God LOVES His Children

As the evil goes from victory to victory in these dark days, it is easy to forget that God had not changed, and that He still loves us as much now, as He did when He sent His Son to die for us. And, the idea that the Creator would come to Earth to die for us, to give us eternal life…

I can barely comprehend such a love as that.

And, He STILL loves us with that kind of passion. Still. Right now. No matter what is going on around you, and in your life.


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God LOVES His Children

God LOVES His Children – The ShockCast

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The reason why Omega Shock exists is for one reason, and one reason only:

I am worried about YOU, my brother/sister in Christ.

I know that I shouldn’t, since I know that God will take care of you. But, I still can’t stop worrying about you. Evil days are coming, and too few of our brethren see the danger that they are in, because they are caught in their delusions of normalcy. The evil that is coming should be completely obvious, and it is. But, few seem to see it. And, my personal belief is that such knowledge brings with it great responsibility.

Your/My Responsibility

If you see someone heading down a road that will get them killed, you have a God-given responsibility to warn them. If you do not, God will ask you why, when you stand before His throne, after this life is over.

In fact, there’s a verse that has propelled me forward for a very long time:

When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.

 – Ezekiel 3:18

So, think of THAT as a kind of backup reason for why I need to keep yelling at the top of my lungs that disaster is coming. If I DO NOT warn you of the danger that you are in, any harm that you receive, will be laid at my feet. And, make no mistake on this. What God said to Ezekiel applies to ME and to YOU.

Since I have given you this warning, it is YOUR responsibility to pick up that warning and pass it on to others. If you do not, any harm that others suffer, because you did not warn them… will be on your hands. And, when you stand before God, after this life is over, He will ask you why you did not pass the warning on.

God will one day point out the great suffering that could have been avoided, because you said nothing.

Of course, I’m preaching to the choir here, since I know some of the great efforts that you are making to sound the alarm. You are doing your best, and that’s all that God asks of you. For those who are NOT doing their best… well, God will have a word with you over this, one day soon. And, this is all important because God loves His children, even the ones caught up in foolishness.

After All, We Needed Help

Seriously, think that through.

When God saved you, were you a great and wonderful guy or gal?

No, you were a moron. You were an awful, stupid, evil, sinful and generally disgusting person that God dragged out of the gutter. He picked you up, gave you a wash and new clothes. Because He loves you. And, because He loved you, He sent someone who was just as rotten once, to show you the way out of the gutter.

The person who reached out and showed you the truth, knew that you needed help and gave it to you. He or she knew what would happen if they didn’t tell you the truth… if they didn’t warn you that you were headed for an eternity in Hell …and that there was an eternity in heaven waiting for you, if you accepted Jesus as your Savior and obeyed Him.

You are destined for heaven today, because someone reached out and showed you the truth.

Are you passing this on?

Are you doing your best to share the knowledge of the gift of salvation?

Your best doesn’t need to be very good. Mine certainly isn’t. The important thing, is that you are doing your best. From the heart.

Are You Doing Your Job?

Unfortunately, your responsibility doesn’t end with the gospel. In that verse in Ezekiel, God wasn’t sending the prophet to those who didn’t KNOW the gospel, or who hadn’t received it. No, God was sending Ezekiel to warn those who were in a covenant relationship with God, that they were going to be destroyed, if they didn’t change course.

Your job is to warn.

Are you doing that?

If you don’t know how, that’s okay. God will show you. Just keep looking for opportunities to do so. And no, you do not need to be good at it. You just need to do your best – in love.

Oops. I almost forgot about that.


We must warn, because we love God and because we love the people that we are warning.

Does God Love You?

God loves you, right?

Well, there are some people out there who need some love from you. It’s only fair that you pass on what you were given, right? RIGHT?

Wait. I think that I might have missed a step. So, let me ask an important question:

Does God love you?

I asked an Israeli friend this once, and she gave the saddest answer that I have ever heard. She said that God didn’t love her. And, my heart still aches over her answer. So, let me ask you that question again:

Does God love you?

Let’s Find Out

If you aren’t certain, we have some work to do. So, let’s do a little bit of that here.

Do you believe that Jesus is God, equal to the Father?

Do you believe that Jesus came to Earth, was completely without sin, died on the cross, was buried and rose from the grave three days later?

I’m assuming that you got all that down. After all, we have a lot of objective proof. Even Satan and his evil minions accept all of that as fact.

