Chuck Baldwin is a False Teacher and an Object Lesson

God calls all mature Christians to publicly rebuke those elders that commit serious sin (1 Tim. 5:20) within the Body of Christ. If you are a pastor and preach lies, God requires that we answer those lies with the truth. So, I write and speak with this burden on my heart. And, I am forced to proclaim that Chuck Baldwin, is a false teacher and even a false brother.

He lies about our brothers and sisters in Christ.

He preaches abominable heresy.

He slanders the innocent.

Jesus called such Pharisees vipers. I believe that He would call Chuck Baldwin a snake and an example of what you should NOT do, when you learn something new.


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Chuck Baldwin is a False Teacher and an Object Lesson

Chuck Baldwin is a False Teacher and an Object Lesson – The ShockCast

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We all make mistakes. In fact, it is not possible for you to not make a mistake about the truth of the Bible. That’s why we need mature Christians around us, to show us the mistakes that we’ve made. And, no matter how many years you’ve been a Christian, you will make mistakes.

And, by definition, every mistake is a form of heresy.

Normally, we use the term ‘heresy’ to denote any theory or concept that is strongly opposed to the core teachings of the Bible. And, if you want to limit yourself to that definition, that’s fine. But, I also know that God’s definition of righteousness is much stronger than yours and mine. He sees the heart of everything, and I believe that HIS definition of heresy covers a lot more than we think – just as His forgiveness covers a lot more than we think, as well. And yes, God WILL forgive you for making honest mistakes about what the Bible actually says.

Rebellion Is Satanism To God

However, an honest mistake is one thing. Rebellion is quite another. If you rebel against God, then you will suffer the wrath of God.

The clearest verse on rebellion is here:

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee from being king.

 – 1 Samuel 15:23

So, Rebellion = Satanism

Think about that.

If you rebel against the commands of God, it is as if you were a worshiper of Satan in the eyes of God. And, that makes perfect sense, since Satan’s sin was to lift himself up with pride and then rebel against God. He was the first rebel, and he seeks to cause us to rebel against God. And, as we look at the latest examples of Chuck Baldwin’s heresy, we will find that…

…Chuck Baldwin has rebelled against God.

It gives me no pleasure to say that. I would love to be proven wrong, but a video that came out on May 23rd does not leave me with any other alternative than to proclaim him a rebel against God. Here’s the video:

The Christian Zionist Deception w/ Pastor Chuck Baldwin

THAT is a horrifying, nauseating and maddening video. Some of the things that Chuck Baldwin says in that interview are such obvious lies, that I am shocked that he would dare to say them publicly. But, I don’t want to get into those lies just yet. I want to look at how he went wrong. And, he went wrong by getting one thing right, and what he did afterwards should stand as an object lesson and a painful example of what NOT to do, when you learn something new.

Chuck Started Off Right

His ‘one thing right’ begins at the three minute mark of the video, and here’s what he said:

All of my formal training was founded and grounded in Christian Zionism, so the only thing I knew on prophecy regarding Israel was what I was taught. So, I as a pastor, I regurgitated that information for the next thirty years in my church and I believed it. I taught it. I really didn’t question it.

So, I mean people need to understand that I’m not a guy that came from an anti-Zionist Christian perspective. I was a guy that was actually part of that entire system for over three decades.

So, my process probably starts about 2007. And, in about 2007, I began to be uncomfortable with the dispensational eschatology that I had been taught. Every time I mentioned it, either casually or specifically, I got this feeling in my gut that something wasn’t right.

I couldn’t explain it. I had no idea why I was feeling that way. Because, after all, this is something I’d taught for over 30 years. I’m going… you know …what is this?!

At first, I ignored it and thinking anything about it, but it never went away. It persisted continually. At the very thought or the very mention of the subject, I got this uneasiness in my soul. So, after several months of that, I was sagacious enough, to have been walking with the Lord long enough, to know that when that kind of thing starts happening that’s the Holy Spirit.

So I began to pray to the Lord and say okay what is this. What am I feeling. What are you wanting to teach me. So then, I had to go through this whole process of being willing to unlearn a doctrine that I had been taught and that I had taught my entire life. And Adam, I’ve got to tell you that the hardest thing for anyone to do… is not to learn something …it’s to unlearn something.

It takes far more effort and and time to unlearn a falsehood than it does to learn a truth.

He realized that something was wrong with his view of eschatology and the concept of The Church. Deep down, he understood that there was a lot that was wrong with Dispensationalism. He couldn’t put a finger on it, but he sensed a deep-seated error.

