A Demonic, Psychedelic Sorcery

The Book of Revelation speaks of sorcerers and sorceries. It’s something that was going to be a part of The Last Days. And, the core of that word, ‘sorcery’, in the original Greek is ‘pharma’. Drugs.

We don’t normally think of sorcery as something drug-related, but the Bible says differently. And, there is something growing in the US that is directly tied to this meaning of that word.

It’s all about psychedelic drugs, and it’s about to go mainstream. They are utterly demonic, and you should stay as far away from them as you possibly can.


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A Demonic, Psychedelic Sorcery

A Demonic, Psychedelic Sorcery – The ShockCast

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When I sit down to write, sometimes I know, way ahead of time, what it is that I will be writing on. Sometimes, I merely THINK that I know what I’m going to write, before God taps me on the shoulder and points me in a different direction.

Today, is one of those days.

I was kinda drawing a blank this week on what was the most important thing to write on. The past few days have provided a target-rich environment for choosing topics. But then, today, as I was going through a last few links, from the Drudge Report, I ran across this article:

Welcome to the trip of your life: the rise of underground LSD guides

And, the subtitle was:

Some Americans searching for alternative paths to healing have turned to psychedelics. But how does one forge a career as a guide when the substances are illegal?

As I started reading it, I realized that I had to write about it. But, a couple paragraphs turned into a lot more than that. And, there’s a very, very good reason for that.


Because this article should scare you to death.

It certainly scares me. And, it’s all about something that the Bible calls sorcery – or, pharmacopeia.

You will recognized the first part of the word ‘pharma’. It’s a part of the word ‘pharmaceuticals’, which we desperately need if we are to treat certain diseases. I’m alive today, because of pharmaceuticals, and you might be, too. But, pharmacopeia is different. And, I can’t say that I really understand what the Bible means by this.

Is it pointing to the addictive quality of certain drugs?


Or, is it pointing to the ‘mind-altering’ aspects of psychedelic drugs?

I think that this is an even STRONGER reason, but I believe that the answer is BOTH.

This article speaks only about psychedelics, and like I said, it scares me to death. And, I’m not someone who scares easily.

The writer of this piece, Carey Dunne, went looking for people called ‘psychedelic guides‘. These psychedelic guides are people who administer LSD, MDMA, ayahuasca or hallucinogenic psilocybin mushrooms, and then sit with them while they experience hallucinations.

She went looking, found them and interviewed five of them. And, some of what they said, gave me the shivers. If you value your eternal life, do NOT take these drugs voluntarily. Although, I believe that God will protect you, if you accidentally take them, or if they are forced on you.

But, never mess around with something that God told you not to play with. Sorcery is the path to demon possession, as you will see later. But, let me take a side trip and explain why this discussion is necessary.

My Chronic Depression

As I tell everyone, I suffer from chronic depression. And, it’s life-threatening bad. And, I tell everyone because I know that there are people out there who suffer in silence, who have no idea that others suffer with them. And, I also tell everyone because those who do not suffer need to know how to help those who do. And, I am so very tired of fellow Christians who don’t seem to have an ounce of compassion. But, that’s a tale for another time.

The point is, that when you have a chronic problem, you are always on the lookout for solutions. You’d like to get rid of this ‘monkey on your back’, especially when it just doesn’t seem to budge. Well, when people started talking positively about psychedelics, my ears perked up.

It made a certain amount of sense, since psychedelics often ‘rewire’ the brain. And, since they were talking about depression being cured, I thought that this might be a great idea.

It’s not a great idea.

Yes, these psychedelics rewire your brain and might even cure anxiety and depression, but they also open you up to a spirit world that God does NOT wish for you to be open to. There is a reason why we do not see ‘angels’ or ‘demons’ – except in rare cases. There is a reason why those cases are rare – because God is protecting us. It’s for our own good. And no, you don’t need to understand that.

God chose you to be with Him in heaven. He did NOT choose you to rebel against Him by messing with something that you have no business messing with. And, if you DO mess with it, you might be proving to us that you were NOT chosen. But, let me show you what I mean.

Enter The Snake God

Here is the first of two quotes from the article, and the writer is talking about and quoting someone that she calls Steve:

But if you probe, he might tell you about the time he took psilocybin and a “snake god” entered his body and left him convulsing on the floor for an hour. (The snake god was benevolent, he says, and the convulsing was cathartic, “a tremendous discharge of anxious energy”.)



Does that sound familiar?

It should. The snake in the Garden of Eden. And, apparently, snake imagery is common in these kinds of hallucinogenic experiences. And, I do not believe that this is a coincidence in ANY way.

Why ELSE would people be hallucinating about snakes? All the time?

Why not giraffes? Or, Zebras? Fluffy cats?

No, there’s a reason, and I’m not going to tell you that I understand why. Yes, I believe that there’s a connection go Eden. But no, I don’t understand how or why it’s connected. All that I have is theories.

The Space-Alien Goddess

Here’s the second quote, and it should make you sit up and take notice, if you’ve been paying attention to some of the demonic ‘alien mythology’ that has been popping up over the past few decades:

“During an early guided psilocybin session, I realized I’d never adequately dealt with the pain caused by my parents’ divorce,” Steve says. “There was clearly still this 11-year-old part of myself that was like, ‘I want to be part of a coherent family unit.’ During the experience, I was given this vision – there’s no way to say this that doesn’t sounds silly – but there was this mother figure who was like, half-Vedic goddess, with a million arms and a million eyes, and half-space alien, with gray skin. She was this space mother, surrounded by this space family, and she just beamed to me this incredible welcoming feeling of, this is the divine family that you stem from.”

A half-Vedic-goddess/half-space-alien.

Half Hindu.

Half Gray Alien.

The Demonic Space Alien Deception

Sorry, but I don’t like coincidences like this. We are moving quickly towards a Satanic deception that many call ‘disclosure’. I was just listening to Lionel of Lionel Media, loudly proclaiming that space aliens are real, and that there’s more evidence of THEM, than there is of God. And, when someone this cynical and well-connected as Lionel (aka, Michael William Lebron) starts spouting space aliens as unequivocal truth, I start thinking about heading for the hills.

In fact, let me go looking for that video…

…ah yes, here it is:

UFOs and EBEs Are Here, Real, Verifiable and You’re Being Condition for the Official Announcement

I like Lionel. He’s a fun guy, with an interesting sense of humor. He’s extremely intelligent.

BUT… like all extremely intelligent people who have rejected God, he’s more than willing to believe in space aliens. In fact, if you don’t believe in God, you are pretty much FORCED to believe in space aliens. Worse, ol’ Lionel has been hearing rumors about them from some of his ‘well-connected’ friends.

Are psychedelics going to be a part of the coming of the Antichrist, where he claims to be a space-alien?

I don’t know, but I don’t like it when I see more and more evidence pointing in the ‘space alien’ direction. But, let’s not stop there.

A Demonic Speaking In Tongues

Carey Dunne also interviewed someone who calls herself ‘Hummingbird’, and Hummingbird said this:

Shortly after she quit, a friend took her to a ceremony in Upstate New York and introduced her to “abuela”, as many devotees call ayahuasca, a plant-based tea containing the natural hallucinogen DMT. “By then, I’d tried everything – mushrooms, LSD, ecstasy, cocaine – but this was different,” Hummingbird says. “The sky opened up. At the end of a walkway of stars was this feeling, like, you’re home. I was flooded with tears of gratitude. And I started talking in this other language, chirping away, talking to birds in the woods.”


Talking in another language?

I’m not here to condemn the charismatic movement. But, many charismatics are that way, because they were led into it through an exercise in a kind of transcendental meditation. Some of the services that I’ve seen, lead people into an auto-hypnotic state, where this ‘other language’ manifests itself.

Please remember that demonic religions also ‘speak in another language’. And no, I am not accusing the charismatic movement of being demonic. I’m just accusing some in the charismatic movement who are CLEARLY demonic.

Millennia-Old Snake Gods

Okay, let’s see… where was I?

Oh yes, ‘Hummingbird’.

This next quote from the article points out this ‘snake god’ thing:

Hummingbird’s work with the psychiatric healthcare system left her concerned that the millennia-old spiritual traditions surrounding psychedelics risk being sidelined in the process of medicalization. Despite psychedelic researchers’ attempts to quantify results with tools like the “Mystical Experience Questionnaire”, trip experiences – such as encounters with “snake-gods” – tend to fall outside the realm of contemporary scientific understanding.

Yeah. Millennia-old spiritual traditions that have ‘snake gods’. That sounds REAL familiar. And, it sounds like something that we should ALL stay as far away from as possible.

I’ll keep my mind-numbing, energy-sapping and chronically painful depression over THAT. There is no way that I would ever fiddle with something that opens me up to demonic possession. And yes, I realize that taking these drugs won’t automatically make you demon possessed, but it looks like it’s a very wide door for demons to enter.

And, if you rebel against God in something like this, He just might hand you over to Satan for a little demonic possession. Paul speaks of something close to this in 1 Cor. 5. So, don’t play around with something this dangerous.


And then, the last paragraph in this article, quoting someone named ‘Jackie’:

“As underground therapists, we have to think, what if the worst thing happened and we went to jail?” she says. “But if I went to jail, I think I’d still find a way to serve. And I know it sounds woo-woo, but I somehow feel protected by the mushrooms.”

‘Protected by the mushrooms’?

She means the demons that she got from ‘the mushrooms’. And, she got these demons at a ‘shaman-led ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica’. And, this shamanism is a fast-lane to demonic possession.

Yes, she feels so much better. Demons can do that. There are a lot of things that demons can do. But, you don’t want to pay the price that they require you to pay.

The Great Deception

And, I fear that one day, the world will be offered a deal that it cannot refuse, and only the ‘very elect’ will remain undeceived. That phrase ‘very elect’ comes from this verse where Jesus warns us of what is coming:

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

– Matthew 24:24

Will there be ‘something in the water’ that will cause a mass hallucination?

Will there be groups of people, here and there, that will suffer group hallucinations?

Will there be a mix of the ‘live-action’ deception with hallucinogenic chemicals?

I really do not know. I’m as mystified as you are. But, I am deeply concerned about the rise of something like this. And, I’m willing to bet that we’ll be seeing the ‘legalization’ of psychedelic drugs soon.