Accepting a fact is not enough to save you.

You have to do more than just accept a fact as true. It’s like seeing a rescue helicopter coming to save you, but not grabbing the rope that will pull you to safety. So, you need to do more than see the door to salvation. You have to walk through it.

How do you walk through that door?

By committing all of your life to Him. And, I’m afraid that committing only part of your life isn’t enough. With God, it’s either all or nothing. And, I have plenty of verses to prove what I’m saying.

So, are you all in?

Remember that I’m not the one that you have to convince. And, one way of knowing that you are ‘all in’, is if you are willing to accept whatever God has given you – or pushed you into doing. Another way, is that you accept what He says to you in the Bible.

Some foolish pastor claimed that if we go through the Tribulation, he will stop believing in Jesus. I’m sorry, but THAT man is not saved. ANYONE who puts conditions on God, is not saved. Period.

Do you love God?

If you are like me, who really isn’t a feelings kind of person, it might be hard to know with complete certainty, so let me ask you a different question:

Are you committed to obeying God, no matter what?

If the answer is YES, then you love God. And, welcome to the family and kingdom of God, if you do. And, to pound that nail, firmly into place, let me ask you one more important question:

Are you sorry for your sins?

Do you wish that you could go back in time and undo all those sins?

Do you believe that Jesus paid for all those sins?

Okay, just checking. I know that you’ve probably heard all of that before, but all of that needs to be clarified because of what I tell you next.

God Loves You! (but, the price…)

All of that means that God loves you. And, if He loves you, there is nothing in this world that can actually harm you. Unfortunately, when I say that, suffering and death are not included in the definition of ‘harm’.

If you take the time to study the history of true Christianity, it is full of suffering and death. If the Roman emperor wasn’t trying to kill us, the Roman Catholic Church of Satan was trying to kill us. And, if THEY weren’t torturing and killing us, the Muslims, Hindus and every flavor of pagan was torturing and killing us.

Some Church History

Read The Trail of Blood, by JM Carroll. You can read it for free, here:


Then there is John Tyler Christian’s two volume work, A History of the Baptists. You can find his books and other books on church history, here:


You can also find the older ones online for free, if you look hard enough. And, the older ones are the best of them.

My point isn’t about history, but about the fact that we have always suffered. For two thousand years, we have bled and died all over Europe, Asia and Africa. And, when we fled to North and South America, persecution followed us to those shores. It’s one of the reasons why I have found the pretribulation rapture theory to be so ridiculous.

We have been suffering and dying for two millennia and people think that God won’t require us to go through the persecution of the Antichrist?

Are they serious?

Only someone who does not know the persecution in our history would say that we couldn’t possibly go through the Tribulation. But, enough of the persecution. I still haven’t gotten to my point, and I need to.

Everything Works Out

Here’s my point:

When God loves you, everything works out.

Yeah. I know. It might not FEEL like it’s working out. In fact, as I write this, I’m wondering about this article. I certainly didn’t intend to take this long to get to the point. But, maybe someone out there needs to see all of that meandering.

But, please, take this to heart.

When God loves you, everything works out.

I can guarantee that it will NOT work out the way that you planned. I’m trying to think of ANY of my plans that have worked out the way that I expected them to.

I did not plan to get an MBA from a good school.

I did not plan to be a writer.

I did not plan to marry someone from Taiwan.

I did not plan to live in Taiwan.

I did not plan to write end-of-the-world articles for the past seven years.

I did NOT plan moving south, into the tropics, to a city called Tainan.

But, God did not ask for my opinion, when He made these plans for me. And, I hafta tell you that God’s plans were a whole lot better than my own. What I needed to do – and need to do – was submit to God and allow HIM to guide my life.

Is that what you are trying to do?

If so, you cannot lose.

Yes, the darkness is closing in, and Evil is winning battle after battle. Evil might even think that it’s winning the war. It certainly looks like they are from their point of view. What Evil doesn’t realize, is that their war was lost two thousand years ago.

You Cannot Lose

So, let me repeat:

You cannot lose.

You might get things wrong. You might fumble or stumble. You might drop the ball by saying one thing when you meant something else. You might lose a job that you should have kept. You might make a U-turn, when you shouldn’t have.

But, if you make all those mistakes in a whole-hearted attempt to serve God no matter what the cost, they aren’t mistakes. There is no such thing as a mistake, when you are serving God with all of your heart.