So, he launched into a process of trying to understand WHAT was wrong, and he was definitely on the right track. So, let me go back to what he said:

So my process was I had to unlearn this. I mean… you know ….think about it. All these years and decades and all these teachings. And think of the notes. Think of the books. Think of the material that I had, backing up all this perspective. You know… I mean …this was the only thing I knew, relative to eschatology, was this dispensational Israel-first-based eschatology system. And so, finally… – I mean we’re talking probably at least a year or more – …I came to this point… I said, “okay Lord, I want to know the truth. You’re obviously trying to show me that I’m not understanding truth as I should, so I need to know.

So, I deliberately put aside all my books, all my classroom notes, all the videos, all the… everything that I had been taught by man relative to this subject. I deliberately set it aside. I didn’t look at it. I didn’t read any of it. Nothing. I did not look at any man’s… I didn’t look at what …you know… what the preterist said. I didn’t look at what the post-millennial said. I didn’t look at anybody else’s version of eschatology.

I didn’t look at anything along those lines. I just made a conscious decision that I was going to search the Scriptures, alone. I was going to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show me truth and trust God to do that strictly through the study of his word. And, that’s what I did for the next several years. I just got into his word and poured over the scriptures, without any human instrumentality to assist me, and then praying to God to lead me through the Scriptures.

THAT is a pretty good way of going about this kind of thing. I had a similar process of awakening 20-plus years ago, and did something similar. I submitted myself to the words of the Bible, and allowed those words alone to guide me out of the foolishness that I believed and had been taught to believe.

Where Chuck Went Wrong

Unfortunately, his reaction was different from my own.

Here is how he reacted:

And, as I began to go through the scriptures, with this open mind that I had, this new open mind that I had, and I got to tell you the it it was shocking. Because I came to realize pretty soon in this process, that everything I had been taught relative to Christian Zionism, which they don’t even like to call themselves that, for the most part, but the whole Israel-based doctrinal positions of prophecy, was a lie. It was falsehood. It was totally untrue. Once I came to that realization the shock to my system was terrific. I mean it was just, oh my god, I spent the last three decades espousing a lie, teaching a lie, telling other people an untruth.

I got to tell you that’s a humbling and a humiliating thought, that… here I am a seeker of truth, wanting to more than anything, wanting to know truth, wanting to teach truth, responsible for the souls of the people that I deliver truth to …and here I wake up to the reality that for 30 years I had taught a falsehood. Man oh man, I got to tell you that that caused such a remorse and and such a humiliation of my heart and mind and I begged God for weeks and months to forgive me and…

What do I do now?

To boil down his reaction to one sentence:

He was embarrassed.

Yes, I know that he couched his response in ‘godly’ language. But, you can tell that it was NOT a Godly response, because of what he says later in this interview. A Godly response does NOT turn to lies to assuage feelings of embarrassment. A Godly response does not twist what is good and seek to defame the innocent. Nor, does a Godly response seek to mislabel the mistakes of others.

Furthermore, instead of carefully and patiently letting God teach him the truth, he rushed into Preterism. He could have waited for the other pieces of the puzzle to fall into place, but he didn’t.

He was embarrassed. He was ashamed of himself. His pride was offended, so he felt the need to turn on what he thought of as the source of his embarrassment:


Instead of patiently seeking to understand Israel’s place in eschatology, he threw everything labeled ‘Israel’ into a box and called that box ‘The Church’. Instead of seeing that the Old Testament is still awash in prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled, he chose instead to close the Old Testament and forget that it has anything to say about our future – and the future of Israel.

Replacement Theology was an easy way out of his embarrassing position, so he grabbed it with both hands and spoon-fed it to his congregation. And, when you see the videos of him preaching this abomination to his congregation, you can see the pride in his voice and body language.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Chuck Turns Towards Stealth And Deception

Here is where he becomes a snake:

And so, the more I learned and the more I was able to start putting this together… then it became obvious that my job was to publicly recant my position which I have done many times and then to begin to teach people what is the truth about Israel and what is the truth about Bible prophecy etc. relating to Israel.

And, so that’s what I’ve been doing, and I actually started the process of teaching this material in 2014. And I did it very gradually and very carefully to my congregation here in Kalispell Montana. I wanted to be sure that you know that I was able to bring these people along in a way that would build their faith and not destroy it.

And so, for the last five years, I have been systematically and very carefully bringing these this subject matter to the forefront of our people. And now then, of course, our people are taught and they are solid on the subject, and I’m able to go deeper now into Bible eschatology – in which I’m going to be doing on the next several months in a couple of years. But, the point is this has been a a a ten year plus process for me to unlearn the falsehood that I had learned, and then to begin understanding what is the the truth …and then to begin to disseminate and teach the truth to people.

