Another Website Fails the Sanity Check

Too many websites are just plain insane – i.e., annoying, stupid, dishonest and deranged. And, far too many of the bizarre ‘facts’ they peddle are lies made up out of thin air. And, it has gotten so bad that I’ve had to avoid whole websites and discard volumes of information because they are completely crazy.

Never trust someone who is dishonest, stupid or insane.

I’ve had to deal with this problem for decades. And, it amazes me that, with all the resources that are available to us, that we still must deal with insanity.

Worse, it gets in the way of discovering the truth.


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Another Website Fails the Sanity Check

Another Website Fails the Sanity Check – The ShockCast

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I want to talk about a horrifying part of recent American history, and I find myself frustrated over the fact that I cannot trust what initially seemed to be an excellent source. And, I’m afraid that I will discover that most of the sources on this subject are either corrupt, dishonest, stupid or just plain crazy. Yet, this is important, so I will do my best to find information and analysis that I can trust on what Operation Gladio was – and maybe is.

Operation Gladio

I don’t want to go too far into Gladio, since I want to stay on the subject of insanity. But, here is what one rather dishonest website says about Operation Gladio:

Operation Gladio is the codename for clandestine “stay-behind” operations of armed resistance that was planned by the Western Union (WU), and subsequently by NATO, for a potential Warsaw Pact invasion and conquest in Europe. Although Gladio specifically refers to the Italian branch of the NATO stay-behind organizations, “Operation Gladio” is used as an informal name for all of them. Stay-behind operations were prepared in many NATO member countries, and some neutral countries.[1]

The role of the CIA in Gladio and the extent of its activities during the Cold War era, and any relationship to terrorist attacks perpetrated in Italy during the “Years of Lead” (late 1960s to early 1980s) are the subject of debate. Switzerland and Belgium have had parliamentary inquiries into the matter.[2]

The word gladio is the Italian form of gladius, a type of Roman shortsword.

 – Operation Gladio, Wikipedia

And yes, Wikipedia cannot be trusted as a source, but it can be a starting point for a thorough search on the topic. Unfortunately, the operative word is ‘can’. Truth mixed with lies can send you in the wrong direction, no matter how careful you are.

And, my source on Gladio that has me so frustrated?

Well, it’s this article:

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance |

It sounded soooo good. Everything said in that article sounded right. Some of the details seemed to be a bit sketchy, but I was willing to work with it. Maybe some of those details that seemed sketchy were actually quite accurate. But that was before I decided to do my ‘sanity check’.

I do this for every website that I want to use as a source of information. And, I’m afraid that websites like,, fail my sanity check. Every time. And, you should never trust people with a mental disease like the one that they have, to tell you how the world works.

The Crazy Physicist

Years ago, when I was living in Jerusalem, I had to go to the downtown Jerusalem police station – the one near the big Russian Orthodox church. I was there for something to do with the registration of our car. Or something like that. And, in the waiting room, I sat down next a rather ragged looking guy. And, trying to be friendly, I asked him what he was there for.

He proudly showed me a scratch on his arm and claimed that he was a victim of terrorism. Alarm bells went off in my mind. His terrorist was either a rose bush or the awning of a sidewalk cafe. But, I very carefully nodded my head and changed the subject to something safer. I asked him what he did.

To my utter astonishment, he told me that he was a physicist, and that he was going to earn a Nobel Prize. I had studied physics at university, so I was curious about any further insanity that I would hear. So, I asked him how he was going to earn this Nobel Prize.

With ponderous dignity he pulled out a piece of paper and wrote on it:

0 = 0

And, he said THAT would earn him a Nobel Prize.

I very carefully made sure that my expression was cautiously positive before looking at him and saying, “I see.”

Even though I had little to be concerned about, in terms of personal safety, the knowledge that I was sitting next to someone insane, was a little disconcerting. Unfortunately, Jerusalem attracts a lot of crazy people, and I have plenty of stories to share on the subject. But, that’s for another time.

I say all that to ask a question:

Would you believe a homeless person if they showed you a scratch and claimed that they were a victim of terrorism?

Or that they were a physicist, about to earn their Nobel Prize?

Of course not.

Unfortunately, we DO trust people who are just as insane, every day, without realizing it. And, we love to trust the ones who say things that we like to hear. And, I must tell you that what I was ‘hearing’ in that article about Operation Gladio sounded very good indeed.  But, when I ran my ‘sanity check’ on the website, I realized that I couldn’t trust it.

I really hate it when this happens. But, insane is insane.