I can point to times an places where I have crashed and burned so fiercely, that I can STILL feel the heat from the flames. I have a skill for being stupid that is probably unmatched by any of you. But, that changes nothing.

God loves you, and God loves me.


The people of this world can torture us. They can ruin what we thought of as our lives. They can surround us and oppress us. But, we cannot lose. It just isn’t possible.


Because God Loves His Children

Because God loves His children, and there ain’t nuthin’ that can stand in the way of God’s love. It’s just not possible to lose, when God loves you.

But… um …your pride. You’ll lose that pretty quickly, if God loves you. I’m afraid that God had to pound me flat, more than once, to keep my pride from getting in the way. So, expect a lot of opportunities to increase your faith and your humility, if you have truly devoted yourself to Christ. But, as bad as things have gotten, He never, ever let me fall. And, I am truly grateful.

So, I need to keep reminding myself and you, that…



God loves His children.



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Yup, more than just special, these links appear to be the most important of all. Seriously, start with these.

And yes, these are pretty serious.

Facebook Whistle-Blower Reveals Censorship Tactics – YouTube

A reprise of what Project Veritas exposed about the dirty, underhanded tactics of Facebook. What an orwellian nightmare. These people are doing more damage to the psyche of America than… well …almost anyone else.

Revealed: Facebook’s global lobbying against data privacy laws | Technology | The Guardian

So, in addition to their censorship of views that they don’t like, they are unbelievably corrupt in their attempts to subvert privacy laws.

Facebook’s new move isn’t about privacy. It’s about domination | Siva Vaidhyanathan | Opinion | The Guardian

At the same time that Facebook is being revealed as a despotic and corrupt organization that promotes propaganda, they are attempting to be the ‘operating system’ of our lives.

Here are the first three paragraphs of this article, and they should send chills up your spine:

If you have visited China in recent years you might have discovered how difficult it is to make your way through without WeChat, an all-purpose mobile phone application. People in China use WeChat for everything from sending messages to family to reading news and opinion to ordering food to paying at vending machines to paying for a taxi. WeChat lets you deposit money in your bank, search for a library book, make a medical appointment, conduct business conference calls, and interact with the government. In China, WeChat is the operating system of your life, as it is for almost 1.1 billion people.

For Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, WeChat is both his greatest challenge and the model for the future of his company. Zuckerberg has long wanted Facebook to be the operating system of our lives – at least for those who live outside of China. WeChat is what Facebook has yet to become. WeChat, should it move beyond China and its diaspora, is also the greatest threat to Facebook’s global domination.

This, better than any empty and distracting pledge of “pivoting to privacy”, explains Zuckerberg’s announcement on Wednesday. He pledged to federate the messaging services of his three non-Facebook platforms, Instagram (1 billion users), WhatsApp (1.5 billion users), and Messenger (1.3 billion users). He would extend the strong encryption that distinguishes WhatsApp from many other messaging services (although not, significantly, from growing and encrypted potential competitors like Telegram and Signal) to the other two platforms and allow content to move easily among them.

Did that chill you, like it chilled me?


Well did you remember that you won’t be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast?

Right. I see that you remember that.

Please understand that this mark will be the authentication that you will need to interact with the ‘operating system of your life’. Without that mark, you won’t be able to communicate, exchange information, deposit money into your bank account, buy anything or even travel anywhere. But, before the mark is required, there must be a system in place that will later require a mark.

The system will be built first. The mark will come afterwards. And, it makes sense that it will be a quasi-private company that will create the application.

Am I saying that Facebook will be this system? This ‘operating system of your life’?


At least… not yet.

At the moment we have one major application that actually could turn into a ‘Mark of the Beast’ application, and it’s not Facebook. Facebook is a hodge podge of different applications that they have taken over and attempted to integrate into their main application. They are trying to make them work together, efficiently, but have had mixed results.

Will they succeed?

Please understand that lots of countries have their own versions of something like Wechat. Here in Taiwan, we use Line. It was created in Japan, after the earthquake that caused the Fukushima disaster. India also likes Line.

Will Line be the app that takes over the world?

Yeah, I doubt it too, but remember that all these applications came out of nowhere. It was almost as if they sprang up by accident. And, in the case of Line, by disaster.

One of these applications – or one like it – will become the ‘operating system of our lives’, and it will eventually – some day – require a mark, to operate. BUT, and this is important, the system will need to be used by billions of people first. AND, it will need to be completely and utterly trustworthy.