Real, demonic, psychedelic sorcery is coming, and you do NOT want to be a part of it.



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Yup, more than just special, these links appear to be the most important of all. Seriously, start with these.

And yes, these are pretty serious.

Military warns EMP attack could wipe out America, ‘democracy, world order’

This is absolutely and completely the truth. And, we have been avoiding this truth for far too long. America is in grave danger, and she’s doing nothing about it.

However, there is one silver lining to all of this. An EMP attack would stop America from being a source of so much corruption. American Christians would be forced to turn back to God. Maybe there would be a revival.

I hate the thoughts of that, but America refuses to turn aside from the dark path that she is on. So, maybe this will be God’s answer to the darkness at America’s heart.

And, we will have been warned – something that God always does.

Flat Earth BOMBSHELL: Shock claim Australia is NOT REAL | Weird | News | Express.co.uk

I did not see this, when it came out in April, but Mrs. Little read about this in a post in Chinese and that got me searching.


If there are ANY of you who believe that the Earth is FLAT, you are a moron. You are dumber than a box of rocks AND a bag of hammers. You are terminally stupid. You are a drooling idiot with the ethics of a squirrel.

Australia doesn’t exist?

Are you serious?

Well for 99% of you, the idea is so far beyond stupid, that you wonder why I’m talking about this. But, only about 99% of you.

I know that it’s hard to believe, but there is a stubborn minority of Omega Shock readers who think that the Earth is flat. And now, a bunch of them believe that Australia is a myth created by the government.

And please, do NOT write to me with another email about how I’m wrong. The Earth is a sphere, and I WILL SAY THAT IN ALL CAPS and call you awful names, if you persist in denying this.

Oh, and Mrs. Little will laugh as I froth at the mouth. One of these days, she’ll take video of it.

Unfortunately, there’s a very serious reason for my obsession with Flat Earthers – because this is the tip of the iceberg for a larger insanity that we are all vulnerable to. In fact, we are all, in some way, Flat Earthers. We are all, at one time or another, gullible to the well-crafted, fantastic lie.

I’ve been caught by lies like this. You have too.

They might not have been lies as stupid as the ‘Flat Earth’ nonsense, but they are still pretty bad. And, our governments depend upon us being stupid, so that they can continue their accumulation of power. And, Satan depends upon this for HIS accumulation of power.

Finance people and salesmen and writers and journalists and a whole host of others depend upon your gullibility to make money selling you stuff. And, part of the reason why we are gullible is that there are certain things that we WANT to believe.

We WANT to believe that we are good.

We WANT to believe that we are superior to someone else.

We WANT to believe that we have knowledge that other people don’t have.

In fact, the list of ‘wants’ is so long, that we’d be here all day, if I tried to list them. And, I’m not sure which ‘wants’ are plaguing you and keeping you from seeing what is real. But, I am completely certain that there is something that that you want, deep down, that makes you vulnerable to certain well-crafted lies.

I know this, because I’ve got my own set of wants, that seek to lure me into all kinds of foolishness. And, I’m in a constant battle against them. You should be too.


Because gullibility leads to blindness and blindness leads to destruction. Eternal destruction. And ultimately, there is only one antidote to gullibility, and that is the Bible, with the Holy Spirit as our interpreter of that book.

To my shame, I wasn’t always this emphatic. And, because of that, I was a lot more gullible to foolish ideas like ‘the magic bullet’ that killed JFK, or the 9/11 theory that two planes brought down three of the World Trade Center buildings. And yes, it was two planes and three buildings. You do the math.

So, please devote your life to Christ, to reading the Bible and to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. The greatest deception of all time is coming. And we need to be armed against that.

Substitute Teacher Tells First-Grade Students Santa Claus Isn’t Real « CBS Philly

Not long after writing my diatribe against Flat Earth foolishness, I read this stunning example of fantastic stupidity. Here’s the article in all of its moronic and ironic glory:

MONTVILLE, N.J. (CBS/AP) — One teacher will be getting coal this holiday season. A New Jersey school district is apologizing for a substitute teacher who told first-grade students that Santa Claus isn’t real.

Cedar Hill School Principal Michael Raj sent a letter to parents following the incident Thursday at the school in Montville. Raj noted that as a parent himself, he understands the “sensitive nature” of the topic.

Montville Schools Superintendent Rene Rovtar said in a statement that she was “troubled and disheartened by this incident.” Rovtar explained that “childhood wonder associated with all holidays and traditions” is special to her.

Raj says he has spoken with the teacher about her “poor judgment.” Administrators haven’t released the teacher’s name or said if she would be allowed to work again in the district.

They are apologizing for a teaching making the mistake of telling her students the truth?

I can hardly believe it. This is the kind of Flat Earther stupidity that I’m talking about.

In fact, I’m wondering if Flat Earthers were taught that Santa Claus was real, when they were kids. Maybe that belief in the unreal was instilled in them, at an early age, leading to a pattern of belief in the fanciful.

Parents, it’s never too early to not lie to your kids. Lying to your kids is NOT a good idea, if you want them to grow up to be responsible adults.

Laura Loomer’s Twitter Ban – YouTube

The recent banning of Laura Loomer, and her demonstration against the hypocrisy an unfairness of that ban, has put her in the spotlight. And, I think that this might be the first time that I’ve heard her do a long-form interview, where she could articulate what she’s doing and why.

All that I can say, is that she is a brilliant young woman who is just 25, but with more wisdom and intelligence than most who are twice her age. That girl is going places, if they don’t kill her first.

What Twitter and Facebook did to her, is an abomination of obscene proportions. All that she did was present the facts. That’s all. What needs to happen now, is a class-action lawsuit, forcing Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to own up to their unfair censorship and accept the fact that they are NOT an open and fair platform for the exchange of idea.

Unfortunately for them, this opens them up for the same kinds of lawsuits that media organizations are vulnerable to, when they lie. Because of their censorship, Twitter and Facebook are now responsible for any and all content that appears on their pages.

Let the lawsuits begin.

For those of you interested in knowing more about what she’s doing, and her work, go here:


She’s doing great work and deserves any support that we can give her.

Tumblr will delete all porn from its platform | TechCrunch

A friend from Vietnam told us about this a couple days before I saw it here. And, when I heard that, I did a little cheer with a big YES!


And, I have put a lot of work into making sure that I never do business with companies that promote porn, or host porn. This has meant that I had to work extra hard to find servers that didn’t host porn sites. That has been extremely difficult to do.

Pornography has been Satan’s biggest tool in the destruction of our values, cohesion and even our ability to think straight. And, America is the biggest source of porn in the world. NINETY PERCENT OF ALL PORN COMES FROM THE US.

And, as I have said before, half of all pastors are regular consumers of pornography. HALF.

The quickest way to put your eternity in doubt, is to open the floodgates of Hell via the massive amount of free, hardcore pornography. It will destroy your mind and EVERYTHING that you are. And, you will become the very thing that God despises most – a hypocrite.

Sanctimonious on the outside.

Vile and evil on the inside.

So, I rejoiced that Tumblr had taken this big step. And, I didn’t think too much about why, until I saw this:

Why now? The Tumblr app was removed from the iOS app store several weeks ago due to an issue with its content filtering that led the company to issue a statement. “We’re committed to helping build a safe online environment for all users, and we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to media featuring child sexual exploitation and abuse,” the company had detailed. “We’re continuously assessing further steps we can take to improve and there is no higher priority for our team.”

Ah. Apple.

Even though Steve Jobs died seven years ago, his influence still remains. And, he is famous for this quote:

Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone.

Since Steve is dead, I can’t ask God to bless him, but I can thank God that Steve stood against pornography. And, his stance is just one more reason why I have admired what he did and who he was.

I know that Steve struggled with the idea of God, for most of his adult life. Off and on, he would believe that God existed, and then he wouldn’t. People with true brilliance are often way too intellectual about who God is.

My great hope, is that – in the final years of his life – he embraced the one and only True God. It’s a slim hope, since we have no evidence to work with. But, his stance against pornography is something that makes me WANT to hope.

Governor Matt Bevin DESTROYS Gun Control! Family Breakdown-violence desensitization – YouTube

PrepperGal sent this to me, and it is so awesome, I was like… YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YESYESYES!


This guy covered all the bases, while the woman who asked the question smirked and rolled her eyes. Governor Bevin’s response was spot-on.

The blame for kids shooting up schools is morality, not guns. He talked about kids being exposed to pornography. He talked about the murder of the unborn and violent games. He mentioned that parents no longer interact with their kids.

This is the kind of moral politician that I can enthusiastically and unconditionally support. This is a truly impressive video of a truly impressive man.

Well done!

And, thank you so much for sharing that video with us, PG. It is so rare to see such a ray of hope amid so much evil.

May God bless Governor Matt Bevin. And, may God bless Kentucky for electing him.

FAQ-18: Where is the word ‘TRINITY’ in the BIBLE? – YouTube

What an excellent discussion of the Trinity. And, he gets the Hebrew mostly correct. He’s certainly good enough to completely and utterly refute the Muslims. And, I am so glad that he’s in Lusaka to try and help the churches there refute the invasion of Islam, into Zambia.

What Islam has been doing to Africa for centuries, is horrifyingly evil. And, the fact that Jay Smith is willing to go to southern Africa to help Christians deal with the lies being told about Christianity… all that I can say is …WELL DONE, JAY!!

For myself, I would like to add a few observations. First, God is Elohim, not Eluhim. It’s just a pronunciation issue, so it’s no big deal.

Second, it’s Yehovah and not Yahweh. I understand WHY they say Yahweh, and I don’t think that it’s vital that we choose one way, or the other. God knows who we are talking about when we say Yahweh or Yehovah. But, as someone who speaks Hebrew, I can’t help myself when the discussion of Yahweh vs. Yehovah comes up.

Yehovah is a word that has meaning, and it means ‘always existing’. And, all the names of God have meaning. Yahweh does not have any discernible meaning in Hebrew, that I can determine. But, I also know that Yah, is also the name of God. So, I don’t take a strong issue with this.

Third, and even less important, are my thoughts on the differentiation of the Trinity. My interpretation is that the Father is the one who designed the Universe and designed the progress of events. The Father is the one with the PLAN.

