God Has His Reasons

When God moves in the lives of His children, the reasons may appear to be one thing, when they are completely different. You might think that you’ve crashed and burned on the shoals of capricious events. You might not see any rhyme or reason for what is happening to you, but God sees things differently. And, if you are a true follower of Christ, for long enough, you will see a lot of this.

To put it another way, nothing happens by accident. Nothing. And, I take a great deal of comfort in that, and I hope that you do too.


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God Has His Reasons


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We’re moving.

That sentence has always made me shudder. I’m like a cat, and cats HATE moving. With a passion.

What a purrfect description of yours truly.

Before Mrs. Little became Mrs. Little, she knew that I was a traveler. Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Britain, Netherlands, Jordan and Egypt – I’d been to all those places, often multiple times, while living in Israel, but she forgot to ask if I enjoyed doing all that traveling. I did not. In fact, I despised most of it with a passion.

I’m not sure if I’m the ultimate homebody, but I’ve gotta be pretty close. And, when God moves me away from my comfy chair, out into the WhoKnowsWhere, I complain and God laughs.

However, I also know that God has very, very good reasons for each and every move that I’ve endured over the years, so I know that this next one – the one that happens on Monday – will have its own reasons.

Yes, that’s right. I’m moving. On Christmas Eve.

Oh joy.

Of course, Christmas Eve is just another day, here in Taiwan, so that doesn’t matter much. What matters more, is that my father-in-law is in need of our help. And, he’s a really good guy who helped make Mrs. Little the person that she is today.

Where are we moving?


Just writing that makes me shudder a bit. It’s a perfectly fine city in southern Taiwan. And, there’s a lot that’s good about it. In fact, it might even be the perfect place for both of us. I even expect that I will be glad that we made this move – except for the fact that we will be living in the steamy tropics, below the line called the Tropic of Cancer.

Do you get cancer when you do that?

Just asking.

Having said that, I had some inkling that God was getting ready to do something with us, when we became ‘unmoored’, earlier this year. And, I wrote about that, here:


Over the intervening months, I’d been wondering what changes God was going to make. I knew that something was coming. I just didn’t know WHAT. Or, where. And, I’m still not completely sure.

However, I DO know that there’s an even greater need for evangelism in Tainan, than in Taipei. Taipei is about ten percent Christian already. Outside of Taipei, the percentage drops to one or two percent – far, far lower than even mainland China. And, evangelism is the most important job that we have. It’s our purpose. It’s the Great Commission.

So, I shall moan and groan. I shall complain. I might even beat my chest and loudly proclaim the unfairness of it all. And, I have lots of experience doing that. But, I’ll quiet down after a few weeks.

I always do.

And, after 45 years of experience as a Christian, I am walking proof that the following verse is true:

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

 – Romans 8:28

I have held that verse close to my heart for a very, very long time. And, it has helped me through great difficulty. Compared to THOSE moments in time, moving from Taipei to Tainan is nothing. And, this move IS nothing, except for the fact that I’m a cat, and complain when the furniture is moved.


No. Really. I do. When the furniture is moved. I kid you not.

I’m only half kidding when I say that you should feel sorry for Mrs. Little. She really does have to put up with a lot.

Now, the reason why I’m writing all this (aside from having a good kvetch), is to point out that no matter what is going on in your life, there is a good reason for it. Many of you have written to me about the trials that you are experiencing. Some of those trials are heartbreaking, and I wish that you didn’t need to go through them. And, I completely empathize with the pain that you are going through. But, I am a walking, talking, living proof that God has His reasons, and those reasons are always good.


In fact, I’m betting that some of us will not know all of those reasons, until we get to heaven. When that happens, we’ll realize just how important it was for us to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous (mis)fortune, so that God could be glorified in the hearts of those that He was calling.

I know that this is scant comfort as you weather the trials that you are going through. And, these trials may get worse over the coming months and years. But, I also know that God is never far from us…

…and He always has His reasons.



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Yup, more than just special, these links appear to be the most important of all. Seriously, start with these.

And yes, these are pretty serious.

Christians ‘Standing in the Way’ of China’s Xi Jinping’s Totalitarian Rule | CBN News

It was forty years ago, this month that China started opening up, and it was the moment when China started to become more Christian. Not the government. The people.

And, I find it interesting that, as China became more Christian, America became less. Less Christian. Less moral. Less honorable. Less ethical. Less righteous.

Again, not the government. The people.

Unfortunately, China is about to descend into one of the most difficult times in her history. And, it’s the moment when old dynasties fall, and new ones arise. And, the Chinese Communist Party is fearful of losing her power.

This crackdown is a sign of that fear. Also, the rise in this ‘social credit system’ is also a sign. The same goes for Xi being made ‘president for life’. They are bracing for an awful moment in time.

Now, God blessed China for allowing the gospel to have free rein. Ten percent of China is Christian. A hundred million people have accepted Christ as their Lord and savior and truly serve Him – even if it means persecution, imprisonment and death.

Those Chinese Christians are the real deal. I doubt that there are as many real Christians in America, as there are in China.

There are two ‘takeaways’ from this article:

ONE – China is ready to fall, and the Chinese leadership know it.

TWO – Persecution of dear brothers and sisters in Christ, has come. In China.

But, as much as Chinese brothers and sisters would love for you to pray for their deliverance, their greatest desire is that the gospel would spread to every corner of China – and then, to the rest of the world.

But, as you pray for the gospel in China, pray also for the persecuted. Their time is now. Our time is coming.

Christian Persecution is at an All Time High! – YouTube

Unfortunately, it’s not just China that is persecuting Christians, and there is one Christian that you can help, right now. Asia Bibi.

This is Act For America’s request that the United States give asylum to this persecuted woman. Someone needs to protect the Christians. If America doesn’t…

…who will?

America used to protect Christians by default. Now, you need to sign a petition.

Ask President Trump to Save Asia Bibi | ActForAmerica

Here is the petition to ask the United States to give Asia Bibi refuge in the United States.

I can’t sign it, because I do not live in the US. But, if you do… you can.

People as strong as this deserve more spotlight than most. – Album on Imgur

And, let’s not forget the horrifying suffering of the North Korean people. And, the North Korean Christians. This young woman made it out. Many do not.

How is it that we tolerate such an obscenity?

The Use of False Flags to Increase Power | Armstrong Economics

So, Armstrong gets it. More importantly, he knows that the Deep State will create something far, far worse than 9/11, to give themselves permission to do worse.

