General Suleimani is Dead. Good. Here’s Why.

General Qasem Soleimani was one of the most brilliant special operations commanders in recent history. Dedicated. Talented. Charismatic. Tireless. Dependable. Honest. Devoted to his men and to the cause of the Shiite Islamic Revolution of Iran. And, all of that means that he was a threat to Israel, The US and the Middle East.

He had to die, because Iran is at war with the US. And, that war has been ongoing for 40 years. Even if the US had not invaded Iraq, someone would have needed to assassinate him for the safety of the region.

The fact that he was a war criminal and a terrorist is secondary.


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General Suleimani is Dead. Good. Here’s Why.

General Suleimani is Dead. Good. Here’s Why. – The ShockCast

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I hate war with a passion. The damage that it does to men, women and children is indescribable. It also gives the evil the chance to increase their wealth and power. And because of that, war is one of Satan’s favorite tools. But, it is also true that when Satan rises, good men and women must stand in defense of the innocent.

There is a quote from Edmund Burke, a British politician who tried to stop Britain from abusing the the American colonies. He said:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

― Edmund Burke (in a letter addressed to Thomas Mercer)

I’m betting that Edmund also hated war, but would have undoubtedly seen the need to engage in it when Satanic evil was on the rise. And THAT is when war is just.

Was the invasion of Iraq, just?


Many supported the invasion of Iraq out of ignorance and the mistaken belief that Democracy solves everything. Unfortunately, in the Middle East, only Jews and Christians can have anything like a successful democracy. Every attempt to create a democratic society in the Islamic Middle East has collapsed into corruption and authoritarian despotism. No exceptions. We didn’t understand that, and the cost has been extremely high.

Saddam Hussein was evil, but the alternative was worse.

We now have the alternative.

Unfortunately, we would have needed to kill Qasem Suleimani, even if the US had not destroyed Iraq. As I said before, he was dedicated, brilliant, charismatic, tireless, dependable, honest, and devoted to his men and to the cause of the Shiite Islamic Revolution of Iran. All of those characteristics are admirable, except for that last one.

NOTE: The way that the mainstream media describes the targeted killing of Soleimani is incorrect. Yes, he was killed by a Hellfire missile shot from a drone. But, that missile could not have hit its target without the help of a special operations unit, on the ground, directing the missile to its target in some way. The mainstream media wants you to believe that drones have an almost magical ability to identify and destroy targets, unassisted. This is not the case.

Now, back to the main point…

Anyone who is dedicated to the cause of the Shiite Islamic Revolution of Iran, is someone who is dedicated to evil. There is literally no way to get around that fact because Shia Islam is the most genocidal form of Islam on the planet. The only thing that is keeping them from killing billions of people, is their lack of ability to kill billions of people. And, they have been openly proclaiming this intention to commit genocide for 40 years.

I wrote about this in June and July of last year:

Iran is Completely Insane

Iran is Completely Insane – The Details Confirm It

Iran Must be Stopped

And, there’s more to write on this subject, which is why I pretty much stopped everything to write this book:

When Jacob Returns

I literally could not continue to write about how big a threat that Iran is, without establishing the number one reason why she is such a threat. And yes, it has everything to do with Bible prophecy. Unfortunately, you need to read that book. Even if you already understand the key points, you will still see some things that you hadn’t seen before. I know that I did.

When your life, and the lives of those who you love are at stake, you need to do what you can to be ready – and that means reading When Jacob Returns.

Unfortunately, the Bible does not describe America winning its war with Iran, and I describe some of the reasons, here:

The US Cannot Win a War with Iran

And… the morons in Washington, D.C. haven’t gotten the memo. John Bolton still wants to invade Iran, and the psychopaths like him want to do the same. Bolton doesn’t care about how many Americans will die in that war. He just wants power for he and his circle of psychopaths. To he and his friends, war is good, and if war is good… more war is better.

Now that I think of it, John Bolton is probably responsible for the deaths of more Americans than General Soleimani.

What an ugly fact.

Anyway, if America cannot win a war with Iran, what can it do?

Well, it can use the Israeli strategy of not losing.

I’ve been studying how Israel fights wars since I was a teenager. It’s actually how I was introduced to the idea of Israel in the first place. I had been voraciously reading firsthand accounts of combat in World War II, and was interested in looking at more modern examples of war. And, Israel represented an unambiguous example of the battle between Good and Evil.

And, even though war is evil, it is still fascinating.

The thing about Israel’s wars, is that they never actually win. Yes, they have always achieved victory, but her enemies were never conquered. In 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982 and in all the conflicts in between, the enemy always survived more-or-less intact. And, even though Israel was always blocked from destroying her enemies, it’s uncertain how such a tiny country could actually destroy Egypt, Syria and Jordan without being destroyed in turn.