The Son is the One who meets with us. He is the one who did the actual ‘work’. He executed the PLAN. He took the PLAN from the Father, and created the universe with it.

If you want, you could say that the Father is the Mind, and the Son is the Hand.

The Holy Spirit is even MORE mysterious, but He is the One who dwells in us. He is the POWER of God. He is also our Teacher, our Guide.

All of this is a mystery, and a deliberate mystery, at that. But, one day soon, that mystery will be complete. And please feel free to disagree with me on how I view this mystery – as long as you stay within the confines of what the Bible says. I certainly hope that I have.

Whatever the case, God bless Jay Smith of Pfanderfilms for devoting his life to Christ, for sharing the Gospel and for helping Christians share the Gospel. Jay is an example of what you and I are trying to be. And, his reward in heaven will truly be great.

2018 12 02 John Haller’s Prophecy Update – “You Need to Know This” – YouTube

John Haller’s prophecy updates are just plain awesome. He does a great job, and he has a lot of knowledge, intelligence and wisdom to do that job with.

I strongly recommend that you subscribe to the ‘Fellowship Bible Chapel’ YouTube channel, here:


I strongly believe that you will be glad that you did.

And, if you live in Columbus, Ohio – or within driving distance of the Northeast suburb of Columbus, Ohio – and if you are looking for a church… check out Fellowship Bible Chapel.

They really seem to have the truth. They seem to know what is important. They are dedicated to what the Word actually says. They really seem like a good church.

Of course, you have to go and spend time with them, to actually SEE if they are what they seem.

LGBT Writer Receives Death Threats After Criticism of Ariana Grande

I’m looking at this and thinking that this is such a snapshot of what America has become.

We have openly homosexual news organizations. We have a homosexual hookup application. We have a young woman who is a poster child for promiscuity with horrifyingly sexual lyrics and performances, while targeting teenagers. And then, we have ‘death threats’ against the writer who criticized the young woman.

Vile promiscuity and obscene immorality coupled with threats of violence.

This is America.

My family fought and died for her, and it sounds like our sacrifice was for less than nothing. This is a sick and twisted nation on the waiting list for God’s wrath.

My only hope is that there are places where enough goodness is left, to spare some of America from what she richly deserves.

May God bring suffering to the evil, until they repent of their evil ways and seek to undo their horrifying wickedness.

Study says Google manipulates search results

After discovering that Google has been shadow banning some of my articles, I saw that DuckDuckGo was not.

Give your search business to the ducks. Google wants to warp your mind.

Why Does America Spend So Much on Israel? – YouTube

America gets more bang for their buck, giving military aid to Israel, than the money spent on her own military. And, General Chuck Wald understands that.

Well done and well said, General!

To Build a School – Our school building adventure in rural Kenya

Jon (or Sarah?) left a comment in last week’s post, posing an important point about our purpose as Christians in this world. And, it reminded me of what THEY are doing in Kenya.

All that I can say is, “WOW!”

What Jon and Sarah are doing is truly impressive. Going out to rural Kenya and building a school for those who desperately need it most, and sharing the Love of Christ, while they are doing it… well …I cannot begin to express my awe and respect for those who do something like that.

And, they aren’t just building schools, they are also doing their best to build up those Christians and to share Christ with those who are caught in darkness. And, there is so much darkness in Kenya.

What an awesome thing that they are doing.

But, such awesomeness requires help – even if it’s just a bit of moral support. So click that link and do what you can. If it’s just a word of encouragement, that would be a lot.

God bless you, Jon and Sarah. A crown awaits in heaven for all who serve as you do.

Will the 2020 Presidential Election be the Most Violent in American History? | Armstrong Economics

Here is the most important part of the last paragraph:

If we throw in all the economic problems we see coming with pensions and a monetary crisis on top of all of that, I would not count on 2020 being a normal presidential election. It may be the most violent event in American political history.

Unfortunately, I suspect that 2020 will be the most violent year in America, of our lifetimes.

Tucker Carlson Explains Illegal Immigration – YouTube

In less than two minutes – much, much less, actually – Tucker lays it all out.


That is ALL that this is about.

More specifically, a coup. By the Democratic Party, a party as democratic as Stalin.

How to Stop Prison Radicalization (Anyone Can Do It!) – YouTube

Yup. This would do it!

And, David would know.

Man Unable to Speak, Walk, See or Breathe Days After Getting Flu Shot

Oh, but hey… let’s all get these vaccines. Just forget about the horrifying effects and the poisonous chemicals in them. Oh, and let’s vaccinate our kids for diseases that are NOT life-threatening. Sure. Let’s do that.

And then, when something like this happens, we’ll just tell everyone that there’s nothing to see here.

Now, I’m not an ‘anti-vaxxer’. Some vaccines are good, and the principle behind the idea of vaccinations is solid. Trust me, when I say that you will really need a vaccine, when you get bitten by a rabid animal.

There really are good vaccines, and I’m tired of hearing from those of you who persist in telling me that there are no good vaccines. That’s insane, and I don’t tolerate insanity very well.

But, something like this tells me that there is a huge need for more research into vaccines, that we aren’t doing. And, the government is NOT demanding that this research be done.

If a flu shot can cause this, you need to avoid flu shots. I’ve had a lot of influenza over the years, and I hate it. But, I would rather die, than cause my family to incure medical costs like this.

Don’t take a flu shot, unless you have to – or, unless you have a history of doing okay with similar shots.

The Elite Are Creating An Authoritarian ‘Beast System’, And Those That Dissent Could Lose EVERYTHING

Michael Snyder makes an excellent point with this article. The only thing missing is an event that would cause people to willingly and enthusiastically embrace this system.

I shudder to think about what that event could be, but I sense that there are a lot of ‘candidates’ for that ‘event’ on the horizon.

What America Has Done To Its Young People Is Appalling | Zero Hedge

If you want another snapshot of the process of America’s destruction, read this. In fact, if you do NOT want that ‘snapshot’, you should read it, anyway. The changes that he notes in this article are a key part of how America has fallen.

And, as a kid of the ’60s like him, I saw a lot of it, myself.



These articles have a more individual importance. They cross categories, and are often in their own category. And, I think that these should be your first stop in your reading.

South Africa land seizures: High Court REJECTS white farmers’ legal battle | World | News | Express.co.uk

This is horrifying. We are already seeing horrendous levels of murder and rape against these white farmers. And now, they are going to steal their land.

Global Electric Current Has Shifted: Piers Corbyn Astrophysicist (PART 2) – YouTube

Jeremy Corbyn is a complete and utter moron, but his brother isn’t. And, this is an interesting discussion about the Grand Solar Minimum that we are already moving into, as well as why big volcanoes and big earthquakes often happen during a GSM.

Vere interesting.

Is “Cowboys and Indians” Cultural Appropriation and Racist? Is It Thought Police and PC Lunacy? – YouTube

Only Lionel could talk like this. And, it probably should be in the humor section. Or, the moron section. So, it’s here.

So, they’re objecting to little kids playing cowboys and Indians. And, they object to the Washington Redskins.

So, the thought occured to Lionel as to whether they would object to a new football team:

The Dallas Jews

It has a certain ring to it, and I would pay more attention to them say… when you see headlines like, The Jews beat the Vikings.

It certainly would be historical.

Why Have Seattle’s Police Become Enforcers for the Antifa?

Remember what was said about Portland, Oregon?

Well, we’ve got more of the same in Seattle, Washington.

Macron tells PM to hold talks after worst unrest in Paris for decades | Reuters

Well, the French have always seemed ready to ‘man the barracades’. But, this is pretty extreme.

However, this is also what inevitably happens, when governments go too far, and when times are difficult.

‘State of insurrection’ as fuel tax riots engulf central Paris | Reuters

Here’s a bit more. And, notice these two paragraphs:

Authorities said violent far-right and far-left groups had infiltrated the yellow vests movement. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said most of those arrested were regular protesters who had been egged on by the fringe groups.

The protests began as a backlash against Macron’s fuel tax hikes, but have tapped into a vein of deep dissatisfaction felt toward the 40-year-old’s economic reforms, which many voters feel favor the wealthy and big business.

The average person is justifiably upset over what Macron and his foolish government are doing. Yet, they want to blame ‘fringe groups’.

Yeah, the ‘fringe’ always love a chance to create violence and mayhem, but to blame them for the government’s failures… is just so typical.

Roving gangs of yellow vest militants set heart of Paris ablaze | Reuters

Here’s even MORE.

I don’t know if this is just the French being French, or something worse.

There Is Suddenly A Far Bigger European Problem Than Brexit Or Italy | Zero Hedge

And, there’s this quote:

…with 84 percent of the French public calling it “justified,” according to Odoxa-Dentsu poll for Le Figaro.

Um… that’s trouble. Big trouble. A whole country full of it.

Germany news: ‘Neo-Nazi troops form terrifying secret group inside German military’ | World | News | Express.co.uk

This does NOT surprise me. At all.

Neo-Nazis and Antifa thugs will always be a problem, everywhere. There will always be a solid group of low IQ people who see violence as the best answer. And, there will always be people with enough intelligence to bend these morons to their will.

Morons will always be vulnerable to those who are more intelligent and less moral than they are. The term, ‘useful idiot’ has been attributed to Lenin, but psychopathic leaders everywhere have had a strong need for such people. And, let’s not forget that Hitler was a socialist.

Socialists ALWAYS need ‘useful idiots’ to do their violence for them.

And, when I look at our history, I see that we are ALL ‘useful idiots’, when we are not followers of Christ.

It can happen to anyone. – Imgur

As someone who struggles against depression every day, there is no greater aid, than having a purpose. And, there’s no greater purpose than Jesus Christ.

If you are suffering depression, then devote every fiber of your being to serving God – in whatever way that He calls you to serve. And, if you don’t know what that service should be, start looking until you find it.

Sometimes, God puts depression in our lives, to remind us of where our heart should be.

STDs Are at a Record High—Why You Might Be at Risk | Reader’s Digest

I’m sorry to keep harping on the fall of America, but this is just another example. We Americans have become morons of the worst kind. We KNOW that what we are doing is stupid, but we’re doing it anyway.

Worse, we are finding dramatic increases in the ‘Bible Belt’ in America, where we are supposed to see the highest concentration of Christians. And unfortunately, I had to see that bit of information in a news organization that loves pornography, the DailyStar.