Here’s the last paragraph:

As we look ahead, they desperately need another False flag to escape from the collapsing structure of Socialism. A war will be very convenient to blame so expect this in the not so distant future. This also is why they have to try to get rid of Trump – he is not one of them! They just have to always bash Trump even when the event was the funeral of George H. W. Bush as the Washington Post reported: Trump odd man out as presidents assemble for Bush funeral. There is not an event that can take place without the media trying to tear Trump apart. They are part of the agenda to remove any outsider to allow Washington to do what it does best – manipulate the people and False flags are very much a part of the agenda.

So, expect something fairly soon. Within the next couple of years, that will knock your socks off – and probably plunge the world into a war of unimaginable proportions.

We’ll see.

The 100 Year March: A Philosopher in Poland – YouTube

Chris from Poland shared this link in the comment section, and it’s about Poland. And,right now, it is on the front lines in the battle against the growing tyranny of the EU. The EU wants all national identity destroyed. They want the will to resist the dictates of Brussels to be eliminated. And, countries like Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Slovenia and others are fighting what appears to be a losing battle against what the EU is trying to do.

So, Stefan Molyneux took a trip to see what Poland was up to. To see this Polish March of Independence. Everyone was calling it a ‘Far Right’ march. Of course, the ‘everyone’ that I’m referring to were the mainstream media, the leftist politicians and the EU bureaucrats.

It was not Far Right.

It was Polish. For Poland.

There’s something about a history of suffering that brings you down to earth, and I think that Stefan got a taste of that in his trip to Poland. He would also have gotten the same taste in Israel. In Hungary. Even in Russia.

Unfortunately, Stefan misses a key point in all of this, and that is faith. Faith in God. Without it, there is no moral compass to put that suffering into a proper perspective. And, you will see Stefan, in a Polish cemetery, reject the innate evil in humanity. He saw the evidence all around him. It was pain, suffering and death, writ large, and he refused to accept that this was the human condition.

I fast-forwarded through a lot of that. But, I understand his need to make that soliloquy.

If you do not embrace a faith in God, you must believe in the innate goodness of mankind.

But, the value of this video is in Stefan’s observations of the the people of Poland itself. And, there is a lot to like and admire about Poland and the Poles. And, when you delve into Polish history, you will see even more.

For two hundred years, Poland was a great bastion of freedom, before she was crushed by Russia and Germany. She helped turn back the Ottoman attempt to conquer Europe for Islam. And, she was battered, beaten and betrayed by every would-be emperor and empire.

Thank you, Chris, for that excellent suggestion.

Who Are the Rich, White Men Institutionalizing Transgender Ideology?

PrepperGall sent this in, and it is utterly horrifying. This isn’t just ‘Rich White Men’. It’s ‘Rich White AMERICAN Men’. I could even add, Rich White American HOMOSEXUAL Men, and I am gobsmacked over this. And, I should not be.

Worse, these rich, America homosexuals are foisting their horrifying sin on the rest of the world. They are making their foul ideology into something that people will view as ‘quintessentially American’.

Wanna be like an American?


And, it is this ‘movement’ that is attempting to make homosexual deviance as American as apple pie.

PrepperGal, thanks for the nause… er …link!

What Lengths Will China Go To Feed Its People as Ancient Cycles Repeat (767) – YouTube

This is an important point. Chinese dynasties tended to fall when a Grand Solar Minimum would hit. The claim in this video is that they could PREDICT when a Grand Solar Minimum would hit – or, in their words, when the ‘Mandate of Heaven’ would be removed.

The bottom line is that crop failure led to malnutrition and susceptibility to disease. And, when the weather got cold, the Mongols went south – hence the Great Wall of China.

Volcano WARNING: Naples supervolcano may be gearing up for eruption | World | News | Express.co.uk

The first sentence in this article got my attention:

ITALY’S Campi Flegrei volcano has, for the first time in nearly 400 years, been “showing a type of unrest” which could indicate it is “getting ready for another eruption”, volcano expert Christopher Kilburn has said.

We have already seen a connection between Grand Solar Minimums and volcanic activity. The deeper the GSM, the worse the volcanic activity. And, the deepest GSMs are every four hundred years. And, the one that we are going into might be the worst in thousands of years.

The point is that this volcano last erupted during the previous Grand Solar Minimum, and it looks like it’s getting ready to erupt again.

This could get interesting.

Federal judge in Texas strikes down Affordable Care Act

So, the Republicans might actually have done something worthwhile. I might need to withdraw my attacks on the Republicans, a little bit.

I was wondering if ‘removing the mandate’ could kill that stupid and insane law, and now it has.

Here in Taiwan, they have a ‘single payer’ system. And, I’ve watched the Taiwanese government keep having to change the system because morons and evil people keep trying to take advantage of it. They’ll go to the emergency room when they have a head cold. They call for an ambulance, when they want to go somewhere near a hospital – instead of taking a taxi.

And, when someone dies while in the hospital, because the patient was too sick or injured to save, some have tried to sue hospitals and doctors into oblivion. And, doctors have been leaving because of this.

The good thing is that Taiwan is a small country, so they can keep ‘fine tuning’ until they get it right – or until the morons in Taiwan find another way to abuse the system. As much as I love the Taiwanese, some are dumber than a box of rocks and others are utterly evil. And, the evil ones tend to have enough money to buy off politicians.

However, those places that have a higher concentration of Christians, tend to be less prone to corruption. I always find that thought to be interesting. Mrs. Little told me about some factories spewing out horrifying levels of pollution, and those factories are smack-dab in the middle of an area that doesn’t very many – if any – Christians.

This isn’t a very scientific observation, and I would be interested in seeing a more thorough analysis.

The bottom line is that those who are corrupt, stupid or both, will destroy any healthcare system that tries to make sure that everyone has access. I’m watching it at work, here in Taiwan, and it’s a mess. Of course, my personal saying about the Taiwanese is that…

They are adorable, but annoying.

And, when I tell this to my Taiwanese friends – the ones who have spent time in America and understand my point of view – laugh and agree. And, our Bible classes, here in Taiwan are usually full of adorable Taiwanese, since the annoying ones don’t last very long.

I love driving people who are annoying, up the wall – although, I usually do it by accident, with enthusiasm.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare, 2479 – YouTube

Here’s more from Bill Still. This ‘affordable care’ is killing America. It needs to stop. Too much corruption and too high a cost. And, John McCain kept it alive.

Something needs to be done, but what is being done is just plain wrong.

How to stay motivated: Advice from Colin O’Brady Antarctic crossing

B-b-but wait. I thought that Antarctica is just a conspiracy?

You mean that the Earth isn’t FLAT?



(Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.)

EU’s Juncker takes aim at Hungary’s Orban over fake news | Reuters

How ironic. The EU is starting to eat its own people. How utterly ironic, and entirely predictable. Here’s the key quote:

Singling out Orban, Juncker told reporters: “Some of the prime ministers sitting around the table, they are the origin of the fake news.”

