Why do People Hate the Jews?

The darkness in mankind often manifests itself in a hatred of the weak and the different. Human history overflows with oppression, genocide and slavery. Our past is full of mass murder and repression. No excuse seems too minor when a group of people is too different and too weak to defend themselves.

Just look at how humanity has treated the Jews.

Why have we hated them so much?

It makes no sense, but that shouldn’t keep us from trying to understand why humanity is so full of such awful darkness.


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Why do People Hate the Jews?

Why do People Hate the Jews? – The ShockCast

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Whenever I have to deal with Antisemites like Chuck Baldwin, I am forced to look again at the insane hatred that people like him, have for the Jews. Yes, I know that they claim that they aren’t against the Jews, and are merely against Zionism. But Zionism is just the expressed desire for the Jews to live in peace and safety in their own country. So, to claim that anti-Zionism isn’t Antisemitism, is a lie.

Anti-Zionism IS Antisemitism.


Israel’s Sovereignty Over ALL The Land By International Law

But, maybe you aren’t so certain, so let me step away from our main topic and address this.

Israel was given their land fairly and legally. The additional land that they obtained, while defending themselves, was also obtained legally, under International law. If you doubt this, here’s an in-depth discussion of how EVERY bit of land controlled by Israel is legal under International Law:

Jerusalem Sovereignty: Gauthier

Dr. Jacques Gauthier is an acknowledged expert in International Law and clearly demonstrates Israel’s right to all of the land that she currently controls. Therefore, all claims by anti-Zionists are completely and utterly false. A lie.

But, what about the Palestinians?

You mean that there are some who claim that they are being mistreated?

Like all the convicted criminals in prison, Palestinians claim that they’ve been unjustly incarcerated. They may have an interesting story, but we aren’t stupid. Except for a few, isolated cases, the criminals in jail, belong in jail. The same goes for the Palestinians.

Israel has a right to rule over all of the land of Israel, including Gaza, Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights. The law is clear, and has been verified. And, I am a personal witness to the fact that the Israelis do NOT mistreat the Palestinians.

Do Palestinians get hurt and killed?

Yes, in the same way that criminals and morons who engage in armed robbery, suffer harm when their victims defend themselves. Time and time again, I have seen the Palestinians act like complete morons, destroying their own society, economy and future, because they hate Israel more than they love their children, their families and even their own lives. And, they have specifically said so, numerous times.

They’ll cut off their nose, to spite their face, every chance that they get.

Again, if you are an anti-Zionist, you are an Antisemite. There can be no other conclusion, after you have examined the facts. So, let’s ignore anti-Zionism and look just at the foul stupidity of Antisemitism.

Why Do People Hate The Jews?

So, why do people hate the Jews?

I know. It must be the skin color. Everybody know that Jews are… are …white. And, brown. And, olive. And some even look east-Asian.

Is there ANYTHING about their appearance that would make someone hate them?

No. Of course not. The only way that you can actually tell if someone is Jewish, is if they tell you. Jews come in all shapes and sizes and colors. Everything from blond-haired, blue-eyed viking types to the rich tones of Africa. And yes, even East Asia, where the Kaiphong Jews came from. And, as I write this, there is a statue not far from where I sit that commemorates a legendary general from the Ming dynasty. That general was Jewish and very Asian.

So, the Jews aren’t hated because they look different.

Is it how they dress?

A friend of mine told me about seeing two men meet for the first time – one, an Amish man, the other, Jewish and Ultra-Orthodox. Both men looked remarkably similar in their archaic clothes, in styles that were over two hundred years old. And, both men nodded at each other in appreciation for their dedication to tradition.

Are the Amish hated as much as the Jews are?

No, of course not. Although, if you’ve ever been stuck behind one of those buggies in Amish country, you might get really annoyed with them.

So, it’s not their clothes.

Do they smell bad?


Is their behavior worse than other people?

My Experience With Jewish Ethics And Morality

Well, allow me to dip into my own personal history. I spent many years, as a gentile among the Jews, in the most Jewish city on planet Earth. You cannot get more Jewish than Jerusalem. Yet, I was treated better by my Jewish neighbors, in Jerusalem, than by my non-Jewish neighbors, when I returned to the US. If we were to go by my experience alone, the Jewish people are a far, far better group of people, than any other – except for true Christians. (False Christians are almost universally awful.) But, you don’t need to take my word for it.