The bottom line, is that we deserve the wrath of God. And, it’s coming.

US sex disease epidemic: Huge rise in chlamydia & gonorrhoea cases ⋆ The Savage Nation

This link contains the first few paragraphs of that ‘DailyStar’ article.

UN migration: Criticising migration could become CRIMINAL offence under new plan | World | News | Express.co.uk

If you criticize illegal immigration, you go to jail – under possible new rules. And, that is completely and utterly insane. Only a moron would say this. And, only a criminally corrupt politician would demand that you go to jail for criticizing it.

ALIEN NEWS: Shock verdict after DNA tests reveal where ‘elongated skulls came from’ | Weird | News | Express.co.uk

I saw this alongside that article about the Flat Earth article. I tend to be disgusted with articles with titles like this.

‘Shock Verdict’?


But, there IS something very strange about these skulls, and I am curious about their origin. And no, please don’t tell me that you KNOW that it’s due to angels having sex with human women. The source for that idea is faulty at best.

I’m not saying that fallen angels didn’t have a role in these humans, but I need to remind you that ‘angels neither marry, nor are given in marriage’ (Matthew 22:30). Those are the words of Jesus, and I’ll take His words over ANYONE.

So, mark this down as unexplainable, until someone comes along with some real proof.

LAPD Probes Swastikas Painted On Mural Depicting Black Panther Members « CBS Los Angeles

How utterly ironic. One set of neo-nazis defacing a mural by another set of neo-nazis.

The Black Panthers are just another kind of neo-nazi. Putting a swastika on them is just icing on the KKK.

U.S. Navy admiral Scott Stearney found dead in apparent suicide – CBS News

I’m sorry, but there’s a bad smell to this. People commit suicide for reasons. And, no reason was given for this. He either knew something, or he was about to be caught for doing something. Whatever the reason, something’s wrong at the US naval base in Bahrain.

More than 5,500 women came to Illinois to have an abortion last year amid growing restrictions in the Midwest – Chicago Tribune

This is good news, but the article is portraying it as bad news. It’s as if abortion is a sacriment to these people.

Hey kids, did you know that murdering helpless babies is holy and righteous?

Well, that’s what these foul and evil people believe.

How sick.

Steve Jobs Interview Product People should get promoted Over Sales Marketing People – YouTube

This is an example of why Steve Jobs was so brilliant. He got it. And, there are very, very few people alive with that kind of insight, who are at the top of their industry.

And, the name ‘John Scully’ should go down in history as one of the worst decisions for a business, EVER.

Illegal Immigration and Birthright Citizenship | America Uncovered – YouTube

This is a well-researched and thoughtful video. I was glad that I watched this video, and I think that you will be too.

The Evil Has Died – EPautos – Libertarian Car Talk

They say that you should only say good about the dead.

Well, George H.W. Bush is dead.


And, you will read about WHY it’s good, in the article.

He was one bad dude.

The Uncensored History of George H.W. “Rubbers” Bush: Daddy Prescott, BBH, Hitler & Margaret Sanger – YouTube

For those of you who thought that George Bush Sr. was such a great guy, listen to this.

His dad was a nazi who helped fund Hitler. And what we know about George himself… well …let’s just say that there’s a lot of fishy there.

But, as they say, only speak good about the dead.

He’s dead.


ISIS NYC New Year’s Threat: ‘Harvest Them with Silencers and Snipers’

Well, that would mess up ANYONE’s celebration.

However, ISIS has become something of a paper tiger, so we’ll hafta see what happens. Having said that, it wouldn’t be hard to terrorize New York City, as long as survival is not your goal.

The US Military Is Genetically Engineering New Life Forms To Detect Enemy Subs – Defense One

Oh hey, here’s a good idea. Let’s mess around with something that we don’t really understand, to do something that might not be all that important, with the risk of utter and absolute catastrophe.

Oh yeah. Let’s do that.

Why the world is becoming more allergic to food – BBC News

I find these food allergies to be interesting. I had quite a few as a teenager – milk, peanuts, strawberries, chocolate and anything corn. It was so bad that I even forgot how ice cream tasted.

It was also around that time that my first autoimmune disease started, Hashimoto’s. And, it runs in my family.

Is all of this because more and more of us are surviving, when we wouldn’t normally?

As a teenager, I should have died from the pneumonia that I picked up. The only thing that saved me, was lots and lots of antibiotics. Even then, it was a close call.

Mom, should have died from TOF, and Dad had a number of issues that should have led to his own death.

Mrs. Little, on the other hand, has never needed a doctor.

So, does the problem lie with the fact that so many of us have survived, when we normally shouldn’t have?

Are we far too protective of our little darlings, so that they don’t get enough early contact with these allergens?

Do we have too many toxins in our environment that are ‘enhancing’ our immune response?

It’s probably ‘all the above’.

One take-away from this discussion should be this:

In the history of mankind, we have never seen anything like what we are seeing now, in terms of the human condition.

And, if the Lord should tarry, we won’t see them again for another thousand years.

Parents are putting GPS ankle monitors on their teenage kids — Quartz

Those of you with teenagers, think about this – especially for the ones who are prone to rebellion. Of course, that’s EVERY teenager, so I’m not sure why I added that caveat.

Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where the threats to your precious kids are incredible. Satan has every kid in his sights, 24/7. Ultimately, only faith in Christ will keep your kids safe. It was certainly the only thing that kept ME out of trouble.

But, this might be an interesting aid in helping your kids reach adulthood safely.

If nothing else, it’s a great threat to hang over their heads.

Body Language: G20 Summit 2018 Trump Stressed – YouTube

A very interesting look at the body language of the people at the G20. Some very unhappy people. And bankers. Too many bankers.

And, Trump pretty much snubbed the Saudi Crown Prince. Everybody did, except Putin.

I kinda feel sorry for Putin. I’m not sure that I should, but the animosity that everyone felt towards him was palpable. Trudeau acted the idiot that he was. Macron was the weasel. And Trump was NOT comfortable.

Tumblr will start blocking adult content on December 17th. – Album on Imgur

Sorry, but the dirtbags on Imgur and Tumblr aren’t happy.

It will be – Album on Imgur

I am appalled at the amount of criticism of this move by Tumblr. Anyone wanting to claim that America is great, needs to look at how awful she is.

Tumblr right now – Album on Imgur

And yes, this is how I like it. Too many dirtbags on Imgur hate that Tumblr is getting rid of porn.

And yes, this was porn back in the day, and still is.

The U.S. Army is cracking down on potential recruits who can’t pass th


I have been so tired of morons in the Army allowing fitness levels to collapse. I don’t know who is responsible for turning this around, but they deserve a medal.

Gamblers Doubling Down On Transgender Miss Universe Contestant

Well there goes Spain. This is beyond revolting. I’m actually feeling some nausea over this.

Yet another milestone on the way to God’s judgment.

Mastercard and Microsoft have a frightening plan to create universal ”

And now, the Chinese system of total control is coming to America – and across the world.

Yes, the dystopian future is just around the corner.

What’s next?

A tattoo with the numbers 666?

Honduras mother waits for migrant son missing en route to US

They are claiming that Hondurans are fleeing Honduras because of the gangs.

Has anyone ever thought of stopping the influx of migrants so that the Hondurans will actually be forced to fix the problems in their country?

I know that this seems harsh, but societies pay a price when they allow corruption. And, the answer to corruption is the pushback against that corruption, by the society that is being corrupted.

If it takes a revolution and blood in the streets, then that’s what needs to happen. But, I will be very sorry to see it.

When will people learn?

Is This It?: A Trump-Hater’s Guide to Mueller Skepticism | Vanity Fair

Wait, Vanity Fair actually produced a piece that actually told the truth about this stupid and ridiculous bit of corruption, called the Mueller Investigation?

They actually did some real journalism. I’m shocked.

Nearly 1 in 3 US physicians were born abroad

Okay, so here’s the question:

What is wrong with America, that she needs to import so many doctors?

Eventually, the US will be like the Spanish Empire, before it fell, where everything important was done by foreigners.

Sen. Hatch Replies to PETA’s Vegan Campaign with Bacon-Eating Video


Maybe I should do a bacon-eating video.

I should probably put this in the humor section, but I would love to put it in the moron section. And, since Hatch is demonstrating a bit of ‘wholesomeness’… well …it goes here.

Don’t do this – Album on Imgur

The sheer number of horrible and horrifying people in America is almost too much to deal with sometimes. Just look at the comment sections of ANY popular YouTube channel, when the issue of Israel pops up.

And, I’ve had food allergies, as a teenager, that were pretty debilitating. Thankfully, not life-threatening, just painful.

So, this Imgur post is another example of how awful America has become. Not everyone. Not everywhere. But, it’s enough that I’m glad that I’m here in Taiwan.

The Myth Of American Capitalism Exposed: Competition Is Dying As The Biggest Corporations Gobble Up Everything – End Of The American Dream

I find it ironic that, after defeating the USSR, we decided to become the USSR.

Body Language: The Trumps Of The World – YouTube

THIS is the APPEAL of people like Trump. There is an honesty about what they believe, what they know and the choices that they make.

Does it mean that they are good people?

No. But, they aren’t hiding who they are from you. That has a strong appeal to people who are tired of the lying liars that they’ve been getting for decades.

They Just Can’t Stop – YouTube

I am amazed at their utter lack of decency and decorum. These morons in the mainstream media just could not hold back on their vile and outrageous attacks on Donald Trump.

At a funeral.

Yet, they will continue to do so, since the Americans viewing these yahoos don’t seem to mind.

This would very quickly end, if Americans said “No” to their lies and stupidity.

Australia passes cyber snooping laws with global implications

Forcing backdoors into encryption?

Yeah. The NSA did that, and destroyed our ability to do commerce safely on the Internet.

Well done, morons.

Australia gets world-first encryption busting laws – Security – iTnews

Here’s more, and it emphasizes the utter stupidity of these morons in the Australian government. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that will destroy all commerce everywhere, via the Internet.

This is what happens when you allow stupid people into positions of power.

On the other hand, maybe I should celebrate this, since it is a setback for the globalists.

But, I despise stupidity too much to celebrate.



