The Cat has Landed

Hi Everyone!

I had hoped to be up and running at full speed by now, but our move to Tainan became more than just a simple Christmas Eve move. It was one of the worst moves that I’ve done, partly because I’m a lot older than when I started down this road of living ‘overseas’.

More than 20 moves in more than 25 years. And, this from someone who HATES to move. Of course, each of those moves has been a way for God to convince me that I didn’t need as much stuff as I had. And, if I accumulated too much of that useless ‘stuff’, my back and knees would pay for it.

And, they do.


Trust me when I say that you can be happy with very little. And, the less that you have, the more easy it will be for you to move it. It will also be easier to see what is important and what isn’t, when the time to move comes.

Of course, we become attached to our ‘stuff’, and even someone like me, who is as nostalgic as a rock, gets attached to ‘stuff’. I love my computers, and I build them with loving care. And, I hate to abandon them. They’re almost like my children, but I doubt that I need six of them and enough parts to build two more.

So, I shall be throwing things out. It’s a little late for that, but better late than never.

Preparing For Disaster

Now, there is a serious side to this. Even though we have been sitting in a period of calm, the worst disaster in two thousand years still sits on our horizon. Storms like that take time to arrive, and the longer that this one is delayed, the worse that it will be. And, if you survive that one, a worse storm will follow.

This means mental preparation. You need to know what is important and what is not. You need to be able to extract yourself from where you are, and move – if you are not in a safe location. I haven’t talked about this kind of thing in a while, but I think that it might be time to do that in 2019. And, as we were moving, the thought occurred to me that Tainan might be a safer place for us than Taipei, when everything falls apart.

We’ll see.

Please remember that disaster always strikes quickly. We always have warning signs, but economic collapse, natural disasters and unnatural wars always seem to hit just after a period of great calm. I’ve noticed how that happens before big typhoons roar though, and history shows us the same thing. So, do not trust your eyes and ears.

You won’t see it coming, until it’s too late to do anything about it.

The command by our Lord and Savior, in Luke 21:36, to ‘watch’ and ‘pray’, was given to us because the coming cataclysm was always going to be hard to see and horribly destructive. Hopefully, I’ll be able to assist you in your watching and praying.

The Cat In Tainan

But, for now, Mrs. Little and I have safely arrived in our new home in Tainan.

Mister Little is less-than-happy, but he’ll get over it. And yes, I always have. But, as I have said before, I’m a lot like a cat. Moving makes my fur stand on end, my back hurt and my knees ache. I hate it, even when Mrs. Little moves the furniture around – which she loves to do.

Of course, Mrs. Little was in her ‘element’, packing things away, making sure everything was in the right box, while I spent half the time in a bewildered funk. You can always tell who packed what box, just by looking at the contents. I kinda’ just throw things in, which makes unpacking… interesting.

Doing Evangelism

Anyway, the bigger challenge will be finding out what God intends for us to do, here in Tainan. Mrs. Little and I have always spent about a third of our time doing evangelism, wherever we are. So, pray for us as we look for ways to do that here.

There are precious souls, here in Tainan, and we want to do everything that we can to show them the love of Christ.

Okay, ’nuff said about all that.

Happy Circumcision Of Jesus Day!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas, if you celebrated the birth of Christ. If you didn’t – and we didn’t – that’s okay too. Jesus was not born in December, but I’m happy to celebrate the birthday of our Lord, on any day that anyone wants to. And, I guess, that our move to Tainan was a bit like the journey that Joseph and Mary took to Bethlehem, from Nazareth. It’s about the same distance – if I remember correctly.

Oh, and here’s an interesting tidbit:

Do you know the spiritual significance of New Year’s Day?

It’s the eighth day from December 25th.

That’s right, the circumcision of Jesus. So, instead of wishing someone a Happy New Year on January 1st. Feel free to wish them a ‘Happy Circumcision of Jesus Day’, instead. I’m sure that everyone will be thrilled to hear that from you. (Or, not).

