Strong Delusion – Reasons

Delusions are dangerous. They can wreck your life, poison your family and get you sent to the hospital. They kill. They injure. And, they claim the lives of countless numbers of people, every year. Hitler murdered tens of millions with a delusion. Stalin, Mao and Planned Parenthood have done the same.

Worse, we have delusions that threaten our eternal destiny. Some will earn us a lessened reward in heaven. Some… SOME delusions will send us to the Lake of Fire.

The question is… WHY?

Why are we so willing to entertain and adopt these illusions, and then… eventually …The Strong Delusion?


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Strong Delusion – Reasons

Strong Delusion – Reasons – The ShockCast

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It is rare when I hear a preacher say something that makes me want to jump up in the middle of a sermon and yell. And, I almost did that, last Sunday. I even had to get a grip on myself and pray for restraint, to keep from grabbing the guy after church and yelling at him.

What did he do?

He twisted the Bible.

Just a little.

They weren’t huge twists, and most people would not understand why I should be so upset over that sermon. The main idea was correct, and most people would have wondered if I had lost my mind.

(Which would NOT BE TRUE, since I know where it is. I think.)

Sure, he misrepresented what the Bible actually said, multiple times, but his main point was correct, so what was so bad?

Twisting the Bible, is NEVER good. EVER, especially when it is done from the pulpit. And, I still don’t know why he did it. If he shows up next Sunday, I intend to find out why he did it in as friendly a manner as I can manage.

This guy was a missionary to a country in Southeast Asia, having dedicated a significant portion of his life to sharing the gospel under difficult conditions. I know the kind of price that he had to have paid to that, but I do not understand why he was so willing to twist the Bible. And no, WHAT he twisted is not important.

It’s enough to know that he changed what the Bible said, to fit his own world view, a view that he wished to impose on his listeners. With all of his personal sacrifice, why did he do something like this?

I intend to ask him in a very friendly way, but I surmise that what he said came out of a book or some Bible class that he took some time ago. Or, he could have made it up himself. But, where it came from is unimportant. The WHAT is unimportant.

The WHY is what we are looking for.

WHY do men and women distort the words of the Bible?

I could look in the mirror for some of those reasons, since I’ve done my own share of Bible distorting in Forty-thing years as a Christian. In fact, I’m a little embarrassed over some of the things that I’ve gotten so enthusiastically wrong. Loudly, annoyingly, emphatically wrong. I should be glad that God didn’t squish me flat for being such an idiot.


Oh, and since I tend to throw the word ‘heresy’ around – and since that’s what we are talking about – let’s take a detour and define it.

By definition, getting something wrong about the Bible is heresy. Maybe even something as small as comma placement. (Although, I doubt it.) Anyway, let’s look up the definition:

1. adherence to a religious opinion contrary to church dogma

2. dissent or deviation from a dominant theory, opinion, or practice.

That’s a somewhat abridged definition from Webster’s Dictionary, and it’s awfully secular. But, the first part of the second definition is something that I’ve been for so long, I get uncomfortable when too many people agree with me. But, the context that we’re talking about here, is the Bible, the words of God. So, when we say ‘heresy’, we’re talking about something that is contrary to what the Bible actually says.

So, let’s talk about my definition of Biblical heresy:

Adherence to a religious opinion contrary to what the Bible actually says.

Why would someone do this?

FEAR – The Kosher Example

Well, fear is a big reason, and we can turn to Judaism as an example of how fear can cause them to distort the Bible.

One great example would be from Kashrut (pronounced cash-root) or Jewish dietary law. And, one of the biggest parts of those laws has to do with the mixing of milk and meat. Under orthodox observance, even if you thoroughly wash a spoon that has touched milk… if it touches meat, both the spoon and the meat instantly become non-Kosher, or forbidden to eat.

Where does this rule come from?

The second half of this verse:

The first of the firstfruits of thy land thou shalt bring into the house of the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother’s milk.

 – Exodus 23:19

And, the Jews seem to be deathly afraid of violating that rule. So much so, that they’ll distort their lives to make sure that they never break that rule.

Yes, this verse does not say that you cannot boil (seethe) a baby goat in cow’s milk. It just says that you are not allowed to boil a baby goat in the milk of that baby goat’s mother. But, the rabbis are afraid, so this means that you can’t have cheese on your hamburger – and no cream sauce with your chicken, either.


Chickens have milk?

Don’t ask.

That’s heresy. Period. End of story. It’s not the kind of heresy that will get you sent to Hell. If you want two sets of dishes and forks, be my guest. You’re crazy, but you won’t go to Hell for it.

