Technical Difficulties – Hillbilly ISP

I love Hillbillies. I went to school with one, and there’s nothing like a physicist that’s one hundred percent hillbilly. They are often some of the best people, and I have enjoyed being around them. And, I genuinely like the Taiwanese version of the Hillbilly. Most of the time. Unfortunately, this is not one of them.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with a YEE HAW attitude are terrible at service or providing. And it seems that, down here in Tainan, the local office of our ISP is run by hillbillies with a little too much Yee Haw in attitude and technical skill.

They have successfully knocked us off of the Internet for several days, for reasons that are so trivial that my head is about to explode. And no, even though it’s their own fault, they will not fix it until their Yee Haw technician stumbles into the office and blinks blearily at his work schedule, on Monday. He probably knows the way to our apartment building by heart, since he’s been here so often, messing up the Internet connection of every single apartment in our building at least once over the past few weeks.

This might be the THIRD TIME for us.

And, who knows?

His name might actually be Mr. Yee. I have seen some very interesting Chinese names here in Taiwan – some of which should not be repeated near English-speakers.

I am only able to write all this because of a loaned – but unstable – connection. I’m not even sure if any of what I am writing will actually post to the Omega Shock website – let alone the lengthy tome that I was preparing to inflict upon you all – which makes me sad, since I had so very much of the best in bad news to share.

We’ll see if I can get some of it up.

For the moment, enjoy the blissful peace of a Little ignorance.

Yours in frustration,

John Little,
Omega Shock

PS. Wonders of wonders, it actually made it on.

8 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties – Hillbilly ISP”

  1. Hi John… I don’t know what it is but I just can’t wait for Friday’s ….O yes I know why… I get my dose of Omega Shock every Friday!… took look forward to your email is what keeps me going throughout the week. Being a faithful reader of yours for the past 5 years gave me so much insight. ..and once again I do believe that God Himself directed me in a way to find your site….until today I dont know how I stumbled upon your website! Ain’t God Awesome?!!!! But lets go back to why I am commenting. … This is the 2nd time I thought I lost John Little because there was nothing in my inbox on Friday and nothing on the website giving me a clue to what was going on… my second biggest wish is to share your post with the whole world. .. my biggest dream is for our Saviour Jesus Christ to come…but that will mean that I have to be ready. …I feel ready. …but am I?

    We are going to have our big election in South Africa on the 8th of May. .. some people are already professing major problems. We were governed by a moron for 9 years who enriched himself and a couple of his ministers..friends and family…he was so corrupted and corruption flourished through our Country. .. now we are facing a shout down of our major energy provider Escom… even our Broadcaster have been infiltrated with corruption there was not a stone untouched. …Defence force, Deparment of Correctional Service’s, Department of Health
    …the list will just go on and on
    … once a blooming, fruitful and beautiful country all governed into the ground… we had like an attempted State Capture by the State itself. ..the new president of the same party who might be re-elected are trying to turn things around but I doubt that he will succeed. . Because it will take South Africa probably 50 years to recover the lost of many things and then we are still fighting the battle with tremendous crime, reversed “apartheid” which means that If you were white before 1994 you must be punished now .all black people where underprivileged before 1994 so all whites must be punished for that. There is something called “BEE” meaning that if you are not white you can not apply for 80 precent of vacant jobs if you are a business owner you are not entitled to certain tenders if you do not have a black partner. And then there is land claims …farms ect. 90 precent of black people dont want to farm so if they dont want land they are getting the money for that…. in Pretoria where I am staying the mid city are filthy and ruined by human feces and a stench miles away…. well someone told me to read Isaiah 58 from verse 14 to proclaim what might happen to South Africa before or during the upcoming election.

    What I believe… God will do whatever God find righteous to do! Please pray for All in South Africa… black and white…. the only enemy black and white have is SATAN!

    Keep save and blessings to Mrs Little

  2. Hi, it makes me sad to see you use a film based on evolution, as a proof or base of proof to make a point. I agree with many of the facts, but will never use any part of evolution. Robert Green

    • Okay, I’m not sure WHAT video you are referring to. But, if I’m not allowed to show a video that might have something in it that’s wrong. There are very few that I would be able to show. Think that through, Robert. – JL

      PS. The assumption is that we are all Christians. If a reader is not mature enough handle the mention of evolution or something similar, Omega Shock is not for him (or her).

  3. Hi John (and readers), I hope this letter will cheer you up a bit.

    First, I read your EZEKIEL’S FIRE.
    In my opinion it is an unusual book, well written (as you know, haha) and very sincere.
    I spent some time in Israel, your book “struck a chord”. We are not just “Christians”, we know God’s Word, what’s in it for us and Ezekiel’s Fire won’t be pretty.
    Sin has roots far deeper than our souls and feelings can imagine.

    Second, I could not read OmegaShock for quite some time, this stuff can get very emotional. Don’t worry about “what I was trying to express”, I did not understand it myself!
    The wages of sin are death, that’s why I felt compelled to digest your book (what is in it), according tot my own warfare.
    I a way, the Lord granted me promotion, to a next level, so to speak. What comes in mind is also Ezekiel, Chapter 36, about a new heart. New hearts don’t come easily!
    In Ezekiel 36 the Lord says, I will … and now I know that it can take sixty years, but He will give the House of Israel a new heart.

    I drive my bicycle again, John, to work these things out in prayer.
    This letter is meant to cheer you up. While driving through the fields it is more likely to be hit by a truck than Ezekiel’s fire.
    A new heart is like “the Day of the Lord”, sharp as a knife, a gun, a tool in the Lord’s mercy. I try to live this, I really do, and some loved ones also, of course, because we are a body of Christ.


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