“When Mr. Orban for example says … that migrants are responsible for Brexit, it’s fake news. So let’s not put all the responsibility on others,” Juncker said.

Juncker wants to shut Orban down for speaking the truth?

Even if it was an incorrect bit of ‘truth’, and merely an opinion, that moron Juncker is being… well …a moron. And, my personal definition of moron is someone who is both evil and a drooling idiot. If you are merely a drooling idiot, I would never – or, almost never – call you a moron. Only evil people get that description.

Juncker is a moron. And, he will one day be revealed as the evil, drooling idiot that he is.

Shadow Government Short Part 4 – YouTube

Everything that is said here, is corroborated by more than one source. The only thing that I cannot corroborate is his friendship with Bill Binney. But, I doubt that he would make such a claim that could be so easily denounced. So, there’s a ring of ‘authenticity’ to that claim. And, any friend of Bill Binney is a friend of good people.

The only thing that I have a problem with, is his optimism. As long as America is immoral, there will be no Constitutional government. And, you don’t need to be a Christian to understand that. Even an Atheist could see that a lack of honesty and integrity in the populace would doom ANY country that wishes to be ruled by just laws.

There are very few in America with the morality and the ability to fix what is broken. There are havens of goodness in America, and I pray that they will be unscathed by the wrath of God, when it comes. But, those ‘havens’ have been sidelined by a rapacious and immoral government and populace.

To quote Joseph de Maistre:

Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite.

(Every nation gets the government it deserves.)

Of course, poor Joseph was an ardent Catholic who blamed the ‘Reformation’ for many of history’s ills. But nevertheless, he’s right.

America has the government that she deserves.

Uranium One Whistleblower’s Home Raided, 2484 – YouTube

The level of corruption in this incident is obscene. There is no reason to ‘raid’ this man’s home. He was already volunteering information on this, and then… he’s raided. And, it looks to me like evidence was removed from his home. This does not look like the ‘FBI Doing Its Job’. No, this looks like the FBI being used to cover tracks.

Social media is turning a generation of children into liars, leading headmistress warns

This ‘headmistress’ of a girls’ school, is completely and utterly correct. Our teenagers are learning the benefits of dishonesty. They are rewarded for lying and punished for telling the truth. And, it creates a vicious feedback loop until your precious teenager learns to be a sociopath, or completely depressed. Or both.

I mean, it’s really hard to be honest about how you are doing, when everyone around you presents themselves as being fantastic and incredible. The handsome and beautiful win ‘likes’. The painful and hurting do not.

But, if you read the whole article – and most people would not – you’ll find this, near the bottom:

Miss Hincks said that while lessons about integrity may once have been upheld by public institutions and other parts of society, this is no longer the case.

“People revealed to be unfaithful to their spouse don’t lose all public integrity in the way they once did,” she said. The Church and institutions such as the BBC used to be considered as “bastions of public morality”, but now schools have had to fill the void, she added.

Ah. So, she’s a moral person who understands how important it is, but the writer of the article decided to bury it at the bottom, where most will not go.

That, is classic journalism. And, it’s utterly disgusting. I’m also sure that the writer also left out other things that she said that would annoy those who wish to get rid of the idea that Christian values have an important place in our society.

New Report Shows How Schools Weaponize Child Protection Services Against Parents – Foundation for Economic Education

Here’s a quote that should drive anyone insanely angry:

An investigative report by The Hechinger Report and HuffPost released last month revealed that schools are increasingly using child protective services as a “weapon” against parents. It said:

Fed up with what they see as obstinate parents who don’t agree to special education services for their child, or disruptive kids who make learning difficult, schools sometimes use the threat of a child-protection investigation to strong-arm parents into complying with the school’s wishes or transferring their children to a new school. That approach is not only improper, but it can be devastating for families, even if the allegations are ultimately determined to be unfounded.

More troubling, these threats disproportionately target low-income and minority parents. According to the report:

Such families also have fewer resources to fight back. When a family in a wealthy Brooklyn neighborhood learned roughly two years ago that their child’s school had initiated an ACS [New York’s Administration for Children’s Services] investigation against them, they sued the city education department. Parents from lower-income, majority-black and Latino neighborhoods, few of whom can afford that option, say such investigations can be a regular, even expected, part of parenting.

It certainly makes me madder than… well, I’m not sure what could make me more angry. These foul fiends from Hell are willing to destroy your child because YOU dared to defy them.

As a parent, you have a special responsibility to provide for them. It is you job. And, you will answer to God, should you neglect that duty. Yet, here is the government, seeking to destroy the child that you are pledged to protect.

May the Wrath of God descend upon those who would do such things, until they repent and seek to undo the foul evil that they have done.

Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap – YouTube

THIS is a LOT of FUN. You will really enjoy this video, and it would normally go into the humor section, except that this video provides a very serious commentary on the average American.

The average America has become more dishonest, more fraudulent and more larcenous. Compare that with Taiwan, where you can leave your purse in a public place and come back twenty minutes later with nothing stolen.

So, tell me again how America is a better country than Taiwan?

I’m not here because of that, unless it was God’s wish for you to hear this. For me to see it, so that I could tell you.

When I was growing up in Indiana, people did not steal packages left on your porch. You didn’t even need to lock your doors.

Not now.

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober glitter bombs Amazon delivery thieves

Here’s the writeup for the above video.

If I had my druthers, this ‘trap’ would have had something far more damaging than ‘glitter’. But, God calls us to NOT do stuff like that, so I would never do it. I would be punished by God, if I did.

A better, more Christ-like thing to do, would be to go to that person and share the Gospel with them – pointing out that they have sinned greatly before God. That they will be punished by God, unless they repent and seek to undo the evil that they have done.

THAT is something that Mrs. Little would do, and I suspect that I would do that too. Maybe. Hopefully. I’m not as nice as Mrs. Little.

Facebook offered users privacy wall, then let tech giants around it | The Seattle Times

Technology companies are lying to you.

That should be the baseline that everyon should work from. They lie, and will continue lying, no matter how much they tell you about how they are going to stop lying to you.

There is too much money involved for them to stop. And, some of that money is going to lobbyists and political pressure groups to keep the ‘gravy train’ coming.

Facebook Gave Some Companies Special Access to Additional Data About Users’ Friends – WSJ

Here is more from the Wall Street Journal.

Miracle? Texas girl’s inoperable brain cancer disappears

This family prayed to God for a miracle. And, God gave it to them.

Praise God for such miracles.

2019 Recession Means 2020 Socialism – YouTube

This… THIS …should scare you. If the economy crashes in 2019 or 2020, there goes America. The socialists will take over and the Democrats will get in to finish the job that they started.

And, I will sit on the sidelines and applaud our stupidity.