Right now, Facebook is NOT that application, because it cannot be trusted. But, Zuckerberg wants it to be trusted, and is doing everything possible to make it something that you might trust in the future.

We’ll see.

Just be watching the applications that everyone uses – especially, when your friends ask YOU to use them.

Oh, and let me draw you back to that Line application that was created as a result of the Tohoku earthquake. Something worse than that is coming… something that I call Ezekiel’s Fire.

Will someone create an application, as a result of THAT disaster, to help people communicate with each other, like Line did?

Will Ezekiel’s Fire spawn an application that will bring civilization back after such a gigantic catastrophe? Will it be a smartphone app that will eventually require a mark on your right hand or forehead to operate?

Yeah. That is exactly what I think.

Bethany McLean: Saudi America – YouTube

Everyone, please listen to this.


I know that I’ve been pounding this drum for a long time, but this ‘drum’ needs to be pounded because we are talking about the death of what we see as our civilization.

And, no one is paying attention.

This ‘Shale Oil Miracle’ was created only – and I mean O-N-L-Y – by the cheap credit that came out of the financial crisis.

This is the death of America. Full stop. America cannot survive if the cost of transportation rises to the sky. Europe will be better able to survive this collapse, but it will also die.

And China?

There’s no way that China can make it, as she is structured now. She will crash and burn. And what rises from the ashes will be hard to say.

Please, PLEASE be ready by this. America will be destroyed by this, and you need to be ready for what happens.

Bethany McLean: Saudi America | Peak Prosperity

I listened to the video before seeing the write up, and the write up is excellent, so I am going to read it to you.


For years now we’ve been covering the false promise of the American shale oil “miracle”.

Yes, it has extracted a lot more oil out of American soil that most thought possible. But at an economic loss. And at great environmental cost.

If the shale drilling companies can’t make any profit, either when oil prices are high or low — why are we still pursuing shale deposits so aggressively?

To shed further light on this paradox, this week we welcome journalist Bethany McLean to the program. McLean is editor-at-large at Fortune Magazine and a contributing editor for Vanity Fair and Slate magazines. She is also author of the excellent book: Saudi America: The Truth About Fracking And How It’s Changing The World.

McLean warns that the hype, the hucksterism, and the geological shortcomings of the deposits themselves, are setting up both investors and American society for tremendous disappointment:

The real catalyst of the shale revolution was the Great Financial Crisis and the era of unprecedentedly-low interest rates that followed.

And that had two effects. One was that it made debt cheap. So these companies that are heavily dependent on being able to raise capital could raise debt at low prices. And without that, I’m not sure there would’ve been a shale revolution because they needed such immense amounts of capital to fund their drilling.

But it had a second impact, which is that when pension funds were no longer able to earn a return in traditional fixed income markets, they’ve increasingly put their money into riskier assets like hedge funds that invest in credit and private equity firms. Those entities, in turn, have increasingly invested in shale.

I got an estimate from one source that said 1/3 of the drilling, a third of the fracking, being done in the country today is being done by private equity-backed companies. So we’ve had this derivative effect of the era of low interest rates.

Now there’s a lot of money that believes believes the story that technological improvements are going to make this industry profitable in the long run. But there are lots of ways that private equity firms and other investors can make money even if the companies themselves don’t. And what I mean by that is that for a long time, a shale company that was publicly traded was valued not on its profits but rather, on a multiple of its production or its reserves.

And so, there’s an incentive to take these companies public, where it can trade on its growth and production. It doesn’t have to produce profits. You can flip your company to the public markets or sell it to an already-public company. So, it’s kind of a big game of musical chairs in many ways.

And I think there’s an unacknowledged problem with the shale revolution that feeds into the lack of profits. And that’s that all wells are not created alike.

And so, that gets to the really core question here. How much really good acreage is there? And it’s a reason to believe that even though the industry did get closer to profitable in this last year, that may not last because a lot of companies were drilling the sweet spots first. They were drilling their best acreage. And the question is, “How much of that is there?” And to be frank, nobody really knows the answer.

Some of that is depending on technological changes. If you can get better technology that enables you to get more oil out of the ground more cheaply; then, something that wasn’t the sweet spot could become a sweet spot. Thus far, though, the evidence seems to be mounting that the picture is the opposite of that. And what I mean by that is Wall Street Journal did a really good piece in late December pointing out that actually, production levels are coming in way short of what companies had estimated.