This means that OffGuardian is off limits.

The Sanity Check

What is this ‘sanity check’, you ask?

Listen carefully, because it’s really, Really, REALLY complicated. It involves the complicated use of the fingers, a keyboard, a mouse and your eyes.

Since almost every website has a ‘search function’, go to the search box type in the following letters:

I, s, r, a, e and l.

Just six letters. Then hit the return key and read what you find. And, if everything that you read is ‘bad Israel this’ and ‘awful Israel that’, then the website has failed the sanity check.

You don’t need to know HOW they fail the sanity check. You just need to know that they have, and that’s that. And, OffGuardian is relentless anti-Israel. There is not a single good thing that they have to say about Israel. And, their sympathy for the ‘poor Palestinians’ is revolting.

If they had just ONE article that was sympathetic towards Israel, I wouldn’t call the website insane. And, I looked for it. Couldn’t find it. And, the articles that I found were… well …deranged.

I lived in Israel for 15 years. And, I know that what OffGuardian says about Israel is insane and dishonest. And, I am so very tired of constantly finding dishonest and insane websites that claim to reveal ‘the real truth’ about this or that.

Now, is my ‘sanity check’ completely accurate?

Well, it works pretty well. The Jews have always been a kind of ‘canary in the coal mine’ for centuries. Whenever a society turns insane, people always seem to turn against the Jews living among them. And no, I don’t understand this insanity. Only those who are insane would claim to understand.

Oh, when you look more closely at other articles on relentlessly anti-Israel websites, you can see their insanity in more detail. For instance, a brief overview of OffGuardian shows hardly a word of criticism for Russia, Syria and Iran.


No criticism?

Everyone deserves criticism, unless they’ve already been beaten up so badly, and unfairly treated, that they deserve support – like Israel.

Why I Never Criticize Israel

I will never criticize Israel. Ever. I know what they are going through, and I know the incredibly high standards of ethics and morality that they have set for themselves.

You might disagree, but you have not earned the right to disagree. Only when you’ve spent serious time in Israel, years at a time, getting to know the people. Getting to know how they think. Even watching them defend themselves.

Only THEN do you get the right to criticize Israel.

Before I went to Israel, I used to think that I had the right to criticize her. But, that was before I found out what was really going on.

Furthermore, you probably wouldn’t understand the legitimate criticisms of Israel that I DO have – like why I’m not fond of Netanyahu. Why I dance on the grave of the Labor Party. Or, why I can’t stand Tel Aviv. It would take too long to explain, so I normally don’t bother.

Yes, Israel has a ‘gay community’ and does this ‘gay parade’ thing. But, so does YOUR country. So, don’t talk to me about how awful Israel is because they have homosexuals, or because they all haven’t embraced Christianity. Your country isn’t any better.

More importantly, there’s a morality issue here:

If your neighborhood is unfairly tormenting a defenseless neighbor and even threatening her life, you don’t beat her up for not washing her windows.

You defend her, and quietly wash the windows yourself, if it’s a big enough issue for you.

Israel deserves our support, not our condemnation. It would be evil to abuse an already abused people. We have persecuted the Jews for 2000 years. They’ve suffered enough. It’s time to stop the persecution.

Sanity Check B

Okay, that’s one part of my ‘sanity check’. But, there’s more. You might call it a ‘Side B’.

If I see articles that portray every Israeli with a halo or try to claim that Israelis want a third temple… I run away. Israelis are far from perfect, and THEY DO NOT WANT A THIRD TEMPLE!!!

Please, stop it with the Third Temple insanity. And please, Please, PLEASE never give money to the Temple Institute. THOSE people are insane, and they hate Christians, but the Temple Institute loves the money.

So, don’t glorify Israel beyond what she deserves. She’s a modern country with modern problems, living under unfair conditions, in a brutal neighborhood. Praise her for what she deserves to be praised for, and leave any criticism to those who love to hate Israel.

The point of this ‘sanity check’ is to see if a source of information sees clearly. Hatred towards Israel is the mark of someone who does not see clearly. Likewise, way too much praise of Israel. Either way, the site cannot be trusted to give you clear and well-reasoned content.

By the way, a hatred of Israel often indicates that there is some kind of bias that a website is concealing. They know that their readers won’t like that bias, so they hide it. But, it routinely comes out in an antipathy towards the Jews and the State of Israel. Most white nationalists, Russophiles, ‘christian nationalists’, neo-nazis and Arabists will not tell you that they are such. Some who are anti-Christian will hide that fact. But, the one thing that these people seem to have in common is a hatred of Israel.