May God bless all of you, as we move into the coming year. Lord willing, I’ll be back to my normal, doom-and-gloom self, next Friday.

Yours in Christ,

John Little,
Omega Shock

PS. Oh, and no ShockCast on Saturday. I don’t even have my main computer working yet, so it won’t happen tomorrow.

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  1. Hi John,

    Glad you made it to Tainan. It is in Google Maps and I looked around there. Interesting place, I hope you like your new home.

    I did not suffer a heart attack (what do I know?) It’s called ‘cardiac arrythmia’, or irregular heartbeat. I walk again, short distances and even sometimes I drive my bicycle, like in the old days. The Lord gives me strength, it’s not over yet for me.

    Did my letters (postings) seem to be nuts? Remember, a lady wrote how upset she was when thinking of the destruction of America. Indeed, every article that I read, all the YouTubes that I see, deal with that disaster, crash, event. Is it EMP, or invasion, or civil war, or financial issues… it is far from the proud westerns that I see these days, the invincible cowboys and their guns, hats and horses.
    My hometown looks pretty. We are building everywhere, exactly the opposite of ‘destruction’.
    But… spiritually I know that something has to happen, crime is all over the place and justice wil be done.
    If it reminds us of the crucifixion of the Lord, that’s ‘how deep the rabbit hole goes’. In this realm I posted the letters

  2. I totally sympathize with the moving thing. I hate moving yet have had to do it way too many times. Each time makes me think to myself that I only want to own two things – a bucket to put my food in, and a stick to stir it with.

  3. Great to hear from you, Brother John. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to your ‘normal’ installment next week.

  4. Dear John (no, we’re not breaking up)! My name is Kevin and I have enjoyed reading and being challenged by your blogs for the past few years. However, my comment here is not regarding any of your subjects (which are quite timely, by the way). Rather, I have a question. You mentioned several times that you suffer from depression. I have a good friend of nearly 40 years who is now suffering terribly from depression. We met as room mates in Bible College in 1974. After a year he went on to West Point and eventually to medical school. He spent 20 years in the Army as an orthopedic surgeon. We got separated along the way by life’s events until a few years ago. We reconnected when my youngest son moved to Green Bay, WI. It was with great sadness I learned of his condition He had spent 6 weeks in the hospital a year ago and is now not living with his wife or practicing medicine, Being that we live a thousand miles away in the Philadelphia area, I can do little to help my friend other than pray for him and his family and try to encourage him. My question to you is this, how can I help my friend. I feel quite helpless being so far away and “out of the loop” so to speak. Any thoughts would be helpful. Sincerely, your brother in Christ, Kevin.

    • Hi Kevin,

      I’m so sorry. This is one of the reasons why I talk about my depression, so that people like yourself can play a role in helping.

      (By the way, I edited out your last name and a couple other details to protect your identity and preserve your ability to write openly.)

      The one thing that you can do is listen. And, listen. And then, listen some more.

      The good thing is that your friend realized that he had a problem and went to the hospital. That’s a very good sign. Far too many of us refuse to see that we have a problem until it’s too late. We think that we can beat this beast, until we’re ready to kill ourselves.

      The statistics say that ten percent of those who suffer from chronic depression, commit suicide. The 90% who do not, often wish that we could. Death is the ultimate anesthetic, and it beckons most powerfully in our darkest times.

      Since I cannot know the reason behind his depression, I’m limited in what I can advise. If he’s like me, the last thing that I would want you to do, is try too hard to help. That would actually lay an additional burden that I just would not have strength to bear. I hate the idea that my own suffering would cause someone else to suffer. I’d rather drive that person away, than have their difficulty on my conscience.

      So please, tread lightly here.

      Never give advice. Your friend already knows what he needs to do.

      Be a good friend. I doubt that very many are willing to listen to the pain that grips his heart. He needs to pour that out on someone, and it sounds like you are that someone.

      Make your contact with him almost like a ritual. Same bat time. Same bat channel. Make it something that he looks forward to, that he’s going to hear from his good friend, Kevin. But, only call as much as he wants you to call. Not more. Not less.