So, it looks like the sweet spots, overall, aren’t even as sweet as they were forecast to be. It’s not coming in better than expected, it’s coming in shorter projections.

there’s a lot of this idea – the idea has shifted from America being energy-poor to America being resource-abundant. And you hear this idea of American energy independence and even President Trump talks about American energy dominance. And I think I read that the IEA – the International Energy Agency – is forecasting that most of the growth in global production in coming years is going to come from US shale. And as a result of that belief, a lot of the big, long-lived projects that take years of investment before they start to produce have been put on hold. So, that oil isn’t going to be coming online. And so, what happens if shale can’t deliver?


Okay, so that’s the write up, from PeakProsperity.com – which I am glad that I can finally get to after pestering them for so long (THANKS ADAM!)

But, there’s that last question… this one:

And so, what happens if shale can’t deliver?

Um… does anyone see that Shale is actually delivering on the promise that they’ve made of ‘energy independence forever’?

Of course not, otherwise Wall Street wouldn’t be fleeing Shale Oil. So, since the promise won’t be ‘delivered’, what will be the outcome?

Well, read about the Last Days in the Bible. It’s all there. All of it. Civilization will consume itself in an orgy of violence and billions will die.

All because we were too stupid to see the obvious that was right in front of our eyes.

Shale Growth Is Nearing An Inflection Point | OilPrice.com

And, the reason is that rigs aren’t turning a profit, so they need to pull back on their drilling.

People, when are we going to wake up to the fact that peak oil happened more than ten years ago, and that we are living on the energy equivalent to cocaine and heroin?

Miners Eye The Moon For Trillion Dollar Payoff | OilPrice.com

This COULD have happened if we weren’t corrupt and disgustingly wasteful. If we hadn’t wasted our money on useless wars and poisonous social programs, we might have been able to make this happen. And, it would have solved the energy problem that we have.

And, if ‘vested interests’ hadn’t blocked alternative energy research, we wouldn’t be in the Peak Oil pickle that we’re in. We designed high pressure nuclear reactors, instead of the low pressure kind. We blocked energy efficient engine designs and even alternatives to oil as a fuel source – until it was too late.

We won’t be harvesting Helium 3 or thorium from the moon. We’ll destroy ourselves long before that happens, but this is a nice look at what we could have done, instead of destroying our future.

And, as always, we’ll only have ourselves to blame.

We really are morons.

Shale Companies In Turmoil As Newer Wells “Drink Their Milkshake” | Zero Hedge

They’re still doing this?

They were warned years ago that this was stupid. And, 750 feet apart is still too close. They ignored Art Berman, and they were fools to do so.

Can You Go a Day Without Fossil Fuels? – YouTube

So, now that you know that Peak Oil is here, guess what won’t be here as oil declines. Just look at this video for just a few of the things that you won’t have, and will never have again…

Are you ready for a life without oil? Coal?

Yeah. Me neither. But, it’s coming.

Global Peak Wheat Production Has Arrived What It Means For You (798) – YouTube

Wheat production is falling. The question is… will it fall everywhere?

We know that it is falling in China, and we will need to see how things work out this summer. But, it looks like the change in rain patterns, due to solar output is having an effect.

We shall see. These are early days.

What cannot be denied is that a Grand Solar Minimum is coming. The only question is when will we see the worst effects of this event. And, I’m afraid that the answer is, “far too soon”.

‘If the heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected’: Anti-abortion bill gains momentum in Texas | Texas Legislature | Dallas News


I am truly hoping that this foul, evil, barbaric and insane practice can be eliminated completely. It’s murder. Plain and simple. And, we are murdering the children that God gave us. And, we are inviting the wrath of God to fall upon us, if we allow this evil practice to continue.

This is a life. Given by God. The child has a soul, and it is an evil thing to murder that life. All who do such things are worthy of death. And, 25% of women, 45 and above are guilty of murder.

Many have repented of their foul and evil deeds. And, for this, I am grateful. And, I am also grateful that the following states are also doing their best to make abortion impossible:







South Carolina


West Virginia

Texas is leading the way, but the opposition is huge. The fiends from Hell opposing this, claim that they are just advocating for the health of women. And, this is a lie. They want sex without consequences. And, if they cannot have an abortion, then sex will start having consequences.

What other reason do they have to be so emphatic about abortion?