I hope that you will forgive me for wanting these people dead. With a thorough trial, first to establish the facts… then, a swift execution.

God help us all.

Be celibate or leave the priesthood, pope tells gay priests | Reuters

Notice what Pope Franky says here:

He urged homosexuals who are already priests or nuns to be celibate and responsible to avoid creating scandal. “It is better that they leave the priesthood or the consecrated life rather than live a double life,” he said.

Is homosexual activity condemned?

No. Just leading a double life.

Now, I agree that we are to be sympathetic towards those who are struggling with same sex attraction. Our job, as Christians, is to help those people as much as possible.

Please remember that homosexuality – as a sin – is not worse than adultery. Both are punishable by death, in the eyes of God. The only difference is that homosexuality is ‘against nature’, while adultery is far too ‘natural’. We are repulsed by gays, but not adulterers.

The bottom line is that Pope Franky has some things right, but everything wrong. And, I see him as protecting the ‘gay mafia’ running the Vatican. In fact, he might even be a member.

And, the pedophiles raping young children in the Roman Catholic Church?

Yeah. He’s protecting those.

Pope Franky is a foul, vile and evil man.

Gay ‘trend’ influencing the Catholic clergy: Pope

Ya think?

What was it that Paul said to Timothy?

Oh yes, this:

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

Forbidding to marry,

and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

 – 1 Timothy 4:1-3

That’s right. ‘Forbidding to Marry’.

That’s the Roman Catholic Church. And, they’ve got the ‘doctrine of devils’ and ‘speaking lies in hypocrisy’ down pat.

The Roman Catholic Church is the biggest bunch of lying liars on the planet.



What is going on with Hillary and the corruption being revealed in Washington, is so huge… that I doubt that it is possible to emphasize enough, the seriousness of this situation. I believe that these revelations will eventually take down the Republic and replace the current government with one ruled by the generals. And please, do not discount this. Corruption is ALWAYS how republics and kingdoms fall – and how the military takes over.

Remember the generals that surround Trump.

This was not an accident.

However, please take note that public pressure for a military takeover never happens until people suffer economic and financial stress. So, don’t expect this ‘takeover’ to happen until the economy turns sharply downward. The military will not want to see a repeat of the French Revolution.

The Deadliest Operation, by Robert Gore | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

This article speaks right to the core of the Deep State. The CIA was not the beginning of the Deep State. It was already there during the FDR administration. In fact, Roosevelt was probably one of the biggest reasons for its existence.

But, I digress.

Few organizations within the US government have done more to exemplify the Deep State than the CIA. And, you will see how Truman was – in a sense – tricked into believing that it was necessary.

Truman was naive, and that is a very common way for evil to take root. Naive decisions, hijacked by truly evil people.

Kunstler Exposes The Dire Quandaries Of The Deep State | Zero Hedge

Here are the last two paragraphs of this article:

The potential for a stand-off exists that will confound any effort to untangle these things, and I can see how that might lead to an extraordinary crisis in which Mr. Trump has to declare some form of emergency or perhaps martial law to clean out this suppurating abscess of illegality and sedition. That can only be the last and worst resort, but what if the US judicial system just can’t manage to clean up the mess it has made?

This is EXACTLY what I’m worried about. The declaration of martial law, to fix what has been permanently broken.

Miami court blames nurse, doc after grandma jailed as man | Miami Herald

This is why government can NEVER be trusted. EVER. When you give people absolute power, they abuse it. Always. And, I hope that the doctor and nurse get thrown in jail. And, I hope that others see this and realize that there are limits to how much you can abuse people.

Ezra Levant: Trudeau’s plan to monitor “truth” in election-year news – YouTube

Hey, the corruption isn’t limited to the US. Or, the UK. Just look at the part-time drama teacher leading Canada. He wants to shut down ANY chance that you have to criticize ANYONE, during an election.

How Poppy Bush’s Brother, “Uncle Bucky,” Made a Killing Off the Iraq Wars

So, George is dead. Well his youngest brother died in February, and he was a ‘piece of work’, just like all the other Bushes.

Don’t read this, if you want to remain ignorant of the corruption at the heart of US government. And, this is just one teeny, tiny bit.

George Bush’s Wars Set the Stage for 25 Years of Endless War | Mises Wire

Bush wasn’t the first to push America towards empire. America’s imperial aspirations are found everywhere in the Pacific, as well as Central and South America.

You can’t have an empire without lots of war and violence. And, George Bush gave us lots of both. A lot of evil happened under his imperial reign.

Charles Hugh Smith: Preventing The Final Fall Of Our Democratic Republic – YouTube

I like Charles a lot. He writes cogently and coherently about WHAT the problems in our society are, from a secular perspective. He sees that things are not working. He points out where they aren’t working. He even understands a little bit about WHY they aren’t working.

What he doesn’t get is the CAUSE.

But – and this is the important part – he sees that America only has a few years left. And, he’s sounding the alarm.

Of course, it’s too late. We have corrupted ourselves. Our immorality has destroyed our ability to live free and be free. So, we will either be destroyed or enslaved. Or, both.

And, we did it to ourselves.

Charles Hugh Smith: Preventing The Final Fall Of Our Democratic Republic | Zero Hedge

Here’s the write up for the above video.

He believes that decentralization will fix America’s problems. And, that’s a nice big secular idea, but there’s no way that we’ll ever get there without catastrophic catastrophe. America will need to fall apart and be broken up into pieces. Millions will need to die. And, if morality takes hold of Americans… only then, will ‘decentralization’ return to America.

Will you be ready for this?

Michigan Republicans following Wisconsin’s lead in curbing Democrats’ power | Reuters

Oh dear, I just love this. Republicans are reducing the chance of corruption in future elections, and the Democrats are crying over it.


North Carolina race shines light on ‘ballot harvesting’ | WSOC-TV



And, there are some who are complaining that it’s being stopped?

The amount of corruption in the American election process is truly amazing. And, it just keeps happening.

Pelosi takes hard line on paying for Trump’s border wall

Well, the leadership of the Democratic party just went full moron.

Mueller Withheld “Details That Would Exonerate The President” Of Having Kremlin Backchannel | Zero Hedge

And, we are not surprised because…



It’s hard to believe that I need to actually make this a category, but I guess that I need to.

I am truly horrified by this concerted attempt by the mainstream media and social media to shut down anyone that disagrees with them. This is sick and twisted, and it’s an attempt to limit your ability to obtain the kinds of facts that you need to see the future clearly.

And yes, they really do want to control what and how you think.

Leaked Google Emails Reveal Internal Discussion On Burying Articles From Conservative Outlets | Zero Hedge

You mean… like Omega Shock articles?


I have proof.

Facebook documents from Six4Three case published by British Parliament – Business Insider

Here’s a little quote:

The papers show Facebook “whitelisting” firms in return for access to data and taking “aggressive positions” against rivals, such as Twitter’s defunct video app Vine.

We’re not surprised, but it’s seriously disgusting.

Facebook is run by dirtbags.

Facebook Wielded Data to Reward, Punish Rivals, Emails Show – Bloomberg

Here’s even more.

Facebook Struck Secret Deals To Sell Preferential User Data; Used VPN App To Spy On Competitors | Zero Hedge

Oh, and that VPN app that you were using to keep your data traffic secret?

Yeah. They were monitoring you. They loved all the info that you thought was secret. And, you sent it right to them, when you thought that only your intended recipient could ever see it.

Ol’ Zuck called us ‘Dumb F—ks.’ for trusting him.

Well, I guess that we are.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Banning ‘Hate, Division’ Is ‘Right Thing to Do’

So, we aren’t allowed to disagree with each other. Got it.

Of course, that means banning bad thoughts. Because bad thoughts ALWAYS lead to words that disagree with people.

And, who gets to choose which is ‘bad’ and which is ‘good’?

Hey, I know. How about building a society of resilient people who can disagree with each other while searching for the truth, and not have melt-downs and kill each other?

Wouldn’t that be great?


Okay, forget that I said anything.

“You Have No Place On Our Platforms”: Apple’s Tim Cook Says It’s “A Sin” Not To Ban Hate | Zero Hedge

A sin?

Oh dear. The homosexual Tim Cook is now a preacher?

This is Just the Beginning – YouTube

Annnnnd, here’s more on what Tim Cook said. Steve Jobs is probably turning in his grave.

Apple CEO plans to ban “divisive” ideas – Ezra Levant – YouTube

And, this is an even BETTER video on what Tim Cook said and is planning to do.

Soon, no one will have a place where they can state their views. The only thing left will be the old-fashioned way – talking.

But very, very carefully and quietly.

oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: Truth Is What We Hide, Self-Serving Cover Stories Are What We Sell

And, this well-written article is all about the corruption of the media – something that I have seen and fought against for a very, very long time.



We’ve been talking about the collapse of the economy and financial system for a very long time, and every day that collapse is delayed… well …the collapse just gets worse and worse. Eventually, it will be an explosion that will devastate the world and lead to chaos, confusion, death, destruction and war. Lots and lots of war.

In fact, it has begun already.

By the time that you see it, it will be too late to do anything about it.

The Cracks Appear: A Record $90 Billion A-Rated Bonds Downgraded To BBB In Q4 | Zero Hedge

For those of you who know what this means…


MARKETS: A LOOK AHEAD. The Trade Charade, Trump/Powell Put, And IRAN. By Gregory Mannarino – YouTube

Okay, this is from Sunday. So, the news is a bit old, BUT it demonstrates that Greg understands how the markets are working and how the players are playing. If you are thinking about investing, listen to Greg. He knows what he’s talking about.

Fed’s Beige Book Confirms US Economy Is Slowing | Zero Hedge

Hmmmm… yeah. I think that we’ve been slowing for a while. In fact, we know this because the Fed has finally figured this out, and they are ALWAYS late in discovering this fact.

Empty Words Fail. What Comes Next – DollarCollapse.com

Watch out, next year. This isn’t me talking. It’s John Rubino. Of course, his sense of timing hasn’t been any better than mine. So, take our words with a grain of salt. But, there are indications that the underpinnings of EVERYTHING are starting to slip, badly.

Will you be ready when it all falls apart?

SITUATION CRITICAL- (Please Share): Bond Market Now Unstable. By Gregory Mannarino – YouTube

This is serious. The stock market is TINY compared to the bond market. This is bad. Very bad.