Other Sanity Checks

Are there other elements to my ‘sanity check’?

Let me quickly scratch out a couple more things.

Well, there are the everything is a conspiracy sites. I shake my head at these people. You would be surprised at how hard it is to keep things secret. The larger the group of people, the harder it is to keep that group secret. Yes, there ARE conspiracies, but they are a lot simpler than most conspiracy theorists imagine.

Nukes, Aliens, Area 51, and ‘Secret Weapons’. I just luuuuv these. Only two nuclear weapons have ever been used in a non-test situation. EVER. And, that was 80 years ago. Yes, there’s an ‘Area 51’, but it’s not as special as you think. And, those secret weapon projects aren’t all that secret.

Oh, and there are no aliens, except the kind like me. That’s right. I’m an alien. Taiwan says so. I even carry a card that proclaims me to be an alien with the right to live in Taiwan.

Hopefully, this rant has given you an idea of how I look at websites, and maybe how you should, too. There’s a lot more to this than what I’ve said, but it’s a good start. Please share with us (in the comment section), how YOU determine if a site is worth reading and listening to.

Oh, and I commend you on your choice of Omega Shock. I’m always sane.

Except when I’m not.



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My research sources are pretty wide ranging, and their number keep growing. So, instead of listing all of my sources, let me list the ones that deserve special mention:

A big thank you to all who sent me articles. I appreciate all of it.


NEXT OIL DOMINO TO FALL? Mexico Becomes A Net Oil Importer – SRSrocco Report

Well, another oil producer bites the dust.

When are people going to wake up to the FACT that Peak Oil is already here?

When are people going to wake up to the catastrophic destruction of our civilization that is barreling down upon us?

Hello? Is anyone paying attention?

Julian Assange faces 12 months in prison for breaching bail

So, poor Mr. Assange has finally been arrested. And, the American Deep State will finally get their revenge.

He should have been regarded as a hero and not a criminal, for revealing the evil hiding within the American government.

The Boy Crisis: The Statistics Tell Us That American Boys Are Falling Behind In Just About Every Area – End Of The American Dream

This is another snapshot of the collapse of America. We’ve lost our boys.

Basel 3: A Revolution That Once Again No One Noticed | The Vineyard of the Saker

I do NOT trust this article. ‘The Saker’ tends to have a distorted view of reality, so I don’t give them a lot of credence. But, this is one of the few articles that gives reference to the new change in the global monetary system:

The revaluing of gold assets.

This is huge, and this article predicts massive transformation and upheaval. Here’s an interesting quote:

However, why is the decision of Basel a revolution? Because from the autumn the financial flood in the world economy will begin. It will entail the acceleration of Russia and China’s isolation from the dollar system and the crash of the economies that completely depend on the dollar – the vassal countries of the US. It will be worst of all for them. And this means that the reasons for increased distancing between the EU and the US will increase in number manyfold. A redrawing of the map of global unions awaits the world.

And the redrawing of these unions will be carried out not least by military methods. Or with their partial use, but in one way or another, reasoning involving force in the world will increase almost to the level of guaranteed war. “Almost” is our hope for rescue, because the US loses all main instruments of influence on this world. Except force.

But it’s not for this purpose that the “Zurich gnomes” created this world, so that the US is so simply turned into radioactive ashes. The US will be drenched with cold water like a broken down nuclear reactor, while the world has entered the zone of the most global transformations over the past few centuries. The revolution that so many waited for, were afraid of, and spoke so much about has started. Buckle up and don’t smoke, the captain and crew wish you a pleasant flight.

Please remember that this article was translated from Russian. And, I am unsure if the writer sees the world clearly. But, I will be watching for signs that he is right.

Just be ready for the worst.

The Betrayal Of Brexit Is A Mix Of Social Engineering And Mock Elections –

The question is… will the Elites in Britain succeed in their machinations to keep Britain in the EU?

Breaking the internet: new regulations imperil global network |

Hmmmm… This is the Elites making sure that you don’t know anything except what they WANT you to know. Oh, and you can bet that you will still get plenty of pornography. THAT will not stop.

Trump Cares About Two Things – Empire and the Stock Market | Liberty Blitzkrieg

And, I’m afraid that this title is correct, even though I do not want it to be.

7 Charts Exposing The Nation’s Pension Nightmare

Remember what I said about how government pensions have been robbed and mismanaged?

Well, here’s more proof.

If you worked for the government, with a pension from the government, you need to know that you will NOT be getting your pension.