And I got to tell you – for me personally, Adam – this has brought such a liberation and such a freedom of my heart in my mind and my soul that it’s it’s undescribable. I mean it, from from a biblical spiritual perspective. I’ve never been happier in my life than I am with the truth that that God has shown me.

With the carefulness of a serpent, Chuck has led his congregation into darkness. And, it sickens me to see it.

What Chuck Should Have Done Instead

Instead of humbling himself before God and ‘his’ congregation, he chose the path of pride and arrogance. Yes, he moans over the ‘persecution’ that he received for abandoning Dispensationalism, but it’s a persecution that is richly deserved.

Yes, Dispensationalism is incorrect. That is the one thing that Chuck got right. Unfortunately, ‘getting one thing right’ just isn’t enough. You need humility and patience to get the rest of the message. You need enough humility to be able to say that you don’t know, when someone asks you a question that you can’t answer.

The path to truth always requires humility. You can’t get there any other way. It also requires patience and a willingness to wait upon the Lord for HIS direction. Remember that King Saul lost his kingdom because he was not willing to wait for the Lord. He was disobedient to the direct command from God – via Samuel – to wait.

And, let me add that Chuck should have taken the time to read the Bible through, over and over. Nothing can replace that. If you aren’t breathing in the entirety of the Bible, you are missing the core principles that God wants you to have. You need to be armed against the powerful delusions that seek our destruction, and you cannot be armed without a thorough knowledge of what the Bible says.

It’s there.

You have one.

Read it.

All of it.


Over and over.

Yes, it will take patience. Yes, you will need to sacrifice some of your time. Yes, your progress will be slow. But, it is a soul-deep process that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Dr. Baldwin missed an incredible opportunity for growth, when he turned away from the Bible and towards heretical commentaries. He represents a powerful lesson in the need for patience, restraint and endurance. He also stands as an example of the eternal price that you will pay, if you will not wait for the Lord to lead. Chuck should have continued his study of the Bible, using only the Bible. He should have waited for God to direct his thoughts and understanding. He should have waited for God to arrange the pieces of the eschatology puzzle, in a way that did not violate scripture. And, if God chose NOT to reveal the whole picture to him, he should have had the humility to accept such a decision from God. Unfortunately, his lack of humility, patience and endurance was his undoing.

Chuck Chooses Rebellion

You can see all that, when you watch his sermons. His inappropriate anger and frustration with his flock, from the pulpit, demonstrates a tremendous lack of both humility and patience. And, we have already seen his unwillingness to wait for God’s direction. Again, he could have waited for God to move through the Holy Spirit, and show him the rest of the picture, but he chose to throw out all of the prophecies of the Bible and take up Preterism.

That choice was nothing less than rebellion and direct disobedience to God.

Yes, he searched the scriptures to see if Dispensationalism was wrong. But, he stopped searching the scriptures, when he realized the need for a different eschatology. Instead of searching the Bible, he searched his commentaries. And, he must have had several preterist commentaries, for him to be pushed in that direction.

Chuck The Preterist

How do I know this?

He claims that everything that happened in the Book of Revelation HAS ALREADY HAPPENED IN THE PAST.

If you need proof, watch his sermon on this, here:

That ‘sermon’ was given on May 19th, just a couple of weeks ago. And, he starts out by saying that everything that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24, HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.

What an utterly horrifying and vile thing to say. And, he compounds his arrogant villainy by claiming that Revelation is not about the future, but about Rome and the Roman Catholic Church – of the past.

When I started looking into what Chuck Baldwin believes, I was hoping that he would not go this far. But, he has, and I am shocked and appalled that he has done this. And, he doesn’t end there in that foul sermon. He goes on to pile on lie after lie about Israel and the Jews, but I will leave THAT for a bit later.

The main thing that you need to understand is that he jumped from error to abomination. And, there are two verses that should scare ANYONE who wishes to teach on eschatology:

18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

 – Revelation 22:18-19

Dispensationalists have added to the Book of Revelation, and will suffer for that sin, in this life. Nowhere in the Bible is there ANY mention of a rapture before the Great Tribulation begins. You won’t find it anywhere, or even a hint that it’s in there, because it’s a false teaching. If you believe in a pretribulation rapture, you believe in a lie and will suffer the consequences.

Again, if you add to the Book of Revelation, you will suffer what verse 18 says. And, I believe that this message is directed at those who live in the Last Days. BUT, you will still go to heaven.

Verse 19 says something different. Those who take away from the Book of Revelation will suffer great and agonizing loss. Or, even HELL. For eternity. And, Chuck Baldwin has done the one thing that Revelation 22:19 warned him against. Worse, he hasn’t just taken AWAY from the Book of Revelation, he has eliminated it.