“It Feels Like 2006”: Subprime Auto Loan Issuance Soars Amid Record Investor Interest | Zero Hedge

Trust me when I say that you do not want to see those words.

TICK TOCK – The Burning Platform

Here are the last few lines of this article:

The next recession won’t end until Americans learn how to live on what they’ve got. It will be a profoundly earth shattering experience for a delusional populace. Hopefully, they will realize the true culprits and inflict justice on the financial criminals who escaped unscathed after their last criminal escapade. Time is growing short. The next crisis will define our nation going forward.

I fear that the ‘definition’ that he’s talking about will be horrifying. There is no good way out of this, but there are some ways that are better than others. Unfortunately, the ‘less bad’ ways are highly unlikely.

Get ready for violence and death on a scale only seen during the US Civil War. THAT is a highly likely outcome.

CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH?! The US Economy Is A Dead Man Walking. By Gregory Mannarino – YouTube

Greg has been in rare form this week.

And yes, he’s absolutely right. The economy is a ‘dead man walking’.



These are at least worth a chuckle. And, it might save you from going nuts.

I had a bit of a laugh at these, and I hope that you will too.

Congregation Erupts Into Violent Protests As Worship Band Shamelessly Tampers With Yet Another Timeless Christmas Carol | The Babylon Bee

You know that it’s the truth, ‘cuz it’s The Babylon Bee.

Cute cats dump to ease your mind – Album on Imgur

Caaaaaaaaats! (and kittens)

It’s hard to believe that some places like this actually exist. – Album on Imgur

Welllll… not many. But, it’s very cool. (chilly, even)

If you say so… – Album on Imgur

Just following orders.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year 😉 – Album on Imgur

It is. And, snappy comebacks, too!

Dad Photoshops Daughter Into Dangerous Situations To Freak Out Relatives – Album on Imgur

This, THIS, is inspiring. I love freaking out relatives.

And, the great thing about being married, is that you get more relatives to freak out.

Rescued leopard purring (turn on sound) – Album on Imgur

A leopard might not be able to change his spots, but he’s still just a big kitty cat.

It’s my Cake Day – Album on Imgur

Cats, cats and MORE cats.

Cats are fun. No, really.

?? – Album on Imgur

Okay, as someone with a history in the software industry, writing computer manuals, I’ve had to deal with QA engineers a LOT. In fact, part of my job was fixing the mistakes that the QA’ers missed.

I once had to tell a programmer that I wasn’t going to write what he wanted me to write, ‘cuz it was just plain stupid. I didn’t say that it was the dumbest idea on the planet, even though I could have.

So, I laughed at this joke, ‘cuz I ‘got it’.

Did you get it?

Pause for a moment and enjoy Scotland. – Album on Imgur

I’ve heard that it’s beautiful, but that you wouldn’t want to live there. A reason for which I am grateful that my Scottish ancestors fled their home for America more than two and a half centuries ago.

A place like that builds character, but I have plenty enough already, thankyouverymuch.

What is this BS – Bull maybe – Album on Imgur

Mark this down as things that people do that don’t make ANY sense – but are kinda fun to watch.

Hangry bunny – Album on Imgur

I think that I’m a bit hangry, myself.

Winter – Album on Imgur

Well actually… it’s more the Milky Way. You don’t get to see it much, in the city.

Good Day Now! – Meme on Imgur

I have a tendency to be ‘mildly threatening’ by accident. No, really.

Mad modeling skill – Album on Imgur

This guy is Taiwanese, and crazy-good – or, just crazy.

Fox catching a mouse under the snow – Album on Imgur

And THAT, my friends, is how it’s done.

Hi – Album on Imgur

Oink Erdogan doesn’t like this picture?

Well, let’s make it billboard size!

If Google was a guy – Album on Imgur

This sounds about right… five years ago.

My favorite shirt ever. – Album on Imgur

Sounds about right.

Meanwhile in Russia – Album on Imgur

Yup. Russia.

Not what you want to hear before an operation. – Album on Imgur

Hmmmm… you might call that a sick joke, or you might not.

Your brain – Album on Imgur

Another reason not to do drugs. Unless you like sharks. In you living room. Or something.

Need points for SS, so here is some rules. – Album on Imgur

Five rules NOT to live by, but are funny all the same.

This so true that it’s scary. – Album on Imgur

Yup. The truth.

Bork Souls – Album on Imgur

Yep. You ded.

Aaaw yiisss – GIF on Imgur

I’m sorry, but these guys are just too adorable for words.

And no, AWWWWWW is not a word.

Dunnottar castle, Scotland – Album on Imgur

Now, if Clan Little had decided to build their Clan House here, instead of Meikledale… we might still have a Clan House. But nooooo, they had to build in Meikledale. Just had to.

Which is probably why so many of us fled to the US.

Let’s settle this in the old-school way – Album on Imgur

Okay, okay. WAAAAY too cute.

Women are never satisfied – Album on Imgur

This is me.

Puns for your Wednesday – Album on Imgur

You WILL be pun-ished. And, you will like it.

Raccoon dump (CHECK YOUR WIFI!!!) – Album on Imgur

Okay, Trash Pandas might be cute and smart and funny, but don’t try this at home.

There are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don’t !!! – Album on Imgur

If you’ve ever been a programmer, or worked with programmers, you’ll laugh. If you haven’t, you won’t.

Oh yes – Album on Imgur

How dogs think.

It’s gonna be a good race – Album on Imgur

There might even have been winners.

Pretty much – Album on Imgur

This is me.

Gentle with her new friend – GIF on Imgur

So far, I have successfully dissuaded Mrs. Little from owning one of these. But, it has been a close thing. They certainly are cute.

Let’s talk about Sugar Gliders. – Album on Imgur

This is how Mrs. Little realized that Mr. Little had a point about not owning Sugar Gliders.



I’m sorry, but I can’t stand it anymore. There are just too many morons, so it needs its own category. And, I do this to maintain my own sanity. They’re driving me THAT crazy.

Now, here’s my rule for who appears in this section:

A person or organization who is EVIL ANNNND STUPID.

People who are just stupid, deserve our compassion. My heart goes out to them, because their life is going to be painful until they stop being stupid.

But, those who are evil?

Well, I want them to repent. I really do. I do NOT want ANYONE who is evil to suffer an eternity in Hell. But, if they refuse to repent, I want them destroyed.

May the wrath of God be upon all who refuse to repent. May the blessings of God be upon those who turn from their wicked ways and acknowledge God.

Leftists: “Lord of the Rings” is “racist” against… Orcs | Ben Davies – YouTube

Wait. Racism against ORCS?

Leftist morons actually SAID THAT?

They did.


#OrcPosting: Flabbergasted Meme CONFOUNDING the MSM – YouTube

And, here is MORE on how the poor, downtrodden and misunderstood Orcs have been discriminated against!

Oh the humanity!

UN climate chief has solution to ‘urgent’ climate threat: ‘We require deep transformations of our economies and societies’ | Climate Depot

This whole ‘climate threat’ is just another religion. And, a stupid one, at that.

Millennial Men Ditching Traditional ‘Masculine’ Values, More Likely To Embrace ‘Emotional Strength’ – Study Finds

This is an example of a completely stupid article by a clueless writer. His delusions are pure idiocy, and he has zero understanding of anything close to ‘masculine values’.

I’m only putting this here as an example of the drooling idiots that claim expertise on subjects that they should have left alone.

If you want to see real masculine values, pick up your Bible and read it.

Stanford Fraternity Told to Take American Flag Down to ‘Improve Image’ | Breitbart

Do NOT send your kids to Stanford, unless you live close by and can deprogram your fledglings on a daily basis.

What utter morons.

Columbia University Promotes Letting Students Grade Themselves – Mish Talk

And, they want us to send our kids there.


From Fake News To Fake Shoes – How Payless Pranked So-Called ‘Influencers’ | Zero Hedge

More proof that our whole society is moronic.

California wildfires: Internet conspiracies spread like fire

Those of you who are cooking up conspiracy theories like this are doing damage to our efforts to uncover what is really going on.

Nine eleven was an in-your-face conspiracy. But, those who make up stupid and moronic conspiracy theories are muddying the waters so much, that we will NEVER bring the planners of nine eleven to justice.

The morons creating these theories are just as much a part of the problem as the foul and evil Satanists who are conspiring against us.

Only work with hard facts. If you don’t have cold, hard, undeniable facts, sit down and shut up.

TV producer Ryan Murphy announces multimillion-dollar initiative to vote out anti-LGBTQ lawmakers | TheHill

This moron calls us ‘rural, close-minded’.

Well, since those are the best kinds of people out there, I’ll accept that accusation.


Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari denies he died and was replaced by clone

Well, it looks like we have ‘Flat Earthers’ in Nigeria.

Of course, this isn’t about a ‘Flat Earth’, but it’s exactly the same mentality.

So, to those morons who persist in cooking up stupid conspiracy theories, you are just like those Nigerians who think that their president was replaced by a clone.

Why do we have to be so stupid?

Free Money? Swiss Village Can’t Raise Enough Funds To Experiment

History has proven over and over and over and over and over that this kind of drooling idiocy just doesn’t work. And, it will NEVER work.

The Swiss are pretty smart. There was no way that they were going to pay for this.

Christmas is Already Scaring Liberals – YouTube

Christmas has been ‘scaring’ morons for years. The fact that they are even MORE scared, just makes me want to double down on my wish for them to go jump in a lake.

PETA Publishes Laughable List Of ‘Animal Friendly’ Phrases To ‘Fight Speciesism’ | Zero Hedge

More proof that some people are a special kind of moron.

The Rutherford Institute :: To a Nation of Snowflakes, Christmas Has Become Another Trigger Word |

Morons. Complete and utter morons.

Could we PLEEEASE send them to Sweden?



We are seeing the fulfillment of the words of Jesus, right now. And, it seems that Islam is leading the way. What insanity!

What is wrong with North America and Europe?

Have they – and we – gone insane?

Call to action stop the signing of the UN Global Compact for Migration – YouTube

More insane stupidity by the same people that brought the migrant invasions of Europe and America.

