The CIA Criminal Empire that Started with Operation Gladio – The Weekend ShockCast

What you are about to listen to, in one sense, is something that has been years in the making. For years, I have wondered at how Afghanistan could be the source of 93% of the world’s heroin. I just couldn’t understand how the US Air Force could completely control the airspace of Afghanistan, while thousands of square miles of opium poppies were under cultivation.

We could see those poppy fields from the air, and could have sprayed them with any of the massively potent herbicides at our disposal, but we didn’t.


We had satellites that monitored everything that went on in Afghanistan – along with everything that went in and out of Afghanistan. There was seemingly no way that so much heroin could actually be leaving such a remote, land-locked country that was under the complete control of the United States military.


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The CIA Criminal Empire that Started with Operation Gladio – The Weekend ShockCast

The CIA Criminal Empire that Started with Operation Gladio – The Weekend ShockCast

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The Five Individual Parts of this Series:

Why Operation Gladio Turned Evil – Gladio Part 1

The CIA and Chinese Heroin – Gladio Part 2

CIA Heroin and Allen Dulles – Gladio Part 3

Reviewing the Review of Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance – Gladio Part 4

CONCLUSION – The CIA Empire of Crime that Started with Gladio – Gladio Part 5


How was ANY of this possible?

Why was no one talking about this?

The streets of America and Europe are filled with heroin. In fact, there’s so much of it, that it’s actually cheaper than similar prescription opioids.

Yet, we are doing nothing about the source of this problem.


And, when you see that a huge and potent problem can be solved cheaply and easily, you know that you are looking at something really bad. And, I suspected that the source of the problem was the CIA. But, suspicion doesn’t reach certainty, unless you can fit enough pieces together to see the bigger picture.

And, see how it began.

This vast criminal empire began with something that some of us ALSO knew about:

Operation Gladio

But, it’s one thing to know ABOUT an operation. It’s something entirely different to track down its origins and see how it got its funding. This ‘tracking process’ is why this week’s series was initially called ‘Gladio’. But, you will notice that I don’t really call it Gladio anymore.

It’s now, all about the vast criminal empire created by the Central Intelligence Agency. And, as I moved through the steps of figuring out how this empire developed, the picture got clearer and clearer and clearer.

So, walk with me now, through the process of untangling the twisted origins of the greatest criminal empire in the history of mankind.



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4 thoughts on “The CIA Criminal Empire that Started with Operation Gladio – The Weekend ShockCast”

  1. All of this is interesting …. and horrifying, but in a distant sort of way because … it is NOT surprising. Unfortunately. I see the same evil in every direction I look, wearing different masks. But underneath, it is all the same: the endemic corruption of a fallen world. I used to wonder what it meant when the bible would say that certain evils would be allowed to continue until “the cup of iniquity is full”. I am beginning to think the reason is to teach us, through all the generations until the number of souls to live in this world and have their chance to choose is complete, the truth that Adam and Eve failed to grasp: that nothing works without God. NOTHING. God and His laws comprise all that is good. Remove that, and you have all that is bad. It sounds so simple. But the majority of humanity did not / does not get it. Many have observed that every form of suffering and misery traces back to sin, yours or someone else’s. And, watching the progression of evil though time – what the enemy does during the time God allows him to do it – it is becoming apparent. He is satisfied with nothing less than complete control and complete destruction. The human puppets who’ve been co-opted into his service are deceived, thinking their reward is/will be power and wealth; and who knows what they think they will get in the next world, if they even believe there is one. It is a monumental deception, and the only purpose of it is rebellion against good, and destruction of all that was perfect and beautiful. So as Christians, none of this should surprise us. We were warned from the beginning. This is how it plays out. I think Rev 18 could very well be referring to the US. I think the US could very well be the Beast. It’s like Sampson. It doesn’t matter how big and strong and blessed you are, if you become disobedient and wind up separated from God. That strength and blessing came from Him, and Him only.

  2. Man, you are talking so shite! You need to do research properly. Please stop spreading rubbish rumours about cia and so on
    Usa are wrong to invade afghanistan. PEROID!!! THEY HACE NO RIGHT TO BE THERE

    • Did you even watch the video? Of course they were wrong to invade Afghanistan. The video doesn’t talk about it. What the video DOES talk about is how the CIA is using Afghanistan to create heroin and then distribute it around the world. So, watch the video, Andy. All of it. – JL

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