Just think about where Jewish ethics and morality come from. Yes, there is some Babylonian mysticism mixed in there, which comes to the Jews via their Talmud. But, the foundation of Jewish ethics and morality have their basis in the 613 laws of the Old Testament. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that they would make for good neighbors. And, when you look at how well the Israeli Arabs have been treated in Israel, it’s clear that this is the case.

Oh, you don’t know how the Israeli Arabs are treated?

Well, let me say this… If you were an Arab and wanted to live in a place with the best healthcare, the most freedom and the greatest standard of living… for Arabs …and if you wanted to live in the Middle East – you would definitely want to live in Israel. In no other place in the Middle East are the Arabs treated so well by their own government.

By the way, this doesn’t mean that every Jew is great or wonderful. They are human beings, and that means that they are prone to foolishness, stupidity and sin – just like any other human being. And, please remember that this is also a group of people who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. So, it would be unreasonable for us to set a Christian standard for their conduct.

Again, during my time in Israel, I was treated very well, even though it was clear that I was as Jewish as a ham sandwich.

Religious Stubbornness

So, we’ve eliminated appearance, smell and behavior. That leaves us with only one thing left:


What is it about Judaism that causes people to hate the Jews so much?

Both of my grandfathers were devout antisemites, and one of them always grumbled about the one thing that drove him nuts:

The Jews stick together.

Martin Luther started out with a profound affection for the Jewish people, but when they refused to convert to Christianity, Luther chose to hate them. The same thing happened with the false prophet Muhammad, when he moved from Mecca to Medina. Muhammad thought that the Jews of Medina would join him, but they refused. So he murdered them. All of them.

Both Martin and Muhammad hated the Jews.


Because they refused to convert to their religion(s).

Someone once told me that there is a kind of rock that local Arabs refer to as  “Jewish Head”, because it’s apparently as hard as a Jewish head. Since I cannot confirm that statement, I leave it for you to decide whether it is true or not. But, one thing IS true… the Jews are known for their stubbornness in refusing to convert to other religions.

Just look at the Jews of the Middle East. For two thousand years, they have steadfastly refused to convert to Christianity and then to Islam. You could kill them, persecute them and tax them into poverty, and they STILL would refuse to join your religion.

How annoying.

Sidetrack: Judaism Refuses To Accept Christianity

Allow me a moment to get sidetracked by an important point – one that Christians need to understand.

I’m always amused by the reaction that many Christians have, when they find that the Jews refuse to have anything to do with Christianity. I don’t know why Christians are shocked to find that Jews are antagonistic towards the idea of following Christ.

The rabbis worked very hard to erect a huge spiritual barrier between Judaism and Christianity.


Because Judaism and Christianity were so similar.

So, the rabbis were afraid that the Jewish people would become Christian. And, they were right to be afraid, because lots and lots of Jews HAVE become Christian over the past two thousand years. And, I have seen that fear in the many friends that I have who are religious Jews.

I actually find it sad that the rabbis felt the need to distort their own religion to protect their followers from converting to Christianity. But, on the other hand, it also meant that the Jewish people were preserved, so that they could act as a symbol and a sign for the Last Days.

If the rabbis had not engaged in such a distortion, and if the Jews had not been so stubborn, there wouldn’t be any Jews around to return to the Land of Israel. The only other group that comes close to the Jews, in being so stubborn are the Romani people, also known as the Gypsies, who came from northern India 1500 years ago.

Back To Stubbornness

But, is this stubbornness the real answer?

Of course not.

Yes, God gave them hard heads and stubborn hearts, but He also worked to preserved the Jews in such a way that they would also survive. In one sense, you might even say that the hatred and persecution of the Jews was a way for God to keep them separate from those around them. In fact, the one thing that has done the most damage to the Jews, today, is the lack of persecution in North America and Europe.

Because Jews today have found acceptance in our modern society, most of them have begun to drift away from Judaism. Today, most Jews are like most Christians, indistinguishable from those around them. They’ll go to synagogue on Yom Kippur, have a family dinner on Passover and light candles on Hannukah, but that’s about it.

Satan Hates The Jews

Oh, and let’s not forget Satan. He HATES the Jews. He wants them dead and destroyed. And, if he can’t kill them, he’ll do his best to subvert them to his own demonic designs. But, like the story of Job, God built a hedge about the Jews that allowed Satan to do only so much, and no more than that.

Ultimately, it comes down to Satan’s struggle with God and God’s plan for how the Last Days will play out.

Why God has laid out the events of the Last Days like this, is a mystery to me. Yes, I know WHAT will happen. And, God does provide some explanation for a few things that would happen in the Last Days.