In Latin America, Awash in Crime, Citizens Impose Their Own Brutal Justice – WSJ

This is another part of what Matthew 24:7 talks about, and it has everything to do with rising corruption in government and the collapse of reliable policing. And, when the police become corrupt, it’s all over.


Because, when the police and the government are no longer trusted, people choose to take the law into their own hands, because they are tired of the crime that’s going on all around them.

What is happening in Brazil is just a snapshot of a wider, global problem.

And, it’s a part of Martin Armstrong’s Economic Confidence Model (ECM). And yes, it deals with more than just the economy. And, the ECM is pointing to a big fall in the confidence in government.

Look out below, kids. It’s going to be bad.

Monthly border arrests reach new high for Trump presidency – SFGate

Right now, illegal immigrants are a problem in the US.

When will they become such a threat that martial law will need to be declared?

And yes, that’s a real possibility, when things turn bad and people turn their anger on these illegals.



I’ve been writing about the coming of Gog and Magog for a while. You can find a lot of that, here:

– ezekielsfire.com –

And, the articles below point to that coming. I really, Really, REALLY hope that you’ll be ready for this. Please read Ezekiel’s Fire to make sure. (And yes, it’s free.)

Israel, Cyprus, Greece and Italy agree on $7b. East Med gas pipeline to Europe | The Times of Israel

This will be a HUGE hook in the jaw of Gog. YEOW.

US Military Contractor Is Hiring Personnel To Support Classified ‘Contingency Operations’ In Ukraine

Oh great. It’s not like we didn’t have enough of these people there. Now, we get more.

Just let me know when the war starts, and I’ll go and throw up somewhere.

Sacks Of Cash, Martial Law, And All Smiles: IMF’s “Constructive” Phone Call With Ukraine’s President | Zero Hedge

Wanna bet that some of those ‘contractors’ will benefit from all that cash?

• Chart: Eastern Europe’s Deadly HIV Problem | Statista


This does NOT make any sense – except to say that there are huge problems in Russia, that no one is really talking about.

Russia Just Launched Five Objects Into Space. One Problem, There Were Supposed To Be Four – The Drive

Well, Russia isn’t the only country doing secret space launches and secret deployments of secret satellites. The question in my mind, is whether, one day, there will be a satellite with an emp weapon in it, that will destroy the United States.

And, to me, that’s the likeliest scenario for America’s future.

Did Russia just put a new weapon in orbit? Mysterious launch prompts new concerns | NEWSREP

Here’s a bit more, with some background on how secret launches happen.

There’s not a lot that we can say about what goes on up there.

Will we pay a price for that ignorance, one day?

Iran Again Threatens To Block Key Oil Transit Choke Point As U.S. Aircraft Carrier En Route | Zero Hedge

When will threats turn into action?

Crossing the Evros: Turks Fleeing Erdogan’s Purge Seek Asylum in Greece – The National Herald

This is a serious sign of real evil for Turkey, for the future. This is a very, very bad sign. After the cream of Turkey leaves, only the sycophants and Islamists will be left. And, that means no one will be around to stop Oink Erdogan from launching another war in the Middle East.

Erdogan Crackdown Has Turks Fleeing to Greece, Seeking Asylum – The National Herald

And, here is more background on the above, from three months ago.

Turkey’s Economy Is A House of Cards – Consumer Debt Crisis Emerges | Zero Hedge

So, what happens when Turkey’s economy finally, catastrophically collapses?

What will Erdogan do to keep himself in power?

Will someone WORSE take his place?

Unfortunately, in the minds of petty dictators like Oink Erdogan, war is the answer. So, war it will be.



There has been a sickening rise in anti-Semitism among those who call themselves christian. And yes, I used a lower case ‘c’ on purpose. I have little hope that I can turn these minions of Satan from their evil path. Salvation and repentance are the work of God, although I will do my best to serve God in that work.

I’m more interested in keeping my brothers and sisters from being tainted by this Satanic hatred of the Jews. If you are caught by this hatred, you will suffer. If you are convinced to oppose Israel, you will suffer. If you are turned away from supporting God’s work in the Land of Israel, you will suffer.

So, think of this category as my attempt to help you avoid the traps of Satan, that he has laid in your path. God is at work among the Jewish people and with the Jewish people. He is at work in the Land of Israel, turning the Jewish people from their idols and towards the true God of Abraham.

My goal is that you would be greatly blessed. But, you cannot be blessed, if you oppose God.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.

– Psalm 122:6

May you prosper. And, may you understand how important the Land of Israel is, in these Last Days.

Antisemitism rises in Canada, Jews remain most targeted minority group – Diaspora – Jerusalem Post

For decades, actually centuries, the Jews have been the biggest target of racism, ever. No one, per capita, has suffered more. Yes, there are times when certain groups suffer greatly, especially in certain places in the world.

But, no one has suffered like the Jews. No one.

And, it is rare to see a non-Jewish publication report on this suffering.

Over the last few decades, when people were talking about the discrimination against the blacks, did they talk about the racist attacks on the Jews?


Never. Or, at least, rarely ever.

It has been the policy of the Jews to suffer in relative silence. And, I am sickened by those who attack the Jews. I would dearly love to crush the evil in our midst, but God has not given us permission to do that. So I am stuck with being incredibly sorry that the Jews are going through this.

80 years later. Happy Hanukkah. – Album on Imgur

It’s like dancing on Hitler’s grave.

I like it.

TIP Exclusive: Living under the threat of Hezbollah terror tunnels – YouTube

The irony is that life in a place like Metulla is far safer than living in most places in America – even with the threat from Hezbollah. The problem is that these threats are a huge drain on Israel’s resources, and the Muslim dirtbags in Lebanon know this.

Hezbollah On High Alert As Israel Begins ‘Operation Northern Shield’ Along Lebanese Border | Zero Hedge

Here is the operation that Israel is conducting to rid itself of the same kind of tunnels that Hamas keeps trying to build.

I just find it hard to believe that any group of people can be this restrained. If this were the United States, there would be a whole lot more fighting. But, Israel is full of smart people, so I trust them more than I trust my own instincts.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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21 thoughts on “A Demonic, Psychedelic Sorcery”

  1. Hi John,
    Thank you for the article. I was wondering if you are aware of the devotional, “Jesus Calling”. There are many people out there very critical of this devotional. It has been a blessing to me, but not to replace The Bible itself. I would really like to know your opinion/thoughts and not just that you would copy what others have written and put your stamp on it. It is being claimed as New Age and other things. Critics are talking about how she came to have what she thought God was telling her. To intereact more I would really like it if you could address this if you have time.

    Thanks, DarL

    • Hi DarL,

      I would be a lot more comfortable with this book, if the author wasn’t writing as if she were God speaking. She is NOT God speaking, and she has not been given the right to speak on behalf of God.

      If she was merely writing as herself, communicating thoughts and feelings as reflected by the Bible, that would be far more acceptable. But, she is not. She is claiming the voice of God, here. And, that’s not good.

      And, her writing is very sugary without a lot of substance. Yes, there is encouragement, and I understand why those who face daily struggles would like this book. But, there’s nothing there that would draw you into the deeper things of God, or into a strong, more righteous walk.

      Ultimately, I would run away from this book. The whole idea of speaking for God, in the way that she does, is just wrong. And, I believe that God wants more for you than the sugar-coated banalities in this book.

      I’m sorry that I cannot be more positive, DarL. Life is so very hard, and encouragement is difficult to find in these dark days.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. I really don’t know where or how to start on such a subject. But Yes!! This is definitely the way to take down societies. Having grown up in this culture and lifestyle, I feel like KING SOLOMON. Whatsoever my eye desired, I kept by it not from me, and my wisdom remained. That is probably not a direct quote, but is kinda the point. I went through life saying “I never met a drug I didn’t like”. I still feel kinda the same way, but most sleeping dogs are better left alone! King Solomon points out the madness you will be welcoming if you tarry at the wine, or seek MIXED wine. Whosoever is DECEIVED thereby is not wise!! Looking back upon all the stupidity, I had GOD!! I know he wasn’t very proud of me, but he was still there. I never got any dragon, or demonic visions, but other people did, usually people who refused God. I managed to pull off a lot of Stupid stuff, and HE always bailed me out.

    The BIBLE tells we can be bitten by adders, poisoned and not die, and I somehow see this as the power of the mind. Is it 1st Peter 5:8. We have not been anointed with the spirit of fear, but of power, and of LOVE and of sound mind. Do I feel very SANE! Umm, not really! I had one drug crazed lifestyle ripped from me to trade it for another, just so I can sift through the madness of it all, I truly despise being a slow learner. I find my particular insight is still a gift, but still, more questions than answers.

    Pharmaceutical substances are a gift. “Give wine unto them with a heavy heart, and STRONG DRINK to them who are ready to perish. They serve a purpose. I read that psycilocibin was getting great results for Cluster migraines. I wouldn’t recommend using any hallucinogen, if you do not have VERY strong faith. There are some demons one doesn’t want to awaken. I read that after I went around with cluster headaches, but GOD gave me a miracle on those.

    Evil is showing up more blatantly these days. There were sacrifices to idols, huge orgies, but do we think there wasn’t a punchbowl? Having been away from the culture a long time, I was warned about heroin, and refused the thought of it, when a friend said as much pain as I was in, I would never get away. I was told that Ecstasy would curb inhibitions unbelievably. There are certain positions to avoid at all costs. Having a moral compass, some of this seems hard to understand, nevertheless we have whole industries geared toward shaping entire populations. Hidden in CISA is wording that provides for a dual water delivery system, designed to separately deliver whatever toxins to your tap they choose. Giving themselves immunity for whatever! Drugs gives a different outlook to the new law. Any and everything we consume, means we need to trust the source! How much control but are you willing to yield. WATCH AND PRAY!!

  3. “I have been caught by lies like this, you have too!!


  4. Chag sameach Hanukkah! Hanukkah has never been more meaningful, in Canada anyway, as this year.

    Canadians are growing weary (not to mention embarrassed) about our PM. All he spouts off about is gender bending (disguised as gender equality) and how best to ruin our economy, as quickly as possible. It floors me that this guy desecrates the sacrifice of our WW II vets. How’s that, one may ask? By forcing the decendants of those very war vets and the citizens they gave up everything to protect, our freedoms for which they bled and died on the European killing field, to accept and protect, above the rights and freedoms of others, men and women who dress and act like their gender opposites. You see, the Nazis loved to cross dress and act like women. There is more and more proof of this behaviour being uncovered and exposed in the form of photographic and written historical records. Nazism was not a right-winged movement, it was left-winged. As far as I am concerned, the leftists, the current leftist and Antifa movements are just version of Nazism.