Chuck The Wolf Pastor

Chuck has thrown out Revelation, and he rebukes those members of his church who do not accept what he says. And, he delivers that rebuke from the pulpit. All that you need to do is watch his May 19th sermon (above) on YouTube. His pride. His anger. It’s all there for anyone to see. And, if you attend his church, you will suffer his wrath and indignation, if you disagree with him.

And, it is wrong for a pastor to act like this.

If your pastor berates members of your church, from the pulpit, for disagreeing with him on how he interprets the Bible, it’s time for you to get a new pastor. A pastor needs to be humble and willing to be admonished. He needs to lead his flock with love and gentleness and not beat them.

Your pastor should be the most humble man in your church. He should be the most righteous. He should be the most kind, etc. Yes, I know that this isn’t fair for a pastor to be burdened like this, but there is nothing fair about being a pastor – just like there’s nothing fair about being a Christian, or benefiting from the great sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

A pastor needs to lead by example, and Chuck Baldwin is a very, very bad example for the members of his church.

I have been greatly blessed by having two good pastors in my life. They demonstrated patience, love, humility, kindness and spiritual maturity. When they were attacked, they did not respond in hurt pride and wrath. They never berated you from the pulpit. They loved you, even when you disagreed with them. They loved their enemies and did good to those who did evil to them. And, their example stands in stark contrast to Chuck Baldwin.

And, let me add, for those of you who feel hurt by my condemnation of Dispensationalism:

Those two pastors that I admire so much, are Dispensationalists.

I also have wonderful friends who are Dispensationalists, that I would trust with my life. They have demonstrated a true faith in Christ, and what it means to follow Christ. Yes, Dispensationalism is an incorrect view of the Bible, but there are far, far worse things than that. Dispensationalism does not invalidate your salvation. Unfortunately, Revelation 22:19 seems to indicate that Preterism, Amillennialism and Post Millennialism WILL invalidate your salvation.

I could stop here, and it would be enough. Unfortunately, there is a lot more to say. And, what follows is actually confirmation of the above.

Chuck The Liar

Notice what Mr. Baldwin calls Dispensationalists. He calls them Christian Zionists. In fact, he twists what they believe by claiming that Christian Zionism is the REASON why they believe in Dispensationalism. And THAT is a disgusting lie.

Dispensationalists are Zionists because of what the Bible says about Israel, and more specifically, Zion – aka, Jerusalem. Because the BIBLE speaks about the return of Israel to the Land of Israel, Dispensationalists support a clearly Biblical Zionism. It’s that simple.

God said it, so they believe it.

I feel the same way.

But, Chuck Baldwin twists what Dispensationalists believe, claiming that it is all about Israel and the Jews, and not an honest response to what God says in the Bible. This demonstrates the darkness in Chuck’s heart. He knows that what he is saying is a lie. But, he’s telling the lie, anyway. And, he’s broadcasting the lie to those who are the enemies of God. Just look at the videos by Adam Green, the guy interviewing Chuck.

How dare anyone make common cause with those who are the enemies of God. Adam Green’s hatred of the Jews is so intense, I am amazed. It is hard to find a single video on his channel that isn’t about how evil and awful the Jews are. I am amazed at how corrupt his mind is. No one should hate ANY group of people as much as Adam Green hates the Jews.

Chuck The Antisemite

Unfortunately, Chuck agrees with Adam. And, he makes statements throughout the interview that directly support Adam’s antisemitism. Worse, those who support this brand of neo-Nazism will now be able to point to Chuck Baldwin’s brand of false Christianity for support of their foul evil. This is just like those evil churches in Nazi Germany that gave vocal support to Hitler.

It really is that evil.

He then adds even MORE insult to this injury by defaming a country that lives ever day under the threat of death, from an evil and vile enemy that outnumbers them, by multiple times. That country is Israel, and the lies that he tells about Israel are appalling.

I don’t expect people to love Israel. With all of the lies being told about Israel, I’m always a little surprised when people show care and affection for that persecuted country. However, I DO expect people to not hate Israel. But, Chuck Baldwin HATES Israel. With. A. Passion.

He grabs and swallows down every vile and despicable lie about Israel and the Jews, every single lie that he can possibly find. And, he broadcasts those lies to those who hate God and Israel. I have personally fought those lies for decades, and to hear him spout such infamous abominations is truly horrifying.

How dare he do this.

How dare he!

Israel is completely and utterly innocent of the lies that he is telling. I was there. I know. Furthermore, I have the education and experience to understand what I saw in my 15 years in Jerusalem. I KNOW that Chuck Baldwin is lying. And yes, the word is lying.