Diversity Try-Hards in TV Commercials – YouTube

This video demonstrates so much that is disgusting about America that the most important statement in this video, is…


And, I’m sorry, but it is. It is truly amazing at levels that are beyond my comprehension. I don’t get it. I don’t want to get it. But, I understand that God’s wrath is coming for America, or God would need to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

So, please get out of the blast zone.

18 Most Mortifying Media Moments of 2018 :: Grabien News

America has gone insane. Or at least, the media have. But, Americans watched and believed. And, I find it difficult that Americans can be sane and intelligent, if they accept and allow these morons to spew their hatred and insanity so widely and so thoroughly.

And no, I’m not using hyperbole here. This is a very, very serious problem. And, it’s a serious sign that America has become a dysfunctional nation – full of cognitive dissonance and utter insanity.

America was supposed to be the ‘shining city on the hill’. America was supposed to be the example that every country aspired to be. And, the utter insanity of the past year has shown that America is a corrupt, dishonest, immoral and insane country.

Google Removed Its “Don’t Be Evil” Clause – The Organic Prepper

Do I need to paint a picture?

The reason is that they need to ‘do evil’ to increase their profits, and even then… their concept of evil was already pretty warped.

‘Holy Cow’: Cattle form the sign of the cross | Fox News

Another heart-warming story. America needs more of this couple. God bless these Christian farmers who love God and let everyone know about it.

Safety Not Guaranteed – Tales From the Internet – YouTube

Okay, this is another snapshot into how hoaxes can start. And yes, with a joke. I think that you’ll like this one.

And please, Flat Earthers, snap out of it. It’s a joke.

Drugs are bad, mkayyy – Album on Imgur

And THIS was what got me to watch the above video.



These articles have a more individual importance. They cross categories, and are often in their own category. And, I think that these should be your first stop in your reading.

Deportations under Trump are on the rise, but still lower than Obama’s, ICE report shows – Laredo Morning Times

How ironic. Obama deported more illegal immigrants than Trump, but no one criticizes Obama.

The US media are disgusting. The Democrats, more so.

Drone shatters passenger jet’s nosecone & radar during landing (PHOTOS) — RT World News

If you want to know how your freedoms get taken away, THIS is how your freedoms are taken away. Morons will always do stuff that hurts others, requiring a law for everyone.

So, when you see ‘drone laws’, you can blame your fellow morons for causing it.

‘Well done’, you stupid, drooling idiots!

Over 40 percent of Americans say no to flu vaccinations – Story | WNYW

This article brings up an interesting point for those of you who are ‘anti-vaxxers’. More than 80,000 people in the US, died of the flu, during the previous ‘flu season’. That’s a lot.

Would a flu shot have saved those people?

It’s hard to say, but at least some of them – if not most – would have survived.

Yes, I know that there are problems with flu shots, and there are ways to mitigate those problems by making sure that you get the more expensive version with fewer preservatives. And, I don’t like the indignant secrecy surrounding Big Pharma’s efforts to keep the vaccine ‘gravy train’ going.

There are problems with vaccines, and those problems require ethical research. And yes, I really meant that word ‘ethical’. There has been too much ‘unethical’ research out there without the ‘double-blind’ studies and independent evaluations.

Having said that, vaccines do work. We have lots of proof of that, and there are many alive today, that are alive, because of vaccines.

This Is Why Most North Korean Defectors Are WOMEN – YouTube

If you want a strong dose of horror, watch this. And, China is complicit in this horror.

Dave Rubin and Gad Saad: Patreon and Embattled Academics – YouTube

I like this Gad Saad guy. I’m a closet intellectual, and I can’t help myself when someone like this comes along. So, and interview like this ‘brings me out of the closet’.

Unfortunately, intellectuals are stupid, ‘cuz they don’t understand where God fits into all this.

This is an interesting and fun conversation that I enjoyed listening to. Professor Saad is a keen observer of what is going on right now. He just does not understand how God made us, that we are programmed to fail, when we stray from His morality.

Now, I shall go back into the closet.

Don’t Laugh — It’s Giving Putin What He Wants – The Burning Platform

Wait. The Russians are laughing at us?

Well, I’M laughing at us.

Marines Testify About the “Antifa Mob” They Say Attacked Them in Philly

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There need to be more of these trials. It’s time to put Antifa down.


Ace Lyons sounds like he was a really good guy, and he’s been wanting to bomb Iran for more than 35 years.


One day, the world will regret the fact that the US did NOT bomb Iran.

Vince Vance & The Valiants (bomb iran) – YouTube

And, in honor of Admiral Ace Lyons, let’s have a song that he probably loved.

It needs to be done, but America won’t do it.

Deep fake technology outpacing security countermeasures | BiometricUpdate

This is something that has been on its way to us for a long time. What started out as ’email spoofing’, where they make it look like someone else’s email is being used… they have moved on to faking audio to now… video.

Eventually, separating fact from fiction will be extremely difficult.

Nvidia’s Scary AI Generates Humans That Look 100% Real

This, THIS, is impressive. And, this is a part of those ‘deep fakes’ that are coming. However, these ‘deep fakes’ will be possible on your personal computer.

Not good. Not good at all.

And, if they are mind-blowing realistic, now… what will they be like in five years? Ten?

NVIDIA AI Neural Networks Are Getting Uncomfortably Accurate At Creating Realistic Human Faces

Annnnnnd… here’s more on what nVidia is now able to do.

2018 Chaos, 2019 Mayhem – The Automatic Earth

As bad as 2018 was, 2019 will be worse. The only question in my mind is… how bad?

Why Do Americans Call It Soccer Instead of Football? (Fact Quickie) – YouTube

Okay, I’ve always wondered why it was called ‘soccer’. Now, I know.

CNN Legal Setback Points to Tougher Times Ahead for Media Companies | Hollywood Reporter

So, CNN got sloppy and then was sued for their pretty false accusations. And, the guy suing them seems to be winning.

5 Times China Detained Foreign Citizens (for No Good Reason) | China Uncensored – YouTube

How would you like your country to become like this?

Well, America is on its way.

Oh, and if you are like me… publicly critical of China …never go there. You might not come back.

Trump the “GAME THEORY” False Court Jester – YouTube

A couple of interesting points about Donald Trump that you might find interesting. And, this really has the ring of truth about it. Trump is an expert in ‘gaming the system’, and that is exactly what this video brings out.

The Latest Facebook Scandal: Netflix, Spotify Could Read Private Messages, Yandex Was Given IDs | Zero Hedge

Hey, if THEY could read ‘private messages’, who ELSE could read them?

Media Has Third-Highest Suicide Rate in the U.S., CDC Report Finds | Trending

This does not surprise me. Journalism is soul-destroying. You are poorly paid. Abused. And, you will quickly find that you are often on the side of evil. And, the only way to rise in the ranks is to dispense with morality, values and conscience.

