to make an important point:

This virus would NOT have EVER been a problem if the local and national governments of China had handled this properly.

Unfortunately, Chinese government leaders are chosen for their willingness to ‘save face’ for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). No matter how stupid you are, if you are good at protecting the reputation of the CCP, you will do well. And Wuhan, one of the biggest cities in China, is no exception.

Wuhan is the capital city of the Hubei province and is the major transportation hub for central China. If you are traveling east-to-west or vice-versa, you will go through Wuhan. And, this makes the mishandling of this outbreak even worse. Trying to quarantine all of Wuhan would be like trying to lock down Chicago. It just isn’t going to happen.

That’s why this Wuhan Virus (aka, 2019-nCoV), has now spread to the surrounding provinces and is probably everywhere in China, except Tibet – which has been locked down for other reasons. And, the morons running Wuhan could have stopped this virus cold with an early quarantine and information campaign. They knew about this virus and where it was coming from in December, but chose to do precisely nothing.

Where did this virus come from?

The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, right here:

Here in Taiwan, we began hearing about unusual cases of pneumonia in December, but we were so caught up in the election that we didn’t pay much attention. But, once the election dust settled, we started getting more and more reports. One guy, an HVAC specialist, started telling us to stockpile surgical masks – weeks ago.

It was only a matter of time before headlines started popping up in the hysterical mainstream media. That’s when the morons in Wuhan chose to act.

What did they do?

They evacuated the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market and scrubbed it clean, without saving a single sample for microbiologists to examine. So now, we don’t know what animal has been harboring this virus. Then, the morons-in-charge decided to throw a communal dinner nearby, where everyone would pack together, share food from communal dishes and cough in each other’s faces.

There was not one word of ANY need to engage in ANY kind of quarantine. No messages to wash hands. No broadcast of the need for surgical masks. No mention of the wisdom in avoiding crowds. Nothing.

All of that changed on Monday, when Winnie the Pooh, himself – Xi Jinping – stood up to announce on January 20th, that WE SHOULD DO SOMETHING. His exact words were somewhat different, but you get the point. (And, Mrs. Little says that I’ve now been banned from China, for saying that.)

NOTE: Great videos on the topic, below

Get Off The Conspiracy Theory Bandwagon

Now, for those of you climbing onto the conspiracy theory bandwagon, the Wuhan government isn’t smart enough to engage in a conspiracy, and they certainly couldn’t keep it secret, if they did.

Please remember this quote:

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

 – HANLON’S RAZOR (Robert J. Hanlon)

I have spent decades studying how people and societies work. And, you can never avoid looking at their governments while doing so. And, I have discovered that governments in general are amazingly stupid. How Israel’s government is able to achieve ANYTHING is a miracle – ‘cuz they’re stupid, too. But, not too many governments are stupider than the one in Wuhan. But, I’m using logic here. Most riding the ‘conspiracy theory bandwagon’ aren’t.

I’m seeing more and more people claiming that this is some kind of bioweapon. If that’s you, STOP. A coronavirus is the wrong kind of virus for a bioweapon. It’s not contagious enough, and the death rate is WAAAY too low. And, we have plenty of nice and deadly viruses and bacterium to choose from that would do far more damage than this Wuhan Virus. So, stop the insanity. In fact, let’s throw a little logic at the hysteria.

Remember that this virus is a coronavirus closely related to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). SARS infected 8,000 people and killed less than 800. While a 10% death rate is high, it is not nearly as lethal as Ebola. Therefore, even if this virus is ’10 Times Worse Than SARS’, as many headlines are screaming… it will be less deadly than Ebola and will kill fewer people than the common flu – which kills about 600,000 people every year.

This doesn’t mean that the Wuhan Virus isn’t dangerous, or that we shouldn’t pay attention to it. This is why governments outside of China are proceeding quickly to re-institute the screening of passengers. For instance, Taiwan has restarted the temperature scanning of anyone entering the country, the same procedures that were instituted during the SARS outbreak – which were still in effect when we first came to Taiwan. So, we can expect that this virus will probably be contained.

So, if you are coming to Taiwan, you’ll be fine.

I’m willing to bet that every other country in the world is jumping to do the same thing. The irony is that China probably won’t be screening any outgoing passengers. They didn’t during the SARS outbreak, so don’t expect them to start now.

The Biggest Problem – The Average Chinese

Again, the largest number of cases will be in China, and I’ve mentioned that part of the problem is the incompetence of the Chinese government. But, an even bigger part of the problem will be the average Chinese.