      Start small. Try not to be obvious. Let him know that you benefit from your interaction. Make sure that he knows that you enjoy and look forward to the interaction that you both have.

      The one thing that will keep your friend alive and functioning, is a sense of purpose. Unfortunately, that’s not something that you can give him. Only God can lead him to the purpose that he needs.

      And sometimes, depression is a gift from God to keep us from becoming what we shouldn’t be. I know this for myself, but I cannot speak for your friend.

      God bless you, Kevin, for being the kind of friend that is willing to help. I will pray for your friend, when I can.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. Depression! This another one of the words or conditions that I just can’t find in my BIBLE. When i was young I seemed to feel quite dark and distant in my loneliness. We are all searching and aching for something in this life, and just can’t put our finger on it. I think we all feel a need for GOD’S presence in our lives, but we just have no clue how to yield to it. It feels like we have this enormous power within, and no knowledge of how to use it, or touch it. I wanted to Love, and be loved, and had 0 understanding of how to touch it, let alone utilize it. I find in my years the ability to get through times of hopelessness, concentrating on how much I am Truly loved, and the depth of Christ’s love for ME is the thing that endures. If I concentrate on this, another day goes by, and I am still here.
    Having spent time trying to help people get ahead of their sins, (substance abuse) I have found that words of TRUTH are what brings people to knowledge of themselves. We follow a process of untruth, and when it has taken hold, or taken over, we find ourself absolutely miserable. Simple little itty bitty statements that we recognize to be true, slowly bring us back to sanity. They lift us up, and insure we are NEVER alone.
    Dealing with someone who has worked themselves into a state of despair is a different situation every time. The Truth is the only thing to save them. Getting them the tools to tear down the complex walls they have built is all we can try to do. The only possible avenue is to LOVE them through this. John says be available, but not overbearing. Dealing with drunks and druggies, I call it BABYSITTING!! In this fragile condition giving up, and running back to the unbearable comfort zone is the only escape. Truth makes this comfort zone less comfortable. When our words are spoken in LOVE, the words endure, not our voice.

    Time separates us. My advice would be to”Know your friend”. Find out what his fears are. Get inside his head. If you have to plant yourself in his face (in love) until you can accomplish a tiny bit of help, ask yourself, what is necessary. This guy may need to unload, so listen, ask QUESTIONS. Give advice in the form of a question. Ask questions that lead to bitter truth. Someone is going to love your friend through this, one way or another. Everything aways seems to happen for a reason.

    • Hi mangledman,

      That is truly excellent advice. You’ve been in the ‘trenches’ of this battle, so you know. And yes. The Truth.

      One of the benefits of reading the Bible, cover-to-cover, is that it will speak to you. It will reach out and tap you on the heart and say, “You’ve got this wrong.” Or, sometimes it will tell you, “You have sinned.”

      No, sorry. Not sometimes. All the time.

      We are all sinners.

      And, stupid.

      Lots of THAT.

      When Jesus called us sheep, it wasn’t because He thought that we were smart. But, He loves us, anyway, and for that… I will be continually grateful. And, gratitude is a great antidote to hopelessness and despair.

      I’m sorry that you’re on the other side of the planet, MM. It would be a pleasure to shake your hand for being such a wise contributor to the comment section of Omega Shock.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      PS. Oh, and here are a couple proverbs about depression:

      Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop: but a good word maketh it glad.