Once you become a sociopath, you can advance.

Least-Educated State: California No. 1 in Percentage of Residents 25 and Older Who Never Finished 9th Grade; No. 50 in High School Graduates

However, when you dig down into the data, you’ll see that states with more college degrees are left wing, and states with fewer college degrees are right wing. And, the dirtbags teaching these students to be leftists have been the ones responsible for this shift.

And, we let them do it.

Cipralex works for me! – Album on Imgur

I identify with this one. If you are suffering, medication can help. Don’t deny yourself the ability to do what needs to get done.

“There Are Bodies On Every Seat” – Thousands Stranded At Gatwick Airport As Mystery Drones Force Mass Cancellations | Zero Hedge

Britain has lots of dirtbags that like to cause trouble. And, it’s time that Britain tracked down these miscreants and put them in jail for a very long time.

The NEW Social Media: Alternatives to Big Tech – The Organic Prepper

Check out these alternatives to Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Trump always said he wouldn’t be predictable. He was right. – SFGate

Yup. He’s acting as promised, and it’s the only way that he CAN act – since the Deep State wants to destroy his presidency.

Alabama police department blames Satan for spike in homicides | al.com

Actually, I LIKE the idea that a police department would say something like this.

“That’s not how you hold a pupper, you idiot” – Putin probably – Album on Imgur

This is the kind of thing that makes me think that there’s a good side to Putin. Not everyone who likes dogs is a good guy, but good guys like dogs.

House Passes Bill With Money For Trump Wall, Increasing Likelihood Of A Shutdown | Maine Public

Wait. The House of Representatives actually did their JOB?

Of course, the dirtbags in the Senate will block it.



I hope that you will forgive me for wanting these people dead. With a thorough trial, first to establish the facts… then, a swift execution.

God help us all.

Our World in 2019 – The Scary Truth! – YouTube

This is about the Roman Catholic Church and the evil that they are doing and covering up. And, they are raping little boys and girls at their summer camps and in their institutions.

But, the video then ends with a discussion about a show that portrays teen prostitution in a sympathetic light. And, the producers seemed to have no moral qualms about what they were portraying.

We live in a truly sick society.

LA bishop resigns 13 years after church learned of sex claim

And now, California – where the Roman Catholic Church was actively, with malice, suppressing evidence of the rape of young children by priests. And, they protected those priests.

And, promoted them.

Father Faucher is sentenced to 25 years for child porn, drugs | Idaho Statesman

This foul fiend from Hell was caught. How many other Roman Catholic Priests are there, that are just like him?



What is going on with Hillary and the corruption being revealed in Washington, is so huge… that I doubt that it is possible to emphasize enough, the seriousness of this situation. I believe that these revelations will eventually take down the Republic and replace the current government with one ruled by the generals. And please, do not discount this. Corruption is ALWAYS how republics and kingdoms fall – and how the military takes over.

Remember the generals that surround Trump.

This was not an accident.

However, please take note that public pressure for a military takeover never happens until people suffer economic and financial stress. So, don’t expect this ‘takeover’ to happen until the economy turns sharply downward. The military will not want to see a repeat of the French Revolution.

Google Hearing: Democrats Call Censorship Claims ‘Complete Fantasy’

I’m not sure if the Republicans are all that much better, but I KNOW that the Democrats are a foul and evil bunch. This kind of corruption is disgusting.

Devin Nunes – How Gen Flynn Was Framed, 2477 – YouTube

The amount of corruption among the Democrats is so revolting, I don’t know how these people sleep at night.

How can these people even have a conscience?

Did they have some kind of special surgery to have it removed?

Uranium One: Shady Money and the Clinton Foundation | America Uncovered – YouTube

Chris Chappel is talking about the scandal over the Clintons and Uranium One?

The New York Times, too?

Whoops! I see smoke. And, I think that someone’s hair is on fire.

Financial Bounty Hunters Testify: Clinton Foundation Operated As Foreign Agent – Sara A. Carter

So, will Hillary go to jail?


Think about that, when you sing the National Anthem at your next ball game.

FBI Colleague Blasts Mueller, Comey McCabe & Strzok, 2481 – YouTube

What they did to General Flynn, was pure evil.

Schumer: Trump’s ‘temper tantrum’ over wall funding is leading to shutdown

The Republicans had a chance to do their job. The Republicans refused to do their job, and now the Democrats are able to cause trouble.


Devin Nunes – Mueller Probe Is Destroying America, 2485b – YouTube

Devin Nunes seems to be a really good guy. And, what he’s talking about here is evil.

The corruption in Washington needs to be cleaned out. Once and for all. And, Devin wants it cleaned out.

But, the average American has become too corrupt to really want to do that.

Body Language: James Comey Stand Up And Speak The Truth – YouTube

Well, James Comey is out there lying through his teeth, while convincing himself that he’s being ‘virtuous’.

Utterly revolting.

Why Did Comey Lose It After Hill Grilling?, 2486 – YouTube

Here is more on Comey. That dirtbag has done more damage to the FBI than any other man who has ever lived.

And, as I finished listening to this video, I had one thought:

America has become a banana republic.

Up for grabs, to the highest bidder.

General Flynn Was Railroaded and Tortured By Mueller Agent, An Angry and Clueless Judge Sullivan – YouTube

Here’s a later video that provides some ‘backstory’ for WHY Flynn’s hearing didn’t resolve the way that it should have.

What’s Up With Judge Sullivan’s Strange Behavior?, 2487 – YouTube

Something went wrong.

What happened to this judge?

Syracuse Cops Force Doctors to Probe a Man’s Rectum for Drugs, Then Bill the Man For It – Hit & Run : Reason.com

Annnnnd, this is America. Police can act with impunity, and my disgust runneth over.

Dr. Jerome Corsi Versus the Deep State #4166 – YouTube

What the Deep State has been doing to Dr. Corsi is an abomination. The FBI knows it, but they do not care how many people are destroyed in their attempt grab power.

It is just one more vile sin laid at the feet of the American government.

I pray the wrath of God upon these fiends from Hell, until they repent and seek to undo the evil that they have done.

Judgment is coming to America, and you had better not be in the blast zone, when it happens.



It’s hard to believe that I need to actually make this a category, but I guess that I need to.

I am truly horrified by this concerted attempt by the mainstream media and social media to shut down anyone that disagrees with them. This is sick and twisted, and it’s an attempt to limit your ability to obtain the kinds of facts that you need to see the future clearly.

And yes, they really do want to control what and how you think.

Facebook Loses the Public’s Trust – The Burning Platform

People are waking up to how awful Facebook is?