Some might want to call what he is doing as ‘willful untruth’, but that’s not what God would call those lies. God calls what he is doing as straight up lying. He has deliberately chosen to ignore any information that would contradict what he believes. He believes that Israel is evil, and refuses to contemplate any alternative to his way of thinking.

It is a truly evil thing to make such corrupt accusations against the innocent. He defends and supports the Satanic idolatry of the Palestinians. He supports the wicked enemies of Israel, and embraces those who seek the destruction of an innocent country. He may even – himself – desire to see Israel destroyed.

Just like the Pharisees in the time of Jesus, this man is a snake and a false brother. He has taken the truth and turned it into a lie. For anyone to claim Christ as his Lord and Savior, and then do what he has done… well …it’s an abomination. With his actions, he blasphemes the name of our Lord.

Worse, he is leading others into the same trap that he has been caught in. I fear for the spiritual safety of those who are members of his church in Kalispell, Montana. They are being taught by a false teacher who has partnered himself with the enemies of God. Yet, I know that God will protect those who are true to Him. And, from the railing accusations that he makes to certain members from the pulpit, it is clear that there are some in that church who still oppose Chuck’s idolatry.

May God bless them and give them strength.

I am tempted to take each one of Chuck’s false accusations and refute them, point-by-point. And, I have done that with similar accusations in other articles and videos. But, to focus on his lies would be to give them a respect that they do not deserve.

Last Minute Heresy From Chuck Baldwin

Oh, and just as I was about to publish this article and record this video, Chuck came up with this whopper of a sermon:

Christian, Your Allegiance Is To Christ, Not Faux Israel! – by Dr. Chuck Baldwin on Jun. 2, 2019

The first 15 minutes are correct. If you believe in following the law, you are in deep, deep trouble with God. It is idolatry to pick up the ceremonial law of the Old Testament. Never do that. And, Baldwin is right to criticize the Dispensationalists for believing that the ceremonial law of the Old Testament will return. BUT, around the 20 minute mark, he goes straight into the foul heresy of Replacement Theology.

It is right for him to be against the Judaizers, but for him to preach replacement theology… wow.

Please remember that we are the wild olive branches that were grafted in, in place of the natural branches. Paul specifically spoke against Replacement Theology in Romans 11. I am tempted to quote the relevant parts, but I’ve already gone on too long. So, please read Romans 11, yourself:

The point is that God WILL bring Israel back to Himself, in Christ. You don’t have to understand why. I don’t really get all of it myself. But, that doesn’t matter. God has proclaimed the return of the descendants of Jacob, in the Last Days. It will be a sign and a wonder, and He said that it would happen. Therefore, it will.

So, to usurp the place of Israel, and to boast against Israel, like Chuck is doing here, is a sin. Paul rebukes Dr. Baldwin directly in Romans 11. And, I am appalled that Chuck would be so foolish as to directly speak against the words of Paul. He quotes Galatians on the one hand, but speaks against the words of Paul in the book of Romans.

And then… he quickly brings in politics to the pulpit and spends the rest of the sermon on a rant, proclaiming one antisemitic conspiracy theory after another. And, I am amazed that any pastor would do this, so often, from the pulpit. And, he does this constantly. Unfortunately, this is something that you should expect from someone who calls himself a ‘2nd Amendment Pastor’.

Yes, that’s right. He includes the US Constitution as a part of his theological foundation. And no, I am not engaging in hyperbole here. Go look for yourself:

I’m sorry, but there is no place in the Body of Christ for a pastor to advocate for a political agenda. Jesus said that His servants are not of this world, but Chuck wants Christians to BE of this world in direct rebellion against Jesus.

I hate to say it, but I must:

Until Chuck repents of these great sins, I must proclaim him a false brother and NOT a member of the Body of Christ.


Okay, let’s bring this to a close. I think that we have enough to draw important conclusions about Mr. Baldwin.

Rebellion is Satanism to God. If you refuse to obey God, you have placed yourself among the followers of the Prince of Darkness.

  • Chuck started off right. He saw something wrong in what he believed and searched the scriptures to see where his error was.
  • Unfortunately, his wounded pride guided him to an even worse error than the one that got him started on his journey into darkness. He became a Preterist and embraced Replacement Theology.
  • Using stealth and deception, Chuck has poisoned his congregation.
  • Instead, he should have been humble and patient – waiting for the Holy Spirit to teach. Unfortunately, he turned to commentaries from false teachers.
  • Chuck has tossed out the Book of Revelation, so he stands condemned by Revelation 22:19. The seriousness of this spiritual crime is clearly eternal. The thought of being erased from the Book of Life should scare anyone.
  • As a pastor, Chuck demonstrates all the hallmarks of a wolf. He abuses his congregation from the pulpit and lies about fellow Christians. He has forsaken humility for the tarnished glory of pride and self-justification.
  • He is a liar. He lies about Dispensationalists. He lies about Israel. He twists the truth to serve the lies that he follows.
  • He values the politics of this world over obedience to God. He proclaims a need for churches and Christians to make the US Constitution a part of their spiritual foundation.
  • Chuck is an antisemite. He isn’t even ‘just’ an anti-Zionist. His hatred of the Jews is clear, and he has made common cause with wicked and evil neo-Nazis. And, in doing so, blasphemes the name of our Lord and Savior.