      – Proverbs 12:25

      A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

      – Proverbs 17:22

  6. Hi John,
    I had a big black cat when I was a kid, and I remember that, while unhappy, he always resorted to demolition of furniture and dumping glass objects from the shelves (to watch the gravity dealing with them). For the sake of Mrs. Little I only hope your moving was more… moderate:)

    In case you misssed it – Suspicious Observers stepped upon something:
    For the first time in my life, I ended up reading a book downloaded from the CIA website (links are in movie description)… Before, I already knew books of “that kind” (even bought “Path of the Pole” by Hapgood) but this one seems somewhat different. See for yourself.
    SOs started digging, and produced a series of movies “Earth Catastrophe Cycle” (you may see them), the last one is here:
    -and, I’m not sure if I ever wanted to learn the word “micronova”. Or, to immediately associate it with 2 Peter 3:10. Note: the very last words of that second movie are: “…Earth has LESS than three decades left”. I’m not in the position to judge these theories, but I see their striking compatibility with the Bible (that declassified book offers the best technical/mechanical explanation of the biblical flood I’ve ever met). I also noticed, that, if the Earth’s poles flip cyclically between locations given in this book, there are areas on the globe which relative position towards the new/old poles remains rather unchanged (but no, we still cannot call them “safe”). It just happens one of these areas roughly contains Israel.
    LUCKY new year Everyone!
    Yours in Christ

  7. Dear John and mrs Little
    I wish you all the blessings from the Lord his Grave and mercy and provision God Will Remember the faithfull and loyalty brothers and sister to give them open Doors and supernatural outpourong of His spirit revival Will come the Lord spoke about it to me in 2012 but in the midst of tribulation itold you it has arrived many are not ready but lied to they Will Prosper in material ways and judgement Will not come
    But i told you it has arrived
    Seatbells on make war and put your armour on we Will see bad things but the Lord Will wake up his endtime People of the covenant totally pure in heart and totally Committed to Him to follow Him everywhere He goes !
    Be ready John there is a reason other then the sickness of this family member that you loved to this place ( more open Doors)
    Be Blessed my lovely brother
    Confirmed by Victoria( Segres )Bates
    YouTube or facebook you have to Listen to her what a true wonderfull sister in the Lord first time i met someone at this level never seen or heard before !!!
    So the prophecy made to me is received at the time i couldn’t Tell anyone no i am not in euphory this is real in contrary i would be in depression now but i am not
    Thanks for your prayers
    Will start to look for other place within 10 days

    • WOW. What an AWESOME example of true faith. I just read a few paragraphs, but I’m blown away. I will come back to this a little bit later so that I can give it justice. Lord willing, it goes in on Friday. PG, thank you so much for this. I’d heard of Pastor Wang and his incarceration, but I hadn’t read this. Well done, sister. – JL

  8. Ok more from manglz!! Being prepared is always the smart thing to do. I could go into stories about getting anyone motivated into preparing is an exercise in futility. Being in a better place is always a good thing, and if GOD puts you there, who are we to doubt the boss?? Which scenario to prepare for is kinda futile. This is like how many MREs can one be carry, bury, or hide out at home. A lot of people say ,”oh we will just bug in”. That is an excellent idea BUT!! I have thought about these things for years. When something catastrophic might occur. First will be protection, food, clothing, and shelter. Without the first the other three can be taken easily. American founding fathers clearly recognized this. If you are forced from location, how far is backup provisions. Think all of these things through. I can talk about dozens of situations to prepare for. I guess what I would say is the most important thing is your Soul. Are you listening watching and praying?? If something wakes you up, or you find yourself up at 3am feeling uneasy, you don’t want to not be listening when GOD is calling. I am about as nervous as a cat in a cage about my present location. Some of the coverage and ominous things coming out of Paradise says hidden things are picking up speed. I think I will address some prep things at BONDO’S in the near future. I just pray for all of us, that when GOD says jump scoot move or duck, we do it without question.

  9. Hey Nadine, if you are in Belgium, we could re related. It seems like my mom or her family didn’t care for my father’s heritage, so I grew up thinking my name was French only to find out otherwise very late in life! Actually the BOAT sailed from France, but it seems like my IQ came from your part of the world.

  10. I can only remember half of the proverb at a time these days but a broken spirit who can bear. I guess I need to read them AGAIN,. Maybe some of the rust will leave.
    Something about a broken and contrite heart is itching my brain.