    Flat-earthers are not to be taken lightly; they are another manifestation of the days we are living in. It would not surprise me in the least if (when) these folk start taking up arms, and permanently silencing their opponents.

    The underground LSD thing. I heard about this while still in Belize. Scientists, real scientists, were experimenting with that drug. Most, but not all, had very similar experiences and concluded “god” and the spirit realm are real. Notice I typed god. They were not talking about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. When I heard what I was hearing, my thoughts immediately went to pharmacopeia verses mentioned in Revelation. Crazy, crazy stuff.

    • Chag Hanukkah Sameach, TL2!

      I could kill for a jelly doughnut (sufganiah) right now. But, having splurged on an over-priced container of houmous, I’d better stay away from deep-fried, sugary confections. And, that houmous was ALMOST as good as what you get in Jerusalem.

      I hear you about what’s happening in Canada. And, I love Canadians. They are some of the very best people on the planet. I’m sure that there are bad Canadians, but I have yet to meet one. But, that manchild running Canada is embarrassing.

      And, you are so right about the Nazis. I mean, Nazi is just the shortened form of National Socialist Worker’s Party. I mean, socialism is in the NAME. The only difference was that ‘national identity’ thing.

      Although, the mental picture of Hitler in a tutu is… um …a bit hard to think of. But, I’ve also heard some of the stories about those ‘less manly’ Nazis.

      As for the rest, you have my empathy, sympathy and admiration. These are hard pills to swallow, and only the Grace of God can pull us through. And, it’s good to see how well you are doing, as difficult as all this is.

      Keep up the good work, TL2. I’m impressed.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  5. John, as always, the links and your commentary provide a fascinating read. I look forward to reading them every Friday evening. Thanks for your kind comments about our work in Kenya and the link to our blog. We can do so little, compared to the vast needs here, but we are constantly encouraged by seeing God move in spite of our limitations.

    I can empathise, to a limited degree, with your struggle with chronic depression, and am blessed by your ultimate conclusion. There is no greater reason for living, and no greater medicine for our problems, than to find reality in God and give our lives to His purpose. The incredible thing is that an omnipotent God has the grace to actually reserve a role for each of us in his plan. We can easily focus on what we leave behind to follow Him, but I am seeing more and more clearly that there is no more fulfilling, and even interesting, life available than the life He gives those who will really embrace His purpose.

  6. Grace and peace to you John.

    The years have passed by almost in the blink of an eye. Much has changed in our present world since then. Thank you for holding to your convictions during these pre-perilous times which we find ourselves in.

    I will attempt to keep this note short since there is a bit of material to study concerning this issue of sorcery, so please bear with me.

    Earlier this year I began to study this area of scripture for several reasons. For disclosure reasons I was raised under catholic doctrine, practicing witchcraft later on followed by indulging in many different types of mind altering drugs. And yes, during this time I was possessed by those little minions. The Truth has certainly set me free!

    In Rev 18-23 Im convinced the meaning of sorcery has to do with a religious and or spiritual delusion which sweeps across the globe. Lead by pope franky and his klan. See Clarks commentary on this txt.
    Now if you look at Exodus 7-11 you will find sorcery to be the tool which Pharaoh commanded his magicians to use. It also mentioned in the books of Micah, Isaiah and a few others.

    This one are began to help me understand why The Lord HATES false teaching and false teachers, and why HE allows it to continue. The church has always been plagued by these imposters as it was in the times of The Prophets. It’s actually mentioned in every book of the entire New Testament.

    If religion is a drug, and it is, then sorcery (magicians, tricksters) is the instrument they will use to deceive the mass. We must accept the fact that all false teaching lead by false teachers are demonic hosts. They are Anti-Christ. Their main tool is spiritual awareness via emotions, feelings and miracles. Same bag of tricks, the same outcome just a different magician. And Why do they always wear a funny looking hat!

    The book I recommended to you last week clearly indicates the the sinister tools scientist have developed to bring not just a utopian world, but genocide on a global scale. All of the largest military nations will be the means, biowarfare is the tool. Its so subtle it’s disheartening. For the sake of efficiency and convinence, the people in the west have sold their future and their souls to these infidels.

    You know this brings me back to Esau and Jacob. The people of this world are going to sell the ability to enter The Kingdom of Heaven for a bowl of beans….
    May God grant us discernment in the days ahead..

    I leave you with one of the greatest sermons preached in the 19th century by Dr. Jones

    Keep the Faith

  7. I decided I could ramble on this a little more. The things we are seeing more and more in this day and age are appalling. I read the other day that KEITH RICHARDS (the Rolling Stones favorite strung out junkie) somewhere remarked that the CIA delivered pharmaceutical grade cocaine to him way back when. He said the quality does not compare. They show the process on nat.geo, and they dump gasoline all over a vat of leaves, and stomp it like traditional winemaking. Way back when this junk had some quality, where today if you are stupid enough to touch it, you can’t be sane. They have found the worst possible chemicals, and found ways to incorporate them in. This meth craze fills the bill on this. Lithium batteries, drano, and cold pills are main ingredients. Truck stops across the land were amphetamine gold mines in the 60s and 70s. It took two accidents and the clamps came down hard. After that It was all meth, and still is. This is where Influenced driving got its teeth. Mandatory testing was unheard of until this time. We have bath salts and spice stuff legal to buy and pass drug screens, literally making zombies out of the kids that can’t leave it alone. Awhile back some new drugs got a mention. It is just more garbage, that only the maker really knows what is in it. The amount of trust forfeited just to go along is complete madness. In this day and age, it only takes once to wake up chained in some basement. In this day and age it’s gasoline, batteries, drano,and who knows what else you can hurt yourself with. There were idiots way back when that just had to tease a demon weed that grows all over. Some never ever recovered.

  8. John, I look forward to your blog each week and somehow it ALWAYS brings me closer to Our Savior, even when I disagree! Please know The Creator has used your time and energy to bless and teach many. The diversity of those who comment is powerful stuff. I came from paganism via Catholic Jesuit education to Wicca. There is another so called jesus out in the world and many in American Christianity have been deceived and worship him. I’ve seen it first hand, this Great Deception. Trust no man/woman in spiritual/religious authority, and the words they speak unless you check it against The Word of God and pray. We will never ever find comfort in man’s books nor find any lasting truth in human words. In the end, as it was in the beginning, the only thing that heals us and can possibly save us is a one on one, true relationship with Jesus of Nazareth the Only Son of God. Why can we no longer fall on our face in repentance and turn away? Sorcery has already done its job in our churches…money is a drug all its own. Maranatha.

  9. Brother John,
    I, like mangledman, have a bit of experience with these psychedelics. Not bragging, it is what it is.
    LSD is a tool that enables “astral projection”. The spirit leaving the body and traveling about. My brother told me how it was done while on LSD. I once saw an interview with Marty Balin, from Jefferson Airplane, explain how LSD helped him to astral project. I was never able to do it because I just couldn’t “let go” (I can’t be hypnotized either for similar reasons). Plus, I don’t think I was ever comfortable with the concept for two reasons: 1. who would come “in” while I was “out?” and 2. what if I didn’t find my way back? (I wonder if this has ever been the reason for someone “dying unexpectedly in their sleep?”
    As for MDMA- wow what a drug. It causes a massive dopamine drop and an unbelievable feeling of “ecstacy”- hence the street name. The problem is, for some people at some point, it screws that system up to where it doesn’t work properly on its own. They are chronically depressed, needing an artificial stimulator, like an antidepressant to regulate dopamine. I know what science says about it- but I can tell you somethings I observed anecdotally while in that culture. Most drugs like marijauna and MDMA are said to “not be addictive”- but I know people who are “psychologically addicted” to these “non-addictive” drugs.
    MDMA causes such extreme emotional stimulation, that people under the effects become uninhibited and open to things like bi-sexuality, homosexuality, group sex and orgies. Like with the dopamine, these issues can become permanent. MDMA is every bit as hallucinogenic as LSD.
    I don’t have as much experience with mushrooms or other hallucinogens, but I didn’t care for the mushrooms because they made me very nauseous.
    I once dreamed about seeing a snake-god, and had very dim recollection of speaking with him outside a bar the night before. I think some nefarious people had spiked my drink, but I don’t know with what.
    Pharmakeia is sorcery- and a very powerful form of it. There isn’t anything else that can alter thoughts, moods, and core values like it. Pharmakeia helped the British keep China in subjection.
    I was a very foolish person, and God saw fit to save me from that hopeless state of mind and spirit. For that, I am grateful.
    I thought about your statement about encounters with “entities” being rare. I have had several- and I was troubled and began to wonder why. The conclusion I reached was that I have been (insert proper adjective here) enough to have been in the place at the time- around people and things demons like. I don’t know.
    Even if you don’t see them- they are there. They whisper, influence, compel, and curse. Like with God, the demons have their “little helpers”- people eager to help them. These I know everyone has encountered- liars, seducers, tempters, schemers, etc.
    It is a very good topic and timely. Americans will take any pill somebody hands them by now.
    Beware pharmakeia!

    • Hi Bondo,

      You and mangledman, and others have an important set of experiences that can provide wisdom to the unwary. You KNOW what’s out there far better than someone like myself. And, I believe that God provides us with people like you, so that the Body of Christ can be wiser.

      Those of us who didn’t have your set of experiences, still have lots of foolishness in our past to be ashamed of. I praise God for His forgiveness. I need it no less than anyone else. I tell everyone that John means ‘God forgives’, and that I need lots of it.

      Keep up the great work, Bondo. We need as many people like you, as we can possibly get.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  10. Your Ashkenazi Jews in Israel are the sorcerers of sorcerers. And yes, according to there Talmud, they are waiting for their Messiah to return in the form of a Serpent God. You always state that if your against Israel then your against Gods plan. John, i am against the Ashkenazi Jews because the are frauds. Please tell me, when were they scattered into every country on earth and taken as slaves as stated in the bible?


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