There have always been limits to how victorious Israel could be, in fighting her enemies, and I believe that her generals understand this. And, they have perfected a strategy that makes the price of war so high for her enemies, that they choose peace instead of conflict.

I don’t want to get out into the weeds on this idea, since our subject is the elimination of General Soleimani, but suffice it to say, that the killing of this general is right in line with how Israel engages with her enemies. In Israel’s case, the purpose of such a targeted killing is to degrade the capabilities of the enemy. And, Israel must do this constantly.

Israel is always analyzing the capabilities of her enemies and seeking to weaken the strength of those enemies. And, one important way to do that is to kill those commanders who are most the capable, and to leave alive those who are inept and ineffective. Foolish enemy officers and politicians are a valuable asset for Israel, but those officers who are capable need to be identified and destroyed as quickly as possible. In America’s war with Iran, this should be the guiding principle when seeking victory over the Shiite Islamic Revolution of Iran.

Again, America did not choose this war. The reason for this conflict lies entirely with the Iranians. They started it 40 years ago, and it will not end until either America or the Ayatollahs are destroyed – or both. This is the nature of jihad, and America must accept this, if she is to have any hope of success.

Fortunately, the targeted killing of Major General Soleimani seems to indicate that America is beginning to understand how to stop Iran from capturing the Middle East. They’ve killed an extremely capable enemy officer, where his replacement – Brigadier General Esmail Ghaani – seems less capable. From what I have seen, Ghaani lacks much of what made Soleimani dangerous. And, if Ghaani is ineffectual, America should be careful to keep him alive.

For those of you looking for more understanding of this event from a Christian perspective, I recommend these two videos from David Wood:

Bracing for War with Iran? (David Wood)

Iranians Love America and David Wood!

I’m sorry, but I just can’t help myself. David Wood’s outlandish sense of humor is just the kind of thing that we all need. The morons bleating in terror, running around with their hair on fire, need to get a grip and calm down. Watching David Wood videos, might help them do that.

Also, that second video shows that General Suleimani had engaged in the mass killing of innocent Iranians. He brought in Hezbollah fighters to kill protestors who were calling for less corruption and better living conditions. Some of us have known that Iran has done this a lot, and it is pure evil. For this, and for the many other atrocities that he has committed…

…Suleimani deserved death.

In the end, I know that all of this seems to be in opposition to our Christian faith. And, I understand how offensive this can be to even talk like this. Even for me, as interesting as the strategies and tactics of war are, the need for it is a vile and evil thing.

Unfortunately, our desire for peace and our need to protect the innocent, requires us to stand ready to fight those who wish to steal, maim and kill. I know that America is not a Christian nation, but we Christians still need to do our best to defend the innocent from those who are evil. The fact that America has too often been on the side of evil, grieves me deeply, but that’s a question for another time.

In the end, General Qasem Soliemani was a terrorist and a war criminal who needed to die. I’m sorry that it was necessary, but my own feelings don’t matter. Too many lives were at stake, and evil could not be allowed to prevail.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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8 thoughts on “General Suleimani is Dead. Good. Here’s Why.”

  1. Hi John,
    thanks, God bless you too!
    -I actually did this, I tried to check if there are articles about moon surface. And I failed (maybe missed something?). Only that one in Science, published soon after Apollo 11 returned. And then, there is silence… By accident, just 6 months ago I was reading an article about composition of lunar dust and rocks, in Polish astronomy journal. Multiple mentions of glass particles and surface glazing, but, guess what: “exact explanation is yet to be discovered, probably the remnants of meteorite impacts”. So I think the real implications are too terrible to be openly named. Who in scientific community would dare to classify the Sun as “recurrent (micro)nova”?
    Btw (just my speculation), I think that Apollo 12, landing in different place, found “more of the same”, and NASA finally realized the harsh reality. Look at the mission patch of (failed) Apollo 13:
    -the Sun is little different from the one we see today outdoors, isn’t it?
    I checked the official explanation of that patch – “horses pulling the chariot of god Apollo”, “inspired by some mural painting”. OK. But, imagine, just add the red horse and you get the exact scene from Revelation. And, in its original Greek text the red horse is not exactly “red”, it is “pyrros” = Flame/Fire. Which is definitely present, in most terrible way, on that mission patch.
    Yours in Christ

  2. I’m still waiting for that book to arrive. But in the meantime I have discovered a series of 10 videos, none longer than 10 minutes and some only 7 or 5 minutes, on the same topic. They are excellent, well-laid out and much easier to get through than the 544-page book. Which I still plan to read.