Australian sexual abuse case raises questions about gag orders – Columbia Journalism Review

The fact that judges can arbitrarily block our access to information like convictions of those who rape children, is a vile and disgusting evil. And, we are seeing judges abuse this power.

WARNING: YouTube Might Kick YOU Off – YouTube

Will this happen to The ShockCast? On the OmegaShock channel?

OF COURSE IT WILL! It just won’t happen as much, since we have a lot fewer subscribers.

‘Junk News’: Russia Report Done By Anti-Conservative Academics

You gotta love these people. Integrity means nothing to them.



We’ve been talking about the collapse of the economy and financial system for a very long time, and every day that collapse is delayed… well …the collapse just gets worse and worse. Eventually, it will be an explosion that will devastate the world and lead to chaos, confusion, death, destruction and war. Lots and lots of war.

In fact, it has begun already.

By the time that you see it, it will be too late to do anything about it.

Survey On US Economy: Americans Turn More Pessimistic on Economy, Trump Approval Down

This means that people will spend less. That will make economists upset, since our current economy requires that people spend more than they can afford.

To put it another way, American society requires that Americans act in a way that is completely stupid, or everything falls apart. And, the situation is so bad now… that when things DO fall apart …they will REALLY fall apart.

We were all too stupid to realize how bad an idea this all was.

Foreigners Dump US Treasuries As They Liquidate A Record Amount Of US Stocks | Zero Hedge

We aren’t at catastrophic levels yet, but this isn’t a good sign.

As markets warn of a recession, Illinois is nation’s least prepared | Wirepoints

Recession is coming. In fact, I’ll be happy if that’s all that it turns out to be. I fear something far, far worse for those of you reading this. Interest rates are inverting. The last time that happened, ‘The Great Recession’ followed.

And, those of you in Illinois?

You people are in a HEAP of trouble.

Best States for Fiscal Stability | US News Best States

And those states who are sitting pretty?

Utah, the Dakotas and Flawida. Also, Tennessee, North Carolina, Idaho and my own home state of Indiana.

• Chart: Skyscraper Construction: Nobody Comes Close To China In 2018 | Statista

THIS is a BAAAAAAD sign.

Why The Collapsing Chinese Credit Impulse Is All That Matters | Zero Hedge

And, here’s more on how shaky China is right now.

For those of you scratching your heads over what a ‘credit impulse’ is, here’s a good definition:

Spending is a flow, and should be compared with net new lending, a flow, rather than credit outstanding, a stock. Hence changes in spending are dependent on changes in net new lending or, equivalently, on the acceleration of credit.

Michael Biggs, economist at Deutsche Bank, introduced this idea in Nov 2008 and, by analogy with the well known concept of fiscal impulse, defined “credit impulse” as the “the change in new credit issued as a % of GDP”. Since 2008, it has been shown, for many time periods and many countries, that private sector demand is very closely correlated with private sector credit impulse. This explains a number of conundrums missed by those who focus on the credit stock.

Basically, if there is an increase in demand for credit, the economy is moving upwards. If the demand declines, it means that the economy is moving downwards. And, this is a good indicator, since companies require an increase in credit when their orders increase. When orders decrease, they need less to cover their manufacturing costs for those new orders.

So yes, the credit impulse. It’s down in China, and that’s bad.

Greenspan to investors: ‘Run for cover’ – CNN

A new normal is coming. I hope that you’ll be ready for this.

oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: Why Everything That Needs to Be Fixed Remains Permanently Broken

The rich, the fat and the bureaucrat never learn. So, Europe will become an even greater mess than it already is. Followed by America.

Each Chicagoan Owes $140,000 to Bail Out Chicago Pensions – Mish Talk

What will happen to the bond market, when Chicago declares bankruptcy?

Shock and awe, kids. Shock and awe.

The Path To The Global Depression | Zero Hedge

Here’s the last sentence:

There’s absolutely no other end to this than a global depression.

You guys might need some extra medication, if you read this. A ‘global depression’ will destroy everything.

SITUATION CRITICAL: A Radical BUT REAL Way To Stop A Complete Worldwide Economic Collapse. – YouTube

Greg is absolutely right in this video. 100% across the board.

We are staring at the worst financial catastrophe in the history of the human race, and the only thing that we can possibly do is to take the pain and value the dollar to gold. It won’t happen ‘cuz there are too many people with too much to lose.

If Trump did it, they would kill him.

So, please get ready for the worst moment in financial history.



These are at least worth a chuckle. And, it might save you from going nuts.

I had a bit of a laugh at these, and I hope that you will too.

An idea from an average Joe – Album on Imgur

An idea whose time has come!

lol – GIF on Imgur

Cute. Very cute. Now, everyone’s gonna’ do that.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t learn how to plug it in.. – Album on Imgur

I completely and utterly understand this post.

White tiger – Album on Imgur

Very awesome photo. Might be a bit photoshopped. A bit. But, still full of awesomeness.

You Died – Album on Imgur

Yup. He ded.

Study ‘Proves’ Parachutes Don’t Save People Who Fall Out of Airplanes

This is what happens when you replace science with bureaucracy.

We did that.

It’s not working.

Words Of Wise Man – Album on Imgur

Okay, I might need to ask Mrs. Little about this one, but I’m afraid to.

That time someone else opened their headphones – Album on Imgur

Circuit board engineer is a comedian.

it drives women crazy that men can just sit and be happy. – Album on Imgur

And yes, I DO drive Mrs. Little crazy.

Respect – Album on Imgur

Me too.

Finally, a new Star Wars movie I might be interested in… – Imgur

Yes, the Monty Python version.

We’re a bunch of depressed alcoholics in the Army – Album on Imgur

Military humor. Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.

Wrongfully accused.. – Album on Imgur

I giggled. No. Really. I did. I think that I even guffawed.

Exactly – Album on Imgur

No. Really.

The older you get – Album on Imgur


Drugs – Album on Imgur

This sounds about right for some people.

Study: Bible Studies Held At Chick-Fil-A Sanctify You Fourteen Times Faster | The Babylon Bee

Well, of course. Everyone knows that.

We.. I mean.. I have been good this year – Album on Imgur

It’s the good kitty versus the BAAAAD kitty. I’ve had both, and I’m not sure which is better.

Coffee done right – Album on Imgur

Once upon a time, my life group at church asked me to do the coffee. I did it and did it right. It was great and perfect. The best.

But, they didn’t think so.

One more reason why America is doomed.

Life Hack – Album on Imgur

Can confirm.

Stay home please – Album on Imgur

I used to have a little fur ball, who tried to convince me to not to leave for work.

Chinchilla without it’s belly floof – Album on Imgur

This is seriously awwwwwwww. But, I have questions.