Meanwhile… In Chicago

This is utterly revolting. People didn’t get upset when this older man was attacked by two younger guys. They got upset when he pulled out his gun to defend himself.

America has become a horrible country.

Same People Behind Iraq War Lies Pushed Russian Collusion

So, the drooling idiots that gave us the Iraq war, are the drooling idiots that pushed this Russiagate fiasco. Why do people listen to morons like this?



Turkey Threatens To Buy Even More Russian S-400s If US Doesn’t Cooperate

Oh hey. It looks like Turkey really wants to leave NATO and join Russia’s version, the CSTO.

Erdogan worked “hand in glove” with ISIS in Syria, claims former emir

This has got to be the worst-kept secret of the past eight years. There has been so much evidence pointing at DIRECT SUPPORT OF ISIS FROM TURKEY, that I’m surprised that so few are talking about this. For crying out loud, their SUPPLY LINES went straight through Turkey.

But, if you need more proof of the obvious, THIS is more proof of the obvious.

The fact that you will not hear a word of this is more proof that the mainstream media is flat out lying to you.

Sudan’s Army Topples President Omar al-Bashir After Swift Takeover Of Capital

Okay, just remember that Sudan is probably not the Cush that you are looking for. Yes, I know that lots of ‘Bible Prophecy Experts’ keep yelling about Sudan, but they are probably barking up the wrong tree. Remember that we are looking for a ‘people’, not a geography.

Only a small minority of Sudan is part of the ‘Cushitic Language Group’. Here’s a good snapshot of where the Cushitic languages are spoken:

Cushitic languages – Wikipedia

And then, there’s this:

Cushitic peoples – Wikipedia

Notice an important sentence in that entry:

The Somali language is the sole Cushitic language recognized as an official language.

So please look at Somalia and stop making a ruckus over Sudan!

Amazon workers listen to Alexa recordings: report – Business Insider

Hey, do you like Amazon workers listening in on your Alexa device?

Do you enjoy having them monitor your most intimate and embarrassing moments?

Do you want to have them laugh at your singing in the shower?

You do?

Then, buy an Alexa device!



China selling high-tech tyranny to Latin America, stoking US concern

And, it’s not just South America, it’s also Iran. Chinese surveillance technology is infiltrating every despotic regime that is friendly to China. Or, even just neutral. And, at the moment, no one does ‘surveillance’ better than China. The tyrannies of the world are looking at China closely. And, they want what China is developing.

Orwell’s 1984 will be brought to you by Mr. Xi.

And, even though I can’t say that I’m right, but China just keeps looking more and more like that Red Dragon with seven heads in Revelation. Remember that there are two ‘animals’ that have seven heads and ten horns. But, that dragon in Revelation doesn’t seem like China – except for the fact that she seems to be giving power to The Beast system that is growing.

Always be careful about attempting to twist the book of Revelation. You might THINK that this or that fits, when it doesn’t. Twisting Revelation is a deadly, deadly mistake to make.

The list of ways China keeps tabs on citizens is getting longer | National |

Oh, and here is a nice summary of the most visible ways that China is controlling everyone in China. The tyranny being set up in China is truly amazing.



Buttigieg attracting praise from an unexpected audience — conservatives – POLITICO

It scares me that this guy appeals to ANYONE in America. He is a symbol of how far America has fallen. And, the fact that there are ‘conservatives’ who are saying nice things about him, means that he’s a dangerous player. Very dangerous.

He might not win the next election. But, he’s young.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s Very Public Christian Faith – The Atlantic

Here is more on the ‘Buttigieg phenomenon’. In fact, the first paragraph says it all:

The mayor of a medium-size midwestern city, Rhodes Scholar, and war veteran who is liturgically conservative and cites Saint Augustine as one of his religious influences is running for president. He’s also a Democrat. He is criticizing the current president, a Republican, for his infidelity and lack of family values. And he’s gay.

This guy has something for everyone. And, those looking for an alternative to the corrupt politicians that are currently in a mad scramble for power, will gravitate to this guy. He looks sincere. He sounds sincere. He might even BE sincere (sincerely wrong). And, that ambiance of sincerity will draw millions to vote for him. But, people tired of the corruption and dishonesty of our current political system will vote for him.

THAT, my friends, is how the Antichrist will rise. And no, I am NOT saying that Buttigieg is the Antichrist. I’m saying that he’s a kind of prototype.

Never forget that the Antichrist will radiate trustworthiness, sincerity, wholesomeness. He will be likeable and tell you everything that you want to hear.