Please pray that Chuck would repent of his great wickedness and seek to undo the evil that he has done. If he does not repent, he faces an eternity of condemnation that I would wish on no one.


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31 thoughts on “Chuck Baldwin is a False Teacher and an Object Lesson”

  1. Can someone explain the verses in the New Testament that call false Jews “the Synagogue of Satan”? Also, the Bible intimates that the Jews as the “Chosen People” was negated by their rejection of Christ as Messiah. The Chosen are now the Christ-believers per the New Covenant. We live by the New Covenant and not The Law of the Old Testament, as I understand from my readings of the Gospels. Thank you for your time. God Bless.

    • Hi Paula Brown,

      There is only one passage in the Bible that refers to the Synagogue of Satan. Unfortunately, Antisemites like Chuck Baldwin have pounced on that passage and have attempted to twist it to their own ends.

      We need to be careful to make something very, very clear:

      It is not our job to determine who is a Jew, and who is not. That is God’s job.

      Furthermore, while it is true that we are in the ‘New Covenant’, God’s promises are always eternal. Always. Otherwise, we are without hope. Those promises that have not yet been fulfilled, will be fulfilled in the future. They are as real today, as they were three thousand years ago.

      Take the Last Days. Most of what we know about the Last Days, was written in the ‘Old Testament’. Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to what the Old Testament says about the time that we live in now.

      More importantly, the ground upon which the foundation of our faith sits was laid in the Old Testament. The character of God is all over the Old Testament. If you ignore all that, you have done great damage to yourself. You really must read all of the Bible. All of it – even the boring stuff.

      Please read my new book, When Jacob Returns. That should give you a better idea of what I’m talking about:

      I hope that helps, Paula.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

        • Hi Jared,

          Actually, I did answer her question completely. If you go to the link that I provided, you will see everything there:

          The reference to the ‘synagogue of Satan’ is way overused. Every Christian should already know that Judaism is a false religion. So, belaboring this point is foolish.

          The main point is God’s promises to the Children of Jacob. There are promises that have not been fulfilled. Therefore they must be fulfilled in the future. We who follow God must support what God is doing, or suffer His wrath.

          Chuck Baldwin argues against God and is in open opposition to what God is doing, as God fulfills His promises. Chuck also lies against Christians. It is an evil thing that he is doing, and he must be cast from our midst and considered an apostate.

          I hope that clears things up, Jared.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  2. Chuck Baldwin does not hate Jews he hates Zionism and their evil lies!


    • Hi Terri Vines,

      Since I can only deal with a limited number of lies at any one time, I’ll just have to deal with this one:

      No, he actually hates the Jews.

      Sorry, but it’s the truth. You don’t need to listen to too many of his rantings and ravings before you figure this out. But, it’s his heresy that is the biggest problem, and you are ignoring that.

      Are you a Preterist?

      ‘Cuz he’s a Preterist.

      Preterism is a vile heresy and puts you in eternal danger because it deletes almost all – if not all – of Revelation. And Jesus had something powerful to say about that:

      19 and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

      – Revelation 22:19

      Those are the words of Jesus Himself. If you violate them, you are in eternal peril, Terri.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Christians, blinded by a misguided religious fervor stirred by wolves in sheep’s clothing occupying the pulpits of America’s of the so-called Christian churches, can’t comprehend that Jesus Christ is the creator of heaven and earth and everything in it, and the only savior of mankind. Evangelical Christians ignore the source of all-evil in the world, which originates from within the Knesset in the city of Jerusalem, located in the illegitimate State of Israel, which the devil created on May 14, 1948, after Israel was destroyed by God in 70 AD, for crucifying Jesus Christ the Lord of Glory…


    • Hi Henry,

      It looks like you drank Chuck’s Kool-Aid. It’s pure poison, but it tastes great. Unfortunately, there is an eternal price for following Chuck:

      and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.

      Revelation 22:19 (ESV)

      If you believe that God fulfilled the Book of Revelation in AD 70, you have ‘taken away’ from the Book of Revelation and are in eternal danger. The fact that Revelation was written AFTER AD 70 should make your decision to repent of this heresy much easier. And yes, it’s a heresy. And yes, you need to repent.

