JFK ‘Secret Societies Speech’ – I Was Wrong

Lies twist and destroy lives. They lead to decisions that end in war and death. They corrupt the ability to think. They obscure truth that should be clear. They oppress the innocent. They protect the guilty.

They are the tool of evil.

Yet, we have among us, those who claim to seek truth, yet use convenient lies to promote their agenda. And, many of us have been caught by these lies and passed them on as if they were truth.

I have recently discovered that I am one of those who were caught.

And, if you believed what I said…

…you are too.


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JFK ‘Secret Societies Speech’ – I Was Wrong

JFK ‘Secret Societies Speech’ – I Was Wrong – The ShockCast

YouTube shortlink: https://youtu.be/L6xYofJfzIc




I despise lies with a passion. And, the more insane the deception, the more angry I get. I just can’t help myself. And, when I am caught passing on a lie, I am horrified. And, this is one of those moments.

Last week, I claimed that the following video was a reference to the attempt by the CIA to gather power for itself and subvert the United States:

The Last Great President John F. Kennedy. 1961 Speech on Tyranny

And, you will often see this video referred to as JFK’s Secret Societies Speech.

I had also claimed that Kennedy had not learned of the ‘Bay of Pigs Invasion’ until after it had begun. Both of my claims were completely false and based upon lies that I had thought were the truth.

The Truth About The Bay Of Pigs Invasion

Kennedy was fully informed of this operation, even though he had been in office for only three months and had been involved in setting the limitations to how this invasion would be conducted. He wanted to be able to deny that America had anything to do with this operation so that America could avoid direct and open conflict with the Soviet Union.

The ‘Bay of Pigs’ operation was badly planned and badly coordinated. The CIA was unable to keep this operation secret, so Castro knew that they were coming. It was idiocy from start to finish.

However, it was the beginning of an adversarial relationship between the CIA and Kennedy, that eventually led to his assassination, two years later. But, that’s a story for another time.

What is important to remember is that it’s a lie to believe that Kennedy was against this attempted invasion of Cuba. I bought the lie, but now I’m hoping to get a refund. It was foolish of me to buy the idea that the CIA had been withholding information about ‘Operation Zapata’. Kennedy was briefed on this operation on January 28th, just after he had assumed office.

The Secret Societies Speech Lie

What is also important to note is the lies that have been sweeping the Internet about this supposed ‘secret societies speech’ that JFK was purported to have given. I can’t count the number of times that I have heard snippets from the above video – or videos like it. And, those snippets have ALWAYS been used in context with the ‘Illuminati’ or the ‘Freemasons’ or some other conspiracy group. And, if something is repeated enough, it starts to gain a feeling of legitimacy.

Unfortunately, the above video is a lie. From start to finish. It takes the actual words of JFK completely out of context, to give you a feeling that he was warning the world against a global conspiracy. And, we all naturally assumed that this was the conspiracy that eventually killed him. And, some really do claim that this speech was what led to his assassination.

But, that’s a complete lie.

Here is the full speech:

JFK – ” President and the Press ” Speech (April 27, 1961)

You’ll notice that the title isn’t as ‘sexy’ as one that says ‘Secret Societies Speech’. Well, it wasn’t about ‘secret societies’. It was about ‘The Cold War’ and nothing but ‘The Cold War’. It had nothing to do with the Illuminati, the CIA, the Freemasons or any other secret society other than covert attempts by the Soviet Union to defeat the United States of America.

Those that wish to convince you otherwise are either liars or dupes.

No matter how good the intentions are, a lie is still a lie. And, far, far too many conspiracy theorists have not asked themselves whether their claims are based upon lies and speculations. And, over the years, I have been hearing far too many foolish speculations being peddled as fact.

And, it needs to stop.

One of the ways to stop this foolishness is to admit when you get something wrong. And, I’m doing that now. The other thing is to call out the liars and the fools, and point out their lies and foolishness. And, you’ve seen me do lots of that over the years, too.

Everyone, everyone, it is time that we invested ourselves in honesty and integrity. It is time that we made sure that what we are saying and preaching is actually the truth. And, I don’t see very much of that, when I look around at those who claim to be ‘watchmen’. On the contrary, I see dirty dealing, deception and false teaching. And, it’s instructive to see the reaction of such people when you expose them for what they are.

Via the hand of Solomon, God gives us this admonition:

Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.

 – Proverbs 23:23

That is extremely good advice, as we seek to separate fact from fiction in this age of deception. The truth is precious, and too many in our pulpits are reluctant to share it with us. And, there are too many falsehoods that are taught in Bible school, that go unchallenged in our churches. And, there are too many videos and web pages that peddle ridiculous speculation.

Hitler murdered tens of millions by lying to his own people, and then to the world. Lenin, Stalin, Mao and a host of other liars did the same. Lies kill. Deception is the way of death.

It is time to invest ourselves in truth, and nothing but the truth …so help us God.



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A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


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