Damnable Heresies

Heresies that get you sent to Hell are ‘Damnable Heresies’. And, you can find a reference to THAT, here:

But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

 – 2 Peter 2:1

That. THAT is a heresy that will get you sent to Hell – denying the Lord that bought us. And, Peter goes on in the rest of the chapter, identifying these false teachers.

You can find the chapter here:

That whole chapter speaks to some of the truly awful things that some pastors have been caught doing, without remorse. Those men and women have traded in their eternal life, for a bit of momentary fame. But, none of that really explains why people twist the Bible.

Yogurt And Lamb On Rice

Let’s get back to our fear, the Jewish one. And, let me add a Middle East story.

I once had lunch at an Arab restaurant with a Jewish friend, who was pretty secular. It was a touristy place, and they were offering something that looked cultural and traditional. It was lamb and rice with yogurt. After eating her meal, my friend asked the waiter how they made it.

In heavily accented English, the waiter proceeded to tell her that the lamb came from the restaurant owner’s flock of sheep, and that they milked the mother and made yogurt from the milk. Then they boiled the lamb in the yogurt of its mother. Even though my friend was largely secular, the look of horror on her face grew and grew as the waiter told the story. Eventually, the waiter realized that there was a problem and called for the manager.

The manager looked at my friend and said, “Jewish, right?”

She nodded.

“Look,” he said, “we get the lamb from up north, and the yogurt is from down south. There’s no way that the lamb was cooked in its mother’s milk.”

To this day, my friend will never, ever, EVER eat lamb with yogurt, ever again.But, according to the Bible, she was safe. But, she’ll never get over the story that the waiter told.

But, cheese on a hamburger?

Chicken in a cream sauce?

Separate refrigerators for milk and meat?

Separate silverware and dishes?

Have they lost their minds?


But, they’ve lost their minds, because they are terrified of what might happen, if they accidentally went to a restaurant that actually boils a lamb in yogurt made from the milk of its mother, and served it on rice. And, they take this neurotic fear even further.

What would happen if someone just happened to buy milk in the grocery store that came from the mother of the cow that gave you such a delicious steak?

What would the chances be?

One in a million? A billion?

But, since the chance isn’t zero, they make all these extra rules, just in case.

THAT, my friends, is FEAR.

What’s another reason?


Pride is a big one, and I run into it all the time. And, it’s the biggest reason for why some denominations have female pastors. And, there’s a church just a couple blocks away from us, here in Tainan, that has a female pastor.

That is in direct rebellion against this verse:

But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

 – 1 Timothy 2:12

Any church that has a female pastor is in direct rebellion against that verse. It’s not a damnable heresy, but it’s pretty bad. And, a church THAT disobedient, will have other problems, too. Stay away from a church with a female pastor.

But, why would a church disobey the Bible, like this?

Well, when I raise the issue, I always hear this refrain:

Well, she’s such a Godly woman, and look at how good her sermons are. And, what a great… (and on and on)

When I point out that it’s still disobedience, the conversation devolves into a character attack along the lines of… “Who are YOU to pass judgment on so-and-so!” And, that usually ends the conversation.

Why are there women who demand that they should be allowed to be pastor?


Why do some men stick to the errors of their church, instead of admitting that they are wrong?


Anglicans, Presbyterians, Roman Catholics, Lutherans (and others) all sprinkle instead of baptize. And, they KNOW that the word means immerse/dunk/dip-under-the-water. But, they refuse to acknowledge that they are wrong. Period. End of story.

That’s pride.


Then, there’s desire.

This one’s a little harder for me since there are things in the Bible that I do not wish to believe. That I wish were not true. I want more people to go to heaven, than just Christians. I don’t like the restrictions of ethics, honesty and morality. They’re so confining, and often inconvenient. But, God didn’t ask for our opinion.

Let me pick one particularly painful example that makes me cringe:

But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.

 – Matthew 5:32

I hate to even repeat that verse, but it’s there. I can’t ignore it. I must accept it, even though I do not want to. I can even give some rationality behind it. But, I’m still stuck with it, and how painful it is.

My desire is to let any man with an awful wife, or any wife with an awful husband, to divorce and marry someone who isn’t so awful. But, I’m sorry. That’s not what God said.

I must commit myself to what God actually said, instead of inserting something else that I would have preferred Him to have said. And, I know of far too many women for which that verse is very, very painful. And, I’m so sorry – from the bottom of my heart.