      Repent now, Henry, before it’s too late.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Well, you have certainly demonstrated your spiritual condition. Jesus said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” And, your comments indicate a bitter and poisonous fruit. You are not right with God, Henry. You need to repent. – JL

  4. J.L. thank you for website explaining these things. I had just bought over 200 dollars worth of DVD and wish I would have done my own homework. Blessings, M

  5. I think alot of what you guys are saying about Chuck is taken out of content. I have done alot of my homework into him and watched many of his sermons.
    I do not feel he hates all Jews he makes it very clear in his sermons Jews and Gentiles are all of us. It’s the zionist jews, the politicians, the ones running our world, and those who have a commitment to Israel and not the United States are the ones he is referring to, not all Jews.
    When you understand the corruption of these people you will then realize they are evil people. Never does he give off the impression he is against all Jews he talks fondly of them. He goes into great detail in explaining this. The word I think you are referring to that makes you all wrong with this is semi-semistic I think the word is that the media loved to talk about saying anyone who speaks of the zionist jews hate all jews. Just another lie the media throws out there to protect their beloved zionist.

    • So, you have been blinded, too. I pointed out the lies, and you completely ignored what I said. This is the depressing part about all of this. You refuse to even look at what I’m talking about. This is so sad. The judgment of God is coming, and you won’t be ready when it happens, Leslie. – JL

    • Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Heresy to me is like saying Jesus was not born of a virgin or Jesus is not holy and just a man. I see the rapture timing or rapture at all, as a difference of opinion. Good men disagree. I see the good jews vs bad jews a difference of opinion. Good men disagree. There are scriptures that can be taken to support either belief. To call the man a liar is quite severe. To call him a heretic is just wow.

  6. You, writer of this blog, are ignorant. You are who are forgotten by God. Pastor Chuck Baldwin is far above all you Israel worshippers. You worship the Jews, not Jesus. The Jews say that Jesus is in excrement in their talmudic teachings. You, a false preacher, sucking off the government tit, sending believers in a false way, obviously haven’t studied ANY of the Judaic culture yet you say nasty things about a Christian. HOW DARE YOU. God will say he knows you not. All my blessings are bestowed in the Kingdom of Heaven. May you read the gospel and change your ways. You take everything out of context and automatically say someone is an anti-semite when you have no contextual basis. Just because someone told the truth doesn’t mean that they’re hateful, they are the ones who will be known by God where you are spit out for being lukewarm. For only those who can handle the meat of the message, can understand, where are those who are lukewarm can only handle the milk like a baby

    • Hi Hunter,

      You are one of the reasons why I cannot allow comments to be posted automatically. Like your pastor, Chuck Baldwin, you are also twisting my words. You haven’t even bothered to look at what I actually said.

      This is the essence of true deception. All that you are interested in is the opportunity to vomit your vile hatred across the comment section – because someone said ‘bad things’ about your priest. Truth does not matter to you.

      Then, you had the audacity to beg me to not censor your comment. You do NOT have the freedom to speak lies.

      Did God EVER allow the freedom to lie?

      Was deception ever protected speech under God?

      No. God told Israel to stone to death all the false prophets. And, Chuck Baldwin has richly demonstrated that he is a false prophet. You have too.

      You claim that God is a liar, the Bible is not true and that God makes promises and doesn’t keep them.

      But, I’m glad that you left this foul comment with all your false accusations. It means that Chuck is being exposed.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. I feel sorry for you. You point out the so-called sins of Baldwin while not recognizing your own! You have placed yourself as judge!

    Maybe you should ask yourself why Israel flies the satanic star.

    • It’s not a ‘star’. It’s a shield. It’s called the Magen David – or, Shield of David. You are one of the many reasons why I must engage in censorship. I get too many stupid comments like this, and you just can’t fix stupid. – JL

  8. The importance of defining terms in any theological duscussion.
    Caveat – I am not a trained, let alone highly trained biblicist.
    I consider myself to be a dispensationalist due to seeing the Old Testament “age of the law” (for lack of a better term), the church age where we are under grace and the yet to be 1000 year millennial kingdom.
    I also see a literal rapture of the church in Matt 24:31, 1Thess 4:16 – 5:9 and 2Thess 2:1-4.
    I do not however hold to the pre-trib rapture due to these same and other passages.
    The church will be raptured on the same day and just before the Day of the Lord begins and God’s judgement begins to be poured out.
    Just like the days of Noah. On the same day he and his family entered the ark…
    Label it a pre-wrath rapture. Sometime after the abomination desolation and when the time of great tribulation is cut short for the elect’s sake.
    To get back to my first statement, dispensationalists are not all pre-trib.