But, the core?

The central reason?

God doesn’t tell us, so we will ponder this until we see Him in the life to come.

As for Satan, it should be clear about what HE is up to. He wants to derail the events of the Last Days in any way possible. And, destroying the Jews would fit perfectly with his plans. Unfortunately for him and his foul designs, that is the one thing that he has been unable to do.

Getting To The Personal Level

So, I get some of the reasons why groups of people would have a strong bias against the Jews, but frustration with Jewish stubbornness does nothing to explain the real hatred that some people have for the Jews. I suspect that you need to drill down to the individual level, to see the root cause of why there is such insane hatred. Just like there is a difference between macroeconomics and microeconomics, there is a difference between groups of people who hate the Jews and the individuals in such groups.

I surmise that Chuck Baldwin hates the Jews because they represent – for him – an astonishing and embarrassing personal failure. He was caught in a huge error called Dispensationalism. And, the feelings of embarrassment and humiliation caused him to hate the Jews, a people that feature prominently in Dispensationalism.

At least, that appears to be the reason on the surface. And it’s my interpretation of what he’s said. But, I personally believe that the real reason is the darkness in Chuck’s soul that has poisoned his view of the world.

There is no way that Chuck can have such antipathy towards the Jews and towards Israel, and still be a Christian. If you have bad feelings towards Israel or the Jews, or both, there is something deeply, spiritually wrong with you.

But, what about those who hate the Jews, who are NOT Christian?

I Ran A Test On Gab.com

Two weeks ago, as I waited for all the server changes to populate the Internet and bring Omega Shock back online, I decided to use some of that idle time to see just how racist Gab was. I had signed up to that alternative to Twitter, but I hadn’t done anything with my account. So, in the interest of science, I decided to drop a bomb in the Free Speech group. I had surmised that all the racists on Gab would definitely have been a member of that group. And, I was right.

Here was my post:

I would like to take this free speech moment to tell every ‘white nationalist’ that he’s (usually a he) a complete moron. A shoe-size IQ. Dumber than a box of rocks AND a bag of hammers.

If you think that ‘race’ matters, you need to stop doing drugs.

The explosion was magnificent. It had been a long time since I’d had that much fun twisting tails, pressing buttons and causing general mayhem for such complete morons. The firestorm was impressive.

The bottom line?

After 31 likes, 385 dislikes and ton after ton of hate mail, I can confidently confirm that Gab is FULL of racists who hate the Jews with a complete and total passion. And, you can verify my claim by looking at what the Internet traffic analysis website, Alexa, says about Gab.

You can find Alexa’s Internet traffic analysis of Gab.com, here:


A massive amount of traffic into Gab.com, comes from The Daily Stormer, the most popular neo-Nazi site on the Internet. And, when you go to that foul website… wow. The hatred of the Jews is shocking.

They want the Jews dead, and they want them dead… Right. Now.

Oh, and to give you an idea of just how MUCH they want the Jews dead. The name of that website and publication is derived from a prewar German newspaper allied with the Nazi Party. That Hitler-era, German newspaper was called Der Stürmer. That should give you a pretty good idea of just how much the morons at the Daily Stormer hate the Jews.


(Maybe I should stop beating around the bush and get to the point!)

So Really, Why Do They Hate The Jews So Much?

Well, let me try to answer that question by taking a stroll down memory lane and pointing out your time in elementary school.

What was it like?

From my own experience in public school, in the 1970s, if you were overly enthusiastic or just plain enjoyed learning, you often found yourself in conflict with those who did not. And, those who were a little too different ran afoul of the pack mentality that all little kids have. And, packs demand conformity and uniformity. The one that I remember most was the physically adept and coordinated versus the completely inept and clumsy. But, what was especially hard to deal with, were the kids from troubled homes, who became bullies – demonstrating their angst and insecurity by attempting to dominate those they deemed weaker than themselves.

Public elementary schools are a brutal laboratory of the human condition. Every kind of stratification and hierarchy is visible, especially on the playground. It is humanity at its most unvarnished. Children at that age lack the sophistication to create the masks that we adults hide behind. So, elementary school is chock full of candid and undisguised humanness. Now, let’s focus even further.

The Bullies Among Us

What about those bullies?

Every school and age-rank has them. They are the unfortunates from bad homes, dysfunctional parents and broken families. Parental alcoholism, drug addiction or just plain neglect results in children with low self-esteem and hearts that are full of bitterness and loathing. And they will invariably seek to assuage their pain by dominating the weak. By abusing those who they deem unable, or insufficiently able, to defend themselves. And, these bullies grow up into adults who seek for ways to make other people suffer.