  11. Mangledman
    Yes indeed many emigrated from the port of Antwerpen to America but they weree from different nationalities
    there has also been a special exposition here about the emmigrationflood and the quarantaine and the ships they used…..
    So it seemed my ancestry we’re not experiencing Financials problems
    They all did well except me and some nephews at my father side due to big familyproblems which affected the psychological health with joy but also with some grief for the others i am the only saved person in the whole family so i always thought that due to my huge sufferings i searched for the Lord but the others didnt do it Then later on i learned that the Lord first looked for me and that always awakes a feeling of deep grattitude for His mercy on me and helps me a lot when i suffer a lot so thank you to remind this for me
    I have no family in America but feel connected with Americans because there are still more true christians there then in Belgium could not relate to anyone here never met a true Christian so when i should meet you or John you should be the first true Christian
    except for one female friend who died shortly after her conversion( three months) i still wonder why i had to loose her so quickly she was my only true friend in Christ sigh still difficult but i Will meet her in heaven much love from Nadine brother
    i would suggest you choose another name like “blessedman”or “savedman”because when you call yourself a mangledman that’s not your identity in Christ or position in Christ i also tended to call myself names i am not anymore as a new creation in Christ and sometimes i still think of myself in negative way that’s the Battleof the mind the Battleground where they devil tried to block or hinder us in many ways
    There is always a lot of attention on the armour to put on but the Battleship must be first fought in our minds and then we Will have power and Victory over the devil and can we demonstrate the power of God to other People
    Today I have learned a big lesson on how i have been mistaken in my testimony (what i was talking about the many obstacles i encounter and the bad behaviour of People how wrong i am this sin of complaining and murmuring ( i am on my own so i can not share it with husband but this is no reason to share it with unbelievers ! ) and behaviour which was a big hindrance to be a testimony for the Lord to other People A very important insight which has started with a discussion with a unbelieving lady and An insight which Will help me much better to Bring the gospel in the near Future !
    God can use unbelievers to show us things like He used the monkey of this man who was ordered to curse Israël but instead blessed Israël the prophet Bileam
    I can recommand the teachings of Derek Prince bibleteacher deseased in 2003

    • Hi Nadine Verheye,

      I am so sorry that you are living in such a spiritual desert. This is hard, and I know the feeling well. In fact, Mrs. Little and I will be traveling for about an hour and a half, to get to a church that might not be a very good one. And, even in a reasonably good church, it’s hard to find real fellowship with a mature believer.

      All that I can say is that – when the time is right – the right brothers and sisters will be there for you. As much as I hate living in a wilderness, I also know that there’s always a good reason – but, one that I won’t understand until it’s all over.

      As for MangledMan. I suspect that he calls himself that out of his overabundant sense of humor. In American slang, he would called ‘a hoot’. Why we say that, I have no idea, but I suspect that he’s well loved by authentic Christians, everywhere. And, I’m sure that he annoys the inauthentic ones in equal measure.

      I have learned, early on, to never take myself too seriously. Being able to laugh at your troubles is important, if you can. It’s hard to do, at times, but it can keep you going, when you want to give up.

      I am glad that you are devoting so much of yourself to service to God. This is awesome, and I wish there were more like you. The world would truly be a much, much better place with more Nadines.

      God bless you, Nadine. You are loved by the One who holds everything in the palm of His Hand.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  12. Thank you brother John you Know how to comfort People
    i can Tell you i am laughing a lot People in Antwerpen have a good laugh with me i am humoristic you to have a good Sense of humor
    i believe YOU can start a church and be called as a pastor by God that’s a possible solution for your new place that God Will provide a pastor experienced and tried in trials and persecution in the Fire so only gold and Silver is left because one day internet Will be gone and omegashock Will vanish too
    You don’t Know Chinese but God can provide a good Translater for you some churches and even evangelists like Philip Blair use Translators
    Corrie Ten Boom worked a lot with Translators because she travelled around the world nothing could hold this woman back for doing so she has a book on it ” a tramp for the Lord” you can download it from Google play for some dollars she started her ministry from nothing but she had God as her Provider
    I Will pray for you in this way
    Gods guidance and wisdom i wish you John thank you for your kind words


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