Their claim about ‘rape’ and ‘incest’ is a lie. The numbers of people who have asked for abortions because of this are so small, that they are almost non-existent.

They want sex without consequences.

And, our society has become so disgusting, that God will need to destroy us because of how filthy and revolting we are.

Court grants unborn baby legal rights! – WND

In response to my discussion on abortion deserts, this is a wonderful development.

A woman murdered her unborn child, against the wishes of the father. And now, the father is taking the issue to court. And, the judge in this case has acknowledged that the unborn child is not a ‘fetus’, but a person.

Well done, Alabama.


DRG went and wrote another excellent piece in the comment section. And, I’m afraid that it’s just too good, not to quote:

Just under the heading “If You Read Nothing Else …” you said, “They have destroyed America, and they revel in that fact. ” I was living in the Quad Cities during the late 70s and early 80s, and during that time was the International Harvester union strike heard round the world. The Quad Cities used to be a thriving economy largely supported by factories – Caterpillar, Alcoa, John Deere, International Harvester. Also plants for Robin Hood Flour and Oscar Mayer – in the middle of prime farmland and on the Mississippi River, making transport easy. The factories provided solid blue collar jobs at more than a living wage, one wage earner could support a family comfortably. People with just a high school education, and sometimes not even that. There were several small 4-year colleges and 2-year community colleges. 5 or 6 major hospitals. A university within an hour’s drive that had a medical and dental school. Also a law school. The factory and agricultural products supported the river barge industry. Factory workers could afford to send their kids to college, if they wanted to go. Life was good.

And, of course, the factories had unions. Yes, I know. I did a research paper on the Ludlow Massacre and I know very well how management takes unfair advantage of labor if there is nothing to hold them back. Like the Stanford experiments. And like Martin Armstrong has observed in every government that has ever existed – it doesn’t matter what kind of structure the government has, it eventually succumbs to corruption and self-destructs, because the root cause is human nature, which never changes. All of the above apply equally to the humans making up labor union management and the union members they represent. The demands they were making then remind me of the ones Occasional Cortex is making now. John Deere had implemented mandatory overtime in order to meet the demand for their product. Think of it – they were selling so much equipment that they had to work overtime to make it. Time and a half of a wage that was good to begin with was handsome compensation, more than the workers could make anywhere else, even though at times this was inconvenient. Well, in order to compete, International Harvester wanted to do the same. When they could not meet the demands of a large order, they would lose their customers to John Deere, who could. Neither the workers nor the union gave any thought to what this meant; all they thought was, they did not want to have to work more than their 40 hours, period. Ever. This did not happen all the time, just when there were large orders. So their contract negotiation mantra was, “Mandatory overtime? Hell no!” The union reps bragged that they would break the company before they would agree to mandatory overtime. And they struck, bringing production to a standstill at a time when they were already losing customers because they could not make enough equipment, fast enough.

So, they broke the company. International Harvester had to close area plants that provided over 5,000 jobs. The factory world was watching closely. I learned a few years later when taking a business class that this had a profound effect, that it had been watched as far away as Japan, where business interests looking for a place to build a Toyota factory took note, and made sure never to locate anything near the Quad Cities, and in fact they have taken care to place their factories in areas where there have never been factories in the past and that “gimme gimme” mindset has never developed in the labor force. Other companies took note as well and quietly planned to shift their presence from the Quad Cities to places with a less adverse labor force. The Quad Cities is now, comparatively, a depressing wasteland. Still existing, still populated, but not the booming economy that it had then. When I go back to visit friends and relatives, everything looks so rundown and dreary. What continues to amaze me is all these people who worked together to destroy their own livelihoods, never once considered that there is a connection between hard work and reward. They thought it was just one big parasite party – tax the rich!!!

Imagine how it will turn out when it is the management of an entire nation, not just one factory among others that can – to a slight extent – absorb the blow and assist in recovery of the larger metro area – who succeed in their blindly stupid agenda and completely cut the supports out from the entire economy, and everything just crashes, with no help to be had. Armstrong has written about such events many times, history is full of them, but precious few bother to study it. Occasional Cortex and her followers in particular.

I also remember the strikes that tore apart American industry. And, my dad brought home his own stories of how frustrating it was to work with union people, even though he was just doing lab testing as a chemist.

As John Adams said, all democracies commit suicide. My corollary to that is, ‘We always destroy anything that makes life good.’

Well done, DRG. Very well done, indeed.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


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