I say all that because I have noticed a common characteristic in both the ‘playground bully’ and the antisemite. Both are looking for ways to transfer their angst and pain onto others. Because they feel hurt, they wish to make others hurt. And, because they are cowards at heart, they wish to prey upon those who are weak. And, the anonymity provided by the Internet only gives these repellent and odious people a sense of invulnerability.

From the safety of the shadows, these morons are free to tear apart anyone that they wish.

And, they are, without exception, morons. I’m not just ‘name calling’ here. No, I really mean, moron. They are people who tend to be under-educated and mentally deficient. Most have barely enough skill to repeat the lies and hoaxes shared by websites like ‘The Daily Stormer’. And, you can see this in action when you look at Hitler’s early support in Nazi Germany.

Hitler And The Nazis

The bullies and thugs who were drawn to Hitler’s banner in the 1920s and ’30s, were all looking for something that would make them feel strong, while giving them the excuse to oppress those who weren’t. That ‘bully mentality’ was fertile ground for the Nazi Party. And, if they didn’t have the Jews to attack, they would have found someone else to oppress and trample.

Remember the Gypsies?

The Romani people that I mentioned before?

They were also persecuted and murdered by Hitler.

Anyone who was weak, was fair game for the Nazi psychopaths. And yes, those at the very top, directing the minions, were the psychopaths and sociopaths that tend to rise to the top of such organizations.

No lie was too small.

No distortion was too large.

The Jews were the perfect target of the Nazi Party. And, for those of you living in America, the Nazis had a strong following in the US. My maternal grandfather was one of them. Henry Ford – the founder of the Ford Motor Company – was another one, and he was such an ardent supporter of Hitler, that Adolf Hitler had a life-size portrait of Henry Ford in his personal office.

Nazism had such a universal appeal back in the pre-war years, that it transcended language and culture. The French, the Austrians, the Spanish, the Italians, the Persians, the Arabs and even the British… all of them and so many more LOVED Hitler’s message. The Persians loved the message so much that the king of Persia – aka, The Shah – changed the name of his country to Iran in 1935, because he believed Hitler’s propaganda about the superiority of the Aryan race.

The Desire For Dominance

The desire to be superior is extremely common, and antisemitism gives the morons of our society the sense of supremacy and prestige that they crave. They can’t survive the battlefield of ideas, so they retreat to the thuggish and moronic sanctuary of racism and hatred of the Jews.

So, in addition to Satan and his minions, we have mentally crippled morons seeking the destruction of the Jews, because it’s the only way for them to gain a feeling of importance and significance. I really believe that it is that simple. But, since I cannot claim to understand everything about this revolting subject, please feel free to add your own thoughts and ideas in the comment section.

I really do value constructive input, and if your comment is good enough, you might find yourself quoted in one of my articles, later.

In Summary

Well, I’ve gone on pretty long, so let me summarize what I’ve said:

  • Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism, since it denies the right of the Jews to self-defense and their right to live on their own land in peace and safety. And yes, Israel has the right to every square inch of Ancient Israel, according to International Law.
  • My personal experience with the Jewish people is that they are far more truthful and honest than any other non-Christian (or even Christian) group of people. The Jews have a higher standard of morality because that morality has a foundation in the Bible.
  • One part of the reason why the Jews are hated is because they refuse to convert to the dominant religion of the era and area. Stubbornness is a very Jewish quality, just as it is with most Baptists.
  • Satan wishes to destroy the Jews. God has promised to bring the Jews back into their land and back to Himself. Satan wants to stop that.
  • Antisemitism appeals to bullies of all shapes and sizes, and Hitler built upon that tendency, when he began leading the German Nazi party in 1921. The Nazi mentality lives on in publications like the Daily Stormer, which is modeled after Der Stürmer, of the Nazi era.
  • The bullies among us will always hate those who seem weak. A certain kind of mental midget will always pour out their internal angst and frustration upon those unable to defend themselves. It is sickeningly human and a worldwide phenomenon.

I believe all of this is a reflection of the darkness in humanity and a part of why many of us consider the Jews to be a kind of ‘canary in the coal mine’. How a society treats the Jewish people, tells us how healthy that society is. When Jews are badly treated, the bullies and the psychopaths are in charge. And right now, antisemitism is growing around the world, and even in our churches.

Get ready for serious trouble in the all-too-near future.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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