CONCLUSION – The CIA Empire of Crime that Started with Gladio – Gladio Part 5

Let’s bring this to a conclusion. And, there’s only one conclusion that CAN be made.

The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America is the biggest criminal empire in the history of the world.

There is literally no other conclusion that CAN be made, as horrifying as that statement may sound. The numbers don’t lie, and the facts cannot be avoided. We can argue the details all day long, but the conclusion stays the same. And, the ironic part of this, was that it started so ‘innocently’…

…with Operation Gladio.


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CONCLUSION – The CIA Empire of Crime that Started with Gladio – Gladio 5

CONCLUSION – The CIA Empire of Crime that Started with Gladio – Gladio Part 5 – The ShockCast

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There is a part of me that can’t believe what I’m seeing. I knew, for years, that something like this was happening. There’s no other way for 93% of the world’s heroin to originate from Afghanistan, when the US controls the airspace and all ports of entry.

This just can’t happen any other way.

However, it’s one thing to merely suspect that a thing is true. It is something else to actually see the network that they were using. To see it grow from its infancy, take it’s first baby steps and then launch into the monstrosity that rules so much of the criminal underworld.

The Quiet Control

For the CIA to do this, the amount of control that they must have over the criminal networks around the world, must be immense. They also need to control the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Pentagon. They need to control any politician that might have any oversight into their activities. They would need to control the media, to make sure that any and all news reports would be deflected from their criminal activities.

And, they would need to make sure that they maintain this control quietly, with complete finesse.

Remember that secret operations routinely expose themselves when an important component screws up. That’s how we know about Operation Gladio. The Italian arm of these ‘stay behind armies’ made stupid mistakes, and the whole operation was revealed.

It was a painful lesson for the CIA, but one that they have taken to heart. They have learned how to keep their secret operations, secret. And, I’m betting that 99% of the official employees of the CIA have no idea that any of this is happening.

Remember that CIA employees are patriots of the first order. They are passionate about their country and its safety. I have friends who were in the CIA, or are STILL in that evil organization. They are wonderful Christian brothers who have no idea of the vast evil that the CIA is involved in. I would trust those men with my life, and you would too, if you knew them.

The Tip Of The Iceberg

But, what the CIA is doing is truly monstrous.

I doubt that I have done so much as touch even the tip of the iceberg. I have just talked about the heroin trafficking. There’s also cocaine, and I’ve heard numerous reports about their activities, there. And, those reports are offer firm proof that they really are in the cocaine business.

What else are they involved in?

Basically, they are involved in anything that has a gigantic profit margin. If it makes a huge profit, they are in it.

Human trafficking?

Child pornography?

Electronic theft?

I know someone who had a lot of money stolen from him/her. From his bank account. And, the bank – for some reason – could not recover the money. That should not have been possible.

Was a criminal arm of the CIA involved?

As someone who understands how banks work, it should not have been possible for that money to disappear without a trace, the way that it did. But, it did disappear, and some part of it disappeared into Southeast Asia, if I remember correctly.

Control Of The Banks

How much control over the banks, does the CIA have?

For them to control the heroin trade, they must be able to control banks. One of the most reliable reports about the CIA cocaine trade comes from a helicopter pilot, Gene ‘Chip’ Tatum, employed by the CIA, who found out that he was running cocaine into Arkansas.

Chip did other things for the CIA. And, whenever he needed money for a job, all that he had to do was go to a certain bank on Wall Street, and they would give him millions of dollars – if that was what the operation needed. In cash. No questions asked. And, the proof that he offers is compelling – even to a cynic, like myself.

Remember that the banks don’t have police powers. They don’t have a military. They have no way of protecting themselves from a criminal enterprise, like the CIA – which DOES have police powers and which DOES have a military.

Could the banks hope to survive, when faced with something as psychopathic and powerful as the CIA?

Please think this through with me on this. You might think that the banks are ‘all powerful’, but all that cash can’t stop a bullet. And, they know it.

Owning The FBI

Remember also that this criminal enterprise started out, within the CIA. They were dealing with a threat from the Soviet Union, and there was nothing that they would not do, to stop that threat. And, they got the FBI to help with that threat.

Do any of you remember that J. Edgar Hoover denied the existence of the Italian Mafia until 1957?

Remember that Hoover created the FBI in 1924 and directly ran it until his death in 1971. He was NOT a stupid man. He KNEW that the Mafia existed. He knew that ‘The Mob’ existed. He denied both until too many of his own agents saw too much on November 14, 1957, in Alapachin, New York.

Was Hoover owned by the Mafia?

Did the CIA own the Mafia?

Did the CIA own Hoover?

Unfortunately, there’s just no way for the CIA’s heroin operation to survive this long, if they did not own the FBI, the DEA, the NSA and every other national organization with police powers. And, I seriously doubt that the Mafia could have stayed independent from the CIA, since the CIA could have torn the Mafia into little pieces at any moment that they chose to.

Owning The US Air Force

If you think that I’m over-blowing all this, tell me how else the thousands of tons of heroin could be distributed throughout the world, without being stopped. Also, while you are doing that, explain to me how the US Air Force refuses to spray the 328 THOUSAND hectares (1,266 square miles) of opium under cultivation in Afghanistan. And, that’s just the ‘official’ figures on how much land is being used to cultivate opium.


You have thousands of square miles of opium poppies under cultivation, and the US Air Force refuses to spray those opium poppies with herbicide.

Doesn’t that tell you something?

It tells me that the US Air Force is under the control of the CIA. At the top. Not everyone in the Air Force is under the control of the CIA. Just the people at the top – and some of the pilots flying some of the transports.

Are you seeing how deep this must go?

Again, this started with an operation to help save Europe from a Soviet takeover, and it has morphed into something so big and monstrous that it’s hard to know where it begins and where it ends. In fact, it’s so huge, that it doesn’t matter if you and I talk about this.

After all, we’re just ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Concluding the Conclusion

Now, you might think that all of the above is the reason why I’m talking about this. Most crazed conspiracy theory nuts would stop right there and consider this a ‘job well done’. But, that’s not what this is about.

Look at the Book of Revelation.

Look at the rise of The Beast.

THAT is what we are talking about here. And no, I’m not saying that the CIA is ‘The Beast’. But, I believe that it’s a part of it. Or, it will be, after Ezekiel’s Fire.

Remember, something glues the world back together after Ezekiel’s Fire happens. Ezekiel’s Fire will destroy so much of the world’s infrastructure that something, or someone, will need to put the pieces back together. And, whoever does that, will wind up in control of what has been reconstituted.

Who better to do this, than the CIA with its vast, global, criminal networks?

Is the CIA the seven headed red dragon that revives the Beast, in Revelation 12?

It’s possible.

I don’t know.

What I DO KNOW is that there is a vast network that is working tirelessly to bring us to the days of the coming of the Antichrist. And, I would not have seen it for myself, if I hadn’t grabbed hold of an article on a disreputable website and followed the rabbit hole to its incontrovertible conclusion.

It’s the Last Days, and we shouldn’t be surprised at how this has turned out.

But, I can’t help but be completely shocked at what I am seeing.



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