Should I do it? – Album on Imgur


Here’s some background for why this is so ‘me’. Taiwan is a deeply superstitious country. Deeply. If someone is murdered in a house, or dies suspiciously – it will remain empty. Forever. These people are into all kinds of ‘protections’ against spirits.

And, I’m afraid that I love doing things like moving umbrellas or shoes. Or, other kinds of things that are sitting outside their doors. And, Mrs. Little gets mad at me, since she knows that this will drive our neighbors completely nuts.

Mrs. Little is no fun.

Clintons Outnumber Crowd At Latest Speaking Engagement | The Babylon Bee

Oh dear. That might be waaaaaaay too close to the truth.



I’m sorry, but I can’t stand it anymore. There are just too many morons, so it needs its own category. And, I do this to maintain my own sanity. They’re driving me THAT crazy.

Now, here’s my rule for who appears in this section:

A person or organization who is EVIL ANNNND STUPID.

People who are just stupid, deserve our compassion. My heart goes out to them, because their life is going to be painful until they stop being stupid.

But, those who are evil?

Well, I want them to repent. I really do. I do NOT want ANYONE who is evil to suffer an eternity in Hell. But, if they refuse to repent, I want them destroyed.

May the wrath of God be upon all who refuse to repent. May the blessings of God be upon those who turn from their wicked ways and acknowledge God.

An Extra $500 A Month? 100 Residents To Be Selected For Basic Income Pilot Program « CBS Sacramento

It would have to be California, one of the dumbest states in America.

How many times has this been tried?

Too often!

How many times has this failed?


Use the force – Album on Imgur

To quote what someone said in the comment section of this ‘imgur post’:

If nothing else this answers the age old question as to whether these idiots actually believe their own [BS]. Yes. Yes they do.


Seriously, stupidity is everywhere.

Boys can have periods too, children to be taught in latest victory for transgender campaigners

I can hardly believe this. Is our civilization post-science?

We used to be just ‘post-modern’. And now… we are dispensing with biology.

Delivery robot bursts into flames at UC Berkeley – SFGate

Berkeley students ‘held a vigil’ for a ROBOT?

Cancel Christmas? That’s What They Want! – YouTube

Wait. More morons?


Sweden’s ‘Man-Free’ Music Festival Found Guilty of Violating Discrimination Law

The irony is delicious.

Kurt Schlichter: Top 10 Biggest Liberal Nitwits of 2018 – YouTube

Yup. These are probably the top ten. There are a few other contenders, but I think that Kurt has a pretty good ‘top ten’. Oh, and that ‘honorable mention’… Good ol’ Deep State Bill of The Weekly Standard.

George Soros named Financial Times’ Person of the Year – Washington Times

Well, the FT has lost its mind. It once had a mind in there, somewhere. But, it must have been fired after I left my career in finance, in the ’90s.


Oh for crying out loud. Morons. We have complete and utter morons.

Gatwick drone chaos: Flights resume after 32-hour shutdown – CNN

Now, there will be a lot more morons attempting to disrupt airports. Because this one was successful, others will do the same.

Because morons will always moron.

Grounded: Gatwick airport remains shut down as armed forces brought in to deal with drone crisis above runway | City A.M.

ANNNND, the fact that Britain brought in the Army to deal with this, makes it evem more exciting for morons to do stupid stuff like this.

This is the kind of thing that happens when your society becomes corrupt.

Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth: The Ice Is Still There – Liberty Nation

Unfortunately, Al Gore is still a moron, and his acolytes are the same. Morons, every one of them.

All the while, the Earth is cooling.



Islam is the most vile and Satanic religion on the planet. It is violent, repressive, racist and supremacist. It isn’t just a religion. It’s an ideology that seeks to destroy any nation, country and government that it comes in contact with.

These are the articles that demonstrate what Islam REALLY is.

Strasbourg Terrorist Chérif Chekatt Is Dead (But His Ideology Lives On) – YouTube

Wait, you mean that the Allah of Muhammad is just a blood-thirsty pimp?


And, remember… THAT Allah, is a mouse!

Aloha Snackbar!

Meet Aisha: Amazon’s New Sharia-Compliant Version of Alexa! – YouTube

Hey, it’s humor! about Islam!

(and they will threaten to kill you if you listen)



We are seeing the fulfillment of the words of Jesus, right now. And, it seems that Islam is leading the way. What insanity!

What is wrong with North America and Europe?

Have they – and we – gone insane?

Thousands march in Brussels against U.N. migration pact | Reuters

I should probably put this in the moron section, but since this is a reflection of the already massive influx of illegal migrants…

Belgium Police Fire Tear Gas, Water Cannon As Anti-Migration Protests Turn Violent | Zero Hedge

And, they are gassed and beaten for their temerity.

Arab refugees in sights of Berlin’s crime ‘clans’

Crime gangs?

It’s called Islam.

Denmark approves plan to send foreign criminals to tiny island | World news | The Guardian

Pretty soon, everyone will need to be doing this. If Islam stopped preaching that violence is an obligation, this might not be necessary.



I’ve been writing about the coming of Gog and Magog for a while. You can find a lot of that, here:

– ezekielsfire.com –

And, the articles below point to that coming. I really, Really, REALLY hope that you’ll be ready for this. Please read Ezekiel’s Fire to make sure. (And yes, it’s free.)

• Chart: Where The Most Journalists Are Imprisoned Worldwide | Statista

Wait. Turkey was WORSE than China?

With a fraction of the population of China?

And, the reason why we are not hearing about this is…

Vladimir Putin reveals nuclear war fears and warns of ‘global catastrophe’ – Mirror Online

And, I’m afraid that Gog and Magog will include nuclear war. Not necessarily, but likely – to my mind.

Turkey Aiming to Head a Global Islamic Union Governed by Sharia

This summary should be enough to make you sit up and take notice of Turkey’s imperial plans:

Turkey’s Strategic Research Center for Defenders of Justice is planning to organize an “International Islamic Union Congress” every year until 2023, to address the “Islamic confederal state” it aims to establish across the Muslim world.

“Go to Syria, Iraq, North Africa, the Middle East or the Balkans, and ask the people there what they think of Turkey and Turks. You will never hear words such as colonialism, invasion, persecution or massacre. Instead, you will hear expressions of thanks that have become a symbol, such as, ‘The loyal Turk was here.’ … Yes, it has been a century since we left those lands but the waiting and the hope of the people there has never ended…. You know I say, ‘The world is bigger than five’ [referring to the five permanent member states of the UN Security Council]. And Turkey is bigger than Turkey; just know this. We cannot be trapped inside 780,000 kilometers [Turkey’s total area].” — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, November 10, 2016.

Unfortunately for Oink Erdogan, Turkey has lots of internal problems – like the 20% of its population that is Kurdish. And then there’s that 15-20% of Turkey that is Alevi.