    But in the meantime, these videos were done by John Muncy, now deceased, in 2009. Here is the link to the first:

    Note that in the title to this and all the rest, it is misspelled as “Revelation 17 Women Rides the Beast #1,2,3 ….”. So if the other 9 do not come up handily, search for these in YouTube using that spelling, ‘Women’. And they are all the same except for the number. He makes the same arguments, in abbreviated fashion, that I have seen so far in the excerpt of the book and they are convincing. I recommend them to everyone interested in this topic. To address your objections above, I looked up Rome on a map and it is about 20 miles from the coast as the bird flies, although the roads are much less direct. If something cataclysmic happened to Rome I think they could see the column of smoke from boats. Smoke from wildfires drifts for hundreds of miles and is detectable.
    I read about places in Montana in a fog of smoke from fires far away in Canada. And as for merchants being distraught at this, I think on the biblical scale of things they (scripture) are not talking about that guy on the corner with a hot dog cart. No, they are talking about the BIG players – the Mafia, the CIA, the deep state movers, those for whom all this money laundering occurs. Consider also that, as you have said before, they only had about 8,000 words in their language then, and we have upwards of 400,000. If the angel told John it was money laundering, he’d have had no idea. If he said Jesuits he’d have no idea. Merchants, as a concept, refers to those who trade goods and/or services for financial compensation. Or favors deemed of equal value. Which surely describes what the Vatican has done since its inception, including but not limited to the sale of indulgences and … I forgot the word for the other similar thing. Something that gets you out of purgatory sooner. And the word used for ‘mountains’, I have read, can also mean hills; that it means anything elevated above a plain, not necessarily high snow-capped mountains. The same word, I read, is used to describe Mount Calvary and the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, neither of them Everests.

    Also … while the US certainly is the propagator of much worldwide evil, it has only been doing so for about 200 years. As I get into the history of the Catholic Church, I am truly staggered at the scale of the evils it has perpetrated and supported, and this has gone on for almost 2,000 years. It dwarfs the crimes of the United States.

    And …. don’t forget my query on God putting His throne in Elam/Iran. What was that about?

    • Really excellent points, DRG. Well done. I will try to get to watch those videos. And as for the throne in Elam… I believe that this is after Gog and Magog. The Ayatollahs will be destroyed and the south (Elam) will become independent from northern Iran. More than that… I can’t say. – JL

  3. P.S. — my favorite mode of destruction remains a giant meteor. I would love to see one hit the Vatican. Or explode above it, although impact would be more satisfying. Why would God NOT throw rocks at it, after all it has done? One like the Tunguska event, the cause of which was estimated to be only about 56 – 66 feet wide, but leveled 770 square miles of forest. It would certainly satisfy the requirement of being a Rock uncut by human hands ……

    Also, Rev 18 talks about all the angst and hand-wringing over all this inestimable wealth going up in smoke. From what I have read, I doubt that there is any treasure trove, anywhere, even in the Dubai and Saudi palaces, equal to that of the Vatican. And this is real material wealth, mind you – not zeros added to entries in a computer. Real treasure – gold, silver, gems, art, the sculptures of Michelangelo. Irreplaceable. Gold and diamond-encrusted vestments, locked up in guarded display cases, while millions of their faithful starve in third world countries. Yes. That’s what I want to see. A meteor, landing on the Vatican. Let them try to argue that was not an act of God ……

  4. Pole shift. As in, sudden. Armstrong has been warning that the north pole has been moving very fast, compared to its usual wanderings:

    The pole is now moving 37 miles a year, towards Siberia!!! This is both bizarre and alarming. Apparently it used to wander a few miles this way, a few that way, staying within a certain part of northern Canada. Note that the center of the earth is liquid – molten iron. Magnetic. I don’t know how this works, but if things shift around to the point that the magnetism is aligned toward a different spot, it would be possible for the crust of the earth (including the solid parts underneath) to move rather suddenly via the layer that is liquid. Supposedly it looks like this:

    I find the labeling of layers a bit confusing, it looks like the center – which is the hottest, and which I would expect most likely to be liquid, is labeled as being solid. Maybe because of the pressure. But there is a liquid layer, which we see every time a volcano erupts, and the solid layers could certainly rotate on that. Ever since finding out about this possibility, I have wondered if that would be the cause of the “great earthquake” felt over all the earth. That’d do it.

    • Hi DRG,

      Ben Davidson of Suspicious0bservers has been talking about this, and has made some points that I had not thought of.

      Here’s the one that he did a year ago:

      Then, there’s this one that should shiver anyone’s timbers:

      I’m still a bit on the sidelines over this, but I no longer discount this as a threat.

      When Jesus said that no one would survive if the time period wasn’t kept short, He wasn’t kidding. So, it’s doubtful that very many of us will actually make it to the Rapture.

      It will be an interesting time, but also truly terrible.

      Thanks, DRG. Another good comment.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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