The same goes for choosing to marry someone who is not a Christian. I suffered under that restriction for a very, very (painfully very) long time. THAT one saved me from a bad marriage, of THAT I am sure. But, it was so difficult.

Of course, I did not know that God was using my time of singleness to soften the edges and get rid of some of the ‘holier-than-thou’ ideas that I had. I’m a lot easier to live with now, than when I was 30+ years younger. Mrs. Little would have miserable being married to me all those years ago.


The question is…

…are you willing to take the first step towards love of the truth by submitting to what the Bible actually says, instead of what you want it to say?

If it’s hard to say ‘yes’, I understand. It IS hard. And, there’s a part of me that does not like having to submit to what the Bible says. And no, I’m not talking about interpretation here. We can disagree on that. What I’m talking about is submission.

Will you submit?

It’s hard, and it means sacrificing yourself. But, the alternative is worse. Actually, the alternative is so bad, that there isn’t an alternative.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating:

Life is short.

Eternity is long.

Choose well.



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Yup, more than just special, these links appear to be the most important of all. Seriously, start with these.

And yes, these are pretty serious.

Virginia Tables Bill Legalizing ‘Abortion’ as Mother Gives Birth

And now, the death machine moves into Virginia. Another state tables a law that allows a woman to murder her unborn child, up to… during… and (essentially) after she gives birth.

Yes, the death machine.

In Virginia.

I’m sorry, America needs to die. It needs to be broken up into pieces, with the most evil parts incinerated by the wrath of God. And yes, if this means the complete destruction of America, so be it. America has exported their ‘death machine’ all over the world.

May God judge the foul people in America who made this mass-murder possible, and called it good. May they be utterly destroyed, so that their evil cannot continue. But, there is something that I want more, but will not get.

More than their death and destruction, I want their repentance. I don’t take pleasure in the suffering and death of the wicked. God certainly doesn’t. God wants repentance, but I know that it’s not going to happen. So, it must be suffering and death.

Oh, and make no mistake, some of the evil people that are having abortions, are Christians. I’ve heard countless stories of supposedly ‘christian’ women who had abortions to hide their shame. So, they compounded their sin with murder.

The judgment of God is coming for America, and it is Just.

The Danger of Abortion-On-Demand – YouTube

Do you want to know one of the big reasons why America MUST BE DESTROYED?

This is probably the biggest.

Abortion is murder. And now, they are making it even MORE grotesque.

Is The Permian Bull Run Coming To An End? |

For those watching what is going on with Shale Oil, it has already become clear that Shale Oil cannot last for long. The fracking frackers are lying to us, and it’s getting harder and harder for them to cover for their own lies.

And, the point of this, is that PEAK OIL is already HERE. You just don’t see it yet. But, you will. And, by that time, it will be far too late.

PEAK OIL is a civilization destroying event, since we chose not to create viable alternatives to oil. And, let me repeat that important word,’VIABLE’. Electric cars are not VIABLE. Hydrogen is not VIABLE. Natural Gas is MORE viable, but that still means that it’s not VIABLE.

Are you getting the picture?

Oh, and why aren’t they ‘not viable’?

Because we do not have the infrastructure to support these ‘alternatives’. And, even if we did, most of all that comes from coal. An electric car is really coal-powered. And, we will soon start running out of THAT.

Oh, and the power grid cannot support everyone having their own electric car.

So, learn to walk.

Opinion | Steve Jobs Never Wanted Us to Use Our iPhones Like This – The New York Times

This illustrates just how unable we are to see the future – and how unable the elites are, to see the future. When Steve Jobs introduced the first smartphone he did not believe that it would become what it is today. It wasn’t his vision. It wasn’t what he was expecting.

This is proof positive that the elites do not have a firm grasp of where the world is going. And, they cannot control it. They can try to direct it. They can try to take advantage of it. But, they have no idea of where it will go or be.

This is the thing that conspiracy theorist need to understand when they cook up their theories – assuming that they care about anything like the truth. Conspiracies are limited. Very limited. And, most of the conspiracy theories out there are complete garbage, because they are fueled by ridiculous paranoia.

But, only most.

The problem is that the ridiculous conspiracy theories are sheltering the real ones. And, those of you passing them around are helping to keep the real conspiracies from being exposed. To put it another way, your ridiculous theories are killing us.

Now, back to Steve Jobs and his iPhone.

Another part of how incredible this all is, is that it shows that technology is taking us places that we never expected. It’s allowing things that could not have dreamed of. And, it’s all a part of our worst nightmares.