Personal hygiene in China is really bad – almost at Third World levels. They don’t wash their hands. They spit massive gobs of phlegm onto the streets – splattering anyone nearby. They let fly with sneezes and coughs, without covering their mouth in any way. Food handling is horribly unhygienic, and their idea of a clean plate is… (shudder).

For the first couple of years of our marriage, when we would stop by a Chinese grocery, I never understood why Mrs. Little would never buy any food imported from China. Now, I know.

And, I really don’t like talking about the Chinese like this. But… they just don’t understand the value of cleanliness. They don’t get the whole ‘food safety’ thing, that I learned at a pretty young age. It’s as if they’re were trying to get out of the Dark Ages, and got stuck.

I honestly like the Chinese people. I really do. And, when they do something stupid like this, I have to keep telling myself that they don’t understand why their decisions are such a bad idea. And, I’ve barely touched on some of the utterly insane things that the Chinese have done.

To Help Others Wake Up, Calm Down First

So, let’s all take a deep breath and calm down a bit. Don’t get caught by the morons spreading hysterical theories about how this virus will kill millions and destroy the world. And, this is only one of many hysterical topics that people need to step away from.

I’m looking at you, Flat Earthers!

Yes, we ARE in the Last Days. One day, things will get really bad. And, I have been warning you about them. Ezekiel’s Fire really is coming and billions really will die. But, if you are driven hither, thither and yon by every hysterical headline, you will soon be unable to prepare for the truly difficult days ahead. You will also lose all credibility in the eyes of those who might listen to you.

Do you want to help your family, friends and fellow Christians survive the dark days ahead?

Then, start now by being rational and level-headed. And, Paul said something along the same lines, here:

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

 – 2 Timothy 1:7

You cannot help those who need it most, if you have discredited yourself. Please start right now to demonstrate that following Christ means being sober, levelheaded, sensible, stable, prudent, wise and unafraid. After all, He that is with us, is greater than any microscopic bug.

Oh, and please, above all… share the Good News of Jesus Christ, with EVERYONE!



For More Information…

For more information on the topic of the Wuhan Virus, watch these two videos:

Coronavirus – Inside info and discussion (Jan 24th)

(1 hour and 12 minutes)

China’s Coronavirus is Much Worse Than You Think (Jan 22nd)

(12 minutes)

Both of these men really understand what is happening on the ground in China. I’ve been watching these guys for years, and they’ve always been spot-on about China.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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12 thoughts on “The Wuhan Virus – A Lesson in Hysteria”

  1. Thanks John for this level headed article. It is greatly needed. How Governments react to this and all the Wag-the-Dog stuff is what we have to watch for more than the virus. Remember that law O made a few years back? The one that if anyone flying shows any respiratory distress in the slightest could be pulled from a plane? It is this stuff that concerns me.
    Very happy Mrs. Little is doing well and that you kept us abreast of the situation.

        • Hi DRG,

          Nope. She’s fine. Still recovering. The internal stitches bothered her a little bit when she walked a little too much last week. They’ve been telling her that she’ll need to keep taking it easy for a couple more weeks. Or… wait.

          Did you miss the email that I sent out? About her surgery to remove a borderline ovarian tumor?

          I didn’t post it on Omega Shock, since it was a rather private prayer request.

          Let me know, and I’ll fill you in on the details.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  2. Ah yes. Another one of these blown-out-of-proportion events, which I have calmly watched come and go several times. And offered my comments on, from a scientific perspective. As of today there are two confirmed cases in the US, one in Texas and one in Washington state, both appear to be Chinese who traveled home to Wuhan. And came back with it. They are both quarantined and last I heard, are not deathly ill and are expected to recover.

    Here’s another way to look at it. Because I am a complete coward, I pray for a quick and merciful death. What could be easier than having a seriously bad cold for a few days and then just losing consciousness from respiratory failure and floating off? To heaven? Bring it on!!!

    As a born-again Christian nurse, I would not hesitate for a moment to care for SARS or Ebola patients. This is not bravery on my part. This is my belief that my life is in God’s hands and if He decides it’s time, then it is time. If it is not my time, I will not get sick no matter what happens. I had a somewhat amusing experience to that effect when I was in college. I had 3 housemates all of whom caught some terrible bug and during the course of 2 weeks, all of them came down with it at various times and they were throwing up and worse. This was about 35 years ago and back then nobody had heard of Clorox wipes nor did we bother to disinfect doorknobs, cabinet handles, faucets, toilet levers, or to keep separate hand towels. I never caught it. The current germphobic practices in the US, which I see as basically a lucrative marketing tactic outside of necessary hospital protocol, are actually counterproductive. There is nothing more effective at preventing infection than a healthy immune system. People become immune to bacteria and viruses they commonly encounter; the important factor is to be introduced to them in small quantities at first, not to overwhelm an immune system with something it has not yet prepared antibodies to. There are two phases to this immune response; the first exposure is dealt with by general-purpose antibodies, while the microbe is examined by Immune Central and a specific antibody developed and this pattern is remembered. The next exposure will bring on an attack by these specifically developed antibodies. Depriving your immune system of the opportunity to do this actually makes you more susceptible to infection.

