Recovering from Burn Out

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been awfully quiet over the past month. Sorry about that. I crashed and burned. I worked too hard on that CIA Heroin series, and a bunch of external events knocked me down. So, I pulled back a bit and just published links to the articles that I thought that you should read.

I’m sorry that I’m not able to add personal commentary to those links. If I did that, I would literally have no time left for anything else.


Firefox changed how they handle their bookmarks, and that has eliminated the way that I comment on links. The alternative is a time-consuming task of manually editing each entry, which triples the amount of work that I’m doing.

One day, I might discover a time-efficient way to get back to commenting on links. I certainly want to. But, I have to make sure that all the other ‘spinning plates’ are twirling on their own before doing that.

For those of you who wish to receive a daily briefing of links that I believe to be important AND my articles and videos when they get posted, you have several choices:

Twitter and Facebook will give you each link, as I read and post it, in ‘real time’. Feedburner will send you one complete post, once a day. But if you prefer just a short, once-a-day snippet with an article link in your email box, you can use Jetpack, you can also use the ‘The Shock Feed (Alternate)’ box, to the right.

For those of you who just want my articles, videos and MP3s, just stay subscribed here:

Or, for just YouTube, go here:

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And, you can do all the above to make sure that you receive what I write and say. I know that a lot of you have had trouble receiving The Shock Letter via your inbox, and fixing that problem is like playing a never-ending round of whack-a-mole. Hopefully, the above options should help you stay connected.

Again, thanks for your patience. In a few hours, a rather lengthy exposé should be out. One of you sent me an email that shocked me out of a bad case of ennui. Few things get me going like a good “He said WHAT?!”

I’m not out of the woods, yet. But, I’m getting there.

See y’all, soon!

John Little

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