The interesting thing is that God knows and knew. This is all a part of God’s plan.

Anyway, let me quote a few paragraphs of this article:

In 2007, Mr. Jobs took the stage at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco and introduced the world to the iPhone. If you watch the full speech, you’ll be surprised by how he imagined our relationship with this iconic invention, because this vision is so different from the way most of us use these devices now. In the remarks, after discussing the phone’s interface and hardware, he spends an extended amount of time demonstrating how the device leverages the touch screen before detailing the many ways Apple engineers improved the age-old process of making phone calls. “It’s the best iPod we’ve ever made,” Mr. Jobs exclaims at one point. “The killer app is making calls,” he later adds. Both lines spark thunderous applause. He doesn’t dedicate any significant time to discussing the phone’s internet connectivity features until more than 30 minutes into the address.

The presentation confirms that Mr. Jobs envisioned a simpler and more constrained iPhone experience than the one we actually have over a decade later. For example, he doesn’t focus much on apps. When the iPhone was first introduced there was no App Store, and this was by design. As Andy Grignon, an original member of the iPhone team, told me when I was researching this topic, Mr. Jobs didn’t trust third-party developers to offer the same level of aesthetically pleasing and stable experiences that Apple programmers could produce. He was convinced that the phone’s carefully designed native features were enough. It was “an iPod that made phone calls,” Mr. Grignon said to me.

Mr. Jobs seemed to understand the iPhone as something that would help us with a small number of activities — listening to music, placing calls, generating directions. He didn’t seek to radically change the rhythm of users’ daily lives. He simply wanted to take experiences we already found important and make them better.

And, the iPhone is what it is today, because USERS demanded it to be this way. Please understand that. It wasn’t by design… it was by USE.

Remember also that Steve Jobs is famous by demanding that pornography not be allowed on iTunes. He said:

“Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone.”

THAT is the kind of guy that Steve Jobs was. He had morals. He might not have been Christian, but he was willing to sacrifice profit for ethics and morality.

Now, here’s the last paragraph of this article:

Early in his 2007 keynote, Mr. Jobs said, “Today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone.” What he didn’t add, however, was the follow-up promise that “tomorrow, we’re going to reinvent your life.” The iPhone is a fantastic phone, but it was never meant to be the foundation for a new form of existence in which the digital increasingly encroaches on the analog. If you return this innovation to its original limited role, you’ll get more out of both your phone and your life.

I have refused to allow my smartphone to rule my life. The only thing that I use it for is reading books, and I only do that because I digitized all of them before leaving the US. I wanted to keep myself as light as possible, so that God could easily move me around to where He needed me.

That is literally why I have a smartphone, instead of a ‘normal’ and ‘dumb’ cell phone.

Oh, and it’s easier to carry my Bible around. I have always always carried my Bible with me, everywhere that I’ve gone – long before we even had cell phones.

The question is… what other device will pop up and change the way that we live. Remember that Satan and his minions can’t predict the future, which is why they will be trapped into doing what God wants them to do.

But, rest assured, we humans are so evil that someone, somewhere, will create something that everyone will lust after. And, we will use it so much in ten or twenty years, that we won’t want to live without it. In fact, it might be something that we won’t be ABLE to live without.

And, Satan’s Antichrist will use it to control the world.

I can only hope that you’ll be ready for this.

America’s Shameful War | Zero Hedge

There is a picture in this article, of a US soldier standing in the middle of a field of flowering opium poppies, the very same poppies that produce heroin. And, that picture encapsulates the reason why America and the world is suffering from an opioid epidemic.

Heroin is flooding in from Afghanistan. Ninety percent of the world’s heroin comes from Afghanistan, and the CIA is responsible for its distribution.

Do you need proof?

Ask yourself what the field that this soldier stands in… what it looks like from the air. Then, ask yourself how hard would it be to send planes in to spray those fields with herbicide.

The US controls Afghani air space. They can do this, if they want. But, they don’t do the spraying. Therefore, this must be what they want.

Is there ANY OTHER interpretation?

Someone can do something. It’s not hard to do. But, they don’t do it.

Am I missing something here?

This means that America is the biggest drug dealer in the world – of the worst drug ever produced by mankind. Heroin. America did this and is doing ths.

For those of you who are American, your tax dollars are making this happen. Our taxes did this. And, we sent our boys to do this.

Tell me again why God should spare His wrath from destroying America?


This is the specific picture. I’m looking for a larger version, or something like it.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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