The unlikely rise of 2020 Democratic primary contender Pete Buttigieg

Here are two quotes that speak volumes about what I am talking about here:

A Sanders fan might argue that the media is giving Buttigieg outsized coverage considering his relative position in the polls, and perhaps they are – but politics is about the narrative, and he has that in spades right now. For many, Buttigieg (pronounced “boot-edge-edge”) seems like someone who could embody the perfect antidote to the Trump era. He just seems so gosh-darned Midwest wholesome. He is the Marie Kondo candidate: he sparks joy.


If elected in 2020, Buttigieg would be both America’s first openly gay president and the youngest person ever to occupy the Oval Office. A Rhodes scholar and Naval intelligence lieutenant who served a seven month tour of duty in Afghanistan, Buttigieg was elected as mayor of South Bend when he was just 29. He is an accomplished musician (he played as a guest piano soloist with the South Bend Symphony Orchestra in 2013) and a polyglot who speaks eight languages including Arabic, French, Maltese, and Dari. In March, when he encountered a journalist from Oslo after a campaign rally, Buttigieg – to her astonishment – responded to her questions in fluent Norwegian. In April, he pulled the same trick with an Italian reporter.

Here’s another:

Buttigieg’s meteoric rise, as well the elegance and empathy that seems to radiate from him like heat, lending viral power to all his public appearances, invites comparison with a young Barack Obama. “At a time when people are aching for hope and a path forward that we can all walk, [Buttigieg] is a relentlessly positive person,” Obama’s former chief strategist David Axelrod told the New Yorker admiringly in February.

The Democrats are in desperate need of someone who looks wholesome and untarnished by corruption. This is the only guy in the the Democratic stable of candidates who has a chance at making Donald Trump look bad. Everyone else in the Democrats make The Donald look angelic.



Near-total abortion bans seek to overturn Roe v. Wade

Now THIS sounds GREAT!

Ohio House, Senate pass ‘heartbeat’ abortion ban –


There’s so little good news to cheer for, and this is just plain awesome.



He will look… but will he …um… find anything?

Barr Reviewing FBI Conduct During 2016 Election In Separate, Wide-Ranging Probe

Hmmmm… ‘wide-ranging probe’. It sounds like he will spend a lot of time looking. And, he probably won’t ‘find’ anything until AFTER the 2020 election.

Barr Forms Team To Investigate FBI Malfeasance During 2016 Election | Zero Hedge

And, here’s MORE evidence that Mr. Barr will be investigating.

“Spying Did Occur”: Barr Vows To Investigate FBI, DOJ Conduct During 2016 Election | Zero Hedge

Oh dear. He even speaks words that sound serious.

How long will he take to ‘explore’ this ‘idea’?

Sources: Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok Could Face Serious Charges – Sara A. Carter

Really? He could? Do these ‘sources’ really expect us to believe that a corrupt FBI and a corrupt Department of Justice will actually prosecute one of their own?

The Elites would never let Strzok go down. They’ll ‘suicide’ him before that would happen.



Israel’s Netanyahu wins reelection with parliamentary …

This is good news, even though I am not a big fan of Netanyahu. I was living in Israel as he rose to power, and he’s too much of a politician for me. Benny Begin will always be my favorite politician in Israel. Always.

But, the fact that the Left has died… well, that’s a good thing. Socialism is bad for you, even the far more benign Israeli version.

There is no left left in Israel

Here are more detail on the death of the Left, and some ‘woe is me’ moaning from this writer.

Poor Meretz… it’s near death. And, the Labor party just plain died.

GOOD. I will dance on their graves.

They were morons and made the worst, most disastrous decisions in Israel’s history. It is only a miracle that Israel survived those drooling idiots. I guess that they meant well, but they were stupid. And, ‘stupid’ is a really, really bad idea if you are living in a hostile environment like the Middle East.



Happy – Album on Imgur

This… THIS …is a true bundle of joy. May the Quokka of happiness always give you joy.

In a big hurry to get nowhere. – GIF on Imgur

Get your bizarre fix, here. You know that you need it.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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  1. If it is new I research it using other sources that are not associated with the source to confirm it. I use multiple sites that over the years have been proven trustworthy and will correct something they have been misinformed on. If it it doesn’t sit well with my soul I check to see if it is the Holy Spirit speaking warning me that it is not truth or from him. Ive learned not to trust my newspaper or local news channels as I have caught them many times withholding truth or out right lying.
    I also weigh it with scripture and with prophecies. Works for me😊


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