Turkey’s Erdogan Vows “All Measures” To Circumvent Sanctions On Iran | Zero Hedge

Oink Erdogan. The most evil man in Turkey. He’s now building some VERY strong connections with the most evil supporter of terrorism in the world.



There has been a sickening rise in anti-Semitism among those who call themselves christian. And yes, I used a lower case ‘c’ on purpose. I have little hope that I can turn these minions of Satan from their evil path. Salvation and repentance are the work of God, although I will do my best to serve God in that work.

I’m more interested in keeping my brothers and sisters from being tainted by this Satanic hatred of the Jews. If you are caught by this hatred, you will suffer. If you are convinced to oppose Israel, you will suffer. If you are turned away from supporting God’s work in the Land of Israel, you will suffer.

So, think of this category as my attempt to help you avoid the traps of Satan, that he has laid in your path. God is at work among the Jewish people and with the Jewish people. He is at work in the Land of Israel, turning the Jewish people from their idols and towards the true God of Abraham.

My goal is that you would be greatly blessed. But, you cannot be blessed, if you oppose God.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.

– Psalm 122:6

May you prosper. And, may you understand how important the Land of Israel is, in these Last Days.

TIP EXCLUSIVE: Hezbollah’s terror tunnels – YouTube

This is a very, very serious issue. Very serious. But, Israel has played this with a great deal of intelligence, in both senses of the word. They waited for the tunnels to be built. They waited for Hezbollah to spend lots and lots and lots of money building them.

Then, Israel moved in and eliminated those tunnels, but also obtained PROOF of what Hezbollah was doing.

Well done, Israel.

UN’S obsession to Israel – YouTube

Well done and well said, Nikki Haley. I’m sorry that she did not choose to stay on as ambassador.

Very interesting quote – Album on Imgur

Yeah. This quote. And, it makes me mad enough to scream.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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16 thoughts on “God Has His Reasons”

  1. Brother John,

    Thank you for this installment. I needed to ‘hear’ you. I needed to be reminded that God has reasons. I needed reinforcement that when a door closes, another one opens.

    You see, the company I work for is shutting down in February 2019. We will all lose our jobs. But I’m not worried.

    Many doors have been closed, but God always opened new ones.

    My family and I are blessed more than we deserve.

    Why are we closing? It’s the economy. But we already knew that.

    I fear for the rest of the country, however. The system is falling apart. Many will lose their homes and jobs.

    But, like the parable of the birds, God feeds those little birds. So I will not worry because I know He will provide.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    God Bless.

  2. Well I was cruising down checking out the commentary first when I got down to commentary on those darn Flu vaccines. SIGH. (FACEPALM). 80,000 cases of the flu??? Whose data is this?? Remember the CDC has $billions in vaccine stockpiles just waiting for the victims to get in line. Any data from an agency with letters and Inc. on their name has a profit motive agenda.

    I read an article (it might have been Rappaport) and it was in the past, the #s touted were like 36,000 cases of flu. Once the upper respiratory illness, and cases of pneumonia were ruled out that left the figures for flu death in the 30s and only 15 actually had blood draws to confirm that flu might have killed them. When it comes to data and statistics, first we consider the source, countersource, and counter studies that prove or disprove the studies, and we are still left guessing. I picked up a very interesting tidbit in my reading; Dr.Alzheimer, (whom the disease is named after) did multiple autopsies, and found (Post Mortem) the degenerative brain condition called Alzheimer’s. Now we have some newer technologies that might pick up on this condition, but how many people that have never had a CT scan (late 80s) or MRI (early 90s) were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s , with the only way to tell being post mortem. Go figure!!

  3. The great unmooring?! This only took 9 months. I look back on that time and marvel at the great and wonderful things that GOD has done with me, to me, and for me and the people around me. It’s AWESOME!! I went back and read unmoored and being my cheerfully annoying self looked at the date, and started thinking. The rush of different emotions over the different forms of the ground covered is indeed very humbling, especially in things and events that have been for good all around. I understand the moving thing. The great unmooring of life. I can, and probably should be writing about things such as this. It’s like standing on the rock, we become rocks ourselves. When we are out of balance, the ground we stand on has to be eroded from underneath just to get us to let gravity adjust our footing, if no footing is there we roll or slide downhill to the next resting place. It is hard to rejoice as we watch the footing erode away. Being a rock we open our eyes each day knowing life is going to happen to us. As with you Mrs.Little, and Nadine, change always comes, that is part of the promise. We may lose a few chunks on our way to the next resting place, we just pray for the mental fortitude, and physical strength to endure until the final REST. Keeping each other assured that Rest awaits as currents and erosion occurs is the best we can do.

    • “I can, and probably should be writing about things such as this. It’s like standing on the rock, we become rocks ourselves.” Very astute. I really haven’t thought of that before. Would like to add I (now) see the situations and circumstances in our lives as opportunities, among others, to build and exercise resiliency.

      I have heard it said that waiting time is not wasted time, as it can, and does, reveal what we have not seen before, be it our own issues, the character of others, opportunities or warnings we might have otherwise missed, promotions etc.

  4. After having lived below that line for half a decade, I can do not envy your move. However, since as you yourself has said, God Himself is moving you there, He will give you strength and endurance. He will have already gone before you and prepared your way and your place.

    God is good always and in all ways.

    • And, a very merry, belated Christmas to you too, MM! I hope that yours was full of joy. It wasn’t the birthday of Jesus, but I’m happy to celebrate it on any day that anyone wants to. As for MY Christmas… IT WAS HORRIBLE. More on that later… – JL

  5. John, Need your help again.
    The book of Judas? CNN special on the life of Jesus. Quoting from the book of Judas. I know your in the middle of a move. But, would you give your insight on the book of Judas.

    May the Lord Bless you and keep you.


    • Hi Dotty,

      The move is almost finished, so I can respond a bit to questions like this now.

      I’ve heard a little bit about this ‘book’, and what I’ve heard does NOT give me ANY confidence in what is in that book. A lot of heresies sprang up after the Christians were scattered abroad, especially after the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.

      Even Paul spoke of some of these things in his own writings.

      The point is that – no matter how good an alternative sounds – we need to stick to those scriptures that have been approved by those early Christians that met to approve them. Yes, there are those who wish to sow doubt in our minds about those meetings that ‘canonized’ the Bible, but we should ignore those who wish to distract us from the words of God.

      One resource that you might find valuable on this subject can be found here:


      Chris Pinto has done fantastic work in this area, and I highly recommend his website and podcasts. And, if you should listen to him, tell us what you think.

      I hope that helps, Dotty. And, I’m glad that you took the time to ask that important question.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      PS. NEVER trust CNN! If they say that the sky is blue, go outside and check.


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