    • Hi TPJones,

      It’s good to see a brother (or sister?) think deeply about these things.

      Having said that, if you look closely at what Dispensationalism actually teaches, you can’t have Dispensationalism without a pretribulation rapture. It’s actually at the core of their teaching. If the Rapture happens AFTER the Great Tribulation, then it means that the prophecies about the Return of Israel must be fulfilled before then, as well.

      Under Dispensationalism, that cannot happen.

      Under their eschatology, they must have a Third Temple and sacrifices. There must be a return of the Law.

      Yet, they forget that Jesus died for ALL God’s people – from Adam, until the last to fall. There are no ‘dispensations’. However, there are ‘ages’. There are periods of time where God gives commandments and sets standards for what it means to be a child of God. For what it means to obey.

      But, that’s different than ‘dispensations’ – at least, as the Dispensationalists describe it.

      That’s my understanding. Let me know where I was off track.

      Thanks, TP!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hello and thanks for the reply.
        Just for the record, 100% male.

        I don’t know that I’d say you’re off track. Do we now have to define Israel? 🤔 😄

        To me, when it comes to Daniel’s 70th week prophecy, it is the nation state that “rebirthed” in 1948. The “dry bones” have come together but there is no life in them.
        While I don’t really care for the term Great Tribulation, I deal with it better than using the term tribulation to describe the entire 70th week. I, probably not gently enough, correct that whenever I see it.
        I do see Daniel in his prophecy saying there will be another temple, at least of some sort, and the sacrifices restarted as the anti-christ causes them to cease “in the midst of the week” and commits the abomination desolation, Daniel 9:27, spoken of by Jesus in Matt 24:15.
        I guess I see getting rid of dispensationalism because many who teach it also teach the very unbiblical pre-trib rapture, is throwing out the baby with the bath water.
        Now, for me, differentiating between the nation state of Israel and true Israel, the seed of Abraham, the remnant God has kept for Himself, when it comes to scripture is something I try to let the context of the passage do.

        By the way, as a side note, I see God’s Word teaching that Christ’s coming and the rapture occurring happen on the Feast of Trumpets. No man knows the day or the hour that will happen from year to year either.
        And the spring feasts were fulfilled at their appointed times.

        The way I see the timeline…
        1st 3.5 years
        1st seal, anti-christ, not yet empowered by satan, confirms the covenant.
        Seals 2 – 4 but also the nation state of Israel living in “peace and safety.”
        5th seal – satan and his angels having been kicked out of heaven, comes to earth having great wrath and “inhabits” (sorry, correct term is escaping my old man brain right now) the anti-christ who commits the a-b and proceeds to persecute Israel and the church. A time of great tribulation (thlipsis – pressure) ensues.
        6th seal – Cosmic disturbances, Christ coming in the clouds with great glory, 144K sealed and church raptured.
        7th seal – the scroll can be opened and the Trumpet Judgements begin.

        God bless you brother and thanks again for the reply.

        • Hi TPJones,

          Ah HA! I get to point someone to the new website:

          I just got that loaded over the weekend. And, what you read on that page should explain a lot. Our translators have made a mess of Daniel 9, and it’s time to get that chapter ‘unmessed’.

          Let me know if I have any holes in my argument. In fact, tear the whole book apart. Show me the errors in my analysis. (Not grammar and usage. Lord willing, that will be fixed later.)

          It’s good to see someone who understands so much. God bless you, TP.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  9. You don’t know his heart- there are MANY true believers that don’t see things the same in the Bible. Calling one another liars etc. is a sad state of the heart. You are not following the basic commands of God yourself about resolving a conflict. You go to a brother – then if he won’t listen you take 2 more brothers and then if you don’t get a response yet- you go to the church- last I knew – the internet isn’t the Church. Also- eternal damnation because he doesn’t hold the same theology as you? Hmmm. Last I knew- once saved by our Lord Jesus Christ- we can never be snatched out of His hand. You could have taken the time you spent on this article By Showing scripturally as to WHY you see it differently. After all- there are many men of God that don’t see the scriptures the same – yet they all are truly saved and claim the Lord Jesus as their saviour. I really wished you would have taken what Chuck teaches and used scripture to show why you don’t agree- not crucify a fellow brother.

    • Unfortunately, Baldwin’s lies are public and not private, so this is not a private matter. Otherwise, I would stay silent. Baldwin has broadcast lies to all who would listen, and has refused to repent. Repeatedly. Therefore, according to the Bible, he should no longer be considered a brother in Christ. – JL

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