    I read years ago that doctors studying antibiotic resistance in bacteria were bringing their toddlers to work with them and letting them crawl on the floors at the sides of the hallways, which is where most of the microbes settle due to air currents; the worst bugs are in hospitals, and letting them crawl on all fours and stick their fingers in their mouths was a good way to get a few of them and become immune. I knew a woman who was so germphobic she soaked all fruit and vegetables in bleach water before she gave it to her young child, and her doctor told her she was preventing his immune system from developing normally and to stop doing it. Plus, bacteria mutate; studies have shown that within 30 days of starting the use of triclosan antibacterial soap in a residence, all the bacteria in that residence will be immune to it.

    Considering all the bugs that have come and gone, all the dire epidemics of history, the fact that human population has increased from two to approx 7.5 billion should tell you something. God did a good job of design.

    • Yeah. When it comes to design, nobody beats God. So, maybe parents should loosen up a little. And that Christian fearlessness, the poor unsaved have no idea what they’re missing. Excellent comments, DRG! It’s good to have a pro on hand. – JL

  3. Hi John,
    yes, I perfectly agree – this is not “end of the world”, and not a time to start panicking. The sad part of this is that there is a form of government which always reacts in the same way, I’m only glad that many people noticed it, and illustrated using scene from one of the best TV series ever made:
    And here are some numbers about what to expect in the coming days and weeks (given the criminal mismanagement by the Chinese authorities you described, they may be quite correct):
    Again, this is bad, but not “end of the world”. However, I think we should be aware (maybe even prepared), that, if places like Shanghai and/or Shenzhen get quarantined, severe disruption of global transport and logistics networks will follow. Some big, indebted, overleveraged institution/company may blow up. Once that happens, the colorful fantasy bubbles of our financial markets (insanely interconnected) will be in trouble. The math and graph theory behind complex systems will have no mercy on them, just as in 2008.
    And the chances of critical impact of this issue on our lives will grow from a very small number (chance to get infected multiplied by mortality rate) to full, round 100%…
    So, probably, we should closely watch what’s happening in the coming weeks. And, of course, wash our hands frequently in the meantime.
    Yours in Christ

    • Oh dear. Chernobyl. I never thought to make that connection. And yes, this is where we test the fragility of the system. Will this start the beginning of The Greatest Depression? Time will tell. Well done, Chris. Excellent points. – JL

  4. Consider this event to be an opportunity to consider what you need to do during a REAL plague. As in the Four Horsemen. Some pretty big numbers to crunch are available in Revelation.

    When government and media OVERREACT, people get burned out on clickbait headlines and will scoff at REAL DANGER.

    Let Holy Spirit be your guide.
    Psalm 91

    Oh, and good old fashioned washing up will help keep you out of trouble.

    Frances in NM

  5. Yes indeed, we are hearing it all!! So there in my inbox, I see an article from rappaport @nomorefake news, and he hit the exact same point you did. Epidemic, Pandemic, OH, MY! SARS hardly classifies as an epidemic with a mortality rate around 800. Then he addressed lack of testing, and actual confirmed cases. As the fear mongering ramps up, we get back to the same ole culprits WHO, since when are they credible? CDC?? They already have a billion dollar vaccine stockpile, and people still think these maroons are govt. entities. Billy Gates the genocidal maniac is someone with a valuable opinion?? The dissonance is terrible. 911 was a govt. Conspiracy, but we blame those nasty muslims in the next sentence. Kabuki is in style, grab the popcorn. China cranking up the persecution might be a plan to hide bullet ridden bodies in with Corona statistics. Why now are they cranking up persecution in the middle of an epidemic?? They may not be the brightest, but they are usually still EVIL, just like here. Tell Mrs. Little to relax and make John fetch it. She probly earned a vacation with FULL ROOM SERVICE. GET WELL.

    • I have passed on your message to the missus. She laughs. You are right about the theater surrounding this issue. The possible wheels-within-wheels in this issue are numerous. We’ll see how all this falls out. Thanks, MM! – JL

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